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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  June 28, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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just near 295 and more construction on the 95 northbound side. ramp to route 141 is closed. here's the new jersey turnpike. watch for some road work on your way to the delaware memorial bridge. yeda starting to see huge delays here. maybe some of that later on in your morning commute. for now nice and clear. updates for the rest of the morning. back in ten. wrabreaking major night, gr of teenage es becomes the target. 16-year-old girl in the hospital after suffering several gunshot wounds. matt delucia is live. what have you learned from police. >> reporter: police say the girl was shot at least five times in the arm. a lot of gunfire aimed at her direction, but she is in stable condition and expected to survive. take a look at the video. happened just after midnight.
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the 16-year-old was standing on the steps of a door with a frebds house. with a small group of 15-16-year-olds when someone came up and started shooting. police don't know if the particular girl was the target, but the shooter was indeed firing at this crowd. >> appears the shots were intentionally fired at this group not only was this female struck multiple times, two bullets entered a window of a house right where she was standing. >> now, detectives had been talking with some of the witnesses here. southwest detectives maj s over police don't know if the shots were fired from a car. a car was scene speeding off. hoping surveillance will help them find the person who fired the shots. for now live, nbc 10 news. new overnight. man is dead after two cars hit
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him in huntington park naked. police tell us a neighborhood hit the man as he stepped into traffic and an suv ran over him. both cars stayed at the scene. police are calling this an accident. police are on the hunt this morning for two teen girls behind an armed robbery string. >> targeted cab drivers and tourists. crimes are getting more violent. most recently stole purses from a woman and 86-year-old mother. elderly victim who speaks only spanish said she was hit in the arm with a gun when she struggled to hold onto her purse. >> translator: i didn't want to let go. i grabbed my little purse with two hand. i had money, my watch, some other little things. they even took my dentures that was inside. >> investigators say last week two people were robbed at gunpoint. police want you to look out for the pair. get away car is a dark gray
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hyundai sonata. investigators hope dental records or dna will help. found the bones digging at the site of a former laundromat. investigations believe they recall possibly adult remains. possibly female based on the pink blanket wrapped around the bones. family friends and neighbor plan to gather to remember a woman killed walking through a park in north philadelphia. vigil at 21st and lehigh. debra gulliver was knocked to the ground, beaten and stabbed early saturday morning. nothing was taken from her. we talked with her mother who says she'll remember her daughter for the joy she brought to her family and friends. the corruption trial of district attorney seth williams continues today after a main
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witness spent second straight day on the stand. gave the da trips to help him with liquor license. the defense argued the trips were gifted from a friend. wise told the jury he likes helping people and gave gifts to other politicians as well. williams is facing corruption charging for accepting illegal gifts for political favors. head towards the race for da in november philadelphia order of police has endorsed republican nominee beth grossman. board voted unanimously to back grossman over democrat. father or moth lawyer for bill cosby says the comedian won't be going on a speaking tour any time soon. town hall tour is likely to happen before he is tried on sexual assault charges in mont g gomry county. cosby sent out a tweet this
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morning disputing own spokeman's suggestion saying part of the tour will focus on sexual assault. the current propaganda that i'm going to conduct a sexual assault tour is falls. any further information about public plans will be given at the appropriate time. today jim kenny welcome to a meeting about manufacturing. northeast manufacturers employer forum will explore. more than a dozen local employers will be there. last week hosted mayor for a make unveiling ceremony. philadelphia signed a sister city agreement with frankford in 2015. newest addition to the park at 18th and when franklin parkway. philly now linked with 11 sister cities. 4:35. today philadelphia national airpo airport join wawa welcome e.
