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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  October 18, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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the plan for his play time. lots to get into there. we will get to it. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm katy zachry. 5:30 on the dot. let's start with meteorologist krystal klei. she has more on this chilly weather this morning, but what's going to heat up later today and continue for the next few days. hi. >> yeah, it's actually going to be nice over the next few days. if you loved yesterday's temperature in the afternoon, you're going to take a pause on the fall conditions. we're in a warming trend. not necessarily this morning, though. it is still chilly to start. you've got to snag a jacket before you head out the door. what you do not need is an umbrella, rain boots, anything like that. it's dry. we're at 41 in allentown and 48 in philadelphia. that's a notable difference. yesterday morning we were in the low 40s. low to upper 40s, chilly but not as bad. 41 at mt. holly. we're at 40 in vineland. some spots over parts of south jersey are in the low to mid 30s. heads up, that's where the frost
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advisory is in place through 9:00 a.m. radar and satellite, clear as can be. there is no rain heading our direction. in fact, as we move forward, like i mentioned, the next few days, what a difference. yesterday was low 60s. today, 70. then it's just up, up, up. we're going to talk more about the warming trend coming up in just a bit. right now, over to traffic and jessica boyington. >> thanks. starting on the schuylkill expressway just around conshohocken. earlier on the westbound side, i've been watching this construction on that off ramp on the westbound side to conshohocken. it looks like it's clear right now. it looks like everything's back to normal. now they'll move the camera here. we're still watching a little construction there. it looks like the ramp is back open. that's actually the good thing. if you look, there are also signs over into the right-hand shoulder. lanes are open, this is the westbound side here. here's eastbound. no problems there for the most part. a crash in bryn athyn on huntington pike at tomlinson road. and 13 minutes southbound from the woodhaven to the schuylkill
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expressway and speeds into the 60s. >> thanks. the crisis in puerto rico is still urgent this morning. >> today dozens of people will leave the lehigh valley for washington to demand action from our lawmakers. the need for water in puerto rico is dire. people are so desperate they're breaking into wells that the government says are polluted. meantime, this viral video is sparking outrage. food and water on the storm-ravaged island getting thrown away. the supplies were ruined after getting left in the rain. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is live in allentown where people are set to leave. >> what do people heading to the capitol hope to accomplish today? >> reporter: this is a group of 40 people, many with ties and family on the island in puerto rico. they're meeting at this allentown park in an hour to head to the capitol to petition the government for more action in the aftermath of the storm. the first group is going to leave out of allentown about
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6:30. the group is called "make the road pennsylvania." another bus full of people is going to head out of reading about 7:30 this morning. they'll arrive in the nation's capitol with plans to protest outside the trump hotel as well as outside congress. activists say they are just fed up with what they see as a lack of help for these hurricane victims in puerto rico. . >> going to be rallying in front of the trump hotel and marching to congress. we're going to be doing lobbying and demanding that congress take emergency steps that are necessary to save the people of puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. >> reporter: statements by president trump they say is offensive to puerto ricans. they say more needs to be done. the next hour, we'll talk to these guys as they head out on the bus. they believe this is not about politics, just about getting the federal government to do more to help their family, many who remain stranded on the island. for now, live in allentown, randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news.
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now to the latest on the controversy involving president trump's comments about fallen soldiers. a florida congresswoman says the president told the widow of one of the four soldiers killed in niger that the soldier knew what he was signing up for when he joined the military. congresswoman fredricka wilson says that she was with the widow of sergeant david johnson as they were on their way to the airport for the arrival of his remains. that's when wilson says the president called the widow, and wilson heard the comment which she is calling insensitive. on monday the president said he wasn't sure if previous presidents called families of soldiers killed in battle. yesterday in a radio interview, he took another swipe at former president barack obama. >> as far as other representatives, i don't know. you could ask general kelly, did he get a call from obama. >> the president was invoking the memory of the son of his chief of staff who was killed in afghanistan in 2010. general john kelly does not speak publicly about his son's
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death. yesterday former vice president joe biden had this message for president trump -- >> i spent every christmas day when i was there at walter reed. the president went over regularly every thanksgiving i had. the families would come and have thanksgiving dinner at my home. and look, we -- i can't explain president trump. >> biden made the comments at the university of delaware where he attended a discussion with republican governor john kasich of ohio. chesterer police are looking for a shooter of two people. a teenager and man in his 60s were shot on johnson street, not far from 95. police believe the shooter was aiming for the teenage victim. we are working to learn both his and the other man's condition. prosecutors say 16 delaware inmates are responsible for killing a corrections officer during a riot in february at the
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state's maximum security prison. the inmates are all charged with murder in the death of lieutenant steven floyd. the delaware department of justice unsealed a total of 18 indictments yesterday. prosecutors say the inmates kidnapped floyd and several other prison workers in an attempt to demand better treatment. nbc10 spoke to the wife of a corrections officer who said despite charges against the inmates and changes at the prison, she is still worried for her husband's safety. >> there's been a couple of things that we've been hearing about that he -- about inmates wanting to do something similar again. i just tell him, just do what you do. my husband has been deployed overseas many times. he has a different perspective from a lot of ceos there. >> the office of defense services said it will provide representation for the inmates who were involved. nine of the men indict read already convicted killers. attorneys for lieutenant floyd's family and the other workers who were taken as hostages had no comment.
