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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  June 7, 2017 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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traffic. starting off on the vine street expressway. we're closed bro street, this is coming from the other direction. here is the eastbound side. here is in place. that's where they're diverting off the traffic off the broad street off ramp. we'll watch that for the next half hour or so. we'll see the closure in place. there's construction off of 95 on woodhaven road. the eastbound side of woodhaven road, the ramp to the north and southbound side of 95 is dealing with some lane restrictions there. you see 13 minutes from woodhaven to the vine. average speeds in the 60s. on the bridges, alternating lane construction on the burlington bristol bridge for last few wes. that now. clear on the walt whitman, as well. back to you. today is bill cosby's sex sexual assault trial, his main accuser expected to take the stand again. yesterday andrea constand claimed the comedian drugged and
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violated her. matt delucia is live at the courthouse in norristown. tell us more about the testimony from constand. >> reporter: andrea constand will be back on the witness stand today testifying. the defense will continue questioning her and also her mother. yesterday was andrea constand's first public appearance, testifying as the prosecution's key witness. she testified for more than 90 minutes yesterday, answering questions, designing her interactions with bill cosby, how it started as a professional relationship that evolved into a friendship. constand said cosby made unwanted advances, eventually drugging and assaulting her in 2004. she spoke about that visit to cosby's elkins park home. she wanted to talk about her future with the temple women's basketball team. and that cosby gave her three blue pills. he started grabbing her. she was incapacitated and woke up the next morning and left. she testified at the time she didn't want top stir up trouble
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and cause retaliation. cosby's lawyers tried to poke holes in her story. we'll look for that to continue later today. live in norristown, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thank you. count on nbc10 for complete coverage of the bill cosby trial. look for updates on air and on line and get alerts sent to your phone. a 6-year-old remains in critical condition after he and his mother were shot near a park in wilmington. >> the boy is a kindergartner at thomas edison charter school. the principal says the gunman was aiming at someone else when he shot the child three times and his mother once yesterday afternoon. the shooting happened a few feet away from one woman's home. >> did you hear the gunshots? >> yes. boom, boom, boom -- seven times, when he got shot. it went across his nose and mouth, and he was bleeding. >> the principal says counselors will be at the school today to help children who may be upset by the shooting. police are still looking for the shooter. philadelphia police are searching for a gunman who shot
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a pregnant woman. according to authorities, the victim was an innocent bystander. she was shot in the leg as she was walking out of her home on archer street in nicetown last night. the woman is in stable condition. 4:33. 55 degrees outside. now to decision 2017. this morning we know who will now face off in november to replace new jersey governor chris christie. >> current lieutenant governor kim guadagno is the winner of yesterday's republican primary. she took almost half of the votes. she'll be going up against democrat phil murphy, former ambassador and goldman sachs executive. now to a look at other races in the primary -- frank moran will be the next mayor of camden. voters chose him over two other democrats in the primary. there is no republican challenger, so he will replace current mayor dana redd. and the race for mayor in atlantic city is so close that it could come down to a count of the mailin ballots. now only -- mail-in ballots. now only 100 votes separate marty small from frank gillium. the winner will take on current
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mayor don guardian november 7th. in delaware, voters approved an $11 million referendum for the colonial school district. the school system had threatened to cut jobs and programs if the referendum failed. now that it's been passed, a school tax will be increased over the next two years. voters also chose candidates for the new jersey state assembly. go to our website or the nbc10 app to see those results. the engineer who faces charges in the deadly amtrak derailment will have a preliminary hearing in center city this morning. brandon bostian is charged with involuntary manslaughter, endangerment, and risking catastrophe. the ntsb says bostian was distracted by radio traffic and sped up to twice the speed limit before entering a curve in port richmond in 2015. the crash killed eight people and injured 200 others. the aclu will weigh in on delaware's prison problems today. the executive director of the delaware branch plans to talk about vaughn correctional center where prisoners rioted in february and killed a guard.
