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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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we begin with chiefly meteorologist tammie souza who is tracking the cold temperatures. >> big changes on the way for sure. outside. cloud cover still in place. a little bit of sunshine out there today. but we also had a little bit of rain out there today. 47 right now in philadelphia. it will drop to 43 by 7:00 tonight. by 10:00 tonight. clear and 38 degrees. winds turning to the northwest. we will have a very chilly air mass in place. let's go hour by hour. as we head through the day tomorrow, we're going to wake up tomorrow morning very chilly. we'll wake up at or below freezing. in the afternoon we'll get to about 43 degrees in philadelphia. in the upper 30s in some of the outlying areas and by tomorrow night still terribly cold around the area but it will be sunny. we start to see a few high clouds drifting through tomorrow night. tomorrow night 29 in mount pocono. 34 in philadelphia, 33 in millville. if that's when you're cleaning the dishes, no big loss. walking you through it. turkey in the oven at 7:00.
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35 in philadelphia. 32 in the suburbs. 31 in the lehigh valley. 34 in south jersey. 36 in the shore and 34 in delaware. at 11:00 you go out and play football with the pals. low 40s with plenty of sunshine. by the time you sit down to eat, we will be 43 at 3:00 in the afternoon in philadelphia. 37 in pennsylvania suburbs. 39 in lehigh valley, 41 at the jersey shore. and also south jersey and 41 in delaware. suppose you are traveling. maybe from here to somewhere to the northeast. my colleague meteorologist steve sosna has that travel forecast. >> we can deal with cold. we have quiet weather to accompany the cold. that's good news if you are headed to the airports. current delays are nonexistent. that's good on a high volume day like today. one hour delay at newark due to wind. all of the rest of the airports around down are doing well right now. thanks to the system pulling out earlier. you woke up to rain in the
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delaware valley. the rain is exiting to the north and east. the storm is now impacting areas of down east maine and areas of northwestern maine with snow right now. the whole storm system will get out of the way quickly. this means quiet travel weather. if you are delaying travel plans until later tonight and tomorrow, everywhere is a-okay. you definitely want a coat. temperatures upper 20s to lower 30s. we can take that. plenty of sunshine through the day tomorrow. the nice weather stretch will likely go through the day on friday. however, we will see some changes ahead, and what will our neighbors to the south and west expect? i'll break down that forecast for them coming up in a bit. >> sounds good, steve. a live look at i-95 northbound in south philly from the link. traffic picking up steam as we head deeper into the rush hour. >> aundrea cline-thomas is following the travel from the trains to the roads and the skies. >> she joins us live from king of prussia.
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you also stopped by the airport today. >> reporter: that's right. let me show you what it looks like along the turnpike. westbound traffic moving smoothly. eastbound we are seeing some slowdowns. while the majority of people will drive to their destinations this holiday weekend. some decided to park their cars and fly. the wait is over. when april arrived in st. louis she was surprised to see her grandmother at the airport ready to give her a big hug. >> it's been too long and she went off to college and i haven't seen her forever. >> reporter: it felt like forever for faith too. her son is returning home from college just in time for thanksgiving. >> i have been counting down the seconds since he left in august. trying not to cry in front of the camera. i am very happy to have him back. >> reporter: 40,000 passengers are expected to come through philadelphia's international airport today. certainly not a record. it's similar to a very busy day in the summer. >> what you do see at
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thanksgiving is less frequent travelers. so they're not quite as prepared. >> reporter: that can cause delays, which is why passengers are still advised to heed warnings and arrive early. extra steps make the trip much easier. >> being around family, eating food, watching football. watching the cowboys lose on thursday, again. >> reporter: had to get that cowboys reference in. now, coming up at 6:00, we talk to drivers. they'll tell us what it is like on the roads. for now, reporting live from king of prussia. aundrea cline-thomas. nbc10 news. >> we have an eye in the sky monitoring the biggest problem areas on the roads right now. >> let's go up to skyforce10, mitch blacher live over the schuylkill expressway. which, mitch, is never really that busy, right? >> reporter: yeah, keith. it's where you would expect some of the volume to be. over the merge from the vine
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street expressway onto the schuylkill expressway. just down the way from boathouse row. you can see it's pretty slow. but it's moving. it's crawling along. considering this aaa says that right now is the highest volume of traffic that we will see for this holiday, this is looking pretty good. about 600,000 people expected to travel, expected to drive 50 miles or further from their homes, all in the philadelphia five-county region. we will keep an eye on this. we have been all over the place. from the blue route to here on the schuylkill expressway and i-95 and 295 in new jersey. everything seems to be crawling along at the very worst, keith. >> mitch blacher live for us in skyforce10. you can get live traffic updates 24/7 on our free nbc10 app. philadelphia mayor jim kenney didn't mince words today when talking about president trump's stance on immigration. he said that mr. trump is the reason for the division and anger in our country.
