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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  June 23, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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them in your neighborhood. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> watching the roads in new jersey this morning. 295 to start. here's cameras just around black horse pike. moving through the work zone over here. everything looks good. 12 minute trip. do watch for construction just past this point. on the southbound side at least the southbound and the northbound ramp. from 295 to that area where you get to schuylkill or 76 towards 676. those ramps are closed. probably closed until 5:00 or so. and hopefully lift them up early. big closure in place. construction project has ramp closed. also watching the also schuylkill not 76 in jersey. watching the eastbound side 12 minutes from blue route to vine. 12 minutes on opposite side too. speeds into the 60s. mass transit checking out okay. all running on time with no reported delays.
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erin and vai back to you. robbery in delaware ends with chaos near philadelphia international argumentative. >> two men in custody. men robbed a t-mobile store and led police on a high-speed chase across two states. once in philadelphia you can see the path the suspects took driving off 95 on to an airport access road. police say they crashed is through a median and both got out and ran. i hopped the median and ran across. i saw all the cops running after them. falling, busting their butts. >> this video shows one of the men in custody with his hand behind his back. police also caught the other robber. state police say despite the chase and the crash, no one was hurt. >> later this morning. the 76ers new number one draft pick will come to town. officially introduce markelle fultz to the city. >> with the first pick in the
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nba draft, the sixers select me. >> says he's ready to embrace the city of brother-in-law love. >> this is a dream come true really. all the hard work i put in going forward i'm looking forward to going to the organization and giving it my all. one thing i want to do. and off the court i want to give back to the city. >> second year in a row the sixers picked number one. thousands of fans who gathered at this draft party are celebrating. hear what they think about the pick. p veil has been lifted in a health bill. here are some highlights. proposal includes medicaid reductions, defund planned parenthood, eliminate obama mandate that requires
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individuals to purchase insurance and offers tax credit to help people afford their insurance while cutting taxes for the wealthy. demonstrators who oppose the plan are holding a 24 hour health care vigil outside the office. a special message for the senator. a plane. carrying a banner read health care not wealth care flew overhead. >> the spectacular failure of this plan that was predicted has in fact come to pass in pennsylvania. we have premiums that have gone up 120%. 40% of pennsylvanians have a grand total of one choice. >> the plan doesn't completely strip away obamacare. states cannot opt out coverage for preexisting conditions and kids can stay on insurance until age 26. more on the plan and what it
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means for your family. live report from washington ahead at five. 4:34. first time hearing from a juror in the bill cosby sexual assault case. >> breaking silence about the emotional deliberations that lasted 52 hours. pittsburgh area man did not want his name or face shown in a lengthy interview. he revealed the jury was deadlocked from the beginning. the jurors said the case came down to credibility. he believed cosby. had doubts about his accuser andrea constand. >> very, very honest from his side. you could believe from his testimony what he did, but not f from hers. >> also new questions about whether a court spectator recorded a portion of the trial. montgomery officials are investigating a possible recording and images taken from an overflowed courtroom.
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yesterday businessman muhammad ali read texts that he said received from williams. . some discussed the vacation with him and his girlfriend. in exchange he helped have years times at the airport when travel. could testify today. williams has pleaded not guilty. also happening today the state senate local government committee will hold a public hearing on philadelphia's soda tax. local businesses and workers are expected to talk about how the beverage tax is hurting them. mayor kenny has encouraged anyone who has benefitted from the tax to come and show support. rev from the tax goes towards citywide pre-k. community schools and parks and reck reration. >> today official wills hold a ground breaking ceremony. the new bridge will run from the
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stadium to south wilmington. we will have two travel lanes and a bicycle and a walking path. the bridge is expected to relieve congestion in the area and approval travel around the attractions. good news driving to the shore this weekend. cape may county. set to reopen around 3:00 this afternoon. bridge connects avalon and sea aisle city. closed for repairs for about two and a half months. happening this weekend not the end of the road for philly's own woboys to men. for the creative and performing arts will be renamed boys to men boulevard. ring to it. on july 4, grammy winning try owe will be honored. just the start and part of the week long wawa welcome america
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festivities. spring y bring you that live right here on nbc 10. any day is a good day for a ball game. >> baseball is everything. that's all i ever want to do. >> but for this life long philly's fan, it was a wish come true. all thanks to the team and local nonprofit. plus following up if any charges have been filed of the case of a car towed in philadelphia with a little girl inside. >> it's like a scene out of a movie. storm clouds are real. they were captured on video right here in our area. 4:37. sit steamy this morning. 77 degrees. otherwise dry. that changes this morning. rain is moving in. we could see storms during the day. take you through it hour by hour with four neighborhood forecast just ahead. ♪
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checking on the roads. watching for construction. and through center city. not right now. had we're closed. not closed in between broad and the schuylkill. that's where we typically have closure in place. right now smooth sailing through east and westbound. both directions are open. heading to new jersey. here's route 70 in cherry hill. around cameras on kings highway. looks good now. moving through the intersection. roads dry. very empty. how we like them early in the morning. watching the 42 freeway north and southbound to the 55 walt whitman bridge. very easy drive right now. speeds into the mid 60s there. seeing about a minute increase. nothing going on there. 42 freeway looks good. throughout jersey the majors look good too. updates on the rest of the roads when i come back in ten minutes. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. 20 minutes before 5:00. see the clouds starting to roll into the area. mostly cloudy day and at times during the day, going to need your umbrella. first of those showers will be here this morning. not far away now. easton dry along with allentown. philadelphia and wilmington. you can see the wet weather that is moving through south central pennsylvania and into maryland. that's going to be moving in this morning. first of it arriving during the morning commute. that's not going to be all of it. there are more showers lining up to the southwest. much of this is coming from what was a tropical storm. if you look closely you can see what's left of the storm system. winds down to 15 miles an hour. seeing very heavy rain in arkansas. moving slowly. this system is going to have an impact on our weather not only today, but this afternoon and tonight and into tomorrow as the
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showers you can see to the west heavier downpours. those come in during the morning hours at 9:00. look at the rain coming down to philadelphia and into south jersey. going to temporarily drop the temperatures. really going to heat things up and likely lead to more showers this afternoon and possibly thunderstorms. these could be strong thunderstorms popping up with heavy downpours into this afternoon and evening. 88 degrees this afternoon and into the evening hours. weekend forecast when below
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weekend forecast.
