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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  June 23, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm erin coleman. believe we're getting rain throughout the morning and thunderstorms later on. let's check in with rain will move in this morning, but it's not here yet. you can see it's just to the west. it's moving through. just inching into hairs burg rr this hourg. rain showers this morning. not all morning long and it's not going to be all afternoon either. the chance of showers and thunderstorms will be here this afternoon. we're seei ining some sunshine the lehigh valley. 71 degrees right now. clouds take over at 8:00. rain arrives in lehigh valley. still showers around in the 11 to 12:00 hour. middle 70s 67. numbers come down a little bit as the rain moves in. temperatures take off in the upper 80s. this very humid this morning.
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steam stays with us right into the afternoon. we'll be in the 80s. going to feel like it's the 90s. later on a chance of showers and thunderstorms that threat will be around for the shore as well. break it down hour by hour and show you when the storms are most likely in your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. first, friday morning. see how the traffic the moving. jessica boyington with an update. >> right. right now we're watching the schuylkill right around the vine street expressway. this is actually on the westbound side. have a disabled vehicle here. police officer just pulled up behind this guy here. quite a sticky spot there. little built dangerous when cars are coming around the ben right here. looks like this cop is pushing this guy over to the shoulder. at least to get him out of working lanes especially when we're getting right to the beginning of rush hour. that vehicle is being pushed out of the way there. watch that just in case. that's going oever into the shoulder. we'll be there a bit. also watching disabled tractor trailer on the connector bridge.
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heading over to bristol. heading westbound there. see delays approaching that there. blocking the center lane. lanes are all closed right there. heading over to burlington bristol. on standby over the tacomy p palmy palmyra. we have breaking news this morning coming out of london. new details into the investigation that killed at least 79 people last week. london police now say the fire started in a freezer. officials also say insulation and tiles on the tower failed fire safety tests. now to top stories we're following for you here at home. >> police have two men in custody following a robbery and a chase across two states. authorities tell us the men robbed the t-mobile store in n castle and led police on a
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high-speed chase into southwest philadelphia. there, they drove off 95 through bushes on to an access road at philadelphia international airport. police say they crashed through a median and then got out and ran. hospitalized the median and ran across and i just saw all the cops running after them. they were falling and busting their butts. >> video shows one of the men in custody shows hands behind his back. police also caught the other robber. state police say despite the chase and crash, no one husband hurt. seth williams corruption trial continues today following testimony from one of the key witnesses. yesterday businessman ally red texts he sent and received from williams. some discussed of a vacation for williams and his girlfriend. prosecutors say the trip was part of an agreement between williams and the man in exchange the philadelphia district attorney helped him have an easier time clearing customs at the airport when he traveled. they say williams put him in touch with a police chief
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inspector who helped at the airport and he could testify today. williams has pleaded not guilty. also happening today the state senate local government committee will hold a hearing on the soda tax. local businesses and workers are expected to talk about how the beverage tax is hurting them. mayor kenny has encouraged anyone who has benefitted from the tax to come and show support. rev from the tax goes towards citywide pre-k. community schools, and parks and recreation. this morning taking a closer look. >> it would replace president obama's affordable care act. medicaid reductions, defunds planned parenthood, eliminates the obamacare mandate requiring individuals to purchase insurance and offers tax credits to help people afford their insurance while cutting taxes for the wealthy. meanwhile, here in philadelphia, demonstrators who oppose the plan are in the middle of 24
