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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 10am  NBC  July 9, 2017 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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breaking right now on nbc10 news today. crash and fire. a driver is dead after plowing into this spca shelter. sparking a fire with the animals trapped inside. a live report is coming up. we are breaking down the g-20 following the fallout from the global summit as the president is back in washington this morning after that historic meeting with vladimir putin. those details are next. sixers star injured. right now, the team's number one draft pick is sidelined after hitting the hardwood last night, getting injured in a summer league game. we'll explain why fans are calling this deja vu. good morning. this is nbc10 today. thanks for being with us.
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i'm rosemary connors. 10:00 on this sunday. let's talk about the weather because we have a great day on tap. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking the pleasant conditions. >> yesterday didn't end up being a bad day, but today is going to be an even better day. really just the perfect forecast for this time of year. warming up very nicely. 77 degrees in philadelphia. vineland, and wilmington. we're at 72. for allentown and coatesville, check it out, almost 80, atlantic city. inland at the airport, the shore temperatures a few degrees cooler. overall, nice start to our morning hours. as we go into the afternoon hours, you see we'll make it to the, but only the mid 80s by:00 p.m., and that's as high as we go. we're not looking at 90s today. humidity will be low and we're tracking fairly light winds. today, beautiful forecast. here's the deal, though. your work week, we really start to warm up. we see humidity increase, and we fall into a wet pattern that means some on/off showers and thunderstorms moving forward.
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we'll track all that out with your ten-day on 10 coming up. >> now to a developing story out of new castle county. a driver is dead after slamming right into this spca shelter, sparking a fire. animals were trapped inside until first responders and neighbors sprang into action. those animals need a place to call a permanent home. nbc10's lauren mayk is live at the scene with that part of the story and also more on the driver in this case. lauren. >> reporter: rosemary, i spoke with that driver's mother. she says she doesn't know where her daughter was going last night when the crash happened, but she does say that she grew up in this area. she went to brandy wine high school. had five children, and loved life. in new castle, an emotional spot for family members of 33-year-old la toya cooper. >> she was my only daughter. i feel so bad for her because she burned in the fire by
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herself. i felt something at 2:00 in the morning. i felt some kind of pain. i wonder if maybe it was her. i don't know. >> she says her daughter died in the overnight crash at the spca. the crash started a fire in the building where 100 animals were housed. >> when i first got the notification, it was terrifying. all of us were thinking the worst. this is a nightmare when you work with animals of what can happen. >> this morning, linda tells us three cats died, but most of the others appear okay thanks to quick thinking first responders and neighbors. >> as soon as everyone moved into the mode of saving the animals, the neighbors came out and literally were welcoming the animals into their vehicles, their homes. we had first responders putting dogs in ambulances. >> help still coming in today from neighbors like lisa moore. >> i adopted by kitten from here back in november. when i got up this morning, it just broke my heart. i wanted to come down and if i could help in any way i can. >> workers boarding up the hole left in the building while the
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animals housed here seek new homes. you can see the progress they've made here. that hole now completely covered up. they secure that building, but that is just the first step for the spca as they figure out how to care for these displaced animals, how to pay for any repairs and also how to find permanent home for the animals that need them. live in new castle, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> now to another developing story. this one out of south jersey. in burlington county are investigating a deadly stabbing that happened during a home invasion. officers responded to hartford road here early this morning. all we're hearing from police at this point is the situation is contained and there's no reason for the public to be alarmed. they also tell us the investigation is ongoing and they will release more information later on today. this dunkin' donuts will be closed down because of repairs after a car crashed into the
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building. this is the story in lower providence township. it was closed had the accident happened after midnight and no workers were inside. the driver and passenger are expected to be okay. >> sixers fans are experiencing a bit of deja vu after number one overall pick markelle fultz suffered an ankle injury during a game last night. he went down after stepping on another player's foot. he was trying to block a shot. after he down, fellow players had to help him off the court. the team says doctors have diagnosed him with an ankle sprain. another sixer got a bloody lip on the same play. no word on how much time either player will miss. this really is deja vu. the sixers' last three number one picks have all missed significant time due to injury. >> this morning, a 2-year-old girl is in condition after she fell from a second story window in west philadelphia. this happened at her family's house last night. police tell us the mother was in
