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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 8, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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star stocking store stocking up. >> we're fanned out getting you prepared for the considerable snowfall some neighborhoods will be. steve is tracking how much snow woul s you'll see depending on your neighborhood. >> tammie souza is tracking when you'll feel the impact. >> we're feeling the impact in some places, south jersey, cape may, southern delaware. we have a first alert in effect. this is for the pennsylvania suburbs, new jersey and delaware. that's where we'll see the steady snowfall. when? from now to about 2:00 in the morning, that's far south jersey and delaware. between 2:00 and 7:00 tomorrow morning we'll see it starting in philadelphia and the pennsylvania suburbs. this is what you have to consider. this is going to be a long event. this is going to be 18 hours. tonight through sunday night, we'll see heavy wet snow, slippery roads, we'll see kind
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of at times dangerous travel. and the roads are going to turn icy once the sun sets and the temperatures drop well below freezing. that could be early tomorrow morning and especially for tomorrow night. doppler radar picking up that transition to snow, let's check out who is getting it. let's go to southern delaware. lewis, millsboro, bethany beach. milford right on the line. rive riverview, cape may, avalon, dennis, we go right up to atlantic city looking at some of that light snow. maybe switching over in galloway, not as far north as waterford or winslow. we're not seeing it in those places yet. this is a look at the system, you can see it stretches all the way down to atlanta. it's got to make its way through our areas, it's going to take 18 hours to do it. this will be very long event. timing, temperatures above
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freezing, they will be above freezing for much of the area at 10:00 tonight. south jersey and southern delaware. watch what happens at 2:30 tomorrow morning. it starts to move northward. we see the transition to below freezing and between about 7:00 tomorrow morning and noon, everybody is in the snow. let's check out another area for snow totals, let's go to philadelphia, steve? >> all right. and you see dry bare ground, nothing happening right now at the art museum. when you check in this time tomorrow night, snow will be blanketing the christmas tree there. it's quiet in philadelphia. you can see the live radar, we don't have any snow close by. it will be during the overnight hours we see that snow arrive. let's take a look at the arrival times. 7:30, we're dry. up through 11:00 tonight, it's dry. when does the snow around? around 4:00, 4:30 in the morning. you can see how the snow stacks up throughout the day. not huge totals, but just enough to be slippery from east falls down through kensington through
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center city. even down to the airport if you're flying out tomorrow, do expect delays. storm totals around two to four inches, coming up in the next half hour i'll break down our northern and western suburbs. we'll see you then. our team coverage continues. now in atlantic county, ted greenberg is live in hamilton township. people are taking the storm seriously. >> reporter: they are, erin. we started seeing some very light snowflakes coming down here in hamilton township a few minutes ago. we are about 12 miles inland from the coastline where people have been seeing a little bit more light snow. the storm prompting cancellations, and yes, sending folks to the supermarkets. >> frozen, pizza. >> reporter: this was the day for collette to stock up on food before a weekend filled with both the season's first snowstorm and a big eagles game. >> i kind of doubled up. i bought a lot of extra groceries. more than normal.
