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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 30, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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in a town about a half hour from here. former classmates are reacting. >> kind of shocked to be honest with you. >> what surprises you the most about it? >> that it came from joe. >> joe is the 24-year-old arrested in the deadly shooting of a man near drexel's campus. police say the man and his girlfriend were arguing when he intervened. news about the shooting now taking the former high school classmate by surprise. everyone around here at least is talking about it. >> he said he played in the band together and remembers him as a positive kid. >> it just never seemed like him.
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>> always dress up in a three-piece suit. >> tyler says they went to elementary school and had only arguments. >> reporter: but he wasn't quick to violence. while they heard the l report of what's happened, they still have questions about how it all transpired and es calated to a deadly shooting. >> i reached out to get more information on what happened here and how things escalated. but they told me they didn't have any other information to release. we did learn today that the man who was killed was a student last year at rowan college gloucester county. >> police in bucks county say
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they have the truck involved in a hit-and-run that killed a 19-year-old girl and hurt her boyfriend. here's video of the truck being processed as evidence in the case. it's a ford f 250 and they are confident this is the car that was involve d. you can see the damage there on the front. police have also identify ied a person of interest in the situation. they were crossing street road monday night when they were hit. he died in that crash. breaking news from wall street. the dow jones booming again today and closing at another record high. here's a live look at the big board at the stock exchange. the dow finished over 24,000 today after gaining more than 300 points. that big gain comes on the hopes that the republican party's plan to overhaul the tax code will pass. >> 20 minutes of nonstop news about the allegations that led to the firing of "today" show host matt lauer.
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>> we're hearing from lauer himself. he said in part, there are no words to express my sorrow and regret for the pain i have caused others by words and actions. to the people i have hurt, i am truly sorry. as i am writing this, i realize the depth of the damage and disappointment i have left behind at home and at nbc. erin coleman is joining us now live with more on the developments. >> several women have now come forward accusing lauer of inappropriate sexual behavior. in the meantime, lauer says soul search issing is is his new full-time job. he was fire d tr his decade's long role. two more women came forward accusing matt lauer of inappropriate sexual behavior. a former nbc staffer told "the new york times" she was sexually assaulted by the anchor in his office and she passed out afterward and had to be taken to a nurse. lauer issued a statement this
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morning, some of what's being said about me is untrue or mischaracterized. but there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed. i regret that my shame is now shared by the people i cherish dearly. this started monday night when a female employee made an allegation of inappropriate sexual behavior. nbc news confirms it began at the 2014 olympic games in sochi and continued after that. >> this is a sad morning here at "today" and nbc news. >> reporter: variety magazine published a report based on a two-month investigation describing a pattern of alleged sexual misconduct by lauer. three unnamed women told reporters lauer sexually harassed them. the magazine also reported several women say they made complaints to nbc executives, which they alleged fell on definite ears. wednesday night nbc news responded in a statement, quote, we can say unequivocally that prior to monday night current nbc news management was never made aware of any complaints
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about matt lauer's conduct. the lawyer for that first accuser also released a statement calling hissen client courageous for stepping forward o without making any demands other than asking the company to do the right thing. >> and rust sill simmons is step stepping down from his company following a new accusation of sexual assault. an award winning screen writer now says the music mogul assaulted her in 1991. simmons disputed the version of events but apologized. a model previously accused him of assault. a new survey shows more than l 0% of americans believe sexual harassment is happening at their own jobs. the nbc news survey monkey poll asked 4,000 people about their own workplace. 87% say they feel comfortable.
