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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 2, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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monday and tuesday, wish you had those off. >> "nightly news" is next. see you back here at 11:00. . tonight, nbc news exclusive, megyn kelly one on one with vladimir putin floating a conspiracy theory of his own, who he significa significant guests could be behind the packing. behind the secret meeting with jared kushner. why he took off from her camera. global backlash with president trump's decision to pull out of the paris climate teal and here at home we're in coal country, are those jobs really coming back? resort attack mystery, dozens dead after a man with an assault rifle lights a casino on fire. isis claims responsibility but authorities insist it was not terrorism. why did he go on a rampage? words of wisdom from the class of 2017. our favorite traditions, our annual solute to the grads.
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"nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is nbc nightly news with lester holt. >> and good evening. i'm jose diaz in for lester. we begin with an nbc news exclusive, a first look at the interview conducted just hours ago with president vladimir putin of russia. this is the first american television interview with putin since the u.s. presidential election, and comes as a special counsel is overseeing the investigation into alleged russian election interference and possible ties between the trump campaign and russian officials. nbc's megyn kelly sat down with putin for a wide-ranging discussion. megyn joins us from st. petersburg tonight, megyn? >> reporter: it was an eye-opening exchange with a defiant president putin today. he denied russian involvement with the hacking and
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interference with the u.s. presidential election and that changed this week and the story appears to be evolving yet again. >> translator: hackers can be anywhere. they can be in russia, in asia, even in america, latin america. they can even be hackers, by the way, in the united states. very skillfully and professionally shifted the blame, as we say, on to russia. can you imagine something like that in the midst of a political battle. by some calculations it was convenient for them to release this information, so they released it siting russia. could you imagine something like that? i can. >> reporter: not just americans but he suggested perhaps the cia was behind the hacking situation, likening this one to that involving the jfk assassination and conspiracy theories surrounding that. we went on to discuss his contacts and those
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of the kremlin with michael flynn and with jared kushner and i asked him the question on the minds of a lot of americans which is does he have something damaging on president trump? we'll talk about all of it when our new show sunday night premieres this sunday at 7:00 p.m. >> megyn kelly in st. peter s burg, thank you. you can see more of her exclusive interview with putin on the debut on "sunday night with megyn kelly" this sunday at 7:00 p.m., 6: oc00 central on nbc. rumors swirling with a meeting between president trump and jared kushner and a russian banker. the white house and the bank told two different stories about the nature of that meeting. so nbc's keir simmons also in st. petersburg went face-to-face with that banker today and pressed him for answers. >> you're the subject of intense scrutiny in america because of your meeting with donald trump's
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son-in-law jared kushner. >> no comments. >> reporter: escaping our questions, the russian banker caught between the kremlin and trump white house. sergey who is close to president putin not wanting to talk about his secret meeting with president trump's son-in-law and top aid, jared kushner in december. it's just a question of what happened in the meeting. >> no comments. >> was it -- >> please, please. >> can i just ask you, was it a political meeting or economic meeting? could we interview you at a later date? would that be possible? >> please, all comments. >> the meeting in the spotlight because kushner has come under fbi scrutiny in the russia investigation. u.s. officials tell nbc news there were two aspects, criminal investigators focussing on the bank chairman and kushner has not been named as a target. >> does the president
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have confidence in kushn kushner? >> absolutely. >> it was about diplomacy and kushner worked to build relationships to advance the president's foreign policy goals but he said the meeting was part of a banking road show meeting kushner in part of the role of the real estate business. >> mr. gorkoff is part of a bank, it's not the person you set up a back channel to talk about syria or iran or china. >> tonight, many questions, few answers. have you been contacted by the fbi or would you be prepared to talk to them? mr. gorkoff? we reached ocho up to jared kushner's attorney. he tells nbc news he was acting in his capacity as a transition official, jose? >> keir simmons in st. petersburg, thank you. to the growing backlash around the world over president trump's decision to withdraw the u.s. from that landmark paris
