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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  May 29, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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released a picture of the suicide bomber with a blue suitcase. police want anyone who may have seen him with it before the attack to give them a call. 22 people died a week ago today from that attack, including seven children tp it happened just as an ariana grande concert was ending.
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police say a 22-year-old man detonated the bomb he decide in the clinton made did he familiarer to claims about them when she was dputing ails that is she lied about what happened. a lawsuit also claimed clinton's use of a private email server caused the death. the judge said the couple did not prove their case. we are hearing from relatives of the victims killed in a shooting rampage by a mississippi man the man you see on the ground is accused of killing eight people including a sheriff's deputy. convertings said the shooting began after an argument between him and his wife over their children. he drove to two more homes and picketed off his targets. >> i'm so sorry. >> he killed the deputy and then i killed my nephew's son and.
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>> my intention was to have the officers killed me i ran out of bullets. >> he is charged with seven discounts of murder and one count of first degree murder. >> mar gait police department is warning local business base a scam. according to police the caller claims to be with atlantic city electric, they tell business owners they're behind on payments. and to may immediately offer the phone. police say the electric company will not call and threaten to cut off service. and there could be a verdict as early as tomorrow in the trial of a man accused of killing his 3-year-old son. jurors continue to deliberations to the dg trial. he is charged with killing his 3-year-old son brenden and dumping him in a creek in 2015. last week jurors reviewed two pieces of evidence for the third time. first a police video of them interviewing the man on the day his son was found dead. also his 911 call reporting the
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brenden missing. delaware police will carry nar can't kits the drug can reverse the effects of heroin and other opioid overdoses. troopers will first undergo a training program. pennsylvania state troopers and new jersey state police are already equipped with the life saving drug. >> roman catholic high school is expanding. tomorrow the school will celebrate the ground breaking of the howard center for the arts. the building will house coral and ceramic studios along with a space for drama, computer design and photography. it should open next spring. memorial day weekend got off to a good start down the shore. >> the crowds quickly started winding down when the cool and cloudy weather set in. nbc 10 cydney longs just live
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np. >> it's definitely jacket weather down there on the board walk. >> well denise and keith i can tell you it's definitely not fee shirt or swimsuit kind of day. but still we don't have the ocean city board walk to ourtsz. the crowds may be thinner than on friday at the on set of the memorial day weekend. they are soaking in every lant minute of the breeze. piazza, ice cream and continue with family and friends. >> he is knocked out and we had a great time. >> by the looks of the 2-year-old jordan ocean city knocked it out of park for the brooks family of philadelphia this memorial day weekend. >> it was nice. we hadn't been here in a long time. and we came and walked the barred walk. they have a lot of arcades. a lot of theme parks. >> despite not perfect beach weather owl gaur are four days. >> we wanted to go to the boech we still got on the beach yesterday. didn't get in the water but got so sit in the sand and wet the
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wert with our toes. >> on the board walk people were bundles in rain coats or sweat shirts. >> it's a loud cloudy but i like it breezy. >> by the bay 5-year-old wore his favorite gear doing his new favorite past time. >> we decided to come out and have family times because dad is off and davy is off from school. trying to catch some fish maybe. >> strask was stacked up later along the tlanic city expressway. some throwing in the towel earlier. >> we wend for a bike ride and flou headed home. >> for farmer junior and so many others it's a perfect day making time with the family. >> are you going to catch the fish and eat it or throw it back in. >> catch it and eat it. >> so davy and his family may
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well have barbecue fish on the grill this around. the big question is did businesses reel in the sales this holiday weekend sometimes overcast skies can make it busier. we're checking in with some and have that part of the story coming up at 6:00. now live in ocean city. cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> thank you cydney. the crowds still plentiful out there impressive. >> no question wearing sweat shirts some braving the conditions with tee shirts and shorts. glenn, what do you think it's got to be windy as heck coming off the ocean, kind of cold. >> a little windy. and it was kind of breezy, wind off the ocean all weekend at the shore. but at least it was not raining this afternoon. naes what really ruins the shore weather for me. 63 degrees cloudy skies philadelphia but tlaeft you can see the tops of the buildings. the clouds aren't as low. brightening up a little bit. it's only near 60 degrees across
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much of the rest of the area. the average high in time of year is 78. so yeah we're not close to that. we've got a northeast wind coming down the coastline. and new jersey, 60 at who will goat, summers point ob ocean city. 63, 64 at stone harbor. i don't think it's much warmer tomorrow. wind off the ocean there too. mostly in the 60s again across new jersey, across delaware beaches, up to the philadelphia area depending how thick the clouds are. we may get some rain tomorrow and again on wednesday. but the most rain that we're going to get in the next week looks like it's over the weekend. and into next monday. then we have at least the possibility of some 80 degree temperatures this we can. on wednesday, then again on friday. friday it's most likely. there is the win coming in off the ocean.
