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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  April 28, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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new numbers in about how many people packed the parkway. >> historic trip and security concerns as the holy father promotes peace in the middle east. >> and rocky fans, you're in far great treat. find out how the man that played apollo creed is back in town. that's coming up. welcome to philadelphia.
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derrick barnett. the city of philadelphia showed off its best on opening night in the nfl draft. they are hoping the edge rusher. barnett broke white's record for sacks at the university of tennessee. take a look at this scene last night. fans are taking advantage of the beautiful weather. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. get ready for round two and three. the draft continues. local fans will continue to take part in the excitement. pamela osborne is live along the ben franklin parkway with more on the activities. >> reporter: we have been telling everyone at home this was going to be big. as you said, we are talking
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record breaking big. nearly 100,000 people participated in the draft experience. it is the largest attendance ever far draft related event. you can see them checking out festivities as we speak. this is all about the fans. we met a very special mother and son. they are a gold star family. her husband died in combat in afghanistan in 2011. his wife thinks he would be so thrilled to know the draft is happening in his hometown but also that his wife and son will be honored as part of the salute to service members. mickey told me out of all of the eye that is were watching her husband would have the best
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seat. >> he would do anything to keep them protected. so he was a really great guy. >> that wasn't all. christopher had the chance to meet with carson wentz but we'll be walking around and checking out other activity going on. we'll see you for another live report in 30 minutes. nbc 10 news. >> all right. thank you. cardinals with the # 13th pick. day made all conference last season. live coverage from the nfl draft will continue through the weekend. join us for a complete wrap up of all of the eagles picks and what it means for their future. that's sunday night. also happening now, day two
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of the penn relays, competing here at franklin field. a live look now from sky force 10 of the track meet with the university of pennsylvania. they have hosted since the 1890s. they will compete relays run through tomorrow. 50 years now the fbi has joined the investigation at this home that was torn apart during a 20 hour stand off between police and the man suspected of killing a state prooper. they fired explosive devices at the home as they tried to get the suspect so surrender. they say he fired shots at officers throughout the stand off. when he finally left the home they are trying to figure out at the convenience store on wednesday. there is now a growing memorial at that convenience store in the trooper's honor.
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>> it's really feeling like training camp weather, like july or august as we take a live look. if you're heading down to the draft today be sure that you wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water. gle glenn schwar glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with our forecast. >> yeah. it will be feeling like summer not only today but especially tomorrow when it will feel really uncomfortable to many of us. we do have a little bit of wind today. that wind that we do have is out of the west. it is allowing temperatures to go up in philadelphia and the rest of the area and also allowing it to go up at the shores. 81 at atlantic city. with that land breeze we have fairly mild at the shore as well. we compared it yesterday. a lot of sunshine around here. we are a couple of showers early in the day.
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those have gone past. we are not expecting any kind of showers this afternoon. a lot of sunshine. a little less humid than yesterday. it will be a gorgeous afternoon. 84 degrees for the high temperature. the average high is 68. tomorrow we are close to the record of 90 degrees. there is a chance of an afternoon or nighttime thunderstorm but most of the day does look like it will be dry. humidity will be up there and it's really going to be feeling uncomfortable. huge changes between saturday and sunday. i'll tell you more about that in a few minutes. >> all right. thanks for that. we are following a traffic issue on the main line. a piece of construction equipment has hit an amtrak bridge. we are over the scene. no reports of any injuries. amtrak service is stopped in the area. crews inspect that bridge. we'll have updates on air and on our nbc 10 app. right now let's check on the roads in general with jessica
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boyington. >> what are you seeing out there? >> watching the vine street expressway. watch a fender bender happen. cameras around 24th street. this westbound side and traffic and this accident is in the center lane. that's the traffic that's mo moving. it will be sticky because of nfl draft restrictions in place. the final phase still in effect. pennsylvania avenue, carson spring garden, all around the art museum area. the westbound ramp is blocked. also remember to watch some of those no parking zones in the area. there's a crash out on old york road. if you're out, watch this disabled tractor trailer. 295 southbound ramp to route 1 is blocked. we had this all morning.
