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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 23, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. these cuts are blood money. people will die. >> this doesn't get better over time. >> the intention is not to take down the bill, the intention is to make the bill better. >> the republican health care plan was met with more protests than cheers, but did the president's request for more heart get stumped from the bill? from major tornado damage in al bachl to massive flooding in and a death in western pennsylvania and even a utah wildfire that has doubled in size. the truth about the tale of the so-called trump-comey tapes finally revealed. and it is getting pretty wimtd wild in the animal world for a friday.
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"early today" starts right now. americans are waking up to a seismic shift out of washington. republicans long awaited health care bill with met with years and protests and headlines say it all. blood money screams one, cuts taxes, guts medicaid says another. and while republicans control congress, many americans are clamoring for change. our latest poll finds 43% say democrats can do a better job on health care than republicans who just got 26% of the poll. that is a 17 point difference. in fact just 16% of americans think the gop health bill is a good idea. 48% say it's bad. that as major health groups come out against the plan. president trump tweeted his support of the health care bill saying that he looks forward to making it, quote, really special. but he's not the only one speaking out on it. from president obama calls the plan a
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massive transfer of womenth. he says if there is a chance you might get sick, get old or start a family, do you harm. there is dissent among a handful of republicans who could doom the bill. kasie hunt reports. >> reporter: wheelchair bound protesters, 43 arrested and dragged from a senate office building. >> i worked all my life, but i can't keep my daughter alive without medicaid. >> reporter: all happening just as a draft of the bill was finally made public. the draft senate bill would repeal the mandate to buy insurance, but keeps protection for people with pre-existing conditions and creates a new fund to support the individual insurance market, it keeps the expansion of medicaid through 25020, but then phases it out. it also ties medicaid funding to inflation which means a dramatic reduction over time. fewer people will qualify for tax credits to help them buy
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insurance. but the senate provisions are more generous than the house version and it defunds planned parenthood. >> these cuts are blood money. people will die. let's be very clear. senate republicans are paying for tax cuts for the wealthy with american lives. >> reporter: the bill written in secret to try to get 50 of 52 republicans to vote yes. within an hour of its release, cause for concern. >> at this point, it looks like we're keeping obamacare, not repealing it. >> reporter: republicans want to have a vote next week. >> it doesn't get better over time. >> reporter: four conservative republicans publicly oppose the draft. >> the intention is not to take down the bill, the intention is to make it better. >> reporter: their version at odds with moderates. >> i'll do my best to push back as hard as thelt puy will push their side. >> reporter: for a president who
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said he wanted more heart and promised he wouldn't cut medicaid? >> this bill covers fewer, charges them more, and gives them a poorer product for that coverage. >> and the president wasted no time reacting to the four gop senators who on coucould block from a win. >> they are four friends of mine and i think that they will probably get there. we'll have to see. health care is a very difficult situation. >> a vote on the bill is expected by the end of next week. now to that severe weather that left a path of destruction as what was trochpical storm ciy now depression terrified stranded vacationers. >> very scary to be laying in bed and the house just shaking all around you. >> the storm spun off a tornado which hit fairfield, alabama with 120-mile-per-hour winds tryitr destroying buildings and spending debris flying that
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nearly impaled a woman. fortunately there were no serious injuries from the storm. a liquor store there was demolished, but you oddly enough, two shelves were amazingly left standing right there relative ofly undamaged. in pennsylvania, the storm unleashed massive flooding and led to one man's death after he was sucked into a drain pipe. the floodwaters even knocked train cars off their tracks. the aclu is calling for an investigation after releasing a dash cam video of a 22-year-old plan being arrested wouldby mina police. they call it a textbook case of excessive force and a warning here, the video is disturbing. and the text was overlaid by the aclu. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. get the [ bleep ] out of the car. >> the aclu claims the arrest
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happened after an off duty officer called another officer to say the suspect was driving aggressively, that the driver accelerated at the officer's car. the driver was counts of assault with a dangerous weapon. law enforcement say the video viewed in a vaking i'm shows only a short vegment of the incident that is the basis of the criminal charges. they added that it would be inappropriate to comment further on a pending case. in ohio, an emotional good-bye for otto warmbier, mourners turning out to pay respect to the american student who died just days after being released by north korea. now a community is rallying around his family. katie beck has more. >> reporter: finally home, and laid to rest. a last good-bye to otto warmbier, his hometown of wyoming, ohio feeling the loss like small towns do. >> didn't have to have otto in
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your home to feel like you've lost a piece of your family. >> reporter: where that wraping every post and tree with the high school colors, the school where he gave this graduation speech four years ago. >> i wish that there was a way to to know that you were in the good old days before you actually left them. >> reporter: today the site of his funeral. his brother and sister speaking, his tan jacket on display. >> i beg for forgive fls. >> reporter: the warmbier on trial in north korea, imprisoned for 17 months for allegedly stealing a poster and sent home in a coma. warm i his cause of death still a mystery. >> north koreans need to be held for account for that. >> reporter: remembering his spirit and that smile just before his arrest. >> he was going to set the world on fire, which is why the slos so profound. >> reporter: a loss shared deep within a community.
