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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  June 1, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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good morning, i'm tracy davidson. >> it's going to be a good day to be a lifeguard. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate forecast. >> going to be a great beach day. we have a few showers this morning i'm tracking. not much left of them. they are really dying out. that was a thunderstorm. but those may fall apart before making it to wilmington. don't be surprised if you see a sprinkle. you'll stay dry. look at the skies starting to brightenup. 64 degrees in philadelphia with a light breeze out of the southwest at just 3 miles an hour. the temperatures will climb from the 50s and 60s to 80 degrees. i'll break it down in ten minutes to show you how quickly temperatures will warm. but first jessica has your first alert traffic. >> we're starting with the expressway. here we are around our cameras at 24th street.
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>> watching 95 for most of the morning. they were dealing with a disabled tractor-trailer there. you can see that's actually all gone. lock at the drive times. we're back down to normal. 11 minutes from the vine to wood haven road. watch for a crash around greenwood avenue. and this b accident we have been following for the last half hour. a councilman is in the hospital after being stabbed during a robbery. david oh was attacked as he arrived home in his neighborhood last night. now police are searching for the robber. katie zachary joins us live where the councilman is recovering. what are you learning about his condition? >> reporter: councilman david oh
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was brought here to the hospital. he was listed in critical condition. overnight he's had surgery and doctors say that he should recover. investigator says he parked a city-owned vehicle on the 5800 block and was getting his bags out of the car when he was approached by a man. councilman oh did not understand what the man said. so he engaged him further. the man then demanded his money, pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the side.
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you heard in that sound byte the council president commenting about councilman david oh and the kind of person he is. in the next half hour, we'll talk about how neighbors rushed to his side and helped him in the moments immediately following this knife attack. as for the suspect, police are looking for that person right now. he's described as a man in his 20s seen running away from the scene there in west philadelphia. for now reporting live, katie zachary, nbc 10 news. philadelphia mayor jim kenney said, we're praying for his recovery and thinking of his family. whenever violence happens on our streets, it's a terrible tragedy. when it happens near our homes when we're supposed to feel safe, it's the more devastating. we have continuing coverage of the councilman being stabbed. we'll have updates all morning long and give updates on the go with the nbc 10 app. it's 5:03. now to breaking news in
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frankfurt neighborhood. a woman is in the hospital after a man beat her and tried to put her in a trash bag. police say it happened last night across from frankfurt hospital. she never regained consciousness. police continue to look for the attacker. two people are dead and another is hurt in an overnight shooting. just after midnight someone opened fire on three men along north 13th street in north philadelphia. police found at least 30 shell casings. a 17-year-old and another men were killed. the other man is in stable condition. there are no arrests. jurors are hear from more witnesses in the trial of a man accused of sexually assaulting six girls from the same family. >> that's one of the stories we're following in the day ahead. yesterday the mother of the six girls testified that she knew about the sexual activity but also said she trusted lee caplin. authorities allege caplin was
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gifted the oldest girl because he helped her parents out financially. he fathered two children with her. the girl's parents forced the girls to lie about the abuse to keep themselves out of trouble. in south jersey a window washer is dead after he fell while working in an apartment building in cherry hill. sky force 10 on route 38 e yesterday where you can see the scene that's taped off. emergency crews pronounced the victim dead at the scene. no word on what caused the fall. the pennsylvania doctor arrested for taking weapons to the trump hotel in washington will be charged in court today. police say brian muls checked into the hotel tuesday morning, told the parking attendant he had guns in his car. later hotel security found an assault rifle, a handgun and 90 rounds of ammunition in his car. president trump will announce his decision on whether he will pull the u.s. out of the paris climate acord. administration sources say the
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president is leaning toward an exit from the acord. . the agreement asks the nearly 200 participating countries to reduce toxic emission. as a candidate he vowed to pull out of the deal calling it a job killer. supporters of the deal say it's critical to protecting the environment and national security. fired fbi director james comey will testify to congress as early as next week. he got permission from robert mueller yesterday. members are expected to ask comey about what the president said to him about the russia investigation. cnn has now fired comedian kathy griffin from the annual new year's eve coverage following this picture of holding up a decapitated head of president trump. he admitted the stunt wasn't funny and took the joke too far. new dash cam video shows tiger woods dui arrest over the weekend in florida. take a look. >> coming from jupiter, florida?
