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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  April 27, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> breaking right now, a trooper killed t. man lunt for this killer leaves a delaware neighborhood surrounded by police right now. >> a standoff in a home. investigators try to capture the the suspect hours after he barricades himself. remembering the trooper. we are remembering more about the corporeal gunned down in the line of duty. >> nbc 10 breaking news.
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>> right now the man held up inside a home in delaware. >> following this breaking news for about 17 hours now. the situation is still rapidly unfolding. here's what we know. it began about 15 miles away in a wawa. a trooper approached to people inside a parking lot when he was shot and rushed to the hospital and he died. police were able to take one suspect into custody he was later tracked down to a house. he is now barricaded. we have live team coverage this morning. we gin live on the scene of the standoff unfolding in middle town. katie, tell us more about what's happening therech. >> reporter: the last message is that the suspect is still barricaded inside his home.
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in that neighborhood, take a look are begin e dozens of police officers and they are focused on that suspect's home. a neighbor took video of the suspect rushing home yesterday afternoon. witnesses saw corporeal steven ballard stopped multiple times. trooper ballard later died at a delaware hospital. since police have surrounded the suspect's home, no one has been allowed in or out of the naeb neighborhood. those that remain in their homes, they tell us through neighbors. they are afraid, some are staying in their basement. one man tells us he grew up with the suspect and doesn't have good memories. he remembers he drove the bus. things that young kids do, kind of pushing. things like that. the suspect is really up to no good. now we know from police that the suspect yesterday fired shots at
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them from his home. now at some point over the last few hours, investigators september in a device that detonated the front door. at last check, police sell us they have not made entries into the suspect's home. coming up next, i'm going to talk with a neighbor who was inside her home right now. again, fearful about the situation that's unfolding around her. we will have that for you coming up in the next half hour. reporting live. >> katie, thank you. we can tell you pamela osbourne is leave at the state police barracks, we are learning more about the fallen trooper, tell us what you have learned. >> we have a quiet thursday morning here in glassgow. you can see the flacks at half-staff. corporeal ballard was a husband and father, he was simply doing
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his job yesterday when he was gunned down in the middle of the around in a wawa parking lot. at this time police say he was an eight-and-a-half year veteran had approached a suspicious vehicle with two suspects inside. witnesses say it happened so quick. they did everything they could. even attempting cpr on the fallen officer. >> shot in the head. it's sad, when you try to face somebody. even worse to find outs they didn't make it. >> reporter: >> reporter: the loss from this community, hundreds of fellow officers lined the way. some served attention. others sat silent with their hands over their heart. corporeal ballard has thoughts
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certainly going out to his family and fellow state troopers, trying to take the suspected shooter who was barricaded right now into custody, reporting live in glassgow, nbc 10 news. >> we saw some images and stories of hundreds of officers paying their respects to corporeal ballard. sky 4 is following it until it ended. >> of course, we have extended coverage. we will continue to update you throughout the morning and put updates on nbc 61 degrees outside. today, jurors in camden county will visit the spot where investigators discovered a three-year-old boy's body. he was found dead in 2015. his father is charged with
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killing his son. yesterday in court, investigators found a picture of the area where the boy's body was discovered. in glocester county, a gymnastics coach remains behind bars for allegedly assaulting two young girls. they say he assaulted one girl in october of 2016. another last month. prosecutors say it happened in williams town, where he works. we now have new details in the bribery case against seth williams. his friend, mohammed m. ali is now indicted on bribery and tax evasion charges related to the case. authorities allege ali williams had an arraignment, where he survived travel, money and other things in exchange prosecutors say he would do favors for ali. williams is facing several bribery and extortion charges.
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5:36. philadelphia is about to become the center of the final football world. the action all happens at 8:00 tonight and it's about eight stories tall. it's huge. crews put up fencing and finishing touches. >> that covers the area the size of roughly ten or 15 football fields. the events are opened to the public at find today. when those gates open, football fans will feel like it's a part of the nfl experience at home. there is a bird seed zip line. you see the hall of fame bus on loan from canton, ohio they are expected to be in town.
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the nfl draft will line the parkway for the draft day special. >> there is a lot going on. 20,000 college and high school athletes will be competing on the track over the next three days. dozens of medalists will be on the track. they are the oldest and largest track mates in the world. >> we are running with the clouds this morning. the clouds will break. 61 is not cold at all. we were less than half an hour away from sunrise, i'm not expecting the temperatures to come down much more.
