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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  December 15, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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weather forecast accurate. good morning. good morning, a cold morning and cold all day. cold enough for snow. that's exactly what we'll see this afternoon. we'll see it in philadelphia, the suburbs, new jersey, and delaware. the lehigh valley will get a little light snow. it's going to lead to slipperier conditions and more significant snow in these neighborhoods. 1:00 this afternoon to 7:00, the evening commute will likely get dicey. light snow will begin falling in the afternoon and continue into the evening hours. only expecting one to three inches. not significant except that it's coming during the commute time, and it is going to be cold enough that it's all snow. slippery roads and walkways to be expected later today. this morning, though, dry. no sign of any snow. we just have clouds rolling through and very cold temperatures. the system to the south will make its way into the area for the afternoon and early hours. 25 in philadelphia.
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the lehigh valley dropped to 13. it's cold enough for snow, even this afternoon, the temperatures are going to stay on the cold side. that's when the snow will be coming down. afternoon temperatures below freezing. delaware, just above by one degree. you'll get accumulating snow there, as well. the timing is different for each part of the area. we'll look at that in ten minutes. katy zachry with traffic. things are running well, free and clear of issues. a 13-minute drive southbound between woodraven and the vine street expressway. westbound looking good out of the city. a 20-minute ride between vine and the exit for the pennsylvania turnpike. i'll show you eastbound in a second. 476, the blue route looking good northbound and southbound between 95 and 76. a 14, 15-minute drive. 76 eastbound, we have overnight construction that's closed a portion of the road between spring garden street and south
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street. that should be lifting in a few minutes. i'll let you know when it does. >> thank you. and keep the app with you. we'll bring you the latest on wintry weather, and you can have weather alerts sent directly to your phone. the future of fraternities at penn state happening today. a grand jury will release a report and recommendation on greek life and its culture at the university just months after the hazing death of a pledge from north jersey. the lawyer for timothy piazza's family will comment on the report in philadelphia today. >> nbc10's randy gyllenhaal joins us live from our digital operations center. he is following these new developments expected later on. >> reporter: we are waiting on the grand jury report which is expected to shine a spotlight on greek life at penn state including hazing and excessive alcohol consumption. all of it sparked by the death of a fraternity brother earlier this year.
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timothy piazza was a pledge at the fraternity. he died after drinking large amounts of alcohol, falling and hitting head during what prosecutors call a hazing ritual. his frat brothers are charged in his death. the grand jury report will dive into the frat culture at penn state. the piazza family has been pushing for sweeping rerchlform greek life saying they want to prevent other hazing deaths and injuries on college campuses. >> tim was a happy and caring human being and wonderful son who just wanted to join an organization to find friendships and camaraderie. instead he was killed at the hands of those he was seeking friendship from. >> reporter: the family attorney, thomas cline, will be speaking today at 10:00 in philadelphia. react could to the grand jury's report -- reacting to the grand jury's report and giving the family's reaction to the news, as well. live in the digital operations center, randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. >> thanks. 5:03 on this friday. two cousins charged in a killing spree in bucks counties are now
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denying they murdered anyone. yesterday cosmo dinardo and sean kratz pleaded not guilty in separate hearings. dinardo is charged in the deaths of four young men found buried on his parents' farm in july. kratz is accused in three of the killings. the disappearances of the four victims touched off a wide-ranging manhunt. according to prosecutors, dinardo initially confessed that he agreed to sell drugs to the victims, he lured them to the farm, and killed them. after the arrest, dinardo agreed to tell prosecutors where the first victim was buried in exchange for a lifesaving promise. >> we're the district attorney's office. we honor our agreements. should mr. dinardo decide to upheld his end of the bargain, we will not seek the death penalty against him. >> the district attorney says right now dinardo is cooperating. he adds if other crimes are discovered or if dinardo takes the case to trial, the plea deal is off. as for kratz, neither the d.a. nor defense attorneys have
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publicly discussed any deals related to the charges against him. today is the final day of open enrollment for obamacare. as of now, the people who have signed up for health insurance coverage is four million higher than last year. despite the increase, the future of the affordable care act is uncertain. republicans in congress are pushing to scrap the law. the tax bill includes a provision that would get rid of the individual mandate to buy health insurance. experts say if that happens, 13 million people would choose to do without coverage, hiking costs for those who still have obamacare. internet advocates are vowing lawsuits after the fcc voted to repeal net neutrality rules. the decision means internet providers have the ability to slow content from companies like netflix, hulu, and youtube if they don't pay for faster service, foreign exchange. providers could -- for example.