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yeah, i don't want to come out in the bad weather. >> reporter: denise finding the presnow frenzy racking up. >> starting to get crazy. from the time i walked in, it wasn't that bad. >> reporter: a few flakes already flying this afternoon in margate, a tiny taste of what's to come. loading up their sea isle public works cl works trucks with salt. >> the trucks, setting the plouplou plows, salters, spreaders, we've got to get everything else ready for the sidewalks. >> reporter: at the wildwood convention center they're getting ready for tomorrow's indoor family holiday celebration. it's set to go on as planned. organizers of the annual pinch ingrinch charity toy run and walk outside on the boardwalk decided to postpone it until
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december 17th. >> when you're deal ing with snow and the possibility of slipping and falling, that's the last thing we want to do, you know, before the christmas season. >> reporter: another change to tell you about. atlantic city's winter wonderland event, originally scheduled for tomorrow, now postponed a couple weeks until december 23rd. live in hamilton, township, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. thank you. folks in delaware could see some of the highest snow totals from the approaching storm. george spencer is live for us in claymont. what's it looking like out there? >> reporter: so far so good. this could end up being a relatively tricky storm for the state of delaware. snowfall totals could be relatively different down in southern delaware than where we are up in northern delaware. and that's why state leaders are really promising an agile response to this storm. now, up and down philadelphia
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pike today, we saw the brining solution out on the roadways. that is intended to prevent icing. crews have been working that angle across the state all day. but given the current track of the storm, there's a special focus on the southern portions of this state. which may end up being hit harder. leaders promise a dynamic response based on their realtime assessment of exactly how this storm sweeps in. >> it looks like we may be getting more snow in the southern part of the state. we're definitely focusing our efforts down there to make sure the roads are coated ahead of the storm. >> reporter: with that as their plan, del dot is preparing to call in crews throughout the night. many of those crews are at home resting at this hour. they'll kind of come in in waves as the snow begins to really ramp up overnight. this storm already hitting the southern portions of delaware, even at this early hour. we're live in claymont, george
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spencer, nbc 10 news. from delaware, to this now. we could see several inches of snow in philadelphia this weekend. >> the storm comes as tens of thousands of people are expected to attend a major event in south philly. rosemary connors is live for us with a report on that. hey, rosemary. >> reporter: hey, the salt that will be spread along the roads in south philadelphia near lincoln financial field, the site of tomorrow's army/navy game will likely come from here. this is the largest salt dome in the city of philadelphia. crews are gearing up, families and fans are getting ready to bundle up for tomorrow's games. >> i have blankets, and gloves and hot hands. i think it will be good. >> reporter: for this family from ohio, the weather will only be half the battle when army squares off against navy. >> we definitely brought everything we need to be bundled up. we'll be out there cheering on the team. >> reporter: even if it's a little wet and messy out there?
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>> definitely be prepared and ready to give west point a run for their money. >> go army! >> reporter: at a pep rally in center city today, the first snowfall of the season was far from the minds of fans. eager to celebrate the rivalry steeped in tradition. >> when it comes to athletics, big competition, and we go after each other, but after the game, we're all on the same team. >> reporter: getting to the game shouldn't be a problem with crews ready to tackle the snowy streets. mother nature will keep them busy ahead of the historic matchup. it will be something to remember. >> reporter: back here live, 18,000 tons of salt inside. there are about 50,000 total in the city of philadelphia. should be plenty to get us through the season. we'll have to see, in terms of tomorrow's game and keeping the roads clear, the city of philadelphia says they plan to have about 70 dump trucks out on the road. they'll be rolling out through
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the morning. that's when they'll be putting the salt on the roads. reporting live in southwest philadelphia, i'll rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> there are also tons of military personnel in for this weekend and the big game. download the free nbc 10 app to see how close the snow is to your neighborhood. send us your pictures and videos of the snow once it starts falling. a philadelphia police officer is recovering after being hit by a bullet. it happened as police were responding to a call about a dog attacking a woman in north philadelphia. officers shot the animal but a bullet ricochetted, grazing the injured officer in the shin. the 80-year-old woman was severely injured. the officer has been leased from the hospital. >> we're worried about the citizen who was really torn up badly by this dog. i think our officers saved her life and hopefully she can hang on. >> the dog, which was owned by the victim's granddaughter, died at the scene. a grand jury indicted a
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former south jersey police chief on hate crime and civil rights charges. this is in connection to the arrest of a black man. he faces an added charge of lying to the fbi about the arrest. federal authorities say he slammed the 18-year-old's head against a doorjam injuring the team last year. he was arrested last month, he retired as the township police chief in january. still ahead at 5:00, our live coverage of the december snowstorm continues. we're head ago the philadelphia suburb where's the snow may hinder holiday plans. ridding yourself of robo calls. harry hairston explains what you can do to protect yourself. a man with a cane attacked with a two by four. more of the shocking video and the search for the suspect. conrail clean up. n neighbors say the city's attempt to clean up a drug corridor brought the problem to their doorstep.
