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tv   Today  NBC  September 7, 2017 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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we'll have local updates throughout the morning and you can get realtime news, weather and traffic on the nbc 10 app. on good morning. breaking news. hurricane irma turned deadly. at least eight people killed, entire islands near decimated. the historic storm cutting a catastrophic path through the caribbean and on a fasttrack toward the u.s. states of emergency now declared in florida, georgia, and the carolinas. massive evacuations under way. this morning the very latest on where it will hit and when. strange bedfellows. president trump strikes a surprise budget deal with democrats blindsiding republicans as donald trump jr. heads to the hill to be questioned about his campaign meeting with russians.
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on the prowl. there's a tiger in the yard. >> a tiger terrorizes an atlanta neighborhood attacking one woman's dog. this morning the mystery over where it came from now solved. all that plus drop-off. prince george showing up for his first day of school. tom brady and nfl gets set to kick off a new season tonight. and roger federer upset at the u.s. open. but it's an all american semifinal on the women's side for the first time in nearly 40 years, today, thursday, september 7th, 2017. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. morning, everybody. welcome to "today." we're glad you're with us on this thursday morning. it's an important one this morning. >> most people are talking about irma. we want to get right to that storm. the strongest atlantic storm ever roared by puerto rico
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overnight lashing it with incredibly powerful winds and flooding rain. we know half of that island's 3 million residents are without power. >> we are getting our first look at the catastrophic damage where irma first made lfr. nearly every building on barbuda has been leveled. the prime minister says it's rubble this morning. irma bearing down on turks and caicos and bahamas as it rages to the united states. its path appears to be tracking from the east. millions from florida keys to north carolina, that coastline on high alert. >> you want to know what's going on in florida right now, take a look at this. this is a line into the home depot, which opened up at 6:00 a.m. people are lining up to get in and buy supplies. across the street that's the gas station. >> if you want to get in your car to get out of the area you're going to get in a long line to purchase it. >> al has the latest on
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florida's track. we'll talk to the governor rick scott about how his state is preparing. let's start with morgan ratford in hard hit puerto rico. good morning. >> reporter: matt, savannah, good morning. elefb reported dead overnight as the hurricane eye moved 55 miles north of us here in puerto rico where many of us spent the night in shelters, cell phones down, lights flickering, and waking up to a morning of destruction. hurricane irma plowing through the caribbean with 185-mile-per-hour winds, leaving a wake of destruction in her path. puerto rico slammed with a one-two punch, pounding rain and howling winds sent residents searching for cover. >> why have you decided to leave and do to another person's house. >> we expecting so close to the sea. >> reporter: the storm roared through a string of small islands on wednesday, including st. martin and saint barts where
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fierce winds toppled trees and tossed cars. the small island of barbuda was nearly demolished. >> barbuda is inhabitable. >> in barbuda, they refused to leave their homes. >> translator: my house is made of cement. i feel safe here. >> reporter: most heeded calls to get out quickly coming to shelters like this. this is one of the shelters set up across the islands. you can see families behind me bringing only the clothes they had and necessary items they knew they needed to bring. veronica diaz is one hunkered down in the emergency shelter. what does it feel like? >> practically desperate. you don't know what's going to happen, when it's going to be over. >> reporter: she left most of her things behind unsure when she'll be able to return. >> my clothes, medicines, the
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little stuff, necessities, papers. not much. >> reporter: now among the hundreds calling this home. >> the governor of puerto rico is scheduled to hold a press conference this morning to give us a scope of that damage. so far we already know more than a million people here are waking up without power. matt, savannah. >> all right. morgan radford starting us off. thank you. >> al is here. what's the latest track. >> all the models are starting to come into agreement. can you see it is still a monster storm even though it has dropped down in wind speed, it's still a very dangerous storm. take a look at how far out the hurricane force winds extend out. 95 miles from the center of the storm. tropical force winds extend out 300 miles from the center. that's a wide swath. this is the latest on what we have and where we have it. currently still a category 5 storm, 95 miles north of dominican republic moving west northwest at 17 miles per hour. here is what we expect the track
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and the effects. the turks and caicos, again, here is where we're really concerned, 175 miles an hour top wind speeds. storm surges up to 20 fajita wall of water of 20 feet that will cause catastrophic damage, 8 to 16 inches of rain. as it moves east on spoke friday night, the bahamas, again, they are going to have the same fate as our friends in the turks and caicos. it is going to be a mess. as we continue on cuba we get a glancing blow. we are looking at landfall sometime sunday morning, early sunday morning right along southern shore of florida. devastating surge, a threat. we've been watching the turn, waiting for the turn to come in as far as it's concerned, as far as irma is concerned. here is what we're looking for. we expect that turn to come in sometime late saturday night into sunday morning.
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could take one of three tracks. this eastern track, the worst impact stay offshore for florida wi would landfall georgia, maybe carolinas. the worst would be center track, worst case for florida. devastating wind damage and life threatening storm seshlg urge o sewses at the same time. then this western track which would mean southwestern florida gets the brunt of this with catastrophic storm surge there and widespread wind destruction. if that's not enough, right now for the first time since 2010 we have three hurricanes currently katia which should not pose a threa threat. we don't think this will pose a threat to the united states. we're going to worry about that another five, ten days away. >> the track seems to show if it
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comes ashore it comes ashore category 4? >> category 4 storm. maybe a 3 probably a 4 and hangs as a 4 all the way up through much of florida. >> all right, al. stay close, of course, we'll check back in. preparations for this monster form made from florida to the carolinas. this morning new evacuations are being ordered and more shelters opened. florida governor rick scott will join us in just a moment. let's start with nbc's gabe gutierrez in savannah. good morning. >> good morning. this major population center is right now in irma's path. as you mentioned more evacuations kicking in today, the largest in this area in 12 years for parts of miami beach and low-lying areas. this is something so many people closely watching. tens of thousands already evacuated florida keys and people urging people in evacuation zones to watch this storm very closely and get out. this morning florida is bracing for this. the growing fear south florida
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will take a direct hit and it could be catastrophic. >> this is serious and we cannot take chances. >> in the keys an exodus, mandatory evacuation orders in effect. >> we boarded up the house and we're hoping for the best. that's all we can do right now. >> the warnings dire. >> if you stay, you think you're a tough guy, then you're on your own. >> reporter: in miami beach where sand is a big draw, they are bagging it up and giving it away. mandatory evacuations there starting today. >> potential tidal surge, 8, 10, 12 feet. you saw what happened in texas. >> reporter: andrew at the time the most expensive natural disaster in u.s. history. the tab for irma could be much higher. >> it looks like it could be something that will be not good. believe me, not good. >> reporter: irma's uncertain path is causing anxiety up and down the southeast coast. in georgia they are sandbagging in savannah. residents of south carolina are stocking up and north carolina
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national guard is mobilized. with storm clouds on the horizon, businesses in the sunshine state are pording up and gas is selling out. >> it's a mad house. i don't want to run out of gas on the road. >> reporter: gas reports a third of stations in the ft. lauderdale area have run dry. >> i don't think i could be safer anywhere else. >> reporter: meghan lived through andrew and preparing to ride out irma in south miami. >> i'm a little bit scared. i wasn't at the beginning of the week but the panic has set in now and i'm getting nervous. >> reporter: there has been so much high-rise development in this area since hurricane andrew. there have been stronger building codes with that storm. with irma being so powerful, authorities here are warning of potentially catastrophic damage. matt and savannah. >> all right, gabe. thank you very much. >> let's bring in florida's governor rick scott. good morning to you. >> morning. >> good morning. this is an unbelievable
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hurricane, big, 185 miles per hour. way bigger than hurricane andrew 25 years ago. we're going to see storm surge. i want to make sure everybody in florida understands the significance of this. it could impact either coast. the storm surge is going to be significant. we can get hurricane winds on both coasts. so everybody needs to listen to local officials about evacuation orders. make sure you have a plan. >> i was looking at the very latest track from the national weather service. they are basically saying that this after devastating the caribbean is going to make landfall somewhere on the southeastern coast of your state. that brings to mind the keys. that brings to mind the intense population center of miami. so how are preparations going there? >> well, we've been evacuating the keys since wednesday. so you can follow the traffic count. people are leaving the keys right now. we've got to continue to do that. we started evacuation yesterday in miami-dade, so we'll continue to follow this. the big thing is on both coasts everybody has to understand,
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this thing could move, hurricanes move. we've seen that in the past. we could still impact the west coast. this is going to be bigger than andrew in that we're going to have much more storm surge with this. winds are bigger, storm surge is bigger, the size of the hurricane is way bigger. my biggest issue right now probably is fuel. we put a lot of effort yesterday into trying to make sure we have enough fuel in the state so when people want to evacuate they can. i'm asking people not to take more fuel than you need. we'll spread that around so everybody can evacuate. we'll get everybody out if you follow evacuation orders. >> i wonder about it, in houston there's debate whether or not that city should have been evacuated. how do you decide where you're going to mandatorily evacuate. when you have a storm this big that can cover your whole state, where are they supposed to go? >> i think because of harvey, everybody is more focused on
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evacuation. what we're doing is by area, we know based on the storm surge how far inland this water is going to go. we have a pretty good idea right now. it's going to change. just because this track has been consistent, they change all the time. that's what we're doing. we're taking the wind estimates, storm surge estimates, and we're starting to do evacuation orders. we'll be going up the coast as we see this hurricane get closer and closer to our state. the keys are already evacuating, but we're making sure everybody is getting out. we're providing transportation if you don't have it. >> governor, just want people to know, before we went on the air you looked at us and say i hope people listen to you. we know people are going to listen to you. our best to you and the people of florida. >> thank you. >> thank you. thanks, matt and savannah. >> of course we're going to be tracking irma all morning long. take a look also at reports of price gouging ahead of the storm. that comes up in the next half hour. >> lots more to get to including politics and a new political storm with the president.
