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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  June 30, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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break down all of the event and show you how you can mark the holiday. good morning welcome to nbc 10 today. i'm katy zachry. vie sithings have changed t morning. temperatures are warmer. 70s. when time of year we normally see morning temperatures in the 60s. inching up as we get closer to the weekend. 73 degrees. king of prussia mostly clear skies. few clouds in the distance. sunshine start the warmup. then into the middle 80s by 11:00 this morning. afternoon closer to 90s degrees. most neighborhoods will be close to 90 degrees this afternoon. sunshine for philadelphia, the suburbs, new jersey. 90 degrees inland at the coastline. on the beach. 80 degrees this afternoon. mostly sunny skies. lehigh valley you can see a few
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scattered clouds right now. clouds build this afternoon and late this afternoon and evening there's a chance of shower or thunderstorm, but not during most the day. and dry, but the humidity starts creeping up. 90 high temperature today. break it down hour by hour. quickly going to warm up in your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. today the july 4 travel rush is set to start as the holiday weekend kicks off. >> record 44 million people are set to take to the roads and the skies. and on the right we have a live look at the ac expressway from the service plaza. most people will be driving get ready for that traffic and on the left of your screen philadelphia international airport where you should also expect larger than normal crowds. let's get right over to nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. jess, how are the roads looking at this hour. looking fine right now. only the 5:00 hour or so. starting off on the roosevelt boulevard. not any of the shore traffic would be here right now. watching that around 17th
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street. let's get to 42 freeway. you head down the shore at some point today. where we're going to see big delays here is on the southbound side. later on in the evening commute. moving down 676 merge together to get to 42 freeway we're going to see big delays there. i would imagine it would start around the 3:00 mark or so. that might be a little early. either way you could probably get through at that time. 4, 5:00. end of rush hour. people get to the shore. really big delays there. no surprise. for now if you want to go that really is the time to go if you could get out of last day of work before the weekend. also watching route 30. here we are on white horse pike. all directions really good right now. roads are dry. we've been telling you it will be more crowded on the roads and rails than in the sky this holiday weekend. record breaking number of
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travelers will be on the move over a million more people are traveling this july 4th weekend compared to july 4th holiday last year. the increase is due to low gas prices and healthy economy. you leave earlier knowing that now. did not realize a lot more people would be on the roads. see if you can travel during offpe offtimes. >> more than half a million people from the philadelphia area are expected to travel over the next few days. today is another fun filled day for the wawa welcome america festival in the philadelphia. >> tonight families can enjoy a free concert and fireworks along the delaware river. live look now from penn's landing. philadelphia orchestra will perform. that begins at 8:00. then at 9:30 fireworks light up the sky over the water front. there's a lot more happening across the city. free museum night at eastern
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state penitentiary. explore america's most historic prison beginning 5:00 p.m. tonight. and today's go forth and learn event is all about the spirit of ben franklin and free fun for children. kids learn about technology and experience programs at pen park. that event is from 12 to 4 at the ace adams field. all morning long, breaking down the wawa welcome america events happening over the 4th of july holiday. also get updates on the free nbc 10 app. and we're covering breaking news in south philadelphia. part of a home came crashing down. the red cross is right now helping four families find shelter after the row home they were in partially collapsed. nbc 10 was on the scene along fifth street. the front of the three story house came down around through this morning and there are concerns that more of the homes could collapse. no one was hurt in that initial collapse. did ask a neighbor about what
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happened. like a lo . >> like loud. like coming down hard. direct us to get out of there. came out and saw bricks and debris everywhere. and turn around looks like a hole. it was like wow. >> licenses and inspection officials on the scene now. 5:05. top story, the other top stories we're following for you this morning. police across the region are looking for the driver who murdered a chester county teenage in a fit of road rage. >> just graduated from high school in west ocean township. police say she was driving on route 100 wednesday evening merging to a lane with another driver when the man shot her in the head. police are looking for this faded red pickup truck. described the driver as a man 30-40 years old. medium build and blond or light brown hair. seth williams in jail this morning and out of job after
