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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  July 28, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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gladwyne. flooding danger. prepare for rain and possible thunderstorms. repeal failed. senator vote down a plan to repeal obamacare. now senate leaders saying it's time to move on.
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reaction from both sides of the aisle. seeking justice. community comes together to call for justice months after a community activist is murdered. we've issued a first alert. you can see all the rain inching closer on the first alert radar. because we've had so much rain, chance of flooding mump higher. start with bill henley. fog and visibility issued this morning. >> to start with. later today we'll see the rain take shape. should be dry this morning. when those storms do start to pop up, we could see enough heavy rain to produce flooding. pennsylvania and philadelphia and the suburbs, but further to the north, i think. it's out of the woods. for delaware and south jersey. more likely to see heavy weather later today. starting at 3:00. start to see showers and thunderstorms during the midday hours, but then late this
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afternoon, this evening that's when the heavier rain will move in. potential for flooding overnight and into saturday. still a chance we'll see some severe thunderstorms. the main threat is flooding with this. pretty quiet right now. dry in trenton, philadelphia, wilmington, redding. even dover is dry right now. see scattered light showers just to the west. moving into milford. delaware, south delaware has seen heavier yan farainfall thi morning. wet weather, not impressive just yet. part of the system is going to come together for us for later today. this morning, there's the fog that vai mentioned. you can see it in the lehigh valley. 70 degrees at 8:00. get breaks of sunshine at 11:00. 78 degrees, but the sunshine won't last. clouds will be building and the temperatures warm into the 80s this afternoon. then the showers and thunderstorms move in later in the day. break it down hour by hour, show you where those tomorrows are most likely to pop up first when
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i'm back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> starting on 95 rights now. have a crash around tasker street. traffic is getting by the scene for now. little earlier we did have all lanes shutdown on the southbound side. they had to get all of the traffic from this side or at least the cars that were involved over to the right-hand shoulder. that's where everybody is right now. see this road flares up here. also have police activity there. southbound traffic getting by the scene. going to keep watching that for you. the vine street expressway construction we're completely back open. in between the broad street area to the schuylkill. now we had that construction there earlier. just cleared a little while ago. all the construction crews out of the way. back in business. take the vine. don't have to worry about any alternates. >> breaking news right now out of philadelphia. police have just taken a man into custody accused of raping a young girl. now police tell us the sexual
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assault happened in north philadelphia. told the suspect lives with the victim, but it's not clear how he is related to her. 5:34. more breaking news overnight. stinging defeat for president trump and republicans as they once again failed to pass repeal of obamacare. three republican senators including john mccain voted against the skinny repeal option. president trump quickly reacted on twitter saying, quote, three republicans and 48 democrats let the people down. as i said from the beginning, let obamacare imemployplo em em >> rich: senate democrats are celebrating the bill's failure. senator john mccain's vote key in syncing this bill. his vote drew gasp from the senate floor. joined two other republicans. alaska and maine.
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it did repeal some parts of obamacare including the individual and employer mandate. this last-ditch effort to make good on a republican promise of repealing obamacare has failed. >> clearly a disappointing moment. from sky rocketing costs to plummeting choices and collapsing markets, our constituents have suffered through an awful lot. >> i would say to my dear friend the majority leader, we are not celebrating. we are relieved millions and millions of people who would have been so drastically hurt by the three poems put forward will at least retain their health care. localry reaction is coming in.
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cory booker says the fight isn't over. republicans in both chambers have made it clear they'll stop at nothing to enact their dangerous agenda. from delaware, we don't need a democratic victory. a republican victory, we need a victory for the american people. live in the digital operation center, nbc 10 news. u.s. military won't be changing anything for now regarding its transgender policy. despite president trump's tweet on the subject on wednesday. the chairman of joint chief of staff said yesterday there will be no modification until the president clarifies what he meant in those tweets. meanwhile the head of the boy scouts of america is apologizing for president trump's remarks on monday. president talked about health care and referred to washington, d.c. as cesspool or sewer. in a letter posted online yesterday the scouts chief apologized to those offended by the political rhetoric. 5:36.
