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tv   Today  NBC  September 28, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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throughout the morning. you can always get news, weather and traffic on the nbc 10 app. >> the "today" show starts right now. enjoy the day. good morning. the ultimate playboy, hugh hefner, the iconic publisher who revolutionized an entire industry and forever changed pop culture has died. this morning, a look back at his unique, colorful and controversial life. the big reveal. >> it's called a middle class miracle. >> president trump unveiled his long-awaited tax overhaul plan, hailing it as revolutionary. how would it impact you, and how will he pay for it? tragedy at yosemite. a massive rock the size of an apartment building tears off the face of the famed el capitan. dozens of climbers on the wall at the time. at least one person killed. another injured.
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this morning, new images of the moment it happened. those stories plus the parents of the little boy killed by an alligator at disney world are breaking their silence. >> we promised him at his wake, we would turn this tragedy into good for many families. is o.j. about to walk free? and the prince, the popcorn and the adorable 2-year-old poacher who stole his heart, today, thursday, september 28th, 2017. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" and thank you for joining us on a thursday morning. >> our top story this morning is the passing of an american icon. >> hugh hefner, he built and embodied the playboy empire. he has died. his family announcing he passed away peacefully at his legendary mansion. miguel almaguer is there and has
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more on hefner's anything but ordinary life. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. on the other side of this fence is perhaps one of the most iconic homes in all of america. the playboy mansion. it is where hugh hefner died of natural causes at the age of 91. he started playboy in the 1950s, turned it into a worldwide brand and quickly realized sex sells. he was the original playboy. >> i had wild dreams but never as wild as what i actually have. >> reporter: his life and his work, a blend of sex, swagger and sophistication. but his success started out as a long shot. the son of conservative chicago schoolteachers. hefner was a world war ii vet, working at esquire when he launched the magazine that would make him a household name. with several thousand dollars, he published the first playboy in 1953 from his kitchen. on the cover, a captivating,
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young blonde named marilyn monroe, who was also nude in the magazine's center fold. it was a blend of sex appeal and edgy, editorial content, including work from the era's celebrated writers, and interviews with everyone from john lennon to jimmy carter. critics called it vulgar and exploited, but hefner says he helped loosen up buttoned down america. >> playboy was there, making a case for the sexual revolution, before almost anybody else. i take pride in that. >> reporter: hefner turned playboy into a media empire, opening a string of exclusive clubs in the '60s and '70s that introduced the world to playboy bunnies. later expanding the magazine's reach through shrewd merchandising, movies and tv. he also created one of the most famous residensidences in the w the playboy mansion, known for hosting celebrities and all-night parties.
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he revelled in the success. rarely shedding his trademark silk pajamas and smoking jacket, and surrounding himself with an endless bevy of beauties. >> welcome to playboy's penthouse. >> reporter: there were tough times, including two divorces and financial struggles as playboy's sales plummeted with the dawn of the digital era. he was an icon to some. a peddler to others. but he never apologized. >> i have no major regrets. you know, we only get one time around, so i feel i'm one of the fortunate few. >> reporter: overnight, celebrities sent condolences via social media. larry king tweeting, hugh hefner was a giant in publishing, journalism, free speech and civil rights. he was a true original, and he was my friend. rest well, hef. and actress and former play mate
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jenny mccarthy writing, rip, ref. thank you for being a revolut n revolutionary and changing so many people's lives, especially mine. i hope i made you proud. the man who was once quoted as saying, life is too short to be living someone else's dream, died after living out his own. guys, one writer this morning puts it this way, hugh hefner did for sex what the founder, roy crock of mcdonald's, did for roadside food, he cleaned it up for the rising middle class. >> that person has a way with words. miguel, thank you. >> you want to get into a disagreement at a cocktail party, bring up the name hugh hefner, but you have to go back to 1953 when he created this magazine and this movement. and realize how revolutionary it was and how controversial it would be. >> right. love him or hate him, there's no question, he changed our culture. i know you've been reading the articles for years. >> just research. >> yes. >> anyway, there's a lot more to get to on this thursday morning.
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the sweeping tax overhaul plan unveiled by president trump and congressional republicans. the president is hailing it as revolutionary, but it is not without controversy. so what could change for you? nbc white house correspondent kristen welker has more on this. take it away. >> reporter: good morning. tax reform has long been president trump's signature issue, and on wednesday, he did unveil new details of a plan he says will help the middle class and build the economy. but critics argue, it's not clear how he'll pay for it. still, after a series of legislative setbacks, republicans on capitol hill and here at the white house say mr. trump needs a win. this morning, the fight over tax reform is taking off. >> there's never been tax cuts like what we're talking about. >> reporter: president trump hailing the republican framework as a once in a generation opportunity to reshape the economy. >> this is a revolutionary change and the biggest winners will be the everyday american
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workers. >> reporter: despite the recent defeat over health care, which fractured the gop, now initial signs of a united front on taxes. >> this is vital to america's future. and it is urgent. >> reporter: the plan calls for reducing the number of tax brackets. slashing the corporate tax rate and enhancing the child tax credit. independent budget experts warn it could add $2 trillion to the debt over the next ten years. democrats calling the plan a give away to the rich. >> the top rate on the wealthiest comes down, and the bottom rate on working class families goes up. what kind of plan is this? >> reporter: but the president insists, wealthy americans, including himself, won't reap any rewards. >> i'm doing the right thing, and it is not good for me. believe me. >> reporter: all this as mr. trump faces a growing fire storm over health and human services secretary tom price, now under
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scrutiny from congress for charging tax players for private jet travel. "politico" reports price has taken two dozen charter flights this year, costing tax players more than $300,000. >> i'm going to look at it. i am not happy about it and i let him know. >> reporter: when asked whether he would fire price, the president hunted. the secretary has heard the criticism, takes it seriously and fully supports the inspector general's investigation. also this morning, the president himself coming under fire from the daughter of senator john mccain for criticizing the senator who helped defeat the latest effort to overhaul obamacare. megan mccain, linked to a story, claiming the president physically mocked her father after he was diagnosed with brain cancer, calling it abhorrent and tweeting, what more must by family be put through right now? the white house didn't respond to megan mccain's tweets. the president has a series of
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meetings today, including the active secretary of the department of homeland security. among the topics will undoubtedly be the response to the recent hurricanes, with puerto rico urging the government to do more to help. >> thank you very much. we'll pick it up there and talk about this desperate scramble for essentials in puerto rico. more than a week after hurricane maria, food, fuel and water remain in short supply. nbc's gabe gutierrez remains in san juan for us. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. puerto rico's governor says the department of transportation has set aside $40 million to repair puerto rico's roads, but that part of the recovery seems a long way off. the more pressing need right now is this desperate water crisis. it's not so much an issue of supply as it is one of distribution. this morning, puerto rico's water crisis is deepening. while the floodwaters have receded, it is the lack of drinking water that's now ravaging the island. >> really hard. it's really hard because we
