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tv   Today  NBC  August 14, 2017 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> maybe we should have. >> complete coincidence. >> the "today" show starts now. good morning. nbc news exclusive. >> these extremist fringe groups have no place in the american debate. >> vice president mike pence condemns white supremacist and the kkk for that deadly violence in virginia. president trump under fire for stopping short. the attorney general jeff sessions responds to the uproar. as the suspect of that fatal attempt goes to court. the regime's deadline to ready a possible strike on guam fast approaches. trouble in the tropics.
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tropical storm gert forms in the atlantic ocean. this morning, its impact up and down the east coast. all that and the notorious el chapo heads back to court. tom cruise proves he is in a risky business. and usain bolt wows the crowd with one more emotional lap. today, monday, august 14th, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." so good to have you on a monday morning. we have craig in for matt. good morning. >> we have a lot to get to. including foulout from the clashes with protests and night nationalists in virginia. >> a suspect accused of ramming his car into a crowd, will be arraigned on murder and other
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charges. the fbi and federal prosecutors have opened up civil rights investigations into that crash. vigils across the country to honor the life of heather heyer and other victims. >> mike pence spoke out, telling nbc news, dangerous fringe groums like white supremacists and the kkk has no place in america. president trump has not singled out specific groups in his response to this weekend's violence. we'll talk about that with jeff sessions in just a moment. first, we have a team of correspondents standing by with the latest. we'll start with tom costello at the scene this morning. >> reporter: quite quiet here. we have not seen white supremacists here. but their message on saturday was that this country belongs to whites and the jews should also get out. we had an alteration between a
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white nationalist leader and protest protesters. in seattle sunday, chaos and confusco confusi confusion, police deploying flash grenades there to. across the country, in denver, new york, baltimore and houston. in virginia, a sot m gathering at a site where a woman died on saturday. alex fields will appear in court, charged with second-degree murder. accused of driving his car into a crowd of anti-hate demonstrators on purpose. killing 32-year-old heather heyer. her mother, devastated. >> i'm very sad. i'm very, very sad. but i can't be angry because angry will make me hate. and hate only leads to more
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hate. >> reporter: outside of toledo, fields' mother said his arrest caught her by surprise. >> i just knew he was going to a rally. i try to stay out of his political views. >> reporter: a former high school teacher says, fields had neo-nazi leanings. >> he thought the nazis were great. and hitler was great. the white supremacy thing, he was into it. >> reporter: in charlottesville on saturday, who suggested police and counterprotesters were for the violence. >> that is the anti-white hate. >> reporter: within minutes, the crowd rushed the mishg microphone, punching him in the face before police escorted him to safety. and virginia is mourning the loss of two state troopers.
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governor terry mcauliffe blamed their deaths on the white supremaci supremacists. >> get out of the country. >> reporter: the fbi, the department of justice have launched a civil rights investigation, to determine if alex fields acted in a premedicated way -- when he allegedly killed 32-year-old heather heyer. down the street from me, there's a makeshift memorial to heather heyer who died on saturday. many people wearing t-shirts with her picture placed dead-center on the t-shirt itself. police charged one man with misdemeanor assault for spitting on that nationalist yesterday. >> thank you. president trump has come under fire for not explicitly condemning the role of white supremacists in those deadly protests. and that has many of his administration doing some damage control this morning. kristen welker has that part of
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the story for us. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning to you. there is mounting pressure on president trump to publicly denounce the white supremacist at the root of the violence in virginia. he didn't do it over the weekend. and democrats and republicans are united. he needs to speak out more forcefully. this morning, the white house grappling with the ongoing backlash over the words that president trump didn't say in the wake of the violent clashes in virginia. not specifically calling out white supremacist groups behind it all. >> he missed an opportunity to be explicit here. >> reporter: the president's statement on saturday, seemed to suggest that everyone shared some blame. >> patriot bigotry and violence on many sides. >> reporter: the president's failure to condemn the nationalists, significant because during the campaign,
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some of those groups supported him. and kkk leader said they were protesting in the president's name. >> we're determined to take our country back. we're going to fulfill the promises of donald trump. >> the reaction swift and angry, including from republicans. senator marco rubio urged the president to call them terrorist attacks. and trump's short-limited communications director. >> he needs to be har nsh the nature of that. >> reporter: ivanka trump tweeting, there should be no place in society for racism, white supremacy. the white house trying to contain the foulout, saying the president's exclusion includes the aaa and all groups. >> the top advisers clarify. >> i condemn the groups that ex-spouse this hatred, i cannot be clearer. >> was that terrorism yesterday? >> what terrorism is, is the use
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of violence to incite terrorism and fear. >> reporter: as a candidate, mr. trump said labels are important. >> anyone who cannot name our enemy is not fit to lead this country. >> reporter: now, the president's saturday silence on white hate groups is creating a deafening problem for the white house. the president was silent on sunday, including on twitter. he has sent out a series of tweets, this morning, including this one. heading to washington this morning. much work to do. focus on trade and military. but still nothing about virginia. it's the one topic people all across the country are waiting for him to revisit. savannah? craig? >> kristen welker for us from new jersey. we're hearing from the vice president, mike pence, as he begins a week-long trip to south and central america. he singled out white supremacists, neo-nazis and the
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kkk, he defended the president for not citing those groups in his statement. peter alexander is traveling with the vice president and spoke with him one-on-one. peter, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. i traveled to colombia with the vice president. during our interview, he did what many critics say the president should have done. he condemned white nationalists, white supremacists and neo-nazis. i began our conversation asking him why the president didn't call out those groups by name. >> the president said he condemns hate and violence in all of its forms. we will not tolerate hatred and violence of groups like white supremacists and kkk and the neo-nazis. the extremist fringe groups have no place in the american debate. we condemn them in the strongest of terms. >> why won't the president use
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those words? >> i think the american people heard the president idea, condemn in his words, organizations that purvey hate and violence. the american people heard him. >> to be fair, some americans heard that. others didn't, including orrin hatch. my brother didn't give his life fighting hilter will for nazi ideas not to g challenged here at home. was it a mistake for the president not the be more clear? if you were advising him now, would you suggest he do it differently? >> i think the president yesterday spoke into a national moment. words that the american people needed to hear. we condemn acts of violence, acts of hatred. >> he said on many sides. name those sides. what are the sides? >> as i said today, we condemn in the strongest terms, the hate and violence advocated by groups
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like white supremacists, neo-nazis and their ilk. >> that's one side. what's the other side? he says many sides. >> as you look throughout the course of recent years, we've seen protests turn violent. we've seen fringe groum groups violence against police officers, with tragic results. >> with respect, only one group yesterday killed one american. >> and we're bringing the full weight of the federal government to investigate that heinous act. i take issue with the fact that many in the immediamedia are sp more time -- >> this is orrin hatch and cory gardner, sir. i'm reading their quotes. >> many in the media spend a lot of time focusing on what the president said and critici criticizing -- instead of criticizing those who brought that hatred and violence to the
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streets of charlottesville, virginia. >> reporter: at the end of the conversation, i asked the vice president if this was an act of domestic terrorism. he said, it may well have been. the president has directed the department of justice to direct a full investigation into attacks he said were similar to other attacks around the world. we're joined by jeff sessions. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> let's talk about the president's words. they're worth focusing on on this moment. he said, this was an egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence, on many sides. and he was asked to condemn white supremacists who were protesting. why didn't he call them out? >> well, he made a very strong statement that directly contradicted the ideology of hatred, violence, bigotry,
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racism, white supremacy. those things must be condemned in this country. they're totally unacceptable. you can be sure this department of justice in his administration is going to take the most vigorous action to protect the right of people like heather heyer, to protest against racism and bigotry. we're going to protect the right to assemble and march. and we're going to prosecute anybody, to the full extent of the law, that violates their ability to do so. you can be sure of that. >> attorney general sessions, let me follow up. you say it was a forceful statement. but he adds the violence going on, the hatred and bigotry were on many sides. what are the many sides? >> we had spasms of violence
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that are unacceptable in america. he said he wasn't talking about donald trump or barack obama. he said these problems have been going on for a long time. he said what happened in charlottesville is unacceptable. we need to find out what happened, that it's wrong. and we need to study it and see what as a nation we can do to be more effective against this kind of extremism and evil, really. i thought it was a -- it was a good estimate, delivered just a few hours after the event. the next day, yesterday, they explicitly called out the nazis and the kkk. >> the president did not. >> that statement that you're referring to, came from the white house. it was -- >> it came from the white house. it sure did. it was authorized. >> here's a president, as you know, general sessions, he's not afraid to take to twitter to ca chastise, a number of folks, yourself included. he's not afraid to call out
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terrorism overseas. he didn't do that, why? >> the president did do that -- >> that wasn't the president. that's not the same as the president of the united states. >> you're interrupting me. i asked you, i was giving you an answer. >> go ahead. >> it was a white house spokesman who made that statement, explicitly condemning these groups by name. i'm sure he'll talk again about it soon. >> today? will the president of the united states, today, is going to explicitly condemn the alt-right groups and white nationalist groups? >> he will be speaking to the people today. i'm not sure what he will say. that's my understanding. and he's been firm on this from the beginning. he is appalled by this. >> general sessions, "the daily sto stormer," a neo-nazi publication. they saw it as a tacit sign of support for their sign. this is what they posted shortly after the president's comments in part. and i think we have it here on
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the careen for you. president trump's comments were good. he didn't attack us. nothing specific against us. they go on to say we need to study why people are to angry, and implied there were hate on both sides. he said the anti-fascists are haters. god bless him. that's from a neo-nazi publication. isn't that proof that the president didn't stand up sufficiently to white supremacy on saturday? >> they're simply attempting to legitimate themselves in any way possible. they're find ought we're coming after them for any violations of the law. the president has condemned by name and will continue to do so. i'm confident that the american people will reject this kind of evil ideology. and we need to take it seriously. it does appear that people
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are -- amazingly, naziism remains alive, after all of the evil it has caused in the world. i think we take in seriothis se. we go after it morally, politically, legitimately, in any way possible to reject this ideology that causes division and hatred in america. it's just not part of our heritage. >> before we let you go. we haven't had a chance to speak to you since the president made several remarks directed at you, his own attorney general. my question to you, has the president apologized for his kind of public scolding of you? have you spoken to him about it? especially in light that you're out here defending him? >> i believe in the president's agenda. i believe in his leadership. he has a right to scold his cabinet members if he's not happy with them. and he has a right to have people in his cabinet that he
7:18 am
believes will serve his agenda. >> did you deserve that publicly like that? >> and talking about -- the issues that face us right now. i appreciate the opportunity to serve in his administration. >> has he ever apologized for doing so publicly? >> he's not apologized. he is frank about his concerns and expressed them openly. >> attorney general, thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. let's get a first check of the weather. dylan is in for al today. >> good morning, guys. we're looking at the tropics. we have tropical storm gert now. the storm has winds up near 45 miles per hour. it's moving to the north-northwest at 9. it is looking to take a turn and run parallel to the east coast. while the storm will not necessarily be a threat to the united states, we're still looking at the chance of dangerous rip currents, especially down along the southeast, as we go into the
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next couple of days. electric light orchestra ] ♪ sailin' away on the crest of a wave, it's like magic ♪ ♪ rollin' and ridin' and slippin' and slidin' ♪ ♪ it's magic introducing the all new volkswagen tiguan. ♪ higher and higher, baby the new king of the concrete jungle. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a warm day ahead, but clouds will be increasing. 85 this afternoon for philadelphia. stays dry, and a high of 83 in the suburbs. and new jersey warming with 83 degrees with more clouds. clouds increasing neoshore this
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afternoon, too. low 80s for the lee high valley. and delaware no sign of rain until late tonight. have a great day. forecast. >> gert. short for gertrude? >> i'll find out. right now, we call her gert. coming up, the notorious drug kingpin, el chapo, returning to court today. who will defend him? we'll speak to the high-profile attorney who wants to take that case. ahead of the total solar ellipse, a new rossen report about the special glasses you need to protect your eyes. could you be buying dangerous knockoffs? how to spot the difference. first this, is "today" on nbc. getting a cancer diagnosis is difficult.
