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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  July 4, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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out the door though. not dealing with construction closing in on the broad street and schuylkill for now. also watching the 42 fray. paying attention to jersey roads. just for shore traffic. northbound route 55 to walt wirtman bridge. speeds into the 60s. end here around the black horse pike. everything moving along nicely. north and southbound, headed towards the 42 freeway have to get to shore before the july 4th celebrations, you'll be fine. northbound towards trenton. we'll have updates for you the rest of the morning. back in ten minutes with another one. it's 4:30. breaking from overnight, new jersey has a budget. government back up and running. ends the three day government shutdown. nbc 10 matt delucia live. the agreement means everyone can
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use state beaches and parks again. >> reporter: that's right, tracey. we're here at the state park. you can see the gates still closed right now. parks like this one will start reopening later on today. parks and nonessential state services had been soun for the past three days because of budget stalemate. late last night reached an agreement over issues including overhauling the biggest insurance provider, blue cross blue shield. must have for the governor. here's some of the places in $34.7 billion will go to. $2 billion for new jersey's transportation infrastructure. also funding the and he thinks the for the first time lottery revenues. nearly $900 million in property tax relief programs. many have criticized the governor for taking time this
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weekend to sit on the beach at island beach state park. closed the park on account of stalemate. this morning lawmakers have begun expressing their thought on this budget. many calling it a good compromise. if for the rest of the public, now they'll start getting essential certifies back up and running and going to parks like this one here and state beaches as well should start reopening later on today giving people another place to spend their fourth of july. for now i've, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. meantime, pennsylvania has budget deal. not signed by governor wolf and lay maukers have to come up with money needed to balance the spending plan. wolf a democratic has nine days to sign the bill or let it become law. in delaware john carney signed spending plan late sunday night. new budgets including millions in funding for teachers, correction nalg officers and money for substance abuse programs. money will come from increased
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taxes on tobacco products, alcohol, and corporate morning. fire destroyed this house in delaware county. flames broke out just before 2:00 this morning. also damaged the home next door. no reports of anyone being hurt. investigators will be looking for the cause of this fire. now to a story we brought you as breaking news last night. sky force 10 over philadelphia as police investigated discovery of baby remains. examining some sort of box near 29th and clear field. working to get more details. in chester county the father of a teenage murder victim is asking to investigate as a hate crime. roadside memorial in goshen township where buy yan ka roberson was killed last week. david desper faces murder charges after turning himself in. collected evidence at delaware county. roberson's father told nbc 10 he
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believed desper hade mind. >> to shoot her in the head. it wasn't a road rage. to me, it with a hate crime. still upset and angry and we still want answers to happened. >> rodney roberson says his daughter wasn't aggressive enough to ride side by side with another driver. >> 4:34. full plate of wawa welcome america events all leading up to tonight's finale. katy zachry along with a preview. hours away from huge party. >> reporter: we are just a few hours away from all of the festivities happening in philadelphia. i'm going to focus on what's happening tonight and later tonight. look behind me. chairs are out. hundreds of them. stage is set here. for the big concert tonight. all starts at 7:00. we really just need the performances and the audience to
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get the fun started. tonight's concert which starts at 7 is at a new time this year. 7:00 sharp. whom will you see? philly favorite, boys to men. we just want to play their music throughout the morning. philly favorite boys to men will perform tonight along with mary j. blige. only free concert throughout the country this year. also hear the philly pops new sound big band. joined by mandy gonzalez and others. really something for everyone. if you can't catch it looks live, see it here on nbc 10. out here live airing the entire festivities. at 9:30 along the river front, wawa welcome america fireworks show. that lasts until 10:00. if you can't make it out to water front in person, you can see it right here on nbc 10. we will also be airing that live. that's between 9:30 and 10:00.