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hour vigil. demonstrators outside the office of pat toomey. had a special message for the senator. plane carrying the banner reading health careless not weal >> the spectacular failure of this plan that was predicted has in fact come to pass in pennsylvania. we have premiums that have gone up 120%. 40% of pa yennsylvanians have a grand total of one choice. >> doesn't completely strip away obamacare. can't deny based on preexisting conditions and kids can stay on insurance until they're 26. new from overnight. north korea denied it crewly treated or tortured. held captive for nearly a year
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and a half. for allegedly stealing a poster. north korea sent him home to the u.s. in a coma and died just days later. that was on monday. the declined an autopsy and the cause of his death remains a mystery. warmbier was laid to rest yesterday in his hometown of wyoming ohio. mourners wrapped trees and polls in town with his high school colors. his brother and sister spoke at the funeral and the tan jacket he wore during his trial in north korea was on display. 6:06. president trump says he never recorded any conversations with fired fbi director james comey. insinuated he had. in a pair of tweets yesterday. the president wrote with all of the recently reported electronic surveillance intercepts on masking and illegal leaking of information, i have no idea whether there are tapes of recordings of my conversation with james comey, but i did not make and do not have any such
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recordings. >> i've seen the tweet about tapes. i hope there are tapes. >> that was james comey as he testified before congress earlier this months. the former fbi director said during private conversations, trump asked for his loyalty and suggested he let go of the investigation into former nsa adviser michael flynn. days after firing comey the president tweeted comey better hope there are no tapes of their conversations. >> today delaware officials hold a ground breaking ceremony for construction of a new bridge over the christina river in wilmington. run from near stadium to the south wilmington. bicycle and walking path. expected to relieve congestion in the area and improve travel around the river front attractions. good news driving to the shore this weekend. ocean drive bridge in cape may county is set to reopen around 3:00 this afternoon. the bridge connects avalon and sea aisle city. been closed for repairs for
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about two and a half months. eight minute after 6:00. clouds moving in just as the sun is coming up. view from here at nbc 10 studios. no rain just yet. dry in delaware and new jersey. those are clouds over the entire area this morning. and even into wilmington too. there are some thin spots yes, getting a little bit of sunshine. you can see it in the view from the stadium. the sunshine is going to take a break this morning as rain moves in. the temperatures, they've come down a little bit. still steamy outside. warm for this time of year. 76 in philadelphia. 13 degrees above normal for this time of year. usually can find some temperatures in the 60s and suburbs. not this morning. we'll warm into the upper 80s in the suburbs in fact the entire area with the exception of the shore and the delaware beaches will warm to upper 80s.
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need your umbrella. wet weather is streaming our way. lines up way into the deep south. this is the remnants of tropical storm cindy spinning moisture our way. first of it arriving this morning. dry right now. see the rain is making some progress. the first very light showers moving into lancaster county. here's how i go hour by hour. 7:00 this morning. few showers moving into chester county at that hour with the heavier downpours to the west. the spotty showers will be around at 10:00. see some rain showers in delaware and south jersey. some moderate showers for redding and allentown and into the suburbs. philadelphia you get some rain drops too. not going to be a heavy rainfall. most of the morning we're going to get a break from the rain especially in late morning hours. noontime. it will be dry. start to see clouds break. temperatures are really going to pump up during the day. heat and humidity that's already here, fueling more showers and a possibility of thunderstorms this afternoon. this is 4:00 this afternoon.
