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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  June 6, 2017 5:30am-5:58am EDT

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it is drizzly,>> a mixed when you walk outs y "nbc10 new today." i'm tracy davidso your tuesday. thewe'rstill traf rain holding together nicely. s to creep in closer andadelia. lehigh valley in berks ust last county right on the igh5 corrid. it's going to hold together l t jersey, as well. we'll take a look, the yellows and oranges and especially reds, just starting to exit chester county, moving into delaware county. and now just barely starting to move into parts of philadelphia county. mercer county even getting ac now.
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the heavier rain, we'll talk about when you'll see it. philadelphia, around 6:00 a.m., wilmington by 6:15. gloucester looking around i think6:45 timeline is when we should see some of the heaviest pockets move through. then it will continue moving its way to the shore. temperatures in the lower 60s. millville at 63. reading the to warm up much at all today. cwe'll take a closer look at yr forecast highs for today. we will also time out that rain hour by hour. to go traffic with jessica boyington. thanks. we're starting out in plymouth meeting. starting to see railu c route. cameras around the germantown pike on ramp. everything looks okay, though, for the most part. you rain coming. especially on the on and off ramps. we want to watch, being careful on those. there's a water main break in jabbiabingto abington. kay for the rth tyson and easton most part. the drive times are good.
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11 minutes southbound frote 30. and we'll end here over on route 73 in mt. laurel,5. roads still look pretty dry there. and again, more wet cameras when i come back. back to you. today in the bill cosby sexual assault trial, a judge will decide if c prol a w lawyers are fighting to keep off the stand. it comes after a day in court when a key witness took the stand. bill cosby's tv daughter in cou. nbc10's pamela osborne joins us live at the montgomery county cotoday. pam? tracy, that witness that you're referring to or the person they're trying to call to the stand is actually the mother of a witness who testified wom had worked with cosby's talent agsked her to lunch at a bel air hotel. it was in a hotelnl forced her to take a pill but checked
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under her tongue to make sure she swallowed it. she told the jury that happened that exchange. that witness also testified that she told her mother about the abuse, and that is why the judge will now decidr fe im that woma mother, as well. remember, the sex assault trial is about the witness we heard from yesterday is one of 13 women that the pse to show scheduled bad acts. he prosecution trying to skaeb pattern of behavior here, arguing that bloill cosby gaine the trust of his victims. on the stand, she began to try anday just her. she was humiliated and embarrassed. reporting live outside of the montgomery county courthouse,
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pamela osborne,>> thanks. staying in montgomery county, dozens of homeowners in abington are still without this morning. others are under a boil water advisory because of a broken main that sent waterng into homes and yards. nbc10 is live this morning in the neighborhood of edgehill and abington. crews from aqua are to fix the 16-inch main in a water tanker to help people who do not have service. sky force 10 hill road yesterday where water rushed down to tyson avenue. the gusheram and basements. some homes had to be evacuated. repair crews from aqua cutvicef homes. thousands of gallons of water s ba whooshing sound. my wife was sittinggo, what? i got up, and we could seenly n
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adviwater. homeowners with damage should a some of the top stories we're following aut daniel selby jr.inmate, escaped from police custody in news on monday daniel selby sr., who nowaway police say selby sr. to philadelphia yesterday afternoon. sehe lehigh valley, an autopsy is scheduled todayudge s robert halal was investigating his death. today jurors w the man accused of the girls' p. lee kaplan fathered two childre. he is facing charges including rain of including rape of a chi.
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the jurynighen who shot and killed a dog. orchard and wamrath frankfurt. police say a large pit bull several times. officers are looking a and two men wanted in connection with a shoot t ten p are now in police custody. i in county jail whe the shooting. he'll be picked up by police this morning. police already have tyrell broadnax in custody. both are charged with firing dozens of bullets into a crowd of men, women, and children because of a feud with a man in the crowd. >> have to find a way of resolving is ns. >> we deserve better. >> neighbors are relieved that both alleged gunmen are behind bars.