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more people are are willing to open up about it. right now, you can read more about the nbc news poll including the response from men about harassment in the workplace. plus read matt lauer's entire statement. all of that right now on the nbc 10 app. turning to our weather, first alert weather, tracking sol rain moving into the area. >> we could see the first showers just a few hours and could last into the night. but right now, another no jacket day for some. these people strolling around city hall with long sleeve shirts on. and a live look at downtown allentown. as soon as it gets dark enough, the christmas lights will be coming on there. chief meteorologist tammie souza is tracking the timing of the rain in your most accurate forecast. >> we're going to see the rain perhaps around 9:00 here in the city. across the area, we don't have any rain. the rain is now entering the western portion of the state. we're starting to see the clouds thi
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thicken. we had clouds this morning and then a break and more clouds are on the way. you can see this entire system as it stretches out with snow up in parts of canada. let's walk you through hour by hour. this is what we're expecting. we're expecting the clouds to continue to move in. by probably 9:00 we'll see some scattered showers through the pennsylvania suburbs, lehigh valley, maybe even into philadelphia. but watch what happens. we have a pretty dry atmosphere in place and the whole thing falls apart by 11:00 and then it's out of here. the skies will clear out and we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. not too shabby tomorrow. as far as your neighborhood weather, we're going to be looking at a shower perhaps around 10:00 and isolated to scattered shower. you'll wake up in philadelphia about 45 tomorrow morning. we will start at 46 in the pennsylvania suburbs. 41 tomorrow morning. 38 tomorrow morning in the lehigh valley. we go to delaware. you'll be at 41 in the morning. 43 in new jersey. 45 along the jersey shore. when i come back, we'll talk about your weekend and then a super big cooldown on the way.
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police up inner darby need your help to find a man accused of committing a hate crime at a mosque. we'll show you video of the suspect is here. he's accused of burned items. written on the sign references to the devil and killing and police are worried the suspect is mentally unstable. >> based on my experience, this guy is nuts. so what's he capable of? i don't know. but certainly the message he's sending is a strong hatred, violent message. >> the suspect is accused of threating signs at an education. center. one person is dead after this three-car wreck. a pedestrian died in the crash. that crash shut down traffic for hours.
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michigan congressman john conyers is in the hospital as he deals with accusations of sexual harassment. a a spokesperson says the 88-year-old is being treated for stress at a hospital in detroit. but is said to be doing okay. this comes as house minority leader nancy pelosi and top democrats called on conyers to resign today. this morning one of the accusers spoke to nbc's "today" show and said she was fired for rejecting his sexual advances. >> i want to stand up for the women in the workforce that are voiceless. that ordinary women like myself with extraordinary challenges working in the work tors that are dominated by men. >> conyers is the longest serving member of the u.s. house of representatives. the republican party's plan to overhaul the country's tax code is getting a boost from it one of their own. >> john mccain says he will support that bill even after admitting it's tar from perfect.
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he says the bill will help spur the economy and ease tax burdens on the middle class. john mccain was one of three republicans who helped derail the effort to repeal bobamacare last summer. pennsylvania senator pat toomey praised the bill today and called on support from across the aisle. >> exact ly what our economy needs right now. it's exactly what our constituents need right now. there's nothing about this process that precludes my democratic colleagues from engaging in debate and supporting the product. >> nbc 10 spoke with pennsylvania's other senator about the bill. he sees a completely. different side to it. >> big corporations $1.3 trillion and the middle class gets a couple crumbs. we're supposed to accept that and allow the top 1% to keep getting more. this is a joke. it's an insult to the american people. >> even with senator mm kin's
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support, the bill would only need three opposition votes to sink it. president trump has been invited to deliver his first ever state of the union address. paul ryan issued that formal invitation today. it will be held tuesday, january 30th. this will be the second time the president speaks in front of congress. but it's his first official state of the union. this afternoon says the trump administration is considering a plan to replace rex tillerson. still thot clear when it will happen or if it will at all. the plan would be to replace tillerson with mike pom mayo. the president was asked about the job and gave a quick answer. >> rex is here. >> you heard the president only con if you remembered that tillerson was at the white house but not whether he wanted to
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stay on the job. in delaware county, former commissioner is heading to trial on child pornography charges. he will be arraigned in january. the former president of the pord of commissioners is is accused of having hundreds of pictures showing children involved in sex acts. he turned himself into police after police raided his home. in the lehigh valley, a music teacher is getting jail time for sending explicit pictures to students. he was sending those messages to students at white hall high school and sending them through snapchat. he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three to 23 months in jail. he resigned back in february. a a cash settlement for a former police officer allegedly fired for rejecting his chief's sexual advances. the commission approved a $15,000 settlement on tuesday. officer jason says he was fired after 11 years at the police department for turning down his chief's sexual advances.