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>> each ribbon is like arms wrapping around the warmbiers. >> reporter: a loss hitting close home. katie beck, nbc news, wyoming, ohio. bill cosby it seems is ready to hit the road. less than one week after the sexual assault trial resulted in a hung jury, his team announced that he's announcing a town hall style speaking tour, to educate young people will miss behavior and sexual assault. 130s pers cosby has repeatedly denied any and all sexual allegations levied against him. it was a is sticky situation georgia. she veered into fresh wet concrete to avoid and on coming truck. and it ended up getting stuck in the quickly drying cement, so now she's blaming the county for negligence. >> there are no cones indicating
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that you have wet concrete. there is protocol that they have to follow to see to it that incidents like this don't occur. >> construction workers had to use a jackhammer to remove her car. more heat warnings out west and over 70,000 arks bucres bur utah as they battle the blaze from the ground and air after doubling in size in just the past 24 hours. and now a busy bill karins. >> and it's all about tracking cindy and the big heat wave. hooef here heavy rain between shreveport and louisiana, about 24 million people at risk of flash flooding. and this little section here near atlanta was just added, so we're probably about 26 million to 27 million people at risk and that is portions of 13 different states. heaviest rains in the blue, this is early saturday morning just north of d.c. to new york are and this is during the day today from tennessee to areas of kentucky. and i mentioned the heat. hundreds in texas to 113 in the
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de h?
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or longer what pain? advil. 41 days after tweeting that james comey better hope there are no tapes of their conversations, the president comes clean. it's a revelation that comes after an avalanche of developments that all seemed to stem from that tweet 41 days ago. hallie jackson has the details. >> reporter: more than a month after a mystery he made himself, president trump putting to rest revealing he has no tapes of talks with the fbi director he fired. in a carefully phrased tweet, he writes i did not make and do not have any such recordings. six week after implying he might have. quote, james comey better hope that there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. >> why the game? >> i don't know that it was a
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game. >> reporter: no games and no regrets his spokesperson says about the original tweet which set off a 41 day stretch unlike any other in a modern presidency. the tweet may 12th led james comey to give his memos he says to a friend that following monday to share publicly hoping that would trigger a special counsel. it did. may 17th. and now according to a former intelligence official, an investigation into whether the president tried to obstruct justice in his conversations with comey. tapes could have helped prove it. or not. >> lordy i hope there are tapes. >> reporter: the president and his team letting the question dangle for days. >> you will be very disappointed when you hear the answer. >> the president has nothing further on that. >> when he's ready to make that announcement, we'll let you know. >> in the end/he said battle, director comey has memos to back up the conversations.end/he sai director comey has memos to back up the conversations.
