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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  April 27, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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breaking news, a suspect wanted for killing a delaware state trooper is dead. the man was shot and killed just after 9:00 this morning outside his home. it is the site of an hour's long stand off with police. good morning. i'm tracy tratdavidson. >> it all came to an end over the past few hours. just a few minutes ago several winds appeared to be blown out. police say at 9:17 a.m. the suspect came out of the home and engaged police and police shot him to death. they are expected to tell us more this afternoon at 1:30. residents in the area remain evacuated. that barricade ended about 15
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minutes away they opened fire on imhad the parking -- lot. >> reporter: there were indications all of this had come to an end. we saw some of that heavy equipment coming down to road away from where the stand off was taking place. there is also a helicopters that is hovering overhead. now this road is open again. this is where the police barricade initially was. we know how it ended. as you said, at 9:17 this morning the suspect came out of his house and engaged with officer. that's when he was shot by police and pronounced dead at the scene and it's been a long 24 hours.
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locked up inside of their own homes as police tried to get the suspect to surrender. when that didn't work officers used explosives to knock the door off and break windows to the home. even that didn't stop the suspect. we know he was firing at officers as recent as 4:00 this morning. as of now the name of the suspect has not been released. i should mention quite a few people spent the night away from home. they are allows to spend time back inside. we'll head that way and see if we can get you a better look at the house and tell you a little more about what happened there this morning. it's the ongoing on the air and on the app.
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the bell atop the courthouse signalled frein had been sentenced to die by lethal injunction. >> everything i have ever had thought he or she had an opportunity to win. >> frein had no reaction. death penalty is currently suspended. so it could be years before he faces execution. download the nbc app to have a
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letters sent right to your home. teams will start making their picks ton same rocky steps. here is a live look right now. let's get a look at how they will get to take part in the fun. is it up yet? >> i have not seen it yet but a number of fans have started to get started here people are waiting for the gates to open at noon. we are as close as we could get
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at this point. you can see people getting off of buses. we have been telling you about the detours. they are lining up now. everybody is telling us they want to see some of the history from the philadelphia eagles. so there's much to see and do and wait to see who the eagles pick it should happen some time after 9:00 tonight. >> thank you.
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they will announce the first round picks. nbc 10 will bring you behind the scenes looks for all of the action from the nfl draft. catch it at 7:00 tonight. >> a live look where the annual pen rela penn relays. it draws top athletes from around the globe.
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glenn schwartz is here with the forecast. another grand slam with the weather. >>. >> that's right. the temperature going up as a result. those clouds breaking up. these clouds don't have any rain with them. the closest rain is in ohio. a couple of drops in west virginia. we are not seeing any of that during the day today. we are up to 71 degrees. it is 56 here. remember, the wind is coming in off of the ocean. but the nfl draft happening this afternoon 75 degrees and then
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it's going up from there. you can see a lot of sunshine. by 5:00 it's still 75. even this evening by 7:00 still on the warm side. it has been so chilly lately even that 11:00 temperature of 66 degrees is going to get warm. i'll have that in a few minutes. jurors watch video of the interview creato is seen sitting alone crying. brendan was found dead at cooper river park. they searched the father's phone and the area was taken 36 hours before the boy disappeared.
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a philadelphia police officer charged with manslaughter for triggering a deadly crash. investigators say he was driving up to 90 miles per hour when he slammed into dimetri. he was thrown and died at the scene. >> he was a great brother. they stole him from us. >>. the i-295 north ramp is reopen this morning after a t k tractor trailer overturned. it sent orange juice all over the road. no one was hurt. elsewhere in south jersey a
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car stuck under a tractor trailer. this happened last night on church street. the driver suffered minor injuries. >> let's find out what's happening with jessica boyington. >> yeah. right now we are seeing typical things. so this eastbound side, speeds in the 40s, which is pretty normal. we are a little slow in some spots. right now this is going back down as if we department already know the nfl draft is here. it will effect the ben franklin
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parkway. so even if some of the areas are open we'll expect huge delays. the eastbound 22nd street ramp is closed. you can get the full list of closures and all of the details on back to you. >> thank you. they will end sales of the weekly and monthly passes. the transit agency is pushing people to use the septic key card. for now they will continue to sell tokens and trail passes. and sweeping policy changes for united airlines in response to where a passenger was dragged off a plane, the new promise to make the experience better for customers.