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he stunned republicans when he cut a deal with democrats. nbc's kristen welker with more on that. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. president trump campaigned on making good deals. the white house says the agreement he struck with democrats show he's fulfilling that promise. some republicans say the president got a raw deal and may have given the minority party the upper hand. this morning the picture that says it all. president trump in a quasi embrace with the senate's top democrat and fellow new yorker chuck schumer after an oval office meeting wednesday he defied his own party to strike a deal with schumer and house minority leader nancy pelosi. it provides hurricane relief, raises the debt limit and funds the government for three months even touting his former rivals on "air force one." >> chuck and nancy would like to see something happen and so do i. >> reporter: republicans had wanted a longer deal on the debt limit, to take it off the table
7:15 am
in november but democrats refused. multiple sources familiar with the exchange say at one point the president because the off his own treasury secretary who argued for a longer time line. frustration mounted for gop officials when the president called his daughter ivanka in the room to discuss her key issue, child care tax credits. a top congressional source says republican lawmakers ultimately felt blind-sided by the deal. >> did he blind side members of his own party? >> they should realize this is a president who made very clear one of his first priorities at the moment is to get the hurricane survivors what they need and deserve. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell weighed in after. >> the president can speak for himself. his feeling was we needed to come together, to not create a picture of divisiveness. >> reporter: all of it comes amid new fallout after the president rescinded obama program known as daca which protects young undocumented
7:16 am
immigrants, giving congress six months to fix it. now attorneys general from 15 states and d.c. are suing the trump administration arguing the move punishes people with mexican roots and hurts local economies. >> when bullies step up, you have to step to them and step to them quickly. >> reporter: wednesday the president was pressed to clarify his position after tweeting if congress doesn't act, he may revisit the issue. >> i want to see what happens in congress. i have a feeling that's not going to be necessary. i think they are going to make a deal. >> reporter: this morning the russia probe is back in the eldest son trump jr. will be on capitol hill meeting with senate investigators behind closed doors about that meeting he had during the campaign with a kremlin link attorney. it comes after facebook identified roughly 3,000 so-called troll ads. those are fake accounts created by a russian company with ties to the kremlin. it's all adding to the growing picture of russian interference in the u.s. election.
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kristen, matt. >> a lot of headlines from the white house. thank you. >> talk about another issue facing the president. that's tension on korean peninsula. today's russian president vladimir putin says he believes the administration is willing to solve the situation with north korea. speaking at an economic forum in russia, putin called on all of north korea's neighbors to show rerestaurant saying rhetoric and military drills playing into their hands. reiterated moscow's opposition to more sanctions to the north korean regime. >> let's get to good news now. it will be an all american affair tonight at the u.s. open in new york city. madison keys punched her ticket to the semifind, won in straight sets and will face american coco vandeweghe. the other match against sloane stephens. the four american women have reached the semifinals in the
7:18 am
u.s. open. now on the men's side a sadder and more devastating story as fan favorite roger federer was upset. he lostst a great player, one martine del potro, who we love. am ino it's very sad roger lost. >> you'll get over it. >> it's going to be a great match, we love del potro. >> but you love federer more. let's bring in mr. roker. >> this is sad to match. >> i need 'slp show you help ass your weather is concerned. we're looking at cool showery day great lakes, northeast, flood watches in pacific northwest. still summer-like through the southwest. plenty of sunshine texas on into the mid-atlantic states. golf course also drying out in the mid-atlantic, too. the mid-atlantic, too. we're goi we come into this world needing others. the mid-atlantic, too. we're goi ♪ then we are told it's braver to go it alone. ♪
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but there is another way to live. ♪ a way that sees the only path to fulfillment- is through others. ♪ . good morning. today we'll see temperatures that will be lower than average for this time of year. 74 in summer city. cooksdale, high of 70 degrees. easton, 72. notice the icons. the showers we have early in the a.m. hours have moved out and now we're driving out and looking at a nice mix of sun and clouds leaning towards the sunshine. ocean city, up to 75 for a high. >> that's your latest weather. and that is your latest weather. savannah. >> coming up, growing complaints this morning of price gouging as millions race to get ready for
7:20 am
hurricane irma. how amazon and airlines are dealing with that problem. then where did that come from? how a tiger managed to get loose and terrorize an atlanta neighborhood. first on thursday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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still to come, helping after harvey. jeff rossen in houston to deliver your donations to the victims of that storm. >> good morning, hoda. >> good morning, kids. a big milestone for young prince george. he's heading
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and organiiiic. try i can't believe it's not butter! in two new ways. it's vegan! and it's organic! good morning. it's just before 7:30 on yours thursday. let's get to krystal klei with your neighborhood forecast. the rain seems to have moved out. >> thank goodness. we are looking at the live cam. scattered clouds off in the distance and that will be the case today. scattered clouds, but sunshine, as well, to enjoy throughout our thursday. here is radar and satellite clear over us. i don't expect that to change. no rain for the rest of our thursday. temperatures this morning, mostly upper 50s, 59 in philly and 55 in coatesville. later today, temperatures will pick up to about the low to mid 70s for highs. >> not bad.
7:27 am
thanks. now for a look at traffic. >> 4:22 right now and cams around trooper road, pretty big drive times. this is about a 20-minute trip. speeds are down into the 20s. watch mass transit on the west trenton line. 323 train is run background 20 minutes late. back to you. we are following breaking news, sky 4's 10 flew over this construction accident in philadelphia's homesburg neighborhood earlier this morning. police tell us a person was run over by a bulldozer at the site. police and medics are at the scene. we are working to learn the person's condition at this hour. we're helping to set your student up for a great school year. beginning at 4:00 a.m., the most important apps parent use to get kids ready for learning. another update in 25 minutes.
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back now 7:30 on this thursday morning. you're looking at a live shot. these are long lines at a gas station in the miami area. people who need to get their cars and evacuate obviously need to fill up and they are getting gas but waiting in long lines. look across the street and you see people standing and waiting in line to go into a home depot store that opened very early this morning and buy supplies they will need to make it through this storm. >> it's going to be a rough few days for friends down south. the storm and its fury begin our look at today's headlines. irma turns deadly overnight as the massive category 5 storm levels islands in the caribbean with heavy winds and intense
7:31 am
flooding. >> what i saw was heart wrenching. i mean, absolutely devastating. >> a million people waking up without power in puerto rico. irma now setting its sights on the u.s. mainland. >> we still have a chance for worst case scenario in southeast florida, including the miami area. >> president trump stuns leaders of his own party by siding with democratic rivals to cut a deal on spending, the debt ceiling and hurricane harvey aid. >> siding with democrats doesn't mean it's a done deal but puts a lot of pressure on republicans to get this funding through. >> as donald trump jr. heads to capitol hill this morning to face questions from the senate judiciary committee on the russia probe. >> there is a tiger walking down the exit ramp onto the interstate. >> tiger on the loose. >> what exactly does it look like? >> a tiger. >> a dangerous bengal tiger escapes from the truck it was being transported in and winds
7:32 am
up roaming through an atlanta neighborhood. >> it was like a full grown zoo tiger. >> today thursday, september 7th, 2017. not the typical cat up a tree call. >> scary. >> absolutely. the storm, hurricane irma, of course, leads our half hour and the price gouging that's being reported as the fierce storm barrels through the caribbean. it's on a path to the u.s. nbc's kerry sanders just north of miami. good morning to you. >> according to a survey by only 30% of gas stations in florida have fuel. most are like this without gas. those that do have gas, prices have increased. take a look at this, more than $7 a gallon. this was immediately investigated as the price went up. it does raise an important question in a crisis like this. when do prices as they go up simply reflect supply and demand and when is it price gouging.
7:33 am
>> that's sickening, disgusting, unacceptable and we're not going to have it. >> reporter: a stern warning to price gougers from florida's attorney general vowing to go after businesses selling basic commodities at inflated prices. >> i can do $1,000 per fine up to $25,000 and hurt them. i can also and will destroy their reputation as well. >> reporter: as anxious residents in florida discover water and other supplies difficult, if not impossible, to find in stores, they turned for the first time in a crisis like this online to amazon prime. accusations of price gouging soon followed. price gouge much? one person tweeted. with a photo of 24 pack of pear for $34.99. wow, poland spring water, $13.99 for one gallon. seems kind of steep, amazon. tweeted another, #pricegouge. >> what do you now say to amazon. >> please don't take advantage
7:34 am
with this situation. >> amazon denying the allegations blaming third party sellers using their sight telling "today" in part we are actively monitoring our website and removing offers of bottled water that substantially exceed sales price. airlines accused of price gouging are pushing back, too. >> pem not trying to go on vacation, people trying to survive. >> delta capping fares at $399 for flights to and from south florida through september 13th. jetblue flights of florida top out at $159. american airlines and united both tell "today" their prices are unchanged. >> do you know how much the gas was before it went up? >> in florida's capital, a price gouging call center. operators here took more than 1500 calls wednesday, most about spiked prices for food, water, and gasoline. >> someone was charging over $70 for a pack of water. >> they feel like they have been
7:35 am
taken advantage of at a time when they are most vulnerable. >> a vulnerability familiar to floridians now preparing for hurricane irma. some people are so desperate now when they see a fuel truck heading down the road or a marked truck that has water on it, they are following it. you can actually see lines going through south florida looking to see where that fuel truck is going to go so people can get in line to fill up. guys. >> that's a tough situation. kerry, thank you. mr. roker, a check of where this thing is going. >> we've been talking about the ensemble models and when are we going to see that turn. here it is. right now we're looking at that turn happening sometime sunday early morning. what happens is it looks like now most of the models bring it along either the central part of the state of florida or right to the east. some even a little further to the east. what causes the turn? basically we've got that big area of high pressure, bermuda high generators easterly trade winds keeping this in westerly
7:36 am
direction. winds will curve along western edge of that bermuda high. plus we've got weak low pressure that's helping draw this to the north. if that happens, we're going to be looking at slightly more of a northerly track. we've been talking about the categories of this. category 5 storm, category 4 storm. what can happen during these categories? let's take a look at show you. category 1, 74 to 95 miles an hour, damage minimal, plants and trees, unanchored mobile homes. category 2, 126 miles an hour roofing materials, doors, windows start to take a beating. category 3, 111 mile an hour, extensive damage to small buildings, mobile homes can get wiped out. 130 miles an hour category 4, damage becomes extreme, roof, structure failure, trees get blown down. 155 miles an hour, category 5, catastrophic damage will occur all over the area.