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he's been accused of inappropriate behavior by him and four other police officers. e he still is on the job. he's not responded to several requests for comment about the case in the past. firefighters in new castle had had an unexpected challenge as they knocked down flames during a house fire here. ammo started going off in the home. as you can see, the house was gutted. two people inside made it out okay. no word on what started the fire. this afternoon making sure everyone in philadelphia has proper health care coverage. the trump administration cut down the open enrollment period dramatically this year. they are launching new efforts to help neighbors get the support they need to sign up. including having volunteers at libraries, community centers and elected officials offices. >> please use this opportunity to speak with your family members, speak with your work colleagues, friends and to reach
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out to city services for support. >> the nfl and players have reached a deal to put tens of millions of dollars to promoting social justice. the eagles malcolm jenkins is in the middle of it all. the deal kocalls for the nfl an teams to commit up to $100 million to social causes in african-american communities. jenkins and retired wide receiver anquan boldin have been pushing for change. jenkins has been part of a national anthem ro test that have caused controversy across the nfl. >> that's up to each every individual player. >> it's still up to the individual player. >> the deal still needs final approval from team owners.
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that could happen in march. it would not take effect until 2023. speaking of the eagles, they are making their push for the playoffs. they could clinch a spot in the post season tonight. without ever sit sething foot on the field. we'll explain ahead. in the meantime, 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with pilot scheduling problems that could impact your holiday travel. american airlines says they are concerned over a computer glitch that failed to schedule pilots for about 15,000 flights. this problem was initially created by a computer scheduling error that allowed pilots to take days off during one of the busiest times of the year. american airlines is the largest carrier in terms of passenger volume and philadelphia international is one of the airline's largest hubs. that's where rosemary connors is joining us live. >> the moment people heard about this or saw it on their app,
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really nervous if you were flying over the holidays. you're getting new information that this problem is starting to look better. >> that's ab chute ly right. i have been in touch with american all afternoon. the latest that i'm hearing from representatives with the airline is they hope to have all of the flights resolved in the next few days. that's very good news considering the fact that this is is what it looks like at the check in here. imagine what this would lock like in the third week in december. >> it's madness. >> people pushing each other. >> we're all going under the wire to get home in time. go see family. get to our respective companies for meetings to wrap up the end of the year. >> reporter: add this to the list. american airlines recently dovred about 15,000 december flights had no pilots scheduled to fly the planes. a computer glitch allowed too many to take vacation.
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>> it was a glitch. if it was me, i'm not going to be time and a half or not is going to make me come to work. >> the pilots are coming to work. american now telling me this afternoon that the vast majority of the affected flights have been filled with just a few hundred still in need of pilots. >> i don't know how many are in philadelphia, but i hope they are here. >> the fact that they have not notified anybody which flights may be affected, kind of puts everybody on hold at this point. >> on hold for now. american hopes all flights will be resolved soon and until then. >> roll with the punches, be flexib flexible. >> reporter: that's advice for any time you're traveling by air. american tells me they hope to have this se solved and. wrapped up in the next few days. the reason they haven't contacted anyone about the affected flights is because nothing has been cancelled as of yo yet.
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so standby. reporting live, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> you don't want to get one of those dreaded texts your flight has been cancelled. >> we have both ben there. >> blame it on the weather. >> not at all. >> a a busy december out there. today could not be any prettier. clear the sunshine. . we'll see clouds moving back in. let's check the numbers around the area. 50s everywhere. philadelphia at 54. 54 on the jersey shore. 50 in the lehigh valley and the suburbs. 53 in delaware. check out what's going on in the suburbs. new. hope at 51. warington at 51. blue bell at 50. we're looking in the 50s. it's 51 at west brad tord.