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don't have anything. >> reporter: betsy is desperate, collecting fresh water from the side of a mountain for her children. if you had a message for the federal government, what would it be? >> help us. we're americans, too. >> reporter: half of puerto rico has no drinking water. everyone is trying to get water to to survive, this man says. this grocery store is open but rationing basic supplies. the owner says it is hard to restock because there's little fuel for delivery trucks. >> we're trying our best to keep them with food, with hope, and let it be known that supplies are coming. >> reporter: the island's thirst for water is connected to the collapse of the power grid. there's no electricity to treat it. >> it feels like 120. >> reporter: especially with no power. a lack of diesel fuel and a telecommunications breakdown is crippling relief efforts. the governor says private sector
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drivers aren't showing up for deliveries. at the port of san juan, some supplies are sitting in storage. >> we still have a number of customers that are unable to do their business because of lack of diesel to power their business. >> reporter: humanitarian aid is flooding in, as there is a frantic scramble to get off the island. royal caribbean cancelling a cruise, using the ship to take evacuees to the u.s. mainland today. in new york, relief for those who escaped on one of the few commercial flights to leave the island. >> we are american citizens in puerto rico, so we need the government to really put a larger effort there. >> reporter: it has been just over a week since maria slammed into puerto rico, but matt and savannah, remember, much of this island had been in the dark since hurricane irma gla mma gr puerto rico. they've been without electricity
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for a while and no end is in sight. >> thank you very much. a lot of people have been asking us, what can questiwe do? one put information on check it out. there is a new twist in the death of otto warmbier, the american college student held in a north korean jail for 17 months. a newly released coroner's report adding to questions about his death. nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has the latest on this. hi, andrea. >> good morning, matt. the coroner's report, dated september 11th, shows the 22-year-old died from oxygen depravation to his brain. the cause of death, undetermined. yet another twist in this mystery as his family maintains their son died from torture at the hands of the north korean regime. >> we don't know what happened to him, and that's the bottom line. >> reporter: this morning, the mystery surrounding otto warmbier's death is intensifying. a coroner's report released wednesday revealed otto appeared to have a breathing tube during
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his 17-month imprisonment in north korea. >> the family is looking for answers, but at this point, we're never going to know unless the people that were there at the time it happened come forward. >> reporter: warmbier's parents on cnn this week believe otto's condition was no accident. >> otto was systematically tortured and intentionally injured. >> reporter: warmbier died days after his return to u.s. soil. his brain starved of oxygen, the report says, from an unknown injury more than a year prior to his death. >> i mean, could that have been torture at the time? we don't know. >> reporter: the coroner says otto's body was in excellent condition but noted scars on his knees, ankles, feet and arms. the warmbier family insisting it didn't stop there. recalling the horrifying moments they saw him for the first time since north korea released him. >> he's blind. he's deaf. he's got a feeding tube.
7:14 am
we newekneel down, hug him and to connect with him, and he is a complete vegetable. his bottom teeth looked like they had taken a pair of pliers and rearranged them. >> reporter: the coroner says a forensic dentist saw no damage to his teeth, but she is not disputing the family's claims that he was tortured. >> please save my life. >> reporter: in june, warmbier's parents declined a full autopsy, but the coroner says it wouldn't reveal more than their post-mortem exams, including a ct scan. a death shrouded in secrecy. the answers only known to north korea itself. north korea denied torturing otto warmbier and is calling his death a mystery. the coroner told me she only held her news conference because she was getting so many questions about the warmbier family's recent interviews. matt and savannah? >> tragedy. >> sad story. thank you very much.
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now to another sad story. this happened at yosemite. we mentioned at the top of the show, a massive chunk of stone broke from the face of the famous el capitan. killed one person and injured another. at least 30 climbers were on the wall at the time, but officials say it isn't clear if the victims were climbers or tourists. one witness described the rock that fell as the size of an apartment building. travelers come to scale el capitan's face. rock falls are common but rarely fatal. >> reporter: after ni after nine years behind bars, o.j. simpson could be released in days. what is next for the nation's most infamous inmate? joe fryer is following that for us. >> reporter: o.j. simpson will likely switch prisons before his release and could be free in monday, the first weekday in october. for now, the exact day is not yet known. >> i do vote to grant parole.
7:16 am
>> thank you. >> reporter: two months after o.j. simpson was unanimously granted patrol, nevada is preparing for his much-anticipated release. though officials won't confirm if simpson's plan has been approved. before his release, it is expected he'll be removed from lovelock prison center to possibly high desert state prison outside of las vegas. >> i basically spent a conflict-free life. >> reporter: it was during the so-called parole hearing of the century, a live tv sceptical in july, the former football star won his release, promising to behave after he was convicted for the armed robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers. >> i could easily stay in nevada, but i don't think you guys want me here. >> reporter: simpson expressed interest in moving to florida, home to his close friend, tom scotto. >> wants to spend time with his family, friends. all these things about reality
7:17 am
shows are ridiculous. that's not going to happen. >> reporter: but as of wednesday, florida's department of corrections said it had not received an official request for transfer from simpson, which much be submitted and approved before he can leave nevada. no matter where he ends up, simpson must follow strict rules, including no illegal drugs, no weapons and no association with convicted felons. he can drink alcohol but his blood alcohol level can't top 0.08. douglas was one of simpson's attorneys when he was found not guilty of murdering nicole and her friend, ron goldman. >> every moment he walks out of his house, he is going to be risking the possibility that someone will be recording his every move. >> reporter: whenever simpson is released, unlike his parole hearing, the media will not be allowed on prison property. meanwhile, the goldman family is speaking out, telling nbc news,
7:18 am
while they respect the parole board's decision, it is difficult knowing simpson will be a free man again. the goldmans did win a civil judgment against simpson and plan to go after any money he makes outsides of his pensions. matt? >> joe, thank you very much. want an inspiring story now? here's one. an act of kindness in the aftermath of hurricane harvey. deshaun watson, the rookie quarterback from the houston texans, donated his first nfl paycheck to three women who work in the cafeteria at nrg stadium. the women suffered significant damage to their homes after that devastating storm. >> what you all do for us every day, i really appreciate you all. i wanted to give my first game check to you all, to help you all out. in some type of way. here you go. >> thank you so much. >> no problem. >> can i give you a hug? >> yeah. >> watson's one game check, worth more than $27,000. the georgia native knows
7:19 am
firsthand the importance of giving to others in need. when he was 11 years old, watson's family was the recipient of a home through habitat for humanity. paying it forward. >> i like it. >> great way. >> i like that story. >> yeah. al, let's get a check of the weather. >> we've been talking so much about hurricanes this month. just to give you an idea, put up this calendar, every day so far for the month of september, we have talked about a hurricane. irma, jose, katia, lee and maria. so speaking of maria, right now, 275 miles east/northeast of cape hatteras. 75-mile-per-hour winds. it books out of here. probably going to affect the uk over the weekend. what we now are watching, a tropical disturbance, we could see this develop in the next two days, 20%. five days, 40%. here's the five-day zone of development. we see heavy showers and thunderstorms today, tomorrow and going into the weekend as this moves up to the north.