7:37 am
good morning. today we're looking at temperatures that will be lower than average for this time of year. 74 in center city and somerton. easton at 72 and notice the icons. the showers that we had early, early in the a.m. hours have moved out so now we're drying out and we will see a nice mix of sun and clouds. summer smyrna, high of 74 this afternoon. >> of course during this time you want to check out friends on weather channel cable 24/7. >> good advice, al. thank you very much. tom brady's historic questions as nfl returns tonight and what his future after football may hold. >> jeff rossen is putting smiles on hurricane harvey storm victims. hey, jeff. >> hey, guys, good morning to you. we have arrived in houston. we have two trucks full of items, donations from across america that we've been collecting all week for the victims of hurricane harvey. guess what, we've already
7:38 am
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perfect. hi, i'm mindy kearns. it's great nice to meet you too. your parents have been talking about you for years. sorry about that. they're all about me saving for a house, or starting a college fund for my son. actually, i want to know what you're thinking. have a seat. knowing that the most important goals are yours. multiplied by 14,000 financial advisors, it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. welcome back football fans, a day circled on their months nfl season opener is tonight. >> that's right. this game features the defending super bowl champions, the new england patriots and kansas city chiefs. always when you talk about the patriots, a lot of eyes will be
7:43 am
on their star quarterback tom brady. "today" national correspondent craig melvin in foxborough at gillette stadium. good morning to you. >> good morning. what an incredible year tom brady has had, if you think about it. comes back, wins super bowl, then his championship jersey gets stolen from the locker room, then his health is questioned. tonight brady tries to do something no quarterback has ever done and the odds of him doing it are long. but there's a guy you don't want to bet against, it's probably tom brady. when tom brady takes the field tonight he'll face a question bigger than any opponent. can the star quarterback go where no other has gone before and lead his team to a sixth super bowl victory? but the big number on the mind of many fans isn't 6, it's 40. brady celebrated his 40th
7:44 am
birthday last month and says he hopes to play another five years, unchartered territory for starting nfl quarterback, but brady has defied the odds before. >> patriots win the super bowl! >> in february overcoming a stunning 25-point deficit, the most ever in super bowl history, brady, the game's mvp, his wife giselle going wild. starting in controversy, with brady serving four-game suspension for his role in deflategate scandal. he finally uncovered the missing super bowl jersey after it was stolen from the locker room by a journalist from mexico. and public scrutiny of his health, when his wife claimed brady has suffered multiple
7:45 am
concussions. >> he suffered a concussion last year. has he concussions. we don't talk about it but he has concussions. >> brady remained tight-lipped. >> i don't think that's anybody's business. >> reporter: nfl said they had no records to support the claim, nor did he complain of symptoms. not in dispute brady's famously strict diet. no sugar, no caffeine, no dairy, even tomatoes are tabu. his one indulgence, avocado ice cream. bedtime, 8:30 sharp. >> i asked brady, don't you miss going out with the boys drinking until 1:00 in the morning? he smiled and said i've done that. this is better. >> reporter: the discipline has paid off. during his 17 seasons in the nfl, all of them with the patriots, brady has captivated the league. and pop culture. >> i'm not just into football. >> reporter: so once brady
7:46 am
decides to hang up his helmet, what might he do? some have suggested politics. others look a little closer to home. >> when he retires, i wouldn't be surprised to see him be mr. dad for the first few years while he tries to figure out what he does for the rest of his life. >> reporter: the importance of family looming large for brady as his mom battles cancer. earlier this year, he grew emotional talking about his father. >> he's the one that i look up to every day. and -- my dad. >> the cornerstones of brady's life, family and football. not bad for a guy who was drafted into this league in the sixth round, guys. by the way, the first order of business tonight when the patriots take the field against the chiefs, they are going to reveal that most recent championship banner. and nfl commissioner roger goodell will reportedly be on
7:47 am
hand for that. guys. >> that will be fun. who wins tonight, craig? >> reporter: i think it's probably the pats, at home in foxborough. matt, here is the thing. i think they probably win another super bowl as well. >> look at you craig melvin. >> out on a limb. >> save the tape. >> good. thanks, craig. you can catch tonight's game between the patriots and chiefs. that happens on nbc. coverage starts with football night in america 7:30 eastern time. >> love that. just ahead the music superstar going to great lengths to avoid the spotlight. carson. >> controversial ban on certain models dividing people on line. this lovely lady has a typical airline credit card. so she only earns double miles on purchases she makes from that airline. what'd you earn double miles on, please? ugh. that's unfortunate. there's a better option. the capital one venture card.
7:48 am
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7:50 am
the best way to get together ith a treat you make together. ♪ ♪ okay. we are back with a fashion world controversy that's got a lot of people talking. carson is in the orange room. so excited you're here. >> hardly the fashion expert but
7:51 am
it is great to be back. thanks. two of the largest fashion firms are now banning size 0 models from their catwalks. these french fashion houses represent huge brands like christian dior, louis vuitton and many others. in addition to size 2, expected to provide valid medical certificate confirming they are in good health. france banning ultrathin models but with the addition of individual brands. nicole writing, wonderful news for this industry. it's about time. joe says, classy move fighting against eating disorders and negative role modeling. on the other side of the fence lorde adding, surely there are healthy people in that category. we asked you, 75% agreeing it's a good idea against 25. we'll add the fashion firm's new policy will come into effect before paris fashion week kicks off a little later this month.
7:52 am
guys. >> no catwalk for us, hoda. >> size 10? >> you're okay. >> that was a joke, because we're not size 0s. >> i just kept out of that. there's no winning on that one. >> so much trouble. oh hey! it's me mom, catching some side eye. first rule of motherhood. someone's always judging. breastfeeding, didn't work out. guess what? world's still turning. yeah, i bribe my kids. how else you think stuff get done around here? mom's special juice, it's wine. now if you think that's shocking, check this out. new yoplait mix-ins, with salted caramel pretzel. watch out now. ♪
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good morning. i'm katy zachary. just a few minutes before 8:00 on your thursday. let's get to krystal klei with your most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> heading out the door, you'll see maybe wet roadways, but not falling any more. the rain has always moved out and the thicker cloud coverage has moved out, too. we have high level clouds overhead.. you can see pretty clear skies through many of our locations. we're at 60 in philadelphia and 68 in the had lehigh valley. delaware, you are at 57 degrees. this afternoon, temperatures should climb right to around the low and mid 70s. >> krystal, thanks for had had that. flashing lights on 95 may slow you down. >> 95 is a mess in both directions right mow. we have appear accident on the northbound side around route 322. that's the northbound traffic
7:57 am
here and an had is pulled over to the side. we're seeing delays in both directions and 95 moving into delaware in wilmington, there's a crash. now we're seeing huge delays. right now, 43 minutes from 4/95 to 295. katy, back on you. this morning, investigators in glousfer county are looking for the cause of an early morning crash that killed one person on route 42 in washington the township. the crash cracked a utility pole which has to be replaced. philadelphia police say a group of men stole three rental cars from a thrifty car rental lot near the philadelphia international airport. officers say one man distracted a security guard on the lot while others took off with the cars. police found the cars and made at least one raed arrest in that. tomorrow, beginning at 4:00 a.m., we'll help you get your student set for a great school year with the most important apps that parents should have to
7:58 am
get their kids really for learning. i'm danny. you're danny? i'm steve. joseph, i'm steve. how are you? nice to meet you sir. no different from everyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. steve called fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. lauren's the spark that started the fire. the goal is keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00. breaking news. hurricane irma des mates the caribbean. at least eight people killed. florida with mandatory evacuation as they brace for a hit. >> potential tid al 8, 10, 12 feet. >> after harvey. >> america donate add lot and we have stuff for you here. >> as americans open their hearts to victims of the hurricane, jeff rossen is there to pitch in. today he's on the ground in houston. >> thank you so very much. and royal education. prince george arrives for his first day of school in london,
8:01 am
instantly becoming the most sought-after playdate in class thursday september 7th, 2017. >> you guys came all the way from iowa to celebrate what? >> my 16th birthday. >> what are you two celebrating. >> 35th anniversary on "today." >> it's your 50th birthday. what would you like for your birthday? >> a picture with matt. >>-of- question, is there anybody here from nebraska? i love this group here. we have two birthday girls and. >> a broke mom. >> good morning, everybody. glad you're with us on thursday morning. we've got so much going on and our weather department is really busy this morning. >> that's right. we're going to get to mr. roker
8:02 am
in a second. we have news at 8:00 because there's a lot to cover. >> hurricane tops our news, deadly as feared. puerto rico and other parts of the caribbean pounded overnight. florida, georgia and the carolinas now bracing for the worst. nbc's gabe gutierrez for us in miami. hi, gabe. >> savannah, good morning. blamed for a dozen deaths throughout the caribbean, the islands decimated. more than a million people in puerto rico are without power. more evacuations in south florida, tens of thousands of people have already evacuated the florida keys. more evacuations in miami-dade county. the largest such effort in 12 years. this morning, trouble in paradise. hurricane irma pounding the virgin islands and puerto rico overnight. the monster category 5 storm already proving deadly with powerful winds reaching 185 miles an hour. the strongest atlantic hurricane on record showing no signs of weakening as it barrels toward
8:03 am
south florida. >> the quicker we get out of here the better. >> in the keys mandatory evacuation orders, a mass exodus on u.s. 1, the only way out. >> we're evacuating. a little too scary. >> with tens of thousands running from the potential danger it seems florida's fuel supply running low. reports a third of stations in the ft. lauderdale area are out. >> it's not that we don't have enough fuel. the bottleneck is getting trucks refueled to get them back to the stations. >> irma threatening not only florida but georgia where they are sandbagging in atlanta. opening campgrounds for evacuees. in north carolina, the national guard is on the move. >> wherever you live in north carolina, you need to take this storm seriously. and you need to start preparing for some type of impact. >> another concern this morning, price gouging. florida's attorney general says her office's call center took more than 1500 calls wednesday.
8:04 am
>> what you've got are these third party vendors who are trying to trick people and saying water at a reasonable rate yet charging $100 shipping fee. it's unacceptable and we're not going to have it. >> irma not expected to reach florida until the weekend but city officials here in miami are urging people, another concern, these two dozen construction cranes throughout the city. there's fears they could topple during this massive storm. guys, this is certainly something that millions of people throughout the east coast are watching right now. guys, back to you. >> you got it, gabe, thank you so much. >> we saw that happen during hurricane sandy on 59the cne ki >> buckled. not good. >> mr. roker is here with the testorm. >> we in fact just got this in from national hurricane center. the latest on irma stillgory5, dominican republic. 185 winds moving west northwest at 17 miles per here is our path.
