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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  July 21, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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let's get right to bill henley. most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> the warming hasn't even started yet. the sun is up. temperatures only cool to 80 degrees in philadelphia. 70s for the suburbs. that's now. for today. first alert is still in place for philadelphia, for pennsylvania, new jersey and the entire area. until 8:00 this evening. that's because the temperatures will once again feel like they're in the upper 90s to just above the triple digits. 100 degrees to 103 degrees this afternoon. serge m certainly muggy this morning. by 11:00, 86 degrees. philadelphia, 80 degrees won't waste any time climbing either. 11:00 this morning, 80. good news here. little bit of good news. the wind has shifted. very light wind this morning. wind up to 7 miles an hour at 8:00. north westerly wind at eight miles an hour at lunchtime.
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bring in some drier air. humidity will be dropping a little bit lower this afternoon than it did yesterday. temperature is going to be right back to the 90s. similar to yesterday. not a little bit hotter. 96 degrees. one degree warmer in philadelphia. 96 degrees for new jersey and at the shore up to 90 degrees this afternoon. still be enough humidity that it will feel like it's near 100 degrees today. break it down hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. show you how quickly things heat up in your neighborhood. first katy zachary has first alert traffic. >> good morning. talking about things heating up. see from camera shot along 95 and girard avenue. sun glare. headed northbound on 95 and not a lot of people are right now. you may encounter sun glare. be aware of that. southbound, we have a steady stream of traffic between wood haven and vine street expressway. still that drive is doing to take you about 15 minutes. we did have hiccups along 95. bridge street and most recently girard avenue.
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all that has been cleared. heading out to the pennsylvania turnpike right now. drive between route one and valley forge are uneventful. 21 in both directions. take you between the exits. staying in that area, we have in montgomery county, lower moorland township. road construction reported. be aware of that if you're headed in that residential area. >> 6:02. developing in washington. attorney general jeff sessions is not standing down despite criticism from the president. sessions said last night he's not going anywhere. >> as he takes heat from washington, bringing a different fight to philadelphia today. pamela osborne is live for us outside the u.s. attorney's office. take on philadelphia's stance on sanctuary cities. tell us how this will play out. >> reporter: he's going to be speaking with local, state, and federal law enforcement about sanctuary cities and the efforts to combat violent crime. mayor made it very clear police
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will not ask immigration agent the stance that sessions has challenged as unconstitutional. president threatened to cut funding from immigration authorities. last week federal judge said it's not likely he will reinstate that executive order which would do that. i should also mention that while sessions will be speaking here, the mayor is actually going to be at city hall. he's scheduled to take care of business there today. reporting live in center city, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. pamela, thank you. as we mentioned. attorney general also deemed with mixed signals of criticism and praise by president trump and "new york times" interview accomplished yesterday said he would have never nominated sessions for attorney general had he known sessions would recuse himself in the russia investigation. later the white house said the president still had confidence in sessions. reporters asked sessions if he considered resigning. >> we love this job. we love this department.
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and i plan to continue to do so as long as that is appropriate. >> president trump also took a swipe at deputy ag rod rosenstein. also sidestepped commenting on the criticism. not just jeff sessions and deputy he is targeting for criticism in justice department. interview with times, president had a warning for special counsel robert mueller. said former fbi director would be crossing the line if the russia investigation reached into the family's finances. also a report that president trump is looking into powers while the lawyers look at ways to limit the probe. this just in, nbc news, confirms the spokesman for president trump's outside legal team has resigned. mark was part of the team brought in in response to the investigation. into alleged russian metaling in last years's election. working to get more information about why he's stepping down and we'll bring you any information as we get it.
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it's 6 04. 80 degrees outside. top stories we're following here at home. hot and dry conditions are fueling these flames. crews are battliing in burlingtn county. so far the fire in remote section of washington township has scorched 1,000 acres. no homes or businesses are in danger. we have new details about a shooting in trenton that left four teenagers hurt. one of those boys, 15-year-old died yesterday. police are still searching for whoever opened fire on the teens along division street tuesday nightly. chester county devlving deeper into the case of a missing mother. searched her house yesterday. her husband said she left in a panic and never showed up for work. her family told us she abruptly cancelled a trip to native poland. new details on a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning.