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very familiar story this weekend. and here we are overnight tonight and into tomorrow. and it's still coming in off the ocean. can't warm up at the beaches. when we have that kind of wind. tomorrow night still on shore. wednesday -- now starting to see some changes. there it is, coming into the west. yeah, a little hope for wednesday with the temperatures. but as we look at the satellite, radar, there is a lot of clouds around. but the rain there aren't any showers until you get back to ohio. you go through the night tonight mostly just clouds. by tomorrow morning maybe patchy drizzle. and then some showers especially later in the day, maybe even a thunderstorm as you can see there. and the clouds are in. the temperatures are still down. let's see if tammy can bring you some sunshine and warmer weather. >> it looks awful today doesn't it glenn but remember one thing. so many don't have to work
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today. that makes it a great day, right? >> i like working. >> i'm just saying some people at home even if a cloudy day with sprinkle or drizzle, out there noilging tp. by wednesday you're right we are seeing some improvement before we get a little bit more rain in here. we are going to see some sunshine clouds on wednesday. it will be kind of a mix of sun and clouds. then here is what happens in the evening. we have a frontal boundary coming by the area. could see a shower or storm on wednesday evening. this continues through the night. then thursday looks beautiful. it will not be a warm day. probably in the upper 60s, maybe the low 70s. however, we're still getting a bit of land breeze. and plenty of sunshine, really really a nice day things start to change on friday. now start to warm up quite a bit on friday. you notice the wind turns to the southwest. here comes the next system. moves in friday night here much of saturday. but on sunday there is a big question mark.
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how slowly it moves out of here? do we get a break on sunday or are we sal l saddled with clouds and leftover showers? that's the big question. >> here is the 10-day on 10 look looking at 69 for tomorrow with drizzle and clouds. 79 op edwin, sun turning to clouds with the showers, sthorm in the evening. 76 on thursday with bright sunshine, 82 on friday. rain moves in at the night. next weekend at this point saturday looks very wet. sunday big question mark as to how much rain and the timing of it. guys? >> all right tammy thanks. >> it is a big day for the blew hens baseball and delaware. >> and stale ahead at 4:00 nbc 10 takes to you the celebration before the team's next stop on the road to college world series. >> there is a line used this center city landmark. we'll take you inside little
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petes for the last day and show you how customers are remembering it and introduce you to the people who have been making this happen for decades. is it. >> human water fall how a 10-year-old boy survived the terrifying accidents at a water park at next on nbc 10 news at 4:00.
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. a trip to a new water park takes a horrifying turn. >> a 10-year-old slid off the end of a three story water slide and a california water park and then slammed into the ground at high-speed. witnesses say they thought the boy was dead. but he got up and walked away. he was doing okay and parents are wondering who was holding the parks accountable. >> there are no federal regulations or even reporting requirements for amusement parks or water parks. >> more than 420 oh people a year are taken to the er for injures on public water slides.
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park sfoeshls closed the slide where the boy fell as they investigate. >> got to watch that. >> scarey to watch that video but knowing that he is okay makes it okay. >> so much better. that's for sure. all right we reasonable shl sbrb landmark restaurant close closing doors in center city after four decades. next at 4:00 how little pets going out in style. plus this. >> so beautiful. >> bureau biking. the hill arise video of justin timber lake and his partner on a ride to the hamptons. >> at 5:00 a chore for your birthday. local lawmakers change ago rule giving you a new dental on your birthday. we'll explain how it saves you time coming up at 5:00.