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the front bedroom, the child was playing alone in the back bedroom. the girl fell out of an open window. detectives are looking into the incident authorities say there does not appear to be signs of foul play. >> this morning, president donald trump is back at the white house after returning from the g-20 summit in germany. the president met with several world leaders during the trip, but it was sitdown with vladimir putin that is grabbing the world's attention. president trump is tweeting about that meeting this morning. on twitter, he wrote, i strongly pressed president putin twice about russian meddling in our election. he vehemently denied it, i have already given my opinion. in another tweet, he said we negotiated a cease-fire in parts of syria which will save lives. now it's time to move forward to work constructively with russia. putin and i discussed forming a cybersecurity unit so election hacking and many other negative things will be guarded and safe. questions were asked about why the cia and fbi had to ask the dnc 13 times for their server
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and were rejected. still don't have it. fake news said 17 intel agencies when actually four. had to apologize. why did obama do nothing when he had info before the election? those are from president donald trump earlier this morning. the tweets and then the meeting between presidents trump and putin will be up for discussion on nb's "meet the press." earlier today, i spoke to chuck todd about the perception of the president on the world stage this past week. >> let's separate them in two here. i think, look, the russia meeting is one that's going to leave a mark for some time. i don't think it did anything to sort of start closing the door on suspicion or investigations and things like that. so i put that in a separate box. but looking at it from the perspective of the president and his white house team, they feel much better about this trip than they did their first trip to europe. >> this morning, chuck todd will have more on the g-20 summit,
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the meeting, and exclusive interviews with john brennan and republican senator lindsey graham. that's coming up next at 10:30 right after nbc 10 news today. state politics now. pennsylvania lawmakers trying to figure out how to pay for this year's nearly $32 billion budget. now they have to figure out where the funding is coming from. they had a rare weekend session and appeared to make progress on a plan to expand gambling. lawmakers are hopeful hundreds of millions of dollars from the gambling industry can close the deficit. governor tom wolf has until midnight monday to make a decision on the spend plan. >> eight minutes past 10:00 right now on this sunday, and we have a heads-up, an alert for commutes out there across our area. the first one, some trolley changes if you ride septa subway surface trolleys, it could affect your commute. >> and going nowhere fast. this is a picture from penn station. tomorrow, major repairs start,
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and many folks are dubbing this the summer of hell for those commuters who ride amtrak and new jersey transit through penn station. we'll give you the details on that as well.
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let's start with a live look outside across all our neighborhoods. all these cameras look very good. sky overhead, bright sunshine. and can't tell from the camera picture, but the humidity, low too. 77 degrees right now in philadelphia. 72 in the suburbs. also 72 in the lehigh valley. 76, new jersey. and 77 in delaware. i don't think it will take much longer to start seeing low 80s pop up across then and then from there, our highs are going to cap out mostly right around the mid 80s. let's talk the shore forecast. 80 degrees for rehoboth beach this afternoon, and 82, bethany beach. 83, atlantic city. 81, avalon, and the same for cape may. of course, the warmer waters are
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farther south. wave heights, though, low today. three feet and rip current risk also low today. this is a perfect shore cast if you have plans to get there today on your sunday. we'll talk more about the chances of rain picking up end of the work week coming up. if you're in the city this weekend, today you can enjoy another afternoon of live music, entertainment, food, and fun. all celebrating the latino culture. it's the second day of the hispanic fiesta along penn's landing. yesterday, folks got to meet and greet and take pictures with their favorite reporters and anchors from our sister station telemundo 62, and they'll be back out there at the festival today. >> 12 minutes past 10:00 on this sunday. pipeline problems persist for folks living in parts of chester county. work is again under way on this natural gas pipeline despite complaints of possible contaminated water. we'll hear from the neighbors next who say not in my back ynd.
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yard. >> also, bracing for a commuter migraine. this isn't a headache, this is going to be a long haul. tomorrow, travels through penn station is going to get much worse. it involved folks who take new jersey transit and amtrak. we have the details ahead.