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the lehigh valley getting some of those storms and then philadelphia during the evening commute into the suburbs trenton too could see showers. getting breaks of sunshine and steamy conditions in delaware and south jersey. grab your umbrella. occasional showers this morning. philadelphia, for the suburbs and lehigh valley. all in the 80s, but it's going to feel like it's in the 90s this afternoon. clouds building and delaware too. a few showers this morning. then a chance of storms in the afternoon. and new jersey, you'll see the clouds and some showers between 8 and noon. a break, see some sunshine and a chance of afternoon shower or thunderstorm. that's a little less likely in new jersey and evenle less like of storms this afternoon for the jersey shore. watching the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. one seven day for each part of our area. shows more wet weather tomorrow, and, in fact, we could see heavy downpours tomorrow morning before it clears out and nice
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weather arrives for sunday. >> may not be a great day if you made plans for outside, but on sunday it's going to be gorgeous. little concerned about saturday morning. shds issued a first alert. could see some tropical downpours could lead to localized flooding saturday morning. big improvement saturday afternoon. yes, sunday. beautiful. >> we'll take that. >> thank you very much, bill. stay ahead of the storm with free nbc 10 app. get instant alert. you'll know the minute a weather threat will hit your neighborhood. 6:11. let's find out now we've learned about the weather. find out how the roads are looking. >> not wet so far. that's good. >> that's good for now. going to see rain later on in the morning commute. now is the time to go before you start to see real sticky situations out there. watching the vine street expressway. camera right around eighth street. here is westbound. moving towards the schuylkill. here's eastbound towards 95. no problems connecting the two
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right now, but we are watching a disabled tractor trailer jackknifed tractor trailer causing pretty big delays westbound. from new jersey to the pa line at the connector bridge for the pa turnpike. from that point from new jersey to there, we are seeing some of those delays moving westbound. that's over to the center lane. allowing traffic to move through right now. very slowly at that. watching out in dover for a crash. lanes are closed there. we'll check in with the bridges last. we'll start here on the tacomy palmyra. middle of the opening is scheduled for 6:05. burlington bristol following an earlier opening all back down and clear. time now 6:12. still ahead, a list star's controversial comment at 6:45. actor who joked about assassinating the president. plus, protecting your memory. straight ahead. doctors lay out the three things you can do to reduce the risk of
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alzheimer's disease. and too much for a young soul. the parents of a teenager post obituary that places blame for daughter's suicide.
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heavy rain ahead. bill henley timing for wet weather coming up in just a few minutes. family of a pennsylvania teen who killed herself is addressing the people they say bullied her. >> family of a 15-year-old said she died by suicide as she struggled from being bullied in her obituary they said saydy was in counseling and taking counseling, but it was too much
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for a young soul to live with. also wrote to the bullies saying please know you were effective in making her feel worthless. superintendant say teachers are trained to recognize possible signs of bullying. >> social media has taken this outside of the cafeteria and hallway into the public where we have little jurisdiction. >> the funeral will be held tomorrow. >> nbc 10 digital team made unpress tented effort to highlight the effort of suicide and raise awareness in the community. new report says three good habits to be practicing now if you want to reduce your risk for alzheimer's disease and dementia. first panel of experts say you should control high blood pressure. especially in middle age. next exercise, panel says you should do resistance training or aerobic exercise two to three
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hours a week. and finally do memory training. use special techniques like knew monic devices to help you remember things like phone numbers, names and dates. we should get on the memory train for learning phone numbers, but right now we're going to start on the boulevard. watching around broad street we have a disabled vehicle on the northbound side. looks like a tractor trailer that's involved in this. i'm seeing reports saying that this road is closed. the boulevard is closed on the mb side. that's not the case. we're not going to report that here. there is one car or so at a time getting by. you can see there will be big delays moving behind that anyway. either way, big delays on the boulevard headed northbound. not closed. traffic is getting by. see the southbound side moving by slowly there.
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also watching for this disabled tractor trailer coming from new jersey from the new jersey turnpike area to the pa turnpike. so over that connector bridge watching that on the westbound side. looks like they're even saying it's closed right now. i wasn't hearing if that was closed either. i'm going check with that. big delays from new jersey to the bristol side. you might see some big problems there with that tractor trailer blocking the center lane. dover watch for crash on route 1 southbound between route 8 and exit 95. all lanes closed there. middle of an opening for tacomy palmy palmyra. tak i used to ha-- >> it's, but you're going need your umbrella. >> yes, you'll be able to test that coming up in about an hour
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and a half. >> go drive around the parking lot. >> you have the app on your phone. it will tell you when it starts raining. tell you minutes before it starts moving into your area. moving out the door right now. see a little bit of sunshine. live view of loews hotel in center city. clouds are going to takeover this morning. we'll get to see some sunshine this afternoon. right now cloudy skies. boulevard is completely dry. rain will be moving in this morning. chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. all day long, steamy conditions. we're in the 70s right now. so muggy outside. the numbers that are in the low 70s are going to be in the upper 80s this afternoon. not an all-day rainfall. get breaks of sunshine and that's when these temperatures will take off. 73 in lumberton. as far as the wind is concerned. this is what's driving the humidity into the area. it's a southwesterly wind. winds up to 13 miles an hour. philadelphia. 15 miles an hour winds in wilmington.