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to take the long way home. keep it up, steve! dr. scholl's. born to move. good morning, i'm rosemary conners. it's just a few minutes before 7:30 on this monday. meteorologist bill henley tracking a few clouds for us. bill. >> yeah, you can see the sunlight glowing on the buildings this morning. no wet weather during the day, and no warm spots right now. well, it's a little warm in philadelphia, but really hasn't heated up yet. pretty good warm up considering it's 62 right now in andorra. and 69 decrease at the airport. >> jessica boyington is keeping an eye on the roads. >> stop and go on scule puright
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now at least an hour at least. rosemary back to you. we are following two developing stories this morning. first a couple found dead in their home. it's not clear how the couple died, although they do know they were severely beaten. and developing in philadelphia, five people were shot near melon street. it happened while police were breaking up a party involving hundreds of teenagers last night. so far no arrest in this case either. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. i'm rosemary conners. now back to the "today" show.
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back, now, 7:30, monday morning. that's mission control here at the "today" show. it's the 14th of august, 2017. we're starting off the week in a busy way. craig in for matt. ho hoda's here. >> the brain trust. let's get to the headlines. in an exclusive interview with nbc news, mike pence is condemning by name fringe groups at the root of the deadly weekend clashes in charlottesville, virginia. he defended president trump for not doing that in his initial remarks about the violence. security detail is defending marco rubio after reports that a powerful leader in venezuela issued a death order against him. he has been a critic of the south american country's
7:31 am
government. and while officials cannot confirm if the threat is authentic, they are not taking chances. usain bolt said a final farewell on the world stage. he had a disappointing final. he pulled up with a hamstring injury in the relay. it was the last run in his storied career. he said it was a rough few days. but he added, he tried to put on a good show. and you know the pose. >> i know. sad to see it go. >> one of the greatest olympians of all-time. >> he deserved that honor, for sure. more to get to this morning. including the drug kingpin, el chapo, heading to federal court and facing a mountain of charges. this is video of the police motorcade taking him to the courthouse in brooklyn. morgan radford is there for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. el chapo is back in court, seven months after he was extradited to the united states. who will get to defend him?
7:32 am
the public defender he has? or the criminal defense attorney he wants? and who the government says might not get paid. this morning, joaquin guzman, the most infamous kingpin is back in court. better known as el chapo, he's been in solitary confinement since his extradition to the u.s. in january. today, a high-profile attorney will request to defend el chapo, taking his case from a public defender. jeffrey lichtman spoke exclusively to today. >> joaquin guzman is not going to be afforded a fair trial. >> reporter: but will lichtman and his team be allowed to defend el chapo? and will they get paid? >> he's locked down. how does he pay us? he can't go to his checkbook in his jail cell and say you're hired. >> reporter: before they take the case, they want a guarantee because the justice department could confiscate their paycheck as part of the $14 billion in
7:33 am
alleged drug money it wants to collect from el chapo. el chapo has pleaded not guilty from charges ranging from drug trafficking to conspiracy and money laundering. in mexico, he spent prison time for drug trafficking. but he escaped twice. once through an underground tunnel on this rigged motorcycle. then, while hiding out in secret, he responded to questions by actor sean penn and kate dell kcostillo. i supplied them with more heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana on anybody in the world. then, mexican marines stormed this staafehouse. taking down five of el chapo's men. but he escaped the hail of bullets, through this tunnel beneath his hideout. he crawled through a sewer,
7:34 am
emerged half a mile away and stole a car, before he was cornered and taken into custody. likely in court today, el chapo's wife, the former beauty queen, the mother of his young twin daughters. >> she cannot visit him. not now. not yesterday. not tomorrow. >> reporter: the hearing is set to begin at 10:00 this morning. there's no cameras allowed inned. but the actual trial is set to begin on april 18th of next year and can last four to five months. back to you guys. >> incredible to see the security they bring into the white house. thank you. dylan is back. looks like fall is starting to come early for some parts of the country. >> things have been running 5 to 10 degrees below average this time of year. while it has been pleasant, it hasn't been all that warm. temperatures in minneapolis, 73 degrees. st. louis, 87. these are really nice temperatures. but not nearly the heat and humidity we're seeing, like what we're seeing down south.
7:35 am
oppressive gulf humidity with your feels-like temperature around 102 in new orleans. montgomery, alabama, 102. charleston will feel like 104. as we go through this week, temperatures will start to warm up again, even in new york city. we're close to 90 degrees by wednesday. chicago hangs around the mid-80s. same for kansas city. >> we have a stalled front, that could produ
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>> and you can find your full forecast anytime on the weather channel on cable. > >> dylan, thanks so much. tom cruise's daring leap that did not go as planned. a warning before you turn your eyes to the sky next week. >> good morning. i'm jeff rossen. the solar ellipse is coming. this is the only way to watch it, ellipse glasses to protect your eyes. ugh. heartburn.
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welcome back "today." this morning on "rossen reports" a new warning about next week's total solar eclipse. >> it will be the first to reach across the country in a century. but some of the viewing glasses won't protect your eyes. jeff rossen is here with more on that. >> everybody is excited about this. you are singing the bonnie tyler song. >> total eclipse of the heart. >> that's how they should be. a total solar eclipse spanning coast-to-coast. we know staring at the sun is dangerous. can cause blindness. you need special glasses like this. they're eclipse glasses, to watch it. now, experts say dangerous counterfeits are flooding the market that can hurt your eyes. how do you know if your glasses are fake or safe? this morning, we're showing you exactly what to look for. all eyes on the sky.
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next monday, a rare total solar ellipse. visible from oregon to south carolina. but don't look up just yet. without approved eclipse sunglasses like these, you can actually go blind. that's why officials are sounding the alarm, that counterfeiters are now selling eclipse glasses in a look real and claim to be safe, but won't protect you when staring at the sun. >> the sunlight has harmful ultraviolet radiation. if you stare at the sun or an ellipse, it can cause damage to the eye. >> reporter: the problem is no widespread, amazon is cracking down on counterfeit sellers. refunding customers that bought fake glasses. sending out e-mails saying, we recommend that you do not use this product to view the sun or the eclipse. how can you tell a safe pair from a dangerous fake? to show you, we've come here to
7:43 am
ics laboratories in ohio. this is one of the only labs in america accredited test e lims glasses for safety, to see if too much will get in and burn your eyes. if you put these on, it's pitch black. i can't see the camera in front of me. here's a pair from a different company. it looks -- yeah. doesn't look great on me. but it looks the same. pitch-black. i can't tell the difference. we bought a bunch of these and we'll test some of them. the lab gets to work, testing these filters through a special machine to see how much light passes through. to the naked eye, you can't tell the difference. >> we have pop-up vendors that are playing fast and loose with the certification claims. and more often than not, those claims aren't accurate. >> reporter: you tested these two? >> we tested the simples. >> what did you find? >> these camps met the requirements of the standard. >> reporter: safe to use knees.
7:44 am
what about this one? >> those failed. those failed the transmission requirement by 36%. >> reporter: that's a lot. but even though they failed, look what is still printed on the side, safe solar eclipse viewing. you would never know they're not. most of us don't have you or a lab like this to help us? what can we do to make sure they're safe? >> somewhere on the spectacle it will say meets the iso 13212-2 standard. >> reporter: i see that here. i look for that. look for the name of the manufacturer you're telling me. we have an approved list on our website,, you can go there. and what else? >> some appear dark enough but they're not. there's going to be filters so light, that you can see your hand, defined in normal lighting conditions. >> reporter: i shouldn't be able
7:45 am
to see my hand in front of my face? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: that's good. i can't see my hand in front of my face. important tips for this hysteric event. you want to get it from a certified retailer that you trust. important to point out, you cannot use regular sun glasses to view the eclipse. i have these really dark sunglasses. no. no matter how dark the lenses are, experts say it's not safe. we have a list of approved and certified safe glasses on our website right now, i have some of the safe ones here. i told you. this is what happens. >> you got to sing it now. >> "total eclipse of the heart." >> you have to check these out. you can't even see your own hand. ♪ turn around >> you can't. they're good. >> i will be able to see the ellipse with these? >> you will. >> may i suggest not looking at our lights without them? >> that's in hi head all day now.