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right now at 4:00 a cloudy cold and damp day to the start of the week but a good day to stock up on yard splice when the sun does finally make the return. nbc 10 at a busy home dpo in montelongo county opinion taking a live look at the stadium in wilmington. fans of blue rock baseball had to have a jacket handy for the game this afternoon. but the good news a brief break from the weather later this week. >> before we get to that glenn hurricane schwartz is track ago capitol hill in the air. fwlen almost feels like fall. >> yeah. the temperature is way, way below average. average high is 78 for this time of the year. so far we've only gotten 63. 15 degrees below normal. got a lot of clouds, one of the reasons but at least the clouds aren't as low as they were earlier. less gloomy. the sunshine is in central
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pennsylvania, down toward washington, it's that wind coming off the ocean that we love that sometimes creates these problems and take a look at the results notice temperatures. 59 atlantic city marina. 6 atlantic city airport. 63 at philadelphia. 6 in wilmington. and big warm spot, 66 degrees. the clouds hang in there all night tonight. and there is moisture coming from the south. so during the morning rush tomorrow, some parts of the area, especially in delaware and extreme south jersey could see some rain that increases a little bit later on during the morning. then more showers later on. that's just the beginning of some more wet weather. we'll tell you more about that and how it extends into the weekend coming up. >>. right now at 4:00 a landmark restaurant closing doors.
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>> little pete's going out with a bank. customers lined up outside to enjoy the last meal. bits out there loren. >> it has been a very busy day in this restaurant. in fact i had a seat you a few minutes ago but i had to give it up because it got busier in here. as folks have been coming in to get the final fix they've been taking outs phones, taking pictures, memories, trying to remember this place and the food and the stories that go with it. in the kitchen at little pete's the routine is the same. but outside there is a line to get in today. and inside seeing an order is enough to get a cheer. >> yum, yum. this is what it's all about. little pete's. >> that's because it's the last time at a spotten sown zone into so many customers history. >> at the after prom we had arbor were at the he toll for
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the program went to atlantic city and on the bay way back at 10:00 in the morning or 3:00. little pete'sway was the stop. >> it has been a regular stop for many in center city for 39 years. today generations skam by to say goodbye to the place and people. that's coowner in the striped shirt. >> this place closing down. >> back near the kitchen it hasn't set in yet for an kbooe who first followed her mom to work at a teenager. >> how long have you been here. >> over 30 years. over 30 years. >> this is home. >> yes, yes this is home. >> her son now works cashier in a busy restaurant customers trying to soak up for one last meal. >> what did you eat today. >> what didn't i? i had a bacon cheeseburgerer. scrapple and we split an italian hoeingy. >> id an omelet. >> in the bag sandwiches trying to hold on to a little piece of
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little pete's for another day. those sandwiches are apparently going into the freezer. now there is one more chance to say goodbye tootsds are to this spot here and that is at a block party starting at 11:00 tomorrow. but if you want to order your own omelet or cream chip beef or whatever you've got about four hours. live in center city, nbc 10 news. >> thank you lauren. on the memoryual day we're honoring those making the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country. in south jersey is a live look at one of the most decorated battleships. dozens of visitors turned out to celebrate the the holiday .bishop used the nights of columbus took part in the ceremony. >> delaware hundreds ever people turned out in smyrna mumble
4:36 pm
park. the day began with a parade and culminated with show of patriotism at the park. >> here is a look at some of the other stories following county by county at four. recognizing those who made the ultimate sacrifice in atlantic county. residents rang in the memorial day holiday during a park rededication ceremony. browns park had been in disrepair since the 1980s it boasts play abgathering areas. the park is named after harold black, the first black resident to die in world war ii. in trefter towny the horse show and country fair continues today in the ring hunters and jumpers. at 6:30 there will be a memorial day tribute at the devin fair grounds. >> in this county represent like case of two ships used by christopher columbus be the nina and pinta are a two-mile landing morina going on until tomorrow
4:37 pm
morning. those ships tour together as kind of sailing museum if you will. all right a 16-year drought from the ncaa tournament. >> until the university of delaware snapped the streak today. and you can hear the excitement stim headed for the next offer. blue hens baseball on the road to the college world series. plus pass the spf. the biggest mistakes when you're making when it comes to sun protection. parade proposal how a future groom in buck county pulled off the ultimate surprise.