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and 52 in objection fard. let's see if the heat has had any baring on the temperatures. a few degrees warmer. 54 at the airport. a very comfortable temperature. if you're in south jersey, 54 in hamilton square. look at turnersville at 56. it's 54 in woodstown. vineland at 55 degrees. so we are on borrowed time. we should be right around 50 this time of year. we're competing those values and look iing at a. doppler radar with no rain on it yet. here are the the rain showers. making their way into the western portion of the state. pittsburgh looking at rain. we have this frontal boundary driving all this in our direction. behind it much clearer and cool er. we'll get to the colder by end of next week. showers move in 9:00 across
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berk. s county and suburbs. but watch what happens. it's so dry they just sort of fall apart. you may or may not even get a shower or sprinkle. we see clouds through midnight and clear out. you'll wake up in the 40s. we end up with plenty of sunshine as we head into our friday and then some clouds and kind of drift in here for early on thursday. but thursday not a half bad day. we'll be in the 40s and 50s. sunday we start mild. we'll start in the 30s and low 40s across the area. it looks like a beautiful weekend ahead. the next chance of rain after that is not until tuesday. so here's your neighborhood forecast. let's break this down. it's going to be interesting when we get to the ten-day. 43 in philadelphia. 41 in south jersey. it's 38 in the lehigh valley. 44 for the jersey shore. 40 for all of you in delaware. we could see a shower moving through the area tonight. now tomorrow we are going to be looking at 54 in philadelphia. 51 in the suburbs. if you're in the le shy ral lee,
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closer to 50. 53 in south jersey. and maybe an early morning sprinkle. i think all of that is is going to be out of here. south jersey and delaware we're looking at the possibility of an early morning sprinkle. 53 on sunday. eagles you can watch them here nbc sunday night. 54 on monday. the rain moves in on tuesday and wednesday. behind that comes biting cold air. it sets us up for an extended several week-long period of very cold air. and look, we could see a rain/snow mix not this weekend but next weekend. our first flakes could be flying. right now, it's the perfect weather to be outside. >> before you bring your tree home, you want to hear this story. still ahead, the uninvited guests that could be creeping through your christmas decorations. plus not e trees, but not in my backyard. the penndot project that could have a major inter. state creeping on to several is people's properties.
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and what triggered this explosion at a major kcosmetics plant. we'll tell you, next. here's a look at that closing bell on wall street. that massive gain for the dow, which crossed the 24,000 point. the nasdaq and. s&p are also closing in the green this oompb. michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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newly released video shows the moment an explosion went off inside a cosmetics plant in new york state. take a look. a worker was cleaning a chemical tank with a cloth when that happened right there. you can see the tank engulfed in flames. the workers only had minor injuries but the fire set off another explosion that killed another worker and hurt more than 100 others. officials say static electricity from the cleaning cloth ignited a kek call and caused that big
4:26 pm
explosion. tis the season for more common colds. >> the confusion over what can cure your illness can be overwhelming. nbc 10 breaks down the dangers in certain remedies and what you need to know before you head to the pharmacy. and tracking showers. we have rain on the way. how long it will it last in your neighborhood. i'll have that forecast, straight ahead. here in berks county needs to be repaired, but in order to do so, they need to take homeowners property. that story, coming up. and all new at 5:00, an nbc 10 exclusive explains the crimes he will not prosecute a as he moves into the job.