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used in center city. these big belly exact terrcompa are supposed to save the city money. controller says that's not happening. hasn't done a cost benefit study do see how much they've actually saved. big bellies could be a liability. street department said that's not true. they save about $360,000 a year. >> new details on a story we
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brought to you yesterday morning. no charges will be filed against a philadelphia repo man. towed away a minivan with a little girl inside. happened outside domin and ches girl's mother is a deliver driver for the pizza shop. went inside left the girl sleeping inside the minivan. the repo man had no idea there was a little girl inside. >> got out of the truck and checked in and i didn't see a child. later find out that child was underneath a sheet. >> police found the little girl safe and still asleep in the minivan. she was reunited with her mother. county by county coverage begins in delaware county. >> that's where police are searching for four men who broke into a family's home and hour's later broke into the family's business as well. these surveillance videos were taken outside the family's deli on woodland avenue. investigation say the four men burglarized the deli around
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midnight saturday. about nine hours earlier, police believe the same men ran sasack the family's home. >> whether or not to limit allen town's mare yor to two terms in office. overwrote a veto. a referendum will now be on th november ballot. >> creating a task force that would figure out the cost savings is headed for a full house vote. delaware has 19 school districts. proponents of the bill say reducing the number would mean administrates. >> in philadelphia, weekend of brews and barbecue. alamerican taking over the park through sunday. games, have a deejay, o mannin. best part all the activities are free. >> the largest free jazz festival on east coast continues today in delaware.
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29th annual dupont jazz festival. high and mighty brass band will take the stand tonight. festival wraps up tomorrow. 12 minutes before 5:00 a.m. early morning check of the roads and specifically 95. >> here's jessica boyington. >> we're watching 95 right now right around girard avenue. looks good so far: southbound right here. moving towards center city. see a 13 minute drive time. good amount of cars on the road right now. nothing backing up from woodhaven road to the vine. average speeds into if 60s and a 13 membership drive time. also watching the bridges. now we're on standby for an opening over the burlington bristol. scheduled for 5:25. about a little over a half hour to wait for that and start to see delays on either side of the bridge for that opening. tacomy palmyra is clear.
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wat right on the line where center city and old city connect. walnut street still blocked between fourth and fifth street. keeping eyes there and moving through the city. vine street expressway open. smooth sailing on the east and westbound. updates for you when i come back in ten minutes. thank you. check out this impressive video from crest beach taken by nbc 10 viewer. shows dark and ominous storm clouds rolling overhead. this is wednesday afternoon. yikes. >> that is wild. >> check in with meteorologist bill henley now. storm clouds, are we going to see them today. >> this afternoon especially. we will see rain this morning. heavier showers and thunderstorms will likely be this afternoon. grab your umbrella if you're heading out the door. dry right now. start to make out the clouds as the skies are getting a little bit brighter at this hour. live view there the marquee ta
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l lafayette hotel. steamy start. 77 degrees right now in philadelphia. even where it's in the 60s. see high humidity and south jersey in the 70s for most neighborhoods. pitman at 76 degrees. also 76 in florence and robbinsville. starting off. warm into the 80s. mostly cloudy day. get showers and thunderstorms. and the humidity just keeping pumping into the area because of the wind forecast. that's a southwesterly wind. that's bringing in the moisture and helping to build up our heat again this afternoon. for the rain, you're going to have to wait a little bit. not all that long. see it's just to the west moving through central pennsylvania. so we'll start the morning dry, but those showers will start to move in during the morning commute. and there's more wet weather all the way down to where the center what was tropical storm cindy is spinning just south of memphis. i'll continue to spin moisture into the area not only today, but into the weekend.