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>> our president is a bully. our president is a punk. he just doesn't get it. i don't know where he was raised, but his family didn't do a good job raising that guy. i'll tell you the truth. >> the mayor made the comments at an immigration event this morning. nbc10's lauren mayk is reaching out to the white house for comment. she'll have that for us ahead at 6:00. president trump, meanwhile, is spending thanksgiving at his winter white house, i should say, in florida. this is the first time he is visiting his palm beach estate since april. the president tweeted this morning he will continue meetings and working the phones during the holiday vacation. vice president mike pence and his wife karen met with wounded veterans and their families today, visited walter reed army medical center in maryland. pence talked with military service members about their deployment and recovery plan, and he also thanked them for their service. three u.s. service members are missing after a navy
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transport plane crashed in the sea today south of japan. eight others were rescued soon after the plane went down. the plane was headed to the aircraft carrier uss ronald reagan during part of a naval exercise. the ship is now spear-heading the search operation. unconfirmed reports suggest the crash may have been the result of engine trouble. a husband and wife charged with murder two days after a man was found stabbed to death near a strip mall. plymouth township arrested the pair today, accused of killing cad kanada. he was found stabbed multiple times in a car. they met him to buy heroin from him, police say. investigators released this surveillance video moments after the murder. you see two people dressed in black walk up to a car and then run from the crime scene. the top prosecutors in several states are going after uber. it comes after the ride-sharing company reportedly tried to cover up a cyberattack.
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new york is among the states which have open investigations. hackers stole information from more than 57 million customers and drivers. the company paid the hackers to delete the data and never reported the incident. there is no word if pennsylvania, delaware or new jersey plan to file suits. counting their blessings. ahead at 5:00. we speak with a woman whose mother lived in this senior community that was destroyed in a fire. spending time with family. it's what thanksgiving is all about. coming up, the last-minute preparations many of us are up against. we are taking you behind the scenes of the famed macy's thanksgiving day parade that you will only see right here on nbc10.
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♪ it is a race against time to get all the items you need to make tomorrow's thanksgiving feast. you better believe, erin, it is a clash of the grocery carts in stores across the area today. >> tim furlong is joining us live. how is it looking where you are? we saw you last hour. have things picked up a little bit? >> reporter: yeah. it's been steady all afternoon. we are starting to see the post-work crowd come in. a lot of people are coming back for the little stuff they forgot. maybe a second trip for things like corn bread classic
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stuffing. last-minute shoppers still here at the acme getting big things like the turkeys but lots of people in line here now, they're also getting the stuff they forgot. >> celery for the stuffing. >> whipped cream for the pumpkin pie. >> even the stuff they think they're going to forget. >> i always forget rolls. that's what i am going in for now. >> i usually forget drinks. >> reporter: this acme did an admirable job of keeping the pies coming and the shelves stocked. many customers keep coming. >> stuffing. >> cranberry sauce. >> in the craziness of life and holiday planning we tend to forget stuff. >> all the time. >> the acme employees will keep on trucking up until turkey time. >> tonight, it will be busy tonight. >> we're starting to see more of that too. get your rolls and bread crumbs, get your foil for the roasting too. all the food talk has me hungry. i have to go home now and make
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sure i have my track pants clean. because tomorrow i'm going to push the elastic to a new area. i'm going to see what i can do. i am going to bust out tomorrow. today might be my day. new record tomorrow. >> you have to break it out friday too to make sure you run on the track. >> there you go. run it off. [ laughter ] >> tim furlong live in delaware. thanks. all right. what is thanksgiving without the cans, apple or pumpkin pies. ? >> pecan pies. >> i screwed that one up. >> dozens of volunteers teamed up to distribute 9,000 pies from manna's pie in the sky fund raiser. they moved pies from the warehouses to cars for delivery. the event is the non-profit's largest annual fund-raiser. widener university students experienced the importance of giving today. students in the hospitality