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we have breaking news into
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the newsroom. right now, philadelphia police are giving us new information about the woman murdered by zm someone she met on social media. police found her body tuesday. investigators say the killer. stabbed her and then set her body on fire. nbc 10's brandon hudson is is at the newsen kmps right thousand. he'll have a live report on this breaking news at 5:00. right now at 4:30, the plan to expand the major interstate that could impact dozens of homeowners in berks county. >> people who live an eight-mile stretch in green. witch receive issed letters letting them know their land is needed for an upcoming construction project. steven fisher has learned some people have already packed up and left. >> reporter: only when there's a break in the traffic can you hear the wind chimes in karen's backyard. >> we live here at 1207 old route 22. we have been here 44 years. we have enjoyed it or ween wouldn't be here this long.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: her property borders interstate 78. and it's here between old route 22 and 78 where penndot will be taking property umpbd eminent domain. >> it's upsetting because when you start seeing neighbor's homes going and all the construction, i guess it's something that's inevitable. it's something that has to be. >> reporter: karen can stay. the neighbors on both sides are gone. >> they are affected and they moved out already. i know he moved out. >> reporter: penndot says the eight-mile project in the improved safety creates shoulders on the roadway. neighbors see actions behind their homes all the time. >> for some reason, it's a straight stretch. we have had a lot of accidents. >> the shoulders here have been sub standard for years. in fact, i have been involved with running out on the highway and trying to assist people at times. >> reporter: they agree the road
4:32 pm
needs to be improved. but disagree when it comes to taking away their neighbor's homes. >> it could have been done differently to keep the people here. >> reporter: penndot hope to get construction started o on this $175 million project by this summer. steven fisher, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 first alert weather is tracking showers moving into our area. we could see the start of rain in just a few hours. with a hat and umbrella, this little one is prepared for just about whatever weather comes our way. a perfect little mickey hat. sometimes you need a hat and umbrella. >> he looks serious too. he's very focused about the weather. . >> he must be watching chief meteorologist tammie souza and her forecast. >> i love it. got to train them young.
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that's what we're going to be looking at out there. right now. doppler radar here at home is quiet. let's go further to the west. pittsburgh seeing some showers. this will move through very quickly. a lot of it may. fall apart. pretty much this is the timing of what we're going to go through. the high, thin clouds moving into the area. it's 54 right now in philadelphia. we have 50s across the entire area. we'll drop to 50 by 7:00. by 10:00, we'll already have some scattered to isolated showers in the area. this is not going to be a heavy rain. this is going to come and go very quickly by midnight or 1:00 in the morning. the rain will be long gone. then this is what you have to look forward to tomorrow. 53 in south jersey. and 54 in delaware. it's going to be a very pleasant day once again. once we get rid of the rain tonight and the clouds tomorrow. wish i could say the same for the end of next week. we'll discuss that cold snap when i come back in a few minutes. here's a look at some of the
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other stories we're following county by county at 4:00. in cape may county, a a new resource center is opening will be unveiled tomorrow. they will grant research and plan for their careers. >> new policies this motto protect the rights of transgender students. the district says students have the right to be addressed by the name corresponding to their jepd r gender identity. they have a right to address in their gender identity. students will have access to restrooms and locker rooms corresponding to their identity. in berk. s county, reading mayor wants to create a city wide parking permit program after hearing complaints that there are not enough spaces. the parking authority could charge $50 for a permit and the revenue could be used to build more parking lots throughout the city. in new castle county, hundreds of kids got new coats
4:35 pm
today. nbc 10 in new port got a new personalized coat from the folks at operation warm. many of the kids that got coats today would show up in a sweat shart. >> they will be more comfortable when they come out to recess. it raises their self esteem. they are all leaving this gymnasium roud today. >> earlier this month, operation warm teamed up with the kids fund for a big camp out fundraiser. that money helped fund today's coat give away. the state of pennsylvania is putting its money where its mouth is to provide specialized training for workers. today the state. capital the wolf administration announced details of the same new agren tisship program. the goal is to give more employers to offer specialized training to workers. the program also aims to provide rewards for students and adults.
