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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  June 19, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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very busy monday morning. 5:00 a.m. kboor good morning. welcome to nbc 10. first alert for this afternoon because of a threat of severe storms. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. most accurate first alert neighborhood weather. already tracking the storms to the west. all the neighborhoods affected during the afternoon and evening hours. in fact from noon to 11:00, that's when we'll be watching and tracking showers and thunderstorms. potential thunderstorms which could lead to damaging winds, producing large hail and very heavy rainfall coming down quickly. could lead to flash flooding this afternoon. all those showers and thunderstorms are to the best this morning. we are starting off dry. storms in the poconos mountains missing us for now. we'll start with sunshine. some very warm muggy temperatures. just dropped one degree in philadelphia. now 79 degrees. see the clouds starting to
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break. upper 70s for new jersey and the lehigh valley. first to see the storms this afternoon. right now steamy and 80 degrees. warming to the 80s in delaware. storms taking shape later today. upper 80s in fact this afternoon. with a high humidity going to feel like it's in the 90s. quiet this morning, the lehigh valley and the storms in the afternoon and for new jersey you'll see those afternoon and evening thunderstorms roll through and reach philadelphia, looks look time for the evening commute. break it down hour by hour future cast to show you when the storms are most likely to affect your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. first see how monday morning is looking on the roads. >> watching out in mays landing. an overturned vehicle blocking the lane on the atlantic city westbound. right around here. we are watching some of those delays for that. right now traffic getting by. the road isn't closed. not seeing massive delaying there. reports of extensive injuries on the scene there.
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might be there for equipmequite ti time. speeds are into if 60s. not seeing any problems or delays on this monday morning. end here on the vine street expressway. westbound eighth street ramp is closed. has been closed all morning. for construction. should be opening and was supposed to open arnoound five. going to keep my eyes on now. watching the clearing of the westbound side of the construction project. back in ten. now to breaking news. police in london believe terrorism is behind a crash outside a mosque there. one person died and ten others were hurt. >> nbc 10 katy zachry monitoring developments in breaking news center. what's the latest. an investigate says the van attack has all the hallmark of a
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terror attack. plowed into a crowded sidewalk. many of these people you see were leaving the mosque after prayer during the holy month of ramadan. one person was killed at the scene. new information from police is that individual was already receiving first aide before the attack happened. ten others were injured. the van's driver 48-year-old man was detained by the public before police arrived. he was then taken to a hospital, but will be arrested once he's checked out. in a press conference just about an hour ago, police said they don't believe there are any other suspects. still they have increased police presence throughout london. this incident follows a string of recent attacks throughout england. now earlier this month, there were vehicle and knife rampages on london and westminister bridges and more recently the did suicide bombing at a concert in manchester. coming up getting eyewitness account from the scene and share them with you. live in the digital operation center. breaking news, assault in philadelphia leaves a man
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fighting for his life. nbc 10 was on northeast 18th street. police say the man suffered a head wound around 2:00 this morning. medics rushed the victim to the hospital. where he is list instead critical condition. investigators say witnesses who know the victim said they saw and heard nothing. today philadelphia district attorney seth williams heads to court for jury selection in federal corruption trial. >> live outside the courthouse with a closer look at charges against him. run this down for us. >> reporter: well, to get you started. seth williams is facing a total of 29 charges that include corruption as well as bribery. we want to show you video now. here he is leaving pretrial last week. according to investigators, williams took gifts and trips in exchange for favors. first tas jury. pool expands beyond philadelphia county. several counties across
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southeast pennsylvania could be called to serve on the jury if selected. still the district attorney of the county. refused to step down even though law license has been suspended since indictment. trial is expected to last four weeks. a lot of evidence to get through. williams has maintained his innocence, but if convicted, he could face up to a total of 20 years behind bars. we're going to be monitoring what happens with those jury selections today in court. reporting looifr outside of federal court, pamela osborne. nbc 10 news. today the judge in the bill cosby trial could revisit decision not to release the names of the jury members. media outlets have challenged the protective order shielding their identity. >> meantime page six is reporting that cosby knew all along he would get a hung jury. reminded those around him he only needed one juror to be on his side. the conference room he went for breaks, his dressing room, and
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the courtroom himself is now the stage. cosby also allegedly claimed he turned down an officer by the district attorney that would require him to register a sex offender and wear a bracelet. the prosecution denies any offer was made. doctor whose wife was murdered five years ago will be in court today on unrelated charges. detention hearing on weapons charges. accused of waving a gun when the investigators showed a search warrant. not related to the unsolved murder of his wife in 2012. >> happening today, president trump will meet with the president of panama at the white house. reported two leaders will discuss the fight against illegal immigration and drug trafficking and also talk about the u.s. panama economic partnership. returned to the white house yesterday after spending the weekend at camp david with family. set off a fire storm over
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the weekend. insisting mr. trump is not under investigation for obstructing the russia investigation just days after the president said he was under investigation on twitter. the president tweeted last week he was being investigated and called it a witch hunt. yesterday on the morning news shows, a member of his legal team denied that. on "meet the press," appeared to defend president trump from investigation that he simultaneously claimed did not exist. >> president trump is not under investigation by the special counsel. the tweet from the president was in response to the five anonymous sources that were purportedly leaking information to the "washington post" about a potential investigation of the president. >> "washington post" first reported last week the russia probe is investigating whether president trump attempted to obstruct justice. enrollment will begin for second year of citywide pre-k program. officially open the enrollment at a learning center. 20 additional spots will become
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available in september. the city's tax on sugary drinks pays for the program. revenue is falling short. april tax money dropped 7% from the march total. mayors office said seasonal changes can affect revenue collection. huge event this past weekend helped clear the shelters in delaware. >> nbc 10 more than 1100 pets have new homes this morning. thanks to valley spc mega adoption event. shelter said this broke records from the number of adoptions for them. these are photos of pets and new owners. more than 7,000 people lined up for two days to find their forever friend at belliveau state park. very good. >> you may see a dog or a cat that would make a perfect pet for you. and now right now this is what we're starting with. another muggy morning.
