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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 23, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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counting. >> rick what makes that more impressive, if could be more impressive, these are completely different rules. three years ago, high, high, down are going to draft. last year medium down force. this so when down force package. >> let's go through the field brought to you by carl's jr. let's start with martin. >> kyle busch in indianapolis. here is news we haven't heard in a while, right? adam stevens on the radio saying we we are one porter house speak. i don't know what that means. but must be good. kyle's car clearly very good. he joked about his wife from indianapolis, indiana, we should say, ten years ago this weekend is when they met. he said, i never thought i would have a shot with her but he did and they ended up getting married and having their beautiful son. all year long we have seen the 78 car be better on longer runs. right now, having a tough time catching his corporate teammate, kyle busch.
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kyle busch went by him, he said the car has absolutely no turn into it right now at all. glenwood, patriarch for the wood brothers team turning 92 this weekend, believe it or not. >> hoping to be in a position to point his way into the playoffs and his krcrew chief say weg hi have to strictly go for wins. they are trying to stretch his fuel to the next stage end. >> kelly, denny hamlin up in fifth position. yes, same denny hamlin who had damage earlier in the race. came out in 30th and now up in the field. now on the last stop decided to stay out when everyone else pitted. that's how they got track position back. >> this run has been way looser according to the driver. harder to drive the 4 car you see a little wiggle right there. 20th, matt kenseth, his car has been just a little bit ill handling but not bad. it is the track position he could use right now.
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we will see what is next up when they pit. >> joey logano hanging on to eighth position. but they have problem inside the car. listen to inside the car if you can. [ inaudible ] >> that is what joey logano's radio sounds like to the team. they have been having a terrible time hearing them all day long. they asked him it move his mike closer, move it up. just radio problems inside the car. they are having to guess. >> on lap 59, pit stops were coming an should make it to the end of the stakes. not handling well, just less bad than earlier in the day. >> mcmurray won at daytona 500 and brickyard for that year and having extra sense of confidence when he shows up to the
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brickyard. jamie mcmurray happy with the car inside the top ten. >> strategy has it come into play now, steve. >> as we come to three to go, if any drivers try to get on to pit road and pit before the stage end, it would have to come on this lap. really, i think kyle busch is so fast, it has eliminat eliminate drivers. top five have the chance. namely these two here. >> we just heard, a report from kelly saying that, chris saying they aren't racing for points. they feel like they have to win. why wouldn't you pit if you're erik jones? why not pit here on the green. >> we are sitting right next to erik jones pit wall. none of the crew members are on the wall anticipating 77 coming down. looks like they will stay out until the end of the stage. >> chris gail knows the numbers and strategy, so he either doesn't feel good about running, restarting on two or three lap
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tires on the next stage. perhaps too close to that number where he might go a lap down if they add hiccup on restart. we saw yesterday a few teams having trouble during their pit stop. the gamble must not have been worth the reward. he is up inside the top four, jeff, so he wouldn't gain a ton of track position. >> the reason we say he could pit is because he is close enough to the leader. this track is so big, he is close enough to the leader, he could have pitted, four tires and fuel, and come back out in front of the leader. the risk is you don't have a good sto p. impress ive season.
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kyle busch has the most impressive car. he didn't start in the front row. he worked his way through traffic. caught 77 and 21 to pass both of them. and has stretched the lead to almost four second over martin truex -- >> i was going to say, that's over martin truex jr. the guys that he started with, he is 11 second over them. >> i heard kyle busch saying, we are running well. but i'm just not as fast. 78 has been their achilles heel.
