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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 8, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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they started wrestling in the middle of a busy highway. the suspect got a gun and shot corporal kelly several times. he returned fire. after the gunfight stopped he was able to apply a tiourniquet to his wounds. >> he carries it on his belt. he pulled it off his belt and applied it to one of his wounds. more than likely saving his own life. >> corporal kelly had emergency surgery yesterday. more surgeries are scheduled to remove some of the remaining bullets. george spencer will have more on the tourniquet and the life saving tool ahead. first we begin with nbc10's khan khan live in salisbury township with new information about the suspect in this case. denise. >> reporter: according to these court documents daniel clary pleaded guilty to fighting back in 2014 and now faces more than a dozen counts in the attempted murder of a state trooper. the family of daniel clary had
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little to say about the 22-year-old. clary admitted to shooting at corporal seth kelly and trooper ry ryan siepal. neighbors watched as the investigation came onto their quiet street in monroe county. >> there were state troopers driving around and commotion. >> reporter: the family has lived here or about two years. a u-haul truck shows their plans of moving in the glare of the attempted murder charges clary faces. >> i pray for them and hope both families on each end get the help they need. >> reporter: daniel clary pled guilty to a fight in 2014 when he was 18. police say he was under the influence of marijuana and failed a field sobriety test before shooting at police. armed with a gun he was not licensed to carry the district attorney says his office will be pushing for a lengthy prison sentence. >> this is a top priority for
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our office to prosecute someone who attempted to cause fatal injury to two police officers. >> reporter: clary faces numerous charges including the attempted murder of law enforcement and resisting arrest. he could get decades behind bars if convicted. live in salisbury township, khan kh denise nakano. last week investigative reporter george spencer explored the life-saving technique. george, this is an example of exactly why the devices can be so critical. >> doctors tell us many trauma patients die not from the injuries but blood loss. applying a tourniquet quickly can buy critical time for an injured patient and save a life. here on this stretch of route 33
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in northampton county yesterday corporal seth kelly was miles from the nearest hospital and bleeding badly after the shootout with suspect daniel clary. and yet, somehow his captain said, he summoned the strength to put on a tourniquet similar to this one which state troopers showed us today. it slowed the bleeding from the worst of his several wounds. >> he was able to have the wherewithal to pull the tourniquet off his belt and apply it to one of his wounds. more than likely saving his own life. >> reporter: last year we learned philly pd officer jessie hartnett applied one to stop his own bleeding. now as the nbc10 investigators first told you last week, a local program is pushing to make tourniquet access much easier for awful us. >> the first thing we want to do is identify the source of the bleeding. >> reporter: this trauma nurse educator leads the training for the stop the bleed program.
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he demonstrated how to place it two to three inches above the injury. wrap down the velcro band and tighten. >> twist it until the bleeding stops. >> reporter: he says the grant funded program has taught more than 100 non-doctors in classes like this one. it takes the emergency room to the streets and into the hands of the public where doctors say it may do the most good. >> we are kind of looking outside the box and looking beyond our four walls here and saying, well, you can do something. you out there can do something. >> ultimately, the stop the bleed campaign envisions turn ki kit -- tourniquets becoming as accessible as defibrillators. they can be potentially life-saving first aid. >> just look no further than the state police corporal shot, too. >> to think he did it for
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himself out in the field. >> george spencer. thank you. we are staying on top of every detail in this investigation. be sure to download the nbc10 app to get updates on this case. now to the weather. the big chill is here. you can definitely feel it when you walk outside. a live look at the promenade in cape may. we found one guy practicing his swing in wilmington. you have to hit the links while you can before it gets too cold out there. >> a live look at center city. grab your coat, scarf, gloves. chief meteorologist tammie souza is here. tammie, it's going to get cold. >> it is. you need the puffy coat. we had the discussion earlier. it is a big puffy coat. whether it has down lining or fake lining it will keep you warm and cozy. that's what you'll need through the next seven to ten days. 47 in philadelphia, 45 in the pennsylvania suburbs. 47 in new jersey. 48 in lehigh valley and 47 in delaware. the moons are out on the board
