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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  June 9, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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minutes ago i was watching some construction on the off ramp here. i think within the last few minutes or so, looks like they cleared out of the way. either way, some of the ramp restrictions may have been lifted. and either way besides that, we're not seeing any delays on 95 southbound because of it. there was an earlier crash on 95 around girard avenue within the last 15 minutes. that's cleared out of the way. no more delays there. the vine street expressway, closed between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. now this typically reopens around the 5:00 mark. about another half hour or so for that. watch for that closure both directions eastbound and westbound. also bridges, clear on the betsy ross, clear on the tacony palmyra. we have alternating lanes of construction traffic until 5:00 this morning over the burlington bristol bridge. back to you. >> thank you. we have exclusive video from a deadly police shooting in philadelphia. here it is. surveillance footage appears to show a man running from police seconds before an officer opens fire and kills him. and now his family is outraged. they say he did not deserve to
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die. nbc10's katy zachry is live at police headquarters in center city. tell us more. >> reporter: the philadelphia police commissioner tells us he is concerned about this shooting. he describes it as a violent encounter, saying it's one that gives him pause. take a look at the vessels video. it shows the 29-year-old man in the hunting park section of philadelphia getting shot. you see him running around the corner of a building, then the tape freezes. at that point, he was shot to the ground, and police come to his side. philadelphia police commissioner richard ross says this started with an officer driving witnesses from another crime to special victims unit. that officer noticed a man on a dirt bike driving erratically. he stopped the man to tell him to stop driving like that. the man started to walk away allegedly. so the officer apparently put a hand on his waist. he felt a gun. he told the man not to pull the gun. witnesses in the back of the car say the man pulled the gun, and then the officer shot him.
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>> being candid, video footage that shows things that gives us pause. right now we've got a lot of work to do and asking for as many people as possible that may have seen anything relative to this to come forward. >> reporter: this happened near a busy intersection of philadelphia, near hunting park avenue and whitaker. police are asking anyone who may have been driving by, you saw from the surveillance video there were cars that were driving by as the victim lay on the ground. if you know anything about this shooting or saw this shooting, police are asking you to call them. for now, reporting live outside police headquarters, nbc10 news. now to the bill cosby sex assault trial. today the jury will hear more from the comedian, although he won't be taking the stand. cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a former temple university employees e employee at his home in 2004. here's a live look at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown. today's hearing will wram up the first week of the trial.
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yesterday -- wrap up the first week of the trial. yesterday, prosecutors began presenting bill cosby's testimony from a 2005 deposition. the testimony was related to a civil lawsuit brought by cosby's adues cues -- accuser, one wuch-- accuser, andrea constand. he admits to giving her pills. his lawyers contend it was consensual. highly anticipated james comey hearing is in the books. now democrats and republicans are reacting to what was said on capitol hill. comey testified for 2.5 hours before the senate intelligence committee. here are the takeaways -- comey said he believed president trump fired him because of the fbi's investigation into russian election hacking. he also said he believed the president directed him to drop an investigation into national security adviser michael flynn. the white house says it feels vindicated by comey's testimony. coming up in the next half hour, we'll hear from president trump's lawyer on the testimony, and we'll tell you about a top
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trump aide that is expected to meet with the intelligence committee later this month. 4:34 now on this friday. new from overnight, an 18-year-old man is in critical condition after he was shot in the head on 25th street near lehigh avenue in north philly. investigators say surveillance video shows the victim getting into a fight with another man inside of a nearby deli. the other man shot the victim. right now police are looking for the shooter. happening today in bucks county, we're expecting to learn more details about an arson investigators say was sparked by fireworks. yesterday, police arrested abraham cada in connection with the fire. flames ripped through this house on stevens road in norovirusvilnorovirus vil-- in norovirusville. police say they have a case. police are looking for three men who sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl. they said the men in ski masks grabbed the teen while she was working in frankfurt last night.
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they forced her into a car, drove to an abandoned lot, and assaulted her. police say the teen managed to get away and run to a relative's house. they're searching for the attackers. new details about the search for a woman police believe attacked another woman outside of a philadelphia hospital. investigators say they want to talk with angela monterro. she's accused of assaultee a woman in -- of assaulting a woman last week. she punched and kicked her until she passed out and tried to stuff her into a trash can. the special olympics begin in mt. laurel today. athletes from across the state will participate. kickoff begins at the college of new jersey in using township. tennis will be one of the sports featured at the summer games of the delaware special olympics which get underway in the newark -- in newark later this morning.
