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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 9, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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21 shell casings litter the street corner here in front of the santana food market. a car window shot out. >> heard a lady screaming her head off down the street. >> reporter: and two blocks away, they knew something was wrong. >> i heard from other bystanders, i'm going to call my husband and whoop your [ bleep ]. >> reporter: and in the process of towing this minivan not realizing a female driver was inside. >> the car was up to the towed and they were fussing. >> reporter: that female texted or called her boyfriend. >> the girl was screaming. screaming at the guy. >> reporter: the boyfriend shows up. according to police, pistol whipped the tow driver in the head. the driver heard glass shatter and told cops he feared he was being shot so he pulled out his own gun shooting the boyfriend in the chest malt toultiple tim >> it escalated.
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>> reporter: the boyfriend died at the meld medical center and the tow truck driver taken to be interviewed. >> sounded like a firecracker. saw smoke. pretty scary. >> reporter: including deloris smith, kept driving, leaving the corner seconds before the shots. >> rang out. >> i usually go that corner store. >> reporter: you can see the silver minivan in question still here in front of the santana market so not successfully repossessed. the bank said it was a legitimate repossession. police are still here, they've been here throughout the day, collecting evidence and taking statements. the gunfight may have been caught on videotape, fanned it is so will they release the video to us?
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fe we do get it, we'll report it to you. developing at 4:00, new details in last night's deadly shooting. this video shows the man running away from police when he fell to the ground. today the police commissioner said a witness tried to tell the man not to pull his gun as he scuffled with the officer. our cameras captured that devastating reaction. a loved one at the scene last night. investigators say the officer saw the man riding recklessly on a red dirt bike and felt a gun in the man's waistband during a search and that's when the commissioner says both the officer and the witness told the man, don't do it. don't grab the gun. >> he holds on to that, and in that same period and tells him, don't pull it. don't pull it. and -- the witness actually says the same thing. >> police say the man pulled the gun anyway. a struggle ensued and the officer fired as the man ran
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away. now investigators are trying to determine whether the shooting violated department guidelines. we're working that part of the story and more coming up today at 5:00. we've got a heat wave ahead. hot today. those temperatures are only rising in the coming days and that means you and your family might hit the beach to try to cool off, but not all jersey shore communities are in fact fully staffed with lifeguards at people hit the water. the big concern, dangerous rip currents. >> especially now. fewer eyes are watching. if you find yourself in trouble, rip currents often form on calm, sunny days, can be hard to identify and nearly impossible to outswim. nbc 10 has team coverage this afternoon of the heat wave and the safety concerns for your family. meteorologist garry shandling gshandling -- glenn schwartz is tracking
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the story. >> and seeing swimmers pulled to safety. >> reporter: tense moments from a couple from lancaster county. fortunately for them, help seconds away. this early in the season, many beaches are still unguarded. ocean city lifeguards came to the rescue after ally kemler and logan got caught in a dangerous rip current. >> waves kept coming. pulling us out farther. couldn't catch our breath. >> couldn't keep our head up. trying to come in. going down, and -- losing too much breath and started to get scared. >> reporter: an elevated rick of r risk of rip currents, coupled with hot weather and beach patrols not at full steaff. ocean city will have more this weekend, more added in the coming weeks. >> do our best as a patrol and be around but ask people to go where we're open. >> reporter: a message echoed by
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lifeguards along the jersey shore. two guarded beaches this weekend jumping to 13 a week later. >> currently operating now skeleton crew, bare bones to get general maintenance done. >> swim near a lifeguard for sure. >> reporter: this couple came of you the water shaken but okay. for them, a first they won't forget. >> talking about it this morning. ever been caught in a riptide before? absolutely not. five minutes late getting culled out of. >> reporter: they're both 25 years old, consider themselves to be in great shape and found out today the ocean is much stronger. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. from the shore to centre city. a live look at broad street. into the 80s today. and the camera, and people out enjoying the warm weather. taking a walk along the parkway. and you know what? lunch outside was pretty standard this afternoon. i saw so many people sitting at outdoor tables soaking it up. nbc first alert chief
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meteorologist glenn schwartz joining us. >> a great day for that. >> getting hotter, right? >> oh, yeah. the temperature's going to get way hotter than it is today. and remember a couple days ago? we were in the 60s in the afternoon. today 80s. by sunday it's in the 90s. the sun has returned, also. as promised. many, many days ago. it's up to 82 degrees now, and the big change, the wind is now coming out of the west. no more of that ocean breeze. at least for a while. temperatures close to 80 degrees, just about everywhere. and that includes at the beaches today we've seen temperatures close to 80 degrees with that west wind. now, we're going to be getting a little bit more of a southwest wind over the weekend. so the shore temperatures are going to be much, much lower than what we're going to be seeing inland. now, 82 degrees today after 72 yesterday.