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there is electrical repairs now from a crash that had wires in both directions around academy street. >> thank. philadelphia's district attorney is facing a deadline today from a federal judge. it is the last day that seth williams can ask for a delay of his trial. prosecutors head out but they didn't get it. grand jury indicted will i don't means on bribery and fraud charges. >> a judge says the story of eric frein has ended. >> yes. the judge formally sentenced frein to death for the killing of a trooper. they had a message for those who target police. >> these cowards can't get away
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with causing injury to any law enforcement officer. it shows they will not get away with it. >> there is currently a moratorium on the death penalty in pennsylvania. the jury in the creato visited the area where his body was found. the defense claims the child may have wandered from his father's apartment. the trial resumes on tuesday. police say a dog killed its owner during an attack. neighbors called police after hearing screaming and a dog barking. when police arrived at the home the dog was still attacking the woman on an outside deck. they pulled the dog off and started treating the woman. the dog was taken to be youth noised. president trump's appearance
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that hasn't happened in more than 30 years. and later, rocky's rival is back in philadelphia. i'll talk live with the man that played apollo creed on the big screen about his nfl draft experience and his new show on nbc. get ready for the heat and humidity that's coming. that's just ahead in my first alert neighborhood forecast.
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>> president trump will visit the nra convention schedule today host a discussion on gun rights and the second amendment. >> and the u.s. house voting on a one week continuing resolution to avoid a government shut down. the measure would fund the government for another week. it was due to run out of money at the end of the day. a warning about north korea and the possibility that nation will conduct another underground nuclear test. >> that's chance we could end up having a major major conflict with north korea, absolutely. >> that was from an interview the president did yesterday. president trump also called china's president a friend who is doing an amazing job as a leader.
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. secretary of state rex tillerson meeting from other countries to discuss the north kor korean nuclear threat. attorney general jeff sessions met with law enforcement this morning about violent crimes involving street gangs. earlier he spoke on the today show about the investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. >> is michael flynn -- >> it is impossible to know everything. i don't know what they did in that case and i'm not aware and not involved in studying it. >> sessions has recused himself from the investigation in the ties between the trump campaign and russia. he also expects he will not be
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involved in any investigation president trump will visit central pennsylvania tomorrow night to mark his 100th day in office. pennsylvania was a key win for trump in last year's election. the president is skipping the correspondence dinner in washington tomorrow night. what great timing to hold it outdoors in philadelphia with this kind of a weather pattern. perfectly sunny skies not only in philadelphia at 78 degrees but the rest of the area too. temperatures well into the 70s. as far as highs today, in the 80s across most of the area. 84 degrees in philadelphia. a little bit lower humidity than what we saw yesterday. ocean temperatures 54. we just started getting a bit of a sea breeze. you can tell the results of the
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west wind we have seen earlier up to 72 at cape may point and 76 at stone harbor. 75 ocean city. 79 summers point. this is down to the upper 60s. they have already hit their high temperature at the shore. remember, yesterday it was only in the 50s at the shore all day. so that's quite a change. look at that. hardly a cloud in the sky. a lot of clouds back to the west. look at that. still snowing in the middle of the country. because it is warm here doesn't mean it is warm everywhere. as we go through the afternoon it is warm and sunny. 82 in philadelphia. less humid. there is the sea breeze effect in atlantic city knocking them down into the 60s this afternoon. we do have possible thunderstorms. it will be warm across most of the area and increasingly humid. so we do have a chance of thunderstorms.
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overnight tonight philadelphia, allentown not quite to atlantic city yet by that time. by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow we are seeing a lot of clouds and also a lot of humidity. there is the temperature by noontime we are in the 80s in philadelphia and we are not seeing any thunderstorms then. in the afternoon we are headed towards the upper 80s to near 90 degrees, which is the record. again, we are not seeing thunderstorms. hot and humid. by 7:00 tomorrow night a different story. duo ha we do have a better chance here than in allentown, trenton, wilmington also with decent chances of thunderstorms in the evening. this is why we do neighborhood weather. some places have higher chances of storms than others. we try to break that down for you. here is another breakdown across the area.