7:20 am
heavy rain will increase, and we're looking at anywhere from three to five inches of rain. we're going to get t good morning. i'm bill henley. the heat and humidity finally take a break and you can thank the winds. gusty winds gusting to 30 miles per hour will bring in the cooler drier air. you'll feel the change during the day. it will keep us in the 70s for the suburbs. lots of sunshine for philadelphia. 78 degrees. strongest wasn'ts will back off
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some this afternoon. up to 75 degrees for the valley and new jersey warms to 77 degrees inland and at the shore, lots of sunshine for delaware. have a great day. and nathat's your latest weather. ahead on a busy busy mornine parents of the toddler who was killed in an alligator attack at walt disney world speak out. the amazing new way they're honoring their son. then a strange controversy over american airlines new uniforms. are they making flight attendants sick? we'll have that story. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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and visit for savings. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. good morning. 7:26. let's take a live look outside with bill henley. he has your most accurate neighborhood forecast. drier and cooler today. right, bill? >> yeah. happening right now, you can see the clouds blowing through the area. just a few clouds whizzing through the area thanks to the winds which right now at 8 miles per hour but they're 15 miles per hour in atlantic city and we could see gusts up to 30 miles per hour this afternoon. that's bringing the humidity down and the temperatures down. it's already in the 60s for the lehigh valley and the suburbs. that's cooler than it was earlier this morning and now we're seeing 60s too in philadelphia. much more comfortable as we warm into the upper 70s this afternoon. >> now let's check the roads
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with jessica boyington. what are you seeing? >> the schuylkill just past the vine. maybe 30 seconds ago we had an accident here. so you can definitely see some of that piling up behind it. and that crash that closed the 30 bypass eastbound side for most of the morning, still closed for cleanup there. eastbound at 282. the philadelp chamber of commerce head to seattle to try to persuade amazon to build its second headquarters here. philly joins several locations trying to lure a.m.son amazon a 50,000 jobs it will bring. >> we'll break down the best days to shop in october. we'll see you then. our veterans have given us the rights and freedoms that we have and we enjoy today.
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7:30 now on a thursday morning. it's the 28th already of september, 2017. >> october upon us. good morning, everybody. lots going on. we'll get right to the headlines. we'll start with the passing of hugh hefner. death of a playboy. tributes pouring in overnight for hugh hefner, the controversial media mogul and founder of the playboy empire who passed away at the age of 91. >> playboy was there, making a case for the sexual revolution, before almost anyone else. a desperate scramble for essentials in pouerto rico a wek after hurricane maria. food, fuel and water scarce as the island is hard to be reached by first responders.
7:31 am
>> this is where a home once stood. what is left of the home was blown off the hillside. president trump responds to the growing fire storm over health and human services secretary tom price's use of private jets, costing taxpayers $300,000. >> i'm not happy about it and let him know it. fore gone conclusion. tiger woods hints he may never play professional golf again, as health problems plague the champion. >> i don't know what my future holds for me. >> reporter:. the prince and the popcorn. prince harry catches a 2-year-old girl stealing his snack in the stands. today, thursday, september 28th, 2017. that cute moment happening at the invictus games in toronto. sweet moment. >> adorable. want to turn to a story that's difficult but it has inspiration into it. it is about turning unimaginable loss into something positive. 2-year-old lane graves was killed last summer in an alligator attack at walt disney
7:32 am
world resort. his parents have only spoken publicly once since then. now they're opening up, revealing a wonderful new way they are honoring the memory of their son. nbc's kerry sanders is in omaha, nebraska, with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. children from all over the nation come here to nebraska medicine for life-saving organ transplant surgeries. but when they come here, what doesn't stop costs of life. when they're here for weeks, months, even years, those costs can become crippling. but now, no more thanks, in memory, to lane graves. it was the story that shocked the a parent's worst nightmare. >> want to turn to the horrific alligator attack at a disney world resort. >> reporter: nebraska on vacatn with his family as disney world when he was snatched, dragged underwater and killed by an
7:33 am
alligator. ♪ yes, sir, yes, sir >> reporter: his memory is alive and well, because in his horrific death, his heartbroken parents discovered an unmet need. >> lane had a special light about him. we promised him at his wake, we would turn this tragedy into good for many families. >> reporter: every year, upwards of 30 children come to nebraska medicine in omaha for life-saving transplant surgery, but what does not stop in the crisis, the burden of life's expenses. like mortgage payments and electric bills. those are now billion covered by the lane thomas foundation. >> every time he walked into the room, he lit it up. the legacy should really be taking that love and the light that he had and bringing that to other families so they have hope. >> after going through what we've been through, we feel that there's no better way to honor your child. see the littly pads? >> reporter: like 11-year-old bush from louisiana, who says she couldn't face her organ
7:34 am
transplants without her mother constantly at her side. >> as far as how many surgeries, wow. it's up in the 50s, 60s or more. >> big day today. >> reporter: doctors say when the pressure of mounting bills back home is lifted, mom and dad can be more focused on what really matters. having them here is a big part of the overall aspect of this? >> having the parent at the bedside is, you know, being available, being engaged, is, i thr think, an enormously important element to the care of the child. >> reporter: where lane died there have been changes. the beach is closed and there are new signs, fences and a wall. >> we found a need, and no one was helping these families. >> reporter: lane's death also now means changes for families with sick children. >> our rent got paid. i was able to travel back and forth. they've helped me. i just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> reporter: disney sent us a statement, which reads in part, the lane thomas foundation was
7:35 am
created to give honor and life to lane's life, and in order to raise awareness of the foundation and its mission, we installed a still pture of the lighthouse the foundation uses as a symbol of love and home on our property earlier this summer. out of tragedy, lane's parents will now touch so many children's lives. guys? >> i wonder how many of us could do that. could turn something so horrific into something so positive and helpful for other people. >> yeah, and the grief is still so, so fresh. this didn't happen all that long ago, but it is beautiful that they saw this need. they saw a really unmet need, and they're doing something about it. >> we want to mention to you, you can find more information on the lane thomas foundation. we're going to put it on our website at let's go to al for another check of the weather. >> before we do, let's take a look. how many of you have seen the northern lights? >> on my bucket list. seriously. >> i've been fortunate. a couple of times, i've seen it. but this is from a flight headed
7:36 am
to minneapolis. >> wow. >> the folks on the left side of the plane got a heck of a view. everybody on the right is going, no! anyway -- >> they're saying, scoot over. >> that is spectacular. unfortunately, we don't have anything quite that nice in texas and the southwest. a lot of moisture streaming in from texas, al baa kebuquerque. anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain throughout the rio grande valley and around al baa kerr key, n mexico, asew good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. the heat and humidity take a break. you can thank the winds. winds gusting to 30 miles per hour will bring in the cooler drier air. it will keep us in the 70s this afternoon ifffor the suburbs. strong ers winds will back off some this afternoon, up to 75 degrees for the lehigh valley
7:37 am
and new jersey warms to 77 degrees inland and at the shore, lots of sunshine for delaware. have a great day. >> you really want to see these? >> i literally have it on my bucket list. i've done my homework. siposed to go to see them. >> the north. >> good one. >> up north for the northern lights. thank you, al. we have a lot more ahead on a thursday morning. megyn kelly's new conversation with convicted murderer lyle menendez. why the brothers went on that spending spree shortly after killing their parents. and then our americare amer airlines new uniforms making employees sick? fresh from her "voice" debut, jennifer hudson is here. debut, jennifer hudson is here. "will and grace" returning you've seen chipotle's smoky adobo chicken. the fresh tomato salsa. and the hand-mashed guac.