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it's called gpc or giant pap i willary conjungtivitis. bumps form on the upper eyelid. doctors say wg disposable lens and taking them out at night is key during allergy sfwloonz if you don't think you need sun screen on a cloudy day like today. think again. the sun's uv raies cause damage even when overcast. most people don't know that. more mistakes just a third of us apply to sun screen to all exposed skin and fewer than 40% where protective clothing and accessories like hats and sunglasses. >> the unofficial start to summer feels more like fall. >> the cold weather isn't going away yet right glenn. >> as the long at wind comes off of the ocean let you know how long the chill lasts plus when more showers and storms in the most accurate weather forecasts. >> coming up new at 5:30.
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shark attack where a fisherman hid from the great white after it leps out of the water into the boat.
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monday marks an important day in american history. it was may 29th, 1917, 100 years ago, that john f kennedy was born. a cental celebration was held' his library in bofrts boston. the dwas accompanied by a march through the bush of brook line. before wing the presidency in the 1960. he served in the navy during world war ii. and won seats in both house and senate. kennedy was assassinated on november 22nd, 1963 in dallas walks texas and buried in arlington. >> pris william wishes his mother could have met his wife and children. it's just one of the things he said in an interview with british gq magazine. the article gives fan as peek
4:46 pm
into his royal life. he at a talked about raising his kids, and removing any pressures growing up as the heir to the thrown. justin timberlake is spending the holiday inn the hafrpens. >> his video is going viral now. it's not he and his wife on the beach. hits him riding a tandem bike with who else, jimmy fallon. they called it buhrow biking, set up a camera, rode back and forth fans are loving it. we are too. look at this. >> having so much fan. >> over and over must be nice. >> they have the greatest bro mance. >> as it is gray skying over wayne and delaware county. few drain drops here and there. not a bad way to end things, glenn voo. we were telling the best time to barbecue on memorial day was going to be in the afternoon. we got rid of the morning drizzle. the clouds stayed in. stayed chilly process.
4:47 pm
but at least dry this afternoon. 63 in philadelphia. not even 60 degrees in parts of the pa suburbs and parts of new jersey could see all the clouds all over. so nobody has had a picnic weatherwise today. the temperatures below 70 degrees just about everywhere. newark only 65 wush harmony hills, 67, glask o 67. helen dale, 6 a, mills borrow, 66. and the delaware beaches there we go. wind off the ocean that's what happens. 63 in louis. and bethany beaches, 61. not a whole lot warmer tomorrow. in the afternoon highs over the several days, average high this time of year is 78. so we got close to that yesterday. the rain came in last night. 73 saturday, only 63 today.
4:48 pm
we may not make it to 70 during the day tomorrow. all of these clouds, they're low clouds. hard to break up when you have that east wind. we have a system coming in in from the west, that may start to break things up by later tomorrow. as you can see, going through the night tonight wove got clouds, we got patchy fog. but we're not talking about rain until tomorrow morning. it's not going to rain all day. but it's going to keep the temperature down and struggle to get to 70 degrees tomorrow. and as the rain comes up from the southwest wsh different models have different slaugss. but in general there is moisture coming up from delaware during the morning tomorrow and chance of thunderstorms north and west. during the afternoon. we do have some brighter skies coming and warmer weather. tammy will tell but that. >> i keep telling myself at least it's not snow, right.