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hour by hour the temperatures getting into the 80s this afternoon. dropping down into the 60s at the shore. a beautiful evening for the nfl draft. later on tonight, look at that, quick movement. showers just race through the area. it is going on by 6:00 a.m. so we are pretty fortunate here. there is saturday morning. still dry. saturday afternoon near 90. here is that southwest wind taking us up to near 90 during the day tomorrow. watch what happens as we go to sunday. it shifts to the east and then temperatures are only in the 60s to near 70 on sunday. >> all right. thanks. nbc 10 getting you prepared for severe weather. our weather team brings a severe weather special.
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a series of stories on who some call america's first serial killer. we have been researching, traveling to h.h. holmes and speaking to holmes experts. >> reporter: the streets of i'll city philadelphia hung with tourists are bright national monuments typically draw the biggest crowds. the attraction here is much darker.
11:23 am
>>. >> the first topic on that tour is america's first serial killer, h.h. holmes. some experts say he killed as many as 200 people selling his victim's bones and commits insurance fraud. >> he was one of the worst that i've ever seen. >> reporter: he was a lifelong liar who some believe faked his own death. >> i think he convinced the public he was not such a bad guy. >> reporter: throughout the day the nbc 10 investigators explore his connection to philadelphia and pop culture, his crimes and the mystery surrounding his death that may soon be solved. >> he is here to talk about the investigation. there are so many pieces to this story. >> isn't it? >> there has been a renewed interest recently. >> this is one of the stories. it is one of the most fascinating stories i have worked on recently.
11:24 am
it is one of those stories you have gotten on over the past couple of years. it has bubbled back to life. nbc's timeless had holmes as a passing character. there is a best selling book, devil in the white city. >> one of my favorites. >> so it's really bubbled back to life in recent years. >> most people associate him with chicago. >> absolutely. >> he has philly ties. a detective was the one that took him down and stopped him. >> that's exactly it. that's why it is so interesting for us. one of the guys i interviewed, who is an absolute expert, he said philadelphia is where it all came crashing down. if it hadn't have been for philly he might have gotten away with all of these heinous murders. he was running from creditors, running from his criminal past and ended up here and tried to run an insurance swindle.
11:25 am
that ultimately is what brought him down. >> right. and then he is sentenced to death. he dies and then there's more mystery surrounding his death, right? >> right. so here is the detective. he is brought to justice in philadelphia. he is held at this prison which a lot of people have actually probably passed the site of. it is in south philadelphia and that's where he was held. that is where he was executed. from the moment of his execution there were these rumors, did he actually die or did he perform his biggest swindle of all and escape even execution? that's really the narrative. that's really what our stories pick up on starting this afternoon at 4:00. it is compelling stuff. there have been new developments that we have found out about that kind of bring this story back to life in a way that nobody expected.
11:26 am
>> it is fascinating stuff. it really is. it's such a big and fascinating detailed story that we have to unfold it in pieces. it starts at 4:00 and continues through the early evening and ends at 11:00 tonight. >> excellent. >> i look forward to all of it. >> thank you so much. you can see the h.h. holmes story at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 this afternoon and tonight at 11:00 we have new revelations all day long. >> thank you. >> it's day two of the nfl draft and this football frenzy is already shattering records. here is a look at the ben franklin parkway. people are packing the area. plus, promoting peace in the middle east. it is the first day of pope francis's historic trip to egypt. i love to eat.
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this was the parkway this is a new record for the nfl experience. ? her say live look right now. this is ton ben franklin parkway. tens of thousands more expected to attend the event tonight. let's take you down to the ground. nbc 10 has more on how fans are soaking it up. they are starting to show up. >> yeah. they certainly are. as you said, the nfl has a victory to celebrate. that is the record breaking numbers that they saw. nearly 100,000 people came down
11:31 am
to take part in the fund. we are standing on the nfl play 60 field. we have been checking out a game that was going on. this is a partnership with the philadelphia eagles and the special olympics athletes from across the state. we have been talking about the fans, how this entire set up is for people of all ages and all abilities. even roger goodell was checking out things from the sidelines. they started a friendly game of flag football. >> our fans come in all shapes and sizes. it's really about promoting our game. he has done a lot for me, made a career out of it, made a life out of it.