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>> yes. >> do you know where you're going? >> no. >> you're just driving around or what? >> i like to drive. >> have you had anything to drink tonight? >> no. >> are you sure? >> yes. >> 100%. >> 100%. >> over the course of the 35-minute dash cam tape he failed several back to back sobriety tests. he later tonight police he had taken several prescription drugs and had an unexpected reaction. a disturbing discovery at a washington, d.c. museum. officials say tourists found a noose at the smithsonian museum of african-american history and culture yesterday. the noose was inside the exhibition on segregation. it's the second loose left at the museum in less than a week. it's 5:07. a new jersey state trooper is accused of using his job to harass women. police say trooper eric richardson improperly pulled over at least two women drivers
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and pressured them to begin personal relationships with him. richardson is charged with tampering with records after he dovred up the alleged crimes. philadelphia collected less money from the new soda tax in april than it did the month before. according to a report by the philadelphia business journal, the beverage tax brought in $6.5 million in april. that's a drop in the previous month when the city took in $7 million. the beverage tax funds e pre-k and other city programs. eight minutes after 5:00. less than half an hour before sunrise. you can see the skies are bright i think uppening up. i'm tracking a few showers starting to fall apart as we move into some of the suburbs. so most likely you won't see any rain this morning or this afternoon. 60 in south jersey. cooler in it the lehigh valley.
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near 80 degrees this afternoon. a really nice day. but the wind will be blowing. it's never going to feel hot. even e though we're up to 80 this afternoon. winds to 14 miles per hour in philadelphia. 15 mile an hour winds in wilmington. the shore wind will be blowing for atlantic city. so we are seeing a few showers to start with. not much left of them though. the few light showers are dying down as we move into chester county. may not make it to delaware county this morning. a few showers for pottstown. a sprinkle is going to die out as it moves into lehigh county and dry for the most part into the weekend. but there are sol changes ahead for the weekend. 6:00 this morning, you see the few clouds that's going to be left of the showers that are moving to the east. 60 degrees in philadelphia at
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6:00. look at the warm up that happens with sunshine and in spite of the winds picking up by 8:00 this morning 67 degrees. then it's close to 80 degrees by lunchtime. that's at noon. and i expect skies to stay clear through the afternoon. . many neighborhoods we'll see temperatures around the 80 degree mark this afternoon. and the nice weather continues into the weekend. saturday, looking pretty nice right now. there's a a slight chance of a morning shower and evening shower on saturday. but most of the day is going to be dry. enough sunshine to warm well into the 70s. 78 degrees for philadelphia. sunday, we'll start dry. in fact, we might even see some sunshine to start with. then the chance of showers will be increasing during the day on sunday. a little less likely in delaware and at the shore where temperatures will be cooler for sunday. the chance of rain, though, will be increasing as we go into next week. look at that with the ten day in ten minutes. ten minutes past 5:00 a.m. on this thursday. let's find out what's happening
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on route 309. >> jessica is watching that. >> we'ring that route 309 right now in our camera from easton road to right around ringland avenue. you can see there's a police presence on the scene. also watching a crash on the upper moreland. right around welsh avenue. we're good there and in cherry hill for the next hour or so. that construction project will be there until about 6:00. >> thank you. hidden camera crime, a local
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teacher is accused of secretly recording girls and one student being credited with stopping him. and danger on the roads. a new report sheds light on the growing dangers for teen driv s drivers. good morning, we're continuing our week-long shore tour. have you wondered what a day is like for a lifeguard? a lot more involved than just watching you while you're in the ocean. we'll take a look, coming u.
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5:15 and we continue the shore tour. >> we're in wildwood getting a look at a day in the life of a lifeguard. a tough job keeping the beaches safe. >> reporter: a tough job and they can do it a lot better than i ever could. there are 21 lifeguard stands. that means 42 lifeguards watching you and their job is to keep you safe.
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if necessary, save your life. we. wondered what is their day like. then they do a cpr or first aid review and head out to the beach. lifeguards are on the beach here from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. they do a workout and federal dangerous conditions like rip tides. every step is done methodically to make sure you get in and out of the water without an issue. >> there are busy days and there are quiet days. depending upon the weather, we can go a week without a rescue ask one day could pop up where there's storm offshore or different conditions arrive where we have a half dozen rescu rescues. >> reporter: one of the biggest issues they face is lost
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children. they deal with that a lot. so know where your kids are. there's a behind the scenes stuff that's happening with the lifeguards. how about the amusement parks. we're checking out some cool stuff in the next hour. for now live in wildwood, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> he's super happy now. good to know. >> don't walk the beach. some lifeguard is going to come up to you like this. thank you. so nasa is launching a new mission to the sun to touch the sun. they will launch the solar probe next year to study the atmosphere. they want to answer questions like what causes the sun to blow wind flares into space. 5:17 and we have an accident. >> we're watching that around
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the intersection around greenwood avenue. you can see the police activity up a. it's a little far away. so it's a little far away. but we can see what the delay looks like moving towards the scene or towards it in the other direction. you can still see flashing lights in the area. we're watching this accident here. that was out in upper moreland. that's been there since early this morning. just around college drive. the bridges are okay for the most part. we're in the process for 5:05. so again in the process of that. clear in the ben franklin bridge. don't see any openings yet, but that could change when i come back. 18 minutes past 5:00 a.m. yesterday was just glorious.