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providers say consumers are in for higher fees and limited access to content they choose. all four providers including our parent company, comcast, say their practices will stay the same. the clash over glass in philadelphia. corner stores may have to take down the protection at the counter that the owners say keeps them safe. a new law gives city inspectors the authority to determine if the barriers like bulletproof glass will stay or go. it's part of a broader bill in philadelphia that targets stop-and-gos. the businesses obtain restaurant licenses for the main purpose of serving alcohol. however, unlike traditional restaurants, they don't often have prepared food or required seating. >> they aren't delis. they're places to buy products to get high. they're the modern-day pusher. >> storeowners fear the removal puts their lives and employees' lives at risk. the passage of the law doesn't
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mean barriers have to come down right away. it gives inspectors up to three years to determine how barriers will be handled. today the sheriff's office will give away free gun locks at several locations across the city. deputies are distributing the safety locks to help prevent children from being wounded or killed by guns that aren't secured. they will pass out safety pledge cards to kids to make them aware of the dangers of firearms. for a list of giveaway locations, tap the nbc10 app. . i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold, frigid start to your any. this afternoon, a different story. snow arrives during the early afternoon and stays through the afternoon and into the early evening commute.
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teens in south jersey, 20s in delaware and philadelphia. the lehigh valley and suburbs looking at very cold temperatures this morning. teens for most neighborhoods. in fact, lower teens for sadsburyville and atglen. 16 in exton and also 16 for malvern. 11 in milford township. 18 in gladwyne. a cold enough morning for snow all day. that's what we'll get this afternoon. the temperatures will stay below freezing. a little bit of a breeze develops. there won't be any windchills, but feels-like temperatures will be in the middle 20s and getting colder tonight. not a strong wind, just enough to make it feel colder. not a single flake this morning. this afternoon, that changes. you see it on the hour-by-hour forecast. at 9:00, clouds are moving in. the temperatures in the 20s and still in the 20s at noontime. still dry at lunchtime. early this afternoon between noon and 1:00, the first snowflakes in berks county and the suburbs, chester county and
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montgomery county, too, just very light snow to begin with. it will be on the move at 2:00. from 2:00 right on into the evening commute at 4:00, a steady, light snow. it will be accumulating in wilmington, philadelphia, northeast philadelphia, and millville. by later this afternoon, it starts to taper off in the suburbs. the snow will be over by 7:00. the last few snow showers will be offshore by 8:00 this evening. i'll show you how much you'll need to shovel later when i come back with a look at the weekend, too, just in ten minutes. >> looking forward to it. thanks. 5:09. we're looking at traffic. >> and katy zachry looking at 76. >> we're waiting for the overnight construction to lift. the closure spring garden to
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south street. i'm watching this traffic going 76 eastbound to the vine street expressway. this is westbound traffic. the traffic you see in the far left-hand lane, that's 76 eastbound that's exiting at 30th. still, 76 eastbound between spring garden and south street closed. it should be lifting any minute now. i'll let you know when it does. we have a crash. this just in, the area of west conshohocken northbound at the new dehaven street underpass. i'll let you know when it clears. right now, it's not affecting anything as you head northbound on the blue route. also seeing a closure at philadelphia and henry avenue between midvale and walnut lane, the right lane closed there. >> thanks. 5:-10. coming up, accusations dating back decades. what oscar winner is back in the spotlight following new allegations of sexual assault. are you still holiday shopping, or you haven't
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a cold, frigid evening, men and women who spent time helping in the hurricane recovery effort came home. members of the 1049th got back last night. the sight of familiar faces melted the hearts of the men and women who stepped off the plane. also people from our area are returning home. there is no stopping more help from coming. >> packing up here to head there to reside permanently. >> april runs the land and heart project, tasked with providing relief to forms on the island.
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that includes solar generators and water filtration systems. nearly 90 days after the hurricane, 37% of the people there still do not have running water. 7% have no power. today, the philadelphia police academy will celebrate the graduation of nearly 100 recruits. a ceremony will be held at the temple university performing arts center later this morning. most of the graduates will join the philadelphia police force. others will join the temple and septa police departments. 5:15. we are in a first alert this morning. that's because of conditions like this. take a look at the streets in roxboro. cars and trucks stuck on the ice. neighbors along cinnaminson street tell us a number of vehicles had trouble trying to get up and down the hilly street all day yesterday because it was just a sheet of ice.
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we're expecting evening snowfall will cover up frozen ground and already slick roads this evening. >> certainly with that extra coating that's expected later on today, it will make things tricky out there. >> absolutely. meteorologist bill henley keeping a watch on the skies this morning. certainly a tricky commute later today. right? >> yeah. a dry morning, but this afternoon we will see snow developing. right now clouds overhead and frigid temperatures. the temperatures are falling with mostly clear skies. that's a live view from the studios. not a single snowflake this morning. that does change later today. right now, temperatures are changing. 9 in the suburbs. 20s in south jersey and delaware. andora, 17. the low 20s in parkwood, 21. not exactly much warmer in center city. still in the 20s there. we will warm into the low 30s this afternoon. i think most neighborhoods will stay below freezing.