11:32 am
the weather is gorgeous. the atmosphere is really great down here. if you were not one of those nearly 100,000 fans check it out today. there is plenty to see and do. i'm pamela osborne! all right. it's like a playground, who's got next? nbc coverage will continue through the weekend. join us for a complete wrap up. what it means for the team and for the future. that sunday night after nbc 10 news at 11:00. >> let's talk about right now. pam is in a short sleeve or sleeveless top. warm there enjoying a taste of summer. a live look from our camera in cape may. let's find out what's to come. glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with a forecast, glenn. >> yeah. we have nothing but sunshine across the area. the visibility is pretty good. humidity is lower today than
11:33 am
yesterday. it is a lot warmer today. it is already about 15 degrees warmer in many parts of the shore areas. there are a few people starting to show up although the sea breeze is starting to kick in. it will drop the temperature during the afternoon. 78 in philadelphia and mount holly. it is 70 here. generally a west to northwest wind. can hardly see any cloud cover around with early morning showers. they have long since moved out. we are not expecting any showers for this afternoon or evening. it will be a beautiful afternoon for most folks. some people will prefer toob little bit cooler and then you'll be disappointed especially tomorrow when we are near record warmth plus much more humid. so it will be feeling like it's in the 90s.
11:34 am
but sunday is a totally different picture. we'll get into those changes coming up in a few minutes. the senate is set to vote. the government is set to run out of money at the end of the day. so right down to the wire. new from overnight arkansas executed another inmate. he was given a lethal injection. it was delayed a few hours as they reviewed documents. the court ultimately rejected those appeals. he is the fourth to be executed in the past eight days. pope francis arrived for the start of the two-day visit. >> it comes weeks after the
11:35 am
deadly attack. we report from cairo. >> pope francis arriving in cairo this morning met by faith leaders greeting journalists on board the frame telling them this is a trip of brotherhood. in february an isis propaganda to slaughter christians. the pope recording his own video message. i come as a friend, a messenger of peace. the pontiff leaving the airport in a closed vehicle but not a bullet proof one. >> the pope is calm and we are calm. we go there. we take the necessary precautions. >> today the pope driving straight to meet egypt's president who supported the christian community. isis has declared war on egypt's
11:36 am
christian state. the middle east's largest christian community. >> killing innocent people for what? >> catholics are a small minority. >> the pope will come in this condition and he himself said i am coming. >> today he will reach out to all faiths. churches in cairo this week, officials tell me they fear isis fighters have been returning to egypt from iraq. and journalists by human rights groups. this is the pope is not just a risky trip. it is highly sensitive. back to you. >> the man who was dragged off a flight has reached a settlement with united airlines. he was seen in this video that
11:37 am
sparked nationwide outedness rage. he was refusing to give up his seat on an overbooked flight. and southwest airlines plans to end its practice of overbooking flights. they say the airline has been preparing to change the practice for several years. southwest hopes to implement the plan in the next two weeks. in you this morning philadelphia mayor spoke out about the opiod epidemic. the mayor joined to talk about the best ways to fight opiod epidemic. he said it is important to work together to make sure people who are already addicted to opiods seek treeatment. major construction on route 322 in delaware county. they will widen the nearly 7
11:38 am
mile stretch to route 1 to east of route 452. it will go from 2 lanes to four in that area and a grass immediate ran will be added. you can get out with your kids and run for those who can't even crawl yet. >> these kids have been practices for the super hero sprint. it moves to the navy yard because of the draft. raising money for education and research to prevent premature growth. >> so getting more people involved through activities like runs and walks is important. it is a huge fundraiser which fuels the research that the march of dimes needs to move things forward. >> he is referring to one in ten babies. the goal is to ensure every newborn gets a healthy start at
11:39 am
life. i'll be there to mc the event. bad news for dieters that need to dine out, the reason posting calorie counts on meals might be delayed. we'll let you know how long the heat and humidity will last and how cool it is going to get just ahead.
11:40 am
announcer: washington politicians are at it again with another disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage for millions. and their latest plan is worse than ever.. affordable coverage for maternity care, cancer treatment, substance abuse treatment, and preexisting conditions would no longer be gauranteed. the plan threatens care for seniors and the disabled... and imposes a massive age tax for people over 50. tell congressman costello - don't repeal our health care.