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management program prepared and served a feast at the salvation army in chester. the meal has been an annual tradition and part of why this program has been in place for over a decade. students raised money to purchase the food, planned the menu and prepared the meal. looking to keep the peace around the dinner table on thanksgiving? a new poll suggests skip the political talk. >> researchers found more than a third of americans dread the conversation. that's compared to two in ten people who say they like discussing politics. >> hmm. before gobbling up turkey and all the fixins many people will binge on alcohol tonight. thanksgiving eve is often dubbed drinks-giving or blackout wednesday. aaa says the day is typically bad for alcohol and drug-related crashes. it may sound like common sense but aaa says everyone must be reminded, don't get behind the wheel if you have been drinking. >> whether that be designating a sober driver, utilizing a ride
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share, calling a cab or spending the night with a friend, you want to stay off the road. >> 46 million americans are expected to travel by car this thanksgiving. thanksgiving eve is one of the biggest drinking nights of the year. mention that. police will be looking out for drivers breaking the law. tonight officers from several towns in bucks county plan to have dui checkpoints up and down the street. especially on street road. last year there were close to 700 accidents on that stretch of road. that's an average of almost two accidents a day. turning to your thanksgiving eve weather. a live look at 30th street station where thousands of people are catching trains right now. luckily, the sky above is clear. and a live look at the wilmington, delaware, skylines. comfortable in the 50s for much of the day. >> nbc10 chief meteorologist tammie souza is here with the hour by hour holiday forecast. tammie. >> it looks like it's going to
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be a gorgeous holiday to eat that pecan pie. >> exactly. >> it's going to be on the chilly and breezy side at times. outside you see the sunset. we have some clouds still hanging around. some showers early this morning. and we picked up not a lot of rain but about .09 inches of rain. whatar cold igh tay. fronin the cold air advancing through 47 in philadelphia. 42 in allenwn. 43 in coatesville. 46 in wilmington. 48 in vineland. we'll continue to fall, perhaps philadelphia tomorrow. 25 in allentown. coatesville, 26 degrees. 28 in vineland. atlantic city, away from the water, 28 degrees. so it's another one of those throw the blanket on the bed nights. hour by hour.
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across the region we are not seeing a whole lot of anything as far as storm systems. so we have the winds coming in out of the northwest. it will be chilly, in the 30s by 9:00 tonight. we drop by tomorrow morning again, 24 around pocono. 31 in philadelphia. 31 in millville for a chilly start to our thanksgiving. notice we don't have clouds. we don't have rain. winds turn slightly west. they will be blustery at times. into the afternoon, looking at the low to mid 40s with the exception of the poconos in the 30s. a few clouds drift through at night. on friday you wake up to around freezing in philadelphia. get ready to head out for the giant shopping day if that's what you're doing, you will see temperatures up near 50 degrees. perhaps even the low 50s across the area. by the time you get into the afternoon. the good news is you are not going to be dealing with any type of rain or anything. so, again, on saturday, we're going to be well into the 50s by the time that we hit the noon hour. it looks like we could be in the mid or upper 50s in the
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afternoon. then we have a front that will come through. it may clip delaware and south jersey. philadelphia, 46 on thanksgiving. suburbs 44 with sunshine and a few high, thin clouds in the afternoon. 44 in lehigh valley. 46 in south jersey. 46 along the jersey shore and 47 in delaware. we'll talk about the weather on sunday. it will be breezy and cooler. 46 at kickoff with sun and a few high, thin clouds. 47 at halftime and 45 at 4:00. the winds will be gusting out of the northwest. be prepared for that. it will feel much chillier when you head out. you can always carry our app. get it at nbc10. get your neighborhood weather. you can track it right there at the game or shopping or whatever you are doing. your ten-day on 10. 46 for tomorrow. we'll be looking at a chilly start. 53 on friday. that's in philadelphia. cooler in the outlying areas. on saturday, 59. somebody in delaware or south
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jersey might punch 60 degrees. then it drops down to the 40s on sunday. it will be breezy and cooler. 48 on monday. and then right back up. look at this. upper 50s and low 60s as we head into the early and middle part of next week. 9-1. the eagles haven't seen a season like this in years! the camaraderie we are seeing on the field takes dedication and effort. >> amy fadool joins us live. amy, carson wentz spoke with the team effort today. >> that's right. you don't get to be one of the best teams in the league if you are not getting it done by the team. carson wentz averaging 243 passing yards per game. 13th best in the nfl. eagles have no receivers in the top 25 and no running backs in the top ten, yet the birds lead the league, 32 points per game. they have been getting the job done by spreading the ball around. eagles are second in the league in rushing yards, but they have not had a running back run for 100 yards in a single game.