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welcome back, we are keeping a close eye on the storm system that's bringing snow to our region this weekend. many of you will see the white stuff piling up at your homes. an update from chief meteorologist tammie souza is coming up in just minutes. new tonight, the chaos after the cleanup. >> it is absolutely due to the
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conrail cleanup. philly's most infamous drug den now shut down, but some say the fix create adnew problem. >> i understand, if i lived in the neighborhood i'd be angry too. >> philadelphia's cleanout of the conrail train tracks was heralded as a major step for the neighborhood and for the city's fight against the heroin epidem epidemic. >> three months later, george spencer found neighbors who believe the problem has just been moved right to their doorstep. >> you can imagine what goes on at night. >> reporter: stepping through the trash, pat coughlin walks with outrage. on this morning we saw drug users shooting up. >> they don't stop for a news crew. >> reporter: he says a wild west of unregulated drug use is a new formal
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normal. as we spent time here over the several weeks we saw the lives in peril and at least one pulled back from the brink. how urgent has this problem become for you? >> i'm going out of business. >> reporter: he tells us for three years he ran a successful air bnb out of his home. >> every pin is a group of guests. >> reporter: those guests have been scared off. coughlin insists, as the neighborhood's grittiness tipped into full blown chaos. after the city's cleanout of the drug market on the conrail tracks. >> when they closed down the tracks, basically everything moved west over to here. almost overnight. >> reporter: just about a mile from there, we caught up with dennis, he lives across the street from the emerald city, a tent city under the conrail tracks that he says grew far larger after the top was cleaned. >> the neighborhood changed. i would say 100%. >> reporter: 100% changed? >> yeah. for the worse. >> reporter: the tracks are now fenced on every side, a visual
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side of major change here. but we took the new concern for neighbors straight to city leaders. there are people who say you cleaned up the train tracks, but you've dumped the problem in our laps. what's your response? >> i think overall, the impact has been positive. >> reporter: philadelphia managing director is managing the follow-up to the conrail clean out. he says police and new bicycle officers arrested nearly 650 drug dealers during just two weeks in october. crews like this one are cleaning shanty towns of the displaced, including emerald city. before the tracks closed, these cleanouts occurred twice a month. now, it's once a week. and three outreach teams are working directly with drug users, thousands of interactions have resulted in several hundred referrals for treatment and housing. the mayor says it's slow person to person work that defies a
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quick fix. >> so much you can do in a free society, you can't just lock people up and lock them away. >> reporter: this man promises that frustrated neighbors, not benefitting from the cleanup, will not be ignored. >> they will receive our top level service. we'll do that block by block. >> reporter: within just minutes of one emerald city clean up this month, we watched folks there heading right back in. setting up shelter in what is their home. up coughlin's way, he says since august they never left. >> when it comes down to it on day-to-d day-to-day basis we don't get any help from the city. we can't do it by ourselves. >> reporter: george spencer, nbc 10 news. caught on camera, a fight in the middle of a parking lot turns violent after one of the men involved took out a two by
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four. police just released this video of a fight that happened in south philadelphia back in october. one of the men grabs a two by four and eventually hits the other guy in the face. the attacker took off in that truck. police are still looking for him. take a look at this, a heavy fire gutted this home in philadelphia. crews rushed to the scene around 4:30 this morning. it took one person to the hospital, but police tell us it wasn't directly related to the fire. investigators are trying to figure out what started it. as california wildfires continue to spread tonight, the president is declaring a state of emergency. that allows fema to begin offering aid, gusting santa ana winds are pushing the flames. dozens of racehorses were killed during a stampede as they ran for safety. hundreds were cut loose from their stables as the flames closed in. meanwhile, families scrambled