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good monday morning. i'm rosemary connors. meteorologist bill henley tracking some clouds. >> some clouds. clouds over king of prussia. 63 degrees. the clouds will be increasing, but at 1:00 this afternoon we still get some breaks of sunshine. at the shore it'll be near 830 degrees this afternoon. >> jessica boyington keeping an eye on the roads for us this morning. the ben franklin bridge, right here, an accident on the right-hand shoulder of the northbound side. check in with the scougal express pa expressway, too, mose lanes
7:57 am
good. down the shore, dredging rusums tomorrow in margate. home owners have been out raged of the dune project. a federal judge ruled the dune project can continue if fencing is placed around some of the standing water formed around the dunes. beginning today the philadelphia fire department will be hosting a week-long camp for girls. it's named in memory of lieutenant joyce craig. she's the first woman firefighter in philadelphia to die in the line of duty. all new tomorrow morning, taking snapshots of a phenomenon, the best way to capture the solar eclipse next week. that's coming up tomorrow. i'm rosemary connors. now back to "today."
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, on defense. >> he's been firm on this from the beginning. he is appalled by this. >> you say you condemn them in the strongest possible terms. >> you say that. why won't the president say those words? >> the white house hits back that the president did not call out the white supremacist groups by name. we're live in virginia. plus, in her own words. >> i think i was happy. i never tried to call it off. but it was the worst day in my life. >> inside the revealing new documentary about princess diana, including a 1991 interview, where she got candid about family, fame, and her future. >> i said, i can't do this.
8:01 am
and no more homework. >> no traditional homework. no work sheets. no endless pages of workbooks. >> why some elementary schools are saying enough is enough. >> i'm holding a pencil for so long and i need a break. >> kids may be celebrating. but parents are asking, is this a really a good idea? today, monday, august 14th, 2017. >> where are you all from? >> o. h. i. o. >> what's your name? >> dylan. >> what do you want to say? >> good morning, dylan, from dylan. >> we have brown and ashton. who is on the phone? >> baby on the phone. >> start spreading the news. what's the news? >> it's my birthday. >> it's your grandma's 80th
8:02 am
birthday. you want the whole plaza to wish her happy birthday? >> yeah. >> one, two, three. >> happy birthday, grandma. >> happy birthday, grandma. >> yeah. everybody, celebrating great birthdays. we'll be out there in a minute. craig melvin here while matt has the day off. let's start with your news at 8:00. a busy morning. protests erupting in several cities across the country, after this weekend's deadly violence at a white nationalist rally in virginia. gabe gutierrez is in charlottesville with the latest. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the alleged driver of that car of a cash that killed a woman is due in court later this morning. that memorial for that woman is growing. this, as protesters took to the streets across the country. overnight, in seattle, police and protesters clashing, during a right-wing rally and
8:03 am
counterdemonstration. in other cities, from los angeles, to denver, new york and atlanta, peaceful anti-hate protesters on the move. after this weekend's chaos in charlottesville, virginia, and a planned rally by white supremacist, to support this monument. a car plowed into a crowd of counterprotesters, killing 32-year-old heather heyer, a local paralegal. >> i am trying to honor my daughter for speaking up what she believed in. >> reporter: the alleged driver of the car that slammed into the crowd, alex fields of ohio is charged with second-degree murder. two virginia state troopers patrolling the scene from the sky killed in a helicopter crash. on sunday, unite the white nationalist leader, jason kessler, tried to blame local police. saying they didn't do their jobs. >> it was our constitutional
8:04 am
right toassemble. they stood down and did not follow through with the agreed-upon arrangements. >> reporter: an angry crowd swarmed kessler who was punched and tackled. while kessler came under fire for what he said, for president trump, it was what he didn't say, who had him feeling the heat including from republicans. the president choosing not to call out white supremacist groups by name. >> hatred, bigotry, violence, on many sides. many sides. >> reporter: but vice president did, one-on-one with our peter alexander. >> we will not tolerate hatred and violence of groups like white supremacists, the kkk and the neo-nazis. >> reporter: the justice department opening a civil rights investigation. attorney general jeff sessions speaking out on "today" a short time ago. >> they made a very strong statement that directly contradicted the ideology of hatred, violence, bigotry,
8:05 am
racism. those things must be condemned in this country. >> reporter: this morning, images of love, replacing those of hate, at a growing memorial here in charlottesville. ♪ we shall not be moved >> reporter: organizers of that rally had planned to have it on uva's campus, but have canceled it because of threats. alex fields is due in court later this morning. investigators are trying to find out if he planned the attack with his car. savannah? >> gabe gutierrez, thank you very much. also new this morning, new developments with the crisis in north korea and that threat to fire missiles near the u.s. territory of guam. the regime, reportedly calling a number of its key ambassadors back to pyongyang overnight. miguel almaguer is in guam, where people remain on-edge. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. guam is a paradise in the crosshairs. the war of words between the
8:06 am
united states and north korea, continues to escalate this morning. north korea saying they can strike america anytime, anywhere. this, as other important nations also weigh in. the question, will it be enough to stop a potential strike? this morning, south korean president moon breaking his silence. urging north korea to stop above kags provocations and threatening behavior. this as ambassadors, including those from china, the u.n. and russia, are recalled to pyongya pyongyang, for a high-level meeting today. north korea promising by mid month four ballistic missiles can be ready to rain down on the waters near guam. that time is now here. while there's no panic on the beautiful beaches, there are prayers. this religious island, clinging to faith they won't be bombed.
8:07 am
headlines warn, it can happen at any moment. families may have only minutes from launch to disaster. >> expect the unexpected. and that's what worries me. not being with our kids. >> reporter: if fired from north korea, the missiles would ply over japan, before splashing down in international waters off guam. this morning -- japan's prime minister says their country is strengthening its missile defense system to keep their people safe. ♪ >> reporter: but even the drum beat of war threatens guam in more ways than one. these picture-perfect beaches atact 1.5 million visitors every year. one-third of the jobs on this island are connected to tourism. if visitors stop coming, so does the money. >> it hasn't affected the tourism industry so far. >> reporter: no panic but concern on the horizon. the threat of a mid-month
8:08 am
missile launch now here. leaving many to wonder, will there be trouble in paradise? today, the governor of guam, who spoke to president trump over the weekend says the threat level here on the island remains the same. they have homeland security director here on the island says if there was a missile launch, they would not have time to evacuate this island. everyone would simply need to shelter in place. craig? >> miguel, thank you. important health news, now. the food and drug administration investigating five deaths associated with certain weight loss balloon systems. in its alert, the fda said two different systems are involved. deflated balloons are inserted in the stomach and inflated with saline. all of the deaths happen eed within a month of the procedure. it's recommending that patients with the devices be closely monitored. it's time for "hoda's
8:09 am
morning boost." >> let's do it. there's a retired minnesota judge. he couldn't stand the silence of his house. his wife passed away. the 94-year-old judge had an idea. the neighbors thought he was kidding until the cement mixer pulled up. he had a 32-foot swimming pool installed in his yard. and decided he would invite the local kids to come over. they have to bring a parent. judge davidson had no grandkids of his own. he loves taking in the sights of the kids enjoying his pool. he has a swimming pool full of kids. isn't that the sweetest? >> that's fantastic. >> i love that idea. and he seems to enjoy it so much. so cute. lots more ahead this morning, including the debate over homework. some schools saying we're ditching it altogether. also ahead, mission impossible? woo went wrong with tom cruise's latest movie stunt? and meet the couple who bought an exclusive san
8:10 am
francisco street for just $90,000. and why that porch urchase is sparking a big controversy. ♪ sun to the farm ♪ ♪ to the seeds that you sow ♪ ♪ seed to the oat ♪ to get made to an o ♪ put in the good and the good will grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around ♪ ♪ good goes around and around... ♪ ithat's why i use excedrin. hold because of a headache. it has two pain fighters plus an amplifier and for some,
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what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. real energy harnessed from the earth. nature valley. jackson isg into my clasthe rapping teachert... we call it the remainder that's number that remains. technology is a huge piece of education. using the pen for the first time on the windows 10 pc is great. i'm able to highlight different rhyme schemes, i can actually... ...see my lines when i'm shading in, i can change the... ...weight drawing directly on my screen. i couldn't do this on my mac. i can definitely see the future... ...happening, i mean i feel like the sky's the limit. we're back on this monday morning with a big talker for
8:13 am
parents and kids. as we head into back-to-school season. >> there's a controversial new rule at a school district in florida and others across the country. here it is. no homework. >> yay. >> here's tammy lightener. >> reporter: mismiles at a flora elementary school. probably because of a policy banning traditional homework for elementary students. >> who is happy there's no more homework? >> me. >> reporter: some say homework is, well, exhausting. >> because i'm holding a pencil for so long. it's just, like, i need a break. >> reporter: just explain to me the no homework policy. >> no work sheets. no endless pages of workbooks. children are reading aloud with their parents at least 20 minutes a night. >> reporter: the policy has set off an intense debate. what was your reaction kwloctio first heard?
8:14 am
>> stunned. homework is a window into his day. >> reporter: 8-year-old lake says he likes traditional homework. >> i think homework is good to have. >> reporter: but in lauren rogers' household, homework has been a battle. >> homework was a struggle. we would have nights when we were sit agent the table in tears. >> reporter: now, at night, lauren and her sons read together. >> for us, it was like the happy dance here in the kitchen. >> reporter: the superintendent says her decision to scrap traditional homework is based on research showing it doesn't benefit young kids. but many say homework teaches organization, responsibility and time management. and some studies say kids who do homework do better on tests. regardless how parents feel about homework, use the five ms. be a mentor, a moderator, a role model. kids have their own take on the homework issue. >> it gives me an excuse to not
8:15 am
play with my sister when she's being annoying. >> i don't like homework. sometimes i want to have fun instead of sitting down and learning. >> i like it because i'm, like, a really smart person. >> reporter: a generation's old tradition, now being challenged. for "today" tammy leitner, nbc news, ocala, florida. >> what do you think? >> i think homework in moderation. i don't think overload the kids. i think it's okay to give a little. >> how come when i said no homework, you said, yay? >> i remembered how i would feel if i was a child. >> i know. it's interesting. you have to have a parent who can read with the child at night. zm >> i think parents need the homework because it gives them a break. >> there's that. let's do "trending." everybody is here. sheinelle and dylan are joining. before we get to the story. i'll explain why we have a gum ball machine right here. show of hands, who here has a tattoo? >> dylan. >> who wants a tattoo?
