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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  September 15, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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one of the young girls on gillespie street. she said she was outside when she saw the girl crying. philadelphia police say moments earlier a man unzipped his pants in front of that girl. it was one of three attempted lurings that happened over here. we talked to a woman who didn't want to be identified, but she had a lot to say about what happened this morning. >> when she kept saying the man in the black car. i was assuming the person was going to try to take her in the car. i came and put her in my car. i said let's go, i'll take you to your school. >> that woman we spoke to said this attempted luring appears to have happened at the intersection where you see new construction and the school is right around the corner. she believes there were construction workers who had to be outside when this happened. live in frankfurt, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. right now at 6:00, terror in
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london. >> it was ef r chaos, every man for himself. >> a bomb partially explodes on a london survey. dozens hurt. now england on high alert. the city of london has raised the terror threat to critical tonight after today's explosion. >> authorities are labeling this a terrorist attack, and here is what we know right now at 6:00. authorities have identified a suspect and there's an active manhunt to find that person. 29 people were hurt when the improvised device triggered on the subway train happened in london's affluent parson's green neighborhood. everyone hurt in the incident is expected to survive. two u.s. intelligence officials tell nbc news they believe the device may have detonated earlier than intended because it didn't fully explode, but flashed and burned. president trump tweeted that the explosion happened at the hand of loser terrorists. he said those responsible were in the sights of british law
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enforcement before the explosion. the british prime minister rebuked the president saying his speculation is unhelpful. new york city is using extra officers and bomb detection dogs on its subways tonight in response to the london explosion. if our area septa says it's in touch with local and state authorities monitoring whether they need to add any security measures that are extra. stay tuned for "nbc nightly news" with lester holt after this newscast. he'll have more on how american authorities are responding now to prevent any similar terror attack here. this terror attack in london comes almost a year to the day after an alleged terrorist set off an explosion at the jersey shore. >> a race was set to begin minutes later and had to be canceled. but now that charity run will go on in see side heights ocean county tomorrow. nbc 10's ted greenberg explains how authorities are briefing up security by 200% to keep runners safe tomorrow.
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>> the race begins and ends up here on the boardwalk. but the exact route won't be revealed until tomorrow. one of the many safety measures in place this year. >> the seaside heights boardwalk cleared of trash cans, law enforcement, impossible to miss ahead of tomorrow's semper five marine corps charity run. >> i think that's a good idea, that we see them around. and it's beforehand and not after. >> reporter: the 5k is back after being canceled a year ago. a bomb planted by an alleged terrorist blew up in a trash can along the route minutes before the race began in neighboring seaside park. luckily no one was hurt. >> initially the first reaction when it happened is we didn't want to let them be terrorized. we want to come back bigger and stronger. >> reporter: this time in a bigger community better able to handle about 2,000 runners expected by organizers. >> we threw a whole search net
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over the whole town. >> security much tighter, federal, state, county and local authorities all involved watching from the ground, air and water. >> a huge undertaking for seaside heights. we're not going to take any chances that something is going to happen on our watch. >> we or strong and i think we have to show no defeat. >> reporter: the terror suspect is also charged with planting bombs in north jersey and new york city. seaside gearing up for the race as london reels from today's subway bombing. >> i saw that, but i still believe this is going to be the saepest place to be in new jersey tomorrow. >> britain's prince harry visited seaside heights after hurricane sandy. there was a lot of security for that visit but the police chief says not nearly as much as this. in seaside heights, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. new developments in an alleged case of racial intimidation. >> two students say they found a
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banana hanging outside their dorm room say they helped the school find the culprit. the incident happened monday night in morgan hall. the two students say they confronted the student last night and they said his excuse was he tossed the banana in the air and it landed on the door. >> i just want them to understand what they did wrong. >> do you think they should be punished at all, suspended, anything like that? >> yeah. that was rude. >> the school says it will not tolerate unlawful discrimination or harassment and is investigating, we're told it is the second similar incident at the same dorm this week. >> we have new details on the death of a college student in the lehigh valley and how alcohol played a part in the initial call for help. lafayette college in easton tells nbc 10 someone called campus safety officers last weekend. the caller said 19-year-old mccrae williams needed medical help and he had been drinking. officers found williams unconscious outside his dorm sunday afternoon. he died at the hospital on monday. an autopsy revealed he died from
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bluchbt force head injuries, but still not clear what led to those injuries. residents have been evacuated from an apartment building in holmes burg because of an explosion. authorities believe it was caused by aerosol cans. you can see some of the windows are shattered. the bomb squad is investigating just in case. no one was hurt. it's feeling like summer today even at the pumpkin farm. look at those two cutis right there. n perfect baseball weather for the phillies tonight and more home runs maybe. live look at citizens bank park where the phils play in about an hour. penn's landing, sunny and warm. ahead of a sticky weekend. let's bring in first alert meteorologist tammie souza.