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keeps pumping the humidity into the area today and boost temperatures this afternoon. see it for yourself. two lines here. temperature line the forecast heading us into the middle 80s at least we get a little bit more sunshine. that could go to upper 80s. it's going to feel warmer than that all day long. the high humidity will make it feel like it's in the 90s this afternoon. this little dip in the temperature that happens this morning that's the rabbi that moves in this morning. and as it breaks we get the big warmup this afternoon. first showers to the west. first line of showers that will be here this morning. swing through and look right there. drying out. we'll get a break. not going to be raining all morning long and, certainly, not all day. more wet weather into the deep south and right there the remnants of sidney tropical depression. minimal winds. a lot of moisture. occasional showers tonight. tomorrow morning early in the morning. 3:00 see wet weather to the west. heavy downpours race to the area.
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then move right on out of here. quick downpours. enough rain coming in with tropical downpours we issued a first alert for pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware. exception of the shore and beaches from three in the morning. ten in the morning. see the downpours. could lead to localized flooding. standby for wet weather. showers this morning. chance of storms this afternoon and evening. get those downpours tomorrow morning and then here comes the beautiful weather. much less humid for sunday. highs weather sticks around. sticks around i guess that's the wrong word to use. humidity stays low for monday and tuesday and wednesday. then it gets sticky late next week. come thursday and friday and saturday and sunday. chance of more showers and thunderstorms. vai. >> thank you. in their own name. philly's own boise to men will be honored. plus this. 76ers select markelle fultz. >> a city? celebration. the sixers newest star and
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festival being held in wilmington. high and mighty brass band take the stage tonight along with other acts. festival wraps up tomorrow. weekend of brews and barbecue. all-american barbecue taking over the park through sunday. there are games. deejay, and, of course, chefs are manning the grill. the best part, all the activities free. protesters of if new health care bill continue through the night. outside of pat toomey's office. more on their concerns and what message they would like to send
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to the senator when i come back. >>. also ahead. mother's outrage after peeping tom tarted her daughter at local mall. key in this case that could help catch them.
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in the state that invented the american vacation... a legendary adventure awaits. heroes will rise. bonds will be forged. and memories will be made to last a lifetime. new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer trip at
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tropical troubles with the aftermath of cindy. remnants are about to bring us a lot of wet weather. >> self described dirty santa. police staying at local ice cream shop foiled this meet up with a young girl. behind the doors of the jurors in bill cosby trial gives us inside look at what happened in the deliberation room.
