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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  September 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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countless ailments. countless hours. and guess what? you can handle it all. be a leader in your field with a bsn from strayer university. a nursing program created by and for nurses. let's get it, nurses. crashing in. the effects of hurricane jose get stronger at the jersey shore tonight. a deadly quake brings down buildings in mexico. and sends people running for
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their lives. hate on campus. more students become the target of racial slurs at a delaware county university. right now at 11. high waves and high water in the street. jose was just downgraded to a tropical storm. it's still causing a wet mess at the jersey shore tonight. >> hurricane maria moves in. its sites are set on puerto rico. we have live team coverage from san juan to the shore. >> brandon hudson live. you have been at the shore the last two nights. what are you seeing now? >> the waters appear to be reseeding. this area a little more than an hour ago was covered in water. there was a patch here in this mulch. out in the street it appears to be ankle deep. deep enough to shut down this road until further notice.
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ironically this is along the coastal evacuation route. it leads up to the george redding bridge. the main way off the island. for us included. >> reporter: hurricane jose put on a show. >> it's a party. >> at high tide in north wild wood. neighbors lined up along jfk boulevard. some got a little too close to the high crashing waves. in an instant that he has women went from dry to drenched. >> i said to her hold on. it's going to knock us over. it did. >> is your phone working? >> it is. it's water proof. >> reporter: police made sure people stayed at a safe distance. down the road rk, the waves mov this shed across the sand the
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late night impact wasn't just at the beach. flooding from the bay sht shut town ak says to the bridge for cars and trucks. not kayaks. >> you talk about being out here yesterday. this is quite a contrast from being out here on the shore yesterday. the bay flooded the streets. the waves were raging a little closer to the shore. while we were over there in north wild wood. i talked to people in atlantic city. they got flooding in their neighborhoods too. live in wild wood, brandon hudson nbc10 news. >> our team coverage continues with tammie souza. >> how much longer will we see the effects. >> early next week. because it's not goipg anywhere. it will die doup and may come back. let's focus on right now. bands moving through the area. light showers into the pennsylvania suburb. out into the lee high valley.
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and cloud cover as well. wider picture shows tropical storm jose is in abtd the same spot. there's no steering mechanism. it's parked until something kicks it out of the way. the track will do a loop on itself. 75 miles per hour winds moving to the northeast at nine miles per hour. it loops back on itself. i don't think i have seen a perfect circle trark. but that's what it does. it may come back into philadelphia next week. part of why it may come in is. courtesy of hurricane maria. she may actually come in this direction, watch the track. right towards jose. when i come back we will talk about this. and of course have your weekend forecast. and the rest of the forecast in the neighborhood. >> more on hurricane maria.
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the storm is already caused widespread damage on islands in the caribbean. and now it's gaining strength as it gets closer to puerto rico. >> our sister station is in san juan tonight. he found hundreds trying to take shelter from the storm. >> one of the five hundred shelters here in puerto rico. 523 people have seeked shelter insideçó this. this shelter itself is maximum capacity. while it can look calm here. outside it's a different story. the winds have picked up. stronger by the minute. reason why the governor urged everyone to stay home and not g out on the streets. because of the danger that this hurricane poses to the residents of the island. >> tonight we're hearing from a bucks county woman who stuck in puerto rico right now. she's from ben salem. she and her friend had to evacuate their hotel and move to
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higher ground. >> i'm pretty worried about the high winds. and how the windows are going to sustain. and if our car will be okay. and when we can get out of here. >> alex is supposed to leave friday. she says she'll take the first flight home she can get. also tonight in trenten. neighbors with connections to puerto rico held an emergency meeting. making a plan to help frands and family facing storm. they want to raise funds before the hurricane does its worse damage. online you can listen to the full interview with locals stuck in puerto rico. plus videos and photographs showing the impact of the busy hurricane season. >> now to the developing story in mexico. 149 people are dead after an earthquake toppled buildings and trapped people under the rubble. tonight, dozens have been rescued. a desperate search for survivors continues. >> thousands running for the
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their own lives and rushing to save lives. on the streets of mexico. after a 7.1 quake rocks 76 miles southeast of mexico city. and intense race to safety and search for people buried in pile of rubble flt among does ps of collapsed buildings you can hear the panic and screams fill the air as desperation sets in. groups of people came together to try to clear the street and move cars out of the way for rescue crews. inside this apartment you can see the violent shaking between lt walls. the ceilings breaks apart in a an officer building. as people are forced to seek shelter under their desk. others going as fast as they can to get ouft out of the building. the quake knock out power to millions. comes two weeks after an 8.2
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quake left people dead. after the 1985 quake that killed thousands. >> the soft soil was a major factor in the 1985 earthquake massive damage. seismologist will look at whether that was also a contributing factor in today's destruction. back here at home. new details on the ongoing teacher strike. in montgomery county. for the third straight day there will be no classes for the district 5,000 students. nbc10 was at tonight's school board meeting in eagle ville. president of the board submitted an offer for ark trags. in the union accepts the invitation chl school will be in session sometime this week. both sides try to wrk out a deal. >> the death of a college freshman was a tragic accident. not a crime. today he laid out the time line of events that led to the death of mcray williams. williams was drinking on september 8 and 9. on the night of the ninth he