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>> hearing reaction from customers at a gas station police say a woman stole a taxi. surveillance video from sunoco gas station at the corner of hunting park avenue and broad street shows the woman climbing into the cab. she drove off in the taxi and actually started picking up passengers. half hour after the cab was stolen, police found the 65-year-old driver in the cab outside the 25th district on whittaker avenue. >> that's scary. that's not funny. you got to be aware of your surroundings when hopping in a car with strangers. >> fortunately nobody was hurt. police will be checking to see if that 65-year-old woman was under the influence of drugs or chog. this morning, philadelphia has a new interim district attorney who will serve as city's top prosecutor until january. yesterday the board of judges selected kelly to take over as da until voters choose a new one in november. assistant da before heading to private law firm. she spoke about the significance of being the first
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african-american to serve as district attorney. >> hear to do a good job. i believe my reputation and the work i've done has placed me here. i find this a badge of honor to be in a position as a woman and african-american woman and take the role of being the chief law enforcement officer for the city of philadelphia. i don't take that lightly. >> hemorrhage will serve out the terms of seth williams. he was jailed last month after pleading guilty to federal corruption charges. williams will be sentence instead october. major transformation. hosted construction kickoff party for the ten unit apartment complex. first of the series of buildings going up. guests got to meet the architects and check out plans. showing the finished product is going to look like. it is 6:07. already 80 degrees outside. we continue with our first alert to keep you updated on the dangerous heat. look at that, a little breeze this morning. >> the wind has shifted direction. even more important.
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that's going to start the change that's going to lead to more bearable weather the next few days. still going to be brutally hot this afternoon. get us back to 90s. sun is up. temperatures will be climbing. see a sunny view from frawley stadium in wilmington. hazy sunshine during the day. dlou clouds at the shore right now. ocean city looking at mostly cloudy skies. clouds will break and see sunshine. 80 degrees in philadelphia. 70s in pottstown. 77 degrees at wilmington. warm air all around. see the clouds just thin clouds in atlantic city and cape may and delaware beaches. no showers with those clouds. showers are less likely today, but there may be some thunderstorms late tonight. really a better chance the storms are coming in for the weekend. notice for the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, one seven day for each part of our area. also shows cooler temperatures after today. this is where we're starting in delaware this morning. 77 degrees. marshalton in 76.
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79. it will warm into the upper 80s for rehoboth beach. already 80s at this hour. not just the temperature like we saw yesterday. it's the heat and humidity which was so high yesterday. now the humidity might not be quite as high this afternoon, but with temperatures just as warm, if not a little bit hotter. still warming back into feels like temperatures of 95 degrees at noontime in philadelphia. and close to 100 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. the suburbs feel like 92 degrees at lunchtime and climbing. for the lehigh valley, look at the sunshine. all day long. 95 at 4:00 this afternoon. delaware, especially steamier. in fact the humidity running a bit higher in delaware and the rest of the area. 98 degrees at noontime. feel like 101 at 4:00 this afternoon. even at the shore, temperatures will peak in the low 90s at the shore. it will feel like 97 degrees at lunchtime.
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and that's in the shade. get in the sunshine. it's going to feel even hotter. it does change for the weekend and beyond the look at the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. >> bill, see you then. let's get a check of the schuylkill this morning. >> happy to have katy joining us today in for jessica. what are you seeing katy. >> taking a look at 76. schuylkill right at belmont avenue. few hours ago if you were one of us up really early you would have encountered construction cleared. right side of your screen is traffic moving westbound outside of the city. this side is traffic moving eastbound into center city. see both directions is running pretty smoothly. no issues to report. no drive times between the vine street expressway and the blue route are pretty good. about 15 minutes for that stretch. take a look at bridges headed into new jersey this morning. everything is free and clear. no issues on the bridges. and speaking of new jersey, this is a look at -- unfortunately.
