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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  September 15, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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between new jersey and southern new england. of course we'll be tracking that for you. download the free nbc10 app for updates. weekend highs, lots of 80s. we could see isolated thunderstorms for the second half of saturday. not a bad weekend. jessica? we're starting on the roosevelt boulevard, cameras at 17th. looking good. northbound and southbound, especially southbound toward the schuylkill expressway, not dealing with any major problems. speaking of the schuylkill, the expressway, watch for construction eastbound and westbound between the p.a. turnpike. 11 minutes from the westbound side with speeds into the 60s from the vine to the blue route. i'll end with the crash, upper moreland at overlook avenue and endinghill road. >> thanks. to breaking news. bullets fly right through the front door of a house leaving two friends hurt. a 3-year-old child was inside when the shooting unfolded in
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philadelphia's kingsessing neighborhood. we have more from penn presbyterian hospital. matt? >> reporter: police say the women are lucky, that had they opened their front door, their injuries could have been much worse. this happened a little before 2:00 this morning on the 5400 block of hadfield street. there was a loud bang at the  door. one of the women walked to the peephole to see what was going on, and that is when the gunfire started. a 40-year-old woman was shot in the abdomen, her 36-year-old friend was shy in the thigh. at least -- was shot in the thigh. at least ten shots went through the door hitting furniture, walls, and a ceiling. there was a 3-year-old inside. she was not injured. both of the women are in stable condition. their injuries are not believed to be life threatening. the only description of the shooter is it's a man with a
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mask. live outside penn presbyterian, nbc10 news. >> thanks. the pennsylvania budget battle faces an important deadline. the governor and lawmakers are racing against the clock to reach a deal before the state runs out of money to pay its bills. today governor tom wolf's office will release details on the funding deficit. one outstanding bill involves a $2 million medicaid payment to insurance providers. the democratic governor opposes the funding package that was passed by house republicans. the senate has not voted on it yet. lawmakers have worked since july to close the state's $2.2 billion budget gap. three women are facing prostitution charges this morning after philadelphia police busted a massage partor in rittenhouse square. nbc10 was the only station there as police made the arrests and shut down the business. the bust came after neighbors complained about large groups of men ringing the doorbell here day and night. one neighbor who did not want to
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show her face on television tells us she complained to police for nearly a year. >> 8:00 a.m. in the morning, 3:00 in the morning, 5:00 in the even, a prostitution house. it's a safety concern. i'm going to try to put everyone in my neighborhood in the best environment that i can. >> police say it's not the first time they've made prostitution arrests at this location. nbc10 checked the state board of massage therapy and did not find a massage license for the business here. in bucks county now, route 653 remains closed as police investigate a three-car crash in milford township. police tell nbc10 two people had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter. we are working with investigators on the scene to find out what caused the crash. new details continue to emerge in the death of a freshman lacrosse player at lafayette college. sources tell nbc10 that police have begun interviewing students who attended a party with mccray williams on saturday. we've also learned a number of players from the lacrosse team
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were at the party and that williams left with a young woman. an autopsy shows the 19-year-old died from blunt force head injuries. investigators have not said what caused the injuries. now to continuing coverage of a murder on the main line. derek rollins will return to court in two weeks during which time he'll look for a private attorney. yesterday the suspect appeared before a delaware county judge, three weeks after being found in georgia. rollins is accused of shooting and killing john lee in haverford township in july. police said the murder appeared to be a random act. investigators say rollins fired shots at two people in philadelphia's overbrook section. and that happened just hours before the killing. we'll continue to watch the story. in other news, a 91-year-old woman is in critical condition after a u.p.s. truck driver hit her in center city. the accident happened near 8th and walnut yesterday. medics rushed the victim to the hospital. the u.p.s. driver did stay on the scene. philadelphia police are
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investigating. no charges have been filed in the case. today friends, family, and those who appreciate the perseverance of edith windsor will pay their final respects. windsor's public funeral will be in manhattan this afternoon. the gay rights icon was a philadelphia native. she moved to new york in the 1950s. her supreme court case that struck down critical parts of the u.s. marriage law paved the path toward legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide. she said she never intended to be an activist. 4:05. a memorial in national drew hundreds of mourners for country music star try gentry. ♪ family, friends, fans, and femme oh musicians packed the grand ole opry to remember gentry, from the duo montgomery gentry. he died in a helicopter crash in medford, burlington county. >> what i wanted to say more than anything is how much i