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philadelphia first world heritage city. celebrates world heritage site and part of the run up of wawa welcome america festival that begins tomorrow. plenty of things to do during the six day festival. see the fan sculptures at the shops at liberty place. saturday enjoy arts display at franklin scare and community days activities and free public music performances across the city. all ends with a night of music and fireworks at wawa welcome america on the ben franklin parkw parkway. crews started putting up the stage yesterday. waf the 4th of july concert at fireworks live on nbc 10. thieves stole thousands of dollars of equipment. >> how coaches are trying to save the season. 4:36. playing the odds. supreme court setting the stage for ruling on sports betting in
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new jersey. hitting the road for the holiday weekend. new report predicts record number of travelers over the 4th of july. you may like what you find at the gas pumps. and if you're looking for heat and humidity. have to wait for the weekend. not around today. another dry start this morning. beautiful view from chemicamelb not a cloud out there. first alert forecast just ahead. unlike ordinary diapers, pampers stay up to three times drier, so babies can sleep soundly all night. pampers.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you right now. first alert traffic and breaking news. amtrak service is currently suspended due to a track closure because of a pedestrian fatal. there were two individuals on the track around the d.c. area. now that suspension has occurred between washington, d.c. and philadelphia. also cancellations on the
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northeast corridor. keep eyes on that. going to update statement for us around 7:00 until morning. hopefully see some improvements by then. until then, we'll have updates for you all morning long. watching the vine street expressway cameras just around broad street. all traffic still being diverted off. westbound and eastbound for construction project in between broad street and schuylkill. should clear within the next 20 minutes. end here on 95. we're watching construction and a crash. 95 northbound around 295 as crash and some construction the northbound ramp to route 41 is closed. dive times for the most part good. updates on amtrak when i come back. now, you're nbc 10 first alert weather. 20 minutes before five. beautiful start to the day. 60s in philadelphia right now. 63 degrees and we'll still be in the 60s after the sun is up. not for long. 70s, later this morning, and for 80 degrees afternoon, finally today.
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southwesterly wind. just enough to keep the dry air flooding the area making for comfortable conditions in the suburbs. little cooler too. 54 right now. warms through the 60s this morning. 70s this afternoon. humidity stays low. goiunshine going to be a gorgeous day. makes it into the very low 60s at 8:00. middle 70s by noon and near 0 degrees in the lehigh valley this afternoon. sunshine will be nice and bright. beautiful day for whatever you have planned. 58 degrees right now have. 70 at 10:00. upper 70s this afternoon. see that north westerly wind stays below 10 miles an hour for most of the tday. just enough to bring the dry air. at the shore,s look at this. picture perfect. 60 degrees right now. sun is up at the 70s. some shore spots will get closer to the 80 degree mark. stays in the 70s today. delaware 57 degrees right now.
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very low 70s at 10:00. few scattered clouds after 2:00. no sign of near 80 degrees this afternoon for delaware. the trend is for warmer conditions. in fact, hot conditions as we go to the weekend. what a turn around and with these warmer temperatures, the humidity starts rolling back in. feel a little bit on thursday. really steams up for friday and saturday and those cooler temperatures slightly cool early temperatures on sunday come thanks to some showers and thunderstorms. may have noticed that. the seven-day forecast rolling at the bottom of the screen. take you past that and 4th of july with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. here's a look we're stories we're working on. >> not so pleasant invite in pleasantville. what police are doing to fight back. mistaken for a kidnapper. parents beat a man spotted walking away from the park with their daughter.
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police say it was all misunderstanding. buying love. how yo can own a part of philadelphia's iconic love sculpture.
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quarter to five this wednesday morning. county by county coverage begins. father and fiance of a suspect who police say was caught on video punching a man with seen rale palsy now both face charges. one perp arrested in under cover drug bust. official say baker fisher sold morphine. arrested son last month for punching a man in westchester. after that video was released. helped fiance avoid arrest for several days by paying for hotel room and paying for prepaid cell phone for him to use. >> familiar face in allentown. appointed a new bishop elect.