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neighbors put grief and determination on display. work with police to get justice for murdered community activist. winnie harris was shot and killed nearly six months ago in her home. no one has been arrested. in april released this surveillance video of two men they are calling persons of interest. last night two dozen people garthered though remember harris. joined police to hand out flyers to try to keep the case from going cold. >> why haven't nobody said anything. you understand. if it was their family member, they would feel how we feel right now. >> winnie wouldn't hurt a fly. that's why it's so hard to fathom how someone could come in her house and hurt her. >> harris directed a program ma throughout philadelphia. harris spent her life serving the community. > 5:37. police want you to take a good look at new sketch of a man they say tried to lure children into his car in bucks county.
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investigators believe this man approached 12 and 13-year-old boys earlier this month and tried to get them to go to another fishing spot. he already had another child in the car. the boys refused and the man and child drove away. >> not guilty is the plea from the indicted mayor of allentown. federal corruption charges. prosecutors claim ed pawlowski took campaign bribes in exchange for dolling out city contracts. likely have secret audio recordings of pawlowski. pledged to win both battle in court and re-election this november. >> i know i'm innocent. i know i did nothing wrong. i'm looking forward to my day in court to prove that. >> judge ordered pawlowski released on $50,000 bail after the mayor surrendered his passport. no trial date has been set. 5:38. getting closer to sunrise thisa better view of the clouds
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overhead. live view looking across the delaware. little bit of light fog there. seeing more fog in the suburbs than in philadelphia. what we're not gti we're starting off the day dry. the showers have been missing us to the south. as we go through the day, the clouds will be building and showers and thunderstorms are likely: 3:00 this afternoon, first alert goes intohe first s and possibly thunderstorms in south jersey and delaware. this is it w a swinging in especially late this afternoon and evening. now 6:00 this evening, still pretty quiet in philadelphia. don't be surprised if most of the day is dry in philadelphia. look at the rain in wilmington. dover, south jersey at the shore reaching towards atlantic city. few showers for the lehigh valley too. potential for rev rain increases through the even thing hours. 9:30 this evening. downpour for delaware, south jersey and into the suburbs in philadelphia too. even into the lehigh valley, we could see periods of heavy
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rainfall. right now, 72 degrees cloudy and dry in philadelphia. see winds out of the northeast. clouds stay with us most of the day. may see a little break of sunshine. temperatures in the 80s. dry in philadelphia at noon. at 4:00 rain due in during the even thing hours for philadelphia. dry also for the suburbs. little bit of fog this morning. 72 degrees. take some time for the fog to clear. once the temperatures start tis and get a better view of the clouds that are around. there we can see the fog, thick in the lehigh valley. 66 degrees right now. a few breaks of sunshine. the fog disappears. that's at 10:00. this afternoon. again, dry, through the afternoon. this evening the lehigh valley will see rain. for new jersey, 69 degrees to start with. 80 degrees at lunchtime. maybe a break of sunshine. as clouds build, you can see a few showers popping up late this afternoon. for the shore, 79 degrees part live sunny skies.
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that's at noontime. clouds take over later this afternoon at the shore and for delaware, there are the thunderstorms popping up at 4:00. 81 degrees at delaware. clouds break for a little bit of sunshine this morning. then it's going to be cloudy for the rest of the day. this evening, that's when the heavier rain will be moving in. still with us tomorrow. take a look at how much rainfall you can expect in your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. thank you, bill. about 19 minutes before 6:00 a.m. on friday. let's get help to commuters in cherry hill. look at route 70. traffic reporter jessica boyington has you covered. >> cherry hill and route 70 around kings highway is where we're looking here. see the construction project underway. see we have lane restrictions all across the way here. somewhere in between grove street and 295 seeing lane restrictions because of ongoing project here. upahead little flashing lights and construction vehicles in place too. no traffic or backup now. watching 95 in accident scene
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right around tasker street. southbound side. lanes getting by for now. looks like we might have lost the right-hand lane now. also the right-hand shoulder and accident scene over into the shoulder. again, 95 southbound side there. where we're seeing some of those delays approaching the walt whitman bridge. watching a crash in main hill. we'll end here with the bridges. keep checking in for any schedules openings. not yet. the betsy ross sbrij open and clear. buried in fines. what one man did on the road that had him facing a nearly $90,000 bill. plus this, happy hour brawl. chaos erupts during a center city event. video has gone viral and the changes that might be made in response.