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the last of the ten shoin the hospital yesterday. county, state police and postal workers will oficate a tree in memory the trooper was on the scene of a car fire along 295 last fiscal year when another car --th car . the tree dedication will be held at the he was a graduate of cinnaminson high school. in new castle county today, voters in the colonial school district will take a second$11 referendum. voters rejected the plan back in februa they'll have to make big cuts if the referendum fails again.170 middle school and freshman sports, and money for school supplies and field trips. back to the live cameras, now getting a steadier os rain starting to
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area. thiss ballykinwood. we have aw hy i hi-- low-hanging clouds and rain in the area, as well. steady to heavy rain is moving right through the suburbs. now almost to the i-95 corridor right overhead. we'll take a closer look to where this is falling. there not the best. if you're in these zones near abington or delaware county, rain and now the heavier rain is j t. aders. let's go through the hour-by-hour. 6:30. the line of rain i was just as expected, right along the corridor. then weo about 8:00 a.m. the heavy rain holds together. now we're into parts of south
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morning commute. th a.m. along the shore. this won't be the end of the rain. scattered showers, lighter in nature, through the early afternoon, especially along the. why? because a cold front will set up along the western edge of the vi we see the most action when it comes to rain. thisl evening hours. route 530 wit, sth jersey through philadelphia and up into the lehigh valley. this is not just a morning o throughout the day, even into the early evening hours. if you're in philadelphia, we're at 62 degrees. it will be on the cool side due to an east wind, and the cool front sitting to the west of us. 62 through 10:00 a.m. you see around 63 into the afternoon. i think we should see mid to upper 60s for highs right near 70. as good as it will get in the afternoon. and we will see those scattered showers, as well. coming up in a few minutes, we'll talk about how long this cool, wet period lasts. good news is, we do see a warmup
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in time for the weekend. details are coming up. >> nice tease. thanks. we'll stay tuned for that. nbc10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is here with a look at new jersey. >> yeah. the turnpike, right? yeah, starting there. a little further north in cranberry township. there's a crash there. the outer drive to the outer roadways of the new jersey turnpike now on the northbound side. they're closed. heading that direction, all of the traffic will be diverted to the inner drive. exit 8, route 33. you still should be able to get by. again, just the outer drive that's are closed now. the garden state parkway looks good also in new jersey. you see maybe a little hazy on this through -- moving through the toll plaza, the cape may toll plaza. both directions look okay. a water main break on abington at edge hill, closed between north tyson avenue at easn202, . starting to see rain, a little bit wet. for the most part okay. around route 29, seven minutes for the drive time. moving at this point f
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the schuylkill expressway. >> thanks. a messagy disabled man -- mentally disabled man is at the attack unfolds on camera. what it shows about the moments leading up to the man being punched. and playior set to take on the role of the fired penn state coach. plus, a thief stretches hhe. wait until you find out just how
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opening statements set in the child sex assault trial of jerry sandusky's adopted son. yesterday a jury was seated in jeffrey sandusky's trial. he's charged with several sex
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crimes involving two teenage girls. a jury convicted jerry sandusky of sexually abusing teen boys. he's serving a 30 to 60-year prison sentence. the jerry sandusky case is about to become the subject of an hbo movie. reports say actor al pacino will portray the penn state football coach, joe paterno. >> according to "the hollywood reporter," pacino will play the legendary coach in an hbo movie about jerry sandusky. penn state fired paterno in 2011 in the wake of the child sex abuse scandal that landed his former assistant coach in jail. paterno died a year later in 2012. there's flow no word -- there's no word on who will play sandusky in the film. we're about to show you an assault caught on camera. we want to warn you, the video you might find disturbing. philadelphia police are asking for help in finding the teens responsible for the attack. it happened thursday in germantown. and you see one of the teens punching a mentally disabled man in the face before another stepped in, hitting the guy again.
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police are investigating the assault and asking anyone who knows anything to come forward. in chester county, police have their man. barry baker, in the yellow, is accused of mocking and sucker punching a man with cerebral palsy. the incident was caught on tape last month in chester. baker was rearrested yesterday morning. police were looking for him after he disappeared shortly after being released on bail following that attack. [ bleep ] [ screams ] oh, my god! >> check out this video of a fight inside a mcdonald's in iowa. police say a customer who you see there was angry that her order was taking too long. when the manager gave her a sandwich, she threw it in that manager's face and started fighting. witnesses say the three people who started the fight were drunk. police are still looking for the woman. more new video catches a thief in action in florida. security video shows william hall walking into the september 11th store in lakeland and later
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waddling out the door holding on to his pants to keep them from falling down. a detective outside the store stopped him and made him return the stolen goods. what are the stolen goods, you ask? he had 30 dvds and 15 bottles of pennzoil stuffed in his pants. >> i got nothing. i got nothing. it took two days, but a black bear in trees in bucks county is gone from the area. >> he was elusive. only nbc10 was there as officers tranquilized and removed the boy who wandered all over feasterville. they had to use a police helicopter to scare him to the ground. they were able to safely tranquilize him. he'll be taken to game lands in the harrisburg area and released. >> i know he's okay, but it's hard to see bears like that. today is the last day to vote for delaware's michael davis to become the teen boomer athlete of the year. the townsend teen is battling cystic fibrosis but manages to play lacrosse and run.