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agreement on combatting climate change. this is trump administration officials repeatedly refused to say whether the president still believes it's a hoax despite consensus it is, in fact, real. wi we get more from our white house correspondent, kristen welker. >> reporter: tonight mounting fallout after president trump pulled out of the paris climate agreement, at the center, the white house unable to answer a key question. >> does the president today believe the climate change is a hoax. >> does the president believe climate change is real. >> you're the epa administrator, shouldn't you be able to tell the american people whether or not the president believes climate change is a hoax. where does he stand? >> reporter: the president himself declining to answer questions but quipping during a bill signing aimed at helping law enforcement. >> this is slightliless controversial than yesterday. >> reporter: but the backlash is only heating up and cities all across the world showing their
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opposition by going green. many state and local leaders vowing to cut down on harmful emissions on their own. >> this is a threat to the long-term future of humanity. it's not a game. >> reporter: the president who ran as a jobs creator, getting bitter criticism for more than 100 major ceos. >> he's surrounded by the vast majority of bright intelligence people in this world that feel he's let the world down. >> reporter: with the international community saying the deal can't be renegotiated until 2020, the epa administrator arguing european leaders want the u.s. to stay in the pact and carry the burden. >> they want us to stay in because they know we'll continue to shackle our economy. >> reporter: the u.s. is the second largest polluter after china but the trump administration says it's also done the best to combat cliemtd chan -- climate change for defend rs it's all about saving jobs. >> he was very prudent in withdrawing
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entirely from the fraudulent global climate agreement. >> reporter: further bucking president trump tonight, many city, states and corporations will work to achieve the pledge agreed to by the obama administration, which calls for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 26% by 2025, jose? >> kristen welker, thank you. in announcing his decision, president trump accused the paris accord of shifting american coal mining jobs to foreign countries during the campaign he repeatedly patrol mised promised to revive the coal countries but will removing the u.s. from the deal do that? ann thompson is in coal country tonight with a reality check. >> reporter: they still work in a coal mine but with no mining work, they serve as tour guides in scranton, pennsylvania. >> how realistic is this? >> it's a mine. >> reporter: with president trump's decision they don't see any light at the end of the tunnel for the industry they
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love. does pulling out of the paris accords give you hope for the mining industry? >> no, i -- i honestly think mining is done. >> there is a lot of other stuff surrounding the coal industry that will be hard to bring it back. >> with fracking, gas, there is is too much competition and we're on a losing end of it. >> reporter: today coal is the nation's number two power source behind cleaner natural gas. jobs continue their long decline from 255,000 in 1979 to just 53,000 last year. now renewable energy is gaining market share with falling prices and state support. >> the world is moving forward on the development of renewable's no matter what, and in this country, we're seeing a pretty miraculous transition. >> reporter: today, there are three times as many jobs in wind and solar as coal. there are more than 12,000 coal miners in west virginia. here they are more optimist
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optimistic. >> it's a step in the right direction. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, they mine coal for more than 100 years. it's a family tradition. ed is a fourth generation minor, tony third. what do you say when someone asks you does coal have a future? >> it's too unsure. there are too many factors in it. >> reporter: too many factors they can't control. ann thompson, nbc news, scranton. mixed news, slow down of hiring as employers added 138 jobs below what experts were predicting and hiring numbers from the previous two months were revised downward. the unemployment rate did drop a tick to 4 h 4.3%. president trump is taking the battle over his travel ban to the highest court in the land. he's asked the supreme court to allow the ban on travelers from six muslim majority countries to take effect after suffering a defeat at an appeals court last week. the justice department asked the court to decide by the end of june whether it will take up the case in the fall.
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and now to a growing mystery involving an attack at a tourist resort and casino in the philippines. dozens are dead, isis claimed responsibility but authorities say there is no evidence of terrorism. nbc's kelly cobiella has the details. >> reporter: tonight police say this is the man who storm the the manila casino armed with an assault rifle and a bottle of gasoline. crowds ran and panicked when they heard the gunshots. >> oh my god, you guys, i can hear gunshots. >> reporter: police and military rushed in. survivors said they saw several attackers with guns but tonight, police say there was only one. firing in the air and at tv screens. stealing $2 million in poker chips. setting tables on fire. the gunman later found dead in a hotel room, police said it was suicide. tonight, isis is claiming responsibility. the jihadist group active clashing with the military in the south but police say
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there is no evidence this gunman was a terrorist. >>. he didn't fire at anyone or blow anything up the police chief said. for hours they also said no one had died. yet, dozens were missing. this worried father looking for his daughter. by morning, the grim reality, dozens test. test. test.