8:05 am
it comes across turks and caicos tomorrow morning at 2:00 160-mile-per-hour winds. storm surges up to 20 feet. saturday north of cuba. again, they will get a good amount of rain and heavy winds. but look right here, sunday morning, 2:00 a.m., 150-mile-per-hour winds. by the way, those cranes that gabe mentioned, they are certified at 145 miles per hour, and that's theoretical. continue the path, back out into the atlantic. by 2:00 a.m. tuesday, it is just to the east of savannah, georgia, so we continue to track this. this is still going to be a very potent storm, really talking about it into the middle and end of next week. >> all right, al. thank you very much. hurricane relief part of the surprise budget deal president trump reached with top
8:06 am
democrats. but the deal isn't sitting we will with members of his own part. chief white house correspondent hallie jackson has more on that. good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning. you said it. definitely not sitting well with republicans. with new fallout after president trump has always prided himself on being a dealmaker cut a deal very, very quickly with democrats. now you've got some republicans, people cross to these congressional leaders say they feel blind sided growing angry. it would provide harvey relief money, raise the debt ceiling, keep the government open for the next three months. white house tells me it's a way to accelerate action the president sees it on that harvey funding as well as clear the decks for tax reform, a big priority this fall. you've also got this move to side with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi stunning even members of president trump's own administration. now lawmakers on capitol hill are working fast to put this bill together this week. by the way, also here on the hill today, somebody else, whose name you're going to recognize,
8:07 am
donald trump jr. he's coming here to meet with the senate judiciary committee today to talk about that june 2016 meeting with russia at trump tower during the campaign. matt. >> all right, hallie. thank you very much. some other news now for the second straight year a california board has granted parole to charles manson cult member leslie van houten. she's served more than 40 years for the gruesome 1969 stabbing deaths of a los angeles couple. those murders came one night after other manson followers killed five people, including the actress sharon tate who was pregnant. california jerry brown should now decide if van houten should be released. he rejected her bid last year saying she posed an unreasonable danger to society. >> police in salt lake city, utah, says he should have been quicker putting an officer on leave after the high-profile arrest of a nurse. detective jeff payne handcuffed and arrested alex wubbels in
8:08 am
july after she refused to draw blood from a patient who had been in a traffic accident. he wasn't placed on leave for more than a month. police chief brown said he also regrets his department went more than a year without updating the handbook on proper procedures for obtaining a blood sample. in other news the future king of england marked a milestone in his life today. 4-year-old prince george held his father's hand for his first day of big boy school. his mom kate couldn't join them. kensington palace said she's suffering from acute morning sickness, having announced she's expecting the third child. prince george's school day will include lessons in art, computers and french. that is his teacher. >> i would say it qualifies as a morning boost but you can top it. >> guess who just became a grandfather for the very first time? you know. nbc news anchor lester holt. he saved the best story for last on wednesday. his son, who happens to be an
8:09 am
anchor here at nbc, stefan and his wife got right on the twitter and welcomed his little man. the little man is henry. congratulations to carol and that whole beautiful family. >> look at lester, so adorable. he's going to be mush. he got a puppy, now he got a grandbaby. i don't know if he can do the news anymore. >> get ready for music, next serenading. why one of the biggest stars on the planet apparently doesn't want to let you see her. >> hurricane harvey. new approach to food that could be the key to better health. >> whipped up incredible >> whipped up incredible just walk right in and pay zero dollars with most insurance.r. plus, when you get a flu shot at walgreens, you help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need through the un foundation.
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we're back 8:14, time for what's trending today. maria shriver. >> yay! >> put the seven-second delay on. here is what's trending on twitter. national beer lovers. >> i've got to go. >> prince george and kelly clarkson's new song. she's trending. you have more on pop start. >> i do. >> here is another one, a good one. check out this article from the atlantic, the social benefits of swearing. my sister in swearing offense here. >> oh, my god. >> research that your foul language can help you be more persuasive and can even make people like you more. profanity has become prominent in movies, tv shows and books in recent years. so question for the table, do you think swearing is still tabu
8:15 am
and should be? i will confess, i think i swear too much and i would like to improve. >> yes, do i swear. i've been known to swear in the makeup room, at home. i do not like it when my kids swear. they say, do you -- you do it. >> for emphasis. >> yes. >> like the horn on the car. it loses meaning. save the horn for when you need it. >> helpful if i was developing my career. >> it's funny, i kind of enjoy swearing. i think it's fun. sometimes i feel like i might be showing off by swearing. i don't like that about myself. >> have you ever sworn on the air accidentally. >> i don't think i've heard you swear? >> i tend to think it's a little bit lazy. >> please. >> i say to my kids, use your word. what's your favorite curse word? >> i'm not going to say it here.
8:16 am
>> that's good. >> i do swear, by the way. >> carson says if the emphasis is there. >> i swear when i'm startled. like if someone comes up behind me or something dramatic happened and i'm surprised. >> shut the front door. >> and i sometimes swear for emphasis. >> do you think it's different when women swear than a man. >> i think people might interpret it differently. >> i feel like it's not becoming. i have to say and i have a foul mouth sometimes and i don't like that about myself. >> you don't have -- it's not bad. >> it's not meredith vieira bad. >> she's like the picasso. she's like the dad in christmas story. >> she's on shore leave. >> pop start? >> let's get right to it with that song emphasis. start with taylor swift.
8:17 am
paparazzi, some maybe wear a hat. when you have taylor swift's star power it is not enough. check out the lengths she goes to. this is in martha's vineyard recently hiding behind not one, two, but three umbrellas. that's crazy. look at the creativity behind this one. here she is leaving a restaurant, she was at a wedding. creating a path there. there's her feet at the bottom. she's making her way into the car. >> how do you know? >> there's an umbrella there, too. >> you may remember this as taylor walked sideways with her back to the camera to get in her car. >> why? >> i don't know. >> said the umbrella is to protect from paparazzi up in a building. >> correct. >> but it looked like she was all done up there. it's not like, i don't want a shot because i don't have my makeup on or look weird. >> she has a new video, like kelly clarkson in a minute, save the look for professional stuff.
8:18 am
>> changed her appearance? >> let's get to kelly clarkson. we love her. the singer landed on "entertainment weekly." she talked to the magazine about heading to the voice. coached season 14, season 13 on the 25th of this month. kelly talks about her music evolved. she has a new album "the meaning of life." we're excited because she's going to be here. let's take a look at video, "so soft" which is trending. ♪ ♪ love so soft >> hard to find a nicer human being. not just a nice person in the business. she is lovely. we're so excited kelly clarkson will be here on the plaza. come on down, our city concert series will rock tomorrow with our friend kelly clarkson to join us for that.
8:19 am
finally a special throw-back thursday, savannah's tenth anniversary. >> wow. >> remember this story you did for nightly? >> yes. >> look at your hair. >> i guess hair and makeup was off that day. >> so funny. >> thank you. >> bloender. >> i thought you meant the hairdo was called the blender. >> guys. >> all right. let's show you what we have around the country right now. we are looking at flood watch in the pacific northwest, still summer-like in northern and central plains, cool and showery, drig out >> good morning. today we're looking at temperatures that will be lower than average for this time of year.
8:20 am
74 in center city and summerton. 72 landstown and a high of 70 degrees. easton at 72 and notice the icons. the showers we had early, early in the a.m. hours have moved out. now we're drying out and we're going to look a nice mix of sun and clouds leaning towards sunshine. ocean city 75 for a high and a high of 74 this afternoon. hey, if you're heading out the door, don't forget check us out on today show ready xm, 108, home of the don and madge show and the hoda show. can't go wrong. >> don and madge use those umbrellas, too, in case anybody picture. to get their picture. helping after harvey, we are partnering with united way to get much needed items to victims of the hurricane. >> after collecting donations all week long jeff rossen has made his way to houston. jeff, what are you up to? >> hey, guys, good morning. we have made it to houston. can you see we have a lot of
8:21 am
volunteers here. we have three trucks full of items. a truck here, another truck here and another moving truck here full of items we have collected across the country. volunteers are unloading it. this is destined for storm victims in houston and will get there in the weeks and months to come as they rebuild. i've got to tell you guys, i couldn't wait. i've raided items on these trucks and we've already begun delivering to the people who need it most. what a week of giving from these students in florida who donated a truck full of toys and school supplies. to new jersey. >> wow. that you so much. >> where neighbors pitched in. and dallas. an outpouring of support live on "today." people bringing school supplies, backpacks. the items filled several trucks. wednesday we arrived in houston. >> we are packed to the gills with stuff.
8:22 am
the items we collected from generosity across the country. we're in this neighborhood. you can see the refrigerator is out here, flooded out. we hear there's a family in need up here so we have a full duffel bag full of cleaning supplies. a couple of boys. a couple of backpacks, school supplies and toys. it's going to make someone happy. >> hi. my name is jeff, can we come in? how are you? hi, guys. do you want the toys? >> my name is alfred. >> inside we have more surprises for them. >> do you like these backpacks? >> yes. >> which one do you want? >> i like this one. >> i like this one. >> when does that work out, the brothers like different ones. their moms trying to rebuild. >> bleach? >> yes, most needed. >> toilet paper, sponges, wipes. >> i'm a single parent, so anything helps. greatly appreciate it, to whoever donated it. so just want to tell them thank
8:23 am
you. >> reporter: everywhere you look, destruction and need. a family lives here. >> america donated a lot. we have some stuff for you here, you know. toilet paper, cereal. there's some more food in here, nonperishable food. >> every little bit helps. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> for you guys for school -- have you to go back to school soon, right? >> yeah. >> we got you backpacks with school supplies and some school supplies, too, as you speaker your senior year. >> just down the street, we meet 5-year-old katherine. her home is ruined, too. tomorrow is her first day of school. >> look what we got you. a brand-new backpack. >> here every item goes a long way. america's generosity means everything. >> i heard it's somebody's birthday. your birthday? how old are you? >> eleven. >> eleven. guess what, america got you birthday presents. >> thank you.