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about 700 athletes will be participating. the official opening ceremony is set for this afternoon at the university of delaware's bob carpenter center. also today, nascar weekend at pocono raceway will get the green flag. it starts with qualifiers today as the tricky triangle begins. tomorrow, the xfinity 250-mile race. sunday the main event, the nascar cup 400 miler. ♪ happening now, cheltenham high school's post-prom party is winding down. nbc10 was at the school in wincoat overnight where the parent/teacher organization hosted the party. the goal is to give students a fun, safe place to party following their senior prom. guess it's that time of year. right? >> yeah. 4:36 on this friday. we have surveillance video of let's call this a sidewalk spill that could be the result of texting while walking. >> yeah. coming up, the painful reminder about not paying attention. we'll show you the rescue by emts. and brand-new boardwalk.
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where you can now take a smoother stroll along a popular beach spot. also, the phillies and braves get delayed when a flying baseball bat gets caught in a net. the grounds crew had a little trouble getting it down. that's ahead. and a live look outside. a gorgeous start to the day. temperatures topping out in the 80s. that texting and walking dangerous. i do that all the time. i'll be sure not to do that when it gets really hot. it takes a lot of people to make a good school day.
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good morning, everyone. moving through center city, the vine street expressway around our cameras at broad street. you see flashing lights ahead. we're still closed and will be closed for the next 20 minutes or so. from broad to the schuylkill expressway in both directions.
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if you see any cars move through, not too much. we're still in the 4:00 hour, not seeing a lot of volume. all that traffic is being diverted on the off ramp now. local vine is a good alternate for you. also watching some construction on the blue route, specifically northbound between norristown and the mid county tolls. seeing the left lane closed there. and you can see both directions, though, total drive time from the schuylkill to 95, about a 14-minute trip. average speeds into the 60s. we're not seeing any big problems there. earlier, the last time i saw you, ten minutes ago, we were talking about alternating lanes over the burlington bristol bridge. we're in the process of an opening scheduled for 4:30. we're clear on the tacony palmyra, but i'll watch for openings. the betsy ross bridge is nice and clear, as well. when i'm back in ten minutes, i'll have updates for you on the roads, and we'll check in with new jersey, as well. i'm first alert meteorologist erika martin.
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a live look over the cape may marina. gorgeous, mostly clear -- start. sunrise at 5:42. you can see the full moon if you're up early. look to the bottom of the screen for most accurate first alert forecast. at the jersey shore, temperatures climb to the 90s. may's landing at 47. woodbine, 48. cape may courthouse, 48 degrees. atlantic city, currently 53. i have to talk about the rip current threat for today. this is very important. a moderate risk for today. we may have a high risk by the weekend and monday. you always want to download the nbc10 app for more updates. we'll keep you updated on beach conditions. please do not swim alone. weekend highs, we're going to climb to the upper 80s by tomorrow. lots of sunshine. initially i had sunny skies. it was mostly sunny. i'm being a little picky.
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we may see one or two scattered showers early. then we're going to see a lot of sunshine. for the most part, a sunny day. i have with mostly sunny. then 90s by sunday with lots of sunshine and temperatures that continue to climb to the mid to upper 90s. we are tracking a heat wave because we'll see three days at least in the 90s. we may even see 90s in -- on wednesday. details coming up on your ten day on 10. back to you. >> all right. thank you. here's a look at some of the stories we're working on for "nbc10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. -- >> running to make a difference. the special race happening today that will help two girls battling severe illnesses and how to participate. a bold move. how a student is trying to land a coveted tryout with the philadelphia eagles and why it means everything to him.
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4:44. our county coverage begins in bucks county. check your bank statements.
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>> three men were caught installing skimming devices. these pictures are from the first trust bank on 2nd street pike in southampton from last thursday. the skimming devices can read your cards. the bank card, credit card, debit card, and steal your information. recently the suspects also targeted, trustrust banks in the area -- firstrust banks in the area. they were discovered at banks in doylestown, north hampton, springfield, and philadelphia. in gloft county, the reward -- gloucester county, the reward is double in an arson investigation. rowyon university's is offering $5,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction. someone set fire to a house in glassboro last month. no one was hurt. wilmington is looking for a business partner to renovate the old banard stadium. the mayor believes the public/private partnership can best revive the nearly century-old facility.