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tomorrow up to 88. sunday, up to 92 degrees. now, at least the humidity is not going to be especially high. so we're not talking about any heat danger by sunday, but as we go through the night tonight, we've got mostly clear skies and until morning when some clouds may start to move in. more on the details of the weekend and how long the heat's going to last coming up. >> okay, glenn. and breaking now, the prosecution rested its case in the bill cosby trial. before they did, the defense fired back at the accuser and her mother saying andrea constand's mother was running the show and she wanted cosby's cash. the comedian admitted he obtained drugs to give to women he wanted to have sex with. nbc 10 is joining us live outside the montgomery county courthouse breaking down the deposition. >> reporter: that deposition was given in 2005 when the victim in the case andrea constand sued bill cosby in civil court
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alleges sexual assault. in that dep piigs, conspannedal lawyers were able to get cosby to admit not once or twice but multiple times got quaaludes. cosby wanted them to give to other women. on a court recess, bill cosby remained cheerful thanking court officials for allowing him to exit the room before other people. inside court he looked down at the table. or in the direction of a county detective who read back his deposition taken in 2005. he told lawyers for andrea constand multiple times he obtained quaaludes from an l.a.-based doctor. seven different prescriptions, he testified. cosby said he got those drugs over a three-year period and though he told the doctor he had a bad back, cosby said he never planned on taking the drugs himself and the doctor who wrote the prescription knew it. what was happening at the time. quaaludes were drugs the kids
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party with and he wanted "to have them just in case." >> i think they're really -- [ inaudible ] finally, people are hearing the truth were. >> reporter: bill cosby is not talking about the case publicly. a spokesperson is, addressing his testimony from 2005 saying he and andrea constand had two consensual sexual encounters. cosby description extremely graphic. now, cosby's statement again went to the jury, read by police. cosby's spokesman believes the truth came out in the case and bill cosby simply had a relationship with a woman he didn't want his wife knowing about. now, the prosecution has rested ins case, and just moments ago when cosby left, his spokesman says that the opportunity for the comedian to take the stand has not been taken off the table. they're planning on working all weekend long trying to decide what defense to put on next week and the jury could get the case by the middle of next week.
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reporting live for nbc 10 news. coming up, one of cosby's celebrity friends walking into the courtroom earlier this week. and why that was illegal. tell you why at 4:45. new fallout tonight after testimony from former fbi director james comey. in the last few hours, the president spoke publicly for the first time about comey's claims that he was inappropriate during their meetings. nbc 10 erin coleman has the latest from the president's news conference. >> reporter: the biggest takeaway from president trump about an hour ago, he will testify under oath about his conversations with james comey 100%. the president says he did not tell comey to let the michael flynn probe go but probably nothing wrong if he did say that. he also talked about whether there are any recordings of his conversations with the former fbi director.