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the head of the national aclu prison project will compare how delaware fits into the national picture. now to the jersey shore. tonight town leaders are expected to vote on a smoking ban for the north wildwood boardwalk. if passed, it would go into effect in january 1st of next year. anyone caught lighting up on the boardwalk would face a $250 fine. tonight someone could hit it big. the powerball jackpot is now at a whopping $375 million. that's the 12th largest jackpot in the game's history. you don't have to stay up late for the drawing. we'll have the winning numbers for you tomorrow morning. police have several bullies in custody who they say were caught on camera sucker punching a man with disabilities. >> we've learned two of the teens could be responsible for another attack. plus, a water main break that caused a mess in a montgomery county community has been fixed, but people are still having to take precautions. and going vintage. a local company's rolling out a throwback look from nearly a century ago.
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and a live look over boathouse row. still dark out there. but if you could see, you would notice it's a cloudy one to start, as well. good news is, the rain on its way out. warmer temperatures will be arriving in the days to come. we'll look at how warm they go coming up. chin the
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roads. we're watching construction. watched a construction vehicle go backwards on the n't exactly see them in the ca, we might be on our way to vine . the p.a. turnpike looks a 22-minute trip 70 we'll see lane restron
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for another hour and aale updat of the morning and when i'm ben. and we'll s ews. you see it's still dark out cloudy, as we 55 now in philadelphia. 48 in the pennsylvania suburbs. we're at 52 now in parts of new jersey, lehigh valley, and faring a little better, 56 in delaware. thing is, you'd see the temperatures and think that's fine because it's june, and in the afternoon it will feel all right. today not so much. we're only going to see temperatures bump up in some areas maybe ten degrees or so. we are tracking temperatures staying in the 60s throughout our wednesday. a cool day on tap. here's our radar and satellite view. this is the wider view, wanting to show off the rain that is mostly out of our area. still you see the wrap around is leading to sprinkles and moisture spreading across our zone. it's just a few sprinkles for today. much better forecast than what
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we saw yesterday when we had the line of heavy rain move throughout the morning. neighborhood planner starting in philadelphia, 54, cloudy out there for the morning commute. then we go into the afternoon hours. we should get into the mid to upper 60s. that's all she wrote. we're not looking at temperatures getting into the 70s, 80s. by the way, we should be at 80, e nowhe near it for a wednesday. in the suburbs, 52, 6:00an to k on at ternoon. 62 i there. maybe somen the day.yo morning hours and in early afternoon. nearly the same in low 60s as good as iton ethour. here's ak about five to ten miles per ou it. but notice y t northeast.
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t be able to warm up today. a hig. that's why temperatures will not below thve. here's the good news -- 72 for l ok at how highing 90s coming . here's a impeachment. a congressman is set h should bd from balloon. a delaware company unveils new - protect you in parking lot attack. a man jumps on top of aheoes next.
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just about a quarter to 5:00. our county-by-county coverage begins in bucks county. a man accused of sexually assaulting six sisters has been found guilty. >> jurors found lee kaplan guilty of all 17 counts including child rape. the girls' parents allegedly gifted their oldest daughter to kaplan because he helped them out financll convicted of child endangerment. a sentencing date has not yet been setrooper killed in the lie of duty lives on in burlin cull. he was hit and killedhi 295 last i after this water main break. the raieinished in abington. the break sent gallons of water rushing from n monday. water service is back to e bo w
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acaed chlorineop the problem has been fixed and th communities are warning about a sites like and post them as phony great deal but end upaft bet is to go a lteocs are expected to participe trash and debris from the since 2011, volunteers have bay. service.amdenals things to do . people would be
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july to september. and a lehigh old school. theallentown-based company will bring back glass bottle that's pay tribute to the 1918 bottles with a new-age twist. you can vote on your favorite flavor to go into the bottles. the decision will be made june 30th. now a picture of the impr e improved ridge hill project. >> the community was asked to talk about the plans and comment on the project. it includes new signals and turn lanes along with adding an eastbound lane between church and manor roads. commissioners say the project will relieve traffic and improve safety. 4:47. speaking of road construction, the vine street expressway about to open in about 13 minutes. >> jessica boyington is watching that early for you. jess? yeah. they're starting to pick up the construction spots a little bit early. that typically is what happens.