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>> >> welcome to nbc news today. what's left of tropical storm cindy is heading our way today. left a path of destruction across the gulf coast. tornado linked to cindy destroyed buildings in alabama. closer to the coast the big problem was the flooding. remnants of the storm are expected to drench parts of tennessee, kentucky, west virginia. moisture moving into our area. meteorologist bill henley tracking the impact for us. >> already seeing the clouds ahead of the showers. showers will be here this morning. heading out the door right now. anywhere, easton, philadelphia, jersey shore, grab your umbrella. see some rain this morning. the chance of storms this afternoon. the rain is inching to the east. not just arriving in hairs burg. moersly light rainfall. we will see umbrellas going up. rain sweep s into the area this
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morning. arrives during the commute and a chance for thunderstorms develop this afternoon. right now dry across the board. the lehigh valley, new jersey, the suburbs, the clouds are building over king of prussia. 73 degrees right now. the rain moves in this morning. and there's a chance we'll see some thunderstorms scattered thunderstorms with this first batch of showers and then that chance will be back this afternoon. in between the rain this morning, and the thunderstorms later this afternoon, that's when the temperatures will take off. upper 80s this afternoon. the humidity will feel like the 90s today. break it down hour by hour. show you when the storms are most likely to reach the neighborhood when i'm back this ten minutes. first, see how the traffic the moving on a friday morning. jessica boyington with first alert traffic. >> seen better days right now. watching the roosevelt boulevard here. cameras on the northbound side. approaching broad street. not sure if it was animal accide accident to start. looked like a disabled vehicle. originally was reported a disabled truck. as you can see here, it's over
6:33 am
to opposite side. left-hand side of the street. earlier it was blocking right lane and right shoulder and seeing one car at a time move by. then reports it's closed. i've never seen it closed yet. everything on the side. seeing one car go at a time. now to the right land lane. looks like balance on the scene. fire truck there as well. police activity still one car at a time squeezing by the north side of the boulevard. near broad street. big slowdown there. look at the opposite side there. southbound side a little slow. also sky force ten on the way to the scene here. hopefully get views of it from the sky here. we're dealing with disabled tractor trailer from the connector bridge of the new jersey turnpike to the pa turnpike in bristol. big westbound delays there. >> thank you. we are continuing to follow breaking news out of london this morning. we have new details about the investigation into that high-rise fire that killed at least 79 people last week. london police now say they are
6:34 am
considering manslaughter charges in connection with this inferno. also reveal the fire started in a freezer. insulation on the tiles on the tower failed safety test. showing disgust with republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare. staked out outside the office in old city throughout the night. senate republicans unveil the long kept secret plan yesterday. opponents have been quick to voice their concerns. >> here are the key points of the overall. proposal includes medicaid reductions. defunds planned parenthood. eliminates obamacare mandate requires individuals to purchase insurance and offers tax credits to help people afford insurance while cutting taxes for the wealthy. live for us. new reaction this morning, pam. >> reporter: the group has only grown since we saw you last.
6:35 am
earlier we spoke to a man who said his medication cost $25,000 a month. making he couldn't afford if the new health care bill passes. every person you sea standing there has hair own reason why they're here. take a look at this. this is the message that flew over the senator's office yesterday. it says health care not wealth care toomey. the woman behind it is a mother of three. she's from bucks county. said the senator hasn't held a town hall since 2013. part of the frustration. demonstrators say they would have liked for the naert to take time to meet with them and listen to their concerns ahead of the vote. several groups not confident that would happen staged a 24 hour vigil outside of the office. they lined bodies in chalk. highlighting the wide ranging kbhakts cuts to medicaid would have. we spoke to a woman on the front lines of the opioid epidemic. very concerned with what this means for a lot of people. particularly how the new bill
6:36 am
could impact the progress in the fight against hiv aides. >> it's really devastating to look at this bill and see how it's basically engineered to fundamentally create tax breaks for the wealthy at the expense of the marginalizemarginalized, there's been a complete failure of government to be open and honest about this process. >> at least half of the demonstrators have been here since overnight. counsel woman is going to be coming down here this morning. giving them coffee ahead of an 8:30 rally this morning. reporting live in old city, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. 6:36. coverage of the new health care proposal continues on the "today" show. coming up. live taking a stand against his
6:37 am
parties proposed bill. >> a man who calls himself dirty old santa is facing charges for tempts to lure what he thought was a 14-year-old girl for sex. arrested william mckinley after an undercover sting. say the 56-year-old made plans to meet an undercover cop. posing as a girl at an ice cream shop yesterday. say he was a seasonal employee at a macy's in philadelphia, but cannot confirm if he played santa. police in bucks county are warning other departments in pennsylvania and new jersey to be on the lookout for peeping tom who targeted a teenage girl inside a mall bathroom. the girl told police she was in a stall at the oxford valley mall tuesday afternoon when she saw a man's hand come underneath the stall holding a phone. she screamed and the man ran off near the food court. we spoke with her mom. >> to see your daughter shaken like that and you're angry.