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we are in for a very warm stretch of weather. i'll let you know how long it will last and when we could see weather weather. that's all coming up in my neighborhood forecast.
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announcer: washington politicians are at it again with another disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage for millions. and their latest plan is worse than ever.. affordable coverage for maternity care, cancer treatment, substance abuse treatment, and preexisting conditions would no longer be gauranteed. the plan threatens care for seniors and the disabled... and imposes a massive age tax for people over 50. tell congressman costello - don't repeal our health care.
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now to breaking news, at least two u.s. military service members are dead. they were killed during an isis targeted raid. it happened just south of the
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spot where the u.s. dropped the mother of all bombs earlier this month. as president trump nears the end of his first 100 days he is changing the north american free trade agreement. he tweeted he has talked to the president of the mexico and prime minister of canada and he will work to renegotiate the trade deal. president donald trump outline add new tax system that reduces the number of tax bra brackets from 7 to 3. he want to eliminate the state and alternative minimum tax. it doubles the amount of deductions individuals and couples can make, putting more
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money in your pocket. >> we want to reduce lots of special interest deductions. >> the white house would not answer questions how much it would increase the current deficit. >> it is expensive. it will cost a lot of money an it's a tax cut. >> new life for the health care bill, a group of conservative house republicans came out. >> we are at least going to give the option for some to lower premiums. >> it allows bills to opt out of covering essential visits letting insurers charge more for preexisting conditions. still, states must show in the high risk health pool. >> it actually takes us in the wrong direction and weakens for people with preexisting conditions. >> there may be a tough road in the senate. house members say a vote on the
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health care bill will be days away, not weeks away and will it make it before the 100 day deadline? it might be a tight time frame. nbc news, washington. now to the north korean crisis. holding a hearing on north korea. a live look here. harry harris is testifying. the regime promised to wipe out the u.s. and south korea if either shows the slightest provocation. now, what a change we have seen for the last couple of days. the sun has returned. the temperature has really jumped back up. 71 degrees, already above the average high for this time of year, which is 68. we are pretty close to that number across much of the rest oft area. some places still have a lot of
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clouds. the one exception to the warmth is right at the beaches. it may not get much warmer than that and even cool down in some of these inland locations this afternoon. 59 at stone harbor and cape may point. it is 57. we'll have those issues at the shore over the next couple of days too. don't expect 80 degree temperatures to reach there. it is warm and rain free. temperatures close to 80 today and closer to 90 by saturday. and then we have that hot and humid weather on saturday and much cooler weather on sunday.
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we also may be ending with our warmest or second warmest april ever recorded in philadelphia. projecting very close to that record. allentown and atlantic city are projected to set the record. you can see some of the clouds moving up to the north in montgomery and bucks county, lehigh valley. a lot of sunshine at dell care and south jersey. we do have moisture back to the west. look at that. it is even snowing in much of wisconsin. that's not mountains. that's a storm with cold air. we are just going to get kind of the tail end of that and it's giving us a chance of thunderstorms over the weekend. as we go through the afternoon temperatures going up to the upper 70s. a good amount of sunshine. look at those temperatures at the beaches. only in the upper 50s this afternoon. tonight we don't really cool off
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very much. by 11:00 tonight it's still 64 degrees. and so we start the day tomorrow pretty close to that. we do have some showers coming through during the night tonight, pretty much gone by the morning rush tomorrow. those clouds move out allowing temperatures to jump into the 80s. look at that. 84 degrees. it is 82 in fairmount. we have a west win at 5 to 10 miles per hour. a little more west wind will allow the shore areas to warm up a little bit more than what we did today. of course for the draft over the next couple of days, friday 81 degrees. saturday 87. we do have that chance of afternoon thunderstorms on saturday for at least part of the area. we'll get into more of that
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coming up a little bit later. >> all right. thank you. he was a fixture on the tonight show with jay leno for years but he has never forgotten about his hometown roots. we'll talk about why he is back in philadelphia this weekend. to protect our families and our civil rights.