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pleading guilty to corruption charges nearly two weeks into federal trial. here's what we know about the plea deal. williams admitted to one count of bribery related to gifts from bucks county businessman muhammad ali. could serve a maximum sentence of five years. pay $250,000 fine as well as restitution. brought you the breaking news yesterday that williams changed plea. hours earlier signed a letter he was resigning of da effective immediately. took him away in handcuffs after admitting taking illegal gifts in exchange for favors. team of prosecutors had this reaction. >> we need to move on and that's just the next step and we continue and want to do that. the courtrooms were staffed yesterday and staffed tomorrow. >> williams could get up to five years in prison at his sentencing. set for october 24. judge decided williams will
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serve jail time between now and then. investigating a shooting in marcus hook. someone opened fire around midnight. medics took the victim to the hospital. working to find out his condition. 5:07. 73 degrees outside. republican led house has passed two bills crack down on illegal immigration which is a priority for president trump. a bill known as cape's law would impose harshers sentences on defortd depd deportees to reenter the u.s. the president says he hopes the senate will approve the measures. the state of hawaii challenging the scale back version of president trump's travel ban that went into effect last night. asking that an injunction against the original travel ban be put back in place until the new rules be clarified. temporarily stops people from six predominantly muslim countries from getting a visa to
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the united states. we're looking at new surveillance video of a vern who lost his leg while trying to stop a robbery in philadelphia. gunned down outside the green parrot tavern wednesday night. video from inside the bar shows the suspect being thrown out of that tavern. was not far behind trying to calm things down. shot and killed white and ran away. suspect broke into nearby home. father and son living in that home were able to subdue the man and take his gun until police arrived. developing now, two states out west are dealing with wildfires. arizona authorities are expected to allow more residents to return home as crews have contained about 40% of wildfire north of phoenix. in northern california, wildfire burned daj eed dangerously clos neighborhood. one of three fires the crews battled. no homes are damaged and no
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injuries reported. nine minutes after 5:00 and we've got a nice start this morning. warmer start. just a few scattered clouds. see them moving past the comcast center. live view from center city. on our way for sunshine. getting a warmer start. going to be a warmer afternoon in fact hot for most neighborhoods reaching the 90s. right now suburbs 74 degrees. south jersey and delaware 72. 73 in philadelphia. the jersey shore cools down this morning at 73 degrees. warm to right around 80 degrees at the shore. inland neighborhoods will get closer terror 90 degrees. 70s to start with and the humidity not too bad this morning. little bit here. you really notice it increasing this evening. during the day the temperatures will be going up. the wind that was around yesterday is going to be back for a repeat of performance.
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14 mile an hour breeze this afternoon. wilmington 12 miles an hour. same direction so the heat continues to build and riding in on the winds additional moisture and really feel that this evening and especially tomorrow when it will be steamy. few showers to the northwest this morning. see them passing through north central pennsylvania and getting close to it will poconos. very light sprinkles really. and nothing heavy there. no big storms, but some of those showers will reach closer to the lehigh valley during the late afternoon and especially in the evening hours. that's when we can see thunderstorms during the day though we should stay dry. at 9:00 this morning. up to 80 degrees in philadelphia by lunchtime into the middle 80s. 87 degrees. northeast philadelphia and doylestown. millville at 73 degrees. shore redding will be 86 degrees. during the late afternoon hours. clouds building further north and west after 3:00 this afternoon. mid-afternoon see storms and central pennsylvania.
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as the temperatures climb into the 90s for philadelphia. wilmington and doylestown at 5:00 in the afternoon. clouds increasing during the late afternoon hours. chance of late afternoon shower for berks county, but a better chance of those hold off until the evening hours. 8:00 this evening see showers possibly thunderstorms in the allentown area. and by 11:00 tonight could see how they stay to the north. good chance we'll see a few more showers rolling through. the rest stay dry. that could change tomorrow. show you when to expect that with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. see you then. 11 minutes past 5:00 a.m. get a check on the roads in south jersey. >> good time to get out the door. headed for holiday plans. especially a good time. good time really.
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dealing with work travel as well. watching 295. right around route 70. came upon this by accident. not reported in any traffic system. off into the left ha-hand lane here. something is blocked. cannot tell if it's construction or a work truck or disabled vehicle. either way blocking the left lane. 13 minutes on the southbound side of 295. moving from route 238 to the black horse pike. cherry hill. off of the main highway. you're watching route 70. watch for lane restrictions and construction there. back to you. thanks for that. fidget fright. popular toy to lure kids. plus moment of the impact. train collides with semi truck in the lehigh valley. all caught on camera. growing backlash. president trump's tweet about a tv host is sparking criticism from both parties. what he said that set off a political fire storm.