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as the deadline is fast approaching, fight for amazon's second headquarters is heating up in our area. today delaware county will announce its proposal to the online retail giant. leaders will highlight redevelopment opportunities, incentives, and the labor force in the county. >> every neighborhood, every person, every ethnicity, every experience, every journey adds to the value that we have as a city. >> now that's somebody from philadelphia trying to pitch philly as the place for amazon's second headquarters. philadelphia's trying to entice amazon with a series of videos. yesterday's video focused on the diverse work force available in philadelphia. the city will be releasing another video today. other parts of the region are trying to get in on the action to be the second quarters for amazon. again, this is going to be $5 billion spent on the facility. 50,000 jobs. who wants in? the state of delaware, mercer county, atlantic county, camden, and newark. amazon's deadline for the bids is tomorrow. a decision expected sometime early next year.
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this morning, after months of delay, the all-new love park is almost ready for its debut in center city, philadelphia. the christmas village will be the first event to welcome people to the newly renovated love park. i can't believe i'm saying christmas village are. we there yet? not quite, but almost. love park has been undergoing a $1 million upgrade since february of last year. the christmas village will be open on thanksgiving day, and the city will hold an opening ceremony for the park sometime in the spring. let's talk about the weather headlines. a chilly morning yet again. for some not quite as cool as yesterday. for others, more 30s on the map this morning. that definitely means for all of our neighborhoods you want to grab at least some kind of jacket or sweater out the door. back to 70s in spots beginning this afternoon. that warming trend, it just keeps on going right into the weekend. the dry week meaning a beautiful
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weekend ahead. dry, warming conditions, doing outdoor plans. apple picking, pumpkin patch. yeah, you'll be fine with the family. there's a frost advisory in place this morning. this is from right now through 9:00 a.m. you see there's four counties affected throughout parts of south jersey and the jersey shore. these are locations where it's low to mid spirits, slick spots. plants -- mid 30s, slick spots. plants may be affected. atlantic county, southern burlington, and ocean county, as well, with the exception of the water's edge where temperatures are going to be considerably warmer than they are inland. we'll start in philadelphia. the day planners for today. 48 for the current reading in philadelphia. now the time is 5:39. look at the jump. up to 57 by 10:00 a.m. today, warmer than yesterday, high of 61. a high of 70 in philadelphia at 4:00 p.m. sunny with light winds, too. now to new jersey, 41 degrees.
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calm and clear. we're at 64 by lunchtime. beautiful afternoon. also looking at a high around 70 degrees. and let's wrap it up with the pennsylvania suburbs. 43 the current reading. that temperature rise into the upper 60s. and you guessed it -- lots of sunshine. look at how long the sunshine sticks on the ten day coming up. >> all right. see you for that shortly. first, we need to get a check of the roads now. jessica boyington is standing by. about 20 minutes before 6:00. things are starting to pick up. you've been watching 422 all morning. >> yeah, watching it earlier for construction. here watching 422 around route 23 with a disabled vehicle or so in the area here. either way, lanes are still getting by. so drive times aren't really affected right now. still a little bit early for that. in bryn athyn watching huntington pike at tomlinson road for a crash. the blue route looks okay for the most part. 15 minutes on the southbound side. moving from the schuylkill expressway headed to 95, speeds into the 60s.
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rosemary and katy? >> thanks. i want every kid to understand to get away from it. i have ruined three families. >> we introduce you to this man. earlier this week, his life was saved by narcan, and he was still carrying drugs with him. now he says he's on the road to recovery. plus, keeping your kids safe. what officers are doing to make sure that drivers are following the rules of the road while students wait at the bus stop. and candy craze. halloween is just around the corner. the most popular sweet in your state is coming up.
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when you're a double-dipping pension-padder like steve sweeney, it's important to maintain a certain... lifestyle. that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds on high-priced meals and other gifts. we're talking fine cigars, fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines - all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times. too many in south jersey are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us.
