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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  December 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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riders rescued. a ski lift malfunctions and crashing into each other leaving five people hurt. right now at 6:00, after a nice thaw during the day the temperatures are falling again. meaning if you're heading out for a holiday party or picking up christmas gifts there will be slippery spots. good evening. the re-freeze is happening tonight into tomorrow morning. for more on the timing and temperatures let's send it over to first alert meteorologist.
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>> everything is okay right now opinion it's really the concern later on this evening and into tonight. you can see a live look outside. no snow to talk about. it will be a dry evening and temperatures right now are not so bad. 41 degrees. this is much better than where we were the last couple of days. that's thanks to the southwest wind busy at 15 miles an hour. the highs today helped melt some of that snow. 42 in philadelphia. 40 in trenton. temperatures at this hour sitting at chilly levels but not frigid. it's 37 in pottstown. this is what you can expect. chilly but not frigid conditions. if you're headed out to holiday parties, it will be a decent breeze. you need a coat and gloves. be beware of black ice. time is running out to
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finish holiday shopping. after several snowy days many people got out to the malls today. drew, how are the crowds out there? >> reporter: you know it's been so busy around here. police put signs up on the side of the road warning drivers to expect delays. here in the parking lot you can still see the snow is piled up. hasn't melted and it's chilly again. that walk into the store is not pleasant but shoppers know they got to fwet this done. no rain or snow falling today. just some melting. workers got to work early scraping the snow off the store awnings. >> with the decorations it looks nice up here. >> reminds me of my christmas movies. >> shoppers took a look at the cal der and bundled up and headed out. >> i dressed if layers. i think it's a good day. >> reporter: this is the scene last night at the king of prussia mall. today a different story.
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>> we're seeing traffic is really starting to pick up as the sun has been coming up and warming up a little bit. >> shoppers updated us on how close they are to finishing their gift list. >> i'm like get it done. knock it out. >> we have pretty much everything done. we're trying to wind it up with a few more things. >> reporter: it won't be long now. >> i like when santa comes. >> reporter: there are still deals out there. >> sales pretty good? >> i think so. >> reporter: even for the procrastinators. >> we expect people will be out until the last minute. we'll be open till the last minute. >> reporter: in addition to the deals, you'll have more time to shop. many shopping centers have extended their hours starting this weekend through christmas. many of the malls will open as early as 8:00 and go as late as 11:00 at night. >> thank you. several people had to be rescued after a ski left malfunctioned near state college. it happened in center county.
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a witness said she saw the lift break down an several chairs crash into each other. at least five people suffered minor injuries. pennsylvania state police are searching for a driver who hit and killed a man early this morning on i-95 in delaware county. police say ronald williams got out of his car at i-95 southbound in chester city around 3:00 this morning. another driver drove by hitting him and kept driving toward delaware. police think the car is a newer model black voek voek lkswagens one. one of the men walked into the cell phone repair store on south dupont highway yesterday and asked about trading in a phone. minutes later the second man walked in and asked to see an iphone. now as soon as the phone was in his hands, police say the two
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men ran off. if you recognize them you're asked to contact police. for the second time in a week, delaware state trooper shot and killed someone after a traffic stop. a trooper attempted to stop a car the in wilmington last night. the driver dragged the trooper with his car. that's when the trooper shot and killed him. the trooper was taken to the hospital and released last night. a week ago a trooper shot and killed a teenager after a stop. they stopped this car early in the morning in dover. the 16-year-old sitting this the passenger seat had a gun. the teenager was killed after an exchange of gunfire. police are still investigating both shootings. new jersey governor is rounding out his cabinet. he's chosen the county prosecutor.
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sheila oliver will serve as commissioner. murphy takes over from governor chris christie on january 16th. it's the sound that's synonymous with the holidays if philadelphia. we're talking about the mummers. folks enjoyed performances by members of the golden sunrise club and string band. they are gearing up for their new year's day parade. it was graduation day for hundreds of cookstown university students. one grad did not let his moment in the spotlight go to waste. close to 500 graduate and undergrads received their di w diploma today. the trump administration banned words for the nation's top public health agency. we'll show you those words plus
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what the agency is saying about it. fraternity fall out. the drugs fraternity members are accused of slipping into drinks and the punishment they are now facing. michael: i'm thankful that i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know:
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we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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republicans working on a new tax plan seem to have the votes to pass it. a vote could happen next week and major challenges including raising the child tax credit. it doubles the standard deductions and eliminates the obama care requirement that everyone must buy insurance. democrats claim this tax bill will add to the federal deficit and benefits the rich, not middle class working americans. president trump is predicting an economic surge when the new tax cut plan kicks in. that's what he told reporters as he was leaving the white house for camp david this afternoon.