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7:43 am
>> i loved the suit. we all loved the suit. that's the frustrating thing. >> now, dozens of employees are suing the manufacturer, claiming the uniforms are responsible for a wide range of health problems, from skin irritation to auto immune reactions and even nerve damage. >> i want my health back. i feel like a year of my life has been stolen because of this uniform. >> the lawsuit claims the fabric contains chemical compounds, including formaldehyde, that can cause injury alone or in combination with other. >> the fact the chemicals can cause cancer is a real threat. >> there are numerous chemicals in these uniforms which are causing this effect. this is not a natural fiber. this is not something that is, you know, created in nature, that's made to be comfortable for somebody to wear. >> a spokesperson for twin hills said the company stands behind its products. adding, we are confident that any new lawsuit filed by american airline employees regarding our uniforms is
7:44 am
without merit. despite the allegations being made in the media, solutiabsoluo evidence has been presented, linking symptoms to our uniforms. the company's position is supported by extensive testing and notes it won a similar lawsuit brought by flight attendants for alaska airlines. american airlines, not named in the lawsuit, said all its employees have been given the option of wearing alternative unifo uniforms. a spokesperson said, safety is our top priority. we'd never ask our team members to wear an unsafe uniform. in june, the airline announced it would switch uniform supplies after its contract with twin hill expires, but it is not soon enough for workers like beth henry. >> i'm afraid to touch these without the gloves and mask. >> she said being around the products, which some of her co-workers are still wearing, causing her extreme allergy-type reactions, migraines and vertigo. >> we're scared every time we go to work, wondering if we'll have a reaction, if it'll be more
7:45 am
severe this time. it is frightening. how bad will it get before something is done about it? >> plaintiffs are charging the company that they should have known the uniforms were effective and dangerous, they're suing $50,000 each. in addition to med cical expens, punitive damages and earning potential. this is something they alleged d is a proximity issue. passengers could have experienced issues with this. a friend of mine is a pilot for american and pointed this out to me. he was not allowed to speak. the union recommended he not. just go through the company on this. but this is a serious issue that has everybody's attention, considering the images you just saw. >> absolutely. >> lawsuit is just getting started. keep us posted. >> will do. >> thank you. when we come back, megyn kelly's new conversation with kelly's new conversation with lyle ♪na na nana nana, na na nana na♪ ♪everybody sing it ♪na na nana nana, na na nana na♪ ♪double, double lovin'♪
7:46 am
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7:47 am
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from wherever you are, at the doctor's office, karate practice or my favorite... back at the doctor's office. knowing before you go means more quality time sewing a costume for the school play that is not going to look anything like a frog. just a little heads-up, mrs. davis... ha ha ha, yay kids! we are back now at 7:50 with more on something we first brought you on wednesday. lyle menendez breaking his silence about the murder of his parents. >> he and his brother eric were convicted of the crime. they were sentenced to life in prison back in 1996. lyle spoke with megyn kelly by phone from behind bars, a rare interview. on wednesday afternoon, she spoke to him again. she asked him more about his relationship with his mother. >> do you still feel love for her? >> yeah, i love my mother. i still cry over my mother. you know, and i -- >> why? what -- >> i don't forgive her. >> what are the tears for?
7:51 am
>> i think the tears are for just the -- her life ended and our lives essentially ended all because of this fateful decision. there had to be a series of decisions she made of not to tell what was happening. what kind of mother lets it happen? >> well, another question that people have asked, why did the brothers go on a spending spree in the days after the murders? take a listen. >> i mean, obviously, your parents had money, and they spent it on you and your brother, but the thing that got everyone's attention was the spending spree after they died, you know. the rolexs and the porsche and the tennis coach. >> i get it, yeah. >> explain that. why did you guys go on that spending spree? >> i -- i think it's characterized as a spending spree because it condenses it into, how much money did you
7:52 am
spend after your parents died? it was clear this was a family that sort of spent money like water before. i had spent a huge amount of money before, as all the family members did. we didn't think about money. it was a wealthy family that spent money on, you know, a lot of things. so money corrupts the narrative of it, and it just, you know -- there's a sense that, okay, wealth means greed, and that must always be the motive for everything, and it's not. >> well, if you want, you can see more of that new interview, this is a new interview with lyle menendez, coming up on "megyn kelly today." we have the newest "voice" coach, jennifer hudson. jhud is in the house. >> did she grow four inches since walking into the studio? also, the legendary jane fonda stops by. and the cast of "will and grace" are here, too.
7:53 am
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just a few minutes before 8:00. good thursday morning. let's get right to bill henley. he has your most accurate neighborhood forecast for today. >> it's been fall for almost a week, but today will finally feel like fall. the temperatures have been dropping this morning. the humidity is starting to come down and you can thank the wind. there's a 14-mile-per-hour wind blowing in new jersey. 71 degrees. a 10-mile-per-hour breeze in philadelphia. there will be some stronger gusts. at this hour the temperatures are cooling down. we'll see them climb only into the 70s this afternoon. 75 degrees for the lehigh valley. upper 70s for new jersey and the jersey shore. >> heading out the door let's check first alert traffic with jessica boyington. >> watching the 42 freeway moving through. right near route 41. pretty much stop and go right now. finally starting to move a little bit but this is moving northbound toward the
7:57 am
philadelphia area. we're still watching this crash on the route 30 bypass. eastbound side right near 282 we're still closed and being diverted off around 322. philadelphia police are looking for three men between the ages of 18 and 25. believed to be behind a pair of violent robberies overnight. detectives say the group shot a man in the back when he tried to run from him. then they robbed and pistol whipped another man four blocks away. puerto rico officials will join with victims to ask for public help. they will ask the president and congress for immediate federal relief. >> we talked to a comedian about the role humor can play in the world. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. join us for nbc 10 news today from 4:00 to 7:00 a.m.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, the original playboy. >> welcome to playboy's penthouse. >> hugh hefner dead at the age of 91. from the play mates tot p s to protests pajamas. >> i had wild dreams but not what actually happened. >> a look back at the icon of pop culture. ellen strikes back after matt claims to know how her guest scares go down. >> there's a tell. >> ellen calls his bluff. and star-studded morning. jennifer hudson, the cast of "will and grace," steve martin and jane fonda, they're all here in our studio today, thursday, september 28th, 2017.
8:01 am
♪ >> you two daughters just surprised your mom. >> happy 80th! >> i found someone who taught her mom how to use the dvr. why? >> so she could see us on "today." >> what are you ladies celebrating? >> the big 7-0! >> hey, y'all, gloria is turning 83. >> happy birthday, gloria! >> i think i found my favorite sign. first time on "today." where are you guys from? >> atlanta, georgia. >> little ladies. >> first today. two words. >> so cute. >> welcome to "today." nice to have you with us on a pretty thursday morning. >> if you're getting into the vibe you're hearing, the music in the background, telling us we'll get more of that tomorrow.
8:02 am
>> this song is on fire. >> it is my new despacito. >> oh, okay. let us get right to the news at 8:00. there's a lot going on. playboy founder hugh hefner being remembered this morning as a cultural pioneer who turned his sophisticated fantasy lifestyle into a global empire. he died at his los angeles mansion at the age of 91. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer is there with more on hef's life and influe e influence. good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. hugh hefner died peacefully here of natural causes as the playboy mansion at the age of 91. he started playboy in the 1950s and realized sex sells. he was the original playboy. >> i had wild dreams but i didn't have any dreams as wild as what actually happened. >> reporter: his life and his work, considered to be the personification of sex, swagger and sophistication. with just a few thousand dollars, he published the first
8:03 am
playboy in 1953 from his kitchen. on the cover, a captivating, young blonde named marilyn monroe, who also appeared nude in the magazine's center fold. the magazine was a unique blend of sex appeal and edgy, editorial content. from some of the era's most celebrated writers. critics called it vulgar and exploiting. but hefner says he helped loosen up button down america. >> was there making a case for the sexual revolution before almost anybody else. i take real pride in that. >> reporter: hefner turned playboy into a media empire, opening a string of exclusive clubs in the '60s and '70s that introduced the world to playboy bunnies. later, expanding the magazine's reach through shrewd merchandising, movies and tv. he also created one of the most famous residences in the world. the playboy mansion. known for hosting celebrities and all-night parties.