8:24 am
>> do you like it? >> more than just like it. i love it. >> we just want you to be okay. >> thank you so very much. god bless you. >> god bless you. >> our team fans out across houston handing out donations to this new mom who never imagined living like this. >> diapers for the baby. >> thank you. >> and these boys playing near a pile of rubble. >> hey, guys, what's up? how are you? can i give you some stuff. >> yes. >> do you guys like toys? >> yes. >> who likes batman? >> me. >> batman toy. it will comes billions to rebuild and there will be more tears. but on this day, some smiles. go long, go long, go long. nice job. love those little kids. so great meeting everyone in houston. by the way volunteers as you can see are bringing stuff in right now. i want to show you how much we have collected. this is just the start of it right over here as i bring stuff
8:25 am
in. i'll sneak over here. look at this pile. it goes back like this. this is about 50%, only half of what we've collected across the country. another truck is still coming in from florida with toys and supplies. this is anna, ceo of united way in houston. thank you for having us and partnering with us. >> thank you, "today" show, grateful. >> where will this go and how can it help? >> thousands and thousands of people will be helped and items will be placed in the hands who need it. >> you still need money. cost billions, how can people donate money. >> give online united way >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> back to you guys. a wonderful effort, we have seen generosity of america firsthand. >> you did a great job, jeff. way to go. thanks to people who donated. very nice. coming up best of boston and kansas city. the perfect menu
8:26 am
nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning. i'm katy zachry. it's a little before 8:30. let's get to first alert meteorologist crystal klei. >> we're looking at rain and clouds of yesterday have now moved out. we still have some high clouds and patchy fog. mostly burned off across the area. we'll be seeing the rest of today, a pretty good forecast. mostly sunny conditions, just scattered clouds overhead. right now 60 degrees. this afternoon, 72. forecasting a high today at 74. and surrounding neighborhoods also right around the low to mid-70s. >> looks pleasant. thank you, crystal. jessica boyington is here with a check on traffic.
8:27 am
the vine street expressway behind you. >> this is far from the other end of the vine. if you're approaching the schuylkill, slowdown there. the westbound schuylkill is a little backed up because that's why it's getting slow on the vine. 17 minutes now, a little better from what i told you about 25 minutes ago. right now southbound from 495 to 295. these are still in the thirts because of the crash near delaware ave. katy? >> we continue to follow breaking news this morning coming out of philadelphia's holmesburg neighborhood. a person was run over by a bulldozer at this construction site you see. and we have just learned into our newsroom that the person has passed away from that accident. again, this construction site in holmesburg is the scene of a deadly accident. whoooo.
8:28 am
looking for a hotel that fits... ...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over... ...200 sites to find you the... ...hotel you want at the lowest price. grazi, gino! find a price that fits. tripadvisor.
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8:30 am
we're back now 8:30 on this thursday morning, the 7th day of september, 2017. we've been talking about bad weather approaching much of the country down south, up here in the northeast. we have a beautiful day. of course our thoughts are with the folks down in the caribbean and u.s. and british virgin islands and all along the coast of florida as well. >> by the way, summer here is not over. not yet. at least not with our city concert series. 24 hours from now kelly clarkson
8:31 am
will be live on this plaza. >> if you're in the area, come on down for that. it's going to be a great morning. >> we love her. >> let me steal matt for a s.e.c. here is a woman that made a shirt, she stapled the letters onto her shirt, i love matt. >> oh, my goodness. that must have hurt so badly when you did that. thank you very much. >> here you go, sweetie. one, two, three. home made, baby. >> adorable. coming up, if you've ever played jenga, you know how hard it is. imagine removing those pieces with a whip. that is what we're doing this morning for break it today guinness record event. >> also told you nfl is back tonight. that means, too, football food. wait until you see what we're
8:32 am
cooking up in the big matchup between patriots and chiefs. >> meantime, we know how important a good night's sleep is, so we are working on a brand-new series, exploring newest science in technology, helping folks catch more zzzs. >> we want to hear from you. what kind of sleeper are you, what's your biggest challenges? go to and there is a sleep quiz. we want to hear from you. >> mr. roker, check of the weather. >> start it up for you, show you what we've got today. flood watch in the southwest. cool and showery around great lakes, drying out in the mid-atlantic states. golf course looking pretty darn good. for tomorrow we're expecting for heavy downpours down through the southwest, of course, we're going to be watching what irma does down in florida. the heat continues in the northern and western plains. more wet weather through the northeast as ll. that'swe w
8:33 am
>> good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist crystal klei. today, temperatures lower than average for this time of year. 74 in center city and somerton. 72 landsdale and cooks. the showers we had early, early in the a.m. hours have moved out. we're drying out and a nice mix of sun and clouds. 73 for vorhees. ocean city 75 for a high. and a high of 74 this afternoon. >> that's your latest weather. now we're talking. time for the best night of the week. sunday night football night in america on thursday night. that's right. the kansas city chiefs are taking on the new england patriots. let's check the weather. we've got new graphics. look at these. this is sweet! oh, yeah, up in foxborough, clear, breezy, 63 degrees on
8:34 am
sunday night football night in america, chiefs versus patriots, tonight nbc, 7:30. of course it's a thursday night. it doesn't matter, it's always sunday night right here on nbc. guys. >> missed that so much. now to a different approach to growing food and eating food. it's taking organic farming to a whole new level. that's the reason maria shriver is here. good morning. >> good morning. i feel supported on all front. wow. welcome to beyond organic as savannah said. just as shopping, eating and growing organic has become more popular, there's now something new and it's called biodynamic. it's actually an ancient closed loop method of farming that plants and harvests according to the cycle of the moon. it differs from organic in its lack of pesticides and emphasis on soil health.
8:35 am
proponents believe it holds the key to a healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy spirit. on 26 acres tucked well into the malibu hills is a place where wild things grow and roam. there's squash, radishes and cilantro. there's also eleanor, romeo and waffle. it's called one-gun ranch. you'll find no guns here just rescued animals and a lifestyle called bioorganic. >> it's our passion and world. >> they own and run one gun ranch, a place where they practice the ancient mark of bioorganic growing. a way of harvesting food from the earth. >> we don't use any chemicals, any pesticides. it looks at the farm itself as its ownentity. everything used is recycled back
8:36 am
to the land. prior focus on bio-organic farming is soil and soil health. >> this is what makes the magic happen right here. >> the super soil is the magic. they make it themselves using a 100-year-old recipe, feeling it with medicinal herbs and letting it cook for nine months before use. the results, simple food bursting with flavor and nutrients. >> you can taste it. >> taste the difference from our food, anybody else's. >> strong. >> it's strong, it's peppery, vibrant, alive. >> they grow for the local community, some of the names you've heard of. >> wolfgang puck takes all our passion fruit. >> and also for another purpose. lou for everything you're growing here, everything you're eating, everything you're selling really as food as medicine. >> absolutely. >> all of these plantings have medicinal properties to help people physically and/or
8:37 am
mentally. >> completely, 100%. >> the soil is so nutrient rich that ucla used it in community and medicinal gardens as part of their healthy campus initiative. separately one gun ranch has begun to grow marijuana high in cbd, medically rich portion of cannabis plant for cancer treatment. she knows everyone doesn't have access to one gun ranch lifestyle but she believes everyone can be conscious of what you eat. >> anyone can connect to good food. >> she's written a book designed to educate people about the benefits of biodynamic life. she invites groups to the ranch to learn about where food comes from. >> we work with a lot of schools and a lot of charities and children who don't necessarily have the best start in life. >> she knows exposure creates reality. for children who have never seen the ocean, a farm animal, or
8:38 am
know where their next meal is coming from, the impact is immediate. >> usually healthy food doesn't taste good. it tasted like really good. i've never had roasted watermelon. >> the carrots were the bomb. >> tacos were delicious. >> lettuce tacos are good. >> not confined in a room. you can imagine coming someplace like here is extraordinary for them. >> it's a very beautiful place. i love it. >> you're trying to teach a new generation of kids, kids who might not ever have been to a place like this, about what's in their food and think of food in a different way. >> absolutely. to think of food in a different way and think of the ground in a different way. >> and therefore to think of their lives in a different way. >> exactly. definitely. >> okay. we know biodynamic farming isn't
8:39 am
for everybody. it is gaining in popularity. they are smart about going to farmers market and getting you questions what to ask for because not all organic farming is the same. some organic do use pesticide. they want you to be aware of what they are putting into their body. i thought it was interesting. they can't take antibiotics, are never sick. they role believe the food we put in our bodies affects our mood, mental health and physical health. >> when you hear a kid say the carrots are the bomb, you know they are doing something right. >> california is an agriculture state and so many people don't think of it that way. i want you to think about that you're going to go out and eat barbecue. >> as we do that in a little while. >> but first break it today. a champion whip artist plays the most tense game of jenga you've ever seen. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
and we're back now with break it today. we're celebrating the new release of the gunes worlds record book. >> we've been going through records all week. today's challenger really knows how to whip it, whip it good. meet the whip artist. april choi is a master when it comes to tracking the whip. for the past five years she's been wowing crowds with a simple flick of the wrist. she can cut cans, smash more than a dozen eggs and even light up the sky. she's already whipped her way into the world record books more than three times. today april is looking to break her own record with most jenga blocks removed by a whip in one minute. jenga. guess who is here? april and her whip along with world record adjudicator.
8:43 am
what are you doing, april? >> hi. >> april, what made you get into the whipping thing. >> i was a dance instructor and i got hired for a festival and they were like you should take whip classes. >> here we are. >> what are we doing here. >> most jenga blocks by a whip. the normal is for jenga resumes. the block has to come from the bottom one at a time. if she knocks them over, two come out, time is over. >> is there a time limit on this? >> one minute for blocks, five to break the record. >> first we want to thank carson for lending us the whip selection for the plaza. >> almost got out clean. >> april, are you ready? you're up. >> good luck, april. >> okay, april. are you ready? >> yes. >> for the record, three, two, one!
8:44 am
okay. it looks like she's going for a block on the right-hand side. >> oh, no. >> april that's 15 seconds. >> april, you've got it. you've got it, april. >> okay. we are just coming up on 30 seconds. >> come on, april! >> twenty seconds remaining, april. >> you've got it. >> two at a time? >> april, five seconds left. four, three, two, one.
8:45 am
that's it. >> april, good effort. >> come on over. unfortunately -- >> that was a great try. >> it really was. >> april, that was a great try. >> april, that's an awesome try. we know how good you are. we've seen your videos. we know all about you. april, thank you so much. >> we've also seen your videos, world records. we reviewed one of the videos you sent into the office. i can announce you've actually broken world title for the most news papers with a whip. you are a world record titleholder. congratulations. >> coming up, nfl return, talking about football, food, and recipes that pair perfectly for tonight's big game. firsit is "today" on nbc.t
8:46 am
politicians playing gameston while south jersey gets short changed? then vote fran grenier. think it's time we had a regular guy, not a lifelong politician? that's fran grenier. looking for a fighter to take on the tax hikes and job killing regulations? elect fran grenier. want a leader who'll actually stand up for south jersey schools and communities? if you answered yes to any of these questions, there's only one way: fran grenier.
