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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  June 27, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. >> let me show you the clouds that are left over. showers avoiding cape may. clouds overhead. starting to break. get closer to sunshine see fewer and fewer clouds. beautiful day all around. last showers move through wilmington, philadelphia, suburbs now in burlington county. not much left of the showers right now. no more thunder and lightning ended more than an hour ago. next round of showers. possible this afternoon. most of this is going to be falling apart or moving to the north. there is a chance we'll see an isolated shower this afternoon. right now cooling down. pretty place to start this morning. low 60s for chestnut hill. mount airy. park side. 66 in port richmond. northeast philadelphia is cooler. 62 degrees. 62 in parkwood. that's where we're starting. sunshine will get close to 80 degrees this afternoon for delaware. upper 70s in the lehigh valley. partly to mostly cloudy skies for the lehigh valley.
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isolated shower is possible this afternoon in new jersey. most neighborhoods will stay dry. and cape may, 75 degrees this afternoon. all around a pretty nice day ahead. break it down hour by hour. show you when you're most likely to see spotty showers later today and that's when i'm back in ten minutes. first, let's see how the traffic is moving. jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> watching where the schuylkill expressway system rights at the vine street expressway. they just turned the cameras around. looks like both sides open right here. starting to see cars move on to this vine. open and final closure at least so the westbound side and eastbound side, looks like they're back open. construction crew in the area. by the time you get out the door especially watching this at home right now. you will be fine once you get there. disabled vehicle on marion upper river road. checking in with 95. moving through delaware see accident construction this morning. 10 minutes north and south from 295 to 495. watch for lane loss on the
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northbound side. between route 258 and 41. ramp to 141 from 95 northbound is closed. vai and cat ti, back back to you. republicans try to rally support for health care plan. >> comes after new report for the office that says 22 million people will be without health insurance under the new plan. pamela osborne joins us live. republican senators threatening to vote against the bill. certainly enough it could doom it. >> reporter: that's right. republicans can only afford to lose two votes from party. right now three republican senators say they have serious concerns with the new bill. if passed the, the congressional budget office says 15 million more people would be uninsured next year alone. in a decade that goes up to 22 million people uninsured. raise deductibles and spending
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by 26%. in all the bill would save 321 billion by spending $1 trillion less on health care and using savings to repeal affordable care taxes. if passed, the human cost would be too high. could force people back to the er for treatment. >> we're putting off health care. getting sicker and therefore the cost goes higher. >> how could i pay for my hospital bills and glasses when i'm already worried about tuition for college and trade school. >> pennsylvania republican senator pat toomey responded to the report with a statement which reads in part, the senate should proceed carefully avoid overreacting to questionable predictions and stay focused on delivering our promise to move health care in a more consumer driven sustainable direction on behalf of the millions of americans who have been harmed by obamacare's broken promises. senate republicans hope to pass the bill this week. the next step to move the bill
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forward is a senate procedural vote. the white house is warning this morning after president syria is planning another chemoweapons attack. believed to have launched an earlier attack. 100 people were killed including 25 children. assad and the military will pay a heavy price for another chemical strike. president trump celebrating legal victory for executive ban. sprout superior court reinstated part of the ban. restrictions include a 90 day pause on issuing visas. it will justices also agreed it will lower court ruling cannot
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be enforced against anyone seeking a visa with a close relative here. coming here to teach, study, or coming to accept a job offer. >> very grateful for the 9-0 decision from the supreme court. we must keep america safe. philadelphia a local bar owner return to the stand in the seth williams corruption trial. yesterday testified gave gifts to the attorney in exchange for helping him get liquor license. top official pushed him to help a businessman williams said was being racially profiled at philly international airport. got expensive gifts from that businessman. defense argues they were simply friends, nothing more. live report coming up at 5:30. new overnight. police looking for the gunman who shot and killed a man in south philadelphia. 18-year-old victim shot in the back. later died at the hospital.
