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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  July 21, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> i'm vai sikahema. under a first alert for high temperatures. get right to bill henley for most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. it was a brutal day yesterday. in for more of the same today. first alert for dangerous heat is still in place for the entire area. pennsylvania, delaware, and south jersey. during the afternoon, that's when we'll feel the worst of it. temperatures will stay elevated though into this evening. sunshine and humidity. we're seeing temperatures that will feel like upper 90s to just above 100 degrees this afternoon. right now, quite a range of temperatures. 70s for new jersey. look at the suburbs. 68 degrees in 80s in philadelphia. back up to 80 degrees and 79 in delaware. sunshine, humidity, these 90s will feel like they're close to 100 degrees this afternoon. at the shore, same story. won't be as hot, but the humidity will be higher at the shore. feel like it's the upper 90s to near 100 trees.
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the there is cooler weather on the way. i think the weekend forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> katy zachary has traffic. the studio. okay, let's take a live look at 95. traffic is north and southbound running pretty smoothly. especially after we had an earlier crash on bridge street. i-95 northbound right near bridge street clear. just in the last few minutes. your drive on 95 is smooth. your drive on 76 and blue route is smooth as well. that drive will only take you about 12 minutes. let's head out to pennsylvania turnpike. earlier there was some construction. that may have been slowing you down. things are looking really good westbound and eastbound. no construction. it's about 21 minute drive. make your way between route one and exit for valley forge. vai, back to you. >> breaking right now. gunman shoot and kill a man in a wheelchair inside a home where four kids were upstairs.
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it happened on grass street. now the search is on for the killers. >> joins us live from headquarters. the victim's caretaker was also hurt in the shooting. tell us more about that. >> right. two men were shot. one of the victims, the man in the wheelchair died in the living room of this home. take a look at this scene. happened just before midnight. philly police tell census victims are the resident and caretaker. was bringing resident home at the time. helping the man up the steps and into the front door. that is when two men showed up with guns and forced open the door. now the man in the wheelchair tried to hold the door shut, but one of the sheooters fired off round hitting the victim in the head. he died at the scene. caretaker tried to run away. gunman chased him down shooting at this man hitting in the in the leg. he is in the hospital this
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morning. all of this happened while a woman and four kids were inside the house at the time. right now, police don't know what the motive was for this shooting. both shooters are still on the run at this hour. and another side note to all of this, the man in the wheelchair, we're told was in the wheelchair because of a shooting injury that he suffered some years ago. more than a decade ago. police are looking at all factors in this investigation right now. again, at this point, those two shooters still on the loose. right now, live outside police headquarters. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. new this morning. learn add 15-year-old boy has died following a shooting in trenton tuesday night. one of four shot that night. police are still searching for shooters or shooter. new details of a mother in chester county who vanished several months ago. yesterday for the first time police searched her house. . disappeared back in april. husband said she left in a panic
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and never showed up for work. family told us she abruptly cancelled trip to native poland. >> happening today, victim of bucks county killing spree will be laid to rest. jimmy patrick this morning. was 19 years old. last night a memorial gathering for another victim, mark sturgis held in salem. authorities found the remains of mark sturgis, jimmy patrick, dean fin car row and scott may owe last week. cosmo dinardo confessed to killing the men. his cousin, sean kratz is charged in three of the murders. sky force 10 over the area. searching for more clues. cosmo dinardo has also claimed to have killed a man and woman from philadelphia in addition to the four victims. the farm has now been cleared as a crime scene. the music world is mourning
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after rocker chester bennington died of apparent suicide. lead singer was found dead in los angeles home yesterday. bennington struggled with schol a alcohol and drug addiction at various times in his life. married with six children. coroner's office is investigating his death. would have been chris kornell's 53rd birthday. kornell died by suicide earlier this year. >> hot and dry conditions fueling flames in burlington county. here's what we know. over the forest last night. so far the fire in a remote area of washington township has scorched 1,000 acres. no homes or businesses are in danger. new from overnight. earthquake rocked the greek island early this morning. killing 200 people. another 200 hurt. look at the damage. caused a building with a bar inside full of tourists to come crashing down. magnitude 6.7 earthquake hit off the coast of turkey.