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clouds are moving in. the system that we're watching for this afternoon is to the south. not producing much in the way of snow. you see a little bit of light snow in western north carolina. it will be develop iing in the area as the system comes closer. we'll see it by 3:00 this afternoon. there could be a half inch to an inch on the ground in some of the suburbs and the lehigh valley. wilmington, philadelphia, trenton, about a half inch by 3:00 in the afternoon. very light snowfall to start with. and the light snowfall will continue through the evening hours. by 3, which about -- by 3:00, an inch in philadelphia. it will accumulate in south jersey at the 4:00 hour. by 6:00 this evening, two inches in philadelphia, wilmington, and cantaloupes close to that in trenton. it will be done in allentown and pottstown, more as this ends this evening. getting closer to three inches in south jersey. snow will be staying put. it will get cold overnight
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tonight. the weekend will see sunshine. mother nature will melt a lot of it. 40 in philadelphia saturday afternoon. lots of sunshine. 30s and 40s for the jersey shore and delaware. more clouds around on sunday. a degree or two warmer. come sunday night, we could see showers. i think it's going to be dry during the day. it will be warmer for at least a few days next week. i'll show when it expect the warmup in the next half hour. >> thank you. and construction at 76 may slow you down. >> katy zachry with more. >> in the last few seconds, that has cleared. i was telling you about a closure on 76 eastbound between spring garden and south street. that has cleared. as you see, that traffic running in the left-hand part of the screen is 76 eastbound heading toward the closure. the road has reopened. no issues there.
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we still have the construction vehicle in the lane westbound. it's over in the shoulder, just residual construction vehicle left from the overnight construction. don't let that slow you too much. there's a crash on 476, the blue route northbound in west conshohocken. right on the blue route at the new dehaven street underpass. i'll let you know when that does clear. if it's there for a while, it could affect the blue route northbound. look at drive times on the pennsylvania turnpike. if you're headed westbound between route 1 and valley forge, that's a 26-minute ride. up a few extra minutes because of overnight construction that should be clearing. >> thank you. fill abundance is hosting its annual toyota tundra food drive. 75 trucks will haul in more than 300,000 pounds of food this morning. all of it destined for homes in and around philadelphia. film abundance says one in eight families are experiencing food
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insecurity across the country. in philadelphia the number jumps to one in five or 20% of all families. fatal flaw in an everyday item. the cause of a fire that killed two young brothers that might be inside your home as we speak. and hollywood legend in the hot seat. the new sexual misconduct allegations against the oscar winner that dates back decades. and wallop to your wall street. holiday shopping -- to your wallet. holiday shopping isn't cheap. how long it will take mornings to pay off all the holiday debt. un-stop right there!
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unstopables by downy. for a fresh too feisty to quit. sexual harassment claims against dustin hoffman. they include assaulting an actress in 1980, an assault during the filming of "ishtar,"
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and another woman in a station wagon. another woman said that he performed a lewd act in front of a 15-year-old in the 1970s. reporters were also told he forced a 21-year-old to perform sexual acts while he filmed "all the presidents men." hoffman's lawyer says the accusations are defamatory fa e falsehoods. the nypd is investigating charges of sexual assault against hip-hop mogul russell simmons. he says the claims have shocked him to his core and says all of his relations have been consensual. last month, simmons stepped down from his companies after two women accused him of sexual misconduct. free shipping day for nearly 1,000 online retailers. among them are target, macy's, and old navy. no minimum for the deal, plus
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you can get gifts delivered by christmas eve. free is a word arealy used as we are at the -- rarely used as we are at the height of holiday shopping. a survey shows how long it will take to pay off the holiday bills. now to cnbc business report and landon dowdy. >> reporter: good friday morning. 'tis the season of giving and gifting. for some americans that means paying for their holiday shopping well into the new year. a poll by banking startup mobile money found that 25% of americans will take up to six months to pay off their post holiday debt. overall, nearly 28% say they'll spend between $250 and $500 on gifts this year. get this -- the top new year's resolution is to save money. and we'll check the markets here on wall street. we're set to open in the green after stocks closed lower on thursday. markets reacted negatively as two gop senators raised concerns about the tax bill. the dow snapping a five-day winning streak, closing down 77
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to 24,508, the nasdaq dropping 19 to 6,856. back to you. >> have a great weekend. coming up, the future of fraternities. today a grand jury will provide recommendations following an alleged hazing death at penn state. we're live to preview the report. on the edge, the tax reform deal crafted by republicans appears to be hanging in the balance. the reason two gop senators say they will not vote yes. i'm meteorologist bill henley, a frigid start this morning. cold enough for snow. guess what's on the way for this afternoon? yes, another shot of snow. we've issued a first alert. right now just looking at cloudy skies and 25 degrees. the live view from center city. your forecast ahead. michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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showers could make for a messy commute. and a grand jury gives recommendations to penn state fraternity after a hazing death. fatal flaw. the everyday item that may have sparked a fire killing two young brothers from montgomery county. snow is on the way. not yet, but it is coming. so there's a first alert in effect for the flurries that could make for a slow and slick ride home. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm dray clark. we'll start with meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast in town. good morning, bill. >> good morning. it is a cold morning. and it's going to be cold enough for snow all day long. we're not going to see snow until the afternoon. when it comes in, we'll do slipping and sliding. philadelphia, the suburbs, new jersey, and delaware will see the most


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