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now so many people planning oncoming out here. what can you and can you not bring. more on that come can go up in the next half hour. for now reporting live, katy zachary nbc 10 news. let's go back to beginning of day. wawa welcome america shines pat yachtic spotlight of people to make a difference. patriotic spo make a difference. grants from the wawa found ation will be awarded to groups serving the philadelphia area. 4:36. bringing you all testimony fourth of july excitement live. watch the independence day parade at 11. tracey and i will host those events. bill and jessica will be on the parade float. be sure to watch for them along the parade route. then sit the main event, have live coverage of the concert at 7:00 followed by fireworks at 9:30. now if you're going to the event in person, bring the nbc 10 app
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with youchlt get upgates for dejs, road closures. transit information. dates for dejs, road closures. transit information. coming up how septa transit are handing the holiday for commute commuters. taking a shot at the hot dog eating contest. highlights from the sixers summer league debut. how markelle fultz played in his first game. 4:37. 77 degrees and a dry, nice clear view of boat house row. got your fourth of july forecast, neighborhood by neighborhood, there's a chance we'll see scattered showers later today.
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good morning, everyone. traffic reporter jessica boyington with you here watching the roads. start you on route 309 just around the pa turnpike. not really a car in site. once in a while a car moves through. north and southbound are looking great. most of the majors are going to look like today. wouldn't be fourth of july without some celebrating. start with what's going on. celebration of freedom independence parade. wawa welcome america activities all that begins around 10:00 a.m. sons of the revolution parade begins at 12:15. wawa welcome america concert and fireworks begin at 12. where are they, closures around independence mall.
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market, chestnut. tenth street. all streets cleaned before being reopened. throughout the day a big project there. ben franklin parkway closed from 18th street to art hummuseum. all that general area closed until july 5. won't reopen until tomorrow morning. expect big closures there. end with schuylkill and drive times everything here green. eastbound from blue route, 13 minute trip. average speeds into the high 50z. updates for the morning. more fourth of july closures we'll have for you. that will be next in ten minutes. nice dry start this morning. there is a chance of fireworks from mother nature. look to north and west, showers and thunderstorms moving east at
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about 25 miles an hour. take these storms into potsville a little after 6:00. could see that activate this morning. in the lehigh valley and some of the suburbs, the more northern suburbs. hour by hour forecast shows 8:00 this morning. showers moving through doylesto doylestown. still a few isolated showers in allentown and redding. clear 8:00 this morning for wilmington and millville. a lot of sunshine. go through the day. pretty nice. late morning and early afternoon just fine for the parade. independence day parade. 84 by the end of it. lunchtime. seeing a nice warm day in wilmington. then this afternoon, during the heat of the day, some pop-up showers starts at 3:00 this afternoon. few more in fact some thunderstorms are possible at 6:00 this evening. especially likely tole south of delaware and further to the out and southern delaware. could see isolated showers in
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the philadelphia area at 6:00. still a chance of some showers during the even thing hours. most of the activity will be philadelphia south and south jersey and delaware less of a chance north and west. then as we go through the later evening hours, we're drying out and cooling down to 75 degrees. a good dare to download the app. tonight fireworks and concert. concert gets started at 7:00. chance of showers and thunderstorms. best chance is going to be to the south of philadelphia. keep an eye on the sky during the concert. see lingering clouds and will be cooler at 79 degrees at 9:30 this evening. look at the rest of the week with the ten day on ten. >> see you then, bill. working new stories for nbc 10 at five. how a man tried to sneak a weapon past security.