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a grainy shot. this camera can be really, really good. beautiful shot of route 36 in camden. there you go. just a really nice shot showing au all of the different roads there. coffee with a little added boost is on a recall this morning. still ahead. the problem brewed and mimics the vying a ra. plus o.j. getting out. plans for the future. straight ahead. nbc 10 helping you kids avoid the summer slide. up next, apps that combine fun and learning. they will keep their brain at its best.
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dangerous heat is not over yet. another 90 degrees day. take a look along broad street. take water if you're out this
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morning. another hot one. activating heat line for the first time this summer. there's the number right on your screen. right it down in case you need it. operate from 8:30 to 11:00 tonight. stopping the summer slide. >> you know how much your kids love to play on the computer and other devices. now use that to your advantage. we talked to supervisor of educational technology at the leadership charter school in westchester. she recommended several apps for kids to try out this summer. prodigy is a game where kids lead a character on a quest while practice accident math skills. dual lingo could teach your children a new language and kids could test coding skills. how can parents make sure that the identity of their kids is protected while they play on these apps. >> great website to make sure the apps your child is using are protecting their data and not
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releasing that information out is common sense media. you can filter by -- you can do a specific search for an app or you can filter by content area, by skill. >> she says there's an added bonus for parents. many of the apps she described are free. nbc 10 and telemundo are supporting our schools. to get students and teachers supplies they need to succeed. make an impact on local classrooms by donating money or supplies. donate today on or on the nbc 10 app. 6:16. warm 80 degrees. we've been talking about that. and there is katy zachary. >> katy, what do you see on the roads out there. good morning. things have been pretty smooth for the most part in both pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. we have a fuel spill that popped up. landsdown avenue.
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if you're one of the lucky ones. lucky enough to be heading to the arptd, heading out of town, really smooth drive. irport, he town, really smooth drive. 42 freeway is looking good as well. this drive time as you make your way northbound between route 55 and walt whitman bring is down from just about a minute. it was five minutes not long ago. heading southbound on that stretch. it's a five minute drive there. lastly take a check at mass transit. septa, am track. dell dot. everything clear of issues. most of your operations are running on or close to schedule. >> thanks for that. 6:17. just for a second, imagine that we were waking up down the shore, take a little walk. cape may. looks pretty nice there bill henley. >> just for a second.
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>> it's warm. probably a little more humid at the shore. not going to be as hot this afternoon as inland areas, and, of course, you would be at the shore. already steamy this morning. really going to heat things up. once again. which is why we're still under a first alert for dangerous heat this afternoon. right now not bad. especially some of the suburbs. 70 degrees right now. some neighborhoods while it's 75 degrees in west bradford township. look at unionville down to 71. 72 in exton. 68 in milford. not a bad start. feel the mugginess in the air. that is going to change a bit today. doppler radar and satellite shows mainly clear of clouds. just a few clouds at the shore. no sign of showers and thunderstorms today. wind has shifted. starting to get drier air moving in. that will make a little bit of a difference this afternoon. storms to the west, but the storms further to the west are to the system that's coming together for saturday and
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sunday. that could bring us some severe weather. for today, we should stay dry. see showers popping up this afternoon to our west. this evening, partly cloudy skies. still warm and muggy. 8:30 this evening temperatures will be falling. on our way to 70s to start with saturday morning. 7:30. first showers roll into delaware and south jersey. heavy downpours during the day. still a possibility of showers going on in the afternoon. and into sunday. now saturday evening at 8:00. storms on sunday will bring the temperatures down even more. there is that potential for some damaging winds with those storms. for today, dangerous heat. 96 degrees. the high temperature with the high humidity again today. going to feel like it's close to 100 degrees. tomorrow, 92 the high temperature. get late day showers and thunderstorms. then storms on sunday will keep things a little bit cooler. turn stormier, we may not even see 90s on sunday afternoon.