8:04 am
he revelled in the success. rarely shedding his trademark silk pajamas and smoking jacket and surrounding himself with an endless bevy of beauties. >> hi. welcome to playboy's penthouse. >> reporter: at times, a polarizing figure, hef never apologized. >> i have no major regrets. we only get one time around, so i feel i'm one of the very fortunate few. >> reporter: the man who was once quoted as saying, life is too short to be living someone else's dream, died after living out his own. hefner turned playboy into a worldwide brand. the playboy bunny, famous in so many countries, at one point, he had the world's most popular men's magazine. matt? >> miguel, thank you very much. "new york times" did an obituary and compared him to people like walt disney, gatsby, iconic figures. >> impact on the culture whether
8:05 am
you approved of him or not. another story we're following, police hoping they might have a break in the unsolved murders of two teenage girls in delphi, indiana. 31-year-old registered sex offenders nations from indianapolis was arrested monday in colorado, accused of threatening several people with a hatchet near a hiking trail. now, police are investigating possible links to the case of 14-year-old liberty german and 13-year-old abigail williams. their bodies were found near a nature trail in delphi, indiana, in february. you may recall this story. one of the victims cell phones recorded a voice saying, "down the hill." then, of course, they were later killed. indiana state police are cautioning right now, there's nothing that definitivety connects this person to their investigation. >> that story certainly calls for something lighter. it is time for your morning boost. good timing. >> you go it. may have heard about this honor flight network. it is an organization that flies veterans to d.c. so they can look at the nation's capital and
8:06 am
see the war me moralmorials. a veteran and his harmonica brought them to their feet. ♪ god bless america ♪ land that i love ♪ stand beside her >> 75 world war ii, korean and vietnam veterans made this trip. they returned home the next day to a hero's welcome. there's something beautiful about that. >> simple. >> the honor network, by the way, relies on donations. they have 27,000 vets who are waiting to make this journey. there's a long waiting list. >> everybody started singing "god bless america." i love that. >> hoda, thank you very much. a lot more ahead on a thursday morning. check out this lineup. the newest coach on the "voice," jennifer hudson, is going to sit in on trending. plus, the cast of "will and grace" looks ahead to tonight's big return. and jane fonda gets real
8:07 am
about her new movie and love scenes with robert redford. and steve martin is going to show off his musical talents. a live performance. no, really. ["thunder" by imagine dragons] ♪not a yes sir, not a follower ♪fit the box, fit the mold ♪have a seat in the foyer, take a number♪ ♪i was lightning before the thunder♪ ♪lightning and the thunder ♪thunder, feel the thunder ♪lightning and the thunder ♪thunder, thunder ♪thunder ♪thunder
8:08 am
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8:12 am
it is 11 minutes after 8:00. time for trending. look. >> superstar. >> we have a guest this morning. newest coach on the "voice," jennifer hudson. >> thank you. >> you know about this whole thing? >> what's this whole thing? >> we ask that every day. >> jen, you're going to play with us. >> see if i can keep up. >> we're going to look at what's trending on twitter. here are the things trending. hugh hefner, obviously. national poetry day and friday eve. >> thursday. >> it is? >> yes. >> that's trending? >> see what we're learning? >> you're perfect for this. >> anyway, let's talk about relationships. you've all heard of the phrase, playing hard to get, all right? have you ever wondered if the tactic actually works long term? does it really pay off in the end? the "new york post" laid it out. playing hard to get stems from the idea of renaissance, meaning
8:13 am
we don't like to be told no, become limited, and then we try harder and harder for that thing. so people will use this tactic in dating because you think the other person will stay interested. do you agree with the premise? >> you only want the ones you can't have? >> yeah. well, that makes you more interested. a guy once told me, i don't run for a bus i'm already on. you don't chase something -- >> that's horrible. >> no, it's not. >> that's like why buy the cow? horrible. >> okay. so i want to know, let's talk about this, so you guys are all in relationships or married. did either you or your now spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend play hard to get in the beginning? savannah guthrie, starting with you. did you? >> i think -- first of all, generally, i've never played hard to get. i'm always too available. i'm that person. however, given the moment in my life when i met my husband, i think i wasn't playing hard to get. i was hard to get because i really was scared to be in a relationship. i think it kind of worked because we're married now and have two, cute kids.
8:14 am
>> let's go this way. >> here at jhud productions, we want what we want when we want it. i get straight to the point on anything in life. >> you were like, hey, i want you? >> i mean, if i'm after you, you're going to know it. >> wow. >> straight to the point. >> do you like if he's full-court pressing you, or a guy who takes a step back? >> in the beginning, you should be on it. later, give me some space. you know? >> yeah. >> i can't beat that. i was my husband's -- at the time, i was his tour guide in college. that's how that happened. >> wow. >> we'll leave that alone. >> story for another day. >> did deborah roberts play hard to get? >> i was trapped in the friend zone, which is kind of like the phantom zone, until you break out. >> matt? >> i chased annette. >> yes. >> for sure. >> she was not having it. i was persistent. >> i like that. >> you? >> i think we just mutually came together. i think i chased joel a little,
8:15 am
to be truthful. >> good for you. >> he is chase worthy. >> yes, he is. >> you got on the bus. >> i'm riding it. >> she's still riding it. >> that was good. shall we pop start now? >> yes. >> exclusive look at maroon 5's newest music video. it's for their single "what do lovers do," and is climbing the charts. we see maroon 5's front man, adam levine, living in a dream. here's your first look. ♪ >> catchy, right? sounding good. maroon 5 will be here on the "today" show november 2nd to perform for you. i can't wait to see that. up next, rumors are swirling about who the next super bowl halftime performer will be.
8:16 am
a source claims the 2018 performer will be justin timberlake. they report the deal isn't final az finalized but so many people are excited about the possibility. justin's team has commented. this wouldn't be justin's first time performing at the super bowl. 13 years ago, he surprised everyone. >> oh, yeah. >> joining janet jackson on stage. that became infamous when janet suffered a wardrobe malfunction at the hand of justin. will the two reunite and redeem the performance? >> i'd love to see that. i think janet should come back, too. >> jhud production speaks. maybe it'll happen. >> take note. >> super bowl li will be february 4th on nbc. this is for you, matt. we showed you a clip of eric stonestreet getting revenge after being scared every time he was on the show. he took out the aggression on
8:17 am
one frank stprankster. you made a claim that everyone should know when to be scared. ellen gives a signal. >> there's a sign. >> ellen has a message for matt. >> you know, matt, if you're so clever, why didn't you pick up on the signals when we scared you? >> we go in the morning. i'll play a song, we get up dancing, do the stones and things, and she'll play another one, get depressed. stevie wonder. >> yeah. >> oh! >> i said there's a sign. i said i didn't see it. but there is a sign. have you ever had that experience? no? let me tell you, it's not funny. i'm an old man, and i have an old heart. >> you're very composed in your fright. >> on the outside. it was a dark suit. finally, oscar, grammy
8:18 am
winner and newest coach on nbc's the "voice." >> yeah. >> season 13. >> i love it. i don't know what to say. to be able to sit in a chair, have people singing to me, all i have to do is listen, oh, my god, it is a dream. i just love music. >> you say sitting in the chair. you have a tactic. it feels like one to me. >> uh-huh. >> you get up on stage a lot. is that to convince them to join your team? >> well, here at jhud productions, we believe that we can show you better than we can tell you. >> yeah. >> it is good to give an example of what they're going to -- if they're coming to my team, what they're going to experience and how i can coach them. it's like, i'll creep in and give you an example. >> quickly, you are the only one up there who has been a contestant on one of these shows. an "american idol" contestant. you can share that. >> i try to speak from my experience so i can help the contestants. two sides to the equation. you have a television show about a television show with talent on
8:19 am
it. these artists need to transcend into the music industry. i'm trying to instill all of my experience and wisdom into my contestant so we can win. >> jhud productions. >> i'll be on your team. >> team jhud. >> you're sticking around? did you know this? >> no. >> you're talking to me and kathie lee at 10:00. >> catch the "voice" monday and tuesday nights here on nbc. al? >> let's show you what's happening around the country. you'll see we're basically looking at plenty of sunshine -- people sneaking around. flood threat through texas. fire risk continues unfortunately through california. back to good morning. the heat and humidity finally take a break. you can thank the winds. gusty winds to 30 miles an hour will bring in the cooler, drier air. you'll feel the change during the day. it will keep us in the 70s for the suburbs.