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you can vote for davis on the nbc10 app and the heat is on for the pittsburgh penguins. they dropped last night's stanley cup final game four against the nashville predators here on nbc10. the series is tied. the finals resume thursday in pittsburgh. the penguins are trying to become back-to-back cup champ n champions. there's a saying that you should never go to the grocery store an empty stomach. we've all experienced that. you're likely to buy everything in sight. >> sage advice. also a good idea -- not to shop after you've had a few drinks. an australian-based company says that one in three americans have made a spontaneous purchase while drinking. and those purchases really can cost you. the report estimated an average bill of $206 every time someone shops while a little under the influence of alcohol. easy to do. glass of window -- >> no idea what -- glass of wine -- >> no idea what anyone's talking about. >> no clue. come clean. >> it's because you have amazon
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prime, everybody knows they have amazon prime. so easy, and you get on the app, and -- all your credit card information in there. and you -- >> you feel better getting it out, by the way. this is cathartic for you. >> you know, i -- i needed that food processor. i really did. that happened. i wasn't drinking yesterday. i just am always on it. let's talk about the weather. >> yeah. we're in ballakinwood. we can hear the rain now, but look at i-95 from the sports complex area where we're shooting video. this is a live shot. this roadway is not being rained on yet. that line is almost here. but not yet made it to i-95. if you are right near the sports complex area in south philly. the line is heading our direction as we speak. take a look. here's our first alert radar view. and that heavy rain just pounding now into the western
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edge of philadelphia county, just over abington, right through now delaware county and new castle county. wilmington, same deal. you are about to get that heavy downpour moving through. much of bucks county still dealing with the heavier rain, as well. it's also starting to move into mercer county, and then we go into south jersey. burlington, gloucester, camden county, all up next. here's the timing -- the rain now is passing through areas like upper darby. we go into philadelphia, about 6:00 a.m. we should get the heaviest pockets. cherry hill, close to 6:20. we go through right near 7:00 a.m., passing into south jersey, gloucester, jackson area. what we're looking at here is this line just holding together which means it is going to bring us the heavy rain throughout the morning commute. roadways are going to be wet. some low-lying areas could see brief street flooding. i think that's about it. here's the line on a wider perspective. it's starting to connect right through delaware. it is going to make its way through delaware, as well. in the suburbs, temperatures are not going to be bumping up at
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all. we've got all this rain live cooled air. we're at 63 currently in unionville. sa sadsburiville, 52. 59 only in north wales, percocy, 60. the temperatures e temperatures now might not -- the temperatures now might not sound bad but they'll be constant through the day. we'll look at what we're expecting with temperatures. we could see up to 70 in center city. that's about as good as it's going to get. mid to upper 60s for summerton, chestnut hill, 67 in lansdale, only 64 in allentown. scattered showers continue in the afternoon. isolated thunderstorms are possible late afternoon. voorheis, 68. ocean city, 64. possibly low 70s near wilmington and south american a. again, as warm -- smyrna. again, as warm as we're going to go, not near average. average is 80 today. there is good news -- we stay cool wednesday, stay coolish thursday. friday we start to warm. get the weekend, bam, sunshine, 84 degrees for your saturday in philadelphia. and are you ready for it -- back
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to 90 on sunday. new jersey into delaware may see 90s and sunshine by sunday. >> we like to hear that. thank you very much. about eight minutes before 6:00 a.m. traffic is likely picking up if you're heading out for the commute. the rain that's pounding in bala might effect things. >> that's right. let's check the roads with jessica boyington. we can watch that -- we can actually see it. and a lot of spots. starting to see more accidents. yesterday we had a quiet morning commute. right now we're approaching the 6:00 hour. we typically start to see delays anyway, even without the rain added to the mix. route 422 is where we're starting here, trooper road. you can see the rain coming down. the roads are visibly wet. eight minutes eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill. still no increase in the drive times. a few accidents. one in norristown on art street at east main. the schuylkill expressway looks okay for most part. we are starting to see some flowdowns and -- slowdowns and
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causing an uptick in the eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway, already at 17 minutes. speeds are dropping. cranberry township in new jersey, watching a portion of the new jersey turnpike that's closed. it's actually the outer roads, the outer roadway on the northbound side around exit 8. they're diverting all traffic off. not off -- they're actually diverting it around the scene on the inner drive. you can get by on the northbound side, but a slowdown on the way up. back to you. >> thanks. a few minutes before 6:00 a.m. 62 degrees. on patrol, where police are beefing up security for the summer. plus, going old school. the classic show set to return to the jersey shore. then coming up at 6:00, no-show landscapers. a woman paid to have her yard fixed up, but the work never happened. at 6:00, hear the story and how to avoid falling into the same trap this summer.