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admired watching troy and eddie when they would hit this stage. whether it was here or the ryman. and how many people you could tell came just to see them. >> the popular group, little big town, also performed at the memorial. the ntsb says engine problems caused the helicopter crash that killed gentry. the pilot who was killed reported problems shortly after takeoff. in philadelphia, a rowdy greeting for members of the city council returning to work. [ shouting ] as you can hear, activists from the group called philly for real justice protested and interrupted the public comments portion of the meeting yesterday. the organization says it wants police reform and a better relationship between african-american communities in the city and law enforcement. before the city council meeting the group gathered at the frank rizzo statue across the street from city hall. they marched then into council chambers. the sheriff's office says that
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officers cited five people for disorderly conduct. the philadelphia school reform commission got an earful last night from parents. it's only the first meeting of the new school year. take a listen. [ chants ] >> they're saying "tick, tick, tick." members of the our city, our schools coalition said time is running out and called on the src to disband and hand control over to city schools. the state controlled commission can vote to dissolve itself, but it would take a full year to phrase that out. today, school superintendent william hite will head up a high school fair at the pennsylvania convention center. he spoke at yesterday's kickoff event. the two-day fair will give parents the chance to connect with more than 100 public/private, charter, and catholic high schools across philadelphia. new images from key west, florida, show more of the
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devastating power of hurricane irma. the sunshine key rv park shows damage. dozens of trailers were damaged or destroyed when the public work passed directly over the island. fema estimates nearly a quarter of the homes in the keys have been destroyed. thanks to hurricanes irma and harvey, new jersey homeowners could end up forking over more money to insure their houses. homeowners have seen flood insurance rates increase since superstorm sandy five years ago. one insurance expert says homeowners who don't put their houses on facilities could see rate hikes between 15% and 25% in the long term. >> i think these storms put pressure on everyone to elevate their homes and have volumes that are going to be safe from future flood damage. >> many homeowners saw deductibles for wind damage go up. the trend could continue for folks along the coast and inland, as well. almost 4:10 on your friday. cool for some, but comfortable
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overall for people. >> yeah. it is starting to feel more like summer once the sun comes up. meteorologist erika martin has more. >> here's the deal, fall is just a week away. september 22nd, first day of fall. still feels like summer. we will take it. now we were talking about irma. now we're tracking jose. currently a tropical storm. it looks like models are now pushing it, trending it toward the -- toward landfall. we're tracking this for you closely. you'll have to follow us on social media. there's a lot going on. we'll do facebook live, talk about why the position of there and the track has changed over the past couple of days. notice it does parallel the eastern seaboard. i'd say just off the coast of the carolinas. and then into the mid-atlantic. beyond that, it looks like it will make landfall between new jersey and southern new england. we'll be keeping you updated on that. now locally, conditions are pretty nice. in fact, sunrise at 6:42 a.m. we have a lot of sunshine today. current temperature in and
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around the philly metro area, 72 from port richmond, bustleton, 65. chestnut hill, 64. society hill currently at 70 degrees. south and east of philadelphia, lots of upper 60s and low 70s. summer's point at 70. cape may courthouse, 68. dennis township, current temperature 67. north and west of philadelphia, 62 for lenardsville, blandon, 60. currently low 60s. nazareth, current temperature along with easton, 63 degrees. let's look at what we have going on. this is remnants of irma. upper level low across the atmosphere over connecticut. what it's doing is it's bringing us colder air as it slides on in. even though the day is going to be nice. lots of sunshine. a lot of daytime heating. temperatures climbing into the low to mid 80s. it's the cold pool of air that will trigger isolated thunderstorms, especially likely for parts of the lehigh valley.
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keep the umbrellas handy because i think we will get rain showers and isolated thunderstorms later this evening. for most part, a pretty nice day. locally, we can see clouds building for parts of lehigh valley and berks county. coming up, the out-the-door forecast, neighborhood planner, and what to expect as far as the temperatures go for the upcoming weekend. back to you. >> thank you very much. 44. -- 4:10. i peeked at the traffic. so far so good, we're ahead of the game to be seeing a lot of volume or delay. the schuylkill expressway around montgomery drive, looking good. eastbound, westbound 12 minutes from the blue route to the vine street expressway. average speeds into the 60s. moving on the schuylkill. a crash in upper moreland at overlook around edgehill road. bridges are okay. watch for construction. alternating single lanes of traffic in either direction over
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the burlington bristol bridge. that's going to be scheduled until 5:00. i'll watch that for you. other than that, brings are clear. the walt whitman bridge and ben are clear into philly. back to you. >> thanks. sick of the smell. a neighborhood is demanding action to get rid of an odor. can't take it anymore. >> where they say the smell is coming from, and worse -- why it's forcing their kids to stay inside. ninjas on the raun. a pair in a bizarre disguise breaks into an apartment building. what they did next turns dangerous. and new problems the victims of the equifax data breach are running into. xñósoñ?ñ?@ñ?ñ?ñ?