8:20 am
lots of sunshine for philadelphia, 78 degrees. strongest winds will back off later this afternoon. up to 75 for the lehigh valley. lots of sunshine for delaware. he's a man but age aged int lesbian. >> steven tyler. newt gingrich. >> yes! she's -- don't get me started. >> jada pinkett smith. >> yes. oh, oh, we want to love her but she makes it impossible. >> caitlyn jenner. >> of course. oh, rich, hostage. >> melania. >> beret. >> patty hurst. >> yes! whew. >> this is a day that's been marked on a lot of calendars for a while. four very familiar faces are back on nbc tonight, and we could not be more excited. the cast of "will and grace" is here. >> are we on a first name basis yet? eric, debra, megan and sean. >> mr. hayes. >> oh, i'm sorry. nice to see you guys.
8:21 am
>> nice to see you, too. >> these first group of questions you answer by simply rudely pointing a finger at each other, okay? >> okay. >> who was most eager to get this show back? >> okay. >> who was least eager? >> well, no. >> she lives in new york and has a child, so logistically, difficult. >> i had things to work out. >> we all live in los angeles, so it was much easier. >> who has changed the most in the 1 years? >> full reconstructive surgery. he had a full body lift. they pulled his whole body up. >> i walked in and i was like, guys, it's sean. >> 27 when we started and never done a tv show. now he's the big producer. now he has produced all these tv shows. >> here we are. i'm producing the "today" show now. >> congratulations. >> we'll be extra nice to you.
8:22 am
>> what other questions? >> i was thinking about your characters, not you, and i thought, they're all 11 years older but none has really matured, right? >> basically true. >> did the chemistry just come right back? >> yeah. i think for all of us, it was easy to kind of, after a while, get back into the skin of our characters. it's like any friends of ours, friends of yours, any friends anybody has, a the cort the cor the same. we may look older but we're the same people. >> when we're on the set, it is like going back to your bedroom at your parents' house. you become that kid. there's your stereo. >> he goes right to the kitchen. >> so the world changed a little bit. >> a little. >> just a tad. >> in what way? >> social media exploded. you will find out exactly what people think of your episodes the second they're over. >> i didn't even -- it didn't occur to me. >> the thing about that that's
8:23 am
been great, i started on social media kind of late. i never posted anything about "will and grace" because i thought, that'd be sort of pathetic, you know. that'd be sad. but then debra and i were tweeting back and forth, and we posted some picture of us from the last episode, where we were crying. the response was just overwhelming. i thought, oh, wow, that's interesting. since this whole thing has happened, to me, it's quite poigna poignant, the incredible, passionate, enthusiastic response we've gotten from -- you know, you post a picture and the comments are all like, you know, oh, we're so excited. we can't wait. you know, quit teasing us. let it start. it is very sweet. >> was anyone scared, in the sense of, that show was so special and so many people would say, it was perfect. >> i was. >> to go back and be tinkering with it -- >> yeah. >> i would have been scared if we hadn't done the video in september. >> you did an ad together.
8:24 am
>> it was proof of concept. we could see the response to it and go, that looks like a show. >> that's right. we can do this again. we can pick up 11 years later. >> this all happens tonight after much-anticipation. >> oh, my gosh. >> what's the headline you want to read in the media section of the newspaper tomorrow morning? >> even funnier. that's what i want it to say. they're even funnier. >> we've gotten a few reviews so far, and we've been very lucky so far that they have said that. >> we just -- >> we want to make people laugh. i mean, you know, i really needed to laugh out loud again. it's been a long time. every day, you know, we get to go to work and laugh out loud. i mean, it's such a gift. then to hopefully make other people laugh out loud. >> that's lol, matt. >> smiley face. hashtag. >> yeah. >> with tears running down. >> yes. >> he communicates almost entirely in emojis. >> all emoji, all the time.
8:25 am
>> back when the show originally aired, it was an honor to be asked to do a cameo. >> yes. >> still one of the highlights of my career. who is the ideal cameo in the new run? >> oh, it has to be savannah. >> available. call me. >> who do you want? >> barbra streisand. >> michelle obama. >> oprah. >> savannah. >> i was like, set your sights lower and -- okay. maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves, but would you want to do another season after this? >> oh, i think we all just want to see, you know, how it all goes. >> i want to do eight seasons. did i say that out loud? >> he did the, oh, it is an honor to be nominated. guys, it is so nice. >> thank you so much. >> great to see you back. >> thank you. >> warm blase place in our hear >> tweet how you feel about the show after you see it.
8:26 am
>> watch the turn of "will and grace" tonight on nbc. up next, steve martin after your local news. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. let's get right to bill henley with your forecast. >> lots of sunshine, a pretty good breeze which has brought the temperatures down this morning for the lehigh valley and the suburbs. we'll stay in the 70s. we're not going to warm into the 80s or 90s like we've seen recently. the humidity, coming down as the day goes on. there's massive delays all around in downingtown and the school district around route 30.
8:27 am
school buses are stuck behind some of those detours so it's starting to become a huge problem. everything all around there, a complete strip of red. also watching the vine street expressway. following an earlier crash on the schuylkill's westbound side. hosting a daca phone bank today where we'll have experts answering your questions and providing free confidential advice. daca has allowed 800,000 dreamers brought to the u.s. as children to stay. the future of daca is in question after president trump suspended the program and gave congress six months to pass a bill to preserve it.
8:28 am
meet steve sweeney. he's a double-dipping pension padder.
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double-dipping pension padder! he had two government jobs, two paychecks and padded his pension along the way. he's a double-dipping pension padder! now he's making over $300,000 a year as a lobbyist and a senator. double-dipping pension padder! so he's all set - thanks to you, the taxpayer. which is why steve sweeney had no problem voting to raise your taxes 145 times, including the largest gas tax hike in history. sounds about right, coming from a.... double-dipping pension padder!