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today safety. >> we started throwing everything in the car when i saw embers starting to hit our roof. >> hopefully we'll get back our house will still be here. >> right now, the fires completely uncontained. the winds are expected to intensify through the weekend. taking a look at this southern snowfall. neighbors are digging themselves out of the snow in jones county, mississippi. yes, this is mississippi. you don't see this every day. nbc 10 is in pennsylvania where a christmas tree lot is busy today. people are buying up the trees now, so they don't wind up with a wet snowy tree tomorrow. >> yeah. that wouldn't be again. tammie souza joins us now with the snowstorm's latest track. >> the track is on track is what i should say. starting in southern delaware, south jersey, it will make its way north through philadelphia and the suburbs by early tomorrow morning. this is going to be a wet, heavy snow. you got to be careful shoveling,
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use your legs, not your back. this could be heart attack snow for some people that receive as much as six inches of snow. slippery roadways tonight in delaware and south jersey, throughout the day tomorrow across philadelphia and the suburbs. and then tomorrow night after dark, any of the standing water and slushy snow is going to turn to ice. we'll have to deal with black ice. this is an event that lasts 18 hours. all day tomorrow and into the night. here's your snow timeline for philadelphia. typically we get two inches of snow in december. the record for tomorrow is 2 2.9 inches. we'll see a half inch of snow at 5:00 in the morning. we'll see an inch of accumulated snow by 8:00 in the morning. 1.7 inches by 11:00. at 2:00 in the afternoon, we should have about 3 inches on the ground. 3.9 inches by 5:00 and 4.3 by 8:00 tomorrow evening. that's what we're expecting in the philadelphia area. you can see the transition to snow has already happened for southern delaware.
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let's take a look. lewis, bethany beach, you're looking at snow, milford you're starting to see the transition to snow. dover, you're still in a little bit of rain. north wildwood, cape may, avalon, dennis, looking at snow right now in south jersey and jersey shore, atlantic city. egg harbor. to the north and west, winslow, rain for you. you've not made that transition over yet. you can see the system stretching from atlanta all the way up the east coast. we have all of that to make its way through our area before we're done tomorrow night. so let's time this out. the temperatures generally above freezing. you're down around 35, you can get snow to fall, the column of air above the snow can cool enough. let's watch the timeline. we get to 10:00 toonnight. south jersey, jersey shore and southern delaware thing. 1:30 in the morning. still in the same place.
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but by 5:00 tomorrow morning we've moved into philadelphia, all of south jersey is covered. temperature around freezing, 9:30 tomorrow morning we've covered the suburbs into the lehigh valley. and by about 1:00, tomorrow we're into the poconos. look at this, 5:30 tomorrow night still around freezing, 10:00 tomorrow night, light snowshowers and flurries. by 1:30 sunday morning, we're out of here. let's look at these snow totals where they could be. again, we're going to be looking at around four inches in philadelphia. maybe a little less in south delaware, according to our rapid precision model. we're expecting rain to mix back in tomorrow. if you look at the suburbs, even all the way up into the poconos, several inches of snow possible. this is our other forecast model, the north american model. it's a bit more robust. probably heavy handed, but five inches in philadelphia. not sure we'll see that. somebody certainly could see it in south jersey or delaware. >> it's still early november, so is this unusual to be talking about this much snow this early?
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>> no, you know what? we have had some big snowstorms in the month of december. i will tell you this, we have two more in the pipeline as well. so maybe this bodes well for a white christmas. a lot of people want a white christmas. >> i do. >> sorry kids, no snow day. it's happening on a saturday. sorry. >> all right. that's good. coming up at 5:30 we'll take you live to montgomery county where the snow could put a damper on holiday plans. higher education is expanding in center city, where two campuses are getting a special addition. the eagles are in la to take on the rams this weekend. and one of the biggest stars in the sports world will be wearing eagles' green. we talk with him ahead at 5:00. look who has made his way to los angeles for the game this weekend. swoop. he is taking in all the sights in front of the hollywood sign and the hollywood walk of fame. i'm telling you eagles nation is taking lala land by storm. nbc 10 your official station of
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the philadelphia eagles, we'll be right back. one laugh, and hello sensitive bladder.