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so right now they are taking martin truex and his team. >> last lap of stage number 2. and once again, the 18 has swept the first two stages. the fourth driver to do that in 2017. the guy who finished just behind him, 78, only ones that go on to win and the 78 team has done it twice. seeing if kyle busch can do that as well. not only sweep the stages but also get the win because he is going for something even bigger. he is trying to make it three in a row brickyard 400 wins. never has been done before. >> somebody has to step up if they beat him today. kyle busch has just been clearly the fastest car. but let's go back on the field a little bit. remember, ryan blaney's team, jones's team, pitted early. stayed out. great strategy. now ending stage in third and
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fourth position. good for lap 59 and lap 52. >> steve, you talked about the dominant car. is this the situation where kyle busch and adam stephens have hit something at this racetrack? it's been different down force, they've had different packages that have come here but these two have been so good over the past now three years. we have talked about the laps that they've led. have the two of them hit on something that is just clicking and working? >> it is. and it is hard to try to figure out what it is because you mentioned there have been different rules. but also they have teammates that are sharing information with. it is not just a set up. and a couple inches here and couple feet here and different way it drive your race car. and surely that can help you find success year in and year
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out at the racetrack. >> once you've had success, you know what that car is supposed to feel like. you know what the car is supposed to be and where it is supposed to be. you have to sacrifice. racing is a game of compromises. where do you need to compromise? do you need to be the best in turns one versus turns three. where are those compromises coming from? kyle busch knows where you need to be and can articulate that to his team and they are capable of getting the car the way they want them. >> i asked adam stevens about that earlier today and he said, we have three different set-ups last three years and in fact completely different set-ups because of body changes. we can't bring the s.a.t. same set-up back. only common factor you mentioned is the guy behind the wheel. he found repeatability at this racetrack and he knows what he is looking for in the car and that's what we shoot for in practice. >> just to put this into perspective, most people that drive on the highway, know what it feels like to go 65 or 70 miles an hour. that's how fast right now.
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pace car speed on the racetrack. 7. 0 miles an hour. pit row speed is 55. they have to slow down to 55 when they come to pit road. they were moving at 70 miles an hour before they hit that yellow line. and now the field on their way to pit road. >> ryan comes down in third position. he said the worst part for me is too tight in turn three. that's where i lose my time. especially with 18 going around me. he is way bet are than i am. blaney with a nice run. trying to get a win for the wood brothers. he loses a lot of time at initial part of the run but it gets better. they debate own debated on chas. kyle busch led all but 15 laps today. he said the car is pretty good. i can make it loose. can i make it tight. whatever i want to do. this time, 78 might have beat him on pit road. it will be a tight one.
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welcome back to indy. want to talk to crew chief adam stevens. brought to you by nascar heat 2. >> hey, adam, steve up in the
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nbc booth. you goot copy? >> yes, sir, good ahead. >> buddy, i've dreamt of having cars like you've had now for the third year in a row at indianapolis. what is this magical combination with you and kyle busch at this racetrack? >> i don't know. i think that our weapons are the hold the steering wheel. he just has a special way to get around this place. his strong suit is -- [ inaudible ] he knows what we need to race and the last couple of years we've been able to find it. >> with having a such a dominant car the last two stages and 57 to go here as you approach this stage, do you just wait and see how the cautions come out or try to predict the plan of when you need to make your green flag pit stop? >> you always have to have a plan on the back of your mind but so much depend on what everybody else does and what the gap will look like here. so gave up a little bit of clean air there, but it is up to us to get by the 78 and get it back. >> we appreciate you taking the
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time. i know fans did as well. good luck here in the last 56 laps. >> thanks. >> what's going on with the 42 team. dropping back to -- >> rick they spent almost the entire yellow flag situation here on pit road repairing the front end of that car. kyle was told if it starts it vibrate, remember you have the damage when he was playing that blocking game or jimmie was playing the blocking game. and if it starts it vibrate, let us know. it doid. and kyle reported, i lost my speed here. so they worked on that. you know how important it is for that front end to get around indy. >> how with 56 to go, the 42 will try to recover. now my question is this restart. this is the first restart these cars have been in the front without 18 in control. you can see martin truex jr is outside. >> 18 on the outside wp 78 in
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the bottle. 78 holding the line up. letting 18 get back on bottom. but with 56 to go. i don't know i'm playing those games any more. you know, i don't mind working with my teammate but at some point the race is about winning it and winning it for me and my team. it is time to get selfish. >> jeff, real quick, they are going to play that game. kyle hasn't been in the position. he said, what do i do? make sure to let the 78 down. reverse roles where they play the game again. >> start of the final stage. 55 laps to go. green flag back in the air. >> out in front. four different drivers out front today. kyle busch, erik jones, ryan blaney and martin truex jr. now to the outside. ryan blaney. three wide for that position.