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starting with our live camera view over ocean city, new jersey. you see a beautiful shore view. blue skies. no clouds. no rain in this forecast. this is the sunday beauty. here are the temperatures we're currently reading along the shore. now at 80 degrees, cape may and upper township also at 80, summer's point, may's landing at 81 degrees. we should see these temperatures about where the highs today will be, low to mid 80s, but most of us are going to stay near the low 80s today for highs. and we're going to see just that very nice sunny forecast the
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rest of today as well. along the jersey shore and across our entire area. here's our radar and satellite view. all of us are sunny right now. they gray overlay on satellite if we had rain or clouds, but we don't have any clouds. it's all sunshine out there throughout. forecast highs today, 86, somerton, summer city, and mostly low 80s to mid 80s in the lehigh valley and berks county. allentown, at 83. same for easton, 83 for the high. 85 in trenton today. along the jersey shore, like i mentioned, around 81 degrees. and there's your delaware forecast highs from 80 rehoboth beach to 86 degrees in wilmington, and 84 in smyrna. let's look at the hour-by-hour forecast. starting this on monday. today, it's clear. don't need to put pause points in. monday, things are different. we get into the afternoon hours and we see the humidity start to pick up. that means we have more moisture to tap into. temperatures will start to pick up hotter than today, and we'll
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start to see spot showers, even an isolated thunderstorm possible. that continues through 4:00. then we go overnight, kind of thins out overnight into tuesday morning. so clouds, but not as much rain. that is until the afternoon. then it picks right back up. spotty showers again. some scattered thunderstorms are possible. tuesday even into tuesday evening, notice, that's overnight into midnight. it doesn't end with tuesday. that chance will continue into wednesday, thursday, and friday. now, on top of that, temperatures will be cranking up. by tuesday, we'll be close to 95 degrees outside. take a look. in ten minutes, that means the car feels like 114 degrees. and in 30 minutes, feels close to 130 degrees. which is why we always remind you to check that seat before getting out of the car. never leave pets or kids in it. we'll talk about the ten-day on 10, and if we sooa drop in the 90s coming up. >> a few first alert traffic warnings. work continues this week on septa's trolley tunnel that runs from university city to 13th and market streets. here's the deal, no trolleys
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running through the tunnel. instead, diverted to 40th and market streets, and from there, riders can transfer to the market frankfurt line to get into center city. during this trolley tunnel repair work, workers will be doing some repairs to the rails, cleaning the stations, this shouldn't last too long. expected to wrap up on july 17th. not the situation for penn station in new york. tomorrow begins what's been dubbed the summer of hell for commuters there. new jersey transit schedules will be changing. to accommodate amtrak repairs. some trains will be diverted to and from hoboken. riders will have to take another train or ferry or bus to get into the city, then other trains will have time changes as well. the repairs to the track follow several recent derailments and delays at penn station. >> impact your life? >> of course it is because i have to be at work at a certain time. >> new jersey transit is advising riders to stay connected online and through
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social media beginning tomorrow, customer service staff will be stationed in bright yellow vests to help you get around. these changes, by the way, will remain in effect until september 1st. >> chester county residents fear their water could be contaminated because of the construction of a natural gas pipeline. sunoco has suspended work on the project. they did that earlier this week after residents complained about murky water in their homes. the natural gas pipeline starts in western pennsylvania. it crosses through chester county and ends in delaware county. construction resumed in exton yesterday. you can see the project is happening right in middle of this neighborhood. many living here are fighting the proj. they want more information about the safety of the work being done just feet from their homes where their children play. >> it just takes a matter of seconds or minutes for a leak to happen and something explosive to come in contact with it and then disaster. >> as for those water issues,
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the possibly contaminated water, sunoco has sent it out for test results to find out if there is any contamination. in the meantime, the company is providingaled water, filtration systems and hotel accommodations for those neighbors. >> this weekend, family and friends showing support for a man at the center of an immigration battle. last night, they held a vigil for jonathan at a church in norristown. he was detained by immigration officials back in may and is now facing deportation. he came to this country from honduras att the age of 16 and missed a court appearance as a teenager. his wife, who is a u.s. citizen says officers told her that that missed hearing, that's the reason why they took him into custody. his wife tells us they have a court date set for next month. 20 minutes past 10:00 on this sunday. scare for sixers fans and for the team. we'll give you an update on the ankle injury for markelle fultz. also, camden native haason
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reddick home in south jersey, making sure football players of the future get a chance to learn and grow. we'll show you how he's paying it forward. reward afterbeing robbed. next, a happy ending to an incident at wimbledon and the local connection to the fan who received the national attention for it.