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today, food loves football. hours away new england patriots hosting kansas city chiefs on nbc. we've got a couple of talented chefs representing both teams. meghan day is the pit master and owner of barbecue in kansas city. jason santos, executive chef of new boston restaurant buttermilk and bourbon. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. how are you? >> let's start with what you're making. kansas city barbecue, best in the world. >> we're the barbecue capital of the world. i brought that to you today. flavor smoked. that's how we use spice. starting with baby back ribs. >> take the meat off. >> have a little nibble. that's the best part. take that knife and cut that bone out, you don't need bones because you want meat. i'm going to take it up a notch because we're going to add some garlic and butter. the recipe is online. i want to make sure that's softened butter with that garlic all spread in there. >> what are you doing with that?
8:49 am
>> what i'm going to do is make this into a kansas city ribwich. slather up beautiful french bread with garlic butter. then add provolone cheese. if you'll do that for me, matt. yeah. kansas city has a love affair with our provolone cheese. then we take that meat. >> put that meat under the broiler. >> couple of minutes to make it nice and ooey and gooey and then you take the meat. >> watch this, guys. watch this here. >> you just make a beautiful sandwich. look at that. the best part is -- >> onion rings right on top. >> onion rings and drizzle it with sauce. >> look at this. get a shot of that. then you've got to have pickles. kansas city pickles, it's a palette cleanser. >> size matters, you want those
8:50 am
big ribs on that big sandwich. enjoy. >> as we leave the '80s and come over to present day. >> chicken wings, lemon pepper, herbs. wings fully cooked, makes it very, very tender. a little assurance you're not going to have raw chicken. buttermilk and hot sauce. makes it tender, let that soak minimum like an hour. then we move to my favorite things. corn meal, massa, herbs, chili flakes, salt, garlic powder. >> more flavor, more spice. >> totally, totally. then we have the chicken sitting in the buttermilk one hour, really tender and delicious. we mix that all in. so simple, so good. perfect for game day. this is the greatest chicken of all time. in there, cook them nice. over here, this amazing salad.
8:51 am
garlic, parsley, peperoncini, roasted peppers, lightens up the chicken dish, adds a ton of flavor, lightens it up. >> guys, what do you say? >> so good. so tender. >> the baked beans. can we talk about the baked beans, those were delicious, too. >> kansas city pit beans. add a little strae meat. >> boston. >> some good corn over here, too. >> the greatest football season of all time. >> the best? >> this game is going to be tight, as delicious as the foods are. >> the ribs. >> i love the use of all the red in the chips for kansas city. >> already know the super bowl this year. >> thank you very much. we'll have the recipes on our website, you can watch the game tonight right here on nbc. this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
smucker's celebrates today is sponsored by smucker's. with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. >> sunday is national grandparents day. we're kicking things off early by celebrating grandparents marking milestones this month. let's get to it. lisa's grandma. she brat celebrated her 97th birthday. still goes out dancing. that's great to see. here is wendy's grandparents celebrating 50th wedding anniversary this week. happy anniversary. that's a great milestone there. kathy's 85-year-old grandma went skydiving. 85, skydiving. great milestone as well. keep those photos coming guys. >> carson, thank you very much. >> nice. >> what have you got coming up? >> we have got mr. ricky schroeder, who is going to be co-hosting our 9:00 hour, which is exciting. we have a star-studded lineup,
8:55 am
mr. james franco with a great new series called "the deuce." vivica a. fox will be joining us. >> she's a palace. >> how was that football food? >> delicious. >> peppers were hot. >> beans were delicious. >> l
8:56 am
nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning. i'm katy zachry. let's get first to meteorologist erika martin. >> so conditions right now in the tropics are definitely dire. we're still tracking hurricane irma. still a category 5 with winds at 180 miles per hour. just north of the dominican
8:57 am
republic and haiti, but we're tracking when it's going to make landfall here in the united states, and florida. coming up at 11:00, more updates on that and what to expect for your upcoming weekend. let's get a check on the roads with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> an accident scene on the right-hand shoulder of the southbound side near route 320. traffic is moving by. a little slow but still moving. that's the good thing there. also watching route 30 around 295. this is 295 here. southbound delay here approaching maybe if you're headed towards philadelphia or the 42 freeway. route 30 looks good, too, but some delays on the southbound side. we are continuing to follow breaking news in philadelphia's holmesburg neighborhood. that's where a construction worker was hit by a bulldozer earlier this morning and the last half hour we've learned that person has died. it happened on penny pack street just before 6:30 this morning. the only information we have on the victim is that he is a man and he was 59 years old.
8:58 am
new jersey governor chris christie will be in camden today as a major manufacturing campus gets a new name. the holtec technology campus will be known as the krishna p. singh. dr. singh is the founder and current ceo. the annual roar to the shore takes over wildwood new jersey. wildwood is the best location because of its proximity to other major cities. that means bikers can ride their motorcycles to the festival.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on today's take, get ready for never have i ever with ricky schroeder, celebrity co-host. vivica fox revealing secrets from the set of her movie. a double dose of james franco. a sneak peek of his new series "the deuce" coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is todsed t ed ttoday's ta september 7th, 2017. this is last chance by cascade and project 46. i don't know what happened to the other 45 projects but this one turned out pretty good. >> didn't pan out so well. >> this one good. we're so thrilled to have ricky schroeder as our co-host.
9:01 am
>> good morning. thank you for having me. i'm excited to be here. >> you've never done anything like this before? >> i've always gotten the questions, never given the questions. this should be interesting. >> commenting on your beard. you asked slg for -- is this for a role. >> i've decided i'm not going to shave until i get a job. this isn't a job, i don't get paid. >> we don't pay them? >> there's a contest i see. >> word has gotten out. >> scraping the bottom of the barrel. here i am. >> you're not the bottom of the barrel, trust me. you're working on a bunch of different things. we'll get to that in a little bit. we want to talk a little about hurricane harvey causing so much trouble. now we've got irma, which is just a beast. it wiped out the island of barbuda. they say 95% of the buildings
9:02 am
have been damaged there. >> like a one-two punch these hurricanes. >> harvey and irma, fema running out of money. >> that's scary. you need that help after something this big. >> fema is such a life line. this thing could be the strongest landfall in florida since andrew 25 years ago, which is crazy. evacuation orders going out. if you know somebody who lives in florida who could be affected by irma, it's a tough, tough thi thing. gas lines. they say 30% of gas lines in the miami-dade area are out. >> which on the one hand it's scary to think places out of gas, shelves don't have water on them anymore. that hopefully means everybody there has taken in all those resources so they are good to go. >> they are preparing. >> hunker down. >> if they haven't evacuated. like the western part of the state, i have family that lives around tampa. they are going to stay put but they have their supplies. >> depending on which way the storm goes, if it goes up the center of florida, both coasts
9:03 am
could be looking at a storm surge and really strong winds. so that could be really, really tough. >> what is your gut saying on the track? do you think it will ride the east coast or offshore. >> i think it's going to stay a little west of miami, which would not be great for the east coast of florida. even if it does, then, of course, we've got georgia, south carolina in play. we're both heading down to florida right after the program. you experienced a hurricane here in new york when you were a kid? >> yeah. back in the '70s, i believe it was a hurricane. but i know i was a little boy living in staten island. i remember the winds howling and the house shaking and being really scared. it's really scary for a child to go through a storm like that. i think as adults we forget, from a kid's perspective how big it is. i thought maybe the world was
9:04 am
ending, that kind of storm. >> you don't grasp exactly what is happening in your world. >> it's traumatic in your world for a little kid. >> you see your parents may be panicking, freaking out. >> my mom is a panicer, too. in the car white nuclear ling, not just hurricane. >> my dad is the opposite. he's more like laughs through a situation so we all laugh so we don't know anything is wrong. >> that's great. >> makes us all feel deranged. >> people look overseeing this family laughing hysterically, maniacally, in the middle of the storm. >> basically. >> we're going to keep an eye on this they think, bring you details. meantime we want to bring you something to helpfully lighten the mood. our pal ellen degeneres played one of our favorite games with never have i ever. this time with reese witherspoon and pink. let's find out what we can learn about the three of them.
9:05 am
>> received or given a lap dance to a stranger. >> a stranger. >> yeah. >> of course you have. that's like your thing. >> no, i've received. i've never given one. >> received. >> oh. >> received. >> who did you receive a lap dance from? >> i don't know them. i still don't know them. i never got to know them. >> mine was channing tatum. i know. that's a good person to get a lap dance from. >> where do you sign up for that? >> you host a talk show. >> exactly, ellen, that's why we have our never have i ever little things. we're going to play with ricky. here we go. never have i ever faked an injury to get out of something. >> i don't know. i don't think so. >> you don't know?
9:06 am
>> i don't think so. >> that was an odd one. >> i faked an injury for attention once but that's not to get outside of something. that's different. >> that's to get into something. for sympathy. >> i don't even need these glasses. i just do it. >> knee surgery. >> i actually look like denzel washington. i have makeup people do this to me just for attention. >> sympathy. >> for sympathy. for pity. never have i ever gotten a tattoo i regret. >> i don't have any tattoos. >> you do? >> well, i have a tattoo. i have two tattoos. one is a turtle, and it was a really ugly turtle, but i didn't want to insult the tattoo artist, so i let them do the turtle. >> like a tortoise. >> like a cooper trooper. red eyes, long neck. wasn't the happy little turtle i was looking for. >> did you see this after he did it? >> no, i saw it.