8:30 am
♪ we're back now. 8:30 on a thursday morning. it's the 28th day of september, 2017. what a nice day. what a nice crowd out on the plaza. nice to see you guys. by the way, if these nice people stick around for 24 hours, they'll get to hear the music of camila cabello, a live concert
8:31 am
tomorrow morning. love to have you. how is the weather going to be? >> spectacular. better than today. >> and it is beautiful. we have great music just ahead. steve martin and the steep canyon rangers are here. great new song. cannot wait to hear it. also, the great jane fonda. we're happy to have her here. she'll talk about her big screen reunion with robert redford. then getting you ready for a weekend of football with terrific recipes for sliders and dips. >> yummy. and before we get to al's forecast, which is coming up, it is time for our crowd moment where we scour the crowd and look for one lucky person. al roker, there are a lot of i love al signs today. they happen to be everywhere. but this young lady would like a selfie with apl. >> of course. sure. >> you got it? >> there you go. hey now. >> thank you. >> thank you. all right.
8:32 am
>> how about that, al roker? >> thank you very much. >> have you ever taken just a selfie where you're like this? >> um, yes. i have. >> all right. meanwhile, check of the weather. >> we have the weekend outlook coming up. show you on friday, it is going to feel like fall in the mid-atlantic states and into the northeast. lingering, wet weather through the gulf coast. look for a fire threat to continue along the southwest coast. weekend outlook, saturday, chilly. a little on the damp side in the northeast. sunny and dry out west. showers through the southwest. tropical showers down through florida. sunday, sunday, a beautiful day along the eastern half of the country. flood risk in florida. drier and sunny in texas. mountain snows through the western plains. good morning. the heat and humidity finally take a break. you can thank the winds. gusty winds gusting to 30 miles an hour will bring in the
8:33 am
cooler, drier air. it will keep us in the 70s this afternoon for the suburbs. lots of sunshine for philadelphia, 78 degrees. strongest winds this morning will back off some late this afternoon. up to 75 degrees for the lehigh valley. new jersey warms to 77 degrees inland and at the shore. lots of sunshine for delaware. >> veryy interesting. you can get your full forecast from our friends at the weather channel. matt? it's been 50 years since jane fonda and robert redford first found on screen love in the classic "barefoot in the park." now, they're reuniting in the netflix movie "our souls at night." jane plays a lonely widow who finds companionship with her neighbor played by robert redford. the two begin to become the talk of the town. take that look. >> so, lewis, what's the problem? >> well, i don't want anybody to think anything bad. >> anything bad? >> yeah. about you or about us.
8:34 am
>> oh. let it go, louis. we always knew people would find out. who cares? >> jane fonda, welcome back. this makes me happy. good. >> it does. >> i like to make people happy. >> when i see the two of you on screen, it makes me happy. >> makes me happy, too. >> you immediately said yes to this. >> immediately. >> was it because you wanted to work with robert, or was it you love the story so much? >> both, both. it's a wonderful book, "our souls at night." it was -- bob bought the book and he produced the movie. he was smart enough to ask me to be in it with him. it makes a lot of sense, the two of us together in a movie like this. >> you said something about doing the movie with him. you said i wanted to fall in love with him again. just elaborate on that a little bit. >> well, there's something about him. i mean, besides the gorgeousness, he's smart, he's funny. we have a lot in common.
8:35 am
we both like trees and mountains and horses. the movie needed us to feel like hands going into comfortable gloves. it felt that way. very, very comfortable. >> when you describe the things you have in common, it explains for me something he said to me. he was here earlier in the week. when i talked to him about working with you, he smiled, first of all, this great smile, and then he said, it's just so easy. >> yeah. >> it is so easy to be around her and work with her. maybe that's because of the thi things you mentioned you have in common. >> i love the movie so much because it is how we're close to the end of our life, but if you have the courage, where my character does, you can have love and companionship again, even if it is late in life. >> what i like, and i don't want to make this sound superficial, but you can have sex and -- >> that, too. >> it is so nice that this movie, you know, portrays that among an age group that they often don't include that in a movie.
8:36 am
>> yeah, right. >> it is important to people out there watching who say, wait a second, my sexual life is not over when i turn 50. >> yeah. but we get to the sex in the way it should kind of always be. when i ask him to come and sleep with me, it is just so we can talk and i won't feel alone. so we spend such a long time lying in bed and talking. by the time the sex comes, we're like hands in old gloves. >> there's actually romance? my goodness. you don't see it much in movies these days. 50 years ago, as i mentioned in the introduction, you two did "barefoot in the park." do you have vivid memory of that, shooting the movie with him? >> nothing but fun. it was about the best-written comedy that one can imagine. we had such a good time. >> you walked in the studio a second ago. as i always do with you, i'm in awe. because you seem so vibrant.
8:37 am
by the way, before people at home cringe when i mention your age, you've always said to me it's okay. >> yeah, right. >> okay. so you will turn -- >> 80. >> -- 80 this year. you feel you are in an incredibly good place in your life. >> yeah, especially when i never thought i'd live this long. i've outlived my parents. i feel -- and i'm working and i feel good. i'm just -- i constantly pinch myself. i feel very blessed. >> jane fonda, always nice to see you. >> great to see you. >> you're off to paris, by the way. >> that's right. >> you'll do the runway in a fashion show. >> yes. yeah, i know, isn't it weird? >> take me with you. >> fooled them again. good to see you, matt. >> thank you so much. >> "our souls at night" opens in select theaters and streams on netflix tomorrow. matt, thank you so much. just ahead, steve martin and the steep canyon rangers bringing a taste of bluegrass to our studio. then a taste of something good, as well. tasty snacks for your football
8:38 am
games this weekend. first, this is "today" on
8:39 am
♪ ♪ start your day with a new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a.
8:40 am
it is time, as we welcome you back, to take you to today food loves football. the indianapolis colts head west. they're taking on the seattle seahawks on nbc. here to cook up recipes for the game, chef alex, the author of "the house cook." good to see you. >> thank you. >> you're cooking for both teams. >> i am. i'm not going to tell you which team i'm rooting for. >> we'll do that at the end of the segment. i'll pry it out of you. let's start with indianapolis. >> yes. >> you're making a pork slider here. >> this is an indianapolis classic. a pork slider is classic game day food. pork, egg, parm and bread crumbs. cook them slow and low like my grandmother. this is going into a slider. >> important to make sure you have thin pork chops. >> you have to pound them. get your butcher to do that, pound the pork and make it really thin. >> while this is cooking, there's another element to this.