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a deal between the city and high school fell through. the city is requesting letters of interest from legitimate businesses. the deadline for receiving those letters is june 21st. in delaware county, bicycle riders have new lanes. it's the latest part of the east coast greenway. when the project is finished, there will be more than 3,000 miles of trail along the eastern seaboard. going to be down the shore this weekend? you'll have a smoother stretch along the atlantic city boardwalk. they cut the ribbon on a rebuilt stretch of the boardwalk between rhode island and oriental avenues. money related to recovery efforts from hurricane sandy paid for the $5 million project. staying down the shore in cape may county, the bridge between sea isle and avalon could be opened by july 4th. officials tell us it's not a guarantee. fingers crossed. the townsend inlet bridge closed in april after a crack was
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discovered in a support pier. for now drivers have to use route 9 or the garden state parkway to travel between the two shore points. 4:47. in south jersey, we'll find out what's happening on 295. >> that's right. jessica boyington has an eye on the cameras. watching 295 through west stepford. cameras showing it looks like a good drive. a few cars moving either direction. the trip southbound from the 42 freeway, moving up toward delaware. if you're heading toward the delaware american legion bridge, a 23 -- delaware memorial bridge, a 23-minute trip. still moving on 295. most of the majors look good. watch for clearing of construction on the ramps from 295 to the 42 freeway. there's an opening over the burlington bristol bridge that was scheduled for 4:30. we're in the process of that. clear on the tacony palmyra and the betsy ross bridge. still watching the vine street expressway construction. cameras at broad, you see when traffic moves through, actually they just are starting to clear this because you can still see the police activity there. but they're not diverting traffic off of the off ramp now.
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we're in the process of starting to lift this construction on that westbound and eastbound side of the vine. i'll check in with other ramps in the next ten minutes. i'll be back with more updates. back to you. thank you. 4:48. it will be warming up, people heading down the shore for the weekend. i've heard from jessica, be careful of the rip currents. don't swim by yourself. >> yeah. it's been a while since people have been in the ocean. heed that advice. erika martin with details on the forecast. that's right. here's the deal -- sometimes we get those stories. unfortunately, as we're doing these shows, we get stories because people don't listen. don't swim toward the rip current. swim parallel with the current. something to keep in mind. moderate risk today. a live look over penn's landing, a gorgeous start to the day. going to be a gorgeous day all around. mostly sunny skies.
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temperatures climbing above average. still in the 80s. a pleasant day. it's going to be dry. the dew points are not going to be high. currently in west mt. airy, 51. chestnut hill currently at 48 degrees. jersey also seeing a chillier start, but not that bad because you're going to warm up nicely throughout the day. turnersville, 48. pittman at 49. cinnaminson seeing 49. 46 for shemong. florence, currently 51. right now we have this massive area of high pressure building. you see there's just not going on in the way of clouds here. locally we see some clouds moving into our area. there's just not much moisture. yesterday i mentioned we may see one or two sprinkles. mainly dry, mostly clear skies. you can see the clouds moving quickly across the delaware valley. i want to mention because we have an area of high pressure that conditions will be mainly dry. with that said, the pollen levels will increase. for today, going with moderate
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to high. tomorrow, high. then by sunday and monday, it's going to be very high to extreme. something to be mindful of, especially if you suffer from allergies. keep the tissues handy. 82 for today, may bump up to 84. saturday, 88. temperatures climbing to the low 90s by sunday. low to mid 90s because, in fact, some of the models today were showing slightly warmer temperatures. 96 on monday. 96 on tuesday. record-breaking heat here because the record so far for monday and tuesday is 95. we get a little bit more comfortable, 80s by wednesday, thursday, and friday. we're pretty much looking at a dry stretch, no showers until the following week. back to you. >> thank you. boy, this kind of season for the phillies. playing the braves, michael franco loses control of the bat. look where it ends up. yeah. in the netting. this held up the game for a bit.