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security camera at cafe in turkey captures the moment the earthquake struck there. sent people scurrying outside. early morning hours of turkey. about six miles off the coast. we said emergency authorities said there were no deaths and no major damage in turkey. in you this morning, new jersey governor chris christie talking about the fallout of impressive catch at a mets game earlier this week. made that catch. against the cardinals. the crowd cheered until they realized who made the grab. christie said he took the book in stride. >> if i was at 75% they would have booed me. now they boo me. people go to see athletes, not politicians. despite the fact i showed athletic ability, they still don't characterize me as an athlete. >> says the negative reaction didn't really bother him.
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joked it would have been a bigger deal had he dropped the ball. most definitely still be hearing about that one. temperatures this morning, right back into the warm zone. 80 degrees right now in philadelphia. muggy conditions this morning. steamy afternoon. look at the warmup. 86 degrees by 10:00 this morning. 91 degrees at lunchtime. middle 90s this afternoon. feels like temperature, 4:00 this afternoon, feel like 100 degrees. the suburbs, 7 a degrees right now. warming to the 70s. right past the 80s and low 90s for many neighborhoods in the suburbs. 95 is what it will feel like 2:00 this afternoon. steamy day ahead for the lehigh valley. see the clouds moving through the lehigh valley right now. no showers with those. the storms that we had last night and the lehigh valley and further to the north are out of the picture this morning. the clouds will break. if it stays cloudy. that would help us out a lot
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today. that's not going to happen. 86 by lunchtime. look at the feels like temperatures this afternoon. peek in the 90s. feel like 96 degrees later this afternoon. new jersey, 69 degrees right now. go from 69 degrees currently to 80 degrees at 8:00. to 90 at lunchtime. and yes, the humidity will be elevated in new jersey. especially at the shore too. 80 right now. upper 80s right now. near 90s on the beach. feels like temperatures close to triple digits at noontime and right on there this amp. feel the steaminess. delaware see sunshine. few thin clouds. delaware tends to be more humid than the rest of the area. 79 degrees right now with a high temperature at 90 degrees at lunchtime. feel like 96 degrees and feels like temperatures 100 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. the weekend though, that's a different story. the temperatures start coming down for everyone. still could see 90s for
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philadelphia. into new jersey and delaware. the rest of the area will see showers and thunderstorms late in the day. and cool things down a bit. those storms likely for the area on saturday. late in the day. and a good chance we'll see a stormy day on sunday. and possibly enough cloud cover to keep us from reaching 90 degrees on sunday. that's a possibility. it will be cooler than today. and next week the temperatures come down even more. look at that when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. 5:39. friday. help you get through the morning and your day so you can enjoy a weekend. so far so good. a few minor hiccups. one of them i'm going to highlight for you. 95 and girard avenue. live look right now: out of camera view in southbound lane. this is southbound lane. disabled vehicle that is affecting things slightly. may cause you to change lanes briefly as you get around it. it is causing some traffic to slow down on 95 southbound make
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your way around girard avenue. see from the flow of traffic not hanging people up too much. let's go to montgomery county. take a look at drive times. no major issues on 422 eastbound or westbound. make your way through route 29 and schuylkill. let's head outside, take a look at new jersey roads. if i were a betting woman. i sometimes am. this is going to get pretty business as we go closer to the weekend. maybe a few hours into this friday. people are going to want to head to the shore. it's hot out there and much cooler at the shore. >> katy, a betting woman. who knew. >> learn something new every day. change to morning commute. ramp is reopening that could shift how you get to work. officer involved shooting caught on camera. heart stopping moments you won't want to miss. gunshots in the middle of a neighborhood. why one man took aim at an at&t
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truck. several states in a matter of minutes. high speed transportation that could one day make stops right here in philadelphia. where are we?
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lease the gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. quarter to six this friday. new details on the beating death. child's death has loved ones and community shaken. >> investigators first learned of the case through a 911 call. listen. >> she's not breathing and i don't kneel a pulse. >> that's the emergency call she made on tuesday. after her brother found her unconscious in their apartment.