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another round heading in monday morning. monday afternoon got sunshine and not as hot. 87 high temperature on monday. that's the normal high temperature for this time of year. by tuesday, here comes the nice weather. storms out of the picture. humidity takes a break. allows the temperatures to drop into the 60s. in the morning, many suburbs will see 50s to start with tuesday morning. again on wednesday, another nice day on thursday. heat up again. no heat wave this time. next friday, saturday, and sunday. >> bill, thank you. 6:20. septa riders say they face a scary situation in one of the stops. next, the nighttime problem overhead that will leave your skin crawling. speaking of looking up, look to the sky. spotting this overphiladelphia could get you free tickets to one of the summer's hottest shows. what to do if you see this, coming up next.
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countless patients. countless ailments. countless hours. and guess what? you can handle it all. be a leader in your field with a bsn from strayer university. a nursing program created by and for nurses. let's get it, nurses.
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porch collapses in east germantown neighborhood overnight. see it roped off. no one was hurt mpl. new this morning, 22nd street ramp is now open in center city. we were there as crews were finishing up work this morning. ramp has been closed since mid june for curb construction and so those crews could connect the ramp with the new 22nd street bridge. and speaking of travel, this morning, we're getting a glimpse after the spiders scarying septa rider in philadelphia. take a look at photos here on social media. riders report a lot of spiders on the spring garden station. creepy crawlers seem to love the light fixtures there. exterminators have been out there regularly to treat the lights. septa tells us the spiders just keep coming back at night. today is your last day to spot the wicked balloon over
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philadelphia. try to win tickets to the hit show. if you see the balloon, send out a picture on social media with the caption wicked flies at kimmel center. organizers will pick three winners on monday and each receive a pair of free tickets to the show. what a cool idea. what a cool idea. if you've ever seen that show, you probably will be following that balloon. check of the roads a few minutes before 6:30. if you're traveling in landsdown. there's a fuel spill. happened not long ago. crews out there trying to clean it up. if that intersection is part of your route this morning. let's take a look outside. another scorcher, right bill henley. cool ideas on a hot day. it is going to be brutally hot
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this afternoon again. back to the 90s. a first alert for dangerous heat, but there is change ahead. got your neighborhood forecast coming up. also ahead new details on the mysterious death of a little girl in camden. what her mother says days before the child dade. plus, cell phones under attack. there's a new tech scam targeting your personal information. how to spot it and what to do if you get one of those cryptic messages. from fields and factories they came looking for opportunity. they worked hard. we helped them work harder. they are the students of strayer university. for 125 years, we've supported as they've rewritten the future.
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and to all who seek their true potential, we say, let's get it, america.
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freedom granted. o.j. simpbson will walk out of prison. what he wants for his future. getting the green light. high speed plan that could get you to d.c. or new york in just minutes.
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that's going to be wild if that ever happens. >> 700 miles per hour. more on that in is minute. 6:30. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. already hot outside. let's find out how hot it's going to get today. >> temperatures racing into the 90s again today. first alert for dangerous heat still in place for pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware until 8:00 this evening. worst of it will be this afternoon. feels like temperatures will range for 97 to 103 degrees today. 80s right now in philadelphia. cooled off overnight. sun coming up. temperatures are about to climb. 68 degrees is as cool as it it's gotten in the suburbs. view from king of prussia. 71 in king of prussia. 80s. up to 87 degrees and climbing at lunchtime today. the entire area back into the 90s this afternoon. that includes the shore. looking for a high of 90 degrees with mostly sunny skies. reaches 96 degrees for inland
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neighborhoods. i'll break it down hour by hour. show you what those feels like temperatures are looking like this afternoon when i'm back in ten minutes. first, katy zachary standing by with a look at your friday morning commute. hi, bill. new information we just got. 76 eastbound. there's a crash right near exit 342. bring that up in a camera as soon as i see you in the next ten minutes. first a fuel spill for drivers. landsdowne avenue. trying to clean it up. might slow you down if that's part of your morning commute. take a look at drive times. creeping up minute by minute. seeing more cars on the road. 95 southbound between woodhaven and vine street expressway. 17 minute drive. 76 eastbound between 476 and 676. vine street expressway. that's 16 minutes. a few minutes longer it will take you than about 20 minutes ago because of that crash on 76 eastbound. then lastly, the blue route looking good. between 76, the schuylkill and 95 only going to take you about a 14, 15 minute drive.