8:16 am
would consider getting one? >> for the right -- >> maybe. >> maybe. >> you both want tattoos? >> maybe. >> hold that thought. >> okay. >> telling you about a story. allen street tattoo, located in dallas, texas, is starting a promotion, in which you leave your tattoo choice for chance. for 100 bucks you draw a tattoo from a coin-operated gum ball machine and out comes a sketch of the tattoo. let's say you get a tattoo you don't like. you can pay another 20 bucks and draw again. would you leave the choice of your tattoo to chance? >> i know why. i poo pooed it. there's people that roll in. and they say, give me a -- they regret it. this way, it ee's fool-proof. you don't know what you want, we have options by trained professionals. >> if you get a tattoo, we have
8:17 am
to have something that means something to you, dylan and her turtle. >> that's my next question. set aside if you would get a tattoo, if you would have a tattoo, what would you have? >> i would get my children's names. that means something. my younger brother got a tattoo in college. you mentioned it, regretted it so much, years later, had to go back and get -- incorporated into a different tattoo. >> carson had that. >> i had two tattoos. one is a turtle i hated. we put a bigger hurt eger turtlf the old turtle. >> you're not anti-turtle? >> the first one wasn't great. i didn't want to offend the artist when he showed me the drawing. i was like, okay. i don't like it. >> what would you get? >> probably my kids' names. the only thing i would consider. >> me, too. >> or a little star. >> i would do my kid's names or a fleur-de-lis. >> that's pretty. >> my kids' names. i'll just get a necklace.
8:18 am
>> you would have them tattooed. that would be 13 games. >> an arm at ttat. >> a sleeve. let's "pop start" shall we? >> it will never happen. >> one of hollywood's biggest stars, tom cruise is making headlines. the actor, famous for his role in the "mission impossible" franchise, injured himself in the latest installment. he is known to do his own stunts for films, but this one might have pushed the limits. this one, cruise, attached to a harness, missing the landing by a few inches. >> ooh. >> after the fall, the actor pulls himself up to finish the scene. but you can see -- see him hobbling on his leg. it appears he's in serious pain. this happened yesterday in london. we reached out to his reps for comment. but we hope he's okay. jennifer aniston is hitting back at all of the shamers. back in july of 2016, she
8:19 am
slammed people and asked if anything has changed. she said, i don't think it's getting better. the tabloids and the gossip columns putting the human body in a category. fat shaming, body shaming or childless shaming. why are we teaching young women this? you are perfect no matter what you are and where you are. and who cares? all right, jen. finally, last night's teen choice awards had people talking. a few of the highlights. maroon 5 accepting the decade award. the band took to the stage to thank fans and have fun. take a look. >> our first album came out in 2002. most of you hadn't been born at that point. it's crazy we're still doing this. thank you. our sixth and final album is coming out in november. just kidding.
8:20 am
i'm joking. we are never going to go away. >> there you go. we're glad to hear it. don't play with our hearts like that. another big winner was chris pratt. this was the actor's first appearance, after announcing he and his wife have decided to divorce. pratt credited god for helping him get where he is today. and miley cyrus was scheduled to appear. but victoria justice made an announcement saying miley was unable to make it. miley took to instagram to explain her absence. saying i'm bummed, beyond bummed, i couldn't make it to the show. i had every intention to accept and celebrate this honor. i created an unrealistic schedule for myself which leads me to this announcement. my singer/music video, "younger now" will be dropping this friday. >> love the picture. so cute. >> all right. dylan, get a check of the weather. >> let's look at the rain that
8:21 am
we're seeing across the country today. spotty showers through the middle and up through the midwest. notice how in seattle there's no rain today. and that has been a trend that we have seen a lot this summer. but sunday, they picked up 0.02 of an inch of rainfall. that's the first that seattle has seen since june 17th. that's the longest stretch of dry days that seattle has seen. 56 days without rain. we're not going to see a lot of rain today. temperatures will be nice and pleasant in the 70s. hot and humid down south and we'll see temperatures below average across the upper miest this adwft good morning. i am meteorologist bill henley. a warm day ahead. clouds will be increasing after a good deal of sunshine this morning. 85 degrees this afternoon for philadelphia. today is dry with clouds increasing in the suburbs. high of 83. in new jersey, warming to 84
8:22 am
degrees, more clouds this afternoon than this morning. at the shore, 79 degrees, clouds increasing there this afternoon, too. low 80s for the lehigh valley, delaware no sign of rain until late tonight. have a great day. latest forecast. >> all right,>> all right, dyla. thank you. you probably heard how expensive real estate in san francisco can be. what if you can own in one of the exclusive neighborhoods for less than $100,000? >> one couple did just that. and lucy calkavanaugh has more this story. >> reporter: there's a buzz about the newest neighbors in press sid owe terrace. it's one thing to wake up and find out that someone bought your street. in the heart of one of the most expensive neighbors,
8:23 am
neighborhoods, lie s pricidio terrace. this is as exclusive as san francisco gets. >> here we are. >> reporter: tina lam and michael chang are the newest arrivals to the neighborhood, taking in their new surroundings to the first time. >> it's amazing to think that this is our street. >> reporter: they didn't buy one of the homes here. their stake, the street. >> all of the walk area, until the city sidewalk on the outside, going right along here, too. all included. >> reporter: they snapped up all of the common areas for just 90,000 bucks. >> i don't think you can buy a bathroom for that much money. >> reporter: that's because the homeowners association didn't pay its $14 a year tax for over 30 years. so, the city put it on the auction block. >> when we first got this property on the auction, we had no idea, that this is what it was. but now that we're walking here first time like this, it's pretty amazing.
8:24 am
>> reporter: that didn't sit well with the residents. so, they sued the city and the couple to undo the sale. the campaign complaint, the tax bill was sent to the wrong address. and that the city made no efforts to inform the association about the auction. the city says it's a closed matter. >> it's the property owners to make sure they're up to date on their taxes. >> reporter: real estate attorney michael mclaughlin says while homeowners should have kept the address up to date, it's a big punishment for a small mistake. >> someone at the hoa screwed up here. that's a big mistake. but it's a claire cal error. >> reporter: they're not sure what they will do with the property. >> maybe turning for parking or something else. we're considering that. >> reporter: one thing is for sure, they don't want to give it up. >> we were hoping to hold on to this and maybe be welcomed in as new neighbors in this community. >> reporter: a hard sell for owners who paid a premium to live in this community, on a
8:25 am
private road that is suddenly no longer theirs. no surprise here, the homeowners are fighting this sale. the case goes before a board of supervisors in october. whichever way this case turns out, it's a lesson to pay your taxes. >> lucy, thanks. that's going to be a long going story. >> can you imagine? we have the wrong address. >> they may own the street. i don't think they can move into that neighborhood. >> people are not psyched about that. just ahead, we'll take a turn. financial lessons your kids should be learning. they could learn this as young as 3 years old. really, jean?
8:26 am
good morning. i am rosemary connors. it is 8:26 this monday. meteorologist bill henley tracking the day ahead. >> nice start this morning. high clouds over the stadium in wilmington. more sunshine in delaware and south jersey than north and west. lehigh valley looking cloudy under satellite, allentown and easton, some breaks of sunshine now. this is the view from easton. still in the 60s, warms into the 80s later today. >> jessica boying ton watching the traffic. >> 95 near ben franklin bridge, seeing decent northbound delays.
8:27 am
crash on the right-hand side, slow on 95 northbound side. and really slow on the pa turnpike. crash near willow grove, making total drive time over an hour. 68 minutes route 1 to valley forge on the web side. police investigating a shooting that injured five people overnight near melon street. it happened as investigators were clearing a block party involving hundreds of teens. one of the victims was hit multiple times, at last check in critical condition. in delaware county, pipeline conditions up for discussion at the middletown council. construction project to bring propane, liquid fuel from western pennsylvania is already under way. another update in about 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news, weather and traffic with the nbc10 app. i am rosemary connors. now back to the "today" show.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ good morning. hi. 8:30, now, on a monday morning. good morning, everybody. so happy to have you along with us. beautiful day out on our plaza. gang's all here, including charlie. and matt will be back tomorrow. >> charlie, he'll be back tomorrow. i swear. >> who is this guy? this is the time of day when we go through the crowd and scour the crowd and single out some people. all right. i'm going to just do a quick drive-by. we have four girls. one, two, three, four. all celebrating their 10th birthday. come on. where is -- where is -- ryker? you're ryker? ryker, you say you wake up every morning to the "today" show.
8:31 am
>> that is accurate. >> what is that? >> that is accurate. >> we wanted to say thank you. >> you're welcome. >> hang on. we have a little mug for you we all signed for you. so, it's for you, ryker. you can put it in your room and put your pencils in it. okay? >> thank you. >> can i have a hug? okay. ryker, you rock. >> i like ryker. well spoken young man. >> that is accurate. that is accurate. >> that is accurate. you're smart. coming up this morning, it's never too early to teach your kids about money. we have great ideas for lessons that you can start, even with your toddlers, that will stick with them later in life, as well. >> speaking of the kids, send them back to school in style. the latest fashion trends of every age. and forget the sandwiches. we'll teach you everything you need to know about putting a gourmet spin on your next picnic. and today's summer moment. we have gotten so many good ones. if you win this contest, it's a chance to join us for a summer concert. on friday, we showed you some of
8:32 am
our favorites of the week. everything from sitting in the sand, to cruising in a convertible. >> you voted. you voted on and the photo moving on to the next round is -- this one. >> oh. >> shannon's triplets and the lemonade stand. we'll have five new photos to vote on by the end of the week. you can keep the photos coming using #todaysummermoment. >> love that. you know who else has a summer moment this weekend? >> who? >> our cute puppy with a purpose, charlie. he went on his first kayaking trip. he did a little swimming. he's learning how to doggy paddle. >> why charlie's so tired this morning. >> charlie is looking good. >> charlie is the world's greatest dog. >> he's good at everything. >> just good people, that charlie. good for a dog. let's get a check of the weather. >> it is just about perfect out here today. low humidity in the northeast. lots of sunshine. looking ahead this week, we're going to see scattered downpours
8:33 am
along the gulf coast. very humid, too. and isolated stronger storms in the rockies. it looks dry through the middle of the week. some severe storms move through the midwest, with heavy rains in wisconsin and iowa. remains humid down south. by the end of the week, scattered showers and storms and down the east coast. it looks sunny out west with highs in the 70s and 80s. not as hot as it has been lately. looking at scattered showers and storms through the plains. doesn't look like anything shou good morning, i am meteorologist bill henley. warm day ahead, but clouds will be increasing after a good deal of sunshine this morning. 85 degrees this afternoon for philadelphia. stays dry with clouds increasing in the suburbs. high of 83. in new jersey, warming to 84 degrees with more clouds this afternoon than this morning. at the shore, 79 degrees with clouds increasing there this afternoon, too.