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there is outrage tonight at one of the countries's most prominent universities, penn state's bored of trustees voted on sanctions after fraternity pledge died in an alleged hazing incident. the student's family says the changes don't go far enough. nbc's gabe ambiguityier yambiguity y ambiguityier -- gutierrez is in college. >> reporter: after the death of timothy. >> they are turning their head minors are getting served alcohol. >> reporter: today an aknowledgement from penn state's president. the school's bored of trustees did not vote to ban greek life from campus, instead choosing other reforms including taking more control of fraternity
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discipline, tightening restrictions on social events and pushing back recruitment until later in the school year. >> we are not going to tolerate this kind of hazing and alcohol. >> reporter: but his family says that does not go far enough. >> what i heard was a lot of aspirational language with absolutely not one concrete action. >> reporter: prosecutors say piazza's blood-alcohol level was four times the legal limit when he stumbled down stairs. >> we have a friend unconscious. >> reporter: it would be 12 hours before anyone called 911. >> nobody should consume that much alcohol. that's torture. >> reporter: 18 fraternity brothers face charges ranging from hazing to involuntarily manslaught manslaughter. today there was more fallout from another scandal here at penn state, another case where university officials were accused
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of inaction. three former administrators including the former president were sentenced to at least several months in jail for not telling police early enough about coach jerry sandusky sexual abuse of children. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, state college, pennsylvania. >> we're back in a moment with our annual tradition, a solute to the class of 2017 with inspiration from some very famous faces. fun in art class. come close, come close. i like that. [ music stops suddenly ] ah. when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. awww. try this. for minor arthritis pain, only aleve can stop pain for up to 12 straight hours with just one pill. thank you. ♪ come on everybody. you can't quit, neither should your pain reliever. stay all day strong with 12 hour aleve.
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goldvo: as a goldman sachshose companiepresident,legal activity helped destroy our economy... phil murphy made his fortune in a rigged system. now the jersey machine has lined up with murphy and his millions. leaders should stand for the people, not the political machine. as a prosecutor, at treasury, and as head of the brennan center, i've taken on the powerful - from the mafia, to the nra, to the dark money that poisons our politics. i'll be nobody's governor but yours. and we are back now with our time honored tradition, a solute to the graduating class of 2017 as they move to their next chapter with words of wisdom from some very recognizable faces. ♪ ♪ you arrived as nervous excited freshman about to enter the world of higher education and
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you now leave as a nervous and excited senior. ♪ ♪ >> your school work is all done however your life's work is just beginni beginning. >> for those of you as graduates sitting out there that have a good idea what you'd like to do with your life, congratulations. for many of you that maybe don't have it figured out, it's okay. that's the same chair that i sat in. >> find your voice, know when to use it and just as important, when not to use it. >> the journey you take now will be led by you alone. don't let that scare
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you. oh no, let that liberate you. ♪ ♪ >> you will have good days and you will have hard days. go through all of them togethe together. >> talk about your accomplishments, be humble but not too humble. ♪ ♪ >> don't be afraid of your ambition, of your dreams or even your anger. those are powerful forces but harness them to make a difference in the worl world. >> my mom and dad like your parents believed in the american dream, work hard, keep your nose clean, you, too, can get ahead no matter race, color, creator or religion. how we live your days is how we live our
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lives. ♪ ♪ >> you are graduating into a world that needs purpose, and it's up to you to create it. ♪ ♪ >> nobody makes it alone. nobody. i don't care what they look like. i don't care what their instaposts say, nobody makes it alone. ♪ ♪ >> gio to your parents and give them a big, big hug and tell them you love them and thank you for everything you've done to get me here today. ♪ ♪
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>> when your ship comes in, you'll probably be at the airport. you can make all the plans you want, but keep your eyes open for unexpected opportunities, because that's where most of life comes from. >> to the class of 2017, today you end one chapter but you are about to begin the greatest adventure of your life. >> class of 2017. and our thanks to producer katy and editor berry silverman for their hard work
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finally tonight, if you ask some people, the fiercest competition last night was not the nbc finals but the spelling bee and it came down to 12-year-old anany ananya vinay and the final word marocain. >> m-a-r-o-c-a-i-n. >> marocain is a type of fabric. she beat 290 other kids to take the $240,000 grant. that's "nbc nightly news" for this friday. i'm jose diaz reporting from new york. lester will be back on monday. thank you for the privilege of your time and i'll see you right here tomorrow night.
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