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we don't see all of it removed until almost 5:00. and we're heading to that point now. this is the schuylkill expressway. around the vine street expressway on ramp. what you see here, flashing lights clearly being -- you see them on the signs right there. the signs are still in place. that ramp is still blocked. traffic moving toward the vine street expressway from the schuylkill is still going to have some trouble. by the time you head out the door, if you're watching now, most likely you'll be fine unless you live there on the side of the city. also watching out in -- thorndale, 1502 train running about ten minutes late. the same story that happened yesterday. new jersey transit, amtrak, and patco running on time with no major delays reported. here's 76. but this is over in gloucester city. a different spot. and part of new jersey, this is around market street here. the northbound side. that's what's moving up toward the philadelphia area right before the walt whitman bridge and the 676 split moving through camden. no problems or delays now. at least on this spot and in new jersey roads, we'll have more construction projects and check
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in on the bridges when i'm back in ten. you and i giggled when krystal was talking about coming in without a jacket. i've been under weather without a jacket -- >> why? >> i did exactly as she did, i walked out, holy smokes, kind of cool. >> it is chilly. >> it is. now everyone watching can believe not just krystal but it is cool outside. this morning, there are sprinkles falling in areas, and it is cool. in the afternoon, here's the problem -- it will still be cool. instead of being around 80, average for this time of year, 60s. and 60s are cooler than what we saw yesterday. yesterday we hit 69. ahead, a big warmup. i'm seriously excited about there. on rainfall, sprinkles fall -- radar, sprinkles are falling. otherwise, cloudy, and what we're going to be dealing with is a mix of mostly cloudy to partly cloudy conditions later. later we may see a little sunshine. here are the philadelphia
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neighborhood temperatures. here's how cool it is -- 52 degrees chestnut hill and west mt. airy. we're at 54 in graduate hospital. the official reading at the airport, 53 now for fox chase. we've got the low to mid 50s to start your morning. we'll see a ten to 1 -- 10 to 15-degree jump? the afternoon. 68 in center city. 68 in summerton. mostly cloudy, peeks of sun through doylestown at 66. take a look at the lehigh valley, 65 for allentown, possibly a little warmer in kutztown or easton, although i think it will be a struggle today to make it into the 70s at all. in new jersey, 66 for voorheis. a lot of clouds on the board. the shore and delaware may see more sun breaking through again. this will be later in the day. 64 for ocean city. and then in delaware, you see the mid to upper 60s, as well, 66 south american aand 67 in wilmington -- smyrna, and 67 in wilmington. dress for the temperatures but not necessarily much rain.
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the hour-by-hour forecast. auto -- sprinkles this morning. even where you can't see green, you may have misting conditions. into the afternoon, there's the breaks of sun we may start to see, particularly right along the shore. it looks like we may see more sunshine. still a good deal of clouds out there right through 6:30 in the evening. again, maybe a few sprinkles passing by. this is the back side of the system that was kind of stuck spinning over us. it's moving out. we've got to make room for high pressure to build in. high pressure means a lot warmer temperatures. as we go into your thursday morning, not necessarily warmer yet. we will maybe see a little more sunshine as we start off your thursday morning. now let's jump to the warmer conditions. thursday and friday are days of warmup. saturday and sunday, it's warmed up. 86 for us on saturday. 92 on sunday. in the suburbs, mid 80s to low 90s, as well. around 90 in new jersey. and delaware at 92 degrees by sunday. also notice the icons here --
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plenty of sunshine in the forecast for your weekend. coming up in the next half hour, we're going to look at the ten day on 10. it is a stretch of 90s that we've got. you'll want to stay tuned. >> all right. we look forward to that. thank you. you can ride septa and fight hunger at the same time. septa and the nonprofit group fill abundance -- my partner here, tracy davidson, on the board of fill abundance -- kicked off their annual food drive yesterday. the stop hunger at your station event collects staple items to help feed philadelphia students over summer vacation. you can drop off donations in red barrels at 43 septa stations and transportation centers. you always talk about how kids -- when school lets out, kids who typically eat lurches at school don't get them because -- eat lunches at school don't get them because they're not at school. >> summer is hard for a lot of families. phillies manager mike schmidt involved in controversy over comments he made on a radio show. >> he apologizes for a remark about baseball's language barrier and a current philly's ability to lead. plus, tracking mary lee.