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4 of kevin harvick getting to the bottom of the racetrack. to get clean air. able to clear the 21. but 20 of kenseth is in front of it. short shoot back into four. erik jones that 77 trying to recover. he is in the seventh position now. bowyer in the 14 trying to stay in front of 22. joey logano all over his back bumper. rick, two leaders, martin truex jr, that lap was a second faster than the field. those front two cars have just unbelievable speed. and it's funny -- >> oh around comes 17. ricky stenhouse jr hard into the inside wall. a lot of damage to the front end.
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>> damage done. >> we keep talking about restarts. we saw the shot a little while ago from aj allmendinger -- sorry, from kurt busch's helmet how difficult it is on the restarts. you just have to be aggressive. it is a time you have to push. and everybody is pushing. these things happen. >> we saw dale earnhardt jr.'s incident happen on restart. >> stenhouse jr climbs out of the car. >> hit that inside safer barrier. take another look. >> side by side with jimmie johnson. you see he lost the bottom. jimmie johnson on the outside. just so difficult to maintain that speed with somebody outside of you. aerodynamically all this air is pulled off your car.
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>>. [ inaudible ] >> hey, fwies, guys, when i loo that, reminiscent, and he lost that side rear. jeff, you can talk about this, when a car squeezes you like jimmie was, sometimes you're a helpless passenger. you're relying so much on the aero effect and when it's gone, the car is gone from pup. >> no question, parker. that's exactly what happened. other thing that made that situation a little bit worse is that ricky stenhouse jr made a fast move on the bottom of jimmie johnson trying to fill that hole. he didn't do anything wrong. when you do that, it's a sudden loss of down force. when you're just jump out real quickly on corner entry off the
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gas and now side by side with somebody. that side force and down force comes off the car quickly and much easier to get the car out of position. you saw it up the racetrack. just couldn't turn the wheel. had he turned the wheel, he would spin out. kept going up the racetrack. up the track and hopefully he did spin out. >> that is ricky stenhouse jr's first dnf here. you're watching the bradley gilbert brickyard 400. tough ride for ricky stenhouse jr as we go nascar nonstop. shaped by the hands of legacy. forged in the fires of racing. i've been challenged, tested and proven. whether it's on that track or off, the truth is what you're made of is what you're made to do. ♪
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you're watching nascar energy cup race car series presented to you by golden corral. >> turned into a beautiful afternoon as we look atop indianapolis motor speedway. aerial coverage provided by our partners at smithfield foods. coming up on sunday night with megyn kelly, joe maddon was manager of the world championship chicago cubs, never forgot where he came from. >> joe maddon remembers an ideal childhood in the perfect hometown. >> i don't believe i would have ever been in the pog to be able to be in the world series if it wasn't for all of this. >> but hazel tton, pennsylvania was in deep trouble. race relations were toxic. >> i just knew i didn't like it. it wasn't this utopian place i grew up. >> for joe the solution was
6:53 pm
simple. build a bridge between whites and hispanics. >> these are good people. they will save our town. >> sunday night with megyn kelly, coming up right after the race. two by two once again. will they play nice? martin truex jr on the inside, kyle busch on the outside. marty? >> just asked kyle busch a moment ago, what do you want to do here, what you do all day long, let each other in and play nice? he said, i think we have to race for it. you called it a moment ago. time to race to win at the brickyard. >> no more playing. if i'm kyle busch, i'm contesting this spot. >> a brdrag race into turn one. >> oh, kyle busch slides and into 78. they both go up into the wall. comes out. >> we're done.