8:34 am
low 80s for the lehigh valley and delaware, no sign of rain until late tonight. have a great day. >> did i overhear somebody is celebrating a birthday or grandmother's birthday? >> grandmother's birthday. >> where is she? >> connecticut. >> ha happy birthday to grandma. another documentary of princess diana, ahead of the 20th anniversary of her death. >> this one from national geographic uses audio that was used on a book. and it gives diana's inner-most thoughts on her life and her marriage. >> i don't think i was happy. i think i was -- i never tried to call it off, in the sense of really doing that. but i think the worst day of my life. >> reporter: it is diana, in her own words. a revealing new national geographic documentary, where the people's princess talks
8:35 am
about life in the spotlight and her troubled marriage to prince charles. >> i think we've created the definitive documentary from diana's point of view. this is her story. this is her point of view. this is her truth at the time. >> reporter: the interviews recorded in 1991 for a book on diana's life, reveal she had doubts about her relationship with charles, even before they were married. >> i went upstairs. had lunch with my sisters who were there. and i said, i can't marry him. i can't do this. this is absolutely unbelievable. they were wonderful and said, bad luck, dutch. your face is on a tea towel. it's too late to chicken out. >> reporter: many doubts from charles' relationship with camilla parker-bowles. >> the chen nell scene. got it in one. exactly. i said, camilla gave you those, didn't she? yes. what's wrong? we're friends. boy, did we have a row.
8:36 am
jealousy. and it's such a good idea. but it wasn't that clever. >> reporter: diana also describes her struggles with fame. >> one minute i was nobody. and the next minute, i was princess of wales, mother, media toy, you name it. and it was just too much for one person at that time. >> reporter: and how she eventually was able to embrace it by giving herself a bit of a pep talk. >> you have to understand that you cannot do what other 26-year-olds and 27-year-olds are doing. you've been chosen to do this position. so, you must adapt to it and stop fighting it. and i knew i could do it. i chose a different videew. >> when you hear her speaking her truth and her words, it resonates. you can see "diana: in her own words" tonight on national geographic. coming up next, the
8:37 am
important lessons about money you should be teaching your kids. and jean says you should start when they're just 3 years old. >> vale should be starting. >> starting today. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
we're back. it's 8:39. we're doing "kids and money today. what kids know and don't know about finances. research shows kids can start learning about money starting at age 3. here to get things started this morning, we have "today's" financial editor, jeanchatzky, and j.j. ramberg, who is author of the book, "the start-up club." my little one turned 3 yesterday. >> happy birthday, vale. >> we're supposed to start talking to our kids this early. >> here's what they can do. they can count. and they learn to count a
8:40 am
quarter one time. at age 4, you can learn that you can shop and exchange money for different things. age 5 and 6, they learn you can't leave the store without paying for things. by the time they're 7, they start to get the idea of value. a younger kid will think, i want those five pennies. an older kid will understand a nickel is the same thing. and by age 8, they start to get the idea of the future and saving for things in the future. that's where it gets really interesting. >> and let's talk about how you can impart those lessons. i'm guessing a lecture is not going to do the trick. >> visual helps. our kids need to see money, which is tough because we direct deposit our checks. everything is on plastic. they need actual cash. and they probably should start with three very clear jars. one for saving, one for spending, one for giving on their dresser. and you can tell them how you
8:41 am
want them to allocate the money they have. and you can't just say save. you have to say save for something. and then, help them track their way there. much in the same way, you know how you do a growth chart? we have a growth chart at home where we mark them. >> yes. >> you can do that for their savings goals so they can see they're making progress. >> one thing you recommend, is that kids start a business. that brings us to j.j. that's your expertise, starting businesses. how do you get kids starting in something like that? >> kids are natural entrepreneurs. we're talking about earning the money. my kids this summer have had lemonade stands and dog walking services. you have to tap into that natural entrepreneurship that they already have. and then, support them with it. they say i want to do a lemonade stand, don't say i'm tired to get the lemons. go with them to the store. they have to see the money. let them see the lemons cost money.
8:42 am
>> you have ideas about how to drive home the lessons. play the business games. ask situational questions. what do you mean by that? >> i'm an entrepreneur. i cover it. my husband's an entrepreneur. we play games like, there's an empty store front at tend of our street. we say, okay, kids. they're 7, 8, 9, my kids. if you can start a company, what would it be? now, who do you think would go to that? what do you think the price point should be? what are the issues with that company? >> love that. that's what happens when j.j. is your mom. jean, one golden rule for parents and kids. >> your kids are going to go to a store and buy rees peanut buttercups and then, they want snickers. don't bail them out. >> congrats on the book. tomorrow, how to help your teens and tweens develop saving habits. coming up, the best back-to-school looks for every
8:43 am
age. first, this is "today" on nbc. from the time i was pregnant with him, had so much life and energy in him. he wanted out, and he wanted to conquer the world. right now, quinton's goal is to be a doctor. it's not easy being a single parent with three kids and having to provide for them. but my son will be an amazing doctor, and he'll help people that are less fortunate. no matter where you are in your college journey, sallie mae can help you find the money you need.
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8:45 am
welcome back. this morning on "back-to-school today" we are getting your family ready for just that. you can send the little ones off in style. here is anna roberts. marie claire's fashion editor. it's that time of year. >> a lot of pressure. >> it's tiptoeing up already. we're going to break this down into preschool, elementary, junior high and high school. we have cane and lea. tell us what fashions are here. >> fashionalty is key. play-dohing, mud pieing. we need something functional. we have kane in this dinosaur tee. you have to get clothes they want to wear.
8:46 am
mix and match leggings and an h&m hoodie. >> what's lea got? >> the tea collection. mix and watchi inmitching the p. this is a dress over the top. should she get a stain on that, we have something underneath. >> and cute lunchboxes, too. >> and the shoes, really easy to tie. elastic, looks like a lace. >> but it's not. let's go to elementary school. we have mario and demi with uls. >> stand up. let's look at your outfits. what's important in elementary school? >> they want to show creativity. i love the idea of bomber jackets. and also, patches. this is an age they want to express their style. iron them on. stick them on. this has the cutest patches. but you can add on the stony
8:47 am
clover lane. a little art project. >> demi is so cute. turn around. let's see the backpacks. >> that's a moment they can really express themselves. and be very functional and carry their books. >> let's go to junior high school. junior high is here. and i see the jackets theme going. i see the tween. we have xavier and maggie. hi, guys. >> it's that awkward age. denim is adem denim. i like the j. crew jeans. it's in denim. and the jacket is going to last them for years. >> xavier has a cool look. you do, xavier. >> this is built-in, with a hoodie underneath. just a clean denim. weekend for church and for school. and out to wear, obviously. when fall hits properly, you want a cute little jacket you
8:48 am
can wear. >> a jacket that's easy to change everything with just a jacket. should we go to high school? >> okay. >> we have becky and jack. they seem cool. a little intimidated by them. >> me, too. trend-focus. it's a lot about being to strd s dressing for your peers. these are utility looks. when you're in high school, it's about the sneaker. the cortez is the big trend. >> they look old-school. >> exactly that. going a little '80s. i love the military jackets with the denim, as well. clean, neutral pieces layered together. >> should the whites be white like these are? usually you want something a little worn. >> crispy new. and the little hat. it adds a little personality. it's not too much for the first day of school. >> great ideas. thank you so much. up next, we're going to help you put a gourmet twist on your
8:49 am
next picnic. can you say fried chicken? yes. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
8:50 am
this august visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500. [ cheers and applause ] we're back with "today food" taking your picnic up a notch. plenty of summer left to enjoy a picnic. and with a little work, you can make it special. this is erin french.
8:51 am
she owns the lost kitchen in freedom, maine. an out with her first cookbook, as well. it's called "lost kitchen." we're excited about this dish. >> so am i. >> what are we making? >> fried chicken. on my death bed, i want fried chicken. chicken, corn flakes we're going to bread it with. flour. we're going to make a brine. we're going to start with that. we want to get water boiling. four cups of water. we're going to put in all of our ingredients to make this brian. bay leaves and peppercorns. juniper berries. >> are juniper berries hard to find? >> if you're going to your regular store, you're probably not looking for them. if you can't find them, put in basil, anything you want. you bring this to a boil, chill it overnight. and you put it in the next day and bring in your chicken. >> why co-we brine again?
8:52 am
>> to bring in the flavor. juiciness will keep that together. get that brining overnight. you're going to par cook this. you want to get the chicken just cooked. >> you cook it before you fry it? >> yes. you don't have to worry about overfrying your chicken and having it overdone. >> a little chef's pro tip there. >> yes. >> we'll make the coating. just want to get your flowur ina bag. go ahead. and you can just dump your corn flakes right in here. i made a mess of them coming down. >> you just use your hands. >> go ahead. you crunch it up in the bag. >> that's kind of fun. >> it's really nice. >> this is the finished coating? >> this is the finished coating here. you just need flour and butter milk. you take the chicken. it's all par cooked and cooled. you're going to roll it in the flour. roll it in the butter milk. and you batter it up like this. and you have perfect chicken. >> to be clear, this is not a low-fat recipe.
8:53 am
>> this is not low-fat. don't go there. d go ahead. it's 375. you want to cook it until it's nice and golden. don't overcrowd the fryer. >> okay. >> you want nice, crispy chicken. >> how many do you think we can get in there? >> this is a pretty good size. we can fit four to five pieces in this one. >> i notice you're frying the dark meat. >> there's light and dark meat. the dark is my favorite. nice and golden brown. it comes out like this. and you can sprinkle a little salt over the top. it's great. crispy, crunchy. really cheap corn flakes. really good chicken. and nice, crispy, inexpensive corn flakes. we have a nice blueberry sweet and sour to go with the chicken. >> can you make this the day before? >> yes. you can make this two, three, four days. water, sugar.