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>> well, i'll tell you about that maybe sometime in the very near future, but in the meantime, no collusion. no obstruction. he's a leaker. but we want to get back to running our great country. james comey confirmed a lot of what i said, and some of the things that he said just weren't true. >> president trump's son-in-law is next to face tough questions. jared kushner is expected to meet with staff from the senate intelligence committee in the next few day, likely will be asked about hit meeting with the russian ambassador to the united states. president trump the lawyer also said he will file a leak petition against james comey. and nsa contractor, accused of leaking a top secret document on russia's election hacking. prosecutors claim reality winner may have had plans to release even more classified
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information. prosecutors say during a recorded phone conversation with her mother in jail winner referred to documents, plural. now federal agents are looking to see whether the 25-year-old may have stolen other classified information, including some on a missing flash drive she inserted into a top secret computer. winner will remain in jail until her trial. britain's prime minister suffered a big loss in her first major election. theresa may's conservative party lost its majority of parliament even though may called this election herself in hopes of winning a bigger majority is now under intense pressure to resign. she says that's not happening, and her next effort is the brexit deal. >> this will allow us to come together at a country and channel our energies towards the successful brexit deal, but work for everyone in this country. >> the prime minister met with queen less biet elizabeth high guide the talks, that will just
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begin in ten days. new details about a story we first brought you as breaking news last night at 11:00. two men charged as two washington, d.c. police officers a hit by a truck. the officers were riding bicycles which a pickup truck plowed into them. one expected to be released tonight. the other still in critical condition. police found a gun inside the truck and do not think it was related to terrorism. this sunday megyn kelly sits down with erin andrews and her most personal interview yet. the first following her cancer diagnosis. she explains to megyn why she doesn't forgive the man who stalked her. >> he said he hoped one day you could forgive him? >> yeah. >> have you? >> no. >> do you think you could? >> no. >> why? >> because i have to relive it all the time. it's shaped who i am as a
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person. it messed with my family -- it hurt my mom and dad so bad, and it still does. and -- you don't get any sort of pass for doing that. >> hear more from andrews about her trial, her parents and her cancer battle. watch it all right here on nbc 10 sunday night at 7:00. the search is on for a suspect caught on camera. tampering with the surveillance system at the home of philadelphia city official. take a look. you can see someone approach the house in south philadelphia saturday morning. that person did something to the security camera, causing the footage to be interrupted. the official returned home later and saw the wires to cameras had been cut. a major grant will help new jersey police departments build stronger police community relations. the program is named in honor of detective matthew tarantino, the union officer died in a car crash on his way to work last month.
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today new jersey's attorney general invited departments from across the state to apply for the 121,000 dollars in funding. $121,000 was tarantino's badge number. listen up, drivers, major construction project coming to our area's busiest highway and set to last ten years. the latest phase in a plan to improve i-95. that plan calls for rebuilding the five-mile stretch between 676 and broad street in south philadelphia. on the north end at penns landing, a new and expanded cap over 95 will reconnect penn's landing to the city. on the south end, the project improves access to the philadelphia port complex. no word when the work will begin. so here's a lesson. keep your eyes up, phones down. a 67-year-old woman seriously hurt after this -- right here. new this afternoon, hearing from people who watched this play out. a good reminder that texting and
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walking can be dangerous, too. >> yeah. you see so many people walking and looking down. the whole thing happened so quickly right there. no one was able to help this woman before she flips over falling six feet right there. the secellar doors, wide open, hard to miss, a last-minute glance at her phone and she tumbled right down. it happened while crews were repairing gas lines inside the north jersey sidewalk. >> i don't know how you could miss the doors. i feel she could have waited, walked away. she walked right into them. >> the woman was carried out on stretcher taken to the hospital. she is still in the hospital but doing better today. now to your first alert forecast. a live look at boathouse row and feeling like summer. climbing into the 80s and have that impending heat wave. temperatures set to rise in our area even more. >> nbc 10 meteorologist tammie souza takes us into next week.