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now to breaking news we're following for you in philadelphia. where gunman ambushed and killed a man in a wheelchair at a home with four children inside. >> nbc 10 matt delucia live at police headquarters. new information on the deadly attack. what can you tell us. vai and tracie. homicide detectives working overnight to get a search warrant to go inside the home. two men were shot. one of them a man in the a wheelchair. he died right there in the living room. take a look at video from the scene outside this home on the 3300 block of north gratz street. shooting happened just before midnight. victims are resident and caretaker. caretaker was bringing the resident home at the time. helping the man up the steps and into the door. that's when two men showed up with begins and forced open the door. the man with the wheelchair tried to hold the door shut by one of the shooters fired off at least one round. hitting the victim in the head. now, the caretaker in the
6:33 am
meantime tried to run away, but the gunman chased him down. shooting at this man. hitting him in the leg. he's in the hospital this morning. all of this happened while a woman and four kids were inside the house at the time. so right now police don't know what the motive was. they're working on that. also trying to get surveillance video from the area. both shooters are still on the run at this hour. homicide detectives are investigating. live outside police headquarters. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. we have new details on the beating death of this four-year-old girl in camden. natalie gunter's mother is facing chierld endangerment charges. she claims the father of one of her other children is to blame. >> she's not breathing and i don't feel no pulse. >> that's the 911 call lucy made after her brother found her unconscious in their apartment. gunter told police a man
6:34 am
described as the stepdad beat the child on saturday because she refused to eat. did not report the incident until three days later. spoke to a relative at the vigil for the little girl wednesday. >> someone has to give an account to what happened to this baby. whether it be him, her or them. justice needs to be served. >> no one butt lucy gunter is facing charges. other children in foster care. we are learning more details about two brothers who drowned in a lake in cumberland county. fisherman spotted the bodies of the brothers wednesday night in vineland's crystal lake. police believe the men were fishing when one of them got into trouble in the water. the other drowned trying to save them. the juice will soon be loose. granted parole from prison yesterday. >> i'm sorry it happened. i'm sorry to nevada. >> simpson apologized yesterday to the hotel room heist that landed him in prison. officials could release him as
6:35 am
early as october 1. won't be completely free. first he'll need to report to a supervising parole officer and need to submit written monthly reports to officer until his parole ends in 2022. he also raised eyebrows with this statement. i've always thought i've been pretty good with people and i basically have spent a conflict free life. >> so what's next. simpbson told parole board he would like to move back to florida to spend time with family and friends. state of florida will need to determine whether simpson is eligible to serve parole there. witness of a murder testified during the trial that he was in the apartment with suspect george shaw when shaw allegedly raped and killed a 14-year-old girl. here's video of shaw from february. robert sanders also said he helped hide the body in 1984. the case remained unsolved until 2015 when sanders admitted his
6:36 am
part in the crime. trial resumes this morning. the men convicted for shooting a delaware county police officer seven times will serve 33-100 years in prison. >> the wounded officer told nbc 10 that sentence handed down yesterday was too light. asked the judge for strict sentence. gunman asked the court for forgi forgiveness. said he was lucky he survived the shooting last june. he added when it comes to attacks on police, stronger message needs to be sent. >> as far as police officers are a target and this country and world today, i think there needs to be stricter sentences on crimes against law enforcement. >> following months of surgeries and recoveries officer is now back on the job. 6:36. we've been saying it's another hot one on tap. >> check in with meteorologist bill henley. most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. we're starting at 80s in
6:37 am
philadelphia. that's not for long. we'll warm up at 8:00. warming starts, but look at lunchtime. 91 degrees and with the elevated humidity again today. feel like 96 degrees and even hotter this afternoon. afternoon temperatures will feel like close to 100 degrees in philadelphia. the suburbs, 75 degrees right now. the sun is up. quickly warm through the 70s. pass the 80s and low 90s for high temperatures, but, again. that factor in that humidity. feel like 96 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. lehigh valley, saw some storms last night. poconos and some of those reached into the lehigh valley. out of the picture, but still clouds around this morning and 72 degrees. 10:00 this morning, 81. it will feel like 90 degrees at lunchtime and 95 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. te steamy day ahead. there are days ahead. that doesn't last long. 90 degrees at noon. 95 degrees.