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told police a man described as the girl's stepdad beat the child he was babysitting on saturday because she refused to eat. did not report the incident until three days later. spoke to a relative at the vigil on wednesday. >> someone has to account for what happened to this baby. whether it be him, her, them. we're going to get justice served. >> no one, but lucy is facing charges. the other children are now in foster care. kicked off new jersey transit bus. tweeted the driver took her off the bus yesterday morning when she didn't have enough money to pay for a ticket. new jersey transit said the didn't was unacceptable and the driver is being retrained. shooting at utility trucks apparently because they were park instead front of his house. take a look. [ gunshots ] >> at&t worker took the cell
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phone video wednesday as he called 911 for help. images showed a man fires handgun at the trucks over and over again. the workers were changing cables near miami. no one was hurt. police arrested the man on aggravated assault and other charges. take a look at arrest captured on this police dash cam video in east texas. looking at a man investigators say was trying to festeal an electric shopping cart from walmart. cart is worth about $4,000. man in this cases theft charges. >> where are you going, sir? looked like he was just going on an extended ride on it. do we know theft was in his mind? looks like the weather was perfect. heat and humidity will be building. steamy start this morning. we see the wind blowing. wind is actually shifted a bit
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or will be shifting during the day. that's going to help us out a little bit this afternoon. moisture level in the atmosphere will come down a little bit. heat is going to be so high. enough moisture around to make it feel like it's around 100 this afternoon. 80 right now in philadelphia. still sees 70s in most of the rest of the area. 79 degrees in delaware. 78 degrees in turnersville. p pitman at 79 degrees. middle 70s. look at lumberton. low 70s. just like yesterday, we're going to see a quick warmup through the 70s, pass the 80s and into the 90s with a lot of sunshine. the satellite not showing many clouds. a few thin clouds. see those at times. no showers this morning. i am watches some activity to the west. this round of showers is moving through indiana will miss us. the system that's building to the west. western u.s. is doing to impact us this weekend. could see some strong storms take shape come saturday and sunday.
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especially likely on sunday. this is future cast hour by hour. when first alert comes to an end. temperatures will be quite warm. muggy outside. we are storm free. not a repeat of the storms we saw last nights in the poconos and some of the lehigh valley and in the bucks county last night. by 7:00 saturday morning, there's a chance of scattered showers. see a few of them popping up. then look at what happens as we go into the afternoon. heavy downpours. they move offshore. that won't be the last of them. by saturday evening, some more heavy showers possibly and thunderstorms and another round coming through on sunday. so very steamy and stormy weather ahead. the steamy weather today. 96 degrees the high temperature will feel like it's close to 100 degrees this afternoon. storms start tomorrow afternoon. we first reach into the 90s one more day on saturday and possibly on sunday. this is a question because of the storminess that's going be
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building. we may see enough storm activity to keep us from reaching 90s on sunday. sunday night into monday. another round of showers and thunderstorms. monday afternoon. not as hot. we'll get sunshine. 87 degrees. then the temperatures are looking a lot better next week. especially for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. when morning temperatures will be in the 60s. warm only into the middle 80s. beautiful summer weather ahead. heats up again at the end of week. possibly 90 degrees on sunday. see the must remember the numbe down on sunday afternoon. >> home the air-conditions on at work. check the vine street expressway for starters. >> hopefully in your car. >> you're going to need it for sure. things are looking pretty good out there. draw your attention to my air. vine street a. 20th street. if you take it. the traffic is moving fine. the issue earlier in the morning was and just ignore the camera
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going in and out of whack. the issue this morning was vine street between broad and 76 was closed down because of construction work. as you can see from the traffic moving, things are back to normal along 676. let's go into new jersey now. taking the 42 freeway. pretty good drive ahead of you. only taking about five minutes to go between route 55 and walt whitman bridge both north and southbound. if you happen to be heading to the shore now or later this morning or maybe this weekend, this is a good time to go. garden state parkway. devoid of any traffic right now. just north of cape may. things are looking pretty good at the shore. ac expressway clear as well. one more traffic. easier commute from center city in philadelphia. 42nd street ramp is now reopened. we were there as crews were finishing up their work earlier this morning. ramp had been closed since june for curb construction. crews can connect the ramp with the new 22nd street bridge. >> happening today, kids and
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their parents can rock out at the smith memorial playground. the music festival calls kid chill la continues tonight with performances by two family friendly rock bands and visitors can enjoy food trucks and art stations as well. today is the last day to look up and spot that. wicked balloon over philadelphia. try to win tickets to the hit show. sky force 10 spotted the hot air balloon yesterday. here's how you win a free ticket. see the balloon. snap a picture. post it on social media with the caption wicked flies to at kimmel center. have you use the hashtag wicked balloon. organizers will pick three winners on monday. i wonder how many they've gotten. winners each get a pair of tickets to the show. >> a lot of pictures. >> coming up the "today" show today. philadelphia chef is live with farm fresh summer finds and grilling tips. he's behind some of philly's most successful restaurants. today show starts at 7:00 a.m. right after nbc 10 today. buckle up.