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>> just because fall starts next friday doesn't mean we have to shut summer down. we can keep the party rolling. all this humid air out there will help the baseballs fly a little higher and further. maybe it's a good thing it was sticky out there today. taking a look at doppler radar. right now there's nothing going on in the philadelphia area. we go further to the north and west towards williamsport and you can see we have shower activity. a lot of this is left over from what was irma. you can see it sprinkling through the lehigh valley, berks county, the poconos. some of this may drift into bucks and monroe county. i think the bigger thing tonight will be fog. we may see patchy dense fog. all eyes on the tropics. this is hurricane jose once again. it has not had a steering mechanism until now. there's a huge ridge of high pressure to the north. it's going to cruise along to the northwest and around the edge of that high, it's going to
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be very, very close to the east coast of the united states. we're going to feel the tropical effects of this system even if it's offshore. this is something we have to keep a very close eye on for early next week. the weekend should be delightful. only an isolated sprinkle here and there. generally in the low 80s, 79 along the jersey shore. on sunday much the same. we'll talk more about jose and get into more detail about your weekend forecast when i come back. new from delaware, a man is charged with threatening to shoot a bus driver in the head. newcastle county police arrested the man and charged him with making terrorist threats. the colonial school district bus driver says he pulled his bus over yesterday in the north ride neighborhood to let him pass. the victim says he stopped his car, started yelling and threatened to shoot. >> right now chaos in st. louis after the acquittal of a police officer charged with first degree murder.
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you see police in full protective gear. they say protesters were throwing bottles and other objects at them. former officer jason stockily was accused of shooting 24-year-old anthony smith five times after a high-speed chase back in 2011. prosecutors say stockily planted a gun in smith's car after he shot him. time is up. more than 3,000 people weighed in on the future of the frank rizzo statue before today's deadline. for three weeks the city of philadelphia has solicited feedback online. it comes after rallies and vandalism of the statue demanded its removal. the city is not considering petitions, only feedback submitted through its online and plal-in process. so here are some of the suggestions the city has received so far for what to do with the rizzo statue. some are saying it should be displayed in a museum. another idea, put up another statue of a prominent african-american near the rizzo
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one. other suggestions they received, melt the statue down into trinkets and give them away, or dress the statue up in drag. breaking developments in the massive equifax data breach. the chief information officer and chief security officer are retiring effective immediately. also today, pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro and 32 others attorneys general are calling on equifax to stop charging customers for credit freezes. in a letter to the company they're calling for 24-hour staffing of hotlines. hackers recently stole personal information of as many as 143 million americans for the credit reporting agency. >> pennsylvania is going broke. o today is the first time in state history it missed payments. the state can't pay more than $1.5 billion to medicaid insurers and school districts. governor tom wolf says he'll be making phone calls this weekend
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talking to lawmakers. a threat of a teacher walkout is getting closer to reality in the methacton school district. the union says it has taken pay freezes, has higher-than-average health premiums and worked over time on school consolidation efforts. now they want a raise in pay and lower premiums. both sides are set to meet sunday. if talks break down, classes will be canceled. up next, all new at 6:00, these towels at a football game bringing new hope to temple's campus. how students are using them to fight something much more important than football.