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we begin with meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with more. glenn? >> what ra difference >> what a difference day makes. temperatures way down, and now sunshine. pushing temperatures into the 80s and a west wind. as you can see what a difference. it was a -- yesterday, look at all the sunshine across the region. and how much the temperature has gone up. 17 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. atlantic city international, vineland, 16 in dover, 14 in philadelphia. that's a tremendous change. and at the shore itself, with the west wind, we've actually gotten up close to 80 degrees today. it won't be quite as warm tomorrow, i think, because of more of a southwest wind. there's a west wind today. and you can see the wind shift a little bit. that will allow it to get hot at the delaware beaches, but not as
4:18 pm
hod at -- the jersey shore. so here we go. for the weekend, we get up to 92 in philadelphia on sunday. only 82 at the jersey shore, but that is a really nice day. the hottest part of the day is around the middle of the day to early afternoon and then the sea breeze comes and cools you down, but it looks like it's going to be a beautiful, beautiful weekend at the beaches how long's it going to last, tammie? >> longer than a day. the important part. the question is, do the beaches? the mountains? equally nice in both places's we agreed on that, right? >> oh, yeah. >> beautiful weather. let me show you how long this will last. if you're making plans, it's more than a one-day wonder this time. start monday 3:00 in the afternoon. see the shades of red hee an the winds. a land breeze. quite warm. looking at the low 90s on monday. then go ahead through the time frame. winds still coming off of the
4:19 pm
land. we're going into tuesday morning. you'll be quite mild in the low 70s when you wake up. so it is going to be one of those true heat waves where you're going to feel warm all the time. tuesday afternoon, in the low, perhaps even a few mid-90s, and notice this green coming in from the north. back door cold front coming through. still in the 90s by the evening hours but showers spread across the area. cooler air comes in and on wednesday, heat wave is over, because we're going to look at temperatures likely only in the mid and upper 70s for afternoon highs on wednesday. you notice especially out here an the beaches cooler. shades of yellow. gone all the great shades of red. let's plan accordingly. all right? at least staying in the city or go to the beaches. glenn showed you the weekend. 80s and 90s and the 70s and 80s. ebs te extend that out to tuesday. 90s in philadelphia then hit the 70s with rain, tuesday night and wednesday. for the beaches, we'll be in the 80s but hitting the 60s with
4:20 pm
that rain by the time we get to wednesday. you have until tuesday to enjoy. guys? ♪ >> students's in philadelphia today danced in the name of fun and money. juniors at masterman high school hope to raise $1,500 for the incoming class of 2019. students participated and a dance-a-thon, take the lead dance project. helping veterans get the care they need. >> a new push at the university of delaware. that program giving people who serve our country a new lease on life. also, he facedinfant's life. how an area teen is being honored for his bravery. >> babies break out. it's the video you have to see today. a big brother comes to the rescue. >> look at that. first, a look at the closing bell on wall street. might not love this. nasdaq, posting its worst week of the year.
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check this out. it's not every day you encounter a kangaroo in a canal. even in australia. apparently this guy fell in the water and could not get out. he didn't lose his hop, though, as you can see. he was bouncing right through the water. two guys were able to rescue that kangaroo and put him back on dry land. >> needed a big rest. what do you do when a bobcat is in your home? you get out. that's what you do. a north jersey mom called police after abop bobcat got into the home. they got out, but the bob cat still in there. turns out someone else nearby reported their dog was attacked
4:25 pm
by a bobcat. very scary. a baby breakout. making the rounds on social media this friday. got to see this. maybe you've seen it on facebook. crafty boy managed to break out his baby brother from his crib using that plastic stool there. lots of encouragement and good old-fashioned elbow grease. watch these guys going at it. look at this. all right. just do this. ut just -- hop up there, and -- there you go. this video, 32 million views after the tumbled to the floor. hugged each other an doing just fine. mom and dad -- that's trouble right there, if they're already do that. >> can you imagine? preteen years? forget about it, no. good luck. >> how cute? i'll help you out. here's how do you it. >> brotherhood. and technology that will soon have you surfing the web on the plane at the same speed as on the ground. got to hear about that. and police trading cards,
4:26 pm
get your hands on these while supporting the men and women in blue. digging for answers. the discovery crews made today when they returned to a possible mass grave site five years after their last search. we've got a heat wave ahead. how hot it's going to get in my most accurate first alert forecast.
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it is shot o it is hot out there and only getting hotter. feeling like summer. getting up into the 80s. >> a good day for a walk in the park. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has a look at the first changing forecast. >> how's it look? still 90s? >> oh, yeah. promising this over a week.