6:38 am
you know, it could have been worse. all of us parents you just never know. >> we are not identifying the girl's mother to protect the child's identity. police say a witness who saw the man run off will be acquit in this case. now, a followup story we brought you yesterday morning. no charges filed against the philadelphia repo man who towed away a minivan with a little girl inside the van. girl's mother was working a pizza delivery job and had left the child sleeping in the van. the repo man said he had no idea the child was in there. found the little girl safe and reunited with her mother. 6:38. sun has been up for more than an hour. seeing sunshine in the cape may. also clearly see the clouds moving in. it's dry right now. that live view from the hotel likely see some rain this
6:39 am
morning. very light rain drops may not be reaching the ground to start with. that changes. the steadier light rain is moving just to the south of harrisbu harrisburg. that moves in this morning for the morning commute. not going to be all day rainfall. hour by hour forecast shows 8:00 this morning. some showers sweeping into the area. some downpours are possible at 9:30. moderate showers for trenton into south jersey and for berks county as well. first line of showers swings past cape may and atlantic city as well. by noontime today, noon, just a few spotty showers. will be drying out and with some breaks of sunshine possible this afternoon, the temperatures will be heating up. never going to clear out completely. afternoon heating will all the steaminess will lead to showers this afternoon. chance of showers during the evening commute as well. more likely get storms developing for this evening. so not an all-day rainfall. steamy conditions. heat listen with us all day.
6:40 am
76 degrees right now. rain this morning. and then the heat is on this afternoon. it will feel like 92 degrees at 86 degrees at 4:00. chance for afternoon thunderstorms for philadelphia and suburbs as well. get some rain this morning. drop temperatures into the shore. warming to the 80s. 82 with a chance of thunderstorms will feel like it's close to 90. lehigh valley sunshine fading this morning. see breaks of sunshine this afternoon. showers this morning and then a chance of some late afternoon thunderstorms and that thunderstorm threat continues into the evening hours. for new jersey, a bit of rain this morning and mostly cloudy this afternoon. the steamy conditions make it feel like it's in the 90s later today. at the shore, get morning rain. comes through at 10:00. drying out in the afternoon. more and more sunshine late in the afternoon. delaware, right knew it's dry. we can see the clouds already building. showers this morning, then we'll be watching for a chance of thunderstorm this afternoon. and if you've been watching if
6:41 am
seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen. 170 for each part of our area. shows the wet weather is going to intensify for tomorrow. look at that with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. >> see you then, bill. 19 minutes before 7:00. just waking up and jumping in the car to head to the northbound lanes of the boulevard towards broad street. better think again. >> here's jessica boyington. route 1 on the northbound side is around broad street now we have disabled truck over here. that's actually over into. >> i think we're having problems with jessica's microphone. meanwhile, remember the inmates who helped save prison guard when he collapsed this week. they're getting rewarded. up next, how much sooner they'll get out of prison for their good deed. plus a big wish came true at citizens bank park for a long time fan. that story straight ahead.
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a juror broke his silence nearly a week after the judge declared mistrial in the case. the pittsburgh area man did not want his name or face shown. in a lengthy interview, he revealed the dujury was deadlocd from the beginning. 52 hours of deliberating was very emotional. crying from both men and women. juror also said the 79-year-old cosby appeared feeble and a retrial would be a waste of money. >> personal feeling is whatever the man did, he has already paid his price. paid, suffered. >> the da has decided to retry the case.