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popular happy hour event may need more police on hand to control rowdy behavior. police are considering adding more officers since video of this fight went viral. happened near one of the restaurants as part of the center city happy hour event that offers discounted drinks and apps wednesday night. no one was hurt or arrested. police want you to take a good look at this man. police say he burglarized a mosque in philadelphia. broke in to the greater philadelphia mosque on the roos roosevelt boulevard. he got away with cash and donations. tried to crack up a safe. imagine how many times you had to zip through a toll booth to
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rack up $88,000 in tolls and fees. a man is under arrest this morning. police say a records check showed anthony owed more than $40700. another 47,000 on the new jersey turnpike. nabbed him as he drove through an easy pass lane on the bridge without paying. celebrating the best of main line. >> nbc 10 in drexel hill last night. hosted the annual event. tracey davidson here named the best tv news anchor and best celebrity facebook page and there's meteorologist bill henley. proceeds from the event benefit advanced behavioral health. >> 300 businesses honored. so congratulations to all. >> when i work weekends or when i worked on the weeknights, i always made a habit of going by that. the food is so great. >> great food. great time.
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always a big success. gets better every year. >> it does. yes. >> the weather held off too. it was a beautiful evening. skies were a little bit cloudy. no rain around. that's how we're starting the day this morning. no rain. plenty of clouds over cape may. life view from the marquis de lafayette holt. clouds linger for most of tv day. some breaks of sunshine. like the last few days, not in for a bright sunny summer day today. spring city pennsylvania. look at the fog that's come from there. temperatures dropped in the 60s to start with. low 70s in delaware. 73 degrees in south philadelphia. 71 for west bradford township. into the 80s today. in spite of all the clouds. made it to the 80s yesterday. going happen today again. the rain that we're expecting is really going to hold off until later this afternoon. then especially this evening. the wind has shifted. that becomes more north
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easterly. going to help clean the clouds around through the day today. temperatures still climb. 81 by lunchtime. 83 by 2:00. still dry at 4:00. go into the evening hours. temperatures more likely to see showers and thunderstorms in the city. the first of those showers and thunderstorms are destined for delaware and south jersey. right now dry for allentown. redding and wilmington. philadelphia and trenton. the chance of showers and thunderstorms increases as we go through the afternoon and evening hours and through tomorrow. in fact, by 3:00 tomorrow when our first alert comes to an end, more than an inch on wilmington. look at that very heavy rainfall in southern delaware. parts of south jersey. while this commuter model showing philadelphia, doylestown, trenton getting off pretty easy. the trend is for the system to stay to the south. that's why i have eliminated the lehigh valley from the first alert. still a potential that we'll get downpours in philadelphia. some of the southern
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pennsylvania suburbs. the greatest threat is still delaware and south jersey. first alert goes into effect at 3:00 this afternoon. first showers and thunderstorms will pop up. then more widespread heavy rain coming in tonight. into tomorrow, but by midday tomorrow, start to taper off. that heavy rain could produce flooding. still a possibility of some severe thunderstorms development which could lead to flash flooding and damaging winds. thunderstorms later this afternoon and then the rain comes in tonight and tomorrow by late in the afternoon, the rain tapers off. look at the temperatures. 73 degrees on saturday. and beautiful weather for sunday. the rain is out sunshine takes over. a cool comfortable day. the humidity way down on sunday. another beautiful day on monday. it's tuesday, the things start ng for up. wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. temperatures climbing into the 90s. temperature finally breaks for ne 85. thank you. stay with nbc 10 for continuing
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coverage of the rain through the weekend. download the nbc 10 app if you don't already have it. track the to your neighborhood. plus get instant alerts sent to your phone. 5:51. earlier this morning had an accident on 95. pushed cars to the shoulder. looks like they're still there. >> letet jessica boyington first alert traffic. going to pass this if you're heading down the southbound side of 95. if you're headed towards the walt whitman bridge area. earlier we were seeing big delays. stopped all the traffic to get the accidents from this side over to the right hand shoulder. now that it's there, we're losing that right lane because of the vehicle here. and the right hand shoulder. doesn't need to drive in the shoulder right now. one car at a time moving through. not seeing a ton of volume there. headed on the 95 there. little bit of an accident scene. watching cherry hill. removing some of the cones. he's backing up taking away some of these lane restrictions here on route 70 on cherry hill.