6:38 am
if you're looking for cooler weather, it will be cooler at the shore. mostly sunny. a few scattered clouds at times. high herb humidity at the shore is going to feel lining itke it the upper 90s. stayed elevated throughout the afternoon. delaware sunshine at froawley stadium. low 90s at 2:00. look at the feels like temperature. 100 degrees this afternoon. here's the good news. this is where it's going to peak. we get a hot one today. one degree warmer than yesterday. the cooling starts over the weekend. that will come with some showers and thunderstorms to continue into the workweek. look at that. 87 degrees on monday. that's normal for this time of year. average high temperatures 87. we will be below normal for tuesday and wednesday. and the humidity will be coming down as well. the weekend, that will be stormy. take a look at potential for storms when you can expect them in your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. thank you, bill.
6:39 am
6:38 on this friday morning. get a look at your commute to work on the schuylkill. >> katy zachary getting you to work this morning. keeping my eye on the schuylkill. a crash along 76 eastbound. we're hearing from actually something recently happened. okay. so that happened around 6:00 a.m. there was a crash. i was told it since cleared. another issue clearly popped up right along 76 near montgomery drive and girard avenue. we're going to take another look at a camera further into the city and let you know exactly what is happening. clearly things have been happening along 76. some extra time to your morning commute. very different picture along wrut route 73. heading to the shore. following the camera. no issues to report there. get a jump start on your weekend plan.
6:40 am
still a fuel spill in landsdown area. crews are out there working to clean that up. vai and tracey. 20 minutes before 7:00. coffee with an added jolt is being recalled this morning. >> up next, the special roast with a concerning ingredient. plus, alert about growing cyber scam. using text messages to target victims and what to do if your cell phone is hit. the unusual police chase that wasn't really a chase at all. the "today" show, philadelphia chef is live with farm fresh summer finds and grilling tips. he's behind some of philly's most successful restaurants. the "today" show starts in about 20 minutes coming up at 7:00.
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more dangerous heat and
6:44 am
humidity head and the workweek. there is help available. philadelphia corporation activating heat line for first time this summer. there's the number on your screen. jot it down. open until 11:00 tonight. we have new dash cam video of a police chase in east texas that pretty much went nowhere. investigators say this guy was trying to steal an electric shopping cart from a walmart there. it's worth about $4,000. the man faces theft charges. more serious case here at home. new video of a police involved shooting. the gunfire captured by the body camera of the septa police came after an intense confrontation. take a look. >> hands up. hands up. hands up. [ gunfire ] >> that gunfire erupted wednesday night. shot an armed suspect. wouldn't stop pointing weapons aft officers.