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investigators searching the area and talking with neighbors say they found more than a dozen shell casings. facing off over police shootings in philadelphia. last night there were dueling demonstrations in philadelphia's may fair section. on one side members of black lives matter. on the other people in support of police. members of black lives matter rallied out 15th district headquarters. used the sign and bull horn so police could hear them. standing up for people impacted by police shootings, that includes the jones family, two and a half weeks ago david jones shot by a philadelphia police officer. video of the shooting shows him running away and being shot in the back. police say jones had a gun. we want them to know we will continue to be back. we're going to continue to join forces. we're going to call for a change. we're going to do everything we can until this family gets
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justice that they originally deserved. >> across the street officers stood outside listening. neighbors also joined in standing in support of police. everyone wants to challenge the police. the investigation is still out. right or wrong, the whole police department shouldn't be smeared. >> there's a bill heading to pennsylvania senate to protect the identity of police officers after they've been involved in a shooting. governor wolf vetoed a similar bill last year. police at the shore hope a pair of shorts will help solve a mystery there. trying to identify a body that washed up on the beach. the man's body was found between 24th and 25th avenue around 9:00 sunday night wearing these shorts. officers say he's believed to be in early 20s. anyone with information on who he is is asked to call police. 5:07 happening today delaware lawmakers look at resolution banning gender
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discrimination in schools. consider the measure to call for protection for gender identity rights. call for the use of name and use of bathroom corresponding to gender identity. 5:08. calendar turns. start seeing a drop in the city wage staffer. we did the math, if you make $50,000 a year, save about $5. that safe savings will increase over time. cut the wage tax down to lowest rate in 40 years. eight minutes after 5:00. mostly cloudy view from frolly stadium in wilmington. seeing the clouds break over the nbc 10 studio view from here in the studios. few clouds. no showers. the showers have already moved out. and the temperatures have moved
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down. 50s to start with right now. unionville. 60s, collegeville at 61. 61 at. it's going to be a nice warmup during the day. less likely to see are any showers. moving out of the picture. still a few showers to the west. that will give us a chance of isolated shower this afternoon. most of the day is going to be dry. see sunshine and like yesterday, the humidity is staying low. here it is hour by hour. 7:00 this morning. 50s and low 60s. the showers moving out of the picture will be dry at 7:00. dry at 10:00 this morning. look at the clouds lingering in delaware and south jersey. more sunshine for the suburbs and into philadelphia. partly sunny skies for the lehigh valley. that he has clouds over south jersey and delaware will be thinning out during the day. that's going to allow the
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temperatures to warm into the upper 70s this afternoon for philadelphia. 75 in millville. that's at noontime today. 747 in pottstown. could go a little warmer in the afternoon. look out for isolated showers. really spotty showers possible this afternoon. 2:00 and even into the late afternoon hours. 4:00 might see a shower just north of atlantic city. cumberland county and a few isolated showers can't be ruled out for areas of the northwest. most of the day see sunshine and it will be dry. and it will be warm, but the real heat waits until the end of the week. with low humidity today's 79 degrees and another really comfortable day for wednesday. and the heat and humidity start moving right back into the area for thursday. look at the steam heat friday and saturday. temperatures racing into the 90s. over the weekend, likely to get some showers and thunderstorms too. show you which neighborhoods and when when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. see you then.
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10 minutes past 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. let's get a check on the roads and boulevard. >> jessica boyington is standing by. little dicey if anyone got out the door earlier with the rain and fog mpkts we're still watching wet roads too. see in the camera here around route 1 on the boulevard. right around fox street. both directions look okay. not seeing volume yet. still early for that. did deal with that construction both sides were closed. right now back open. which is on and off the ramp for slippery spots. pa turnpike looks okay. checking in with these drive times here. westbound and eastbound route 1 to valley forge. 23 minutes at the most. speeds into the 60s. end here on route 73 moving around the mount laurel area. looks good so far. see both directions are clear. back to you. a juror on the bill cosby case speaks out about what he
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says were signs of guilt. >> i was like you really just got caught red handed. >> what caused him to flip-flop during those long days of deliberation. and a new identity. first of its kind local program looking to help people by using different type of id. plus, digging for answers. officials looking to solve a decade old family mystery by exhuming the body of an iconic artist. before we take you to break, here's a look at events for the wawa welcome america celebration of which nbc 10 is a proud sponsor. at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag.
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at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price.
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and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. wait, what's going on now? you get a federal i'd card.
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you display a picture and residence information. would only function within city limits. >> what it does is really help to fill that void we're where so often we have seniors and young people and many people in between who don't have driver's license, don't have government issued ids. the id card would also help people open bank account in the city. weigh in before counsel votes. if approved it can go into affect later this year. >> cape may county, new incentive to prevent drunk driving. involving the program known as hero campaign. yesterday uber announced to partnership with the hero campaign for designated drivers. the program asked people to take a pledge not to drive after drinking. first 2,000 people to take the pledge will receive a discount for uber ride anywhere in the state of new jersey. vandals have began damaging
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historic sign in mississippi. someone peeled off pictures. black teenager captured and murdered in 1965. skrashed back in may. sign of one of several along the trail which highlights significant places and events of the civil rights era. repairs are expected to cost several hundred dollars. one of the most famous artists of the 20th century dug up in order to resolve a pra tenderty case. ( dali to be exhumed. if successful, she would be able to use his last name and share a portion of his estate and copy right royalties. >> let's get a check of the schuylkill this morning. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is standing by. you're kind of smiling. that means things are looking good right now.
