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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  August 5, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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handcuffed man body slammed and it's caught on video. the result? a police officer suspended and could soon be off the job. storms pounding our region, this is what it looked like at 3:00 a.m. as rain came down in buckets. we're keeping track of where storms are causing power outages as well. and that heavy rain should be moving out this morning. we're looking ahead to some sunshine later today. the details ahead in the first alert neighborhood forecast. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm ted greenberg. thanks so much for being with us. it is 5:00 a.m. and check out this heavy rain overnight in
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montgomeryville along route 309. the rain fell so hard and so fast, it created rivers running down the road. but we should be drying out later today. let's get our first alert neighborhood forecast from krystal klei. she has the most accurate forecast in town. and some areas still seeing a lot of rain right now. >> that's right, ted. so much of our area still dealing with either the threat of rain coming or it's falling overhead right now. and you can see the back line is passing right through philadelphia as we speak. areas like new kasz set county now more spotty showers urks same for parts of the lehigh valley and berks county. the heaviest is through south jersey. some of the heavy rain cutting right into ofabington and missi warrington. and it is moving out of the suburbs and soon enough it will move out of philadelphia. in fact i think the next hour or so, most of the heavy rain will be gone. but look at the heavy band still
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moving right through south jersey. and into winslow. the pockets of reds and oranges, that is the heavy rain falling at around 1 to 3 inches an hour. it's not staying in one spot for a straight hour, so most of us aren't seeing such quite high totals. toms river, that is that band all the way up to brick and this is moving to the east as well. so look at some of the estimated rainfall totals so far, close to 2 inches in the northwest part of philadelphia county. about 1 1/2 inches in some of the upper suburbs. and that yellow, around 2 inches estimated. that area actually saw a severe thunderstorm warning early in the morning hours, but that has since expired. most of us are in thetoday we'l average. we'll track it coming up.
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and the storms led to power outages as trees brought down wires in berks county. pico officials say about 2,000 to 4,000 customers are without power in the doylestown area. and they have sent out multiple crews to get the electricity turned back on. andrundrea cline-thomas is on h way to that area. look for a live report from her later on in the newscast. and we're also getting reports of power outages in burlington, camden and mercer counties and we're tracking those as well. moore brere breaking new, a pour oik likely played a role in this accident on roosevelt boulevard within the last hour. the accident is causing lane restrictions on the boulevard. new this morning, one man is under arrest, two people hurt after a hit and run crash in philadelphia's feltonville section. this happened on northbound roosevelt boulevard at mattress street around 12:45 this morning. police say one car that hit
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another kept going. they stopped the car a few blocks away and made the arrest. second man from that car took off. where he wo we are working to find out victim's condition. a serious crash sent three to the hospital in montgomery county. the accident shut down route 309 near taylor road, it happened just after midnight. no word yet on what caused that crash. also new this morning, a man is in critical condition after he was shot outside a church in chester. sky force 10 over the scene on west 9th last night. the victim was found shot in the chest outside the mar nath that church. it was not open at the time. a police officer suspended will soon be off the force because of his actions involving a suspect that was caught on video. this body slam of the handcuffed
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suspect in kensington outraged an entire community. and now it will cost the i've h officer his job. yesterday the police department suspended officer james yeager with the intent to fire him. she said the video would never go viral. last month officers tried to arrest the man in the video on drug charges. police say he resisted. one cellphone clip shows the initial struggle as one officer forces the man's head to the ground. but it was rivera's video that shows where it escalated. >> how do you explain to your child that the police are here to protect us but people are being murdered by the police, people are being brutally beat down. >> police told us officer yeager will not face charges at this time. from a high school football star to a murder suspect, nbc 10 was the only tv station in the south jersey courtroom when 20-year-old tyler dralle faced a judge. not long ago, dralle was a
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football star at uni regional high school, but prosecutors say he and a 127-year-old sh7-year- killed a 345-year-old at her blueberry farm. nbc 10 obtained a copy of the 911 car scordo's father made after they found his daughter wounded. >> you said you were sleeping and you were woken up to gunshots? >> yeah, and my daughter is laying on the floor. >> and she's shot? >> yes. >> the investigation led authorities to dralle. detectives asked for his phone and recovered 8,000 deleted text messages, some of the messages were about guns and robberies. the assistant camden county prosecutor says dralle was also caught on surveillance video cashing in on some stolen coins taken from the farm. dralle's lawyer maintained he was not at the farm that night. dralle has been denied bail and if convicted he faces at least 30 years in prison without parole. from delaware county, we
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want to show you video of a car wanted in a robbery that injured a landscaper in brookhaven. the vehicle is described as a 2008202014 dodge avenger. police are looking for the driver. sky force 10 was over the scene on jackson drive on thursday. authorities say the landscaper jumped on to the hood of the car after seeing the driver steal his leaf blower. the driver then took off, hit the brakes and threw the man to the pavement. the car left the scene. we are told the landscaper will be okay. in philadelphia, people planning to take septa's airport regional line will instead have to ride shuttle buses. this is a live look at 330th st station where passengers will have to get on to the buses between that stop and the airport, all because of a track improvement project. the trains will start running again during the workweek, but will again be replaced by shuttle buses each weekend this month. this morning triathletes will test their endurance around
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atlantic city in the water, on bicycles and foot. the atlantic city triathlon kicks off at 6:30 this morning. participants will swim in the back bay, bike along the ac expression way and run on the board wo boardwalk. so watch out for road closures. on vacation. president trump and his family arrive in north jersey to begin a working vacation at his golf club. we'll explain why the visit has drawn complaints from people who live nearby. plus this -- >> it's been very successful and really crowded every time we've come. >> boosting the bottom line. why keeping the beer flowing means big bucks in philadelphia.