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fell and hit his head. williams friend checked on him repeatedly on september 10. then decided to call for help. on september 11, he was pronounced dead. authorities say no one saw williams hit his head and the 19 year-old lacrosse player had no visible injuries that would have indicated how seriously he was hurt. there was no hazing. and no evidence that anyone forced williams to drink alcohol. mo charges will be filed. >> warning for parents in bucks county. after another report of a luring attempt. involving children. this happened yesterday in falls township. last night we told you about an incident. authorities say there have been several over the last few days. the descriptions of the vehicles and people are varied. it's a good time for parents to teach children what to do if a stranger approaches them. in philadelphia. arrest in connection with three attempted child luring cases. police believe the suspect maybe connected to others. he offered several children
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money to take their photographs or get into his car. kids were coming or going to school in the northeast. there's new information about a crash in upper dar by that sent dozens of passengers to the hospital. a report shows the operator tried to stop before its train slammed into an empty one. but the tracks were too slippery. records show there was rainfalling at the time. this happened at the 69th street transportation center last month. mo one was seriously hurt. there have been three similar incidents on trains since february. after the most recent incident shs the nbc10 investigators asked official about safety concerns from passengers. they told us accept ta changed its procedures and investing more money in training. >> out rage on campus. students fight back against. after racial slurs are found at a delaware county university. caving in.
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new at 11. racial slurs against students. for the second time in recent days, messages of mate have been left at the university. >> the school held a meeting tonight to address the troubling incidents. denise nakano is live in the campus. big turn out tonight. >> we were not allowed inside meeting but -ups of students turned out. they say they're concerned about their safety with the racist messages hitting so close to home. >> reporter: a closed door town hall meeting brought together students out raged by the thinker racist slur found on the campus in several days. >> the same exact residence hall. it's crazy. >> reporter: a student sent video from the meeting.
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showing a packed lecture hall. in response to a racist message on a freshman dorm door over the weekend. sips then, two more slurs were found. >> all involving racial slurs. very similar in context to what was written on the first down. >> reporter: they removed the door today. that deny taned one of the messages. >> it really makes us all sick. when to have students experience something like that. >> reporter: students express a mix of anger, hurt and concern. over the racism. shared this photograph of student made fliers and signs that counter the messages o hate with messages of inclusiveness. >> it hits close to home. >> it's scaring me at this point. >> reporter: for many the forum is just a star. studen students demand an end to the ethic intimidation and whoever is behind it. >> people pay big bucks to attend. they should feel safe, wanted and welcome.
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>> administration increase public safety patrols around campus and will hold another town hall tomorrow. a florida family escapes their homes hours before a sink hole swallows it. >> look at that. crews rush to the scene this morning. to find the house had already gone into the ground. the homeowner says she noticed the problem the night before. there were big deep cracks in the bathroom and the tub was already sinking. the family grabbed everything they could and put it on the front lawn. before the home crumbled. >> president trump delivered his first address to the united nations today. it included an ominous threat at north korea. threatened to quote totally destroy north korea if the united states is forced to defend itself or allies. the moept was met with gasp inside the room. mr. trump mocked leader kim jong
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un calling him rocket man on a suicide mission. a big name is joining the fight for new jersey next governor. we have learned former president obama will campaign for democrat phil murphy. he's facing off against current lieutenant governor and republican. new jersey voters will head to the polls november 7. >> a new study suggests playing youth football could have long term and lasting health effects. researchers focus on dulls who played the contact sport as kids. studies show those who started playing before 12 had an increase risk of mood swing, emotional problems and depression later in life. regardless of how many years they played or how many concussions they reported during they career. >> the waves are still raging down at the shore. here's a look at what's happening in ocean city. tropical storm jose is still causing dangerous rip currents. chief meteorologist tammie souza
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is tracking the latest on this storm. >> jose maybe around until early next week. and may come ashore bringing rain. it looks like it's not going anywhere. we have the clouds in place. and scattered showers across the area. didn't pick up any official rain at the airport in philadelphia. 80 the high today. highest wind gust 31 miles per hour. it was breezy at times. you can see the outer bands just sweeping through the area. pretty much in the same place. they keep coming into the same yar. that's because what's now tropical storm jose. 70 miles per hour winds hasn't moved. look at the loop. same place all day long. you have seen during the high tide this push of water in along the shoreline. that's going to continue over night into tomorrow. it's really not moving anywhere very quickly. in fact let's go hour by hour. show you what happens over land. we'll have clouds and winds that start to turn to the west and thort west. we could get an isolated shower or sprinkle tomorrow. much of it will stay offshore.