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that is just a small sample of what an estimated 15,000 people were treated to at last night's philly pop's concert at independence mall. 65 piece orchestra wowed the crowd. wawa welcome america tradition. stage now set for the biggest fourth of july celebration of them all. live look of the ben franklin parkway, tonight mary j. blige, boys to men, philly pops again will all perform in front of a huge crowd. after the show, eyes on the sky for the fireworks spectacular. see it here live starting at
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7:00 p.m. we have a lot more wawa welcome america events to tell you about. celebrate america's birth at independence visitor center. one this afternoon, team up to give out 2100 cupcake asks cut a five teared cake. be there to congratulate new citizens. natchization ceremony held at the betsy ross this afternoon at 130. . . the bell will act. it dates back to 1751. tapp eped each july 4th and oth special occasions. no matter which wawa welcome america event you plan to enjoy,
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mass transit is your best bet to get there. running on sunday schedule today. tonight added late night service so you can get home. if you plan to travel in delaware, dart first services won't be running today. beach rus, route 305 beach connection will be operating today. new jersey transit operating on weekend schedule today. all liquids banned on new jersey training running today. no drinking allowed. expect transit police to keep an eye on passengers. now to roads, new this morning, route 413 in bucks county is open again following a crash that you see there. medics took three people to the hospital. working to find out conditions. accident happened on northbound 413 near route 202 last night. several vehicles involved and had to shutdown the highway for several hours. all or transportation needs. find out what's happening at
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admiral wilson boulevard. watching that moving through camd camden, from the new jersey cited. moving up towards ben franklin bridge. right here moving through the toll plaza, have to get to the city going to be a good drive for you right now. not a lot of cars on the road. really light day. really focused on parade closures and closures for celebration of fourth of july. clear on the bridges. just approaching the ben franklin bridge: clear of the tacomy palmyra. no scheduled openings for now. watching 422. no big problems or delays. 10 minutes. not really an increase. there might be road work clearing right now, but i didn't see any just a minute ago when i was looking. either way not going to cause you problems westbound to the schuylkill. speeds are still up there. almost into the 50s there. into the 50s on the eastbound side. keep our eye on all the roads
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for you and update when i come back in ten minutes. >> all the bridges are clear. will the whether be clear today? >> i know the man with the answer. first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> not completely clear, but we'll get our fair share of sunshine. you can see the skies have broken over easton just some scattered clouds there. i am tracking some showers that are just to the west of the lehigh valley. we may see some of those roll through this morning in easten and some of the northern and western suburbs. will be dry this morning in cape may. a little bit of light fog. saw fog rolled in yesterday morning. this morning it is much lighter than what we started with yesterday. 72 degrees right now in cape may point. 76 in atlantic city. inland areas like yesterday are in the 60s. may s landsing, a warm start fo philadelphia at 77 and 76 degrees in delaware. there are cooler neighborhoods in the lehigh valley. in anterior south jersey, in the 60s for swedesboro.
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mount laurel is 72 degrees. 75 in flauns. princeton, lumberton. pemberton in the 60s to start with. warm afternoon. during the afternoon humidity running a little bit higher than yesterday. does come down a little bit. temperature 87 at 3:00. takes a dive at 5:00 this afternoon. there's a chance we'll see showers pop up and that will cool things down heading into the evening hours. we'll be watching for those showers this morning. more likely in delaware and south jersey come this afternoon. philadelphia right now dry, but look to the north and west. see those isolated showers and thunderstorms moving towards the lehigh valley. more wet weather as we move to north and west. another chance of shower returns. for the day, this is what your day looks like. hour by hour 5:00 this morning. few clouds coming in. watch for scattered showers this morning. chance of showers developing for late this afternoon and evening.
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and we're going be drying out for tomorrow. after some pop-up showers this afternoon and this evening, most areas it will be brief. 85 degrees on wednesday. sunshine will be bright on wednesday. chance of showers and thunderstorms returns for thursday, friday, and into saturday. sunday we're drying out again. temperatures linger into the 80s until we get to next wednesday. up to 91 degrees. close to 91 degrees mark on tuesday and wednesday with chances for more showers sch thunderstorms in the area. thank you, bill for that free forecast. you know how i feel about free byes. >> if it's free it's for me and i'll take three. check out the museum at no charge. apparently a lot of people have been taking advantage of the free museum.