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because the sun has officially already set. we did end up with a very pretty afternoon. plenty of sunshine out there. though it was very, very crisp. low 50s in philadelphia is where we topped out today. we are going to be diving down under these skies that are going to be mainly clear for most of the night. 38 in philadelphia when you wake up in the morning. 33 in allentown. 32 mount pocono. 38 for all of you in wilmington. a little warmer along the jersey shore. that's where we could see the low 50s if you are right on the water. the water temperature around 60 degrees, much warmer than the air temperature. the winds are out of the north, bringing in the very cool air. by tomorrow the winds will turn and be a little bit more southerly. we'll bounce into the mid 50s in philadelphia. the low 50s in the outlying areas. the only exception being the poconos where we are going to be in the 40s. after that we go on a bit of a roller coaster ride. it's not a pleasant one. we'll see the mid 50s tomorrow and then dive into the 40s for your friday and saturday. this will be many places that do
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not make it out of the 30s as daytime highs on friday and saturday with a windchill in the 30s. then we make a slow climb into the 50s but don't get above our average of 59. we'll talk more about the big chill and time it out for your neighborhood in a few minutes. congressional democrats are celebrating after last night's wave of election victories. >> the biggest winners, new jersey, virginia and new york. house leader nancy pelosi says the election results mean a stronger future for the democratic party. >> that opens the door. that means we get the fresh recruits and they get the retirement. we get the a-team and the candidate is very important in the election. >> in washington today speaker of the house paul ryan said last night's results put more pressure on republicans to get things done. >> we have to get on with keeping our promise. and one of the chief promises we made when we ran for office, all of us, whether it's the president or congress, in 2016,
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was that we would do tax reform and tax cuts for families, for people. so we have to get on with doing that. >> take a look at what president trump tweeted to mark the anniversary of his 2016 presidential election win. the caption reads, "congratulations to all of the deplorables and the millions of people who gave us a massive electoral college landslide victory." you may recall hillary clinton came under scrutiny after referring to some of then candidate trump's supporters as a quote basket of deplorables. pat toomey among a group of lawmakers calling for comprehensive review of military policies in the wake of sunday's deadly church shooting in texas. meanwhile, vice president mike pence is visiting the community to offer his condolences and support. this is video of his motorcade making its way to sutherland springs this afternoon. the vice president is expected to attend a vigil tonight as the community mourns and tries to
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heal. texas officials have released the names and ages of all 26 victims shot and killed. many of them are young children. air force veteran scott marshall and his wife karen had just moved from the pittsburgh area. one of the surviving victims described to her son how the gunman moved methodically through the sanctuary. >> stays at the door, shooting everyone for quite a while. unloads quite a few magazines and then he starts walking up and down the aisle shooting everybody who was laying on the ground. >> aid continues to poor in for the victims, including donations of 26 caskets and funeral experiences. officials at lehigh university are investigating after a faculty member was accused of sexual misconduct by a co-worker. the school says the faculty member was placed on leave while the accusations are investigated and the faculty member was band from campus. new details about
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philadelphia rapper meek mill. tonight he is at prison. a judge sentenced him to two to four years in prison for probation violations. fans and heavy hitters in the music world like jay-z called the punishment too harsh. the rapper's lawyers plan to appeal. pennsylvania's top prosecutors looking for input on how to fight the opioid epidemic. >> they held a round-table discussion at jft recovery and veterans support services in cumberland county. it centered around the next steps after narcan is administered to someone having an overdose. they want to ensure the users are directed toward recovery. >> if you are going to revive someone, give them narcan, who has had an overdose, they have to take some personal responsibility then and get into treatment. there has to be that mandatory effort to get them into treatment. >> right now there is no state law or system for making sure
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someone is taken directly into treatment after an overdose. former president barack obama's post-white house duties now include jury duty. mr. obama reported to court in illinois this morning, a throng of on-lookers rushed the door to get a peek at him as he greeted the court workers there. cellphones recorded as he shook hands in the jury room. the former president still owns a home in chicago. he was the only prospective juror with secret service protection. the one-time leader of the free world was paid the same rate as everybody else. $17.20. coming face to face. >> a camden police officer sees the man who allegedly shot him for the first time. what the officer's father tells nbc10 about his recovery. pushing for a cure. the innovative cancer treatment that former vice president joe biden is promoting this afternoon in philadelphia.