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fast forwarding this friday, former president george w. bush and laura bush will host a forum in washington, d.c. to discuss ways to improve the lives of veterans and their families. the boston red sox will retire big papi number 34 in a pregame ceremony before tonight's game against the l.a. angels. and it's take your dog to work today, though you might want to check with your boss first. it was started back in 1999 in as a way to encourage dogged a topgs. remember right after the election president trump cheered saving hundreds of jobs at an indy carrier plant? jenna has an eye-popping update. >> good morning. last december, bpresident had promised that he had saved many more from being moved to mexico and it now looks like of 600 jo
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are on a chopping block. this is a reminder to check the fine print. carrier is still within the rules needed to ensure that it can keep the government's $7 million incentive grant. i'll hand it back to you. >> gemma, thank you so much. just ahead, star wars announces a new director for their spinoff film, but it could be a new hope. and things get wild in the wild when two bucks battle it out. your friday trendinger er tstoe next. look at them go at it. like walking. hey, honey. dad, where's the car? thought we'd walk. he's counting steps. walk, move and earn money... goal! dad... hey, we wanna welcome everyone to the father daughter dance. look at this dad, he's got some moves! money you can use on out-of-pocket medical expenses. he's ok, yeah! unitedhealthcare
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do you go to the doctor when you get sick? >> yeah, they should. >> we'll play musical chairs. whoever doesn't have a chair at the end doesn't get health care, okay? >> okay. ♪ >> i want to get health care. >> no you have to keep walking. >> oh. okay. okay. oh, see, now you don't have health care. >> i want to get health care. >> you have it, he have doesn't. >> how come if i lose i don't get health care? this. >> that's the question we're all asking. >> just to boil it all >> that's the question we're all asking. >> just to boil it all down.s. >> that's the question we're all asking. >> just to boil it all down.. >> that's the question we're all asking. >> just to boil it all down. >> that's the question we're all asking. >> just to boil it all down. >> that's the question we're all asking. >> just to boil it all down. >> now i understand it all. >> academy awards winning filmmaker ron howard is taking
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over the director reins for the next star wars blockbuster. this is after the previous directors left the project over their creative differences with the screen writer. filming will resume mid-july. the perspective release date is may 2018. >> people were really excited about this. >> i know. >> i mean you just have to not ruin it. >> well, it's ron howard. >> you won't ruin it, right. it will be fine. well, we have some seriously wild videos that will actually make your morning a little brighter. first take a look at these wild bucks going antler to antler in a full-on brawl. like they are playing patty cake. wow. impressive. i didn't know they could stay up on their behind quartehind quar long. manage the trash talking. >> this is my favorite. >> dallas news captured zola bust youing some impressive twirls in the kiddy pool.
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you like that better? >> that is my favorite. how is he not getting dizzy? and this is not in a loop? i mean literally he's spinning around and around, but not stopping at all. >> i'm going buck wild instead. >> you tell us. tweet us, instragram, which is your favorite. even more entertainment coming to you at the box office this weekend as the transformer franchise hits theaters. the last night oig staknight st hopkins. it's expected to have record low earnings for its opening weekend. >> the opposite word of buzz is what it is for that movie. vehicle ke crick crickets. still ahead, the three habits to prevent alzheimer's. plus one takes it on the chin to set a new world record. new charmin ultra soft!
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top pick. philadelphia fan celebrate the sixers taking the number one pick in the nba draft. health care protest. people opposing the health care plan target a pennsylvania senator's office in pennsylvania. good morning to you. this is nbc 10 news today. >> we're going to feel the effects of cindy this morning and throughout the day. get right to meteorologist bill henley. most accurate forecast in town. yes, indeed. no longer a tropical storm. kicked up a lot of moisture in
4:29 am
the atmosphere. moving to our area this morning. likely see thours and thunderstorms this afternoon. right now dry in the philadelphia area. see the rain moving our way. some heavy downpours expected this morning. strongest storms possible this afternoon, and, again, tonight and tomorrow. right now we'll stay dry for the next couple of hours. those showers, some will arrive in time for the morning commute. coming along with that wet weather. steamy conditions. humidity so high. temperatures warmer this morning as a result. 77 degrees in philadelphia. 77. the clouds come in at 7:00. showers at 10:00 will drop as temperatures a couple degrees. brief drop in the wet weather. this afternoon the number gosh up into the 80s this afternoon. close to 90 in some neighborhoods. the showers and thunderstorms going to b the day. break it down hour by hour with the future cast. show you when you can expect
4:30 am
them in your neighborhood. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> watching the roads in new jersey this morning. 295 to start. here's cameras just around black horse pike. moving through the work zone over here. everything looks good. 12 minute trip. do watch for construction just past this point. on the southbound side at least the southbound and the northbound ramp. from 295 to that area where you get to schuylkill or 76 towards 676. those ramps are closed. probably closed until 5:00 or so. and hopefully lift them up early. big closure in place. construction project has ramp closed. also watching the also schuylkill not 76 in jersey. watching the eastbound side 12 minutes from blue route to vine. 12 minutes on opposite side too. speeds into the 60s. mass transit checking out okay. all running on time with no reported


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