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>> better not be snow at this time of year. >> that's how i make myself feel better. it's not half bad by the time we get to wednesday. wednesday afternoon we'll see sun with some clouds across the area. call it a mix of sun and clouds. it looks like it will be about even. we will see the winds coming in out of the south and west. we could be getting up near 80 degrees in some places. the most part looking at 70s. watch what happens a frontal boundary comes through at night bringing showers and storms. turns into beautiful day in thursday in the 70s with plenty of sunshine we continue with those west winds. so we all wish that was our machined. but it's not it's our thursday. and then here comes friday. everything is dry on friday. we'll get up to the 80s. storms move through friday night and saturday. at this point the forecast model want to school it out quickly. we could clear later in the day on sunday. so you know what let's go from
4:50 pm
the city to the shore let's compare. philadelphia 69 for tomorrow. the shore will be 66. looking at 79 in wednesday on philly opinion 74 at the shore. 76 in philly on thursday and 72 along the shore. you get the idea. it's cooler along the shore each and every of the days, even friday with the amazing 82 in philadelphia and 72 along the shore just in case you're taking a late vacation. maybe. >> putting it out there. >> tammy thanks. next at 4:00 from college diplomas to the college playoffs. why the university of delaware baseball team has more than one reason to celebrate, plus. >> i said i'm not going to live with it this is not right. >> his new computer had a faulty screen but he couldn't get the answer he wanted from the company. see how heary and nbc 10 responds.
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. it took 16 years but now the blew hence baseball hemiis headed to the playoffs. >> the next stop on the road to the college world series, texas. tim furlong takes us to the celebration at the university of delaware. >> oh my. yeah. >> not long after the celebration for winning the conference baseball title in north carolina. the university of delaware baseball players had reason to be excited again and a little anxious back on campus today as they waited to find out where they'd have the first round ncaa to your honoree game an agonizing. >> matched up against the number four. >> the blue hence are going to will you be okay texas to face texas tech on friday ufd hasn't made et baseball tournament
4:55 pm
since 2001. >> it's the best feeling coming into the world. this wasn't expectsed out of us. to be here means a lot. >> some guys on the people aren't technically ufd students nerm petition they would a graduation ceremony over the weekend because they missed the real ceremony in newark. nobody is complaining about the wild ride though. >> this they've come from being just average, come together as a team and really worked hard to get there. >> after the party it was right back to work. >> you know it's not a vacation we're going to play baseball. and i'm excited to go to texas and play texas tech. >> they are going to texas to win ball games and a trip to the college world series. they promise they aren't just happy to be there. >> i know if we play like we've been playing we can beat any team in the country. >> so like the delaware women who shocked the field hockey world by win agency national titles in the fall. the ball players are asking why not us. >> that's a good question why not us. that's how we feel. >> the game one in texas is
4:56 pm
friday afternoon. in nbc 10 news. >> let's go blue hens. up next at nbc us news at 5:00. all knew at 5:00 local police are getting better to solving change. tiger woods arrested for dui the the comeback attempt might be rind for one of the greatest golfers of all time. >> looking at damp weather ahead. maybe a few sprinkles. well talk about that after the break. >> first memorial day coverage continue take you around our area as we honor our nation's heroes tonight. 37
4:57 pm
goldman sachs was one of those companies whose illegal activity helped destroy our economy... vo: as a goldman sachs president, phil murphy made his fortune in a rigged system. now the jersey machine has lined up with murphy and his millions. leaders should stand for the people, not the political machine. as a prosecutor, at treasury, and as head of the brennan center, i've taken on the powerful - from the mafia, to the nra,
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to the dark money that poisons our politics. i'll be nobody's governor but yours.
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trouble, the one time king of the golfing world arrested. >> honoring the fallen we take you to neighborhoods around the area as they pay tribute to our nation's heroes on this memorial day. and stuck in wet weather, the drizly misty conditions sticking around but for how long. tonight tiger woods is in trouble again. this mugshot taken this morning after the once great golfer was arrested for dui. good evening i'm denise nakano. >> keith jones woods is out of jail released on his own recognizeens. arrested from his home nine miles in jup iter, florida. as has been trying to get back
5:00 pm
to playing professional golf. >> illustrate not the image anyone is used to seeing much tiger woods arrested and charged early this morning in south florida for driving under the influence. the arrest follows woods' fourth back surgery temporarily sidelined him from golf. last week woods seemed to indicate the surgery was a success, said he hadn't felt this good in years. in a statement writing i want to stay unequivocally i want to play professionally again. but for years trouble has followed the top golfer second on the all-time lift with 14 major titles, most notesably his suv accident outside his home in florida. a divorce followed within o and revelation revels he gauged in extra marital affairs. >> i am deeply sorry for my err responsible and selfish behavior. >> back then he took five months off from the game and spent two months in therapy at a m p


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