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right around kings highway. looks like it will be back open in the next couple of minutes as soon as we get the cones out of the way for the intersection. keep watching that for you too. and end here with the blue route. drive times look good. 15 minutes on the southbound side. speeds also boo the 60s. this story is real cool. philadelphia teacher and her class are getting national attention thanks to a new clothing ad. >> what if it's too hard. >> i'm going push through. >> what if it's too rough. >> pooim going to push wha if >> i'm going bush through. >> that is the newest back to school ad from the gap. featured her and her students in north philadelphia. a great lesson for them. last nbc 10 was there after she posted a video of her students with that chant. itloved.
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. sgll now, you can help out mrs. wright and classrooms all over the country taking part in nbc 10 support our schools initiative. tap the app or go to to find out how you can donate money or supplies and support. dozens of projects. remember the teachers often use their own money. taking a trip to the shore this weekend, drop off supplies in atlantic city. collecting donations there. kennedy plaza. start your engines. nascar returns to the poconos this weekend. might be your last chance to see one of the great drivers of his generation in action. coming up at six, new reason to raise the glass. doctors say alcohol can help the battle against diabetes. coming up at six, the benefit and however makes a difference. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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target unlocked cars for loose change or whatever else they can find. get a look at this. this is in lehigh county. new legal beagle at the courthouse in allentown. actually, it's a labrador. this is ramona. new courthouse companion dog.
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provide comfort and support to crime victims who come and testify. spent the last two-year training for her job. this weekend markets the return of nascar to long pond in the poconos. the race will be dale juniors final one at the tricky t triangle serving up coffee. why? he'll drive the number 15 draft latte chevrolet on sunday. nbc 10 is your official station of the eagles. full access to training camp. take you insid t huddle.
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me weapons to throw to this season. new receivers. we got a lot of work to do, but we truly believe we have the guys to do something special. to do something special, you got to put the work in. >> what's your something special. >> we'll see at the end of the year. >> bring you all four preseason games starting with the packers on august 10. >> we're still on the wentz wagon, you bet. >> now more more stories we're following for you at 6:00 a.m. weather threat. giving you a first alert. heavy rain and storms move in ahead of the weekend. repeal rejected. breaking overnight. republicans failed to help president trump follow through on a health care promise. worse than ever. eye opening report shows just
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how bad the opioid epidemic has gotten in pennsylvania. whether a busy friday morning. 6:00 a.m. good morning. nbc 10 news today. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> first alert for heavy rain and potential for flooding for philadelphia and some of the lower suburbs in pennsylvania. the greatest threat continues across delaware and south jersey. 3:00 this afternoon. that's when it starts. going to start to see some showers and thunderstorms. first in delaware and south jersey. then as we go into the even thing hours, tonight and into tomorrow, that's when heavy rain will spread into the north and across south jersey. heavy rain and some flooding is a possibility. light showers this morning. activity for later on is still to the west.


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