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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  June 26, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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ten day on ten a little later this half hour. first jessica boyington has your traffic. start on route 309. camera around the pa turnpike. both directions look good and empty for the most part. only minor delays. septa and other than that. everything on time. new from overnight, police are looking for the person who drove their car right through a crime scene. at almost 60 miles an hour. happening today learn more about the develop health care plan and impact on you. nonpartisan congressional office will release report as the senate gets ready to vote. nbc 10 joins us li s live in di
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operation center. give us cost on the health care bill. senate health care bill we know is similar to the house bill. difference it includes additional funding to stabilize the obamacare health insurance exchanges and so far there are no penalties for people who do not have health care. the score of the house bill projected 23 million being uninsured by 2026. democrats feared the new bill will only make health care problems worse. five republicans said they will not support the bill. over the weekend. donald trump told fox and friends he believes the majority party is going to get there adding they're, quote, not far off. they will need to sway some no votes to yes in order to pass the bill. something several lawmakers acknowledge will be tough. in the digital operation center. pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. pennsylvania senator pat
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toomey appeared voicing support for health care bill. there are a lot of misconceptions about the plan. emphasized medicaid will not be cut. also claims the bill provides generous tax cuts oriented towards lower income people. seth williams corruption trial move into second week. indited da accused of setting office by taking bribes and gifts from businessman. williams defense lawyer is challenging charges during cross-examination we'll have a live report coming up at 5:30. new from overnight. fire tore across the porches of two row homes on west seventh street and chester. put out heavy flames around 1:30 this morning. no reports of anyone hurt. at the jersey shore, investigator will be looking for the cause of this fire that ripped through three homes at a popular resort. ground and drone video show the
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flames and smoke yesterday. it could be seen for miles. fire broke out on two homes. witnesses said within seconds propane tanks exploded and the flames spread quickly. two homes destroyed. third damaged. everyone inside the houses did make it out safely. nbc spoke to homeowners and others shaken by the experience. >> i i hear someone yelling help. >> i thought it was going to keep coming to my next door neighbor, my house and the business. everything here has gasoline. >> eight fire companies helped put out the flames. fire chief told us vinyl material common lly used on new homes led to extensive damage. officials say a fireworkings fight led to fire spread to six apartment buildings. in connection with the huge fire
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hurt eight firefighters. two of the suspects admitted to having a fireworks fight shortly before the fire broke out. third suspect is accused of buyering the fireworks. >> marten shkreli accused of cheating millions. drained millions from former drug company to repay investors. sparked out rage in 2015 by hiking the price of aides medication by more than 5,000%. honor korean war veterans 67 years after the start of conflict. video of last year's simone. city councilman will lead this year's tribute at the korean war memorial. both u.s. and korean veterans pay tribute to the fallen.
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urged justices to lift bans by lower courts. a call for 90 day ban on issued visas for citizens of iran, sibia, somalia, yemen, who want to come to u.s. president trump will welcome prime minster from india to white house today. could be a challenging visit. india's prime minster is promoting a program called make in india. to encourage plans to build there. conflicts with plans to put america first by putting manufacturing jobs to the u.s. canoeing expedition begins today. part of the watership youth conservation program paddle for the next five days. head down the creek in the river and the delaware river and ending up in marcus hook. happening today part of wawa welcome america festival get
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underway in center city philadelphia. >> annual sand sculpture spectacular. artists have transformed piles of sands. into philadelphia icons. this year marks the 25th anniversary of the spectacular. this thursday begins the wawa six days of fun leading up to main event on 4th of july. free wawa welcome america concert and firework show dazzle the crowds on the park way. tomorrow and into wednesday. got beautifully comfortable weather ahead. clear skies yes. wind is light. humidity stays low during the day. delray and new jersey is prime for bright sunshine. and clear skies in wilmington
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too. sunshine warm temperatures into the 70s. lehigh valley at 56 degrees. mix of 70s in the suburbs. 58 degrees in unionville. pretty comfortable weather. this morning the humidity is going to stay low. that will be the case right on through the day today. the next chance we'll see any showers will come this evening and more likely in the northern western suburbs during the late evening hours. not during the day today. doppler radar stay clear. watching the sunshine warm temperatures up to 76 degrees in philadelphia. by 11:00. 80 degrees in 3:00 this afternoon. mostly sunni sky sunny skies for the suburbs. sunshine and the temperatures warm to 76 at 3:00.