6:54 pm
fighting for the spot. the 18 cot got loose up high. 78 split up an hit 18. they both go around. big flames under the hood of martin truex jr's car. he jumps out of it. >> they have fire suppression systems under the hood as well as in driver's compartment and in the trunk where the -- or the fuel cell is. so that fire suppression system working to put the fire out but there were some big flames rolling out from underneath the hood. martin truex jr not happy at all. >> rick, you heard marty's report, for most of the day, they've been allowing the control car, lead car, other car
6:55 pm
letting that leader in. you said it was time to contest, time to race downturn one side by side. that's what created this accident. two drivers trying to win one of marquee races of the year. >> one again, kyle busch, dominating the race. and not going to be in victory lane. so this trend of 2017, here you go, kyle busch on the outside. just rolls up on the outside of 78. 78 gets loose. just like we saw ricky stenhouse jr a minute ago. loose in the corner. could not hold the car on the bottom, gets on the side of the 18. ty dillon did a great job not running into the side of kyle busch. this is racing. side by side. i know 49 to go but side by side racing for the win. you saw the wiggle from martin truex jr. just could not hold the car on the bottom without being loose. had to turn the car to the right or he would have -- you have to
6:56 pm
push on restarts. this is the result when the push but if you don't you won't rin these races. >> winless streak will continue for kyle busch. now goes over a year. >> look at the rear of the car just fold up. >> we had just seen it on the previous restart, rick. these two cars, left the field by one second in one lap. they were hands down the to most dominant cars here today. both eliminated. >> i'm not sure i know who the favorite is now. >> who will step up and seize the opportunity? it's there. there for the taking. >> coach gibbs. >> joe gibbs not happy at all. >> and fire. >> so scary. martin truex jr, right now, even though he is still moving, seeing that fire, unbuckling. getting toward get out of that car as soon ease can get it
6:57 pm
stopped. >> you never know what it is but with the hit on the front, normally it is suspension breaks and hits a fuel line or oil line. that looks like as intense as that fire is, even fuel or oil under the hood and as you mentioned, that suppression system is automatic under the hood. you see it go off there. inside the car, driver needs "set it off" but under the hood automatic. like at your hotel room. if something goes on fire it sprays, suppression puts out flames. but still, even with the fire being hot, it has to be hard to breath. >> very hard it breath. you saw that long cord that was still hooked to martin truex jr. that was a radio cord. kind of holding you into the car. you just have to jerk that thing and break it. >> so flew they'd came out of the car, trying to keep that from spreading down the racetrack. >> so now the conversation starts, right? why are we racing? remember, you have joe gibbs racing that you know helps the 78.
6:58 pm
they work together. why are we racing each either that hard? why? we have the two fastest cars. because the two faster cars, they both want to win. you cannot sit around and wait for the right time. you have to take that opportunity. you never know when the winning moment will come, steve. and right now on this restart, 48 to go, you've got to take that lead. >> jeff, you're exactly right. let's listen in. time for today's fresh take brought to you by subway. we will listen in to both the 18 radio and 78 radio prior to that restart about how important it was that they wanted to get out front. >> i think i need to -- i think we need to race. >> you ready. >> absolutely. >> that was 18.
6:59 pm
>> i'll do whatever. >> okey-dokey. >> it's fine. i'll deal with it the other way, i guess. >> copy that. >> for sure. >> copy that. >> it doesn't sound like martin truex jr wanted to go on with that plan. he felt that the plan previously had been working. >> same story. martin truex jr felt like there were multiple restarts where he did not contest position. you said it, at some point playing nice has to go out the window. from that radio seems like kyle busch's opinion of when that should happen and martin truex's opinion of when that should happen are different. >> and it will always be different, right? somebody's got to say, somebody's got to get to the point and say, look, it's time. and when this happens, now like i said before we heard this radio broadcast that now you start questioning it. like why were we doing that? but when you are a race car driver, you're a crew chief and
7:00 pm
you say, okay, now time to push that button. time to make more happen. if it doesn't work out, it is easy to point fingers at you. but that's what winners do. winners step up at big moments. and by the way, winners can't be afraid to fail. winners have to be willing to take that risk in order to seize a race. >> you use the word "winners" twice there. one driver who is not a winner in 2017 is kyle busch. looking to make it three in a row here at brickyard 400, that's not going to happen. he has been checked and released from infield care center. kyle busch has two winless tracks. one is charlotte. other track is the one we go to next week. pocono. kyle busch never won at pocono. but now on his longest winless streak of his career. >> again, a reminder, for those of you tuning in now to nbc, after the race, sunday night


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