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clear skies over cape may and live view. sit a steam my morning. humidity will likely fuel storms this afternoon. threat of severe thunderstorms will be with us this afternoon and into the evening hours. the storms during the early evening hours will finally move out late tonight and see clearing for tomorrow. not looking at any cool temperatures this morning. look at the lehigh valley. 80 degrees. just dropped below 80 degrees in philadelphia, delaware, south jersey at 77. some of the neighborhoods are going to be cooler. slower than others to cool down. cinnaminson, 79 degrees. warm and muggy start. going to be a steamy afternoon. feel like the 90s. heat and humidity will help fuel strong storms later today. for now, all the storminess is to the west. moves in atmosphere will be heating up. that's when we'll see storms likely become severe. some severe weather is expected.
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quiet this morning. a few scattered showers are possible. as we go into the afternoon hours, the hour by hour forecast, look at those storms. 4:30 in the afternoon. line of storms in the suburbs and moving towards philadelphia and wilmington and new jersey. during the evening hours. early evening before sunset. see some clearing, but the storms will still be raging in new jersey before they finally move offshore tonight. after a quite start with sunshine this morning, see skies turn gray this afternoon and storms will develop. 80s for philadelphia. for the suburbs, you'll see those showers and thunderstorms. a threat of the storms popping up by late this morning. into the afternoon hours with the lehigh valley, you'll be the first to see the showers and thunderstorms. 81 degrees and 1:00 and 82 at 3:00. going to feel a lot hotter thanks to high humidity.
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sunshine to start with and late this morning waiting for any showers to develop in delaware. this afternoon, storms will take s shape. same is true for new jersey. as we go to evening hours. that's when we'll see storms at the shore. once the storms clear out and humidity starts dropping for tomorrow. look at that with ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. thank you, bill. find out how the road looks. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has you covered. watching route 309. both directions look good now. you can see roads for now are dry. traffic is moving along on them just fine. we're also watching may's landing for an overturned vehicle blocking part of the right lane on the atlantic city express way westbound. traffic is still getting by the scene for now. we're going to watch that. injuries on the scene there as
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learn more at your john deere dealer. we are continuing to follow break news from overseas a van struck several worshippers eleaving a mosque. london mayor calling it a terrorist one person killed at the crash. ten other people hurt. driver being treated at the hospital. will be arrested once he's
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checked out. prime minster theresa may hold an emergency meeting with security cabinet later today. meanwhile, killed flinging the flames. more than 60 people are dead in central portugal following devastating forest fire. many died in cars and tried to get away from flames as the fire jumped the road. this is what it looked like at the height of the fire. lightning is believed to have caused. portugal declared three days of national mourning. meanwhile, another threat in this country. everyone in the town of brine head has been evacuated. 5:16. 79 degrees outside. face of the public backlash. aired a controversial interview this weekend with radio show host, alex jones. known for outrageous statements, including his claim that the 2012 shooting at sandy hook
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elementary in which 26 children died was a hoax. >> i tend to believe that children probably did die there, but then you look at all the other evidence on the other side, i can see how other people believe nobody died there. >> as kelly noted on her program, there is no evidence on the other side. the families impacted by the shooting asked her not to air the interview. ke kelly said she interviewed him to shed light on the falsehood he pedals. released a statement saying she or nbc news are not elevating jones in any way saying in part he's been elevated by five or 6 million viewers and listeners and by the president of the united states. as you know journalists don't get the choice over who has power or influence in the country. 17 minutes past 5:00 a.m. on this monday. let's find out what's happening in south jersey. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington.