6:45 am
suspect is facing attempted murder charges after police found a woman with a gunshot wound to the neck. both are in the hospital. the woman listed in critical condition. >> new this morning, a texas coffee company is recalling one of its roast because it contains an ingredient similar to viagra. made the discovery in one of best herbs coffee variety. fear is it could interact with prescription medicine and lower blood pressure to dangerous levels. fda spokesperson says it's not clear if the coffee works like viagra. scammers who skip e-mails and go straight to text messages to steal personal information. cyber criminals are sent out a text alert with a question or a link that appears to be from your bank. if you text back or click the link, the thieves are harvest your data. experts recommend being skeptical if you're not sure about a text. >> now, here's how to protect
6:46 am
yourself. do not reply, call back or instead look occupy your bank and call the verified number. always delete the suspicious text messages. never share your phone number on social media. never, ever respond. then they know they've got you. >> commuters who head from philadelphia to new york city could get there quicker under a plan by tesla founder elon musk. musk met with officials at the white house for an underground hyper loop. total trip time, 29 minutes. make a stop in philadelphia along the way. musk did aboveground test of hyper loop last year. goal is to transport people in pods up to 700 miles an hour. could be a while before it happens. musk was given verbal government approval. later in the day acknowledged the deal is far from finalized. >> let's talk about the eclipse excitement building. we are one month away from a site that hasn't been seen koes to coast in america in nearly a century. the total solar eclipse is one
6:47 am
month away from today. august 21 that day. that afternoon, the moon will cross in front of the sun turning day into night. here in philadelphia, the sun will only be about 80% blocked. you can spot a partial eclipse if you plan on going on. all cameras and telescopes need a filter to record the phenomena. eyes need special eclipse glasses. to avoid damage. see the full eclipse, you node to be on the narrow path that stretches from oregon to north carolina. doing a lot of the franklin institutes to get ready for this. that's the place to take the kids. air-condition by the way would be good. take a look outside. another warm morning. 87 degrees already. bill henley talk to us about what's to come. going to be a steamy day today. cooler weather on the way. right now starting out with sunshine at ocean city. mostly cloudy morning. that sunshine will warm the shore up to near 90s 0 degrees. that includes cape may.
6:48 am
right at 80 for atlantic city. starting point. afternoon temperatures inland. close to where we were yesterday. if not a little bit hotter. 80 degrees in philadelphia. low 70s for the lehigh valley and suburbs. these temperatures will warm right back into the 90s for this afternoon. 70 in north whale. 69 in milford. back in the 90s with a high humidity is going to feel like it's close to 100. we have seen a little bit of change. the winds coming out of the northwest that's going to start bringing in some what less humid air. not a big change. that's going to bring temperatures down a little bit compared to where we were yesterday. for the feels like temperatures. this is noontime today. feel like 94 degrees in philadelphia. 94 in vineland and 94 in wilmington. still steamy this afternoon. 6:00 this evening. look at that.
6:49 am
98 degrees in philadelphia and wilmington. 96 in burlington. 99 in vineland. so it's going to be another hot one today. first alert for dangerous heat. still in effect for pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware until 8:00 this evening. then the temperatures start to cool down. this afternoon, you saw it for yourself, afternoon feels like temperatures of 97 to 103 degrees today. showers and thunderstorms are less likely today. some activity to the west. moving through the midwest. i think this first round will miss us, but another storm system coming together further to the west will impact us on saturday and into sunday. that's when we could see stronger storms developing. 9:00 this evening. still be warm outside. the heat will be starting to taper off. we'll see partly cloudy skies this evening. by tomorrow morning at this time, clouds are moving in. a chance of shower in the morning. and some heavy downpours possible later in the morning. 9:00 saturday morning. then as we go through the day on saturday, 4:15 in the afternoon.
6:50 am
tracking more storms moving into delaware and south jersey and here comes some heavy weather heading towards the lehigh valley. 11:00 saturday night. storms coming in for saturday and some of them still around on sunday. in fact, potentially stormier on sunday. have to deal with heat today. dangerous lehigh valleys of heat and humidity. 96 degrees this afternoon. low 90s saturday. storms coming in on and off during the day. stormy day sunday. 90 at the highest. might be cooler if we get enough storm coverage on saturday and sunday and monday start off with storms. sunshine isn't the afternoon. see a high of 87 degrees on monday. here comes nice weather. monday, tuesday, wednesday. temperatures below normal with less humid conditions for those days. warming up next week, another chance of showers and thunderstorms. next friday. >> 80s look nice mplts ten before seven. get you to work. continue to stay focused on 76. >> looks like it's slow, but moving. we have been talking as
6:51 am
we've been watching the camera. ebb and flow. it's norm. there's a story to it. around 6:00 there was a crash on 76 eastbound between montgomery and girard. there have been residual delays ever since that crash cleared not long ago. see poelkts of delays. here in montgomery drive the delays are going to continue to girard avenue. when you get to spring garden on 76 east, that's when they level out of it. stay with it. as we were talking about the delalay the delays. 95 is seeing a little slowup too. 476 blue route. we love that road. this time of morning. it pretty much stays in the green throughout the morning. there's a crash that cleared not long ago. it was in elm street and walnut street. that crash is cleared from the roadways and as we take a live
6:52 am
look at the roadways. live look in camden. there is sun glare the drivers are dealing with over the interchange of route 30 and 676. >> if you're looking for some weekend fun, there's a birthday bash at the shore tomorrow in margate. >> lucy the elephant is turning 136. great for her age. all-day carnival to celebrate the milestone. bucks county this weekend, association will hold annual puerto rican day festival in bristol. delaware state fair continues this weekend in herrington county. thousands will come to enjoyrides, animals, issue deep fried foods. the fair runs through july 29. today in philadelphia, kids and their parents can rock out at smith memorial playground in philadelphia. music festival called kid chill la continues tonight.