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a live look at the ben franklin bridge. the first snow of the season approaches philadelphia. be extremely careful on the roads as this winter blast starts to make its way here. a live look right now at our satellite radar. tammie souza will give us an update on the storm's path in
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just minutes. two schools joined as one to celebrate their new shared location in philadelphia. harrisburg university and hashing college. a ribbon cutting for the 38,000 feet of renovated space. next at 5:00, we're in montgomery county where people are bracing for the snow. deanna? >> reporter: some of them say the storm is going to take them by surprise which is why they're shopping tonight. we'll show you why this tree lot play as role in that. still ahead. staying safe on the roads. up next, aaa shares what you should do before getting behind the wheel in the weather. south jersey parents deported. their family broken up. the losing battle that forced them out of the country. that's coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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right now at 5:00, continuing coverage of the first snow of the season. here's a look at what's heading our way. this is video from dalton, georgia. the first snow of the season is already blanketing parts of the tennessee valley. >> we have a team of reporters and meteorologists keeping a close eye on the storm as the first flakes begin to fall in our area. deanna durante is in montgomery county. >> meteorologist steve sausna is
5:31 pm
tracking snow in your neighborhood. tammie souza is tracking where the fasnow is falling right now. >> we have a first alert that we've issued. it typically, a snowfall of three to six inches wouldn't be a big deal late in the season but this is our first snow. so the pennsylvania suburbs, philadelphia, new jersey, and delaware, that's where we'll see expect to see it. especially new jersey and delaware. you will be doing the most shoveling. when? well, now through 2:00 in the morning. we're already seeing it move through far south jersey. and delaware. so it's already starting in those places. from about 2:00 in the morning to 7:00 morning we'll see it move into the suburbs. so tonight, through sunday night, this is a long run event. looking at 18 hours here. heavy wet snow, slippery travel, and by tomorrow night when we're below freezing any moisture,
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sloppy snow, anything melted on the roads is going to create black ice. so put that in the back of your mind if you're traveling around tomorrow night. let's take a look at what's going on tomorrow night. south delaware. you can see right now, lewis, milford, not quite into the snow yet. millsboro, rehobeth beach in the snow. riv riverview, trying to mix in. nothing in dover yet. cape may, wildwood snow there, dennis, the darker shades of purple are a steadier snow. these are large chip-style snow flakes. corbin city in the snow. winslow, probably feeling some sprinkles out there. this entire system stretching all the way back into georgia and alabama has to make its way through our area. this is how we'll kind of time it out for you. look at this, it stays stuck to the south for much of the night.
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10:00, still delaware and south jersey. 1:30 in the morning, delaware and south jersey. 5:00 in the morning, we're into philadelphia. we get in at 9:30, we're into the suburbs. that's where steve is going to pick it up. we'll find out how much snow is going to fall in the suburbs. >> this storm is a southern slider. areas to the south and southeast east get the most, and areas to the north and west which typically see more snow than the coast will see less snow. the radar network is dry. by 11:00, if you're heading out to dinner tonight you have nothing to worry about. get errands done. now let's say about 6:00 a.m., that snow line along the 202 parkway, moving down towards 422 we're seeing the snow move in. that's the start time. once we get into the snow we'll be in the snow for several hours. you can see by 11:00 tomorrow morning. we're looking at a little over an inch of snow there in landsdale.
5:34 pm
doyles town. up through lehigh, berks county, inch and a half to an inch. the final totals i think are around two to four inches in the suburbs. we'll have another complete update in just a bit. the thought of snow may get you in a festive mood. folks planning to use their saturday shopping may be left out in the cold. we're live where plenty of folks are grabbing last minute supplies. >> reporter: this snowstorm was news to many people we were talking to throughout the day. hearing that those snow accumulations were coming up and up throughout the day. and so they are hitting the stores tonight. they are hitting the garden centers for shovels, for trees, for wreaths. anything they need to get before they hunker down tomorrow. >> not even prepared. >> reporter: jackie says she'll be spending her saturday indoors. >> i'm definitely like a warm weather kind of girl. i'm not too ready.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: lindsay better get to work it's her husband's birthday tonight. a snowy saturday slowing down her holiday prep. >> i have to make sure i have flashlights working. >> reporter: ken is getting salt, sand or shovels. >> i'm too old to shovel nowadanowada nowadays. >> reporter: you're going to sit inside? >> and have a beer. >> reporter: others will be making sure mother nature doesn't keep the business away. at this garden center, the fire is lit. the decorations are up. and they're open late. >> this morning, i focus with shovels and salt as some of the smaller items for the small storm that we're getting. >> reporter: that little storm can cause big problems for outdoor inventory. the warm hearth can only do so much. >> we'll try to dry them as fast as we can. >> reporter: i did ask what is their plan.