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remembering roy halladay, a star on and off the field. the one role he was considering before his death that would have officially brought him back to the phillies. that's next at 5:00. every day, technology becomes much more personalized. ♪ ♪ like this. and this. (ai device) welcome home, gary, how was your day. and like this. introducing specifi, our digital investing platform that's built around you. just answer a few questions, and specifi will provide a tailored investment portfolio. it continually manages it, so if the market changes, it adjusts accordingly. ask us how specifi can help you reach your potential. ♪ ♪
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see how our plans fit yours. because getting older clearly isn't what it used to be. call aetna and enroll today. roy halladay has thrown the second perfect game in philadelphia phillies history.
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>> he dominated baseball and was considered one of the game's greatest pitchers. tonight tributes still pouring in over the death of roy doc halladay. john clark is here now. >> you are hearing he was considering coming back to the phils before his death. >> i am told he was going to come back officially as a full-time coach specializing in mental skills for the phillies' minor leaguers in clearwater. the phillies have brought out flowers with roy halladay's number 34 for a make shift memorial. fans have been stopping by leaving hats, flowers, uniforms, candles, baseballs. his former teammate chase utley was heart broken when he got the news, saying roy was a once-in-a-lifetime player. >> he truly cared about his
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teammates. one thing that i took from him is, you know, he obviously was a great pitcher. he had so much success with the phillies. but he -- after every game he pitched well, which was a pretty much majority, all of them, he would always kind of deflect the attention to somebody else as far as, you know, chooch called a great game. ryan howard hit a big home run, you know, jayson werth made a great play in the outfield. that right there showed me what kind of person he was. he wasn't about himself. he was about the team. and he was definitely all about winning. >> nice words from chase there. coming up at 6:20 we'll hear from roy's manager with the phillies, charlie manuel. charlie considers roy a brother. see you then. i am john clark. >> thanks. you can share your memories of doc. post them on the nbc10 facebook page or on twitter. check out the nbc10 app to see how others are paying tribute to the phillies' legend.
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turning to the weather now. it is chilly out there. take a live look right now. this is over the ben franklin bridge. let's go down the shore to cape may. we saw, glenn -- that is not cape may. that's boathouse row along a chilly schuylkill river. you see kelly drive in the background. you know glenn "hurricane" schwartz, wearing the hat, gloves. all bundled up. winter jacket. >> tammie souza here now. you said puffy coat. >> i am a wimp. you can wear a lot of layers or one layer and a big puffy coat. it works the same. a riddle for you. when is it great to have cloud cover in the sky? on a night like tonight. any clouds are welcome. because they're sort of like insulation. as the warmth tries to radiate back into the atmosphere, it stops. it is trapped by the clouds, closer to the earth, and we stay a tad warmer. any clouds tonight will be
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welcome. beautiful snunset, chilly today. low 50s. ocean water is warmer than the air water. 63. 44 at mount pocono. 50 in reading. 53 northeast philadelphia. 51 in millville. atlantic city at 50 degrees. at this hour we dropped down. 47 in philadelphia. 45 in reading. 47 in trenton. 40 for mount pocono. millville, 49, 46 in atlantic city. we are falling fast and we will fall into the 30s overnight tonight. get ready for a cold one. we are looking at nothing on doppler radar. clouds making their way past the area. the high, thin clouds that we saw in the sunset shot there. a lot of the activity stays to the south. will there be a sprinkle maybe in delaware or maybe out along cape may? yeah, maybe somebody gets a sprinkle tonight. for the most part we remain dry. focusing to the west, to the northern plains where a batch of snow is curling in across the