4:36 pm
>> programs in our high schools and in our work spaces build bridges that help everyone succeed. >> money for the program comes from a grant provided by the department of community and economic development. as you may have heard, nbc 10 is your official station of the philadelphia eagles. >> and an important game tonight right here on nbc 10 could help the birds clinch a playoff so the. even though theyen won't be be taking the field. we'll explain for you straight ahead. it's a time to look for a new job. the overwhelming number of occupations for humans to be replaced with robots. michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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if if you're going with a live christmas tree, watch out for the holiday hitchhikers. bugs and insects. one of the most common pests living in christmas trees are
4:40 pm
afids. they live on the underside of the branches and they feed on sap. experts say let the tree stand in your garage maybe tr a day before you bring it into the house. shake it out and check the branches for bugs. if you find an infestation once the tree is settled, vacuum the insects withen a attachment and get the tree out of the house. >> good advice there. tois r us is recalling a product that might have ended up under your tree. that because of the mold risk. it involves about 6,000 totally me clay craft kits. they are sold at toys r us. there have been three reports of mold being found in the clay. if you have one of these kits, you can return it for a refund or store credit. i'm tracking showers out there. what time will they get to your neighborhood. how long will they last and what about our weekend. so many questions to answer. i'll do that right of tafter th break. stocking up luxury cars with food. the friendly competition that's benefitting a local community, new at 5:00.
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get a free pecan or pumpkin pie with every $20 order from you can eat it wherever you want, even if you are in someone else's house... santa. enter promo code, freepie, on your next order at
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americans spend nearly $6 billion a year on cold and flu products, but do they really know what they are buying? navigating a drugstore's medicine aisle can be dizzying with hundreds of options. consumer reports has published a guide on over the counter products and the labels including a warning to watch out for one common ingredient. >> aseat met fin shows up in all these products. it's easy to get too much of it. >> consumer reports anything labeled severe suggests the manufacturer added an extra ingredient. read the label is a good idea. the penitentiary is hosting
4:45 pm
a toy drive for kids whose parents are in prison. tomorrow until christmas eve, anyone who donates a toy or children's book will get a buy one get one free admission ticket. there are more than 80,000 children with a parent in a state prison. here come the holly jolly trolleys. the trolleys can be seen all around the city. tonight in washington, d.c., president trump and first lady melania will participate in the lights of the christmas tree. this is video from last year's ceremony. kathy lee gifford and dean kain will host the ceremony. the beach boys, wynonna judd is performing. a live look at the river rink. en winter fest is underway.
4:46 pm
we will flip the switch on the holiday event. watch it live tomorrow night at 7:00 on nbc 10. we were shooting some promos. it was gorgeous. we had some smores and hot chocolate. >> let's check out the conditions for that tree lighting tomorrow might. look at that. not half bad. we're going to start in the 40s. once the tree light is flipped, we're not expecting rain. we're expecting mostly clear skies. just a few high, thin clouds. and winds out of the northwest anywhere from 10 to 15 miles per hour. not a shabby night at all. it's going to feel very festive for the tree lighting. i hope you can make it out there. today, remarkable. look at our high of 55 today in philadelphia. 51 in allentown.
4:47 pm
54 in wilmington. 57 for atlantic city. even mount pocono, 41. warm there. we should be right around 50 in the philadelphia area. so we're exceeding all of our values. that's not going to last much longer. here's what you can expect. it's going to be an interesting week to say the least. and then tomorrow just a tad cooler. the next shot of showers will be on tuesday and wednesday. it could be a two-day event. that's the next time you'll need the umbrella. it's going to be sunny and seasonal. go get your tree. run around. anything you need to do outdoors it should be pleasant. next week we're going to get a cold pattern late in the week. we could even see our first flakes of the season. if you're in the upper
4:48 pm
elevations. we're going to see some snow. it's passing through pittsburgh right now. all of this is associated behind the cold front. we're going to clear out quickly. we see the scattered showers moving through. they fall apart. you may not even see anything in new jersey and delaware. it just may be cloud cover you're dealing with and just some drizzle out there. 9:00 tomorrow morning we're in the 40s. we'll have sunshine. we'll see a few clouds drift through from time to time. on friday, basically we're going to be up around 50 degrees. and then look at saturday, we start with clouds in the morning and we're going to top out in the mid-and upper 40s in a few low 50s around the area. a little cooler by sunday.