6:53 am
visitors can enjoy food trucks and art stations at the event. temple graduate could win $8 million in the world series of poker. >> a lot of tuition money right there. plays his cards right. is one of nine players running to become the main event champion in las vegas. from atlantic county. started the event last night with the most chips. poker championship runs through tomorrow. >> got a good poker face. two preschoolers in montgomery county got a very welcome surprise. take a look at this. cell phone video. >> dropping in on kids yesterday. watch this. runs and jumps. kids hadn't seen their dad in six months since he was deployed. report for a few weeks then back on reserve status. and be home with his family once again. >> that little boy is going to hold on. >> very sweet. next toplines we're following for you on this friday morning. >> includes the vip visit in
6:54 am
philadelphia. controversial issue attorney general jeff sessions plans to tackle today. >>jason: my dad taught me to play the piano
6:55 am
when i was three. ever since, it's been my passion.
6:56 am
going somewhere like the juilliard school seemed impossible. now, i am able to dream bigger. joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including jason. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >>jason: start saving to dream bigger today.
6:57 am
top headlines we're following this morning. police are looking for two gunmen who burst in a house before midnight. shot and killed a man and shot his caretaker before taking off. happening today, jeff sessions speak to law enforcement in philadelphia. battling the sanctuary city issues. police are not act as immigration agents. attorney general visit comes one day after he vowed to stay at
6:58 am
his post amid criticism from president trump on the russia investigation. fire crews in burlington county are still trying to contain these flames. warden state forest. hot and dry conditions are fueling. so far the fire in the remote area of washington township has scorched 1,000 acres. no homes or businesses are in danger. > two minutes before 7:00. things picking up on the roadways. good news for 76 eastbound drivers right between mont gromry and girard avenue. see traffic has picked up after some delays we were seeing if for the last half hour there. really start to pick up as you make your way to spring garden. that's when things level out quite a bit. a lot of sun glare. drivers across garden state parkway are dealing with. north of cape may. tell you through some of that glare there are very few cars on the roadway. this is a good time to go to the
6:59 am
shore if you're heading to the shore. as you can see, mass transit running on or close to schedule. a train there running a little bit slow. >> another hot day ahead. right now 80 degrees in philadelphia. and 70s in the suburbs. look at that bright sunshine over king of prussia. a quick warmup by noontime. 87 degrees and going to feel like it's the 90s at that hour. thanks to high humidity. back in the 90s this afternoon. even at the shore. 90 the high temperature with partly to sunny skies. enough humidity at the shore to make it feel like it is in the upper 90s or near 100 this afternoon. >> penny the pig. . taking over the kiddy pool. it's that hot. water running everywhere. this is what happens. get her in there.
7:00 am
>> kiddy pool like that to jump into. >> that's one smart pig. >> check out the nbc 10 app for all the highlights. >> stay cool. the "today" show starts right now. good morning. free man. >> i do vote parole when eligible. >> a nevada parole board approves o.j. simpson's release despite this performance at his hearing. >> i felt i've been pretty good with people. i've spent a conflict-free life. >> this morning, simpson's close friend who was at that hearing and talked to him after the decision is speaking out. >> do you worry, does anybody worry about o.j., that he could end up backg updirt? president trump's camp looking for information to


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