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61 at 8:00. we won't clear out completely. we will have enough sun in philadelphia to warm to 71 degrees. the suburb, clouds to start with. those clouds will linger this morning. some breaks and more isn'tshine taking over this afternoon, into the 70s for the suburbs a and the lehigh valley. lots of clouds this morning. you might even see a spot or two of fog. it's not widespread. a few neighborhoods exchange light fog. the clouds warm up. 67 degrees at noon time new jersey, cloudy, sun chooip, we worm quickly into the 70s by 2:00 this afternoon. late in the afternoon, that will start to bring in some of the cooler ocean air the temperature comes down at 4:00 this
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afternoon. 53 degrees. you see lots of sunshine, it will be a beautiful day at the shore. delaware, you don't see fog there 59 degrees. cloudy skies, sunshine breaks through this clouds, racing into the 60s and 70s, stronger late this afternoon at 13 miles an hour. and the trend is for warmer temperatures. 70s today, '80s for friday and saturday. then we get a chance of showers, a cold front that will drop the temperatures. look at the weekend forecast, i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. 20 minutes before 6:00 a.m. let's get another update on the situation. >> jeff. >> we are watching this accident scene in belmar. a truck spilled its load of orange juice. so approaching that theme right now. we are starting to see a little of a delay. it's not coming from the 42 freeway. it is on the 295 ramp around
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exit 26 and that ramp headed further northbound. this traffic is being diverted off. it will force you, if you are headed northbound and it will force you on that north bond side so for light now, getting off the highway we'll see if it's an easy route. back on 2 five t. new jersey turnpike is a good alternate there. back to you. >> all right. thank you. return to comedy. bill cosby speaks out about his future. we will tell you what his plans are after his sexual assault charge wraps up, amtrak unveils plans that could impact thousands of riders. we continue to monitor a standoff with the suspect in the murder of a delaware state trooper. we have an update if just
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>> it is 5:45. we just got an update on breaking into u.s. in delaware. state police just told us the suspect is barricaded in a home in middletown, fired shots at officers, police said it went through the windows of the home they are negotiating with the man. police believe he shots and killed steven ballard t. trooper was 32-years-old. in other news now, xhadian bill cosby hopes to rebuilt his career. >> he told a news service he is working on the material t. comedian says i think of walking out on stage and signature down on the chair. it will be the beginning of the next chapter of my career.
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he is accused of sexually assaulting women in his home t. jury selection begins next month in pittsburgh. cosby's youngest daughter released a letter to several news out. les. she wrote, quote, my dad like anyone in this country deserves to be treated fairly under the law. they have charged a philadelphia police officer for speeding and causing a crash. we have this video of him surrendering yesterday. investigators say he was driving up to 90 miles an hour on cotton avenue when he slammed into danny dimitri in january. dimitri was thrown 15 feet and died at the scene. >> he was my brother. they stole him from us. >> authorities say a second officer was in a second car.
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he has been fired but not charged. a woman hit by a police car last week died yesterday. officers were conducting an investigation in kensington april 18 jt when one of the officers put the car in le verse and backed in. police say the officer put her in the cruiser, took her to temple hospital they are still investigating that cash. in amtrak, plans for major repairs at new york penn station. that follows derailment and problems that caused chaos amtrak said it would replace the equipment. the work will cause delays and cancellations. starting june 1st. septa will end sales of week le and monthly transpasses. they are pushing people to use a
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key card that you can use online. sh brawl that broke outside on the lower east side of manhattan a. under surveillance camera captured a group with punches. a woman getting knocked down on this fight. the nypd says it got two calls about the fight. be i the time the officers showed up, no one filed a complaint a. group of high school students wanted to stand out. >> they did that. so they did the traditional tuxedo in favor of suits that were say a little more colorful. look at this tell us what you think. the team opted for stripes, stars and another unusual patterns. it went viral. it was retweeted 28,000 times.
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>> they got then, i didn't think anything of it. we will send that out. >> one of the teens says the company that made the suits may want them to be coming back. they may not do an person isship. most important they are on board with their fashion choices. where do you even write that? >> there is a website. those streets. you have those there. >> well, it's on eagle's jacket. >> the perfect day to do that. i will be coaching on instagram. >> i didn't say wear it. >> you can try it on. >> i like them. i leak a sense of humor, i like it. >> it's just reversible. there is what it looks like. hey, it's reversible. the clouds we have today will finally move out of here. we will get sunshine, we are
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squaring off. there is a live view. these clouds will be thening out. an attempt to warm up. you see the low clouds lingering over the city, a little light fog in the adventure aquarium. some areas are getting more fog. cape may, breaks in the clouds, sunshine out of the way. you will see more sunshine this afternoon the temperatures will warm into the 60s at the shore. fog for some inland neighborhoods, coachville, do unto one mile. really not an issue, philadelphia and wilmington, millvale had a bit of fog this morning. you may run into some fog this morning. ifts not widespread. warm temperatures. we should be in the 40s the time of year. upper 50s and low 60s in philadelphia. 60s west mount airy, low 60s, northeast philadelphia, the airport is 61 degrees. to me a mild morning at the bus
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stop. clouds, some breaks of sunshine, temperatures just short of 50 degrees, allentown, quakeer town and reading, with breaks of sunshine, friday at 59 degrees, clouds, yes, rain, no, you will not need your umbrella today. we will save lives, but that could change late tonight. we will be dry today, we will see sunshine, this is a storm moving our way. you see scattered showers and thunderstorm activity through tennessee. that's a possibility for us late tonight. what happened during the day, won't happen in the early evening hours. this is 10:00. clouds will be building in the late evening hours. i will see showers start to move in. by first thing in the morning 2:30, showers and possibilities of thunderstorms sweep through the area. there is a possibility of a shower first thing tomorrow. it will be clearing up, so stand by for your warmer days. 78 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow into the '80s. a morning low of 63.