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police in north jersey are looking for arsonist dressed like ninjas. the man and woman were dress head to toe in black as they walked into the apartment in newark. they set fires, then walked out of the building. the sprinkler system quickly distinguished the fires. nobody was horde. neighbors in the holmesberg community are sick and tired of fumes coming from a nearby company. >> the neighbors say the stench is coming from britton industries, a company that makes and supplies mulch. a group of homeowners plans to protest near the company to further raise their concerns. one woman tells us the smell is so bad her grandchildren refuse to go outside and play in a park, and sometimes she can't even sit on her porch. >> she'll stay in the yard or go to a friend's house.
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we basically stay in the central air all summer. >> reporter: what does it smell like to you? >> a nice word, poop. >> a philadelphia department of public health spokesperson said they're working with britain industries to correct two separate odor problems. the city council has met with executives. the company is in guidelines with local, state, and federal guidelines. the homeowners say they will continue protesting until the smell is snow longer a problem. -- smell is no longer a problem. part of the natural gas pipeline will be built in new jersey's pinelands. it will run through burlington, ocean, and monmouth counties. this year, environmental groups challenged the project claiming it could destroy environmentally sensitive land and threaten communities. happening today, an announcement about preserving history in chester county. a national initiative on preserving revolutionary wars says it scored a victory for
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preserving the brandywine battlefield. two representatives will be on hands to mark the announcement. this month marks 240 years since the battle of brandywine. some historians say it was the largest engagement in the revolutionary war. let's head to philadelphia. as you see, fireflies lit up the ben franklin parkway last night. >> a nice scene. not exactly fireflies. they had the right idea. these drivers decorated their petty cabs with special lights. the idea comes from chinese lantern festivals. it's all part of the 100-year birthday celebration of the ben franklin parkway. "fireflies" runs through october 8th. this is why i was delayed getting home last night. traffic backuped for a -- backed up for a while during the rush. >> it was a great night for it. >> good weather. >> yeah. meteorologist erika martin is here with the weather today, the weekend, and next week. >> we have some more nice weather in the forecast for today, ladies.
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we'll take it. we may soon an isolated thunderstorm. current temperature, 70 in center city. northwester here's at five miles per hour. mostly cloudy in philadelphia. a few more clouds north and west and along the jersey shore. i like this icon, lots of sunshine. that's going to be the story for today. we'll climb into the low to mid 80s. plenty of daytime heating for the day. nice temperatures. nice and warm. when you get out of school, you'll enjoy the day. you'll still have more sunshine in the works. we may see a scattered shower, possibly an isolated thunderstorm. i'll time that out for you. jersey shore at 10:00 a.m., 74. 2:00 p.m., 78 degrees. pretty nice day. the hour-by-hour forecast starting at 4:00 a.m. i want you to look in the direction of the clouds or precip or rain moving through the region. starting at 4:00 a.m., we'll pause this after lunchtime. notice how everything is coming from the west/northwest,
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northwest, seeing showers for berks and lehigh valley. mt. pocono, as well, after lunchtime. if you saw the rotation, that's because we have the influence of irma kicking back some moisture and some clouds. i think we'll have enough cold air that could destabilize especially after sunshine throughout the day. that's why i think we will get isolated thunderstorms later this evening. not going to be anything wild. heads up now. here's your weekend high temperatures. friday, low to mid 80s. same deal for saturday and sunday. plenty of sunshine for the entire weekend. we could see showers later on saturday. overall, i do like the trend. coming up, we'll talk about what's tropical storm jose, expected to become a hurricane, category one. it looks like it will make landfall. back to you. >> thanks, erika. 4:19. folks looking forward to the weekend, got to get through the
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morning rush. >> the rush and the vine street expressway which around this time can be backed one construction. jessica boyington has an update. right. open both directions on the vine. we haven't seen that construction project for the last two weeks or so. we were watching a project on the eastbound side around 8th. where we're watching now. this morning, no problems, it's clear. both directions good on the vine. moving through center city, you'll be good. we'll end on the drive time with 422. looks similar, nine minutes now. eastbound from the 29 through the schuylkill expressway. speeds also into the high 50s. >> thanks. rising fees. why staying in a hotel room in philadelphia will now cost you more. and kids addicted. the alarming study that's out this morning that doctors are calling a health crisis. scare on stage. we'll tell you what happened to singer bette midler during a broadway performance, and what she's saying about it. coming up at 5:00, professional lacrosse coming to philadelphia. and you can have a say in naming the team.