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11:42 am
pizza delivery chains opposed the rules which is part of the healthcare overhaul. it requires restaurants to have 20 or more location to post calorie content of the food on their menus, menu bofards and signs by next friday. businesses say they are burdensome and are hoping to revise the law to make it easier to comply with. >> well, in this part of the world apollo creed is a household name and has been that way for more than 40 years. the heavyweight champion took on an underdog named rocky balboa. he became such an important part of philadelphia's culture and the massive disaster is with us this morning.
11:43 am
thank you. i want to call you champ. >> yeah. >> seems appropriate to me. >> i'll take it because it sounds sweet in my ear. >> right. >> rocky has the statue at the art museum. >> where is my statue? >> yeah. you're the champ. what happened? >> tell us what it was like to be at the red carpet yesterday. >> it was fantastic. to see these young guys come into the league and knowing if you have played but a game at that level. there is a lot to look forward to. some of it not so good. you're playing with grown men. >> it's amazing. when you come into philadelphia people still call you apollo? >> absolutely. >> because of rocky. this is -- you know, rocky is an institution everywhere but philadelphia, the home of rocky, running up the steps. this is home. >> you played for the raiders.
11:44 am
>> i did. >> you played for a great coach who later became a fantastic nfl coach. tell us a little bit about your football background and how you got into acting. >> i started as an actor in fifth or sixth grade.
11:45 am
knowing what it is you're supposed do. the other thing is discipline. that is one of the biggest lessons. >> you look great. you must be disciplined. you're back on tv this spring. the nbc hit show. tell us about your character. you play state attorney. >> mark jeffreys. >> yeah. >> she a state -- he is a states attorney in cook county with all of the other chicago shows. >> yes. >> they are usually successful. law and order tells you a lot about that. chicago justices is basically a show about the law and we are prosecuting hopefully the bad guys and protecting the people who are the good guys. it is a show that we are a wonderful cast, great writing on the show. people are receiving it and really liking the show. >> do you like better the tv or movies? >> it doesn't matter to me. camera is camera. if it is good writing it all
11:46 am
begins there. the only thing is tv is really fast, a lot of hours. movies you a little more time. when you a little more time generally what it means is you have time to really hone that character. >> you're amazing. carl weathers. thank you for coming by. >> my pleasure. thank you. well, an unusual way to end the month of april over the last couple of days. not only warm today but hot tomorrow near record heat tomorrow. 78 degrees already in philadelphia. already 10 degrees above the average high. we are close to that across much of the rest of the area with sunshine everywhere. that is pushing temperatures up close to 80 already. this is pa suburbs, chester, mom gom -- montgomery county.
11:47 am
it is 78 in phoenixville. already 80 in gladwin and 80 degrees in new hope. it's not even noon yet. so it's definitely going to be warm. the humidity is dropping. so that will make it a little bit more comfortable. we have lots of sunshine. you don't have to worry about any kinds of sunshine this afternoon. there is rain to the west, a good bit of it. some of it is racing to the east. we could see showers and thunderstorms. it is generally late tonight. by tomorrow more thin morning i degrees already. by 1:00 it is 84 going up towards the upper 80s or near 90 degrees. somewhere between 3:00 and 5:00 with the west to southwest wind. it will be a warm day. here we are this afternoon. we are starting off clear.
