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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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constand wrapped up hours of testimony at the courthouse. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. nbc 10's deanna durante was in the courtroom all day listening to the testimony. she's joining us live with the latest on dree ya's testimony. >> this is the first time we have seen her publicly. she walked into the courtroom with her signature curly hair. at times she smiled at the jury when she talked about her past and her life now. she reached for her glasses when she had to look at documents. bill cosby did not look directly in it her direction. he looked down at the table, his hands folded, including when she accused him of sexual assaulting him. she described the friendship that the two had over a 16-month period. at times going to his home for dinner prepared by his personal chef, talking about her future. it was cosby who introduced the idea of her entering sports
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broadcasting suggesting she get a head shot taken and introducing her to other power players in the broadcasting and writing world. and a trip she took to new york at his expense. but prosecutors after two hours got her to talk about that night in 2004. the night she says she went to cosby for career advice. she says he told her she needsed to relax, went upstairs, got three blue pills, offered them to her and says she trusted cosby when he said the pills were natural, herbal pills. after she spent 20 minutes talking to cosby, she began becoming confused and he helped her to a sofa. the next thing she remembers is that he was fondling her and she believed that he had been putting his fingers inside of her. she says that she woke up the next morning between 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning. he handed her a muffin and a cup of tea. she says she was humiliated and confused and wanted to get out of there.
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she went home, took a shower and went to work. now the defense is still questioning her. she will be back on the stand tomorrow. they have been trying to poke holes in it her story try ingin say she gave different accounts when she first reported the crime a year later to police in canada where she lives now. she did admit on the stand just before the day ended she was misinformed about some of the details of the night at first saying she was out to dinner with cosby and friends. she admitted that she was mistaken about the events. the judge says cohn strand will have to come back tomorrow and the defense will continue in questioning her for as long as they need to. bill by left here moments ago. his supporters cheering for him as he smile and waved back at them. that's the latest, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. and we are following breaking news. a 6-year-old and his mother shot
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near a park in wilmington. >> most of the police are back in the department, but there are two officers patrolling this neighborhood. the shooting happened right down this street. the last half hour we talked to a witness who said she heard the gunshots and saw a white van speeding away. the 6-year-old and mother were shot right down this block. nbc 10 learned officers who were on patrol heard several gunshots, ran over to east sixth street and found a 6-year-old boy shot in the head and his mother shot in the left arm. paramedics and victims this the hospital and the child is in critical condition. e we spoke to the woman who was outside when the shooting happened. >> i was sitting in the chair when it happened.
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the white van backed up and flew down the street. >> police did not make any arrests and don't have anyone in custody. we just got a statement from the wilmington mayor. he said that any violence is unacceptable, but it's disturbing when it happens to a 6-year-old and his mother. i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. developing now, a woman shot and killed a bus driver and then killed herself this afternoon in south jersey. new jersey transit police say he killed ryan reynolds in washington township. it's too early to know a possible motive. new information involving a video showing three boys punching a mentally challenged man in the face. police say that three boys are in custody. >> random attack on a man with mental disabilities hit the community hard. >> it sent chills up my body.