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new high speed form of transportation could get you from philly to new york in under 30 minutes. hands down. hand down. hands down. >> caught on camera, the recording of a moment leading up to officer involved shooting. ahead at 6:00, alert about a growing cyber scam. use text messages to get the victims and what to do if your cell phone is hit. >> emily: i want to live on my own
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but i know it won't be easy. how will i keep up with everyday expenses: rent, food, bus tickets? >> joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including emily. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >> emily: start saving to live independently today.
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we have new video of a police involved shooting in philadelphia you might find disturbing. the gunfire captured by the body camera of a septa police officer came during an intense confrontation. >> hands down. hands down. hands down [ gunshots ] >> the gunfire erupted in kensington wednesday night. police said they shot an armed suspect when he refused to stop pointing his at officers. suspect is facing murder chargs
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mplts new details about two brothers who drowned in a lake in cumberland county. >> fisherman spotted the body wednesday night at crystal like. police believe the men were fishing when one of them got into some trouble in the water and the other drowned trying to save him. >> i've never seen them swims. >> swimming is not allowed at the lake. it's filled with unexpected dropoffs. new this morning, take a look at this porch that's collapsed in philadelphia's east germantown neighborhood. see the area roped off with police tape outside this home on north beach wood street. working to find out what caused that porch to fall down. no one was hurt. >> imagine getting from philly to new york in just minutes. that could happen under a plan by tesla founder elon musk. musk says he met with officials
5:57 am
about an underground hyper loop from new york to washington, d.c. total trip would take 29 months. include a stop in philadelphia. musk did an aboveground test of hyper loop last year. goal is to transport people in pods at up to 700 miles an hour. could be a while before it happens. musk said he would give it verbal government approval. later in the day acknowledged the deal is far from finalized. >> take you state by state and county by county. look at stories across our area. >> begin in delaware county. a man who shot a police officer seven times will spend decades in prison. chris asked a judge for strict sentence. yesterday the convicted gunman got 33 to 100 years after asking the court for forgiveness. officer told nbc 10 he thought the sentence was too light. he was lucky he survived the shooting last year. added when it comes to attacks on police, a stronger message needs to be sent. bucks county, the witness who cracked a cold case murder
5:58 am
of ben salem girl testified yesterday he was in the apartment of suspect george shaw when shaw allegedly raped and killed a 14-year-old. this is video of shaw from february. robert sanders also said he helped shaw hide the body back in 1984. the case remained unsolved until 2015 when sanders admitted his part in the crime. the trial resumes this morning. in atlantic city, police offering $5,000 reward for information leading to the person who shot at firefighters while they treated a gunshot victim last week on lincoln avenue. the man who was shot died. no firefighters were hurt. helping people cool off during this heat wave. pool admission fees are reduced for residents. prices vary depending on the pool you attend. in effect any day a heat advisory is issued like today. >> two preschoolers in montgomery county got a very welcome surprise. watch this video. >> this cell phone video shows staff sergeant dropping in on kids at the school in
5:59 am
gilbertsville yesterday. and the kids hadn't seen their dad in six months since he was deployed to qatar. he will go back on reserve staus and be home with his family once again. best run, jump and hug. >> always love to see military people great their family. >> now for more stories we're following for you on nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. not backing down. attorney general jeff sessions fires back at president trump's criticism as he brings another controversial fight to philadelphia today. forest on fire. crews battle dangerous heat. fiery flames at a south jersey state park. taxi joyride. new video sort of fills in the blanks between a woman's cab ride and the moment she hopped blind the wheel and took off. the sun is up. already 80 degrees.
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let's get right to bill henley. most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> the warming hasn't even started yet. the sun is up. temperatures only cool to 80 degrees in philadelphia. 70s for the suburbs. that's now. for today. first alert is still in place for philadelphia, for pennsylvania, new jersey and the entire area. until 8:00 this evening. that's because the temperatures will once again feel like they're in the upper 90s to just above the triple digits. 100 degrees to 103 degrees this afternoon. serge m certainly muggy this morning. by 11:00, 86 degrees. philadelphia, 80 degrees won't waste any time climbing either. 11:00 this morning, 80. good news here. little bit of good news. the wind has shifted. very light wind this morning. wind up to 7 miles an hour at 8:00. north westerly wind at eight


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