9:07 am
i was like, no, it's good, it's good. a couple years later i got a bigger turtle over the other turtle to hide the other one that was so bad. the second turtle i don't love, but i also didn't want to offend the tattoo artist. >> you've got to come out of your shell. >> i'm trying to put them in the shells. i need a bigger turtle to go over the other two turtles. >> never have i ever made a prank phone call. yes. >> we've all done that. >> when i was a kid. >> i did one a couple weeks ago. i love the prank phone call. never have i ever snooped through a friend's bathroom or bedroom without them nothing? >> i have no interest. >> are you a medicine cabinet kind of guy? do you find anything interesting? >> not really, but it's kind of curious. >> i've gone through people's
9:08 am
frigs. >> you're just hungry. >> exactly. never have i ever dined and dashed. >> dined and dashed. no. >> i would feel to guilty. >> never have i ever pressed send and immediately regretted it. >> i have. >> yeah. >> like you send a text to the wrong person about that person. >> just joking. >> kidding. >> never have i ever snuck into a movie. >> i have. >> i have. >> i have. >> when i was a kid. >> throw a bunch of people in the trunk. it was part of the game. >> back door of the movie theater. >> you wouldn't go to the movie and leave the car parked somewhere. >> no, i went to the movie. it was with a girl i wanted to see it with. >> do tell. >> meantime ricky alluded to this earlier. we love to play games and we love for you to play with us. here is an peasing opportunity to take a seat on our set. it's our today's take a seat
9:09 am
contest. >> do we come up with the names first? because that's such a great name. let's have someone -- >> take take seat. >> our producers come up with names, and then we build the seg men's to go after. we're bringing -- our producer adam, who is actually doing double duty. he's also doing the kathie lee and hoda hour. >> that's right. double duty. >> so you're getting two checks. >> that would be nice. starting drinking a little earlier in the morning. >> at least he's paid to be here. >> did al makes the best iced coffee. >> go to and write about what you think you can bring to the program. include a video of what we can expect you to say as our co-host. >> wardrobe is not an issue. >> it is humbling to be in the presence. i'm a pushing midlife mom. >> we're not listening to you, just watching you. especially effects.
9:10 am
that's very impressive. very nice. >> "today" with computer stuff you can do that. you've got until tuesday to let us know. >> the robe. >> animal husbandry. >> a morning show. >> continuing in our contest mode, who wants to win a big prize? >> i do. >> you can't. you're working here. kind of working. you're not getting paid. >> we have our giveaway every day coming up right after this. day coming up right after this. wait until you ♪ ♪ be a powerful force. nature valley
9:11 am
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9:15 am
beard. how long? will you get a letterman type beard? >> why not. see how long it goes. >> cool. you should post a picture every day. >> once a week. >> you do wear it well, the hair and beard, it all goes together. >> thank you. thank you. a lot of people don't like it. >> really? >> they don't recognize you, don't know who you are. i really enjoy it. >> i think it looks great. >> thank you. >> day three of our giveaway every day sweepstakes, for those of you who missed this, give three viewers a surprise every day for the month. so today's prize is great for throw-back thursday. here is your drum roll. now you've got pictures and you can print them out on this hp envy printer. >> nice. >> it let's you print out photos, homework, even crafts. the printer actually printed out dylan's first day of school
9:16 am
picture way back when. >> remember that throw-back thursday picture i posted yesterday? it's printing now. >> if you want to print your photos. >> which is ironic, i took a picture of a printed out picture and now we're printing that picture. i could have just brought in the picture. >> right. >> get it? >> yeah, i got it. okay. >> yes. but we're giving away a printer. >> yes, we are. if you want a shot of it, go to our facebook page,'s take to find out how to enter. >> you've got a boy. you've got a girl. >> two boys and two girls. >> i've got two girls. this is cool. one dad's facebook palg going viral titled "rules for dating my daughter" jay warren welch raising five girls. this is what he's written to future suitors. you'll have to ask them what the rules are. he goes on to say he's not raising his daughter to be women
9:17 am
who need their dad to scare off potential suitors. >> they can choose the suitor. >> he says you'll respect them. if you don't, i promise they will put you back in your place. >> what's your take, dad of daughters. >> courtney, my oldest daughter, there are some guys i thought, oh, gosh. sure enough they fell by the wayside, which was great. >> to be honest with you, i wish they would include me more in the process of choosing the boys, but they really don't want my perspective or advice. i kind of try to stay out of it. it's really scary, al, because guys can be slippery. >> we're guys. >> we're guys. >> we know what guys are thinking. >> a little manipulative. girls can -- i'm scared to death for my girls, honestly. i think it will take them time. i think they will weed out the chaff from -- whatever the saying is. >> wheat from the chaff. >> wheat from the chaff. but it takes time.
9:18 am
the process of it taking time until they get rid of that guy, it eats you up inside. >> do you let them know how you feel? >> absolutely. >> i don't think you even have to let them know. >> they know. >> they know. >> i feel like as a girl there's that period between like 16 and you know early 20s where your brain is not thinking clearly. because i look back at old relationships -- >> what was your dad like with you? >> my dad was very -- he used to be a very large man, he's recently lost a lot of weight or lost weight a few years ago, so he was intimidating. he had slick back black huayra big man. >> looked like a biker. >> yes. he had a harley. he was a big, mechanic, buehrle man. people were naturally scared of him. but i knew when my dad didn't like someone. i pulled that thing once where i was like, daddy, i love him. you're ruining my life. okay. >> you know what's tough, i've said to my daughter before, who is 20, i want you to date a lot.
9:19 am
i want you to see what's out there. i want you to see what things you like about certain guys or others. do i really want her to date a lot? no. i want her to find the guy. >> you have to say that. of course you do. here is something to keep your mind off that. music to pump you up for exercise. music can boost create it. according to study of public library of science. i didn't know there's a public library of science. >> there's a public library for everything. >> listening to happy music can get your creative juices flowing. do you like happy music? >> i like all music. i love big heavy metal balance adds. >> i don't like. >> rock and roll, country music, love songs, songs that make you cry. that's how i get creative. i drive and i listen to music and i think about whether or not i want to think about as far as whatever project i'm working owned and then i did back and execute. if i think in the moment i can't
9:20 am
execute. >> speaking of projects, what are you working on? >> very excited. one called "volunteers" a two-part series about syrian war. a friend of mine went over there for six months and came back with some of the most amazing footage doing medical missions. that's the guy i was describing. he was a friend of mine in afghanistan with me when we made "the fighting season." he came back with six months of incredible footage i cut together. it comes out this veterans day. the other project, a true story about a navy s.e.a.l. who swam the entire length of the mississippi river. >> that's amazing. >> 2,550 miles, took him 181 days. >> why did he do that? >> he came home from the wars and he wasn't quite himself. he needed to reconnect with himself. he reconnected with himself and america by swimming through the mississippi. >> that's amazing. >> so cool. >> great stuff. we'll be looking forward to that. >> thank you. >> coming up next --
9:21 am
>> what does the fox say? >> oh, my gosh. >> a different fox, though. she's going to talk about her movie. >> i get it. >> i love when al laughs at my jokes. the movie is true to the game. we're going to talk buy one take one is back starting at $12.99 at olive garden. come in for a fan favorite like smoked mozzarella chicken here and leave with a great meal too. buy one take one. hurry in, it's only for a limited time. at olive garden.
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and it's completely free for everyone. it's free for everyone? do hawks use the stars to navigate? i don't know. aw, i thought you did. i don't know either. either way it's free for everyone. cool. what's in your wallet? she's appeared in dozens of films and shows over her 30-year career from her breakout role as will smith's love interest in the blockbuster film "independence day" to facing off against uma thurman in the "kill bill" franchise. >> more recently you may have seen vivica fox join the cast of empire playing cookie's sister. >> playing shug, money manager for a drug kingpin.
9:26 am
good morning. >> good morning. >> you're a busy woman. >> a busy and blessed time for me now. it is. >> how do you keep up with it all. >> i have an excellent team, publicist, b.j. coleman, my agent, my business partner let, a richardson, my assistant i've had 20 years. i keep my team nice and tight. >> it's almost like an award speech. >> if you have a team of good people that understand the goal and projects we're going to do, it works out. >> and you're an incredible athlete. >> yes, i did. >> you have the stamina. >> i played basketball, volleyball, track and i was a cheerleader. so i could do a backhand spring and then shoot a jump shot. >> and act at the same time. >> and act at the same time. and deliver a smile. >> so we've got -- before we play, set us up a little bit. give us a little about that. >> true to the game, i play the
9:27 am
character shug, who is basically the track queen, who makes sure she keeps things tight and right for quad ir. he's got a little something something about gina, our female lead, erica peeples. needless to say i tell him to be careful but know this ain't her first time at the rodeo. >> let's take a look how that rodeo goes. >> shoot, when i was a baby, she was the one that introduced me into the streets. that was before she found god and got saved. what you asking about her for? she's long in the tooth. >> her granddaughter, gina. >> little gina? she got you feeling some kind of way. >> i met her, read her blog. she's a writer. >> you can write that one off. >> now you're talking. you've got to say something that makes sense. >> you're in the wrong line of business, baby. >> how much fun is it playing these -- between something like
9:28 am
this, cookie's sister empire, you get to stretch your chops. >> i love acting. for a little while i started doing other things, doing stage and stuff. it's good to come back to movies and excellent tv shows. playing characters that are different than what i played in the past. shug was so fun for me because i got to experiment with different hair colors, red one scene, blond another scene. it was fun to escape and play the gangster roles. i played conservative, lawyer, detective, mom. to be a track queen was real fun. >> you're also producing stage version of the film "two can play at that game." why did you decide to do that? >> i like versatility. i think versatility has equaled the key to longevity for my career, to do tv, movie, stage, and also to get a producer credit. the fact that i could take my movie "true to her game" and
9:29 am
take it to the stage, i'm going to be playing with columbus again and let people in person see me. >> we love to play games. what does the fox say? so we've got some questions here. >> okay. >> we're hoping you would answer for us. >> at random. >> boom. >> okay. this question says. >> that's small. >> thank god i got my lasik eye surgery. if you can have a strong role in anyone's biopic, who would it be? for me it would be the whitney houston story. because i just adore whitney. i believe it needs to be on the big screen. i'm also going to be in her bobbi kristina coming up october 1. if i could star in any biopic, it would be whitney houston but i love her and she's my girl. >> she was golden. >> magic. absolutely. >> another one.