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get close to 80 in lehigh valley. delaware sunny skies all day long. humidity stays low. 79 at 3:00 this afternoon. little bit of a breeze in new jersey. not a strong one. 10 miles an hour or less. dry air continues to flow in today and tonight as well. this afternoon 80 by mid-afternoon. 78 degrees at the shore. westerly winds warm the shore up as well. warm, comfortable. sunny today. that's going to change towards the end of the week. you may have noticed that. seven day noerk scrolling at the bottom of the screen. ten day on ten to show you lounge that lasts and what the 4th of july looks like when i come back in ten minutes. a lot of people making plans. >> 508. let's get you back to work. start with 95. favorite time of day just getting light out there. what are you seeing. >> not a lot of anything. a good thing. directions okay. relatively empty. windhaven road.
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moving to vine street expressway. speeds there into the 60s. not seeing problems there on 95. check in with pa turnpike too. route one to valley forge. add a 21 minutes trip there. speeds into the 60s. availabled vehicle. ones in abington. other than roads are quiet. updates when i come back. check in with new jersey. >> 509. tire trouble. people sneak on local church's property and leave a mess. why the effort to clean up got harder. going under. search for survivors. the video that catches the frantic effort to save passengers. independence day travel. what you need to know and why it may be easier on your wallet this year. >> emily: i want to live on my own
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but i know it won't be easy. how will i keep up with everyday expenses: rent, food, bus tickets? >> joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including emily. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >> emily: start saving to live independently today.
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parishioners from a philadelphia church. seven day event at the church. tells us more than 700 tires have been dumped on property last month. always happened late at night. street department agreed to pick up tires, but couldn't come on the property. the tires had to be moved to the side of the road. church says the tireses are a safety hazard. >> somebody could come and set these tires on fire and we would really have a big problem then. okay. so it was a hazard ta we needed to get moved and move immediately. >> the pastor tells us they'll be installing security cameras to keep an eye on the property. look at this scene at the jersey shore. . all that black smoke from a car that caught fire yesterday outside a house on 1th street. see the smoke from the beach. no one was hurt. >> rushed to side of overturned oil tanker when the oil caught fire and exploded yesterday.
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witnesses say people trapped in a fire ball more than 150 people dead. you can see the road and everything on it is completely charred. not clear how the fire started. and gay pride month continues with parades all across the inflammation. looking at annual pride march in new york city. politics mixed with celebration of diversity. organizers chose from it will civil lishlgt liberties union on the. chelsea manning former army intelligence analyst sentenced to prison for sharing classified documents. released last month. the officer who came out publicly as transgender tweeted she was honored to represent the aclu. cheaper to travel this 4th of july than it has been in years. >> five cents a gallon lower than last year. estimated americans traveling this season. 37 million of those driving taking full advantage of cheaper
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travel this year. >> easier to decide if we're going to drive versus fly. >> typically see prices raise. not the case for 2017. >> gas isn't the only thing travelers will find cheaper this year. airfares down 10%. now let's see how you're traveling to work this morning. >> let's check in with jessica. find out what's happening. where are you. 78? starting out in lehigh valley. right here around lehigh street. 78 looking at that point. actually looks great right now. very empty. roads are dry too. seeing an easy commute so far. crash new into system out in north town. lafayette street. moving to new jersey. a traffic light, a traffic lights intersection right now. detoured around the scene there. the lawrence township. route one watch that in both directions around franklin
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corner road. moving to philadelphia. five minute trip. speeds still into the 60s. more updates when i come back. next one in ten minutes. >> thank you, jessica. this is just getting light. absolutely gorgeous out there. let's find out what's to come. most accurate forecast. 15 minutes away from sunrise. start to see a lot of sunshine. start to see the glow. cool temperatures. got them. 50s and 60s. delaware at 65 degrees. philadelphia at 68 degrees, but, park side, 59 degrees. 57 degrees right now in somerton. really comfortable outside. feel the different. 70 in port richmond right now. humidity is low. not going to change during the day. in fact temperature and moisture. showed you this a moment ago. this graphic shows the moisture going off the chart.
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down. that's very dry air. coming in. the bigger difference between that line and this line, more comfortable the weather is and, certainly, going to feel that for today. probably tomorrow and wednesday as well. what we won't see much of are clouds. doppler radar and satellite clear right now tlchlt is a chance we'll see a shower this evening. redding and allentown and possibly the philadelphia area. late this evening towards midnight tonight. not during the day. then later in the week we'll get some of this. showers and thunderstorms. as the humidity is set to come back. late in the week for the end of the week and also for the weekend as well. that's when we'll likely see showers and thunderstorms. 1:00 this rampbafternoon. nice and clear. small line of showers right there. chance of showers for us this evening. steadier showers for the heat and humidity to the west. have to wait until the end of the beak. standby for really nice weather today. during the day.