4:30 pm
it is coming. now, it may not get to 90 at the beaches, but then you probably don't want it to get to 90 at the beaches. the heat off of that sand is hot enough. you can see a fair amount of folks out there for a friday afternoon, in early june. it's 82 in philadelphia. it's 78 in atlantic city marina. not much cooler. a land breeze all day. 81 in allentown, trenton, 82 in millville and dover. through the next couple days, that temperature jump is going to continue. went from 72, to so far 82 today, to 88 tomorrow. 92 on sunday. monday and tuesday, mid-90s. that's pretty hot. a couple days ago it was in the 60s. remember that? so as we go through the night, it's clear. at least for the evening hours. some clouds coming in towards
4:31 pm
daybreak and there could be a couple showers around the lehigh valley early in the morning. doesn't look like it's going to rune the weekend at all and the shore looks like it's going to start off sunny and end sunny. we've got great weather there. we'll see how that heat wave is going to end and when with the rest of the forecast coming up. for the first time in five years, the push to find what could be a secret grave of 50 irish workers is moving forward. nbc 10 was there today in chester county in an area known at duffy's cut. >> where a group of historians and archeologists are doing what they can to find the people they believe were murdered. nbc 10 the erin coleman joins us live. the story is 185 years in the making? >> reporter: yeah. 1832. when these workers first came to pennsylvania in search of a better life. less than two months later, they were dead. >> this, this area up in here. >> reporter: it's a dedicated group working to unearth the
4:32 pm
truth. about what happened to 57 irish immigrants more than a century and a half ago. >> we are looking at a potential target. >> reporter: using ground p penetrating radar they search. everywhere you see flag there are possibly human remains about 18 feet down. >> 25 cents a day. laborer and within six to eight weeks all gone. they were all dead at this site. >> reporter: dr. bill watson won the project. >> we know the cora struck the camp. >> reporter: and some didn't die of cholera. they were murdered. in 2009, the first body found. >> all seven blunt force trauma to the skulls, eve an woman among them. >> reporter: back in 1832, the workers came to pennsylvania from ireland to build the railroad still used by septa and
4:33 pm
amtrak today. >> it's an outrage so many people could have been murdered. immigrants hoping for a better life. the american dream. >> reporter: hoping to identify and send their bodies back to ireland so they can finally rest in peace. dr. watson believes the workers were killed either out of fear they were spreading disease or undercutting union workers. the bodies of two workers identified and returned to ireland. jacqueline? >> erin, thank you. a look at some stories making headlines county by county across our region. first in canton county, the community gets together tomorrow to remember autumn, the 12-year-old strangled in 2012. two teenage brothers charged with killing her. the parents pushing for autumn's law, making parents vcriminally liable for murder committed by their children. and a soldier who disappeared during the korean
4:34 pm
war. those remain are on their way home. army private walter piper buried with full military honors. reported missing back in february of 1951. happening in new castle, final days of police officer trading card project. officers appearing from now until 7:00 tonight at preston's playground on old paper mill road. residents invited to come out, complete their collections. the cards feature pictures, biographies that highlight specialized units. in north camden county, a new health center giving improved access to doctors. the health network hosted a grand opening today. the two-story 40,000 square foot health center will provide walk-in care for minor illnesses, x-rays, lab testing and a variety of doctors. in camden county tonight, a charity run helping two girl battling severe illnesses called chicken runs at midnight.
4:35 pm
beginning in about an hour and wraps up with a 3k run downtown. the money raised will help brooke battling stage 4 neurobrass toma and sarah ann who has severe xrecerebral pals and bill cosby, is a part at t support at the trial is illegal. and going high-tech to help wounded warriors. plus, taylor swift mending a broken relationship. when you thought she was never, ever getting back together with a streaming service, she changes her tune. and nbc 10 digging deeper into the investigation of an officer-involved shooting. it appears this man was shot as he was running away. all new at 5:00, we hear from the police commissioner. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce.
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bill cosby the daughter on the "cosby show" show the support showing up with cosby at his trial. tmz reports her ex-husband saying she violated a court order in child custody and didn't see his daughter that day because their daughter was take ton philadelphia to be by cosby's side. burks county native taylor swift is shaking off any bad blood she has with music streaming services. start today the blank space left on sites like spotify since 2014 now filled with taylor swift musical style. she announced the change to celebrate her wildest dreams come true. her album, 1989, selling 10 million copies worldwide. is it going to be forever? still no word yet if swiftal change of heart will last forever and always. want to get knead a new job? take a vacation. a recent study found those who don't take timeoff of 78% to 84%
4:40 pm
less likely to receive a bonus or raise as compared to those who did take time away. i'll finish first. doctors say by taking time off you gain improve d -- and nordstrom doing well. yesterday the family that owns the store announced it might go private. stocks started soaring. nordstrom invested in online sales earlier than other retailers and has a firm focus on customer service. the size of leg room? what's one thing you want on a plane? how about speed jer wi-fi? apparently that's what passengers are asking for and you know the saying. ask, you shall receive. delta and american airlines already signed on for faster speeds and jetblue has a high-speed wi-fi, be careful what you wish for. chances are faster wi-fi will cost you more. >> oh.