9:30 am
if you west nile a successful actress, what would you be doing? i would be a sportscaster. i played sports. i wake up every day to espn. >> studio? >> both. i wouldn't mind being in the field and seeing them boys. >> hey now, hello. >> okay. all right. you just starred as a cheer goddess. you told produces you were cheerleader in high school. quick, give us your best did cheer. >> herky until you hurt them. >> backhand spring. >> no. >> vivica, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. thank you guys. always good to see you. >> in theaters tomorrow. coming up next, james franco takes on four different roles for one new show called "the
9:31 am
deuce." deuce." it's getting a ♪ ah the moon belongs to everyone ♪ ♪ the best things in life they're free ♪ deuce." it's getting a ♪ stars belong to everyone ♪ ♪ they cling there for you and for me ♪ ♪ flowers in spring ♪ the robins that sing ♪ the sunbeams that shine ♪ they're yours and their mine ♪ love can come to everyone ♪ the best things in life they're free ♪ ♪ but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. when you switch to progressive. winds stirring. too treacherous for a selfie. [ camera shutter clicks ] sure, i've taken discounts to new heights
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9:35 am
it's the new hbo series that's already got people talking. it's called "the deuce." it's set "new york times" square in the '70s when pornography and prostitution went from back alley commodity to an institution. >> he plays twin brothers frankie mart no, one a bartender and life in brooklyn, the other in the mob with piling debts. >> james franco, good to see you. >> thanks. >> this show, i'm old enough to remember new york in those days. i went to high school not too far from there. what's it like creating this thing? it really was spot on. >> obviously we're talking like we can't go down to 42nd street
9:36 am
and shoot there now. it's just a completely different place. maybe you can tell us. you look at those old scorsese movies, taxi driver and stuff, he'll go down 42nd street an it's like markquise after marquee. we had to shoot up town. it was incredible how they made everything over. you tell me. i've been told -- >> i'm like how did they recreate this? i thought maybe you built it on a back lot, it was so accurate. >> one of the nice thing about new york, if you find places there are still old locations and can you still get that flavor. that's the thing. i directed two episodes of the season. and i'm watching all these old scorsese movies, and then i'm just getting so frustrated because i'm realizing, he back
9:37 am
in the day could just put the camera anywhere and it's '70s. here we have to do so much work just to make every frame look correct. >> i'm curious about directing. i have a quick question. when you do a take and you're directing and you're the actor in the scene, do you back and talk to your dp or do video review to see how you liked it? >> that's a whole conversation. there is a lot of actors that direct themselves. but this is that times two because i play twins. so then it was like, it could be the ultimate like mind whatever. so like i talked to bryan cranston about it a lot, where he directed some of the "breaking bad" episodes. as a director you go in, you kind of work everything out. you know what you want out of each scene, right? you work that all out. you talk to your sce cinematographer. by the time you step on as an
9:38 am
actor you know what you want of the scene. as an actor it's an extension of that. actually if you have the right people around you, it's not that hard. you can lean -- the danger everyone thinks about is, oh, he's just going to spend all of his time on his self. ultimate ego stroke. >> you're playing two guys. >> i favor one more than the other. >> back in the old days, there was the line they couldn't cross because it was the same actor playing it. here you guys are crossing it. >> yeah. that's the old -- that's the old style. you'd keep the camera locked off, do one. change the makeup, come and do the other one. and we do actually do some of that. we are on -- it's hbo but you still are on a budget. so when you're doing that as a director, part of that is like, okay, am i going for the full green screen? that's going to cost me a certain amount of money.
9:39 am
that means i get fewer period cars in this scene. that's actually one of the dances you do as a director. yeah. they have all the techniques now. i could make out with myself. i could do anything. >> you went there, james. >> do you really want to? >> michael fassbender, i didn't go there on this one. >> last time i saw you, you had the moustache for this role, i think. >> yeah. >> we've actually got you guys with mustaches. we have a nice little mock-up here. >> this was actually just out of high school. this was when i was in college. >> i need that photo for a reference between the two. >> oh, yeah. oh, my god. >> looks like a caterpillar. >> you look older. >> looks like a caterpillar. >> you look kind of like william ma macy's brother. >> please, turn that off.
9:40 am
>> if you had a mustache, that's a whole other story. anyway, the "the deuce" premiers this sunday on hbo. it is terrific. >> thank you. >> coming up, you loved him as the star of "about a boy" now he's taking on a role about a man who is very well-known. we're going to catch up ♪ ♪ the best way to get together is with a treat
9:41 am
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9:44 am
nicholas hoult shot to stardom as a gawky 12-year-old boy who attaches himself to hugh grant. >> he's grown out of his awkward stage starring in "skins" and epic x man franchise. >> now one of the biggest roles yet j.d. sallinger in the new movie "rebel in the rye." good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> you guys were just talking about how long ago. >> 15 years. >> 15 years. >> has it gone by pretty quickly for you? >> yeah, it's flown by. here i am, very happy. >> was it weird becoming famous at such a young age? >> yes and no. it was like an odd transition at times but not really. i still stayed at school, a normal school until i was 17. kind of it was like living a double life. i was like bruce wayne. i'd occasionally go off and shoot a film and then back to
9:45 am
school and be normal. >> "warm bodies" one of my favorite zombie movies ever. loved you in that movie. if you haven't seen it, he's a zombie, falls in love with a girl, a love story. >> classic "romeo and juliet." i didn't have many lines to learn for that movie, i just grunted. >> you're playing this iconic person in american literature, j.d. sallinger. was that intimidating? >> so intimidating. the more i learned about him, the more i felt i had to do the man justice. it was an incredible script he wrote. he had such an intense but remarkable life. how he came to create his masterpieces is such an incredible story. it was a great one to tell and something that hopefully people will love to see. >> there's not a lot of video of him as a person. so how do you be someone when you can't really see how they
9:46 am
were? >> it's interesting. not like doing an impression, even though he was a real person. you're not trying to imitate a speech pattern or anything like that. you kind of look where they grow up and try to develop an accent around that. i read a lot of his novels alongside reading biography and pieced those together and tried to catch the essence of what he stood for. he was so unrelenting in his quest for truth and dedicated to his art. it's really inspiring. >> you think some of that came from his experiences in the war, world war ii, he didn't have tolerance for people's bs? >> completely. no, completely. he suffered ptsd after the war. that was a huge part of his writing and it goes into it. so all those things were parts of his life i knew nothing about before reading the script and then researching the film. it was very interesting to learn about. >> we actually have a picture of you on the set of mad max knitting. is that what you like to do between takes? >> you know what, i did on that
9:47 am
movie. that was my thing between setups. on that movie i knitted. i kind of pick up different hobbies depending on the movie. this, we believe in the rye, we did three-minute art. we would find famous pieces of art and we'd have three minutes with crayons to try to recreate them. >> really? are you an artist at all? >> no, horrendous. when sarah paulson came in and she walked into the makeup trailer and there was crayon drawings around. she was so confused. she thought there was an overproud parents with drawings and found out. >> thank you so much for being here. "rebel in the rye" in theaters this friday. coming up, a fan, a favorite on "game of thrones." now headed to the big screen alongside colin firth and julianne moore. julianne moore. the scoop on tha♪
9:48 am
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9:51 am
with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we could see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident every day. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. screen. i haven't gotten to this episode yet on "game of thrones," one of the biggest shows on television. >> if you're i don't know of the three people who didn't watch "game of thrones" you might know him as javier pena in "narcos." >> now starring in the new movie
9:52 am
"kingsmen the golden circle" alongside julianne moore, halle berry, colin firth and sir elton john. pedro, thank you for being here. >> you're in some of the coolest productions ever. >> i feel busy. i feel suddenly tired. >> go for it. >> do you pinch your self? you are in arguably three of the best vehicles right now. everybody loves "narcos," "game of thrones" is about as big as it gets on television. >> it is. >> and you are in what we think is one of the greatest franchises going, "kingsmen." >> kingsmen was very surreal. i was with this cast, halle berry, channing tatum, colin firth from the first movie. >> thank you for doing that. >> our audio guy came in and adjusted his audio. >> i'm doing my most important
9:53 am
work. it's important you hear me. so julianne moore. let's start at the beginning of the list. so we have channing tatum, halle berry, julianne moore. for a few days i was sitting next to one of my favorite actors of all time jeff bridges. i can give this away as a spoiler. actually none of the characters know i'm sitting at this large table during a meeting but i actually had to sit there gladly next to jeff bridges for like two or three days. i didn't have any lines. he had his whole thing. and i just got to sit there and stare at him. >> in a creepy way? >> i'm sure he thought it was creepy. i'll stare as you the same way, you tell me if it's creepy. >> i like it. >> you like it? >> yeah. >> we have a little video, from your twitter. >> you will actually be the very first people to see this. >> yes. >> take a look.
9:54 am
>> how do i turn it on. >> tap it. >> how do you turn this around? you should be able to. >> both of us don't know how to use iphone 7s. >> so i guess you're waiting for the 8. >> what happens afterwards, which is much too long for the show, he figures out how to use my phone and takes it from me and makes sort of an art film, back stage with conan. he's following us all around. he finds the fan above us and starts to spin around with the fan and hand it back to me. he's the dude. >> you'll never delete that video. >> i will never delete the video. >> where you're from is one of the most beautiful places in the world, chile. >> have you been? >> i went there a few months ago. i rent add van and drove three weeks from the middle of it. >> anxious it takes. >> you look like you rent add van in chile. >> i saw penguins in chile. have you explored your own country? >> i have. my father and two little
9:55 am
brothers live in chile. i was born there but came here young. that's why my brothers and sisters and i grew up in the states. they went back and i was too gringo to go back. i go back every year. i was just there. we've gone to the south, we've gone to the north. it's the flagpole of north america. it's three very different climates, which changes the region drastically. it's like three different planets. amazing, spectacular. >> the people are wonderful. >> catch up on "game of thrones," "narcos." >> let's talk about "narcos." >> "narcos" fourth season. >> third season. it's amazing. the cartel much more exciting than pablo escobar. i apologize to the escobar fans. i'm so proud of season 3.
9:56 am
>> kingsman hits theaters the 22nd. mark your calendars. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:57 am
9:58 am
>> we want to thank ricky schroder. >> thank you for having me. i had fun. >> i like this. >> he's not going to shave until another gig. >> we have country singer dustin whoooo.
9:59 am
looking for a hotel that fits... ...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over... ...200 sites to find you the... ...hotel you want at the lowest price. grazi, gino! find a price that fits. tripadvisor.
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today on thirsty thursday, game on, we're serving up court-side cocktails and a whole lot of fun at the u.s. open. and ambush makeovers two lucky ladies get glammed up for their big reveal. and a smalltown boy in the big city, dustin lynch performs live. ♪ welcome to the happiest day of your life. >> this is the best show in the world! >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> how do we do it day after day? >> we just like watching that. >> we don't know how we do it day after day. but we're so glad that you join us every day and this is thirsty


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