5:36 pm
do they tarp the trees? they take belief blowers and blow off little trees and the big trees in the back. they're open late if you need that salt or a shovel ore a christmas tree. reporting live, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> with the first snow of the season, there's no better time than right now to run through your annual winter checklist. aaa gave us a rundown of the things you should do before hitting the road. here we go, first up, get your emergency kit ready and leave it in your car. pack it with jumper cables, kitty litter, a spare phone battery, flash lights, food and water. and under the hood, aaa says most emergency calls come from drivers with dead batteries. those batteries can quickly go from good to bad when temperatures fall below freezing. >> because the cold has such an extreme effect on car batteries and tires. so aaa definitely recommends that everyone have their car battery tested. knowing whether your battery is
5:37 pm
at full strength, it can definitely bring peace of mind. >> aaa says the average car battery lasts three to five years. when it gets close to freezing batteries lose almost half their power. you can download the free nbc 10 app to get the hour by hour forecast, no matter where you are. you can use the app to send us your photos and video of the snow once it starts falling. international news, president trump's jerusalem announcement continued to spark outrage from palestinians today. protesters are angry over the president's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. palestinian authorities say israeli gunfire killed a man in ga gaza. at the u.n., ambassador nikki haley defended the president. >> this week, president trump finally made the decision to no longer deny the will of the american people. >> haley said the u.s. is still
5:38 pm
committed to israeli/palestinian peace and that the u.s. supports a two state solution, agreed to by both sides. at least 14 united nations peace-keepers were killed in an attack in congo. 53 other peace-keepers were injured yesterday according to "the washington post." it's the deadliest attack against the mission in years. many of the victims were from tanzania. officials are blaming the attack on a rebel group from uganda. he'sre's a look at the stors making the headlines. kent county. reverend brown is set to become the 11th bishop. keeping older drivers safe, pennsylvania governor tom wolf highlighted tips on safe driving practices for drivers over age 65 in chester county. they include driving during daylight. especially in the morning. avoid rush hour traffic, and getting weather reports in advance. ahead at 5:00, the legendary
5:39 pm
basketball star who is wearing eagles green in la this weekend. giving back, how some members of the phillies family are making an impact in our community tonight.
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a first snow of the season is here, nbc 10 has issued a first alert. we're keeping a close eye on the storm season as it moves into
5:42 pm
our region. be careful on the roads out there. the temperatures will lead to dangerous conditions in some spots. today, 60,000 pounds of relief supplies are headed to puerto rico. american airlines provided the cargo flight. the phillies are doing their part to spread holiday cheer. they visited our brother's place which is one of the largest homeless shelters in philadelphia. the front office donated food and served dinner to about 200 people there. the emergency shelter provides three meals a day and treatment programs to 150 people. next at 5:00, we are in la with the eagles as the birds prepare to take on the rams this weekend. >> basketball legend with local ties, who is rooting for the birds. first snow, it's here. so how much are you going to get? well, we can go neighborhood by neighborhood and show you the timing and how much you'll have to shovel. while we're dealing with snow, some eagles fans are
5:43 pm
enjoying the sunshine and the beach out west. tonight at 6:00, we're live with how fans are turning los angeles into philadelphia west tonight.
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5:45 pm
it's a sign of the holiday season is in full swing at the state capitol. this year's tree is a 22 foot douglas fir from carbon county. it's decorated with l.e.d. lights and more than 1,600 handmade ornaments from senior centers across the state. a holiday classic kicks off tonight in center city. the pennsylvania ballet will perform the nutcracker.