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welcome back. a live look at lincoln financial field where the temple owls kick off in about 4r5 minutes. >> tonight in the stands temple students will be fighting something much more dangerous than a football opponent. >> sexual violence is more than what you think it is. >> this psa video will play on the jumbotron tonight. >> all new at 6:00, nbc 10's aaron basker ville has more on how it's part of a push to end
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sexual violence on temple's campus. >> reporter: they say they see hesitation among classmates when it comes to reporting sexual assaults. sophomore megan staff, one of those on campus who feel any change to ease concerns is welcomed. >> i think there's a lot of backlash with sexual assault victims. it makes them less likely to report it because you don't want to feel like your experience didn't happen. >> the new online system, these reports don't necessarily go straight to investigators though. some victims don't want cops to know. >> there are times when it would go to the police, but we need to kind of evaluate what those situations are, if the person is going to be involved, we need to talk with them, see what their comfort level is. >> this is also sexual assault prevention week on campus. there is a big football game tonight. i'm told there they will hand out 6,000 of these towels to fans who come through the gates.
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also tonight, unveiling a brand new psa at half-time. >> sexual violence is more than what you think it is. >> we got an early look at the new public service announcement set to be unveiled at the game. tyrell barnes is the head of the student body and met with the governor last week surrounding the issue of sex assault on campuses. >> not nearly enough students are engaging in a fight to end rape culture altogether. >> a new system they believe will give new hope to students. at temple, aaron basker ville, nbc 10 news. wanted to tell you about this. 39 dogs from texas hoping to find a better home. they were trotted off this truck today, driven all the way from houston, stranded after hurricane harvey. a team from the brandywine valley spca helped bring these pups here to find their forever homes. folks just come in, we recommend bringing your own
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family pet and your own family members to bring a potential match dog. >> some of the dogs are ready to be adopted tomorrow at the westchester location. turning to first alert weather now, a nice night at the jersey shore as we look live at the beaches in cape may and avalon. but hurricane jose out in the atlantic is creating a rip current risk at the shore tonight. be careful if you're headed out there. >> it's feeling like summer in philadelphia. so much of the summer did not feel like summer. a lot of really rainy and gloomy. a live look at broad street. nice conditions to grab that bite to eat outside. it is possible a passing shower could pop up tonight, but most of us will stay dry all week end. >> first alert meteorologist tammie souza back now with the all-important weekend forecast. >> it's goings to be a nice one. warm and summer-like. the only thing that won't be nice is the beaches. you can see them getting in the water. the surfers are heading out. they've been flooding in.
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we have high waves, high surf. they love it. but there is a huge danger out there of rip currents and we'll see bigger waves over the next three or four days because hurricane jose, back to being a hurricane again, is going to pass very near the shore. it is going to be not a desirable place to be out there. certainly not for boating or for swimming along the beaches this weekend. use caution, the lifeguards aren't there anymore. the season is over. 79 at ave. lodge. looking at winds out of the south to seven miles an hour. in philadelphia, 83, 84 was our official high today. winds out of the southwest to seven miles an hour. we'll see a little fog developing tonight. i want you to be prepared for this. it is very moist out there. the winds will be very light. by about 2:00 a.m., it could be mild visibility in pottstown, two miles in philadelphia. a mile at cape may and atlantic city. maybe even down below a mile in places like allentown. as we head into tomorrow morning this could drop to a mile in philadelphia and virtually below
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a mile in berks county and the lehigh valley. about a mile along the beaches in jersey. so be aware of that. if you're out and about, and also if you're flying out. your flight could be slightly delayed if it's anner will i morning flight and we have dense fog. doppler radar picking up a few spotty showers in berks county and the lehigh valley. you can make out just a little bit of this ang tift, the shower activity streaming in. it will be confined to the outlying areas. this is rem plants of what once was irma. a spotty shower tonight. tomorrow, it looks like we start with fog, maybe sun and clouds. the models want to put in shower activity. i don't think it will be as much as you see there. for the most part, any showers should be perhaps in the mountains or toward the lehigh valley. on monday again we'll see a mix of sun and clouds, clouds starting to really increase because we do have jose on the way. it is right now a category one hurricane, 640 miles south-southeast of cape hatteras. going to run parallel to the east coast tuesday and
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wednesday. we're going to have tropical conditions out there. high surf, winds, maybe heavy rain. this thing could be 100 miles off the coast and we are still going to feel it. it's going to move across very, very warm water and it's going to come very close to our beaches in delaware and right here in philadelphia. this is something we're going to have to watch very, very closely by the time we get into the middle of next week. tonight you'll be looking at the 60s across the area. patchy dense fogg is going to form. phillies rookie rhys hoskins continues to stack up the runs. what his teammates think about his historic start to his career.