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81 degrees during the afternoon. humidity stays very low today, and, again, tomorrow. the chance of evening shower. tomorrow morning back to sunny sky asks comfortable weather. near 80 degrees in the afternoon and cooler on wednesday morning. the cooler it is in the morning. drier the air is. sign of very low humidity for wednesday, but look how that changes on thursday morning. 66 degrees below. high temperature 88 degrees. humidity will still start building along with the heat and then come friday and saturday and into sunday we could see wet weather. showers and thunderstorms possible on friday and likely on saturday with a few lingering showers on sunday. high humidity through it all. look at temperatures in the morning. 70s for each day. temperatures heading to low 90s. feel even hotter than that. drying out for 4th of july. not as hot. not quite as humid. chance of thunderstorms hold off and come into play next
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wednesday with high of 88 degrees. standby to enjoy. vai. >> thank you. enjoy this. this is a site you don't see every day. in michigan. that's a t rex in a kayak paddling down a flooded street. guy in a costume says he was just trying to make light of a bad situation. hundreds of athletes competed for nearly $20,000 in prize money. pottstown rumble yesterday. largest grass volley ball tournament. making a splash, the former vice president, the honor he's getting in a community. i saw a young person dangling. >> a daring catch saved a teen plunging from a ride speak out. >> tuning into facebook. the change the social media giant is making.
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5:23 this monday morning. record 6 million drobs across the u.s. open. employers aren't so quick to fill them. j across the u.s. open. employers aren't so quick to fill them. o across the u.s. open. employers aren't so quick to fill them. b across the u.s. open. employers aren't so quick to fill them. s across the u.s. open. employers aren't so quick to fill them. many say there's a skill gap in the labor force. says employers are after people with experience not people they have to train. takata filed for bankrupt last night. after a worldwide recall. landon dowdy here with that story. good morning, landon. >> good morning. airbag maker takata has filed for bankruptcy. largest filing ever for japanese manufacturer. company says it will be bought by u.s. auto makers key safety system for $1.6 billion. the takata still faces tens of billions of dollars in costs and liability resulting from
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worldwide recall of defective airbags linked to more than a dozen deaths. 36% of airbags recalled in the u.s. have been replaced. the company will continue to make and replace parts as well as offer compensation to fix them. we could seen be watching shows on facebook. right. tell us about that. >> that's right. if it's on facebook, it has it all. facebook may g going hollywood. social network is in talks with major studios to produce a tv quality scripted shows. facebook is reportedly aiming to launch original programming by late summer and willing to spend as much $3 million per episode. back to you. >> see what those look like. meantime futures are higher this morning. markets come off positive week. dow finished slightly down. nasdaq and s&p 500 were both up.
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skies are nice and clear this morning. temperatures are cooling down. see them turn around durn the day. live view from pence landing. from penn's landing. >> here's route 73. both directions now look good. no huge problems or delays. be updating you all morning. next update at 5:30. and da on trial. police official will take the stand in the seth williams corruption case. meeting at the center of the testimony. trapped in a burning home. young boy dice ies in a house f tell you about his father's frantic efforts to save him.
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food philadelphia deputy police commissioner testify in da corruption file. meetings he'll be answering questions about. sinking ship. all-out search for survivors after a boat carrying dozens of people sinks in colombia and all caught on camera. foremaner vice president joe biden getting a tribute today and honors his history in delaware. welcome to nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. going to be a great start to the week. first alert neighborhood forecast. couldn't have asked for a nicer start. humidity low and temperatures cool down. weave got 50s and 60s this morning. sunshine and temperatures will warm up nicely into the very low 80s this afternoon. that warmup starts once the sun is up. 77 a.m. temperature.
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64 degrees. then into the 70s by 10:00 this morning. look at the wind out of the west at 8 miles an hour. dry air coming into the play. going to stay with us all day today. nice warmup. sunshine. 80 degrees for new jersey. at the shore, close to 80 this afternoon. wind out of the west. upper 70s and low 80s. delaware and suburbs and philadelphia too. standby for nice weather. take you through it hour by hour. show you how quickly the temperatures climb in your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. start on the boulevard. roosevelt boulevard around 17th street. pretty empty for now. both directions look good. few cars or so at a time moving by. north and southbound there doing okay. crash out in norristown. lawrence township just a little north of trenton seeing traffic light malfunction on route one. right now the cross traffic situation the being


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