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worked in allentown diocese for more than 30 years. born and raised in easton. form formally ordained at the end of august. people who need medical treatment will have a new place to go in camden county. celebrated the opening of newest care center. center will start seeing patients a week from today. in a case of silicon valley. one of delaware's longest standing businesses unveil new headquarters in wilmington yesterday. new facility comes complete with new office spaces, full service kitchen and fully equipped workout center. hope the amenities will help them attract top talent for the state. honorsbird. for people more than 100 years old and there were a lot of them there yesterday. one woman told us the secret to a long life is loving people and loving god. in berks county, the redding city counsel is following up on
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complaints of parties after hours at the pagoda. historical landmark is supposed to close at dusk. one council member said he saw something as 20 cars parked there with cars blares. blocking traffic to the pagoda at dusk. triple a tells us this will be the most traveled 4th of july weekend ever. more than 44 million americans hit the road. same here in the philadelphia region. nearly 600,000 people expected to take trips. for those driving gas prices are projected to be at lowest levels in years this weekend. right now triple a reportings average $2.44 a gallon. $2.16 in delaware. 63 degrees outside. equity have breaking travel news. speaking of travel that involves amtrak this morning. >> bring us us to speed. >> what happened is out in
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washington, d.c. there was a fatal accident scene involving two pedestrians around the tracks. and one at the trains. now amtrak service is suspended due to a track closure in the area of that fatal now again it's suspended in washington, d.c., but between that point and philadelphia, some cancellations will also be put forth on the northeast corridor as well. said they're going to update us with another -- they're going to give us another update on this around the 7:00 hour or so. hopefully see better improvements before then. remember it's suspended that service for am track in between washington, d.c. and philadelphia. also watching the vine street expressway this morning. through broad street. we're watching this closure here. might be starting to get rid of some of the closure here. you can see flashing lights. police activity up ahead. traffic still being diverted off broad street. watching that for the next ten minutes or so. speaking of the schuylkill.
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here we go. eastbound, westbound, 12 minutes at the most from blue route to vine. speeds into the 60s. it's warmer in philadelphia than everywhere else. still cool. >> cooler than yesterday. >> temperatures running about 5-10 degrees cooler and nice and clear. don't see any showers in the forecast for today and looks like it's going to be beautiful whether into this evening. starting this view from the nbc 10 studios nice and clear. waiting for sunrise right now. temperatures at this hour clear skies very dry air. still falling. 63. there's the warm spot. philadelphia international. that is cool for this time of year. normally in the upper 60s at this hour. 50s for the lehigh valley. suburbs and delaware. south jersey 57 degrees. many neighborhoods. few spots in the 60s. audubon, cinnamon son. mount laurel. lumberton at 49 degrees in
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princeton. beautiful start to the day. temperatures climbing near 80 degrees. other line is the moisture line. look how low it goes during the day today. bigger gap, the more comfortable the air is humidity stays super low today. does return at the end of the week. so does the chance of showers and thunderstorms. for now dry with clear skies. not a cloud to be found. nice warm up. really comfortable conditions. trenton. philadelphia. wilmington. look to the west. thunderstorms moving towards the midwest. storms just passing oklahoma right now. those going to wait until later in the week. we'll see sunshine today and get some sunshine tomorrow. temperatures going to change and the humidity starts creeping back in tomorrow. today, nice is an understatement. beautiful day today. 81 degrees high temperature. possibly the nicest day of the entire summer happening today. >> what? >> yes, i know. 89 degrees tomorrow. humidity starts to creep in on thursday.
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heat and humidity and the chance of storms starting on saturday. better chance you'll see showers and thunderstorms on sunday. 88 degrees the high temperature. the storms take a break on monday. 92 there's and there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms for the 4th of july. i have to be honest. looks less likely today than it looked the last kouchl days. we may get out of the woods with chance of showers on tuesday. going to be nice for most of the day, but warm. showers and possibly some steady rain for thursday. another round of showers and heat and thunderstorms next friday up to 90 degrees. >> we have no objection to nice. we like nice. >> nicest day of the summer. man who witnessed a deadly police shooting in philadelphia is breaking silence. >> exclusive interview with that man who was in the suv with the kids when the shooting happened. nine minutes before 5:00. sixers number one draft pick says his good luck charm involves a certain fast food chain.