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also free today, your last chance to see sand in the sul sculpture city. that's not just sand, that's art. also the last chance to sign up to win great summer prizes, once again, free. >> and we'll announce winner of nbc 10 summer fun give away at tonight's concert on the parkway. might hear your name tonight. you had a chance to win one of these prizes, where wouldn't you. free night all-inclusive get away apple vacation in rio cancun. this might be your favorite. >> yes. >> free wawa coffee for a year. >> i want that. >> patio set from county line fence. trip to watch a taping of america's got talent live in la and pair of two day passes to live nation budweiser made in america. several ways to enter. log on or download the app. bonus entries liking our facebook page, following us on twitter or sharing this give
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away on facebook and twitter, but today is your last chance, again, we'll announce the winner live during the july 4th concert at the parkway. watch live here starting at 7:00 p.m. up next, potentially dangerous summertime tradition in philadelphia is gaining attention of police. why they're keeping a close eye on the swimming hole. plus, game day surprise. how the flees helped a local military family connect with a loved one overseas. a blend of sea kelp, aloe and antioxidants that help bring your hair back to life. new herbal essences. let life in. dobecause you've got ams lot of cheering to do! get fast sinus relief...with vicks sinex. and get your head back in the game. sinex. the congestion, pressure, pain to clear your head, medicine.
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concerned community members paid for extra security. jumping off the rocks is illegal and injured and killed swimmer. community raised $10,000 so police can keep watch and crack
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down on violate terror violato working. may end up side stepping a jail sentence. entered a deferred prosecution agreement last week. he'll avoid jail time if the conditions of the program are met. accused of punching a miami cabana server last summer. nfl still has to weigh in on the punishment. eagles training camp is scheduled to begin later this month. wawa is honoring more than 300 children and families who participate in the police athletic across america. >> american revolution yesterday. i had the pleasure of mcing the event. wawa presented with a check of $10,000. very nice. happening today a school superintendant said he'll try to eat ten hotdogs in sen minutes at the annual eating contest in new york. >> superintendant of school. this is her first time
4:58 am
competing. she admits she has no chance of winning. here's yesterday's weigh in. up against seasoned contestants like defending champ joey chestnut. looking to keep the mustard belt. last year ate a record 70 hotdogs. how many hotdogs could you eat in ten minutes. >> probably two, three. >> not ten. >> two or three. because there would be a burger with it. that's the other thing. >> markelle fultz now has the first taste of nba competition as a philadelphia 76er. >> league's top draft pick made sixers debut last night. scored first basket of the game about 14 seconds in into the game. showed off three point form and defensive skills with three blocks on the nights. fultz scored 17 points in summer league debut. not bad. had a chance to win the game, but got his shot blocked.
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welcome to the league, rook. here's fultz on his performance. >> i had fun. i'm good with my performance. >> summer league gives the 76ers and other teams a chance to evaluate rookies and stop free agents. phillies sprung a surprise on a local millionth family before a game at citizens park. sergeant is serving in the air force overseas. popped up a special video message for her husband and two kids there. team also presented the family with custom made jerseys. >> i don't know if the kids are so custom made. they look like dresses on them. thoroughly appreciate sergeant almond's service to the country. great to see them united with the family on video. now for more stories we're following at 5:00 a.m. up in flames, delaware county home collapses as fire
5:00 am
engulfs it overnight. shutdown over. reach a budget deal. return to the beach just in time for independence day. celebrating the wawa welcome america festival has all been leading up to today. nbc 10 starts now. we have you covered with everything you need to know. everything wawa welcome america. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. all ready 76 degrees in philadelphia. get to bill henley with the most accurate first alert neighborhood forecast mpkts a bit warmer this morning. also cloudier. seeing clouds move past the nbc 10 studio. no rain with these clouds. don't have to look far to see the showers and thunderstorms in central pennsylvania. moving east. allentown, redding into the upper parts of bucks county. might see showers this morning. moving east. moving at about 25 miles an hour. not arriving until about an hour


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