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they have also not had a receiver reach that mark either. the birds scored four touchdowns on offense against the cowboys by four different players. wentz discussed the attitude about this offense today. >> it's the culture that we have built. and it starts with coach pederson. starts with him and creating the culture and atmosphere of unselfish play. and ultimately it always helps when you are winning and guys are having fun doing it. it's really shown, all the way back through otas, training camp. we were spreading the love. guys are -- i think it's cool for me to see how excited other guys get when other guys score. maybe another guy was open on the play, but his buddy scored and we're all celebrating together. that's a sign of a close team. and i think that's what we are. >> they have great touchdown celebrations. more from wentz at 6:00. we'll look at the eagles' kicking situation. they have two injured kickers heading into sunday's game against the bears. plenty to talk about coming up at 6:00.
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i thought by dallas' game all the touchdowns -- they're running out at this point. >> they have to go back to the well. they're going to find more creative ones. >> amy, thank you. a major change to fliatlant city. >> a plan in the works to demolish the shuttered trump casino. the hefty price tag that comes with it. preventing sexual assault. the campaign getting under way on the shore. that's next.
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a former doctor accused of molesting girls while working for usa gymnastics and michigan state university pleaded guilty today. larry nasser admitted to abusing
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seven girls. he faces similar charges in a neighboring county and lawsuits filed by more than 125 women and girls. olympic gymnast aly raisman. mckayla maroney and gabby douglas have publicly said they were among his victims. from the jersey shore bureau. the atlantic county women's center is relaunching his sexual assault prevention campaign in response to recent allegations of sexual misconduct in hollywood and congress. organizers say the key to sexual assault prevention begins with education. a local boys and girls club has 200,000 reasons to be thankful this holiday season. the northeast frofrankfort boysd girls club was presented with a check today from the commonwealth financing authority. officials say it will be used for renovations at the organization's headquarters. nbc10 is your source for thanksgiving travel and weather. >> that's right.
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let's take a live look up in the sky from skyforce10. you are looking at i-95. the betsy ross bridge. look at all that traffic. we are tracking all of it. all the hang-ups across your area that you need to know about so you don't get stuck in them and how cold it will get on thanksgiving. >> my heart really goes out to the families who lost people who meant the world to them. it chokes me up to think about it. >> loved ones survived a massive fire at a senior living facility. next, families of those who made it out alive share their gratitude. all new at 6:00. a rapper feeding philadelphia families from behind bars. how the music star is using turkeys to prove he shouldn't be in jail. you only have about an hour left to vote for the special thanksgiving day edition of the high school blitz. a big day for local rivalries. right now the south jersey matchup between shawnee and lenape is back in the lead.
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there are several ways to goavo. vote on or by tapping the nbc10 app. call or text 610-624-4111. voting closes at 6:30. we'll announce the winner tonight on the news at 11:00.