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this is a live view looking at philadelphia international airport. if you look down at the bottom of the screen, you can see how shiny it looks on the runway, that is because of all the water
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that has been dumped over philadelphia. sunrise 6:04 this morning. it is a dark sky overhead right now. and we still have these bands of heavy rain moving through. good news is for most of your saturday, it will be a nice day. but we have to get rid of this this morning. s that continues to move along to the east, it's already starting to move offshore, you can see over parts of ocean county and up through monmouth, as well, that will continue moving out and we are looking at pockets of heavy rain that will be driving through the next couple hours left by spotty showers on the back side. but farther to the west, we have clearing conditions. so mostly sunny by the afternoon. in the lehigh valley, it's already spotty showers that are left. the temperature trend will go from 68 current reading to the upper 70s. by 2:00, i think the high will be right near the low 80s. but it will be very comfortable as the moisture is knocked out and low humidity. in philadelphia, we will make to the low 80s this afternoon. mid-80s are possible around our
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neighborhoods in philadelphia, but most of us will stick in the low 80s. and at the jersey shore, same deal right near the upper 70s this afternoon and notice the icon switching from cloudy to a mix of sun and clouds by this afternoon. we'll talk more about the rest of your weekend and when we could see another round of storms coming up. music keeps rolling at a popular summer event. why fans say musikfest is better than ever.
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it's taken nearly a decade, but the u.s. workforce has fully regained jobs lost in the great recession. government officials show more than 200,000 new jobs were created last month. some of the largest gains were
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in food service and health care. retail continued to lag. president trump celebrated by tweeting excellent jobs numbers just released and i have only just begun. many job stifling regulations continue to fall. movement back to usa. president trump arrived in north jersey yesterday to begin a 17 day working vacation. he stepped off air force one with two of his grandchildren. first lady melania trump, the president's daughter ivanka and son-in-law jared kushner are also on the trip. the first family will be staying at the president's private golf club in bedminster. the motorcade arrived during the evening and some of the locals have been grumbling about traffic problems. but one businessman says he can't complaint about the repeat trips to med ministut bedminste. >> his's kr secret service guys here for lunch and dinner and
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people come from all over. favorite males are meatballs. >> and on the flip side, two local airports are not allowed to have planes take off or land while president trump is in town and also flight schools and skydiving operations were forced to shut down. the trump administration is out to plug leaks from within its own ranks. yesterday attorney general jeff sessions said that the justice department will aggressively pursue and prosecute anyone leaking classified information to the media. sessions said there are so many cases, the fbi has a new unit to find leakers. he also said the department is reviewing policy on issuing subpoenas to journalists. >> we will not allow rogue anonymous sources with security clearances to sell out our country. >> sessions called leaks a threat to american security and that they come from a range of sources that include the white house and congress. leaks and investigations are part of what some call our
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broken politics. join chuck todd and his guests for a full discussion on "meet the press" tomorrow morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. a hated ceo found guilty, plus soccer's blockbuster deal. those are among the business stories making news this week. cnbc's contessa brewer takes a look back. one of the most hated ceos in america has been convicted of securities fraud. martin shkreli has been found guilty on three of the eight charges brought against him. prosecutors accused him of deceiving investors to cover millions in losses. tesla says it lost more than 0 00 million last quarter and investors were just fine with that. revenues more than doubled over the past year and the car company gave strong guidance for future shares. shares rose about 5% during the week. toyota and mazda plan to build a
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car factory together in the united states. the companies say they will invest $1.6 billion in the plant which will employ 4,000 people. production is expected to begin in 2021. and finally, a monster deal for a soccer star. france's top soccer team is paying $262 million to acquire the brazilian soccer star neymar. the money goes to neymar's old team fc barcelona to gain permission for the transfer. big bucks. i'm contessa brewer. get all your business news on cnbc. and right back to our first alert radar, we are tracking a morning round of storms going through, but here is the good news. by the time you're up and out, most of this should be gone. so we're looking at two bands really of heavy rain. one just arching now right through parts of ocean county, and then another that just slicing through northeast philadelphia. notice areas like the upper
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suburbs, chester county, berks, lehigh valley, these areas just have spotty showers left behind and the clouds. so already some of us are seeing the heaviest rain move on out. but here is a closer look right through philadelphia and into charlie hill, bellmawr, these are areas where we have pretty steady rain falling. not getting that high of rain totals, but between 1 and 2 inches by the time this is all said and done. not going to be a shock. we go a little farther to the northeast, areas like middletown, bensalem also looking at pockets of still steady to heavy rain falling. but again this is weakening and moving to the east. so it will be out soon enough, that morning heavy rain you heard will start coming to a close in these areas. still have some time for the heaviest rain to move out of south jersey. you see stretching from pemberton to the shore, at about 2 inches per hour near lacey and toms river as well. but even this will weaken as it
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moves farther to the east. so timing of that? we're looking at it moving out here in the next couple much hours. our temperatures certainly feeling the effects of the rain moving in. 68 in the lehigh valley and philadelphia, suburbs at 66 and jersey shore not getting the rain yet, so sitting in the 70s. in our philadelphia neighborhoods, we drop down most of us are consistently in the upper 60s at 68 chestnut hill, west mt. airy and the airport 69 for parkwood. forecast conditions for us as we go through today, low 80s center city at 83, somerton at 81, these storms only for the next hour or so and then that turns into a more mostly sunny forecast in the afternoon. in the suburbs, upper 70s to low 80s. same deal lie high valley and berks county. voorhees township at 82. near 80 i think for a lot of spots along the jersey shore and then we should see temperatures around 84 for wilmington.