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we'll take you state by state and county by county. >> in new castle county, two girls convicted in the death of a classmate now know their punishment.
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yesterday a judge sentenced one to six months in a juvenile facility. she attacked amy joyner francis in the bathroom at howard school of technology last year. the other girl was sentenced to 18 months rowbation for -- probation for helping plan the fight. people packed a community meeting last night with a newly appointed police chief. the town cut ties with the upper perk police department to start its own police force. it's still a work in progress. the chief is the town's only officer for now. the area now depends on state police. the new force will get its first police card this week and new headquarters by august. lawmakers are pushing to get the lead out of schools in new jersey. senator cory booker is proposing a new bill that would reimburse schools that voluntarily test water for lead. it would also help replace outdated water systems and strengthen testing requirements. booker will introduce the bill in the senate. there's a new place to play in south jersey.
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camden officials cut the ribbon to open cooper's point waterfront park. the five-acre site north of the ben franklin bridge was once home to the riverfront state prison. of the playground features a half-mile trail and views across the delaware river. [ bleep ]. at the jersey shore, margate police have a new plan to prevent fights like this. this beach brawl happened over memorial day weekend not far from the wawa. the police department is now adding a wawa detail this summer because large crowds of teens like these often hang out in the store's parking lot. and wawa says it's tired of it. the extra wawa police detail will run from 8:00 to midnight fridays and saturdays through the summer. wawa is paying for the police overtime. well, speaking of the shore, the summer -- this summer, mtv is heading back to the jersey shore. >> giving new life to an old show. the network is expected to begin tape think episodes of "mtv
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beach house" starting this thursday in long beach township. the episodes will air later this summer. "mtv beach house" began in 1993 and was billed as the ultimate summer party. it aired until the summer of 2004. mtv has a history along the coast of the jersey shore. of course the show "jersey shore" was taped right in seaside heights. snooki, the situation, and the rest of the game made their tv and pop culture debut in 2009. >> very popular. about 30 seconds before 6:00 a.m. now to more of the stories we're following on "nbc10 news today" at 6:00 -- >> wall of water. a broken pipe floods a montgomery county neighborhood leaving dozens of families with no running water this morning. top-secret leak. new details about the 25-year-old woman charged with sending out a classified file about russia's role in the election. and scare tactics. only nbc10 is there as wildlife officials hatch a plan to get a stubborn bear to come down from his perch.
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a lot of news to get to. we can hear the rain coming down. >> pounding here. >> good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm katy zachry. it's 6:00 on the dot. speaking of the rain, let's get right to first alert meteorologist krystal klei. she has your most accurate weather forecast. a lot of talk about the rain and when it will move out. >> yeah. we said around 6:00 a.m. we'll see the heaviest stuff in philadelphia and the i-95 corridor. radar and satellite cutting through from trenton to philadelphia down to wilmington. the oranges, yellows, reds, that is the heaviest rain. heavy enough that when it's hitting the roof, we can hear it coming down. if you're heading out now and you're in this area or south jersey, grab the umbrella, grab a jacket with a hood. you are going to need it. in abington, you see the orange, pocket of red. heavy rain there. now into philadelphia, almost center


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