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the great white shark again surfaces on the jersey coast. >> ba-dum. >> we'll tell you about her latest appearance.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you right now. we're watching i-95 and our cameras around woodhaven road. over to the left-hand side of the screen there, that's construction. that's the woodhaven ramp. the eastbound side of woodhaven road ramp. and that's headed north and southbound on 95. what we're seeing, some construction. so lane restrictions there. that might slow you down a little bit. we'll watch that for you and check back in from the vine when i come back in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you. now to a followup. three boys accused of punching a mentally challenged man in the face are in philadelphia police custody this morning. >> we blurred the identities of the victim and the underage suspects. the video shows a group of boys surrounding a man in germantown last week and repeatedly sucker punching him in the head. gerald andrews is a friend of
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the victim's. he says the attack also hit him hard. >> it sent chills up my body. it really hurt. he doesn't deserve it. he's a good guy, and he's very friendly. for him, for them to do that to him is -- no. it's wrong. >> police picked up three boys ages 12 to 15 while they were at school yesterday. they're looking for the fourth suspect. police tell us that two of the suspects involved in this incident are also connected to an attack on a school principal who was hit in the face with a brick while trying to break up a fight. an escaped prisoner who sent police on a two-day manhunt through bucks county is back in jail this morning. police say someone spotted daniel selby jr. sleeping in a pickup truck on county line road in warrington. that forced the central bucks school district to put seven schools on lockdown. a few hours later, police got another 911 call from a man saying he saw selby hiding in the bushes near a town home community. >> police officer turns on to
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county line road from kansas, and i roll my window down. i'm screaming at him to, you know, he just crossed the road. he's in the neighborhood there. >> that was yesterday. officers were able to surround selby jr. and arrest him. phillies great mike schmitz is apologizing after saying he doesn't believe the phills could bud adubol language barrier. >> controversy. now here's thi "the daily news." e hall of famer set -- >> first of all, it's a barrier. and you know be a four or five amengame. >> schmidt later said,general.
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i'm very sorry that this misrepresentation of my answer o odu odubel is aisn't agree with his. he's one of the g i don't agree with his comments. w comments. join the conversation by our itter addresses are there on the [ cheers ] years, the westchester g divisi baseball champs. the team brought home the
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consecutive games down in texas. the team beat the california, san diego, on sunday to take the title. the team camac a cheering crowd of friends and family at the university yesterday. school officials and players thanked >> very nice. mary lee is back. the great white shark surfaced in the waters off ventner last night. according to a shark-tracking group. in the past week, she's traveled from atlantic city, up the atlantic coast to asbury park, back down again. you can go to to track her movements. you can see a new baby gorilla at the philadelphia zoo. aw. little guy was born on friday. now the zoo had to bring in a team of delivery experts when mom kyra looked in distress during labor but delivered the heavy boy. you can check them out at the reserve where another baby gorilla lives.
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amani and the newborn share the same dad. super cute. >> hope everything is well. now for more on the stories we're following now ws today"ality -- "nbc10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. -- stand. one of bill cosby's accuser tod. calling for change. today you can have your voice s. and takingtrump. a the president. the reaction from both sides of the aisle. a lot to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. 7th.gog to warm up. krystal kle the first t . this is outside the of sunlight the bottom of the
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yeah, the cloudy issues to deal. shinerougn the second half it won't be a bad end to your wednesday asidem temperatures -- everybody was talking t, degrees 52 in allentown and 57 coatesville at look at the difference air anded to yesterday at t allentown


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