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right now. not 6:30 yet. we're watching the schuylkill. right around route 202. everything looks okay. eastbound side. seeing delay right here. moving westbound. looks like just breaks up ahead. blue route to vine street expressway 12 minute trip. speeds in the 60s. not seeing problems on the schuylkill. a crash out in 295. northbound just around mount holly. just around exit 45. on the northbound side. you're feeling a little nervous right now. take it to new jersey turnpike. you will be able to get by the scene right now. 295 is not closed. have lane restrictions there with the crash. also watching the blue route. look at the drive times. 14 minutes or 15 at the most southbound side. schuylkill to 95. speeds to mid 60s. ending with bridges. earlier alternatiing lanes over the burlington bristol. that's all clear. go to go on the walt. 63 degrees outside.
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earlier this morning it was kind of a mixed bag. >> let's check in with first alert meteorologist bill henley. most accurate first alert forecast. >> showers, thunderstorms roll through. now seeing the clouds. live view from camelback mountain. mostly cloudy to start with. easton looking at clouds too. starting to thin out. clouds will linger during the day. mix of clouds and sunshine in easton. still a pretty nice afternoon. temperatures, 50s and low 60s. redding is at 60 right now. allentown at 59 degrees along with white wall. cool morning. going to be a pretty pleasant afternoon. sunshine and temperatures warm to 70s. very low 80s. somerton could hit low 80s. westchester, partly sunny skies. 78 degrees. slight chance of afternoon showers in the suburbs of the lehigh valley. most of the day you're going to look at sunshine and a few clouds up to 78 degrees in easton this afternoon. few spotty afternoon showers in
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new jersey. most areas will be dry and we'll see enough sunshine and temperature warming up and humidity low to make for pretty nice summer day. ocean city up to 81 degrees. 78 for atlantic city. look at wilmington. 79 degrees this afternoon. little bit warmer in smyrna. pretty nice looking summer day. showers and thunderstorms are out of the picture now. last few showers. just falling in northern burlington county. trenton drying out. getting a few rain drops. last showers have just passed by. now there's still a chance we'll see more showers in the picture this morning. see a little bit of activity just to the south of d.c. moving to the northeast. we might see a spotty shower in parts of delaware and south jersey later this morning. dry out for a few days. until we get to the weekend. and then the chance of showers will return most likely for sunday. now for today. 8:00 this morning.
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see partly cloudy skies. few sprinkles far to the south. most of the area dry by 10 or 11:00 this morning. few clouds spotted and then a spotty shower possible early this afternoon. see no heavy rainfall here and most of the day is looking good. weekend, heat is on and humidity too. chance of shower and thunderstorm for the lehigh valley. widespread showers and thunderstorms are possible on sunday for the area, but we have days to go before that rolls in. next few days looking pretty good. today and tomorrow humidity stays low. just a chance of afternoon shower and otherwise partly sunny today. and a lot of sunshine for wednesday. here comes the heat. humidity starts ramping up on thursday. look at the steam heat for friday. hot and humid with partly cloudy skies saturday back up to 92 degrees. here come showers and thunderstorms for sunday: dries out on monday. chance 4th of july will see spotty showers possibly a thunderstorm. and then partly cloudy skies with a chance of shower
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wednesday and drying out. still warm next thursday up to 87. deadly discovery. a father says he awoke to find his daughter dead. >> slow down. you said you were sleeping and you were woken up to two gunshots. >> called 911. mystery surrounding the case. pass the butter. huge lobster was found and the journey it almost went on. catching a ride. the new options ride sharing company giving you to make finding your driver a little easier.
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under one option comcast and charter would invest in sprint network in exchange for favorable terms to sell wireless plans on the carriers network. ride sharing service lyft is trying to make pickup service easier. explain. that's right. lyft wants to make your next pickup even more convenient. ride hailing service rolled out new suggested pickup feature. any time the app suggests a slight change in location that would change the rider time, it will suggest an update and how many minutes the change will save. and markets news, wall street could come under pressure with the open egg bell this morning. mixed session yesterday. dow snapping a four day losing streak. the nasdaq fell as tech stocksing stumbled. look for data today. dow rising 14 points to 24 .09.
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nasdaq fell. gifts for help. those are the accusations that will take center teenage at the corruption trial of philadelphia defense attorney seth williams today. >> and describing the debate, one of the jurors in the bill cosby mistrial opens up about why he flip-flopped during deliberations and the reason he thought cosby was guilty.
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brienchts bribery allegations. key wngs back on the stand in the trial of systems. what he says he got in exchange for gifts. flip-flop. juror on the bill cosby case opens up about the long deliberations and what changed his mind. >> gun decision. give the green light to allow certain former con vit


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