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could see a bit of fog tomorrow morning, quickly disappears with that sunshine, a chance, just a chance of shower or a thunderstorm on saturday. the cold front comes through. will you get close to 90 degrees in the afternoon. >> that cools us down for sunday, cloupdz and a few breaks of sunshine, another warm-up. ahead of a cold front that arrives on monday afternoon. there is a better chance of showers and thunderstorms, it clears out wednesday, beautiful weather before rain thrives late next wooic to thursday and friday. a chance of storms next saturday. >> thank you, joe. we want to give you a better view of that situation we have been following. >> this is the interchange where route 42 merges into 295 northbound. >> so it's great we have a view over the scene right now. >> that will give us a much better view of what is happening. now a truck overturned and
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spilled a load of orange juice causing this mess in here. what this lane right there, that's coming from 295 northbound to west jefferson. this is a perfect view right here. it's not allowed to act es 295. all of the traffic is being diverted northbound on 76 towards philadelphia. so this is creating mess here. right away from 295. that's when you can access 295. so you can still get there, but from the 42 freeway. this is why we are seeing massive dallas in that direction. all of this traffic, it's still normally trying to get to philadelphia is going in that direction right now. so huge delays there, take the new jersey turnpike to get by if you are moving from 295 northbound. other than that, you will have to find a different way moving towards the walt whitman bridge. getting into those directions
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related to 322, depending on where you are trying to go. >> that will be the sticky spot. prepare for lots of delays. back to you. >> closing sends a message. we will tell you why more than 100 local businesses will shut their door, hershey's plans to make their candy a little bit healthier. coming up at 6:00 a. story that's not so sweet. a woman's plan for a monthly box of treats for a fiancee. turned foul. it never comes. at 6:00, nbc 10 responds offers advice for service. >> sunday maypth. 40,000 brothers, an iconic philly drink. 5,000 volunteers. thousands of fans cheering. thousands more raised for charity t. blue cross run, leave
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coverage on air and all nbc 10 platforms.
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>> good morning, everyone, we are watching the roads, we are watching sky force 10 overtop of the scene of 295 ramp, headed on the northbound side actually. what that traffic you are seeing that's pretty much at a standstill, it's coming from the freeway. all of that traffic is being
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diverted from 295. ly help you get around that when i come back. now, let's take it state by state and county by county for a look at the stories across our area. >> officials if pennsylvania say the medical marijuana program is on schedule. the state health agency says they've received more than 500 makes for people that want to grow, process and defend, that's just 39 total available permits. he hopes to issue them at the end of the year. the closures are a part of a nationwide threat called a day without immigrants. there are 35 similar events happening monday in pennsylvania. the highest number of events in any state across the country. the lehigh valley will soon expand the airport and
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additional ramp will be built for cargo flights carrying shipments. the project will cost more than $4 million. happening today in south jersey, more than 100 companies will be looking for workers at the job fair from 9:00 until 2:00 this afternoon. hersheys is cutting powers. how about this, the candy maker says in a few years, they will be 200 calories or less. the iconic chocolate bar is 210 calories. they will adjust size of certain products. they plan to put power labels on its products. now from the top headlines
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at 6:00 a.m. a lot going on, covering three major stories. first the manhunt for a delaware state trooper's killer is breaking overnight, a neighborhood who is on lockdown. eric sfreed headed to death row. we will show you how the convicted killer reacted to the verdict. the philadelphia draft starts today amidst heightened security. we'll explain why production is coming down to the wire. we do have a lot to cover for you this morning. >> good morning, we will bring you weather and traffic coming up in just a few minutes. first, let's get to that breaking news in delaware. >> here's the latest. right now the man suspected of shooting and killing a delaware state trooper is barricaded in his home. negotiators surrendered


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