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♪ thanksgiving, just a day away now. and our coverage of your holiday forecast and travel continues. here is a live look at i-95 heading southbound from the link in south philadelphia. no major problems to report aside from some additional volume. >> keep the nice piano playing in mind while you are in traffic. 88% of people from the greater philadelphia area, according to aaa, are traveling by car this thanksgiving. just under 9% will fly. skyforce10 above the betsy ross bridge. we'll check in with mitch blacher in a moment. first, the team is tracking the forecast. steve sosna is keeping an eye on the weather impacting your travel. >> let's begin with chief meteorologist tammie souza. how low will the temperatures go tomorrow? >> we'll be below freezing when you wake up. it's compared to this morning
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where we were in the upper 50s shortly after midnight. outside right now, the skies are beginning to clear. we had cloud cover on and off for much of the day. showers early this morning. we'll become clear tonight. these were the highs today. all of these taking place shortly after midnight. 57 in philadelphia. 43 at mount pocono. 56, mount holly. dover, 58. pottstown, 54. atlantic city. 60 degrees. right now, not so warm. 31 at mount pocono. wilmington 46. wildwood at 49. we are going to, again, drop into the low 30s and mid to upper 20s across the area tonight. let's take you hour by hour. clear skies overnight tonight. we will be dropping. watch the drop. as we go through the overnight hours, you wake up tomorrow morning, 31 in philadelphia. 28 in allentown. pottstown, 28. wilmington 30, millville 31. toms river, 32. atlantic city, 33. a cool 24 for everybody in the
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poconos. now we'll climb tomorrow. looks like we'll make 43, 45 degrees, somewhere in that range for philadelphia. 30s in the poconos. wilmington 43. millville, 42. then by tomorrow night we cascade back down, a few high, thin clouds coming into berks county and the lehigh valley. the planner. a lot of stuff going on. 7:00 in the morning, stuffing the bird in the oven. 35 in philadelphia, 32 in the pennsylvania suburbs. 31 in lehigh valley, 34 in south jersey. 36 at the shore and 35 in delaware. that's early. the lows will be shortly before that. those were the freezing temperatures. 11:00 you trot outside like keith jones, playing touch football with your friends, tossing the baseball around. some sort of manly thing you'll be doing. whatever it is. looking at the low 40s across the area with lots of sunshine. when you come back in the house, plop down and feast like there is no tomorrow. you are looking at 43 in
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philadelphia. 37 in the suburbs. 39 in the lehigh valley. 41 in south jersey and the jersey shore and delaware. my colleague, meteorologist steve sosna. you took us on a drive to the northeast a little while ago. now, if we are driving south of the area, what are we looking at? >> heading in a different direction. you know the phrase blame it on the weather. this year you can't. the weather is exceptional here. exceptionally quiet, airports, rails and road. go ahead conditions through friday. if you are getting a late start tonight, don't feel bad about it. if you're leaving tomorrow the weather will be okay too. a few caveats. some chilly air is pushing down from canada, so you need a heavier coat, hat and gloves. especially tomorrow morning with temperatures in the 30. in the mid-atlantic. philadelphia, harrisburg. state college, pittsburgh, washington, d.c., in the clear right now. certainly good news in the weather department. the weather impacts for the next couple of days.