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thursday we'll see sunshine winds to the north. and we sail into a decent friday. we get a few kplooufclouds movi through. that's about it. it doesn't look like any rain. nobody should be swimming. not even into the weekend. very high swells. we have waves anywhere from ten o to 15 feet on the sea. six to ten feet waves breaking on the shoreline. what we'll be watching after that, is hurricane maria. i have to tell you maria surpassed irma as far as intensity. the lowest pressure got down to 906 mill bars. so basically that is a very intense category 5 storm. moving towards st. kroi. and from san juan only 120 miles
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away. so everybody is preparing for this at this point. 175 miles per hour winds. very strong category 5. the mill bars are up to 909. it did drop to 906 making it into the top for the most intense storms as far as the atlantic basin. category 5. expected to stay category 5 across puerto rico. through the turks a category 4. diminishing down to a 3 and even a 2. as it heads up the eastern sea board. by sunday. it comes a very close to the east coast. and it is going to give a nudge to jose. it will be interesting to see the interaction. this again is going to be a storm that sets its own path. it's been a fairly intense season so far. and it looks like that will continue. right now we're at the peak of hurricane season. not since 205 have we seen so many so early in the season. we'll be looking at 82.
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80 long port. and 80 in dover. ten day on ten. temperature tomorrow 84. 86 thursday. 82 friday. 85 sad 89 sunday. we watch. we could see jose coming ashore bringing more rain. maybe even a little bit of rain from what is maria. as it moves past the east coast. you could say they saved the best for last. the couple finished their journey to see every baseball stadium. and did it right here in philly. the most memorable part of the trip, next. [ engines revving ]
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when you drop a 603-horsepower v8 biturbo engine into one of mercedes-benz's finest luxury sedans, what do you get? [ engine stalls ] you get out of the way. 0-to-60 in 3.3 seconds. the mercedes-amg e63 s sedan. a california couple fulfills a lifelong dream tonight. in south philadelphia. >> they completed their tour of all current major league baseball parks with a visit to citizens bank park.
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>> all the parks were memorable. tuckers say it was the people who really made their journey so special. >> we meet all sorts of people in the parks. sitting with us. just around in the stands. we always get here a couple hours early. fascinating people. baseball fans are fantastic everywhere you go. >> the lifelong giants fans aren't done yet. their next goal is to see the giants play at all 30 parks. >> now john clark i bet you have been to quite a few ballparks. >> not as many as them. i have time to catch up. we'll go. >> our producer is a big baseball fan. >> let's go. how about one eagles player says the birds are the team to beat in the division. we'll hear from him. and switching positions. plus tonight, lots of celebrating for the phillies. how herrera and rhys hoskins
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blow the game open against the dodgers. that's next.
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the eagles finally at home. sunday against the giants at the link. take a look at the giants last night. they looked awful. today i sat down with the weekly taping. and i asked him, are the eagles the team to beat in the nfc? >> i think so. if you ask me who i thought the team to beat was i wouldn't name any other team but the eagles. i see what we have in the locker room. i see the pieces we're putting together. we're figuring out what that looks like as a team. but i love what we have. i'm very excited about what we have. this is another opportunity to
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answer all the questions. and prove that on sunday. >> how about the phillies tonight. hoskins does it again. against the team with the best record in baseball. throwing out the first pitch tonight. how about rhys hoskins. take a look at this. another good at bat. single to left. phillies within one. her rar at the plate. run comes in. he's bat flipping. next batter, bases loaded. hoskins again. the kid delivers. clears the bases with a double. second quickest to 43 rbi in baseball history. that's ridiculous. and aaron altherr adds a home phillies beat the dodgers for a second straight night.
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>> we're competitive. i think it's -- i think it's good that we're not shying away from the big game. especially against one of the best teams in baseball. it's fun. it's good for us. >> it is fun. fliers captain switching positions from center to winger. they experimented today. he's winging it. as you know the fliers have a will the of centers. pick. here's claude. he's okay with this. >> if it makes the team better. i'm up for the idea for sure. >> team guy. i'm john clark, we're right back. 6
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hi... wow i wasn't expecting...oh because no one has a voice quite like yours. don't just bank. bank human™. . all right. we'll be looking at temperatures above normal. we'll see 84 tomorrow. 86 thursday. clouds come and go. high surf because of tropical storm jose. fall starts friday and it looks like a hot weekend ahead. >> summer is back. for a moment. >> thanks for joining us tonight. the tonight show starring jimmy fallon is up next. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests, kevin james, ilana glazer, musical guest rudimental featuring


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