6:46 am
bill cosby could be back in court on the same charges as early as this fall. meantime, cosby spokesman said the comedian is planning a summer motivational speaking tour. to talk about what he says are the dangerous of the judicial system. new this morning. actor johnny depo causing controversial. >> when is the last time an actor assassinated a president? and maybe it's time. >> actor john wilks booth assassinated lincoln in 1865. now to a follow-up story we told you about earlier this week. six inmates in georgia are getting sentenced shortened by about 25% after they helped save
6:47 am
the life of a guard. men were on a work duty at a cemetery when the guard suddenly collapsed. instead of taking off, removed bulletproof vest and gun holster to help him breathe. then called 911. thanks to quick response, the guard is doing objection. could soon, but a rush for 76ers tickets after last night's draft. >> new number one draft pick will come to town to be officially introduced. >> with the first pick in the 2017 nba draft, the philadelphia 76ers select markelle fultz. >> and the crowd goes wild. last night the sixers selected markelle fultz with the first overall pick. the team is putting the tuch of the process in the hands of the young point guard. and fultz says he's ready to embrace the city of brotherly love. >> i'm looking forward to going
6:48 am
to this organization and giving it my all. give it my all and off the court i want to give back to the city. >> it is the second year in a row the sixers picked number one overall. thousands of fans gathered at the draft night party in northern liberty. they were celebrating. look at all of those people out there. jumping around. all excited. >> tell you what, we're trusting the process of our weather to meteorologist bill henley. we will not be jumping around so much today. so steamy. happy to have him in town. rain arriving in town. that happens this morning. chance of storms this afternoon. already turning cloudy. there's a bit of sunshine, but it's going to fade in the short-term. breaks of sunshine this afternoon. that's a live view from the comcast center. dry right now. not going to take long before the first rain moves in. temperatures moving up. 76 degrees in philadelphia.
6:49 am
should be in the 60s this time of year. this hour of the day. much warmer than normal. steamy too. at the shore, steamy conditions. cape may point 73 degrees in atlantic city. here comes the rain. everybody is going to see rain this morning. first of the showers just starting to move into berks county. very light rainfall. expect the first rain drops are just reaching into redding right now. steadier rain, dover and lancaster and that's what's going to be moving in this morning for the morning commute. sweeps through the area. see a break in the rainfall. not going to be with us all morning, but there's more wet whether and it can be traced to right there. remnants of tropical storm. not just a tropical depression. minimal winds. tremendous moisture. we will see showers this morning. and then this afternoon, this evening, more showers in our area. in fact the chance of showers stays with us overnight tonight, but some of the heaviest downpours, tropical downpours.
6:50 am
will be coming at us first thing in the morning tomorrow. that's three in the morning. look at 6:30 in the morning. heavy downpours. delaware, south jersey. it's going be a fast mover. late in the morning. 10:00 going to be out of the picture. enough heavy rain. issued a first alert for the tropical downpours. pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. with exception of the shore and the beaches from three in the morning to 10 in the morning on saturday. those heavy downpours could leads to some localized flooding. showers this morning and chance of dramatically more comfortable on sunday. first summer weekend. monday, nice weather continues. low 80s with low humidity for monday, tuesday, wednesday.
6:51 am
then, heat and humidity typical of summertime come back on thursday. more storms possible next friday, saturday, and sunday. about 9 minutes before 7:00. launched sky force 10 over a big crash. let's hear more about it from jessica boyington. >> we have sky force 10 over the top of the scene right now of a jackknifed tractor trailer. clearly a fedex truck here. coming from new jersey to connector bridge pa turnpike. moving from burlington township, burlington county and heading to the bristol area connecting the new jersey turnpike and pa turnpike. this is what we're seeing right now. huge backup and delay behind this. a lot of true trying to get this out of the way too. one car or so at a time moving through. that's a very busy connector right there. see huge backups there. . this is westbound. moving from the jersey side into the pa side over to the pa turnpike. huge delays there.