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you need the heavier coat through tomorrow. it looks like the road conditions will stay dry. maybe a few flurries in upstate new york. the sunglasses are the rule. if you are out playing football like tammie souza will be tomorrow, be prepared for that. otherwise, she will have a look at the ten-day on 10 coming up in a bit. >> it must be because the eagles are playing so well. everyone is a football state of mind. a live look at the promenade in cape may. aaa mid-atlantic says nearly 1.3 million new jerseyens will be traveling. let's check in with nbc10's mitch blacher live in skyforce10 above the betsy ross bridge connecting northeast philly with the garden state. mitch, looking pretty congested up there. >> reporter: this is one of the few places we have seen some congestion around the area, keith. this is southbound 95. you can see it's just crawling
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under the betsy ross bridge. northbound looks pretty good. as we have been all over the area from the blue route to the schuylkill expressway, over here to 95. generally pretty good. here you are seeing some volume. aaa says that this is, as you have been reporting, the busiest day of travel for the thanksgiving holiday. and one of the things we should share is it's also thanksgiving eve is unofficially called one of the busiest days of the year for alcohol consumption. last year pendot reported more than 4500 crashes and 54 fatalities during this weekend. so when you are on the roads, make sure you drive safely. that's the latest from skyforce10. i am mitch blacher, nbc10 news. realtime traffic conditions updated 24/7 on the free nbc10 app. developing tonight. investigators are still sifting through what's left of a senior care facility in west chester
5:35 pm
which burned to the ground nearly a week ago. the remains of two fire victims have been recovered, but two residents are still missing. nbc10's steven fisher spoke with the families of residents who say they are thankful to be alive. the story from chester county. >> reporter: the atf and investigators were back at it here on the scene today. they tell me they're looking for two things while looking through all the damage. one, more potential victims and, number two, they are still working to determine what caused this fire. the search continues here at the scene of the barclay friends fire, with a lot left to be determined and answered. crews will be working well through the thanksgiving holiday. >> we need to work as hard and long as we can just to be able to provide answers for the families. >> reporter: the atf says human remains of two people were found tuesday. two more people are still unaccounted for. >> everyone really wants to come see a scene like thisnd a f
5:36 pm
anyone who perished in the fire. we are still hopeful that we'll find them elsewhere. >> reporter: what's left behind is tough to look at. >> to see the magnitude of it was -- it was -- that was frightening. >> reporter: his mother lived at barclay freendz a barclay friends and recently moved to a new room. after seeing the damage, they couldn't think, what if. >> my mother-in-law used to be in the worst burnt room here. she was moved a couple months ago to the other wing. so it really hit us even in a special way. it was like, that could have been her just by happenstance, and it wasn't. >> reporter: she was rescued along with many more. this neighbor said he is thankful the loss of life is not greater. >> heard about all the people who were evacuated. and my reaction was, after seeing this, it's amazing that many people got out. >> reporter: reporting in west chester, steven fisher, nbc10 news.
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a look at some of the stories making headlines, county by county today. a billionaire investor is getting help to cover the cost of demolishing part of the former trump plaza casino in atlantic county. carl icahn received preliminary approval for $6 million in state funds. a new jersey redevelopment agency approved the payment. the casino closed in 2014. nearly $11 million over the next five years, delaware state university in kent county has received its largest grant in history for neuroscience research. it's designed to better understand the function of the brain. the money will come from the national institutes of health. one of the things that makes you do a double-take. >> this embarrassing road sign mistake popped up. it's hilarious. who is actual responsible for it. adding a furry member to your household this thanksgiving? the shelter that's waiving
5:38 pm
adoption fees for the holiday. next.
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route 130 north is back open after this crash in burlington city. skyforce10 over thene by neck road. the backnd trailer flipped over. one person was hurt. where is auto correct when you need it? a road sign typo has become a
5:41 pm
traffic stopper in mercer county. as you probably guessed, this sign is supposed to say stop. the letters t and o were swapped. it was on private property in robbinsville. the contractor will supposedly have it fixed by tuesday. i don't know how you miss that. >> wonderful, though. >> how does it happen? $1.5 million gift will go a long way to helping students with their higher education in south jersey. philanthropist robert carr awarded half a million dollars to rowan college at gloucester county. it will fund scholarships for students who faced economic hardships or other challenges. let's check the traffic with mitch blacher live in skyforce10. we have som tlethere. >> reporter: we are actually over the scene of a nasty car
5:42 pm
accident in deptford township in gloucester county on cokeville road near clements bridge road. one of the vehicles is overturned. there was a person trapped. we are understanding that the cre crews were able to get the person out and get them help. we'll continue to monitor traffic and report any problems for you guys as we fly around the area. mitch blacher, nbc10 news. it is one of the most anticipated thanksgiving events in america. >> ahead at 5:00. we will give you a behind the scenes look at the macy's thanksgiving day parade and the precautions that keep spectators safe. your thanksgiving day forecast. we'll break it down by time period so you know what you can do when in your neighborhood. skipping the national anthem. what president trump is saying about keeping players the field during the song and why one eagles' player think the
5:43 pm
president's thoughts should be ignored.