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it really hurt. >> he knew the man attacked in the video as a friend and co-worker at shop right. a man who enjoys his job as a bagger and helper, works hard and is well liked by co-workers and customers. >> always willing to help out. he loves sports. >> he's called attention to the video through social media after a friend found if online. we blurred the identities of the victim and suspects. the video shows a group of boy surrounding the victim. one guy sucker punches the victim in the side of the head causing him to lose balance. another teen followed up with a second attack throwing another blow to the victim's face while others laughed and recorded the attack. >> the video did its purpose. that's why we're here talking. >> reporter: police picked. up three boys. they are looking for a fourth suspect accused of being the second to punch the victim in the face. all are facing aggravated assault charges. >> one could think it's for kicks and giggles, but sick
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minded individuals, in this case individu juveniles, there's no cause tr it. >> reporter: the victim is an employee and offered this statement. no one should experience something like this and our associate and family have our full support at this time. justice is being served. and get the help they need. >> they do need to understand what they did and be held accountable for. >> police believe two of the teens involved in this attack are involved in an attack on a principal last week who was hit in the face with a brick trying to break up a fight. i'm denise nakano, nbc 10 news. a bucks county man is convicted of sexually assaulting six ammish girl who is prosecutors say were gifted to him by their parents. lee caplin was found guilty of 17 separate sex crimes today including child rape. a neighbor's tip led police to caplin's home a year ago. caseworkers say the children in the home had no toys, no soap or
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even toothpaste. the escaped prison inmate who sent authorities on a mab hundredth through bucks county is back in custody tonight. police say someone spotted him sleeping in a pickup truck on county line road in warrington. officers tracked him down a few hours later and surrounded him in a wooded area. >> we had him surround ed in th area. it was just a matter of time. we brought three officers in. one from the sheriffs and two from salem. we had our perimeter set up and just kind of waited him out. we had the dogs go in and flush him out. >> he's also now charged with assault on a law enforcement officer after escaping from sheriffs custody sunday night. now to your first alert weather. taking it outside with a live look at the walt whitman bridge. rainy and cool in our area. a live look at the library.
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a good day to find a good book to read. meteorologist glenn schwartz is here with a look at your forecast. >> we had some nasty weather we have had today and into tomorrow, but dramatic changes for the weekend. we had cloudy skies across the city. the clouds are low. there's a lot of activity from reading to new york state. we had heavy showers earlier. they really have fallen apart. but there's stuff in burkes county. one shower to the south of reading. others will be coming down as we head through the evening. as you can see with the futurecast, i'll let you know when the nicer weather is coming
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in in just a few minutes. developing now a woman and her young children found shot to death inside their burning home. a neighbor spotted the fire around 3:00 this morning. it's about eight miles east of lancast lancaster. firefighters found the three bodies in a bedroom. no motive and no one has been arrested. less than two hours to go before the polls close in the new jersey primary election. the sitting governor greeted voters at this presint and urged them to support the current lieutenant governor. she's challenged by four other republican candidates hoping to secure their place on the ballot for the general election in november. six democrats are also vying to win a place on that ballot. the new jersey primary also includes the races for mayor in camden and atlantic city and the
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state e assembly. if you live in thj, you have until 11:00 tonight to get out and vote. we'll keep you updated with the results. stopping hunger. an initiative to keep children nourished during summer vacation and how you can help. you can save lives and property during a terrorist attack or natural disaster and it's made in the middle of delaware. a a look at the huge balloon that could keep millions of people safe. also left in the dark. the outage that inconvenienced patients at this busy philadelphia hospital.
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a central delaware company says it's super strong balloons could save many lives and protect property in the u.s. and around the world. >> nbc 10's tim furlong has the story from kent county. >> remember the subway system flooded out. this big balloon commissioned by the department of homeland security and built by the dover company in delaware -- it might
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prevent destruction in the future. built into the walls of the tunnels, the pump kicks in, the air bag deploys and inflates in minutes and can hold back huge amounts of water. >> a the lot of the subway systems are interconnected. so one line is connected to another, one tunnel is connected to another. once water starts flowing, you could end up with a large part of the system floded because of an incident in one location. >> they make every space suit for every astronaut and also the air bag cushion for the mars rover. and they have apply ied that knowledge to their tunnel plugs. they will have the tunnel plugs.
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they are stored where they are needed and don't take plans to deploy. it will save lives and property around the globe. >> to provide flod protection to the world, space suits that are up on the space station right now, it's incredible what happens right here in delaware. >> philadelphia's einstein medical center is dealing with ongoing electrical issues preventing tr booking patient appointments. representatives say the power is almost fully restored. if you're a patient and have questions, you should reach out to your provider office. nine pennsylvania airports will see safety upgrades thanks to a state investment. the airport is seeing the biggest piece of the pie with more than $6 million allocated to the airport. the money will go towards. developing general aviation hangars. septa kicked off their annual food drive.