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breaking news out of london, the parson green subway stop. police and emergency officials are there. investigators confirm they're looking into an incident there, responding to an incident at the subway or tube station after a report of an explosion along the tube line. services have been cut along that line. there's no word yet on any injuries resulting from this. we are going to stay on top of this breaking news. as soon as we get more details, we will bring them to you on air and on line. 4:23. staying in a philadelphia hotel
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room will cost you more. it's expected to benefit the city. yesterday the city council approved a new room fee that is expected to generate millions of dollars in revenue. as for how much you'll pay, it's an extra $1.50 for a $200 room. this fee takes effect immediately. the battle is heating up between eastern and western pennsylvania. philadelphia and pittsburgh are vying to be the home of amazon's new headquarters. the second north american headquarters of the online retailer will hire up to 50,000 workers. it will also cost at least $5 billion to build and operate. the battle appears to be getting political. >> lawmakers from western pennsylvania sent a letter to governor wolf trying to sway his opinion in favor of pittsburgh. governor wolf appears to be staying neutral and diplomatic in this. in a statement he said, "i'm the governor of pennsylvania. we certainly don't want to get into trying to play favorites within the pennsylvania family." according to,
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pittsburgh isn't even in the top-10 list of possible locations. philadelphia is fourth on the list. in addition to philly, other places in our area that are trying to vie for amazon's second headquarters, state of delaware, the city of camden, atlantic and mercer counties, also expected to make bids. 4:25. new this morning, entertainer bette midler is okay after she took a fall on stage during her hit show "hello dolli." it happened during the performance at the schubert theater. you're looking at file video of the performance. audience members tweeted that midler fell from a moving cincinnati did not stop. -- moving set that did not stop. after a 20-minute break she returned to a standing ovation before finishing the show. afterwards she tweeted, "you may hear i was in a little accident on stage. two set pieces collided. i had to make a run for it." she was okay after that. she says she is fine.
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4:25. on alert. north korea launches another missile as tensions continue to heat up with the u.s. we are now learning an emergency meeting will happen later on today. plus, breaking news. gunfire erupts just outside of a philadelphia row home, sending bullets flying through the front door. two friends are hurt. a 3-year-old girl was inside at the time. we'll have more on what we're learning about the investigation.
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targeting a home. two women shot and a child nearby to witness the gunfire. philadelphia police on the hunt for the shooter. growing tensions. north korea launches another missile. this time south korea is sending a message of its own.
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and freezing your credit. the major roadblock people are facing as they try to protect themselves from the equifax data breach. good morning. this is "nbc10 first look at 4:00." i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm katy zachry. thanks for joining us. erika martin has the friday forecast and all next week. >> i love that, friday forecast. i do. conditions for today with really nice. we overall have a great friday today. we could be tracking showers, isolated thunderstorms the second half of your friday. don't worry about that. here is why. we were the upper level low. moisture getting kicked back into pennsylvania and new jersey. remnants of irma at the upper level as the atmosphere -- at the atmosphere. this will be bringing clouds and moisture, but it will also be bringing us cold air. because we have so much sunshine in the forecast for today, i do think we could see isolated
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thunderstorms triggered later today. locally, satellite and radar image picking up on the clouds. look at the motion. notice the flow across the area, northwest, clouds moving in from northwest to the southeast. so more clouds in the lehigh valley. more clouds for the jersey shore. less in and around the philly metro area. overall, a nice start. sunrise at 6:42 a.m. take advantage of today because we have a lot of sunshine. coming up in a bit, we'll talk more about current temperatures and what to expect for this upcoming weekend. jessica? we're starting on the admiral wilson boulevard. we're approaching the ben franklin bridge through camden, new jersey. the taupe is here. this is the -- the toll plaza is here. this is the traffic from philadelphia to jersey. no problems. a crash on upper morelands at ed edgehill. septa, new jersey transit, amtrak, and patco on or close schedule. >> thanks. breaking news out of london. this is a live look outside the


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