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>> bill henley has been promising some sunshine. it looked terrific yesterday. >> e we cloered out quickly after the fog this morning. this morning there's no fog. you can see a few clouds right now. we're 15 minute was from sunrise. there are a few neighborhoods that are seeing some fog. look at cape may in the last few minutes. the fog has thickened up. we just saw matt delucia in wildwood fog free. just up the road it's a littling toier in some spots including atlantic city. wildwood is four-mile visibility. but no problem this morning for dover. much less fog than yesterday. and the fog will quickly disappear once the temperatures start to climb we're in the 50s and 60s right now at the shore. just 60s. we'll see a a warm up at the shore thanks to westerly winds that will drive the temperatures up. it's trying to give us a few sprinkle this is morning.
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not much left of a thunderstorm that rolled through central pennsylvania. now east knotting ham seeing a few sprinkles. but it's going to be completely dry. looking mainly dry into the weekend. sunday into monday, less likely to see the showers in the south for dover and atlantic city at the shore. so there are some changes ahead but a nice stretch of weather finally. 81 degree this is afternoon with mostly sunny skies today. lots of sunshine again for tomorrow. there's a slight chance of a late day shower friday and into saturday, but most of the time, right on through the throw-day period it's going to be dry. enough sunshine saturday up to 78 degrees. we should start with some sunshine and dry conditions on sunday. but the that changes as the day goes on. if not by late afternoon, then by the evening 78 degrees ob
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sunday. that will lead us into a steadier rainfall for monday. still some cool showers for tuesday and into wednesday. then we get another dry stretch thursday and friday and into next saturday. 77 degrees next saturday afternoon. >> thank you, bill. brawl on the beach. police say hundreds of students caused a dangerous situation down the shore. >> i thought i was going to run in and out and the next thing i know somebody was backing up to the baby. >> a mother's' terror, the moment a man stole the car with the baby in the backseat. the video that shows how it awl unfolded.
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you have the power to make your marshmallow wishes...come true. you can make your marshmallow wishes come true by winning one of 10,000 boxes of only marshmallows. find your code in special boxes of lucky charms. they're magically delicious. take a look at this food truck attack caught on camera. a medicine was ordering at a truck last week. two men came up behind him and put a gun in his face. the thieves punched him before running off with his cell phone.
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with the nba finals set to begin in hours, lebron james is reacting to the vandalism at his home. a derogatory word was spray painted outside his home yesterday. it was painted over by the time officers got there, but responded saying in part being black in america is tough. we have a long way to go for us as a society. it now costs more to be a member at costco stores nationwide. the wholesale membership e fees were raised by $5. they take effect today. the price hike is the first for costco members in more than five years. it impacts about 35 million customers nationwide. 5:25. 64 degrees. the nice weather is still free. no price increase here. it's the temperatures that will be increasing today with lots of sunshine. just a few scattered clouds looking past the battleship new jersey.
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that's a live view. we're going to see the sunshine near 80 dwres. i have your neighborhood forecast coming up. but first, jessica boyington is watching the roads. >> a little fog. a little than we saw yesterday morning. we are watching this crash. everything locks good. that cash is cleared out of the way. so now we have to watch for the rest of the commute. i'll have update when is i come become at 5:30. and politician attack, we continue to follow the developing story of a philadelphia councilman stabbed. what we are learning about the hunt for the robber. and beat and put in a trash bag. a woman is attacked in philadelphia's frankfurt neighborhood. who rushed her to help.
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new details and reaction from lawmakers. forced in a a trash bag. a woman is fighting for her life after being beaten. who ran to stop the attack 37. and hidden camera accusations. a local teacher is accused of secretly recording girls and one student caught him in the act. it's 5:30, welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> a few spots out there dealing withing to. otherwise a nice day today. let's check in with bill henley. >> the fog is spotty this morning. we have seen a a little bit of it at the shore. but inland, most areas are looking clear. passing by, but no rain here. 64 degrees, sunny skies at 8:00. by 11:00, 72 degrees. and we'll see a nice warm-up too in delaware.


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