4:41 pm
>> always a catch. >> tried that before. it's not great. the wi-fi in the sky. >> especially if you want to watch a favorite streaming show? not happening. he faced flames to save a life. >> a teenage hero honored for bravery. plus, dry drowning. what you need to know about the slept killer as we get into the summer months. glenn? well, the heat is right on our doorstep. the temperatures are all rising. and we're going get relief. going to go through that. that's in a couple days. coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a beach patrol won't stop sunbathing without a top on, even though it's against the rules. it takes a lot of people to make a good school day.
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as we head into the hotter days of the year, drowning happens more frequently. have you ever heard of drou dy n drowns or secondary drourning and usually happens after a child inhales water into the lung. the lungs become irritated and start to fill with fluid. >> problems, coughing, they may have episodes where their behavior changes, where they're more fatigued than usual. these are signs they might not be getting enough oxygen to the brain. >> doctors say it is extremely rare but happens. most recently, this 4-year-old from texas died six days after he was knocked over by a wave. doctors suggest he keep a close eye on your kids as always and get them to a hospital if they seem to have trouble breathing. a good time to be reminded of that as we begin our push to summer, and these temperatures in the 90s in our frs aleirst a
4:46 pm
forecast. >> beaches and pools flooded with the good weather. glenn "hurricane" schwartz joining us. hot out. only getting hotter. >> that 82 feeling pretty warm considering we only in the 60s a couple days ago. lots of sunshine. finally we've seen the sun all day, and all across the area. nothing but fair weather clouds out there. and the temperatures have gone -- well into the 80s. this, in much of the area. delaware, 84. 82 in glasgow and newark and in greenville. farther south in delaware where it was pretty chilly with that east wind. it's not anymore. 82 in alandale. 82 in georgetown and millsboro and ra robeith beach, 72. dewey beach up to 80. got a land breeze. a west wand. into the delaware beaches, warmed. the jersey shore beaches are
4:47 pm
warm. going into tomorrow, the southwest wind comes in. now, that's still a land breeze for delaware. why they're going to stay hot, but at the jersey shore, that waned louse the sea breeze to come in. both saturday and sunday. and so that will limit the temperature a little bit. rehoboth beach up to 90 saturday. 95 on sunday. right at the beach! in delaware. not at the jersey shore. 75 saturday. 82 on sunday. at wildwood. and then in atlantic city, we've got 77 on saturday. 84 degrees on sunday. i mean that is -- really nice. it's going to be hot inland, of course. up to 94 at the lehigh valley on sunday. now, tomorrow could be a shower first thing in the morning in lehigh valley, best chance of any showers. the heat wave is not a long one.
4:48 pm
tammie explains why. >> more than a day. right? >> well, going to be three days. >> yeah. but we'll have a heat wave. this is the second heat wave of the year. you and i agree, a warmer than average summer. so get ready. this is probably not going to be the last of the heat wave. look what happened from monday on, glenn alluded to, we are going to be cooler over the weekend along the jersey shore. go ahead and look where we go with the numbers. watch what happens. here we go. we have 90s across the area for monday, and when you wake up tuesday morning, we're going to be in the 70s already. at about 7:00 in the morning. notice only a little cooler shades of yellowish-green along the shore. the 80s there tuesday. 90s, i think the model is a little shy. easily into the mid-t90sa recor for sunday, monday and tuesday, 95. could break that maybe all three days. then back to the cold front sliding through. still 90 in the evening tuesday, but rain comes in and our high
4:49 pm
on wednesday only makes it into those mid and upper 70s. quite a big difference there. let's look at your ten day on 10. looking at 88 for tomorrow here in philadelphia. of course, cooler at the beaches. 92 on sunday. 95 on monday. 96 on tuesday. then we see those showers tuesday night and into wednesday. they'll continue thursday, and friday. maybe a shower here and there on saturday. and sunday. and into monday. notice, no 60s. that's our saving grace. guys? a philadelphia teenager saved -- who saved a baby from this burning home was hail aed hero. honoring rudy edwards. west philadelphia teen rescued his 1-year-old nephew last month. the 17-year-old said he didn't think twice about going into the burning building. congrats to him. a state-of-the-art way to help veterans. >> nbc 10 is taking you inside how two major institutions in delaware are betting serving those who served all of us.