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the only good thing about beating addiction is beating it. >> that's michael coresello. he overdosed twice in one day last week in camden. he spoke to us about his road to recovery. we were there yesterday as he took his first steps toward getting clean. >> coresello was one of 14 people who o.d.'d in one day last week. he made an impassioned plea to young people about the dangers of heroin. the founder at liberation way rehabilitation center saw michael's story and spent days trying to track him down. now they're offering him a chance to enter the rehab center for free. he tells us he's ready to fight his addiction. >> i just have hope in the fact that i feel so good right now. i'm excited for tomorrow. >> the ripple effect of him changing and getting better and finding recovery and giving that back is immeasurable.
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>> today is day two of coresello's 14-day detox. meantime, $4 million will be going to people in pennsylvania to help battle heroin and opioid addiction. governor wolf made the announcement yesterday. the money will create programs at four health clinics to increase access to treatment in the keystone state. in other news, the man president trump picked to be the nation's next drug czar has withdrawn his name from consideration. pennsylvania congressman tom moreno was the president's choice for the nomination. he pulled his name following reports about legislation he drafted that weakens the government's authority to stop the flow of pain killers to the black market. the president said "representative tom merino has informed me that he is withdrawing his name for consideration for drug czar. tom is a great man and a great congressman." you can learn more about the opioid epidemic on nbc10. you'll see a list of local
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treatment centers where you can get help for your loved ones. 5:45 this morning. there is another reason besides following the law to always make sure you stop at a school bus that's stopping to pick up or letting kids off. police will be watching you. be on the lookout for operation safe stop. it's a joint effort involving pennsylvania state troopers, lower providence police, and penndot all to protect schoolkids. today police will be following behinds schoolbuses in the methacton school district to make sure drivers do their part to keep kids safe. >> dark out, limited visibility. again, traffic is -- is a problem. people are in a rush to get to where they're going. we want to make sure that the children that are getting on and off the buses are safe. that they're not getting -- they're not in danger. >> if you are caught by police, expect a $250 fine, five points on your license, and a possible two-month driving suspension. by the way, parents will also be on the lookout for dangerous drivers and will be tipping off officers about anyone who breaks
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the law around school buses that are stopped. new this morning, are you stocking up on your halloween candy? where you live may make a difference on what ends up in your shopping cart. what your preference is. has released this interactive map. the retailer ranks the top-selling halloween candy by state using ten years of sales data. in pennsylvania, the best-selling candy is m&ms. almost 300,000 pounds were sold in p.a. new jersey shoppers love skittles, and in delaware, the top seller is lifesavers. we want to know what you think -- does this reflect your favorite halloween candy? is that what you'll be giving away on halloween? tweet us. i'm @rosemaryconnors. >> a lot of us in disbelief. lifesavers -- >> maybe the gummy lifesavers. >> those are good. >> i don't get them a lot. >> people choke on them, right? >> try the fruit candy. [ all talking at once ] >> you wouldn't give them to kids because they'll choke on them. >> they have the hole that allows air to go through.
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what are your favorites? >> getting the reece's peanut butter cups. >> i love snickers, but i only like the mini ones because there's chocolate on every corner. >> look at you. i'm a baby ruth girl especially for halloween. i don't eat baby ruths any other time. halloween comes, and i inhale them. >> seasonal. >> i like all candy. but rese ereese's is my favorit. the chocolate/peanut butter combo. come on. it's starting to feel like halloween weather with it being chilly in the morning. in the neighborhoods, these are spots under the frost advisory. remember, this is cumberland county, atlantic county, and up into burlington and ocean county, as well, under the advisory. and look at the difference here. if you're at the water's edge, 51 degrees in atlantic city. if are you inland, 34 at may's landing.
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35 at mullica township. 36 in woodbine. certainly cold out this morning for our new jersey neighborhoods. if you're at the water's edge, again, it's much better off. we we know why. water temperatures at 64 helps moderate the conditions. warming today, clear and cool, but high pressure is building as we go throughout the afternoon hours. what that means is the bubble is going to form over us. this is not popping for a while. the bubble holds tight. it keeps any type of weather from moving in. rain or strong wind gusts, clouds even. and it starts to boil temperatures. we begin our warming today. yesterday we had a high of 61 degrees. today, yeah, forecast high of 70 in philadelphia. 69 in the pennsylvania suburbs. and right near 70 pretty much across all neighborhoods. the shore a smidge cooler, 66 for the official forecast high. hour by hour, clear out there as we go through today and into the afternoon/evening. then clear overnight, as well on, into thursday morning.