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last year the food drive collected the equivalent of 33 meals for local children. right now the public is getting a chance to weigh in on the rich pike improvement project in montgomery county. the project will include traffic cig thals and turn lanes. rain drops and cool weather tonight. a live look at the stadium in south philly. a live look at the skyline from early morning showers to lingering rain and cloudy skies. we have warned you for about a week for this stretch that we were going to have here. it's going to warm up for the
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weekend. now we actually have temperatures up to 90 plus starting on sunday. considering what we have today ask it may be cooler tomorrow. 63 in philadelphia with the clouds. we have clouds all over the place. some are still in the 50s in the afternoon in june. but there's a big contrast across delaware. we have 64 in clay mont. and in middletown, those areas were well into the 70s. kenton at 76. greenwood at 9. it was 82 there ab hour ago. and on the oh side of the state, here we are with duey beach. ed wind off the ocean. it's even colder at the jersey shore. some places are still in the upper 50s.
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it cooled off during the afternoon. 65 the cooling trend issing us up for a cooler day tomorrow before our temperature starts jumping up. up to 80. we need the wind to change. thursday, still too much of an on shore wind. it's keeping mostly cloudy skies in the forecast. by friday here it comes. now we dpot a west wind. now we can bring some of the warm air in. and that sets us up for the weekend. here's the radar showing a lot of showers coming down. and sol of these are on the heavier side. and just reading some heavier rain right now.
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you're going to get more showers coming in. but not tomorrow. reading at 62 degrees. longport at 62. as we head toward the next few days. there's the temperature jump. we're not expecting any kind of precipitation through the rest of the week. and then the weekend gets even hotter. coming ushd fire for his comments about this and we're going to hear why he's disappointed. that's next. ♪
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i'm john clark from csn. phils going for four straight wins this atlanta, but there's a controversy that's stealing the headlines. he's crush iing it. first philly ever with two or more doubles in three straight games. eight rbis in three games. but phillies legend coming under fire for comments. asked this morning is he a player you can build around. >> my honest answer to that would be no. because of a couple things. it's a language barrier. because of that, he can't be a guy that would sort of sit in a
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circle with four or five american players and talk about the game. >> so late this afternoon, he released a statement saying it's been made known that my answer on a radio interview was disrespectful to latin players in general. i'm sorry this misrepresentation of my answer occurred and may have offended someone. i had no intention of that. odubel is a dynamite on the field. he will be a center piece in the phillies future. he called him to apologize. he accepted, but he's disappointed by these comments. >> i'm aware. i don't agree with his comments, but i respect him as a player. i know he's one of the greatest of all time, but i don't agree. >> on to the eagles, they are one of four teams interested in jeremy maclin. he was released by the chiefs
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and visiting buffalo today. how about nelson ag lor? the receivers last year didn't help out carson wentz very much. too many. dropped passes. nelson, the first round pick from two years ago really struggled with drops. he's keeping track of his drops. he keeps count in his locker. >> it's just something that you want to do to make sure you're keeping yourself accountable. you look at it and try and get better and you'll want to e repeat the same habits. >> we have seen bill belichick with the hoody, but he's really going forward with this. the emperor look, the next "star wars" movie. >> and still not a smile from him. >> never. never. you can get it done, though. >> you too with the charm. now for a look at what's coming up at 11:00. >> overheated and nowhere to go.
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taking a look at the winter vines. wind not an issue today. the rain lingering around. >> another cloudy day tomorrow. but maybe without the rain that's about the only improvement. a high of only 65. we just warm up each day. we finally get decent sunshine on friday. but look at the heat coming in. especially sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, it looks like a heat wave on the way. a lot of days without rain. a really nice weekend to make up for the last couple days here. >> i'd rather have the good weather on the weekends. you can be dreary monday through friday. >> except for the poor folks who are off during the week. >> that's our news at 6:00. thank you for watching.
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up next, "nbc nightly news." we'll see you again tonight at 11:00. tonight, attack at notre dame, an assailant attacks and opens fire inside the famed cathedral in paris. hands in the air. was it terrorism? top secret exposed. a mystery swirling around the young american charged about leaking information about russian election meddling. how she says she was caught. driven out, uber in investigation deep in allegations of widespread harassment at the company. face-to-face, bill cosby's accuser takes the stand for the first time, telling the jury the night she says the first time he drugged and sexually assaulted her. rock star, an excl


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