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so the hour by hour to track out the line of storms, notice it's already showing up pretty nicely that from 5:00 to 6:00, the heaviest rain moves out. i disagree with this break. i think this will connect, but it will move near the shore between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. starting to move off. we'll be left with clouds, some spotty showers. by your lunchtime, we should start to see plenty of sun. we'll talk more about your sunday forecast coming up in the next half hour. in the lehigh valley, musikfest continues today in bethlehem. the festival showcases all kinds of artists from up and comers to class beiic rock legends like chicago who perform tonight. fans say it's the variety that keeps them coming back year after year. >> always looking for new music. we have always found a couple. >> i would say it's gotten
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larger. just with more entertainment options, more people come out. they hear about it, word of mouth. >> musikfest runs through next sunday. tapping into profits. up next, we'll show you who pouring beer has the money pouring into philadelphia.
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you might have noticed all the beer gardens popping up around philadelphia. it turns out they are not just good for beer lovers, but also for the city's bottom line. details from drew smith. >> reporter: you can spot several of them from the steps of the art museum and down the parkway to logan's square. temporary beer gardens are more popular than ever. >> it's been very successful and it's been really crowded every time we've come. >> reporter: the roving parks on tap pop up all over the city. we watched the beers flowing at one of its stops. >> we try to include everyone here in philly, make them feel like a beer garden is capable of being in their neighborhood, too. >> reporter: and the city takes its share, a 10% tax and according to the city controller, beer is becoming one the fastest growing sources of
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revenue. >> something that people like to do that is making more money for the city. >> reporter: they credit venues like this for a big jump in that liquor by the drink tax. 40% over the past five years and in fact in the last fiscal year alone, $73 million was taken in. >> i think that is a very dramatic increase. >> reporter: that money all goes to philly schools. but they're not the only ones benefiting. parks on tap hands some proceeds over to the parks they visit. >> a beer that you can feel good about, a beer garden that we feel great about, the one that gives back. >> reporter: offering new destinations for visitors is key here, too. >> just getting out to the different neighborhoods, bringing more people out. >> reporter: and with this incentive, customers like susan are happy to chip in. in center city, drew smith, nbc 10 news. in north philadelphia, boys and girls graduated from the first ever troop k camp cadet. the program is for ages 11 to 14
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a chance to learn about police training and build better relationships with police officers. 5:27 right now on your saturday morning. pounding rain and damaging storms overnight knocking out power. we are following the weather related problems around our region. yeah, what we're looking here is the heaviest rain starting to move out of philadelphia and off the shore. we'll track when it's all gone and when the sun returns coming up. and now here is a live view of the rain still falling over center city.
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pounding rain rocking the region leading to power outages in some areas. we are live following the fallout and power outages from the strong storms. and then we'll have later sunshine, but will the sun last through the weekend? the answer ahead in the first alert forecast. and lagoons contaminated.
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the mystery that has swimmers being warned to stay out of dozens of waterways in a jersey shore community. good morning, everyone. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm ted greenberg. it is 5:30 a.m. thank you for being with us. storms moving through the region this morning. first alert meteorologist krystal klei is tracking them all. >> and what we're looking at is still the heavy rain moving through parts of our viewing area. but as promised, this is really only an early morning event. it will be out soon enough. and what you see is on the back side of this front, only a few spot showers are rolling through parts of chester county, montgomery, heaviest mostly into parts of new jersey and even that is starting to move offshore. take a closer look into philadelphia county, half the county just seeing clouds. and more steady rain is through parts of bensalem down t


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