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he's represented black lives matter, occupy wall street, and parents protesting the closing of schools. larry krasner will reform the criminal justice system, ending a war on drugs and the era of mass incarceration that targets poor and minority communities. because justice makes us safer. not just talking the talk, walking the walk. larry krasner, democrat for district attorney.
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it's a show that's hulkly popular here on nbc 10. on sunday some of the stars of american ninja warrior will offer a special group of fans a new challenge. she also the owner of movement lab gym. chris is here with lori, the director of communications. thank you both for being here. >> thank you for having us. >> tell us about who will be taking part. >> the ninja warrior challenge is happening this sunday at the campbell's baseball stadium. it's a special event we created
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for special needs. it gives them an opportunity to build a friendship, have fun and have recreation opportunities they don't normally get. >> and they are just -- you know, they not included in these kinds of activities typically. talk about why it suz was so important for you to be involved in this? >> we believe they can. we really feel like these kids can really do something special this weekend. >> will people get to try out some of the challenges, kind of the stuff that you did? >> yes. it will have a mock ninja warrior course. it is toned town a little bit in difficulty. we had a gup come in and kind of test different things. we put together a rig and set up
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we think will be good for everybody. >> and you're expecting about -- >> over 550 people already registered. go online to register. >> and peep are excited about this. the show is so popular. and on top of that they want to have their kids experience something. >> yeah. we have had lots of paems reach out saying they are big fans of the show and it will really make their child's year. it is a tribute to, you know, our ninja partners and how great it has become for the community. we are really excited. >> i like the sound of it. the challenge is happening this sunday april 30th from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. registration the free and open to children ages 5 to 21.
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thank you very much for coming in. >> thanks, vai. we continue to follow breaking news, a suspect wanted for killing a trooper is dead. the stand off ended about two hours ago. a look at how it all unfolded coming up. >> and day one of the nfl draft. there's a lot to do even if you're a not a football fan. you won't believe what they put in tyson fun nuggets.
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it's shocking actually. they're made with real 100% all-natural ingredients. like white meat chicken... and that's it. keep it real. keep it tyson.
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we continue to follow breaking developments where a stand off has ended with police killing a man accused in a shooting of a state trooper. the situation in middletown had
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to force residents to evacuate in the area. the man was accused of killing corporal steven ballard. he opened fire in a wawa's parking lot. >> police say at 9:17 the suspect came out of the home and engaged police and that's when police shot him to death. we will have more at a news conference at 1:30. >> pamela is live at the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: tracy, vai, we can't get any closer than where we are now. you can see to the left of your screen the police command center still set up it has been a long
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almost 24 hours for residents, some of forced who are forced to ride things out. they described hearing several explosions throughout the night as police tried to get the suspect to surrender. when it didn't happen officers knocked the door off of the home and break windows off of the home. we know he was still firing shots as late as 4:00 this morning. his name has not been released so far. i want to give you a live look at the scene. several law enforcement vehicles in the area right now. you can see things are beginning to return to normal as people try to figure out what that is from this point. a lot of people are beginning to return home at this point. they are walking around and trying to get adjusted to what's going on here right now.
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we will have much more for you later on throughout the day. >> all right. thank you. you can count on the latest developments on the air and on the nbc 10 app. we give you a live look there in the very back. teams will start making their pick shortly after 8:00 p.m. tonight on the steps. let's take you down to ground level. we'll look at how fans are getting ready to take part in the process. hey. >> reporter: yeah. you talk about fans. they certainly do have their own ideas. you'll have to watch tonight at
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4:00 to see a nine-year-old fan and who he says the eagles should pick. quite a different picture than what we showed you about how people are lining up ready to get in. everyone in a good mood waiting to get in there. you can see people do have small bags. not a large bag okay backpack. you're not allowed to bring in any outside food or wribring iny outside drinks. we'll have more tips if you're heading down here in a little bit. also, take a look. you can see a lot of tourists checking out the area here. a lot of runners and walkers. you can see the sheer magnitude and how many of the fans want to be here. you mentioned a zip line. i promts you when the gates open we'll take a look at that zip line and tell you all about the fans and who they say the eagles should go for coming up tonight
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at 4:00. that's the very latest. we'll go inside and get inside. you're looking at video of what it looks like. i'm sure the picture is very different today. warmer weather is helping out as well. back to you guys. >> yeah. you wanted to do that zip line. >> yeah. >> i'm not about it. >> no. >> we'll bring you a behind the scenes look for all of the action in the nfl draft. we'll wrap up highlights for you on sunday night. let's see if you're all about this. a much cooler day at the shore. i thought it would look a little bit better than that. boy, it is cloudy and foggy. here is a live look at cape may. we are totally going to expect sunshine later today. let's find out when. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast, glenn. >> yeah. with the type of conditions we have a lot of fog at the shore.