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the grounds crew, they came out and tried to loosen the bat a little. they had a problem doing that. guy trying to be spider-man there. >> that might have been exciting for the machines. >> that's why the netting there. the guy holding up the phillies flag. they brought the ladder out. you know, extracted the bat. there's the batter and the phills probably ended up -- ended up losing 3-1. >> the fans may have been more interested in watching this spectac spectacle. >> most interesting part of the game. the final triple crown race, the belmont stakes, set for tomorrow. >> neither kentucky derby winner use dreaming -- always dreaming nor cloud computing will go to post in new york. the favorite, irish warcry, actually finished 10th in the derby. that means the mile of in that belmont stakes is wide open. the stage is set for a new star. >> a big race. big track. >> you can watch the 14 9th
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running here on nbc10. coverage starts at 5:00 tomorrow. ♪ just stop your crying former boy band member harry stiles is bringing his world tour to the wells farg center. you going? >> i'm going to try and get tickets. when are they available? >> here's the deal -- they go on sale a week from today. you'll have to wait a little while for the show. the concert is next year. june 15th, 2018. >> who knows where we'll be. long ways away. >> i know. he'll be in the area this october. he's playing the theater in upper dash. that show -- upper darby. that show sold out. >> the power of small theater. >> sells out quick. for the first time in pennsylvania, there is a deadlier drug than heroin. we've got details from the dea next. also, wave that flag. philadelphia hopes a new symbol of pride starts conversation in center city.
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in north jersey, a 67-year-old woman is recovering after she fell six feet down an open sidewalk grate. look at this -- the woman is walking, looking at her cell phone yesterday. she flips over, tumbled into the open space. first responders climbed down to get her. the grate was toll plaza repair a gas line. for the first time ever, the federal government is calling on a drugmaker to stop selling a painkiller. endo pharmaceuticals is based in malvern, chester county. yesterday the fda asked endo to stop selling an extended release pain medicine. according to the fda, the drug's risks outweigh the benefits.
4:56 am
endo is reviewing the request and will look at options. in pennsylvania, there's an end deadly opioid than heroin. fentanyl. last year, there was a 37% increase from 2015 in deaths. a lawsuit filed by two parents who say an aide at conestoga high school repeatedly sexually assaulted their daughter. they say the principal in the school district knew about the abuse and created an environment that allowed it to happen. that aide is now facing criminal charges. the school district and principal dispute the allegations and deny that they had any prior knowledge of inappropriate actions before the district reported the aide to authorities. now to a philadelphia -- to philadelphia students who might need to find a new school district. the charter school in north
4:57 am
philadelphia isn't made the grade and will likely close. the district and commission will discuss the issue at a meeting next week. pride month has officially kicked off in philadelphia. [ applause ] >> a crowd gathered outside city hall yesterday for the annual raising of the lgbtq pride flag. it's added brown and black to recognize the contributions of people of color. >> there country will never be whole, will never live up to its purpose until everyone participates equally. that will be a continued effort going forward. >> the flag will be flying at city hall until the end of the month. happening today, 100
4:58 am
kayakers will go down the schuylkill. the group will complete a 112-mile journey. hopefully not in the dark. all part of a 19th annual skycam river sojourn. -- schuylkill river sojourn. it goes to philadelphia. a new exhibit at the academy of natural sciences shows you how much is really happening in your own back yard. literally. nbc10 got a sneak phenix new back yard adventures exhibit. it offers outdoor play indoors with a look at the forces of nature on display in your back yard. visitors can ride a bead bike, collect nectar, and face up like their favorite animal. to the lehigh valley, a company honoring one of its employees for six decades of service. [ cheers and applause ] >> the organ company hosted a celebration for sandra fushill. when she started, president dwight eisenhower was beginning
4:59 am
his second term in office. >> my goodness. >> congratulations, sandra. i've been here 24 years, i think. you've been here how long -- decade? >> not quite. just about rita years this -- about eight years this summer. >> another 60 and 40 to go. amazing. now for more at 5:00 a.m. -- >> shot in the back. nbc10 has exclusive video of a philadelphia officer shooting and killing a man who appears to be running away from him. those were lies, plain and simple. >> standing his ground. fired fbi director james comey testifies about incounters with president trump and -- encounters with president trump and what he said the president asked of him. officers hit. a truck runs down police in washington, and now investigators are searching for answers. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. tracy, of course, enjoying a
5:00 am
nice, long weekend. >> yeah. i'm vai sikahema. it is going to be -- a warmup coming up in the next couple of days. i think it's still mild today. we'll get to meteorologist erika martin with the most accurate weather forecast. hi. a great start to the day. a live look outside. we're seeing mostly clear skies. already a few fair weather clouds. there's not a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. that's why we're seeing a mostly clear start. temperatures climbing into the mid 80s. current temperature, 55. westerly wind at five miles per hour. the winds are calm as the area of high pressure builds. current temperature for coatesville, 55. dover and wilmington, 51. vinelands currently at 46 degrees. atlantic city, current temperature, 50 for you. mt. holly, upper 40s. chilly but getting warm as the day progresses. now for the suburbs, seeing lots of upper 40s and low 50s. chester


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