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people are getting ready to get away for july 4. live look at the cape may. one of the busiest beach weekends of the year. police in new jersey say a man is using a popular toy to lure children investigator say he used fidget spinners to try to get them in his car. man walked up to two kids in a convenience store in old bridge. one of the kids told a store worker and the worker asked the man to leave. a collision caught on
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camera. happened to be there and recorded the accident that happened just south of route 5. the driver of the tractor trailer went through the flashing train signal and the truck got clipped by the passing train. the train stopped and the crossing was closed for three hours to get that fixed. probably visited at least one of the three locations mentioned on a new list of amusement parks. hershey park came in 19th. funland in rehoboth beach came in at 22. trip adviser says the number one park is once again universal island of adventure. world of harry potter. also named number one amusement park in the world. unit of comcast nbc universal the parent company of nbc 10. i have been to hershey park. >> i went to school nearby and i people love it. >> might be a good place to
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drive to for the weekend. >> hershey park is my favorite. >> anywhere you can go to get chocolate and ride the rides. not at the same time maybe. if you want to go and do all of those things and make yourself sick, do it now. watching the schuylkill right around 676. everything looks good. near the vine moving through center city not dealing with big problems. pennsylvania turnpike looks good too. now new castle delaware watching construction. two lanes closed on the northbound side. just around terminal avenue. around exit 2 and 3 seeing lane restrictions. watch for delays early on. morning time seeing shore traffic and combination with later morning rush. also watching mass transit. end here. fox chase. running 11 minutes late.
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new jersey transit. patco running on time. 19 minutes past 5:00 a.m. yesterday the spire morning team went out to independence maul in the constitution center helped pass out hogies for the wawa welcome america. it was steamsteamy. >> it was a popular site out there. >> all happy to see bill. happy to see the million hogies that she requested yesterday morning. gave them all away. today's sunshine for everyone. how generous am i. there will be a few clouds at times. mostly sunny during the day. right now cool down into the 60s for cape may point. upper township 66. 66 degrees in atlantic city. few clouds over spring city pennsylvania. thin clouds. see sunshine here and temperatures climb to near 90s degrees this afternoon for wilmington. starting off with few thin clouds on the move. sunshine minutes away.
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the temperatures, well, most neighborhoods are in the 70s. philadelphia, 73 in andorra. graduate hospital 74. port richard 76 degrees. 75 in fox chase. starting in the 70s. heating to upper 80s and 90s and this afternoon watching for clouds and showers. for now the showers are passing to northwest. dry during the day. during the even thing hours. redding allentown and lehigh valley could see showers and thunderstorms. come tomorrow likely see storms across the entire area. see them lining up the ohio valley and into the midwest. the storms approaching st. louis this morning. hour by hour forecast shows quiet during the day. chance of showers saturday morning at 11:15. the showers are possible in the morning, but a better chance we'll see storms develop during the evening hours. this is 7:45 tomorrow evening. look at the showers and thunderstorms that will sweep through the lehigh valley into the suburbs and come through
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philadelphia wilmington and eventually fizzle out as they head towards the shore. the weekend forecast does have storms in store for us on saturday. enough clouds will come in that will likely stay in the 80s for philadelphia in the afternoon on saturday. 86 degrees in the suburbs at 79 degrees at jersey shore. storms less likely at the jersey shore. then look at this. dry on sunday. upper 80s and low 90s. still going to be a hot one in many neighborhoods. going to be less humid come sunday. so 91 degrees today. humidity increases tonight and a very muggy day for saturday. hoping to fuel the showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. drying out on sunday. humidity drops for monday and looks like the humidity will stay low on tuesday. little bit cooler. morning low of 69 degrees. showers and thunderstorms likely holdoff until wednesday and thursday and the heat returns late next week. >> thank you, bill. we are committed to making this
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summer for fun nor nbc viewers wawa welcome america festivities with nbc 10 summer of fun give away. our way of saying thaun ing tha you. you have a chance to win one of these vacations. wawa coffee for a year, a patio set from county line fence, trip to watch a taping of america's got talent live in la and a pair of two day passes from live medication to budweiser made in america. several ways to senter the contest. get bonus entries by liking facebook page and following us on twitter or sharing this give away on facebook and twitter. we'll announce the winner live during the july 4th concert on the parkway you can watch live right here tuesday night starting 7:00 p.m. shutdown warning. how a budget war in new jersey may wreck your independence day
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plans. wow, garage surprise. a woman comes face-to-face with a bear. what she did to get the animal out of her house. a mansion vacation. how you can spend your summer living the high live.
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good friday morning to you. watch shares of nike today. sharply higher this morning after the company reported better than expected earnings last night. nike also launching a pilot program to sell unlimited number of shoes and products on amazon ending a long stalemate between the companies. if successful could boost sales by up to half a billion dollars. airbnb offer customers a
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taste of luxury. tell us about that. >> it is going upscale with plans to rent out mansions and penthouses later this year. reports say the short-term rental service called airbnb luck will start testing in november. give you a quick check of markets. rebound from yesterday's losses sparked by a renewed selloff in tech stocks and rise in global bond yields. dow and s&p having worst day in more than a month also the markets stay closed off the lulls of the session. >> happy fourth. gunned down on the road. a teenage ser killed in an apparent fit of road rage. family's heart breaking plea as the search for the killer continues. backlash against the president. president trump takes on a tv host on twitter.
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