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dakotas and minnesota. that is going to be the cold, cold air that gets here the end of the week behind the cold front. not so much the snow. we'll wait on that. plenty of time before we talk snow. could see rain coming in tomorrow night. 32 in pocono. 52 in atlantic city tomorrow morning. the showers. a front coming in. that's in the early afternoon perhaps for lehigh valley and berks county hits the low to mid 50s tomorrow. unless you're in the lehigh valley. you'll see the 40s. 8:00, 9:00 at night. scattered shower across philadelphia. it clears the entire area before midnight. then we drop under clear skies. the cold air rolls in. here is the first of our nights of freezing. hard freeze. 30 in philadelphia by friday morning. 19 in mount pocono. 31 in millville, 34 in atlantic city away from the water. friday in the afternoon. 33 degrees at 2:00 in the afternoon. we will struggle to hit 40 degrees on friday. and the feels-like will be in
5:20 pm
the 30s. follow all this joy along anytime you want. your neighborhood weather is there on our app. nbc10 kau grab the extra blanket or someone to snuggle with. 47 along the jersey shore tonight. a little bit milder there thanks to the atlantic ocean. tomorrow we'll see clouds out there with a little bit of sunshine. 56 in philadelphia, 53 in the lehigh valley. 53 in the pennsylvania suburbs. 54 along the jersey shore. 55 in delaware. and it looks like the ten-day on 10 is not going to be a warm one. we have talked about it for several days. the big chill here for a while. 41. that's optimistic for friday. look at the morning low. we will be actually below freezing as we head into friday morning. then we get into saturday morning. 24 in philadelphia. some of the outlying areas only in the teens. so we could see a freeze. those two mornings, we could do another freeze sunday morning.
5:21 pm
friday and saturday. low 40s. that's in philadelphia. a chilly one. we climb into the 50s. could see rain sunday night, into monday. maybe a sprinkle here and there on tuesday. no warmup. next thursday, that's where we should be this time of year. so maybe we get back to normal by the end of next week. guys. >> well, winter is right around the corner. just how cold is it going to get? nbc10 meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has got the answer for you. don't miss his long-range winter forecast tonight at 11:00 only on nbc10. well, they are a staple in philly tourism. >> one company that provides horse-drawn carriage rides will shut down. a concerning find that led to the decision. not home? no problem. a one of a kind home delivery system from amazon that just started in philly. one day left to vote for the high school blitz game of the week. here is look at the voting right
5:22 pm
now. south jersey matchup between pleasantville and west deptford in the lead. there is still time to get your team to the top. there are several ways to vote. to do so, grab your phone, tablet or computer. go on or tap on the nbc10 app. you can also call or text your vote to 610-624-4111. the winner will be announced tomorrow night an nbc10 news at 11:00.
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all week we have been looking at ways to make your trek to work safer. the traffic, of course, can be brutal. accidents make it worse. more than 90% of crashes are the result of driver error. aaa found that one in four
5:25 pm
accidents are because of distracted driving. talked to a driver education teacher. he said if you take your eyes off the road for two seconds your risk of crashing doubles. >> you need two eyes on the road, two hands on the steering wheel at all times. there are pedestrians, bicyclists. kids, animals. you have to be engaged and aware of what's going on all around you. not just what's happening inside your vehicle. >> what are the top mistakes? aaa says drivers don't look far enough ahead. another oversight. maintaining enough space around your car or truck. with leaves on the ground and soon snow and ice it's a must to consider road conditions. tomorrow on nbc10 news today, respect on the road. plenty of people bike to work but are drivers looking out for them. what riders want you to know before you head out. it's almost time for thanksgiving which means it's time to stuff the bus. this is the 20th year d.a.r.t. is stuffing one of its delaware transit buses with food to help
5:26 pm
families in need. today it was at the acme in fairfax in wilmington. volunteers dropped off non-perishable items to go to the food bank of delaware. >> it's a good time of year. change of seasons. the employees come out for it. the community turns out. the bus is better than half full, stacked floor to ceiling with boxes. >> that's good to hear. you can pitch in to stuff the bus. it's on rodney square tomorrow and friday and will make stops in newark and middletown on saturday. you can bring donations to any d.a.r.t. facility. the popular social media app snapchat is hoping a new look lures in new users. e company officials say they're responding to complaints that the site is too difficult to understand. twitter is also making changes. users can now type thoughts using 280 characters, doubling the old limit of 140.