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. happy friday. i'm danny pommells at csn. at this point what else can you say about phillies star rookie rhys hoskins, 18 home runs for the season in just 34 games. last night he steps to the plate. look at the entire team standing up there behind him in the dugout watching his at-bat. that don't want to miss it either. a lot like the fans. hoskins didn't disappoint. making this look easy. his first opposite field home run of the 18 he's hit. his teammates can't believe what they're seeing either. >> i get texts now and then, hoskins is unbelievable. we all know. the guy is awesome. >> every day he seems to hit a home run. seems like he can't keep it up but he still finds a way. >> if you could pick one word to describe what he's done, what would it be?
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>> wow. >> when you're a sports star in philly you have to have a good nickname. already a few thrown around like hhys's pieces, rhys lightning. >> if you ask him, i was definitely the first one to ever call him rhys lightning. i came up with that probably three to four years ago when we first met. i said i'll call you that until it sticks. it never stuck until now. >> love when the players play along. the eagles try to go for two wins in a row, without humphrey. he tore his hamstring and will be out for at least half a season. another rookie, cornerback rasual douglas, the third round pick in this year's draft. with darby out, douglas should get more playing time and is getting more comfortable playing at the pro level.
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>> preseason, it started to slow down, started differently than when i first got there. trying to use my natural ability. >> he's picking up the game plan. he understands what his role. if called upon, he'll be ready. >> that's all for sports for now. coming up tonight at 11:00, we'll have high school glitz with high school from around the area. nbc 10 news is coming right back. day 13. if only this were as easy as saving $600 when you switch to progressive. winds stirring. too treacherous for a selfie. [ camera shutter clicks ] sure, i've taken discounts to new heights with safe driver and paperless billing. but the prize at the top is worth every last breath.
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here is a live look outside at the schuylkill river. let's not pay attention to the traffic on the right. let's just look at the beautiful river and boathouse row -- i mean the traffic on the left. what direction is that? >> it doesn't matter. i wish we were sitting at a window looking at that having dinner. a beautiful night out there. we'll get patchy dense fogg late tonight. it is going to be a muggy night and warm and humid weekend. 84 tomorrow, 83 sunday.
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isolated showers mainly in the far northwest areas far from the metro area. perhaps by the middle of next week we feel jose coming in. >> that's our news at 6:00, i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. see you at 11:00. haasive terror manhunt. after an explosion in a london subway. dozens wounded and it could have been far worse. isis claims responsibility as the uk raises the threat level to critical. the prime minister warning another attack may be eminent. city on edge. protesters storm the streets in st. louis after a white former cop is acquitted in the fatal shooting of a black man. a new flash point in missouri haunted by memories of ferguson. a new hurricane threat getting too close for comfort. al roker has the new forecast chack. hazing investigation, a deadly incident involving an fraternity pledge rocks another university. a final plunge after


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