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there is so much humidity that is coming over those cool ocean waters. we have had a fair amount of sunshine around the philadelphia area. the winds are coming from the southeast, so that's helping to warm us up along with the sunshine. you can see the fog bank along cape may county. it has been a lot of sunshine in the philadelphia area and points to the south. the clouds are mostly up from the lehigh valley and upper bucks county. there is a whole lot more cloud cover back to the west. nothing too organized. one batch of that might be coming in overnight tonight, generally after midnight and gone by the morning rush. right now it's 71 degrees in philadelphia. it is 66 in potstown. as we go through the rest of the day we are well into the 70s. we don't really drop very much
11:37 am
tonight. it will be a very warm night for this time of the year. the pa suburbs and lehigh valley only down to 62 degrees by morning. after midnight when it's all gone before 6:00 a.m. except towards the shore where we could still see the last of it right around 6:00 a.m. or so and then that will be moving out as well. we'll see how much warmer it will get over the next couple of days. it will get warmer coming up in a couple of minutes. >> thank you. united airlines plans to offer big pay outs to customers that give up their flights. >> the new limit will be $10,000. the airlines is making ten policy changes including working to cut down on overbooking flights. united employees are getting additional training in how to work with passengers. it comes after weeks of apologies following the violent
11:38 am
removal earlier this month. the viral video. they announced it would limit yugz law enforcement officers and work on creating ways. a guy kicked off of a delta flight in atlanta. video shows airline workers asking him to leave. he used the bathroom during a 30 minute delay for takeoff to milwauk milwaukee. he says passengers must comply during all phases of the flight. the medical marijuana program is on track to be up and running by may of next year. the state health secretary says her agency received more than 500 applications from people who want to grow, process and dispense the drug. she says they hope to issue the permits by the end of june. a link between smoking
11:39 am
during pregnancy and autism. women who smoked while pregnant were more likely to be born with autism. if a baby is exposed to cigarette smoke it could hinder her developing eggs in the future. a mission to save babies lives and prevent premature births for many years. this is proof of the incredible work the march of dimes does. we'll talk about great events happening this weekend next. it will feel more like summer outside today. we'll let you know how long it is going to last. i'm also tracking showers just ahead.
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the organization is getting set for the 2014 march for babies happening across our area. seth hall is the chair of the 47th march for babies, run for babies, both. he is here with taylor and madison. they were born premature and have been ambassadors for the march of dimes for years. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> tell us about it. >> it is sunday the weather looks perfect.
11:43 am
we are expecting between 5 and 6,000 people for that. this year we are very excited to have a super hero sprint. >> what's that? >> kids age 2 to 10 can strap on sneakers and they will do a little sprint aid race across like mom and dad. now you're a rock star. you're in college, playing field hockey. tell us more! so we have honestly been involved since i can remember. i think we were two when we first started. one of the things is as we have grown up madison wants to be a nurse and i'm hoping to be a doctor. we are kind of learning autoof the knew -- premature birth.
11:44 am
>> these are pictures. what do you think? we see pictures of little babies this size all of the time. these are you. >> yeah. >> it is crazy to see. we have come such a long way and all of the things that the nurses and march of dimes have done for us. it really got us past the nicu and got us living the good life. it is thank ff for all they have given us. >> and it's a pretty far drive. we are very lucky to have very active lives. you know, i think that's the most fortunate thing for us, especially coming from the nicu. >> i know you hear these stories over and over again.
11:45 am
they are healthy young people. >> there are lots of great stories. they are trying to we rat kathe 400,000 babies born preterm. there's implications on the child, the family. there's too much of a burden. they are doing a lot of research to do that. >> which requires money and leads us to this weekend's event. there are multiple events this sunday and another one next sunday. i'm proud to mc the one at the navy yard this year. it is this sunday at the navy yard. you can see more information on or check the nbc 10 app. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me.