5:27 pm
all right. amazon's new delivery service for prime members is under way in philadelphia. the new service is called amazon key. >> it allows a delivery person to gain access to your home through a smart lock, a one-time code is used to unlock the door. and the whole thing is recorded so homeowners can watch. interesting. >> takes some getting used to. >> yeah. especially warming to that idea is tough. >> ahead at 5:00, dealing with a delivery mishap. >> one woman contacted nbc10 responds after a mattress delivery company left this hole in her wall. how harry hairston stepped in to patch the problem. it's an unfortunate situation for everybody, but i am here to support my son. >> new at 5:00, the father of a camden police officer shot on the job opens up about his son's recovery. what he revealed to nbc10 moments after he faced the alleged shooter in court. >> coming up all new at 6:00. philadelphia's field of dreams.
5:28 pm
the ground-breaking today on what could become amazon's new home. a voice of hope from the darkest of times. >> there is no doubt about who it was. he said his name. >> his father escaped the holocaust. now family members share their precious connection to history. >> he chose to see it in person. >> i am jim rosenfield. join me as we step inside the secure location, now home to a local family's story of triumph over evil and how they're ensuring this legacy is preserved. tomorrow at 6:00 only on nbc10. count on it.
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new at 5:00. bruised but not broken. exactly one week after he was shot in the leg on the job, a first-year police officer from camden comes face to face with the man who allegedly tried to
5:31 pm
kill him. >> aundrea cline-thomas spoke with officer patrick 's father. >> he has a black eye and band-aid over his left eyebrow. his expression didn't change when the judge ordered him into custody without bail. dozens of officers including the officer who made sure to show up even though he was in a wheelchair. >> he is a tough kid. it won't deter him. >> reporter: last wednesday the officer was shot in the leg at point-blank range during what police describe as a struggle with the man. the 19-year-old faces multiple charges, including attempted murder. >> that's kind of the hand that we're dealt with. sometimes we are dealing with people who have been arrested multiple times and we are still dealing with them on the street. >> reporter: his prior offenses including ten arrests and three felony convictions in the past
5:32 pm
year alone. that along with his juvenile record is what the judge took into consideration. >> it's shocking that within a year someone is still out, i guess. it's a little shocking. >> reporter: before he was let o -- led out of the courtroom he turned and said something to his family. the woman replied, i love you, babe. aundrea cline-thomas. nbc10 news. >> the officer's father tells us his son is sore but healing and he is looking forward to getting back on the job. turning to your weather. a fall chill has set in across the philadelphia area. nbc10 was in the square. a lot of people bundled up in jackets. >> a live look at center city where temperatures will soon dip into the upper 30s. nbc10's chief meteorologist tammie souza is with us now. >> tammie, forget fall. it's starting to feel like winter. >> we just went from like -- i a
5:33 pm
call it fummer. from a fall-summer to winter. you're a pet lover, right, keith? >> of course. >> keith has got a dog. this friday, saturday and sunday make sure to get your pets inside. even though it is something they're kind of used to, the cold, it will be a startling cold and we will have a hard freeze. you can't leave them out on nights when we will be in the teens and 20s. outside it's turned into a pretty night. enough clouds out there to make for a spectacular sunset. 52 right now. actually 52 was the high. we dropped into the 40s right now. excuse me. we saw .01 inch of rainfall earlier today. 26-mile-an-hour wind gust. at this point the temperatures will fall quickly. denver, 66. 25 bismarck. 42 in indianapolis. denver is much warmer than us.