8:54 am
ketchup here. cornstarch and vinegar. we're going to put that all in here. and bring that up to a slow boil and stir it. it's going to make this nice sauce. >> ladies, what's the word down there? >> loving every drop of this. >> the crust is so good. >> this blueberry stuff is delicious. >> can you swap out the berries? >> you can use any freeuit. you have the sauce. dump it in while it's warm. and it will sort of cook itself. and then, we have to have some potato salad because we're having fried chicken. >> you called this the perfect potato salad. i don't see mayonnaise or mustard going on. >> we need something refreshing. we have a vinegar-based potato salad. i have shallots that i macerated. >> macerated is a fancy word. >> pickle it.
8:55 am
pickled shallots. and just some olive oil. and a nice sprinkling of dill. and you always want to -- you want to have nice potatoes. and really work on fork-tender. >> fork-tender. >> don't want to overcook them. don't want to undercook them. just right. it takes a little practice. it will be perfect. we can twist this up. salt and pepper to taste. >> and for dessert here? >> if you have time, you can have a nice sdessert at the end. grilled peaches and plums with some basil and honey and blue cheese. it can be a salad or dessert. >> that but awas awesome. >> you can't get a reservation at her restaurant in maine. >> now, we k
8:56 am
good morning. i am vai sikahema. >> we have high clouds in the suburbs and philadelphia. 75 degrees in philadelphia, hits 80 at 11:00, then the lower to middle 80s this afternoon.
8:57 am
clouds and some breaks of sunshine. the cool spot is the shore, while inland temperatures reach 84 degrees, at the shore, 79 degrees with mostly sunny skies. to start with, clouds coming in this afternoon. clouds also increasing in the lehigh valley and delaware. thank you, bill, how about a check of the roads. check in with jessica boyington and traffic. >> the 42 at route 41, smooth sailing now, especially headed northbound towards philly. southbound may be moving toward the shore. you'll be good there. watching the pa turnpike, a crash on the web side near willow grove. drive times are getting down. last time i looked at it, it was about 75 minutes. we are doing better. westbound to valley forge, 45 minute trip and speeds in the 30s. penn dot closed island avenue driver's license center in philadelphia after a car hit the building. the center will stay closed while workers make repairs. people who were supposed to take skills tests there are directed to whitman plaza center on
8:58 am
oregon avenue. redding city council will limit late night parking at the pa goad a between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. i am vai sikahema. another update coming your way in another 25 minutes. meanwhile, get the latest news and weather with the nbc10 app. we'll send you back to the "today" show. have a great day. see you at the bottom of the hour.
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ this morning on "today's take" celebrity chef, curtis stone is our co-host. wait until you see what we've cooked up. guess what reality show is coming back to television. and the five kitchen hacks that will change your life and make cleanup a breeze. coming up now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today." on this monday morning. i can't believe it is august 14th already, 2017. we're listening to "can't stop the feeling" by justin timberlake. al is off this morning. we have our friend, chef curtis stone filling in this morning. >> nice to have you here. >> thanks for having me. nice to be here.
9:01 am
>> you're the chef and owner of gwen and mod restaurants in l.a. >> i have never been. >> one is in beverly hills. and the other is in -- >> hollywood. >> i will be in l.a. this week. i'm hoping to get the invite to the restaurant. >> that's settled. you've been filming for pbs. he told us this morning. a movable feast, airs in september. tell us about it. >> a show that i go around america. and we meet all sorts of food purveyors and learn about food. and i cook a thing or two here and there. >> that's awesome. you do traveling for it. >> pete evans is the other host. he went to europe this year. i stayed domestic, which i was happy about. france and italy wouldn't have been bad, either. i hope you enjoyed it, pete. it's a fun show. >> i love that. >> you were posting on instagram recently, a photo of your wife,
9:02 am
lindsay, with the cutest caption. with the greatest catch of my life. and lindsay responded and commented back. why are you so cute today? i think you're trying to stop me from barfing over the edge. that's what is happening. >> that might be the truth. >> is that what is happening there? >> we went fishing. and the seasickness got the better of her, unfortunately. >> it does. they say to look at the horizon. it doesn't really help. once you pass that point of not feeling great. >> i love that you post this loving post. i like it when spouses -- for me, if we're going to post, it's that posting. it's love but fun in there. >> there's always a backstory. >> true. >> speaking of backstories, dylan and i had an epic weekend. >> i heard about this weekend. >> one of our producers got married. and in a beautiful place. what was the name of the place? >> storm king in cornwall, new york. it's a huge area with giant
9:03 am
outdoor sculptures that are so far away from each other. you're looking at this vast field with these giant, beautiful sculptures. >> by the sounds of it, the only thing that wasn't giant -- only the sculpt churkull sculptures margaritas. >> we took a shuttle. >> so we wouldn't have to drive. >> on the shuttle, there was moscato. everybody was there to have a good time. before the wedding, it was cocktail hour. we had an event. >> yes. >> i was drinking something. like the signature cocktail. >> there were these -- great-looking cocktails. a different piece of fruit in them. and i said to sheinelle, can i have a -- i forgot i can't have a sip. you're like, it's okay. you can have a sip. >> that's how you know i was done. dylan says -- i can have a drink? >> yeah, go ahead. after it was done. i'm telling everybody. i just drank -- and everybody was like -- they couldn't believe i shared a drink.
9:04 am
>> that's great. >> no. not yet. >> totally sober right now. >> love ya. >> you live to tell about it. everything is fine. >> you know everybody is having a good time, when at a wedding, everybody is like hopping up and down and singing. and so, this is when -- it was almost like, my cousin and i had a little culture shock. we're on the dance floor. and "girls just want to have fun" comes on, with cyndi lauper. and dylan was singing. >> here's what we do at weddings. by we, i'm going to say it, white people at weddings. we jump and hop a lot. and when girls, especially, when we know the words to a song, we're right up in your face, singing. >> dylan's in my face. my husband looked at me. >> and sheinelle doesn't know the words to "girls just want to have fun." >> in the night. in the middle of the night. >> it was like -- >> and everybody was doing this at each other's face. i'm like, that's the -- this isn't dancing. this is hopping. why are we hopping? but the whole dance floor was --
9:05 am
>> do we have photos? >> yeah, we do. have we not shown them? >> we have classy photos. >> there's us being ode to d.j. jazzy jeff. >> was this cocktail hour? >> that's cool. >> the lighting during sunset at this place was absolutely gorgeo gorgeous. everyone was in the field taking pictures and taking advantage of the lighting. >> and you got to have a date night. >> that was the next morning because that was the first time i really drank in 18 months. and we didn't have to drive. my mom was baby sitting. calvin was in good hands. yeah. yesterday was awful. like, it was so awful. >> was it worth it? >> i'm like, when is calvin's next nap. please go to sleep. it was worth it. >> we need someone to get married or have a party. it made me realize, if you have colleagues or friends, just go out and have fun because. it doesn't have to be a reason to have a good time. were you a fan of "jersey shore" back in the day?
9:06 am
say yes. >> no. i mean yes. >> you know how it was big. "jersey shore" was big. i didn't watch it every episode. but we're well aware of the show. the cast of "jersey shore" reuniting after five years for a special road trip. let's look at the preview. and then, we'll chat. >> e! reunites everybody's favorite fist-pumpers for a journey back down the shore. >> the best thing that can happen is jeni or pauly getting arrested. >> i want to know if they're going to take their children on this road trip. >> exactly. >> don't they have kids by this point? >> yeah. and lifestyles change when you have kids. >> you have to grow up. >> and here's the thing, dylan -- >> she might know more about others. >> she went to high school with one of the cast members. >> i'm surprised this never came up before. >> you keep hiding it from us. tell us. >> the situation went to my high
9:07 am
school. he was just mark sarntino back in high school. >> was he flashing his abs everywhere back then? >> no. he was just a regular kid in school. our crowds didn't hang out all that much. >> when he became, like, the situation, was it a big deal in your high school? >> it was my high school's claim to fame. how cool is that? i'm watching the show cringing. as somebody who was born and raised in new jersey, most of new jersey isn't that. you know? >> it's gone down in your old high school in that time. >> i group up in the middle of the woods in new jersey. >> just hop and sing to each other at parties. >> you see how we hang out. >> is that how your prom was? just hop and sing? >> we did go to the jersey shore after our proms. >> you have these pictures. that was my junior prom. we went to seaside heights after that prom for the weekend.
9:08 am
that is what we did in new jersey. >> you should get your high school friends together. and you have a watch party for the special -- it's called "reunion road trip" sunday at 9:30 p.m. on our sister knenetw, e! >> no. >> me and curtis will watch it. >> snooki went to my high school. >> exactly. >> it's fake. she's an australian. speaking of australia, this happened off the coast of australia. >> i think it was. >> is it pronounced queensland. >> double island point, yes, in queensland. >> they encountered a whale and a baby calf. >> a baby whale. >> not a cow calf. a baby whale. >> yeah. watch this. i didn't know it was called a calf, to be honest with you. it comes towards the snorkelers. and in a second, i think it jumps on to them. right? >> and i think they're having fun. and then, this happens.
9:09 am
>> where? >> i don't see it. >> boom. >> oh, wow. >> one flipper down. >> my gosh. you don't want to get landed on by them. >> was that the calf? >> that might have been the mum. that's a dangerous time to be in the water around a whale with its calf. they can get really territorial and protective. as you can imagine. >> one of the snorkelers got hurt. we don't know the details. >> we wouldn't show it and go -- oh. up next, do you want to look like curtis? oops. cook. you want to look like him and cook like him, too. how is that going to happen? he's revealing his favorite kitchen hacks that will save you. are you going to do a fashion segment? >> yeah. a makeover segment. >> yeah. i don't know what i'm trying to say. stick around. after this, he
9:10 am
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♪ we are back, with curtis stone our co-host this morning. this is good stuff. he's going to share some of his chef's secrets that will change our lives in the kitchen. >> i love this. starting with eggs. >> i get asked how long can you keep eggs? you never know when you buy them. the truth is, five or six weeks. they're good for five to six weeks if kept in the right temperatures. if you drop one into water and it sinks, that means it's fresh. if it does not flosink, it is o. if your egg floats, don't cook it. >> i have no idea when i bought them. >> this is a way to protect your
9:14 am
knives and not get cut. >> this is one of those things that we always have laying around. it's the center of the paper towel we have in the kitchen. just flatten it out. and put the spine of the knife against it. >> that's a perfect fit. >> and anyone reaching into the drawer will not cut their fingers. there's nice sheathes on the market. but this one is free. >> i've lost a couple over time. so, the kids don't touch them. this is -- >> you lost a couple of knives. we should locate them. >> this is a good way to lose a finger. see how the board is slipping around. it's a moving surface. one thing we do in a professional kitchen, is take a wet piece of paper towel. put that around. and your board won't move around. another tip. sometimes you'll cut garlic on a cutting board. and it gets stinky.