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only station to talk to a man who witnessed a police officer shoot and kill a man earlier this month. in the suv to talk to detectives about an unrelated case. that's when the officer stopped david joans for driving a dirt bike erratically. the officer tried to pat jones down. he broke free and ran. the officer first tried to use a
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t taser on jones. then fired three times. >> my daughter was sitting there in the suv like this. >> did you feel like your life was in danger. >> absolutely. >> philadelphia tells nbc 10 the investigation into the shooting is ongoing. four north jersey police officers suspended for kicking a man after a fiery crash are back on the job: the investigator and if incident continues. you remember this video the police chase and crash earlier this month. the jersey city officers were seen kicking a man who later turned out to be an innocent bystander. federal authorities say the investigation would be hurt if this disciplinary hearings against the officers moved forward. the suspensions were lifted. city spokesperson says the hearings will resume once complete. largest health insurer taking a step to curb opioid
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abuse. reduces the risk for addiction. lawmakers from our area are working to combat the heroin crisis. representative tom mccharter. and all part of bipartisan task force presenting nine bills to congress. address eprevention, treatment, and recovery. >> legalize sports gambling at racetracks and casinos. high court agreed to review a lower court ruling against it. could mean billions of new dollars in revenue for the garden state if it gets the green light. case argued this fall. police in chester township looking for thieves who stole thousands of dollars of equipment from a youth football team. shows the aftermath of break in. broken windows, doors and absolute mess on the ground. police say the thieves stole helmets, shoulder pads and trophies from the chester township team and their cheer
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squad. coaches told nbc 10 they recovered some of the equipment, but not all of it is usable. team starts practice next month. >> people are going to take our stuff. you are letting the team down. hurting the parents who paid for their kids to play. >> luhurts our kids a lot. >> the organization set up a go fund me page. go find on the website at or the nbc 10 app. after months of delays, plans to renovate a wilmington football stadium now back on track. bay nanard stadium. backed out when the city expressed concerns about other organizations having equal access to the facility and formed the team to explore other options. now the city agrees a public private partnership is the best option and will team on the city
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to make the renovations. people who visit philadelphia often want to get a cheeseste cheesesteak, but the sixers top draft pick has his mind set on another sandwich. markelle fultz said the chick-fil-a sand which is his good luck charm. >> really. >> could you make a delivery. have to make a run here. the sixers taken to google and happy to learn there were six restaurants in the flee region. tu turns the out the math was a little off. >> we've got more good news. there are actually eight locations around philadelphia. >> we're going to have to go and find out. >> how good that crispy chicken fillet sandwich is. make the case for your favorite philly food staple. what would you say to markelle fultz, you're in philly now.
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>> join the conversation on social media. addresses right there on your screen. peek -- speaking of local talent. >> taking tricks on honeymoon. i guess so. while enjoying boar ra boar ra with his new wife. he posted this coin trick to his social media account, but don't worry. see. spending a lot of time celebrating the marriage. 16-year-old hurt after bullets fly during a gathering with friends. vote delay. senate gop health care plan put on hold as opposition mounts. local effort to stop the bill. hitting the road. record amount on people set to travel for the july 4th holiday. what you need to know before leaving town.
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welcome to nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson. >> we heard bill tell us it's going to be a nice day today. let's get more of that. accurate nbc neighborhood forecast. >> getting a great start this morning. skies a clear. look at temperatures. yes, 63 in philadelphia. some of the suburbs have just dropped into the 40s. king of prussia clear skies. 54 right now. 72 degrees at 10:00. clear skies over new jersey. 55 degrees right now. 52 in lehigh valley and delaware. getting ready for sunshine. warm the temperatures. the wind is coming out of northwest. the humidity stays very low. going to be a gorgeous afternoon. 80s just about all around. one exception will be the jersey shore. looking beautiful there too. up t78


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