4:49 pm
we'll start the day in the upper 30s and low 40s. look at that behind that a very pretty day for your sunday and your monday. but let's just fast forward. let's zip on ahead to the end of next week. we're going to be into next friday. a very cold dip is is headed our way. pink indicates extremely cold air. let next friday, this is what we're look iing at. temperatures in the 20s and teens overnight that night. it's going to be a pretty cold time. it's going to last for much of the rest of the month. you can follow it all along at your neighborhood weather. check out your cold snap. read my blog. ob the end of hurricane season. that will be posted tonight as well. today the final day of hurricane season officially. 54 tomorrow. 53 on sunday. watch the eagles game with us here on nbc 10 that night. 54 on monday. 59 on tuesday. 53 on wednesday.
4:50 pm
that's when the front comes through with rain. look at the 40s and the 30s for highs as we get into next weekend and maybe even a little bit of a rain/snow mix. your first place eagles are on the verge of clinching a spot in the playoffs. it could happen as early as tonight. >> i'm excite d about tonight. we're going to explain. tim furlong is live in south philly. >> reporter: they could do it tonight and b don't even need to play. coming up, why it's okay to cheat on your team just tonight. we'll come back.
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the eagles could officially be in the playoffs in just a few
4:54 pm
hours. >> the team could clinch with a win on sunday, but they can also win their division if the cowboys lose tonight. tim furlong joins us live in south philadelphia. >> this means birds fans are now behind the redskins? >> reporter: listen, at least tr tonight. we're all behind the redskins. how cool is that. they can win the division without playing and the cowboys lose, which just in general is awesome an early christmas gift. tonight, my house, cheering for the redskins. >> it's kind of weird. >> reporter: it feels like cheating on your spouse. if the redskins beat the cowboys -- >> the regs of the season is is a cake walk. >> reporter: a washington win does mean the ooelg ooeg clinch the nfc east and can focus on home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. >> just tonight. >> reporter: so tonight we are all washington fans. this dude has been one for years. >> if the redskins go and play the eagles in the playoffs, i'm going to be going for the redskins.
4:55 pm
>> reporter: to put on the ugly t-shirt if you have one and for one night only you can chant redskins. so back live, my aunt down in the maryland area are pretty excited. they are season ticketholders. they are excited to see me cheering for the redskins. but i want to remind everybody. they stink. the cowboys stink. the giants stink worse. they are going to win this thing either way. let's just hope it happens tonight. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> how do you really feel, tim? you can keep track of the eagles possible division title b tonight here on nbc 10. coverage starts a the 7:30. live from dallas. then the birds take on the seahawks this sunday night in seattle. a game you can only see on nbc 10. we're getting you ready at 9:30 sunday morning with gameday kickoff. kickoff at 8:30 p.m. followed by
4:56 pm
post game coverage on nbc 10, the official station of the eagles. we are following breaking news. we just got this information about an earthquake just north of dover. >> we're going to have that breaking information next. plus new at 5:00 an nbc 10 exclusive with philadelphia's district attorney-elect. the crime he will not prosecute once he takes office. and his take on the meek mill case. and former nbc "today" show anchor breaks his silence with an apology as a number of women accuse him of misconduct.
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4:59 pm
breaking news. the usgs confirmed an earthquake struck just novrth of dover, delaware. >> people have been all over social media from here in philadelphia to as far away as washington, d.c. saying they felt the tremors. let's meteorologist tammie souza. who is getting new information about exactly what happened. >> you can see right here this little dot. if you're in the delaware bay, this was about ten miles northeast of dover. the reason is being felt by everybody in such large distances away is because this was a shallow earthquake. this is only about 8 kilometers
5:00 pm
bethe surface. so this is no surprise that this was felt here in philadelphia. perhaps even as far north as new york and down to d.c. probable a ripple affect across the bay. this is going to continue to be a developing story as far as the final magnitude with this. but there may be some damage associated with it. there are some fault lines in delaware and going back h historically, a fault this size did cause damage. we'll have to see if there's damage on land, especially around the dover area. but right now at this point,s that 5.1 magnitude earthquake, 4:47 this afternoon is when it struck. about 8 kilometers or 4 miles beneath the surface. we'll continue to follow this story and bring more breaking news in the last 30 minutes. we learned the person


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