5:34 pm
47 in rochester. 47 in pittsburgh. they spent much of the day in the 30s. across the area, 48 allentown. 49 wilmington and vineland and 46 in atlantic city right now. we'll dip into the 30s tonight. 38 in philadelphia. 39 for wilmington. allentown, you will be at the freezing mark. 32. 35 for mount holly. 40s if you are just off the coastline. atlantic city inland, 40. if you're on the water, closer to 50. when i come back in a few minutes we'll talk about the frosty cold friday and saturday that's ahead of us. guys. >> see you then. a bill to combat online sex trafficking was anonymously passed by a senate panel today making it easier to sue internet platforms. right now they're held liable for content posted by third party users. new jersey senator cory booker is part of the senate panel that passed the bill. police are looking for two men who robbed a center city
5:35 pm
convenience store hurting an employee in the process. the guys went into the 7-11 and tried to get away with items. they punched the cashier in the face when he tried to stop them. a look at stories making headlines. newcastle county, eight local businesses and non-profits were honored today for their outstanding achievements. several of the firm specialize in engineering. it's something one of the winners says we need more of. >> i have a 15-year-old and 11-year-old at home, i don't want their best option to be to move to cleveland. i want some pretty cool stuff happening here. it's -- i think we are starting to see cool stuff happening here. >> today's marvin s. gilman superstars awards were handed out during a luncheon in wilmington. the businesses were recognized for model approaches to business and management. atlantic county. thousands of teachers flocking to the convention center as part
5:36 pm
of state's annual education association convention. there will be exhibits, classroom materials, fund-raising and field trip ideas. this year's theme is about education, social justice and unity. betty shabazz, the daughter of malcolm x, will be the speaker tomorrow. rules for renting out your home could change. the bethlehem commission is meeting to discuss requiring an annual license inspection and restricti restricting rentals to no more than two bedrooms in a home. if passed it would impact rentals through sites like air beaniair bnb. you can drop off your old campaign signs now through monday at 12 locations across the county. we posted the full list on the nbc10 app and on
5:37 pm
in camden county dozens of veterans were recognized today for their service to our country. nbc10 was in voorhees for today's veterans awards ceremony. the event was hosted by jefferson health. among those honored, a corpsman killed in afghanistan in 2010. he is credited with saving as many as 19 soldiers' lives. his mother accepted the award. handing over the reasons. the owner of one philadelphia owner of horse drawn carriage company says she will go out of business in the next year. the will to survive. how long it took a 94-year-old woman to escape after a robber shoved her into the trunk of her car. belief\/ .
5:38 pm
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listen to this. a 94-year-old woman managed to free herself after she was bound and placed in the trunk of a car. >> police say she was the victim of a home break-in in scottsdale, arizona. the robber abandoned the woman's car in a mall parking lot while she was still inside of the trunk. after seven hours she was able to escape. philadelphia officials are not horsing around about animal cruelty concerns stemming from carriage rides. the philadelphia carriage company which is one of two carriage services in the city
5:41 pm
has now been cited for dismal conditions at its horse stables. the owner of the company says she plans to end the business within one year. city councilman mark squilleth tells nbc10 he'd like to help the woman transport the horses to a safe place like an animal sanctuary. early registration open for next year's philadelphia love run. thousands are expected to participate in the annual half-mar marathon. if you're interested in something shorter. you can run a 5 k. that's new this year. new at 5:00. the nation's finest craft artists come to philadelphia to show off and sell their work. today we got a preview. the philadelphia museum of art 2017 craft show is honoring some of the top artists at a preview party right now. more than 190 contemporary craft
5:42 pm
artists have been selected to participate. the show opens to the public tomorrow at the philadelphia convention center. it runs through sunday. an innovative approach towards curing cancer. >> former vice president joe biden is in philadelphia tonight. why he says we are approaching a new era in treating the disease. the cold is here to stay. yep. how low will you go in your neighborhood? i will be right back to let you know. fighting the deadly opioid epidemic. one doctor visit at a time. new at 6:00, the progress delaware says it is making when you go to your appointments.