4:50 pm
and coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00, one newborn will always have a special connection with i-95 in delaware. the special delivery story, new at 5:00. that's comfortable long time.
4:51 pm
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so at aetna, we promise to keep finding new ways to join you so nothing gets in your way. because no matter where it is you're going, or whatever stage of life you're in. we believe that when it comes to health. you don't join us. we join you. today, we spend a whole lot of time like this. so at citizens bank,
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we've created banking tools that fit how you're living today. from advanced atms... to online banking... to our award winning mobile app. and if you prefer face-to-face, we have that too. ask me, terry goggans, how our balance of technology and people can help you. better serving those who have served all of us. a new partnership between delaware's v.a. hospital and the university of delaware could mean a better life for generations of veterans. >> our reporter tim furlong shows us how. >> i don't have that amazing story. >> reporter: perry doesn't have a story about roadside bomb. while in the service he lost his leg to bone cancer like
4:54 pm
thousands of vets gets treatment in wilmington at the v.a. hospital. >> some are the things here are dated. >> reporter: with this handshake, delaware's only v.a. hospital teamed up with delaware's largest university. >> a core mission of the v.a. is also training, and research, and that's not been something that's been a part of us here in wilmington. >> reporter: on the university of delaware's tech campus and all sorts of labs students and researchers will work with v.a. doctors and therapists primarily body mechanics and prosthetics and students work in the hospital. >> after seeing implications, how health care can bring science from the textbook to real life. >> reporter: and the v.a. team will get much more of what it needs. access to fresh research and new technologies that all soon hopefully leads to a better lie for those the v.a. serves. >> working with universities is what and who we need to be to take better care of the men and
4:55 pm
women that have served our nation. [ applause ] >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. working on several stories for nbc 10 news at 5:00. >> here's erin coleman. more than 250,000 dollars is how much a woman stole from her own mother. that story is all new at 5:00. and not holding back. president trump said he's go under oath about james comey's testimony. awe null at 5:15, kristen welker breaks down the president's comments. and here comes the heat. i'll let you know how long it's going to stick around your neighborhood when i come back with the full forecast in just a couple of minutes. and we're asking tough questions to philadelphia's police commissioner after an officer shot and kill add man who appears to run away.
4:56 pm
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4:58 pm
prosecution rests their case. it comes to a close on the fifth day of bill cosby's sexual assault trial. deadly encounter. straight to philadelphia's police commissioner for answers after an officer-involved shooting is caught on camera. and hot air balloon crash. scary moments when two hot air balloons collide and one person is knocked out of the basket. in the past 90 minutes prosecutors rested their case in the bill cosby trial today. the jury heard the words of the
4:59 pm
comedian himself who said he feared looking like a "dirty old man." good evening. i'm marion. >> and trying to get the case thrown out. >> reporter: asking for a mistrial objecting to a witness, a doctor, sexual expert. the defense anti-bill cosby posts on her facebook page and wanted to make sure the jurty n jury did not hear from that woman. [ chanting ] >> reporter: a thumbs up and wave to fans outside but in court cosby offered no emotion as his own words are read to the jury. in 2005 he said under oath he obtained seven different drugs he said he wanted to use on women he wanted to have sex
5:00 pm
with. he talked during a court break, when it comes to his relationship with andrea constand you it was consensual. >> having a relationship he didn't want his wife to know about. >> reporter: prosecutors sait s say that's a lie. andrea constand broke her ten-year silence. cosby said in 2005 he "tested andrea for permission. when she didn't say no, he continued sexual advances." constand says she couldn't say no because cosby assaulted her while she was in and out of consciousness. the week has been building with the defense laying its case out trying to show that andrea constand and bill cosby had a consensual relationship and when it ended, trying to show the jury she and her mother hatched some sort of extortion plot. with prosecution resting today,


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