5:46 pm
tonight's performance starts at 7:00. it runs through december 31st. meanwhile, nbc 10 is the official station of the philadelphia eagles. we know the stars will be out for the game tomorrow in la. >> one of the biggest stars in the sports world will be wearing his eagles green. nbc 10's john clark spoke exclusively to kobe bryant. >> reporter: hey, lower marion high school's kobe bryant got to speak to his hometown eagles today. wow, when a five time nba champion and one of the top five nba players of all time speaks to you, you listen. take a look at this, we were there after kobe bryant spoke to the eagles. he got a jersey from the birds. he put it on, he felt like a football player. he had his game face on. he also talked to the eagles owner and brian dawkins. we went one-on-one with kobe exclusively. he knows all about what it takes to be a championship team,
5:47 pm
listen to what he said about this birds' team. >> i think the character of this team is special. that's what wins championships is the character and spirit of the team. you have certain moments where you go up and down. but when the spirit of a time is strong, when it's a collective one, then you have something that's truly special. fingers crossed, you know, they look to have that. sdp >> reporter: that is cool to here. coming up at 6:20 we'll hear from kobe about what his exact message was to the eagles team. it's very interesting. john clark live at angels stadium in anaheim california, nbc sports philadelphia. >> kobe loves the eagles. nbc 10 is your official station of the philadelphia eagles. we have your covered from sunday, our power hour of coverage starts at 9:30 with eagles game day kickoff followed by eagles game plan. join us after the late news for more exclusive eagles analysis
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and interviews from the team and the coaches. the first snow of the season has reached the philadelphia region. a live look right now at our first alert satellite radar. you can see the storm, it is hovering there over our region. making its way north. here's a live look at the conditions in cape may where the snow has been falling here now for nearly two hours. parts of south jersey and the jersey shore could see some of the biggest snow totals from this system. and in delaware, we have started to see our first flakes there. this is a live look at the wilmington skyline. philadelphia, another live look from our camera on top of the melon building. right in center city. the first snow of the season should start falling here a little later on tonight. more on that tammie souza joins us, with what we can expect. >> it's going to be picking up overnight. it won't get into philadelphia until early tomorrow morning. right now, we're watching areas in southern delaware where we have that light snow falling. now it is a wet snow, so it's melting when it hits the ground.
5:49 pm
you're watching it come down, those giant big flakes. bethany beach, rehobeth beach, we're looking at snow. milford you're back and forth we between rain showers and snow. cape may, wildwood, dennis, all looking at light snow, although it is melting when it hits the ground. atlantic city in the snow. egg harbor light snow. still, some light rain showers in deerfield, salem, and vineland. we're going to be watching it slowly move to the north, you notice it's sliding more eastward. it's going to take a while for the wide part of the system to move across philadelphia. let's take you through the timing hour by hour so you can see what's going to happen in your neighborhood. we have temperatures that are above freezing. it's okay if it's 34, 35. we can see snow falling at those temperatures. doesn't usually stick to the ground. watch what happens between now
5:50 pm
and say, 10:30, we start to see it moving further north, darker shades of blue down here near rehobeth beach and lewis beach and cape may. temperatures start to fall. by 2:00 in the morning, a little bit cooler. 5:30 a.m. in philadelphia it's freezing. pennsylvania suburbs freezing. much of south jersey freezing. the snow is beginning to stick. by 9:30 tomorrow morning it's into the suburbs, we get to noon, it's mount pocono through the 1:00 hour. 5:30, still snowing across the area. seeing a little bit of a change back to a rain/snow mix. you may go back and forth with that. 10:30 tomorrow night, snowshowers, clearing out very early on sunday morning with temperatures at that time below freezing which is going to create ice on a lot of the roadways. this is our in-house model it's actually forecasting four inches of snow in philadelphia. a little over three in rehobeth
5:51 pm
beach. two at mount pocono. 3.4 in atlantic city. i think that's probably accurate with isolated higher amounts in the lower lying areas. this is our north american model, it wants 5 inches in philadelphia, three in mount pocono, i think that's excessive. so it's going to be somewhere in between those two. it will be evident on grassy areas. tomorrow we'll be looking at temperatures that start out above freezing and drop below freeze ing with snow for all of the area. on sunday, it's going to be chilly. it will start below freezing with sunshine. it will get up above freezing. look atm monday. temperatures will be knaback in the 40s. >> tammie souza, thank you. up next at 5:00, it's something we've all dealt with, those pesky robo calls. in some cases they're more than a nuisance, they're a
5:52 pm
threat. how you can protect yourself after the break. coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a south jersey family torn apart. why they were forced out of the country after nearly three decades. leaving their three children behind.