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making strides to eradicate cancer. right now former vice president joe biden and his wife, dr. jill biden, are in philadelphia to promote innovative cancer research. >> nbc10's lauren mayk is live at the constitution center. many people there tonight looking for hope. >> reporter: i chatted with some of them today. and there were pharmaceutical company employees. there were people with personal stories. a woman who is in remission for cancer. another woman whose father is living with it, all looking for what is next. today, they got a mixture of science and politics. stepping on the stage both in
5:46 pm
blue, the conversation with joe and jill biden started with politics. the day after election day. >> we had a good night last night. >> reporter: the heart of the event with the former vice president and his wife, though, was about cancer research. >> probably everyone here has had someone touched by cancer. >> reporter: now with the moonshot initiative and a public platform the couple says progress has been made in immunology and information sharing. >> when our son was diagnosed, we hoped the science outran the disease. it didn't. he devoted his life to making things better. excuse me. what he wanted me to do, he wanted me to do, not -- not walk away. >> reporter: for the former vice president, a steady stream of appearances in the philadelphia region and beyond has helped fuel speculation he will run for president again. the moderator with this question about 2016?
5:47 pm
>> would you have beaten president trump? >> dr. jill biden signalled it was time to go. >> we gotta go. we gotta go. >> reporter: when the former vice president was asked for his take on the current president, he suggested the audience read the speech of his friend john mccain, a speech that was given right here at the constitution center a few weeks ago. that speech, that was the one about half-baked, spurious nationalism. live in old city. lauren mayk. nbc10 news. lauren mayk bundled up there. staying in philadelphia. a live look from our nbc10 camera on broad street. ch chilly weather and spotty showers on the menu tonight. >> a live look at the promenade. a few degrees warmer at the shore but still a chilly night. but brace yourself for what's to come. >> tammie souza is tracking the
5:48 pm
changes coming. >> i am not letting you see what's behind me. the changes are coming, yep. freezing weather ahead. 32 degrees or below. we are going to see two, perhaps even three nights of the cold weather headed our way. locate the big blankets. puffy clothes, scarves, hat. the ugg boots. you will need them all. a rebound tomorrow into the mid 50s. 52 today. maybe we'll add three to five degrees on to that tomorrow. friday and saturday the highs are only between 36 and 44. 44, atlantic city, 36, the pennsylvania suburbs. philadelphia will be somewhere in between there with windchills, mind you, in the 30s all day. the first hard freeze, perhaps early friday morning. thursday night, friday night or saturday night. below freezing all three of the nights across much of the area. and rain. we could see scattered showers, especially tomorrow evening. we have a front coming through. it won't be a big deal.
5:49 pm
bigger deal will be the rain late sunday and monday. neither one will be a washout. if there is any rain, there will be snow? the poconos. nothing showing up on doppler radar right now. to the south, a system passing by that may clip parts of delaware or south jersey. for the most part we're clearing out the clouds. the clouds are keeping us warm, though. the next system, you can see it coming in out of minnesota. dakotas, dropping through parts of montana. the cold front swooshes through bringing us cold air by the end of the week. prior to that, 38 tomorrow morning. 32 for mount pocono. 34 in cape may. in the afternoon, lehigh valley, about mid evening across philadelphia. be out of here before midnight. as we go into friday morning we go below freezing. 30 in philadelphia. 19 for mount pocono and 34 in atlantic city. friday we'll struggle at noon to be move 33 degrees. we will be lucky if we make it
5:50 pm
into the 40s. we will be looking tomorrow at 56. the morning low, 38 in fair mont. allentown, 53. vorhees township. 39 in the morning, 56 the daytime high. wildwood, 59. 54, closer to the water. 57 in dover, 42 for the morning low. here is the ten-day on 10. it's not toasty. 56 tomorrow. 41 on friday. the morning low is going to be 31. 42 on saturday. the morning low will be only 24. 52 on sunday. morning low of 29. then some showers moving in and we go back to the 50s. guys. next at 5:00. home delivery headache. >> a woman looking for a good night sleep on her new bed but didn't count on the delivery guys putting a hole in her wall. what harry hairston did to solve the problem. a pair of shooters unload on a car in bucks county. the whole thing caught on new
5:51 pm
video. next at 6:00.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
welcome back. lester holt joins us now for the nbc studios in new york. >> he has a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." hi, lester. >> we'll hear from the anguished mother accusing kevin spacey of sexually assaulting her adult
5:54 pm
son. also, the crime american college basketball stars are accused of committing in china. will they be allowed to come home to the u.s. that's stories and more on nightly news. for now, back to you in philly. >> see you then at 6:30. to nbc10 responds. a viewer says she purchased a new bed and adjustable bed frame. >> the frame didn't fit, causing a problem. when she couldn't get it fixed she called harry hairston for nbc10 responds. >> her efforts to get a better night's sleep she says turned into a headache. >> it's a great day. this is sharon. >> reporter: after long hours on the job, sharon says she looks forward to a good night's sleep. in august she went to mattress warehouse and purchased a new mattress. >> we also purchased the adjustable base. >> reporter: that adjustable base would be the start of her problem. she tells us, the sales person told her it would fit on top of her bed frame.