11:46 am
>> see you on sunday. >> looking forward to it. >> we are already warmer than we would average at this time of the year. we were way below average a couple of days ago. 71 degrees in philadelphia. upper 60s across much of the rest of the area. a lot of new jersey is in the sun. the jersey shore is in the fog. temperatures will be much lower there this afternoon. in delaware you'll see this difference as well. it is 76 in marshalton right now. but look over at the beaches. bethany beach only 60. the wind just enough to be an on
11:47 am
shore wind and cool them down. they will warm up over the next couple of days. it is much more than the jersey shore. as we look at radar and satellite you can see clouds to the west and clouds to the north. you can see clouds and fog along cape may county. it will continue for a while and we'll have more of that coming tomorrow as well. a couple of showers coming in. we go through the afternoon with temperatures get sboog tting in upper 70s. one twor two spots could hit th 80 degree mark. then some of these showers could be moving through. it is in the middle of the night while you're sleeping most
11:48 am
likely. and then the sun returns tomorrow. it will allow temperatures to go into the lower 80s. so there is redding at 80. bethlehem 80. look at the low temperatures. it is not very low at all. newtown 81. westchester 79. that's tomorrow. it will be even warmer on saturday. you can see your own neighborhood forecast for seven days. you notice at least no rain drops from 6:00 a.m. to midnight tomorrow night. atlantic city warmer tomorrow because a little bit more of a westerly wind. and that will be a big
11:49 am
difference. a lot warmer there tomorrow than what we have seen. now, of course for the nfl draft we have great timing there with weather today and tomorrow with sunshine. saturday even warmer but a chance of a thunderstorm later in the afternoon and into the evening. now, over the weekend we'll be seeing big changes. the 87 for saturday with a chance of late day storms followed by 72 for sunday. some computer models suggest it may not get to 70. the wind will be coming off of the ocean. it will be quite the contrast from saturday to sunday all across the area. the jersey shore, look at that. 81 on saturday to 62 degrees on sunday. if we go through the rest of the ten day forecast you can see that warm weather friday and saturday. cool for one day, sunday. warm up monday and then start
11:50 am
cooling down. >> it's baseball day. >> baseball, phillies. >> kevin eubank was never ever shy about his love of philly sports. this talented musician has been pretty busy since leaving the show in 2010. kev season -- kevin is out with a new album. we are thrill today have him with us here this morning. it is such a big part of your life. tell me about what you have been up to. >> we have been touring an awful lot.
11:51 am
>> as soon as you step off the stage, three quarters of the time we are baggage handlers. you have guitars on my shoulder. you love what you do so much. you keep going and keep going. >> we were talking about how hard it is when you get older. we don't think about that when you come into town to perform. >> it does get. >> you start sleeping any where on the road, any where you can sleep and eat that's what you do. it's too early to eat. early.
11:52 am
you want a lot of energy. >> were you people smart enough to schedule the show in town the same weekend as the -- >> i just got lucky i guess. >> i though you followed it. they played the sixers. >> i had -- >> yes. >> that was beautiful. >> you were with the sixers. >> and they wouldn't give me seats. >> you sat up in the nosebleeds. >> i had to call the sixers office and they said get down here. we have seats for you down here at court side. i used to have a blast in l.a. now i'm rocking all of the eagles gear out there.
11:53 am
one team going to vegas. they have everybody in there. i was just coming in. >> yes. >> you rock and you represent it. tell us a little bit about the show and how the album is doing. >> yes. it is doing great. right now it's the number one record in the country. it's being heard everywhere. so it's really cool. it's fun. >> that's saturday night? >> philly is really doing great with the music. we have a festival in town. everywhere i go people know about philly. i could be in sweden, switzerland or italy. there is eagles fans. >> you have done it because of your career.
11:54 am
that's saturday night on broad in center city philadelphia. two shows at 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. for more information and tickets on or nbc 10 app. >> you're looking great, man. >> good to see you. >> you're looking great. >> we'll be right back. hey, phil!
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thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. have a great day.
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