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the countdown to thanksgiving means much more than that big turkey dinner. we're hours away from the famed macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> take a look. the giant characters are just a few of the floats that will be featured in tomorrow's parade airing here on nbc10. >> as nbc's jay gray tells us,
5:46 pm
millions are expected to line the new york city parade route for the 91st annual parade. >> reporter: it is a thanksgiving tradition. the party. before the paradyear, starting security screenings on the way in, there is a noticeable difference here. >> there will be a very strong presence of the nypd. stronger than ever, in fact. >> reporter: officers on every counter-teorismeams. blocked of >> at every intersection, more blocker cars and sand-filled sanitation trucks. >> reporter: a show of force to make sure that tens of thousands in the city for the holiday events feel secure and stay safe. >> i want to emphasize as the most important thing i will say, there are no credible and specific threats against new york city at this time or against these events. >> reporter: the celebration comes less than a month after the halloween attack that killed eight and injured 20 in lower
5:47 pm
manhattan. >> we will never accept such acts of hate and cowardice as inevitable in our society. >> reporter: which is why they'll make sure, police say, this year's parade will go off like the 90 before it. safe and spectacular. the new safety measures have not slowed the crowds down a bit. it's packed here this evening. the security ramp-up will continue through the weekend here in the city. jay gray, nbc news, new york. >> nbc10 is the only place to watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we'll air it live tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. to noon. don't miss out on another thanksgiving tradition, the national dog show presented by purina. >> this year's show is at the greater philadelphia expo center. it's one of the premier dog shows in the country. they just taped it this past weekend. i have the honor of hosting the national dog show gala this past weekend. i clearly don't know what to do
5:48 pm
on a red carpet. couldn't help myself. >> you had fun. >> my own puppy charlie is the national spokes dog of the show. he couldn't make it. you can catch the dog show after the macy's thanksgiving day parade tomorrow at noon on nbc10. i want to mention too, i posted the picture to my instagram page. colora erin coleman has an instagram also. don't miss your chance to adopt a pet for free this weekend. give a pet a forever home during act philly's adoption event. fees are waived through sunday. a live look at the philadelphia skyline now. it's a brisk evening with temperatures in the upper 40s. >> a live look at allentown where it is a clear night. the turkey cooking in the oven doesn't warm up the house, you might need to crank up the heat this thanksgiving. >> let's check in with nbc10
5:49 pm
chief meteorologist tammie souza. >> i call it good snuggling weather. this is the opportunity to grab the big blanket and snuggle. maybe with your dog or with your significant other snuggle person. outside we have clouds but we are going to see clearing. the skies are clearing rapidly. this is where you'll be going by about 3:00 in the morning. you drop from 44 now to 34 in philadelphia at 3:00 in the morning. pennsylvania suburbs. it will be 29 in the morning. if you're out there doing bar crawls and hops, it will be really chilly when you come out. 27 lehigh valley at 3:00 in the morning. 3:00 in the delaware. in new jersey, it will be 31. and jersey shore, 33 degrees. so just really, really cold air streaming in. juxtaposed to what we saw shortly after midnight last night when it was about 57 degrees in philadelphia. coats and hats. chilly and breezy this thanksgiving. it will be cool and dry for your black friday shopping. nonetheless, it will be cool. that's the operative word mix
5:50 pm
weekend. a warmup to the mid to upper 50s. sunday, we turn cool and quite breezy. next week, we start chilly on monday in the 40s and surge upward to near 60 by the middle of the week. low rain chances next week as well. doppler radar in free air mode because a little bit after lake-effect activity. snow showers taking place. they won't reach us. that's what they call clear air mode across the area. the clouds are thinning nicely. this is where we go hour by hour so you can plan your evening. looking at temperatures by about, oh, 10:00, dropping to 35. the winds out of the northwest. cascading in. by tomorrow morning, 32 in philadelphia. for your thanksgiving, look at plenty of sunshine out there. in the mid 40s in philadelphia. the low 40s, upper 30s in the outlying areas. by friday morning when you get ready to go shopping. 29 in allentown. 32 in philadelphia, 33 in
5:51 pm
millville. look at this. friday afternoon we make it up near 50. maybe the low 50s in philadelphia. upper 40s elsewhere. on saturday we are in the 50s. we could see clouds drifting through the area. so be aware of that. here is your official thanksgiving forecast. in philadelphia, we are going to be looking at 46. 44 in the pennsylvania suburbs. 44 in lehigh valley. 46 in south jersey. 46 for the shore and 47 in delaware. tonight 31 in philadelphia. 22 in the pennsylvania suburbs, 23 in the lehigh valley, 39 for the jersey shore. you are a little bit warmer out there. tomorrow, this is where we are going, again. we are going to be in the 40s. mid 40s with plenty of sunshine and very quickly your ten-day on 10. we warm up nicely. i promised you a 60. well, there it is! it will move in here by next wednesday. breezy and cool for the eagles game. if you are headed out there, bring a sturdy jacket. guys. she was thrilled to get a brand-new television, but then the disappointment set in. >> yes. because she couldn't turn it on.