11:48 am
perfect weather for the draft, but here comes showers and storms. that's 4:00 in the morning. so a lot of the rain happening while you're asleep. by 6:00 a.m. it's over with. 5:00 it is 86 degrees in philadelphia and close to that mount holly. but winds shift into the east as the front moves through. 6:00 a.m. it is still kind of warm. it doesn't warm up that much. staying in the 50s. atlantic city staying in the 50s for the most part. if you want warm warm weather go tomorrow. what a difference there is going to be from one day to the next. let's take a look at this. 89 degrees with a chance of a thunderstorm not only very early in the day but also in the evening hours and then high of
11:49 am
only 70 on sunday. at the shore high of only 61 after a high of 81 on saturday. which day wow wayou want to go shore? down to 70 for delaware. over the next ten days, well, we have the near records tomorrow. big drop sunday and then we jump back up monday to 80 or maybe even a little above. we get into a wet and cool pattern. this is thursday at least through saturday. >> all right. thank you. >> you'll get a chance to step back in time this weekend. it is the scene for the 28th civil war reenactment. it is the largest war reenactment outside of gettysburg. he is representing the confederate states. welcome back. we had you here before. >> yes. >> this is a dtradition you bot
11:50 am
look forward to every year. tell us what spectators might expect to get this weekend. >> we will see a lot. we have artillery demonstrations scheduled. we have a period baseball game we are holding sunday. 1860 rules. we have two teams that will be playing. we had calvary demonstrations. there would be battle scenarios going on. that's lot to see. >> when people think about the civil war think really think of gettysburg, do they not? >> yes. >> tell me why host this event in bucks county? >> just to spread the word. >> yeah. >> i have always enjoyed history. it's a way to get history out there. gettysburg isn't the only battle that it was ever fought in pennsylvania. but still, it's a rich heritage.
11:51 am
i have family who fought the civil war. >> how about you, bill? you have family who fought in the civil war and does that connection help you in some way and how you feel? >> i have ancestors that fought on both sides. some came home and some didn't. when i go out and i particularly partake in a certain battle. i try to find out which ones were there, and then try to model my kskit and actions afte what they would have gone through. >> i went through the opening museum of the american revolution last week and saw some of the films. i have to imagine, those are reenactors reenactors, right? >> yes. >> how did you guys get into this? >> i did by accident. i always had a love of history.
11:52 am
i had a neighbor down the street came up one day and said you love history. you have to try this. he set me up and had me fall in with the 28th pennsylvania and they kited me up for a day out. it was my first event the rest of it is history. i have been doing this for close to 25 years. >> do you find yourselves being protected of the history of the civil war? do you tend to set them straight? >> yes. especially today there are a lot of people who want to try to rewrite the history. it happens. you can't rewrite it. what happened happened. there are a lot of reasons people glance over or don't know why things happened. so you kind of politely educate them. >> there you go.
11:53 am
the 28th annual civil war re-enactment. for more go to or check out the nbc 10 app. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. introducing the fios gigabit connection with download speeds up to 940 megs that are 20x faster and more powerful than most people have. incredibly, it's $79.99 a month for one year. comcast charges you $89.99 for a triple play that only offers 200 megs speeds. switch to the most powerful internet at the most revolutionary price. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 a month and we'll give you tv, hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years all with a 2 year agreement. so act fast. go to
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coming up this afternoon
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ellen celebrating the first anniversary of coming out and how it changed history, then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. caught on camera doing the right thing. they paid it forward face ago big moral dilemma. day two of the nfl draft happening today along with the nfl experience for fans and the nfl says yesterday's first day drew more than 100,000 fans, which is a record for any nfl draft related event. tens of thousands expected to attend today and tomorrow. they will have very nice weather on it. >> yes. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 at 11:00. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz
11:57 am
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announcer: washington politicians are at it again with another disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage for millions. and their latest plan is worse than ever.. affordable coverage for maternity care, cancer treatment, substance abuse treatment, and preexisting conditions would no longer be gauranteed. the plan threatens care for seniors and the disabled... and imposes a massive age tax for people over 50. tell congressman costello - don't repeal our health care.
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[soft dramatic music] ♪ [dramatic music] ♪ [cell phone beeps] >> paul: i think i might have something. >> sonny: did deimos charter a plane? >> paul: maybe, maybe not. see i talked to a guy at this charter place, and he wasn't being very forthcoming. he didn't say no, but he didn't hang up. he just kept hinting that he might know something. >> sonny: he also kept hinting he wanted some incentive? >> paul: yeah, exactly. >> sonny: where is this place? >> paul: well, it's not too far from here. just off country road l. >> sonny: all right, i'll grab the money, then we'll head over. >> paul: no, you stay here. i'll go get it. >> sonny: no. >> paul: sonny, isn't that why you hired me and steve in the first place? to do the leg work? what if deimos finds out you've been asking questions, bribing charter owners? you can't antagonize him any i re than you already have.


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