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the president says he hopes to sign it into law before christmas. a new report from the washington post claims the trump administration issued a list of forbidden words for the department of health and human services. the post reports policy analysts at the cdc were told of the list at a meeting thursday with senior cdc officials who oversee the budget. the forbidden words are vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence based and science based. the assertion that hhs has banned word s a complete mischaracterization of discussions regarding the budget formulation process. hhs will continue to use the best scientific evidence available to improve the health of all americans. hhs strongly encourages the use of outcome and evidence data this program evaluations and budget decisions.
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we'll hear from the eagles on why that are so confident this him. slippery spots overnight. it may refreeze tonight and i'm tracking more snow in that ten-day forecast. when it will arrive, coming up.
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new information about why a fraternity at rutgers were suspended for several years. rutgers official student newspaper report that they drugged members of a sorority during a party back in fall. fraternity members put xanex and mixed it with alcohol and juice. they gave the drink to students. the student paper says it was shut down permanently in november.
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53 wreaths were placed along a mass grave site. the vent coordinated by the daughters of the american revolution is part of a national program called wreaths across america. the effort is way to remember fallen service members. members of the fire ie cad mi were ringing a different kind of bell this morning. they joined the salvation army to collect money, canned goods. as new recruits community relations is a big part of their job. >> this is just part of the academy process. to do good com relations. >> it will benefit toys for tots. weeks spent collecting toys for children as tlifr ri drivers gassed up and delivered the donations. it was part of the support center for child advocates
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annual toy drive. 80 volunteer drivers picked up 1500 gifts to deliver to foster kids in philadelphia and montgomery county. >> many of our families are very poor. we're helping them out. when a bag of gifts arrive the kids go wild. >> the organization is the nation's oldest and largest nonprofit that provides legal and social services for abused and neglected children. lots of toy shopping. it was the second annual shot with an airport cop. they delivered cheer to children today in allentown. they took 14 kids to target for a shopping spree. >> i heard students say how wonderful this was for them to be able to purchase gifts not only for themselves but gifts for their family. they have something to give family member on christmas day. >> the event helps broker a relationship with students and
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law enforcement. santa arrives a little early to check on children. he rode on the fire truck and waved as the truck drove around south jersey neighborhoods. these pups are going home for the holidays. the spca held the tristate area largest pet adoption in center city. more than 1,000 pets are up for adoption. this continues till tomorrow. turning now to the first alert weather. roads will be refreezing tonight. any slush left over could be turning into black ice making for another slippery night as you're heading out.
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>> i-95, i-76, those road will be fine. a lot of christmas parties out there tonight. holiday shopping, get togethers. it's saturday night. if you want to enjoy yourself, keep this in the back of your mind. if you're walking on some of the sidewalks, some of the back roads you're driving you may encounter some of that black ice. it's not out there now but will be in several hours. something you want to note. sometimes you go from just the damp service to ice very quickly. the trend is to thaw things out. this has been a very cold weather pattern for you. you're going to get a big break by early next. temperatures well into the 50s almost spring like. this is a very interesting situation unfolding. our computer model sometimes can hint at storms upwards of two
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weeks ahead of time and that's what they are doing with the storm on christmas. we'll have to keep an eye on it. it would be wet, it would be white or could be both. all those scenarios on the table. live look outside now. what a gorgeous picture in center city. the melting has commenced. it's a sloppy evening. make sure you have your snow boots on or shoes that can get mucky because it is getting sloppy out there. temperatures across the region, upper 30s in the lee high valley. we have a lot of clouds out there. up across berks county. lehigh, north hampton counties you're in the low to mid-30s. it could be some black ice up there right now. temperatures across south jersey, you'll be this the upper 30s now. it's the slow step down into the lower 30s here. later this evening that will cause some black ice to tomorrow form.