5:52 pm
we'll show you how harry hairston at nbc10 responds came to the rescue, next at 5:00. the trouble with uber. what pennsylvania is demanding for the ride-sharing company. to find out whether your information was hacked. that's one of several news we'r0 news at 6:00.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
now to nbc10 responds. a viewer's tv remote breaks and
5:55 pm
she spends months trying to get a rheplacement. >> so she called harry hairston n10esponds. >> she feels like the company was pressing the mute button instof listening to her concerns. made s everyorning her first stop is the kitchen. she powers up her tv and dvd before preparing breakfast for her furry and scaly friends. >> i have dogs and cats and fish. i prepare their meals in the morning. >> reporter: valencia says background sounds from the tv gets her through the day. >> i watch news and tv. >> reporter: she purchased the all in one tv dvd online in march. in june the remote went kaput. she contacted the manufacturer, rca and got good news. the company said the remote is under warranty and promised to replace it. >> they said we'll send it between seven to ten business a
5:56 pm
>> reporter: then came july. still no remote. valencia called again. >> sorry. we're going to escalate this. we will send it, seven to ten business days. >> reporter: she tells us she called five more times between july and october. >> i was at my wit's end. >> reporter: that's when she contacted nbc10 responds. after we got involved, rca told us there was an error in her address at previous attempts to replace it. rca overnighted the new remote. >> i couldn't believe it. i had the remote. it was because of you guys. >> reporter: great. >> thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. valencia is back to enjoying her black and white movie while taking care of her seven dogs, two cats and 60 fish. >> whoa. >> full house! let's go to the recovery co at 6:00 is next.
5:57 pm
thanks, all new at 6president? while one eagles player says that's what he and others in the nfl need to keep doing. >> i don't know where he was raised, but his family didn't do a good job raising that guy. i'll tell you the truth. >> why philadelphia mayor jim kenney is on the attack tonight. new at 6:00. can turkeys be a ticket tons of thanksgiving kindness to know the star doesn't deserve to be locked up. how low temperatures will get tomorrow in my most accurate first alert forecast.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
traveling frenzy. tracking the thanksgiving rush on the roads, rails and runways. a bully and a punk. why philadelphia's mayor is throwing insults at president trump tonight. skipping the anthem? why the president says nfl players may stay away from the song entirely next season. our president is a bully. our president is a punk. and he just doesn't get it. >> philadelphia's mayor attacks president trump with an insult-filled tirade today. mayor jim kenney says his family didn't do a good job raising
6:00 pm
thanks for joining us. i am jim rosenfield. the mayor even suggested the president should get out of the country. let's bring in lauren mayk. this all started with a discussion of how the white house treats immigrants. >> reporter: the mayor has a history of criticizing president trump. there is a lot they don't agree on. on the topic of immigration things get emotionally charged. the mayor talks about his own family's irish heritage. today, though, he got personal about the president's family. >> this country used to be a country of compassion and empathy. it's now a country of anger and divisiveness. >> reporter: jim kenney with frustration and harsh words in comments that started with a script about immigration policies. >> now the reality is that the trump administration is telling nearly


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