5:55 pm
but it didn't work out. federica says she complained the day the bed was delivered. ten days later the company sent workers to retrieve the frame. that's when this happened. a workers knocked a hole in one of federica's walls. she says she filed a complaint with the company and they promised to pay for repairs. but weeks later, still no check. federica says her calls to the company went nowhere. >> between the store, phone calls to customer service, back to the sales guy, back to his manager and him back to me, back to customer service. finally, i would say ten, 15 calls. >> reporter: so she contacted nbc10 responds. hi, this is harry hairston. we contacted the company. it told us it tried to contact federico by phone several times. sharon tells us she didn't hear from the company until we got involved. she tells us the company called her saying it put a check in the
5:56 pm
mail and she should get it within one week. as promised, she got it. mattress warehouse also thanked nbc10 responds for giving it the opportunity to see this issue resolved. >> thank you, harry. got my check. thank you so much. and thank you nbc responds. >> listen up. she did the right thing when the company damaged her wall. she immediately filed a complaint and took pictures of the damage to support her claim. in the end, federico decided not to buy a new bed frame and decided to stick with the one she already had and sleep a little better that way. >> i can't get over how high the bed was. >> trying to climb in it. >> she needed a step-ladder to jump up in there. >> thanks. if you have a consumer complaint head to and fill out the form or give us a call. we will respond to you. nbc10 news at 6:00 is next. here are jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. >> thanks, guys. up at 6:00, new video offering
5:57 pm
clues about what happened before roy halladay's plane crashed in the gulf of mexico. an update from investigators as they try to figure out what triggered the deadly crash. later, new at 6:00, a $3 billion ground-breaking in philadelphia today. the powerful ripple effect the city is expecting and why amazon is paying attention. it's feeling like winter. plenty of 30s tonight and even colder by the end of the week. i'll tell you all about it coming up.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00. halladay's last flight. video of the seconds before the phillies' star crashed his plane. saving himself. the move this state trooper made to survive several gunshots. later, attention amazon. ground-breaking philadelphia hoping to lure the retail giant with tonight. right now at 6:00, the moments before former phillies star roy halladay died in a plane crash are caught on video. you can see the plane flying high above the water seconds before it crashing into the gulf of mexico. i am jacqueline london. >> i am jim rosenfield. new at 6:00, investigators say they've found a pair of data recorders on halladay's plane. >> they pulled the plane out of
6:00 pm
the water today 24 hours after it crashed off the coast of florida. a memorial is growing outside citizens bank park as phillies fans remember the all-star's legacy. rosemary connors shows us the tribute and the latest on the investigation tonight. >> reporter: we are very interested in what additional witnesses may have to tell us. the ntsb will likely look at this cellphone video showing roy halladay flying high and low moments before the crash in the gulf of mexico off the coast of st. petersburg, florida. >> a lot of witnesses have said that the plane was maneuvering at low altitudes. >> reporter: this afternoon investigators waded into four feet of water to recover all of the wreckage from the icon a5 plane. halladay owned the first 2018 model manufactured by the company. the evidence includes two data recorders, but the plane was not equipped with a voice recorder. the aftermath shows the extent of the crash impact. the ntsb does not yet know how the beloved former phillies


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