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how cold will it get in? 28 in philadelphia. not terribly frigid but just enough to fwet the ice to tomorrow. sunday, everywhere below freezing pfreez freezing. watch out for the black ice. the ice not a concern. we'll continue the melting process tomorrow with temperatures in the lower 40s. temperatures tomorrow upper 30s to lower 40s. under sunshine giving way to increasing clouds. we have a weak system passing by here. it's trying to deliver milder air. our friends down to the south have a lot of mild stuff to talk about. it's 60 in st. louis. that shower risk comes in here sunday night and that's the gateway to the milder air. this very cold air that we've received the last few days, lifting up to the north and that will allow some milder air to
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come in this week. let's look at the ten-day forecast. there's some changes after that. 41 for tomorrow. 48 on monday. 55 on tuesday. then as we head to the second part of the workweek, you can see we do cool down just a bit. then there's that christmas weekend storm. on saturday it's just rain. no problems there. christmas eve night into christmas day itself there's your rain, snow or snow scenario. >> if you compare this to the last two years where it was really warm, check it out. check out that video. that was from two years ago. it just doesn't seem like christmas when you're running around in tank tops and shorts. it was in the 70s. in philadelphia our statistical odds of a white christmas are less than 25%. the last one we had was back in 2009. eight inches of snow on the ground. it didn't snow that day but on from the previous storm we had. here is danny with sports. >> no white christmas here.
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up next, the eagles say they have complete confidence. john clark gives us a report. some words after last night's thrilling overtime game. we'll hear from him, next.
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time to check in for what's coming up on nbc nightly news. >> tonight the new threat from a huge wildfire in california. now the third largest in the state's history. no fun on a cruise ship for hundreds of passengers who came down with a stomach virus on a royal caribbean vacation. also, canadian billionaire and wife found dead in their home. police calling it suspicious. inside the workshop of man who has made christmas come to life for half a century. when we see you in just a couple
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of minutes. back to you. >> look forward to it. thanks. here is danny with sports. >> good to see you. the eagles head in. the first since 2011. the there's still plenty to play for. >> the eagles are hoping to wrap up an early christmas gift. if they beat the giants they clinch a first round buy. they have a new quarter back. this is the first trip without carson as their quarterback since the eagles drafted him. nick says he is confident and really comfortable in the offense he's ready to go. his teammates believe in him. >> it's no different for us. nick is no carson.
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they have a different skill set but i don't think anybody is looking at this next game or game after that and saying i got to play harder or do more to compensate. we know we can play nick. he will be an efficient quarterback and make good decisions. >> i think guys have trust and faith in him that he can do it. we have done it with them before. next man in, let's get this thing done. >> he's got a set for the hall of fame for the most touchdowns in a single game. he's been pretty darn good in philadelphia before. >> this is a good first opponent to be facing off against. the giants are giving up the most yards per game. the birds come here with the best rushing attack in the nfc. i'm john clark, nbc sports, philadelphia. >> thanks. nbc 10 your official station of the philadelphia eagles. our coverage starts at 9:30 a.m.
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with eagles game day kick off. join us after the late news. to the ice now, the flyers will go for a sixth straight win tonight when they host the dallas stars. this is a completely different team than the one that lost ten straight before this winning streak started. on thursday the flyers gave up gold for the sabers in first few weeks ago. it's a renewed sense of confidence. >> you can take it when you have a little swagger to your game. that's the case on a play like that. in the bigger picture of a 6 60-minute hockey game. it shouldn't determine the hockey game. >> last night i hope you had the chance to see it. the sixers had a couple of days to recover from the three
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overtime loss to the thunder. they don't play again until monday when they visit chicago. he was questionable last night because of back tightness but ended up playing a career high 49 minutes. the oklahoma city center head to the bench. he says he just having fun with his on court antics but it got under westbrook's skin. >> tell him to two home. this is my home. i guess he'll go home. i gave him a lot of credit. i guess we had a better chance of actually winning the game but told him to go home and this is
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my home. i ain't going nowhere. >> he does not back down. that's sports. back to you. >> all right. thank you, danny. here is steve with final check on the forecast. that's right. up and downs with the temperatures here. 41 tomorrow. tomorrow's a nice day. has increasing clouds later in the day. there could be a sprinkle or shower tonight. 55 on tuesday. we chill back down for the start of winter on thursday and tracking that potential white christmas we'll see on monday. 38 degrees. the last time we had a good old fashioned storm on christmas was back in 1966. >> no flakes were falling down. >> thanks for joining us.
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tonight, firestorm, the new threat from a huge wildfire, the third largest ever in california fans by powerful winds, now threatening more homes and threat thing thousands of evacuations. >> it was supposed to be a fun vacation, until hundreds got sick from the noro virus. death of a billionaire and his wife. found in the basement of their mansion the circumstances appear suspicio suspicious. >> unidentified flying objects. >> and santa's workshop, come to us with a place where


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