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you can see the heavy downpours to the southwest. that's where we could get topical downpours. look at the rain moving. the suburbs as well. that swings through during the morning hours and quickly as it moves in by 10:00 in the morning, it is moving out. with those downpours, we could see some localized flooding. we have a first alert for saturday morning for all of the sburns. new jersey and delaware accept the beaches and accept the jersey shore. from 3:00 in the morning to 10:00 that's exactly timeline i showed you on the future cast that shows downpours coming through which may lead to localized flooding, but as crummy a start as saturday is going to get, it's going to turn around nicely in the afternoon and turn beautiful for sunday. here come the storm saturday morning, saturday afternoon, 89 degrees and still steamy on
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saturday. lehigh valley and 80s at the shore. showers clear out in the afternoon. that's typical for this time of year. humidity comes way down on sunday. some of it continues into next week as well. look at that with the ten day on ten in the next half hour. >> just have to get through today. thank you, bill. under arrest. a man who called himself dirty old santa gets caught. allegedly doing something that lived up to his name. plus, are you kids safe at the mall? a mom from our area is calling for change nsds a local mall after a peeping tom recorded her teenage daughter in a bathroom.
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good morning.
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jessica boyington with you right now. watching our cameras around the blue route. usually see quiet routes on friday. especially the start of summer. people take three-day weekends. have our eyes on the roads for you. next update will be around the 5:00 hour. >> thank you, jessica. disturbing story from delaware county. a man dirty old santa is facing charges for attempting to lure who he thought was a 14-year-old girl for sex. william mckinley was arrested after an under cover sting. police say the 56-year-old made plans to meet an undercover cop. police say he was a seasonal employee at a macies in philadelphia, but can't confirm if he played santa. police in bucks county are warning to be on the lookout for a peeping tom. targeted a girl inside a bathroom room.
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saw a mans hand come under the stall holding a phone. she screamed and the man ran off near the food court. we spoke with her mom. >> to see your daughter shaken like that and your angry. you know, i mean, it could have been worse. you know and all of us parents you just never know. >> we are not identifying the girl's mother to protect the child's identity. police say a witness who saw the man run off will be key to this case. in new jersey, lawmakers are moving forward with a measure to expand the state's family leave law. the assembly passed a bill that would increase family temporary disability benefits from six weeks to 12 weeks. it would also increase the amount of weekly benefits someone could claim. the bill still needs approval in the senate. also in new jersey, a bill to legalize the sale of sparklers and novelty fireworks is on the way to the governor's desk. the law would allow people to
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buy items like smoke devices and trick noise makers. bill has been approved by the house and the senate. >> hundreds of local students now have scholarships from the police athletic league. 200 young adults were honored during a luncheon. scholarships are awarded to students who maintain a high grade point average and actively participate in pail and the community. perfect day for a spray ground. water filled playground with showers and jets opened yesterday in la knee ta park. first spray ground in county'sp $125,000 grant. helped pay for it. >> it's packed too. >> something you might be interested many with your kids. >> now is igo hold to have your wishes granted. >> got to see the philly's game thanks to a local team and nonprofit group. >> all set.
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>> suffers from prostate cancer. 80-year-old veteran hadn't been to a philly's game in two decades. yesterday, the twilight wish foundation arranged a trip to the ballpark so he could see his favorite team. the group makes wishes come true for seniors throughout the u.s. >> serve and honor the elderly who oftentimes are ignored in our society. >> baseball is everything to me. that's all i want to ever do. >> so great to ever see that. after playing varsity baseball at syracuse university. enlisted in marines and then went semi pro. >> got a bag of swag. good for him. nice job. tracking storms, nbc 10 is giving you a first alert as the remnants of tropical storm cindy
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move in ahead of the weekend. >> airport scare. robbery and high speed police chase ends coming to a smashing end at philly international. >> and preventing alzheimer's. doctors reveal the three good habits that can protect your memory. it the friday. let's get right to bill henley. first alert neighborhood weather forecast. >> it is steamy. so humid outside. pumping up overnight. feel we've been talking about this coming all week. and also, we're getting clouds moving in to the area. no rain just yet, but it's on the way. in fact, it will be moving into wilmington. dry right now in wilmington, philadelphia, redding and allentown. first of that rain arrives during the morning commute. doesn't look heavy may run into
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downpours later this morning, but especially this afternoon. showers and thunderstorms from what was tropical storm cindy. right now we're seeing the steaminess and high temperatures at this hour. we should be in the low 60s this time of year. 77 degrees in philadelphia. 60s for some of the suburbs. lehigh valley 72 degrees. this afternoon won't be an all day rainfall. breaks of sunshine. more storms later today. break it down hour by hour. show you when the storms are most likely to hit your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. first see how the traffic is moving on a friday morning. so far moving really great. bill on route 73. maybe you're heading down the shore. now is definitely a good time to go. not seeing rain come down


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