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
tonight. >> he has a look at what's coming up on nbc "nightly news." good evening, lester. >> hi, ahead for us tonight we're on the front lines as new fires explode across southern california. also, the new warning about the flu, the cdc reporting double the usual cases this year. we'll look at how to protect you and your family when we see you on nbc "nightly news" coming to you from ventura, california. back to you in philly. >> thanks, lester. and now to nbc 10 responds. we have new information tonight to help you stop some of those annoying robo calls. >> they are so annoying. harry hairston shows us the steps you can take to keep your phone free of unwanted calls and scammer. how to stop robo calls, join the do not call registry. it won't stop calls to faxes or business calls, but it helps. don't pick up if you're not familiar with the number. let it go to voicemail. if you don't know who it is, block it.
5:56 pm
if you get call from someone claiming to be the do not call registry, hang up. the registry will never call you. block text scammers, if you're registered with the do not call list, you can forward spam texts to 77726, free of charge. if all else fails, complain. write down the phone number and file an ftc complaint. >> and there's one other step you can take. contact your wireless carrier for help. at&t has an app to block those unwanted calls. your carrier might also have that app, so check them out. >> i didn't know that. >> yes, indeed. >> you get that app and it can block them, let you know they're coming. i got an app. >> it's official, there's an app for everything. >> there you go. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> if you have a consumer complaint for nbc responds, head to, we'll respond to you. up next, we'll keep rolling with
5:57 pm
our live team coverage of our first snow of the season. the snow is already starting at the jersey shore and it's only getting closer to your neighborhood. as the minutes tick by. that's right. we're tracking how much snow you're going to get in your neighborhood. and the timing of it. so you can make your weekend plans or maybe cancel them in some cases. plus, a vicious dog attacks an 80-year-old grandmother, then an officer who tries to help gets hit by a bullet. we'll explain how it all happened, next at 6:00.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00, the first snow of the season surging toward us tonight. we've issued a first alert for tonight and tomorrow. your neighborhood could get several inches. this storm is heading up from the south. where it's already blanketed several states. the roads became treacherous in parts of north carolina where you can see the fedex truck flipped over. good evening to you i'm erin coleman. our live radar shows this storm moving in a few flakes are already flying here tonight. it will intensify overnight and into tomorrow. crews are salting the roads and preparing their plows. truck drivers are ready to start clearing as the snow falls. south jersey could see the biggest accumulations. this is a live look at cape may where we're already seeing the snow falling tonight. delaware could get some snow as well. this is a live look at the
6:00 pm
wilmington skyline. the heaviest snow expected further south in the first state. in philadelphia, the roads could get slippery when several inches fall tomorrow. you're looking live at i-95 in south philly and broad street in center city. you'll definitely want to be careful if you're out driving. in the lehigh valley, we are expecting the least amount of snow believe it or not. this is a live look right now at allentown tonight. we're bringing you live team weather coverage. we'll begin with first alert meteorologist tammie souza with all the important timelines. >> you know, tonight, already we're starting to see the snow fall in southern delaware and along the jersey shore. especially in south jersey. we're all going to be affected by it, pennsylvania suburbs, philadelphia, new jersey, and delaware. especially new jersey and delaware. i think that's where we'll see our highest amounts. when? now through about 2:00 in the morning we'll see it cranking up across south jersey and delaware. we're already seeing it in southern delawaran


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