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nfl rookie and camden native haason reddick is giving back to his community. this weekend, reddick hosted the health and athletic association's football skills and drills mini camp. more than 100 kids came out to participate in the mini camp at camden high school. reddick, a graduate of haddon heights high school tells us it's a good thing, feels good to set an example for the kids. >> the process may be sidetracked again for the sixers as number one overall pick markells suffered an ankle injury last night. he landed awkwardly while trying to block a shot in a game last
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night. no word on how much time he's going to miss, but we'll keep you posted. here's the rest of your sunday morning sports. >> i'm john boruk from csn, the sixers made a free agency splash last week when they signed j.j. redick to a one-year contract. he was introduced as a sixer along with their other free agent signee, amir johnson, out in las vegas. redick said he's had his eyes on philly for a while. >> truthfully, for probably the eight weeks between the season and free agency, as we got closer and closer to free agency, you know, i wanted to be in philadelphia. that was the place i wanted to be. i thought i was the best fit, and then when the trade happened, around the draft, it
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just really solidified my feelings about where i wanted to be. >> redick will be receiving money. joel embiid has been forced to pay it out. fined $10,000 by the nba for inappropriate language use on social media. embiid had hars words on his instagram account for lavar ball, the father of lakers rookie lonzo ball. markelle fultz made it official with the sixers, signing his rookie contract and sending out this tweet, hey, filly, it's official. let's go. terms of the deal not disclosed but the rookie is indeed ready to go. >> now to baseball. the phillies lost their first season series to the san diego padres since 2006. after their loss saturday at citizens bank park. we pick this up in the fifth inning. a scoreless game until franco changes that with one swing. that's deep to left and gone. and the phillies take the 1-0. aaron nole was cruising until
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the seventh. carlos gives one a ride to right center field off the bat. a run comes in. all the way around to third with a triple. next batter, austin hedges. and hedges, well, doesn't reach that, but he goes the other way for a single. that brings in a run. and like that, the padres take the lead at 2-1. they go on to win by that same score. to hockey, flyers developmental camp, one of the big story lines is the development of defenseman travis sanheim who was the flyers first round pick four years ago. he has yet to make his nhl debut, but this season, he has one goal in mind. >> it's going to come down to camp. i feel like i'm ready. i'm going to compete for a spot, and you know, until somebody tells me differently, that's my goal. i'm coming to make the flyers. and i think that should be, you know, all us young guys' goal this year. there's going to be some spots
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available. and we're going to fight for the job. >> i'm john boruk from csn. have a great sunday. >> a young tennis fan from chester county finally has a souvenir from an american player who's been competing in wimbledon. you may remember this video from earlier this week. here's the back story. jack stock had just won his match when a young fan peter woodville from chester county appeared to shout out for his towel. but the teen lost the towel in a tug of war with an older gentleman seated in the front row. on friday, woodville returned to the tournament to watch more tennis, stock recognized him, apologized to the teen and personally gave him a towel. happy ending to that story. >> i like that. >> we have a very nice forecast. great conditions for our sunday. sunny and dry. all these people have the right idea in ocean city. blue sky over head. today, our forecast high temperature 86 degrees. tomorrow, we start a chance of showers and thunderstorms pretty much in and out every day until friday. >> the good thing has been this
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summer the weekends have been relatively clear. >> this weekend is looking pretty good, too. in between, we do get hot as well. 94 by tuesday and 91 on wednesday. >> we'll be watching it. that's going to do for us on this sunday. i'm rosemary connors, for krystal klei and all of us, have a good one. "meet the press" is next.
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this sunday, trump, putin and russian election interference. rex tillerson says president trump pressed vladimir putin on russian hacking but that it's now in the past. >> let's talk about how we go forward. >> reporter: the russians said trump accepted putin's denial. so was it president trump or putin who got what he wanted out of their first meeting? my guests this morning, former cia director john brennan and senator lindsey graham. >> an alarming development with north korea. a missile capable of hitting the


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