6:52 am
you can see a little bit of a mess involved with that also. now we're also seeing really bad delays here. over on the roosevelt bloovd. approaching broad street. look like camera resetting. important to look at. actually looks like they took part of this car out of the way. now a second ago what i was looking at was a car had a wheel up into the center median. almost at a facility there. looks like it collided with that truck that was involved also. earlier they were over into the shoulder of the northbound side here. then they moved over into the other shoulder closing down all the lanes. now they're trying to get this out of the way. all northbound lanes are shutdown on the roosevelt boulevard. big delays there. heading southbound on the other side too. switching gears to three summertime attractions that will be open for the first time for you this weekend. >> first, be able to ride this ferris wheel at the blue cross river rink summer fest. this is video of what it looks
6:53 am
like when it's all lit up. the 60 foot high wheel opens to the public today. part of the mid wayway which also features a carousel and games. newest beer garden open for the first weekend of summer. on the walk behind sugar house casino. along with brews and cockta cocktailincocktails, soak in the view of the bridge. spray ground with showers and spray jets now open. it's the first spray ground in the county's park system. a $125,000 grant helped to pay for it. happening this weekend, definitely not the end of the road for philly's own boys to men. they'll get their very own street in philadelphia. for the creative and performing arts will be renamed boys to men
6:54 am
boulevard. >> about time. >> heck yeah. on july 4 the grammy winning trio will be honored. it's part of the week long wawa welcome america festivity that we are going bring it all to you live right here on nbc 10. >> that's exciting for all of us involved in it. can't wait. >> can't wait. now to a sign you're never to eeold to have your wishes granted. >> this man got to see the philly's game. take a look. suffers from prostate cancer. hasn't been to a philly's game in nearly two decades. the twilight wish foundation arranged a trip to the ballpark to see his favorite team. makes wishes come true for seniors all throughout the u.s. >> serve and honor the elderly
6:55 am
who oftentimes are ignored in our society. >> baseball is everything to me. all i wanted to ever do. >> looks like quite a fan magnet there as well. got some gear. after playing varsity baseball at syracuse, enlisted in the marines before he played semi pro. >> great to see that. we're back with a final look at your weekend forecast.
6:56 am
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that all men and women are created equal. we must want our fellow human beings to have rights. stonewall means fight back. stonewall means fight back. discover new york state's rich legacy of equality. plan your trip to our equal rights destinations at good morning. jessica boyington with you right now with breaking news. sky force ten live over top of the scene out on the pa turnpike in new jersey turnpike connector bridge. we have a disabled and jackknifed tractor trailer here. a miss spilled as well. one lane or one car at a time.
6:59 am
crawling by so this is connecting new jersey heading westbound towards the bristol area. we'll see some pretty big delays there. this isn't the only breaking news we have today. we're also watching the roosevelt boulevard on the northbound side right here. right around broad street. we just opened up a northbound lane right now. so one car or so at a time moving through this accident scene here. and a southbound lane closed as well. clouds are moving in grab your umbrella. the rain is just starting to inch into the area. see the the steady rainfall to the west of wilmington. getting light showers now into berks county, chesters county and now mobt gntgomery county. first of the rain. temperatures in the 70s. rain showers this morning. and thunderstorms possible this afternoon. not going be an all-day rainfall. scattered showers and thunderstorms into tonight and tomorrow heavy downpours in the morning. sunday a quick turnaround. sunshine, not as had the and much less humid to end the week.
7:00 am
>> okay. local updates throughout the morning. always get realtime news weather and traffic on the nbc 10 app. >> thanks for watching. today show starts right now. >> have a great weekend. good morning. on life support? the gop senate health care bill already facing major opposition. leading the charge, four republicans, including senator rand paul. so, is there any chance it passes? we'll ask senator paul in an interview. danger spreading. cindy pushing farther inland, one day after pouni inpounding h with torrential rain and spawning tornados. today's flood threat stretching from louisiana all the way to pennsylvania. breaking overnight. north korea denying it tortured former detainee otto warmbier, calling itself the biggest victim in his death. as


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