8:41 am
you put a great slau w on top. >> i do. >> how do you make it? >> cook it in the same pan as the pork. drop in tomatoes. add a pinch of salt, if you don't mind. cabbage, hot sauce, basil. had something warm and it almost makes it melt. >> tomatoes are unusual in slaw, aren't they? >> i want a little juicy. you have the fried component and the bread. you need juice factor in there. that's what it is for. >> that's as simple as it is? >> that's it. nice and light. >> put the entire pork patty on there? >> patty. when the slaw sits for a few minutes -- >> go ahead. >> go for it. >> generously, right? >> oh,y factor. >> delicious. >> this is the perfect breakfast. >> so good. >> we have that. >> indianapolis. now, i'll tell you, i don't care
8:42 am
if there is a football game or no football game, i love this next recipe. >> all right. we've got -- we know where your allegiance lies. crab dip. little bit of cream cheese. >> you soften that. >> you have to. is this how your mom made it? >> she made clam dip. >> oh. crab or clam. add paprika and lemon into that. then you literally mix that all together a little bit, nice and easy. >> salt? >> always a pinch of salt. mix that. i add the crap right in there. don't overmix it, right? just a little bit. >> that's a lot of crab. you're making serious crab dip here. >> this is like two portions, i think. >> two portions for who? >> i'm kidding. for me and my boyfriend. that's it. >> what do we think of this? >> too good. >> too good. >> good crab dip for breakfast. >> are these regular potato
8:43 am
chips? >> eat it out of the bowl. >> i love a few crunchy chips. if you take a strainer and dust it with spice, it goes over nice and evenly in the crevices, it is like crop dusting for the potato chips. >> pudding bars. >> that's the most delicious thing i've had all day. >> i love dessert lovers. >> the crab dip is one of the best things i've had. >> try the pudding bar. >> this is game day rivalry. i feel you're picking your teams. >> till ell us about the puddin bars. >> condensed milk, graham cracker crust, chocolate and peanut on top for texture. you can get past the crab dip and into dessert. >> i'm going to trade places. >> i love it. >> get ready, lauer. >> still a little crab dip in my mouth. >> doesn't matter. >> this is all seattle seahawks over here on this side. then we have the indiana sugar
8:44 am
cream pie over here, if you like that. that's brown sugar and crust. so good. >> what are you doing tomorrow? want to come back? >> i'll be here making your mom's clam dip. >> you told me at the end of the segment, you'd tell me who you're rooting for. >> seahawks. >> yeah! >> seahawks, pudding bars. >> this is pudding bars. the fun stuff. what about you? >> i don't have a dog in this fight. i'm going to stay on the sidelines of this one. >> oh, my god. you roped me? >> he did. >> i stayed on the sidelines. >> going with the seahawks. alex, thank you so much. if you want these recipes or if you want to take something off of savannah's plate, go to and be sure to catch seahawks/colts, sunday night on nbc. i have a chocolate chip stuck in my teeth. coverage begins 7:00 eastern on football night in america. up next, live performance. steve martin and the steep canyon rangers. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. we're back at 8:47. not only is steve martin an oscar, grammy winner, but plays the banjo. >> angry banjo. >> he's here with the steep canyon rangers and the long-awaited album. literally, it is called "the long-awaited album." >> perfect time. >> we've been waiting so long for the album. >> it's been seven years, six years, since we did our last album. a couple albums with edie brickell in between. now the rangers are back, being us. >> you were on the road a lot together, right? >> i've been on the road with the rangers. i've been on the road with edie brickell. i've been on the road with martin short and the steen canyon rangers. >> i wanted to ask about the martin short tour. you're doing comedy. you're doing music. >> it is a comedy show.
8:48 am
we have interludes of music we like to play, yeah. >> i was reading something that you had told in the liner notes, i think, that your agent said when talking about this album, steve, you have to realize -- >> let me tell. >> you'll do it better. definitely, definitely. >> i only wanted to tell because you got it slightly wrong. i was talking about a previous album. >> oh. >> how to promote it. he said to me, well, steve, remember, you're selling something no one wants. now -- >> don't you pay him to be on your side? >> what he meant were cds. people stream. on a cd, it is like a souvenir. a wonderful thing to have a t z treasu treasure. >> yes. >> that's why i wanted it to be the "long-awaited album," from that comment. >> you're playing a song for us. is it hard to learn? >> easy. that's why we're playing it live on the "today" show. >> we've been longly awaiting
8:49 am
it. i'm out. go ahead. >> over and out. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ with the stars to guide us under full moonlight ♪ ♪ the wind behind us as we sail tonight ♪ ♪ we will hold our faces tilted toward the sky ♪ ♪ warm embraces, celebrate this night ♪ ♪ oh, oh
8:50 am
♪ on the water, we are not the same ♪ ♪ time a waving, time reclaimed ♪ ♪ the tides carried by the wind ♪ lying here beside you with the salt on your skin ♪ ♪ oh, oh ♪ ♪ ♪
8:51 am
♪ with the lights of the harbor, we come sailing in ♪ ♪ will you still be here with me when we sail again ♪ ♪ oh, oh ♪ oh, oh [ applause ] >> i love it. steve martin and the steep canyon rangers. it is the "long awaited album." how was matt, a little pitchy? >> a little flat.
8:52 am
at the same time, sharp. >> best line of the week, "no, let me tell it." >> that's what we says every day. these guys are back for a song a little later. next is kathie lee and hoda. facing an epidodemic fueled by opioid painkillers. vanessa: in honor of september being recovery month, we want you to know that recovery from addiction is possible, but you need to know the signs. they can be hard to spot: social withdrawal, financial problems, irritability. christie: if you see these signs occurring together or suddenly, you may have cause for concern. the signs you spot today... vanessa: ...could save a loved one tomorrow. christie: call 844 reach nj or visit
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welcome back, everybody. let's head over to sheinelle in the orange room. she's checking out something cool. hey, girl. >> this is cool. everybody is buzzing about this. i'll make you hip. we're fans of bit mmoji, who partnered with snap yn chchat. you can put your 3d animated character into real-life themes. social media users have been sharing theirs online. >> cool. >> we decided to get into the game. matt, here you are, a boost from your morning coffee. next, savannah rocking out. >> go, girl. >> love it. >> al, here we go. you're in nature, searching for a cell signal. hoda, you're doing a little yoga. >> yeah. >> right now, i'm working on
8:55 am
making mine. you can put yourself in real life situations. i'm in the orange room. no, come back. there we go. wait, here i am. >> this is great. >> can you find me? where'd i go? >> i don't know. that's a real-life situation if you know sheinelle. >> shoot, i lost myself. you can join the fun. download the bitmoji and senatechsenat snapchat apps. >> so cute. >> i love how sheinelle goes, i lost myself. >> can we just take a shot of steve martin without any lighting? there we go. we put lights on. do you know how brave you are, to have us do the chorus? >> not brave, stupid. >> we have ruined songs in the past. >> we have. >> ask stevie wonder. >> i found it fantastic. i really did. >> it was so fun. >> steve, thank you. let's check in with megyn. >> we have world cup champion carli lloyd.
8:56 am
jeff rossen has dogs who can sniff out pornography. and part two with menendez. >> sold. >> we have a lot coming up. we hold you'll check that out. we'll have more after your local news. >> time for the chorus, one more good morning. let's get a quick check of our weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a quick change in the weather. the temperatures have come down, the humidity is dropping. the wind is bringing us the big difference compared to the last few days. 17 miles an hour wind in philadelphia north. 60s in the suburbs. 71 degrees at 11:00.
8:57 am
gusty winds will still be around at 2:00 and just up to 72 degrees. jessica boyington is watching the roads for us. >> we've been watching this for most of the morning. in downingtown that earlier crash is finally opened back up. route 30 eastbound right near route 282, but the delays in the area are still massive. also watching the vine street expressway around eighth street. house speaker paul ryan will be coming to delaware county to talk about the gop tax reform plan. he'll hold a question and answer session with employees there. today is transit safety thursday. officials will be at nearly a dozen stations to raise awareness about staying safe on the rails.
8:58 am
nbc 10 and telemundo 62 are hosting a daca phone bank today. we'll have experts answering your questions and providing free advice. we'll reveal the phone number when the phone bank opens. megyn kelly today starts in minutes. have a good one.
8:59 am
9:00 am
hello. hi. welcome. hello to all of you. the nation was gripped by the story of the menendez brothers. today, you'll hear more of our exclusive conversation with lyle. what do carli lloyd, reese witherspoon, james kcorden and david beckham have in common? stay tuned to find out. how does a woman convince doctors she's sick? the dogs trained to sniff out what human predators try to hide. you have to see this. all that and more right now on "megyn kelly


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