9:15 am
>> and i put caple apples the n move. >> the best move, is to get ginger. i like to grate it on the board. and rub that in. and the ginger will lift most of the flavors you will find in the board. the ginger will lift that up. that's a nice tip. >> that's really interesting. >> we're talking about ginger -- ginger is a great tool in the kitchen. as a marinade, it tenderizes meat. if it's steak or chicken or pork chops, whatever it is you're cooking, a little grated ginger like this into a marinade. that's oil and garlic and thyme. >> does it add flavor? >> it smells good. it is fresh and delicious. it has a tenderizing property, that a lot of people don't know about it. >> it doesn't affect the flavor? >> it does. >> you will get the ginger flavor, which is a good thing. >> that smells good. >> this is my last kitchen hack. >> from eggs to the egg carton.
9:16 am
>> now, we're getting plastic egg cartons. if you're doing a stir fry, chop up onions or garlic. instead of getting a bunch of bowls out of the fridge, this allows different ingredients at your fingertips. >> every one of these is usable. >> you can find the tips and more at let's talk weather now. and we are going to see the chance of some scattered showers and storms today, down through the southern plains. heavy rain moving through eastern oklahoma into eastern texas, too. humid along the gulf coast. it will feel like it's well above 100 degrees. on the flipside of that, you go north. and temperatures are running five to ten degrees below average. parts of minnesota and wisconsin. highs today only in the 60s. comfortable in the northeast in the 70s and 80s. besides some heavier downpours down south, we're not looking at severe weather today.
9:17 am
good morning. i am meteorologist bill henley. a warm day ahead, but clouds will be increasing after a good deal of sunshine this morning. 85 degrees this afternoon for philadelphia. stays dry with clouds increasing in the suburbs. high of 83, and in new jersey, warming to 84 degrees with more clouds this afternoon than this morning. at the shore, 79 degrees with clouds increasing there this afternoon, too. low 80s for the lehigh valley and delaware, no sign of rain until late tonight. have a great day. >> and that's your latest forecast. coming up next, big health news to tell you about, including a warning in arizona including a warnmy day startsa well before i'm in the kitchen. i need my blood sugar to stay in control. i need to shave my a1c i'm always on call. an insulin that fits my schedule is key. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ (announcer) tresiba® is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.
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to any of its ingredients. we're fed up with your unpredictability. remission can start with stelara®. talk to your doctor today. janssen wants to help you explore cost support options for stelara®. now, to health needs you need to know, including the plague in arizona. here is a board-certified e.r. doctor. good morning to you. >> good morning, sheinelle. >> let's get to the first one. fleas in arizona have tested positive for the plague. people hear the plague and they panic. >> well, this is the same plague as the black death from the middle ages. the bacteria has always been around. fleas are the reservoir, in rodents, just the way it was back then. we have antibiotics now, which they didn't. that's one good thing. but you got to -- it's been in prairie dogs. it's been in rabbits. if you have a pet out there,
9:22 am
keep it on a leash. get your pet tick and flea medication. >> is there a risk? let's say your pet gets it. you're around your pet all the time. >> there is a risk. you have to get to your veterinarian right away. there's antibiotics that work for it they didn't have tin the middle ages. >> that was a big one. this is a cool one. there's research that shows you may be able to get smarter while you sleep. >> yes. a study in "nature." they took participants and did a series of sound patterns, complex sound patterns. when they woke up, they could recognize the sound patterns. it was during r.e.m. sleep. it didn't work during deep, deep, nonr.e.m. sleep. you're not going to be able to turn on rosetta stone and wake up speaking portuguese. >> just by osmosis. >> more general things.
9:23 am
>> what is practical? what can you learn while you sleep? anything? >> ultimately, i think, you know, people think about watching tv right before they doze off or when i was in college, i used to study and i couldn't think of something. and i would doze off and suddenly, i would think of the next paragraph for a paper or something. those kind of things. >> that's why they say sleep on it. >> exactly. >> this is interesting because i can relate. spousal weight gain. in the early years of marriage, you can gain weight. >> right. a couple things, as you said. you're cooking. the other thing, that you pointed out, astutely, women are like killing themselves to lose weight right before their wedding. but i think, you know, you get content. and you kind of let down your guard. and you know, it's that fat and happy. you're not going to be on tinder or bumblebee now. you can relax. you have to think about it for health reasons and concentrate on it. >> with my girlfriends, we all had it.
9:24 am
i try to be domestic. let me cook and eat. you realize it's time to reel it in. is there a window when women come back in? >> it's harder because then you have your babies and you're busy with your babies and the weight gain. you have to concentrate, if you're going to be domestic and cook early on, start with healthy things. and you have to concentrate on it. >> we have time, 30 seconds left. i think this was good. apparently, people with optimistic spouses have less chronic disease. >> yes. we know that optimism is good for your own health. the people that are pollyannas, the sun will come out tomorrow. they have less heart disease. now, if you're with a spouse that also is like that, there's less chronic disease. they followed people years out and found they had less chronic disease. maybe it's like minds think alike. but you know, it's good to be positive. >> good things. try not to be the grumpy spouse. just ahead, if you haven't had time to catch up on popular
9:25 am
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9:26 am
find every blend at walmart. good morning, i am vai sikahema. just about 9:30. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> good morning. lots of sunshine to start with. clouds are already increasing, spring city, pennsylvania. temperatures moved up. 66 degrees in pottstown, 68 in allentown, 70s for wilmington, philadelphia, and northeast philadelphia. even though clouds will be increasing, we will see temperatures climb into the 80s today. the moisture level stays low. >> thank you, bill. let's check the roads with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> watching the expressway. looking good both directions, westbound towards the schuylkill, no problems,
9:27 am
eastbound towards 95 no problems. watch for crash route 55 southbound side. back to you. following a pair of developing stories. first a couple found dead in a home on federal street in south philadelphia. investigators aren't certain how the couple died, although they were severely beaten, and police as of now have no suspects. and developing in the city, five people shot near melon street as police break up a party with hundreds of teenagers, happened last night. so far no arrests there. in delaware county, pipeline safety issues up for discussion at tonight's middletown township meeting, bringing liquid fuels from pennsylvania to marcus hook is under way in that area. i am vai sikahema. another update coming up in another 25 minutes. meanwhile, get the latest news and weather with the nbc10 app. back to the "today" show. have a great day. see you at the top of the hour
9:28 am
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all right. we've got some good news and bad news. the bad news is summer is winding down. the good news is, your favorite tv shows are coming back for the fall. >> i thought the bad news was we are on television in snuggies. >> there's a pocket for your remote. >> here to tell us which ones are worth binge-watching before they return to tv is the editor in chief of, jack rico. >> how are you? i can't believe this time around i have the snuggies on me. >> so much effort into your outfit for the show. >> i kind of do, believe it or not. now, it's covered. >> you kind of look like a professor, jack. >> there you go. >> okay. let's start with our first binge-worthy show worth watching.
9:31 am
the last season of "the mindy project." >> the sixth and final season. a lot of people will miss the show on hulu. and it's the creation of mindy kaling, who wrote it, produced it, stars in it. it's a show about 30-somethings that are trying to figure out life. they do a good job. it's clever and charming with a touch of risque. it's a landmark show because the first time an indian-american woman has started her own broadcast tv show. we're going to miss the show. >> i love mindy. she's so fun. >> very good times. >> what about "this is us"? the whole world has gone crazy. >> everybody. this is one of the most anticipated shows, returning to season two. and this is a show that is a -- i would say it's a smart, modern dramady that's hard-hitting. it talks about heavy stuff,
9:32 am
cancer, death, obesity, interracial relationships. and it's about a family that is given all these twists and turns from life. you can catch season one on >> next up, we have "empire" which people know. >> hip-hop soap opera is what it is. season four is returning. and a lot of the reason that this show is successful, is because of the scandalous plot lines, and the chemistry between the two leads in taraji p. henson and terrence howard. a lot of people will be looking for this. >> shonda rhimes knows how to keep us entertained. two of her shows are coming back. "grey's anatomy" and scandal. you have to spend a lot of time for "grey's anatomy." 13 seasons you can binge. season 14 on september 8th. an acclaimed show. golden globe, medical drama. and "scandal" the seventh and final season. she's a fixer who can't seem to
9:33 am
fix her own life. this is one that has made such an impact on a cultural level that this one is going to be missed a lot. >> everybody is wondering how it will end. will she or won't she? >> they just picked up shonda rhimes on netflix, a multiyear deal. she will be creating new shows. > >> gold mine ready to happen. we've been talking about "will & grace." >> eight seasons from 1996. they're returning the cast. the response has been so electric that they -- the show was supposed to be 12 just episodes. they extended it to 16. they just renewed it for season two without the first episode airing. >> they're confident. >> tremendous response. we can't wait for the show to come back. binge it. >> and "jane the virgin" coming back. october 14th, fourth season. this made gina rodriguez a star. about a pregnant virgin who is trying to figure everything out with the bizarre circumstance of
9:34 am
events. see if you can do it. an english-language novella, that's quirky and emotional at the same time. >> and one more. "curb your enthusiasm." that's the hit. >> larry david decided to take off six years before doing season nine. whatever he wants. came up with a great idea. now, he's returning, october 1st, for season nine. if you haven't seen the show, it's the misadventures of larry david, who plays an exaggerated version of himself, with very comical effect. one of the key things about the show, is underneath all of the jokes, a lot of social commentary. he does it skillfully and commentary. you can laugh without the guilt. >> the fact it went away and has come back, it builds up more. >> the anticipation for it. >> jack, thank you so much. nice to have you here. >> thanks. coming up next, a perfect dinner to go with your binge watching. watching. curtis will show us how to
9:35 am
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there are the wildcats 'til we die weekenders. the watch me let if fly. this i gotta try weekenders. then we've got the bendy... ... spendy weekenders. the tranquility awaits. hanging with our mates weekenders and the it's been quite a day... glad we got away weekenders. whatever kind of weekender you are, there's a hilton for you. book your weekend break direct at and join the weekenders. this morning on "today food," we're grilling and chillin'. i'm going to show you how to make the dry aged steak. and use the leftovers for a thai
9:39 am
beef salad. you start with a beautiful dry-aged new york strip. you get a funky flavor to it. a little salt and pepper on both sides. and there's a couple of important steps to grilling the perfect steak. all right? you don't add any oil to the pan. if you need to add a little oil, add it to the steak. >> what kind of oil do you use? >> a little grape seed oil. a lot of steak don't needs any oil. the marble is enough to give you a seal. there's a couple of important parts. first of all, temper the steak. you let it come up to room temperature. you're going to cook it on each side for 60 seconds and turn it every 60 seconds. that way, you are going to cook it a little slower. all right? i'm going to leave that. and i'm going to show you how it looks when it comes off. >> that's it, just salt and pepper?