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>> route 73 just around route 70. you know this intersection right in here actually looks good right now. no problems reported. roads are dry. at least for your morning commute. watch out in mays landing. hic westbound side. traffic that's moving more away from the shore right now. we're blocking the right lane there. traffic is getting by the scene. a little bit slow. watching route 202. ten minutes or 11 minutes at the most. end here at vine street expressway. earlier the eighth street off-ramp from the westbound side was closed to traffic. back open. have to deal with the construction on the east and westbound side on broad and the schuylkill either. so far a good drive on the vine. you'll be fine moving through center city. vai and tracey back to you. >> we're about 10-15 minutes away fromnrise. looks like we're going to be okay through the morning and early afternoon. this afternoon, we've issued a first alert because threat of severe thunderstorms. >> we have.
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first alert meteorologist has the timing of when that could happen in your neighborhood. >> storms are likely to reach the philadelphia area during the evening commute, but early this afternoon, some of the suburbs in the lehigh valley will see some showers and thunderstorms. right now in spring city. looks like a pleasant morning. feel the steam in the air. high humidity we had for days is with us along with unusually warm temperatures. low 60s is where these temperatures would normally be this time of year. 80 degrees right now in the lehigh valley. look at the suburbs. not much cooler. westalen township. upper 70s for bedminster, warrington and washington. even though a steamy start. warm to 80s this afternoon, upper 80s and it will feel like it's the 90s. heat and humidity will fuel storms later today. not with us just yet. the doppler radar and satellite is nice and clear for now, but you can see the storms taking shape to the west. this is a cold front that's producing these storms.
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on the other side of it, that's the drier air that's on the way for tomorrow and for wednesday. humidity will be coming way down. not today. as that air mass pushing into the warm muggy air that's already here, thunderstorms popping up. even at this hour this morning. in the poconos. this ising for this afternoon. 11:15 this morning the showers are still to the north and central pennsylvania. we go into the early afternoon hours and into the afternoon hours, look at ta line of storms. 4:00 in the afternoon. that line of strong storms sweeps through philadelphia and into new jersey and we'll still be tracking the storms into late this evening and finally be clearing out overnight tonight at 11:00. tonight see the wet weather. a lot quieter. still see some rain tracking some showers. possibly some thunderstorms in new jersey. most of the storms by that hour should be offshore. the threat is real for this afternoon. because the heavy rain threat
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flash flooding could occur. damaging winds are the biggest threat with this. you'll see a lot of lightening and large hail is also possible. the threat though lower, tornado, not out of the question later today. severe storms popping up this afternoon. 88 degrees is the high temperature today. tomorrow, what's the storm sweep through, drier cooler air starting to move into the area. feel the difference tomorrow. still warm and much less muhammad for tuesday. thursday starting to warm up. 87 degrees. 90 on friday. chance of showers on friday. chance of showers and thunderstorms with temperatures nearly 90 degrees on saturday with the additional humidity on saturday will feel like the 90s. drying out and starting to cool down on sunday. low 80s. 70s next wednesday. that's a lot closer to what we typically would see this time of year. vai? >> thank you. just heard the first alert forecast.
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make sure you have nbc 10 app. sends you instant updates of the severe storms moving in our area later today. tax embassy deadline is here. what you need to know next if you live in pennsylvania and still haven't paid your taxes. trust the process. wheeling and dealing later today. this man here expected to become the sixers number one target in this week's nba draft. hear from him coming up at 5:30. ♪
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if you live in pennsylvania and you haven't filed your taxes yet, you're running out of time to do so without a penalty. state tax amnesty program rouns out at midnight. anyone who files by the deadline, will have all penalties and half of the interest waived. miss the amnesty period, 5% penalty will be added to the amount you owe. >> 5:25. one of the most complicated negotiations of all time will get underway in europe today. that story in cnbc business
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news. good morning, landon. >> that's right. brexit talks kicking off today in brussels. one year after the uk voted to leave the european union: this after the conservative power suffered a major setback in parliamentary elections. said the process could be, quote, the most complicated negotiation of all times, and, of course, tracey, the uk is set to leave the eu by march of 2019. >> also, landon, youtube is planning to crack down on content considered extremists. tell us about that. >> that's right. a big issue. youtube is taking new measures to crack down on that. platform of google outlined the steps they will take to identify and remove videos related to terrorism including increasing the number of experts who luhun
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down and flag that content to be taken down. while the company has worked for years to identify and remove content that violates policies, the truth is we as an supply he says must acknowledge more needs to be done. tracey, back over to you. wall street will be watches speeches by two federal reserve members for any hints about future rate hikes. stocked closing mixed on friday. amazon $13 billion purchase of whole foods. 5:27. continue to following breaking news in what london's mayor is calling another terror attack. next at 5:30. hear from witness who is saw a van crash into a crowd outside a mosque.
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