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maybe a few thin, high clouds by 7:00 a.m. up north. what we're looking at with clear conditions are temperatures that are going to be a little warmer than they've been the last couple of mornings. why? the afternoon's a little bit warmer. you don't cool quite as much overnight. about 50 in philadelphia. 45 in allentown. and some of those mid to upper 40s over south jersey. the ten day on 10, 74 today warms to 72 on thursday. 74 friday, 76 saturday. dry on sunday at 77. monday night into tuesday, temperatures start to fall. >> thank you very much for that. about tense e t-- about ten minutes before 6:00. jessica boyington with a look at the cameras and the roads. >> in new jersey, route 73 at 295. moving through mt. laurel, you can clearly see no problems. we are starting to see more volume heading out the door now, considering we're approaching the 6:00 hour. also watching the 42 freeway. if you're moving up toward philadelphia, toward the walt whitman bridge or 295 to head
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toward trenton. five minutes on the northbound side from 55 to the walt. average speeds still up but just dropping into the 50s. moving along nicely out there. we'll end here with the crash in bryn athyn on the huntington pike at tomlinson road. watch for police activity there. >> thank you for that. happening today, you get a chance to talk to nbc's jeff rossen on our nbc10 philadelphia facebook page. for the "today" show, rossen has tackled everything from helmet safety to hurricane scams. he'll answer your consumer questions during a facebook live chat today. it all starts at 10:00 a.m. dog drama in new jersey. a family says their pet was alive after they were told he had been put down. a scary story every pet owner should hear coming up. and here they come. the 76ers are getting ready for their home opener. their star player is not pleased with his playtime plan. we'll explain. also coming up, all new at 6:00, a star gymnast says "me,
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too." gold medalist mikayla maroney is the latest to share her pain of sexual abuse on her path to the olympics.
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tv in players and owners said they had a productive meeting about tackling social issues. 11 owners attended the meeting including philadelphia's jeffrey lurie. commissioner roger goodell said the league did not ask for any changes to the national anthem policy which states the players should stand for the anthem, not that they must stand. the eagles' malcolm jenkins spoke on behalf of the players. >> we talked about how the owners could come alongside us and we could collectively, collaboratively work together to create some change. >> goodell says the players and owners will meal -- will meet against in the next two weeks. the debate is expected to come up at the owners's meeting. a family says their local veterinarian forced them to pit
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down their dog not once but twice. they thought the dog had been put down, but it was kept alive for five months before they found. the owner in freehold, new jersey, took her sick dog caesar to be put down in may. when she picked up the collar, the vet told her caesar was at peace. however, a tipster informed her that someone from the office took him home instead. after signeding caesar still a-- finding caesar still alive and in worse condition, she made the difficult decision to have caesar put to sleep a second time. it's unclear if there will be criminal charges in the case. ♪ clap your hands everybody ♪ ♪ from philadelphia the 76ers >> today the sixers begin their regular season. the team tweeted this video combining old-school fun and teens with new-school moves to get fans pumped up. meantime, center joel embiid not thrilled with the prospect of limited playing town.
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>> coach brett brown says he would like to see joel's playing time under 20 minutes. here's a look at embiid practicing and sporting a new hairstyle. he says there's no reason he shouldn't have more time on the court. >> i [ bleep ] -- i wish i was playing more minutes. i think i'm ready for more. i don't know how much i'll be playing. we'll see. >> the sixers tip off at 7:00 tonight against the wizards. a bucks county school principal will be waking up this morning on the roof in a tent at his middle school. principal tim long has been there all night. he's going to stay there until about 8:00 this morning. all part of a fund-raising effort for a school destroyed by hurricane harvey in houston. long promised his students at newtown middle school that he would stay overnight on the roof if they raised $8,000 to help the texas school.
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>> kind of connects to our "think kindness" initiative tha they're as a whole doing. here i am. >> he had dinner brought up by rope and bucket. the student council planned to send up hot chocolate to help him through the cold night. you know the school well. >> yeah, i don't know the teacher, but i went to newtown middle school. i love that example. i think we all do regardless of where you went to school. what a great example the principal is setting for his students and so many in the community. >> clearly the students met the goal of raising money. good for them. >> absolutely. now to more of the stories we're following at 6:00 a.m. inspired to speak out. a young gymnast reveals years of sexual abuse she endured on her path to the olympics. teenager shot. a delaware community is cordoned off as police try to find a gunman this morning. police warning. our week-long series continues with the symptoms that signal a dangerous disorder.
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how to spot it and what you can do to treat it. speaking of sleep, hopefully vai and tracy are getting a few extra hours this morning as they're on special assignment. katy and i are in for them. >> that's right. good morning, this is sh"nb0 news today". i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm katy zachry. and meteorologist krystal klei has the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. starting out on the cooler side like yesterday, but a difference -- we're warming up today. >> yeah, i'm pretty excited about. this not a huge warmup yet, but the kind of warmup that will put us just a little above average. here we are, on the cold side to start. 37 in pottstown. 40 in allentown and lancaster. 43 wilmington. millville, you're at 39. wildwood at 42 degrees. philadelphia is one of the warm spots on the map at 48 for the current reading. looking at numbers that really are probably only going to drop maybe one degree more or so to hit the low officially this morning. they'll start to pick


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