9:40 am
>> salt and pepper. you don't need marinade on a beautiful, tender steak. you want to taste the flavor of the beef. this is a new york strip once it's been cooked and rested. that's the other important part. rest the steak. i'm cutting into it and juices aren't flying out. you've allowed the temperature to come down ever so slightly, which actually means all of the juice stays inside the steak, rather than ending up all over the cutting board. the general rule of thumb is rest it half the time to cook it. if it was on for five minutes, rest it for 2 1/2. >> look how clean and neat that is. >> isn't that beautiful? >> how long does it take to get to the perfect color? >> one this size is probably going to send 60 seconds on each side and i'll turn it twice. two minutes on each side should be enough. four minutes cooking time total. what do you do with leftover steak? sometimes we grill a little too much. you make a beautiful thai salad.
9:41 am
into my blender, have fish sauce, garlic, ginger and thai chili. >> is that everything we need? >> that's everything you need. >> that's not bad at all. >> a little bit of sugar. a little bit of grape seed oil. >> the fish sauce isn't fishy. i was expecting it to be fishy. >> you don't need to put too much. okay. let me turn it on. you blend it. this emulsifies the sauce. right? and that's it. it's that simple. all those ingredients into a blender. that's all you have to do. next, you make the salad. i have beautiful greens. some cucumber that i've just sliced. some cherry tomatoes. some mint. some basae sill. and cilantro. i tear this because bruising the herb a little will help the flavor come out. a little of the basil, as well. and some of the beautiful, fresh cilantro. >> that's what it is. >> cilantro is fresh and
9:42 am
gorgeous. and red onions. cut the end of your onion off. slice it nice and thin, right? if you want to use a mandolin, you can use a mandolin. >> didn't even look down. he's looking at us. stop. >> watch what you're doing, okay? always keep your eye on the food. and then, green onions too. >> they're all even and cooked just the right way. >> how do you know it's about to be finished? >> chop more onions, please. >> you go ahead and get the onions and the scallions into the salad. just toss it a little like that. and then, you go ahead, take a steak. pick up the beautiful leftover sliced steak. and again, it doesn't have any flavor on, apart from the salt and pepper. and you get the beautiful dressing that you made, that you emulsified. drizzle it around. this is leftovers that's worthy of a restaurant meal. >> this is fantastic.
9:43 am
that dressing, i want to take it home and bottle it up. this is so good. >> really good. >> and the thing is, it looks simple. but the taste is insane. >> nfor the recipe, go to >> worth it. this is one you have to go to the website and get. >> so easy. let's look at the weather this week, which is actually going to be a pretty decent week, especially across the northeast. it will take until the end of the week before the rain moves in. heavy downpours down south because of the humidity, as well. looking at scattered showers and storms through the eastern rockies today. and today, they move into the middle of the country. humidity, it's dry out west. and by tend of the week, scattered showers and stormsup and down, t good morning, i am meteorologist bill henley. a warm day ahead, but clouds will be increasing after a good deal of sunshine this morning.
9:44 am
85 degrees this afternoon for philadelphia. stays dry with clouds increasing in the suburbs. a high of 83. in new jersey, 84 degrees with more clouds this afternoon than this morning. at the shore, 79 degrees, with clouds increasing there this afternoon, too. low 80s for the lehigh valley, delaware, no sign of rain until late tonight. have a great day. and that's your latest forecast. coming up next, it's back-to-school time. are you ready? we have easy ideas to get you and your kids organized, right after this. around here, i'm lucky to get through a shift without a disaster. heads up! you know what, don't worry about it. my bargain detergent couldn't keep up. it was mostly water. so, i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. i mean, i give away water for free. i'm not about to pay for it in my detergent. number one trusted. number one awarded.
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get your first prescription free at all right. it is time to get your kids ready for another school year. there's tons of great back-to-school idea online. many come from -- brooke mahan. what what's up moms, with 1.7 million subscribers on youtube. good morning, brooke. >> how are you? >> i love these. >> thanks for having me. back-to-school is an exciting time of year. it can be hectic. and getting out of the house is the hardest part. this is one of my favorites. it is a hanging shelf turned
9:49 am
weekly planner. you load it all up on sunday night. everything is in there. and that way, in the morning, you don't have, you know, where is my other blue sock or my batman underwear. >> you're good for the week. >> you grab and go. it will save you time. >> awesome. this one is making it like a lazy susan. >> this is one of the all-time greatest tricks. you take a round baking tin. you want to pour the marbles in? >> yeah. >> and you take a second round tin with your craft supplies and school supplies. and, wait. >> no way. that is genius. >> so cute. >> woos and ahs. >> amazing. and this is great for younger kids. they can reach across. >> yeah. you can throw it in a cabinet. you don't have to reach all the way back. >> it looks pretty on a table. >> that's a good idea. >> with craft supplies come artwork. it takes up a lot of fridge
9:50 am
space. we do this three-ring binder. it's so cute. you can put your child's name on the front. take clear sheet protectors and put their artwork in. >> and save the binders. >> yeah. it's fun at the end of the year. you have a portfolio of your artist with all their work in it. >> i love it. >> love this one. >> curtis is making a mess over here. >> if i can do this, anybody can do this. and if i can't, you probably still can. >> can we hold it up to see? >> nailed it. >> i'm making progress. >> this is my favorite thing we have out here. these are ziploc pencil pouches. you take a ziploc bag. cut it in half. wrap it in some conduduct tape. and it should look like this or like this. how cute are these? they're really easy. superinexpensive. i would carry this as a clutch.
9:51 am
so cute. you can make them in different sizes. >> that didn't turn out so bad. you landed better than -- got there better than i thought you were going to. >> i love that idea. this is unbelievable. >> this is really cute. it looks so cute on the wall. it's great for kids that are learning to tell time and understanding the concept of time. afternoon schedule clock. you have a key that goes with it. it helps them to visualize what their routine is after school. >> forget about the kids. i'm taking this in for my chefs at work. the vegetable preparation. and the fish. >> i think the hardest part of an afternoon schedule, can be homework time. if you don't have a designated desk or area in your house for homework, this is a great homework station. it's literally a presentation board covered in wrapping paper. the kids can help decorate it. it gives them a quiet area of their own. >> it's nice to have that spot where they can do their homework. >> they might like doing their
9:52 am
homework. >> i'm voting you mother of the year. >> thank you. >> now, if you have middle schoolers and high schoolers, i think this is cool. making your -- >> or if you're a mom. >> this right here, can you look at this? you know when you go to a place and you find accessories for your desk, you made this using contact paper? >> using contact paper. marble contact paper and any container. this is an empty tin can. you peel off the contact paper. wrap it around. and i mean -- >> wow. >> i don't know if i can say store names. looks like you bought it at the store. >> a fancy one. >> and do little binder clips. it makes getting back into school mode a little more fun. and have some customized supplies on your desk. >> do you remember when you first get a locker? wanting to decorate a locker? you have a trick for this. >> these are magnets you can take a one-inch hole punch. i love using photos.
9:53 am
we punched them. you punch out the picture. and they're clear bubble take stickers. stick a magnet on the back. and we'll show you -- >> isn't that cute? >> i put mine on the inside of the locker. >> so cute. >> all of these tutorials on our youtube channel, what's up mom and other good content. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on how would you like to earn four times gas reward points?
9:54 am
that'd be awesome... you can do that? just buy participating grocery items during the anniversary sale and you'll earn 4 times the gas reward points. groceries for gas rewards, i wish! can i get one more wish?! the acme anniversary sale. it's just better.
9:55 am
♪ don't we just love curtis? >> so much love. >> hello. >> you remember when it all began with us? >> i do. i do. >> you remember, kat? >> we thought he was ours. and then, he went off and conquered the world. >> guess who we have on. taraji p.
9:56 am
good morning. i am vai sikahema. just about 10:00 a.m. let's get to first alert meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate forecast. >> temperatures are climbing. 75 degrees in philadelphia. 77 in delaware. still some cool spots, lehigh valley with mostly cloudy skies, 70 degrees. it will warm to 79 degrees at noon. into the 80s this afternoon. but clouds will be more numerous. you'll see a few breaks of sunshine, turn mostly cloudy
9:57 am
this afternoon. high temperatures in the 80s today. rain should hold off until late tonight. >> thank you, bill. a check of the roads with first alert reporter jessica boyington. watching the schuylkill expressway. look pretty good. seeing a little eastbound typical delay towards center city. right now, everything looks good for the most part. crash in abington on township line road and martin road. watch for that. back to you. at the jersey shore, dredging resumes, homeowners there are outraged over do you know construction project they say is ruining their beaches. those homeowners held a rally yesterday. a federal judge ruled the do you know project can continue if fencing was put up, and other conditions were met. storms earlier this month left bacteria filled ponds between the dunes and beach front homes. i am vai sikahema. another update for you in 25 minutes. meanwhile, get the latest news and weather with the nbc10 app. send you back to the "today"
9:58 am
show. have a great day. see you at the bottom of the hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ you just want >> "attention." hey, everybody! thanks for being with us for fun day monday. it's august 14th, and we always say it. sometimes it's actually true. we have a great show to kick off your week. >> this week, we have some mega watt stars. we have taraji p. henson with us. >> cookie's in the house. >> cookie's here from "empire." she's going to tell us what you may be seeing her character do this year and other stuff about her life. always fun to have on. lookhe


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