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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  December 18, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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bill henley. he's standing by with the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. not too bad, bill. >> not too cold. temperatures in the 30s. above freezing. good thing. i am tracking a few very light showers. really sprinkles this morning through chester county and into delaware county. this is very light activity that's here to start with. it's going to be gone this morning, and then we'll get sunshine during the day. the temperatures, above freezing. suburbs, 34. 39 degrees for philadelphia. breaks in the clouds throughout the day. low 40s at 8:00 with a light breeze out of the west. temperatures in the 30s -- everybody this morning -- warming into the 40s this afternoon. a little bit cooler than the rest of the area. the lehigh valley, 43. up to 46 for new jersey. i'll break the day down hour by hour, show you how quickly the clouds will move out. you'll need sunglasses later on. that's when i'm back in ten
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minute minutes. first, jessica boyington and first alert traffic. >> starting in ft. washington, the highland avenue on ramp is blocked with a crash. route 309 is fine. you'll be able to get through if you're already on getting from highland, you won't be able to head southbound now. in croyd don, a crash at bristol pike. a camera at 8th shows open in both directions. not seeing problems, especially westbound moving toward the schuylkill expressway. back to you. it's 5:01. a live look at breaking news we're following in brooklyn. and you see a reporter there waiting to go on air in new york. four people are dead in this house fire on east 14th street. another ten are hurt including five firefighters. there are no longer flames burning. but firefighters still on the scene. it has not been placed under control. this was really a dramatic scene
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overnight. started around 2:30 this morning. two of the injured are in serious condition. here's some of the dramatic pieces of information that we have. witnesses say two boys had to jump from a window to safety. firefighters say this started on the second floor. they don't know what ignited. we'll continue to keep you update on air and on our -- and on our app. flights at the world's busiest airport will resume at 6:00 a.m. after a power outage yesterday caused hundreds of cancelations at hartsfield jackson national airport in atlanta. more than 1,000 flights have been canceled or delayed including to and from philadelphia. all outgoing flights from atlanta were stopped, and international flights were diverted. the blackout stranded thousands of travelers and raised concerns about safety. >> i personally thought it was a big terrorist attack, i don't
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know. because the power was out, and phones stopped working. >> talent to tlaept's mayor says he cannot rule out terror. power company officials say an underground fire caused extensive data baextensi extensive -- extensive damage to the system. and a ripple effect are affecting at least three flight cancelations at philadelphia nirpt. >> -- national airport. >> what's the status of things? >> reporter: we are seeing a couple of more flights on time today. the first is scheduled to leave in 15 minutes heading to atlanta. that's a southwest flight at 5:15. behind me, you see there's a line of people going not just to atlanta but other destinations. if we look at the departures board, you see there are a couple of cancelations there for later this morning heading to atlanta. we do see three just this morning that are on time. that's the good news that we're
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seeing as some of this gets back to normal. delta says most of the canceled flights today are for the early morning. upwards of 300 flights out of atlanta for delta alone. that is the largest carrier at the busiest airport, atlanta being the busiest. that airline is particularly feeling the effects of the power outage that. h -- outage that happened yesterday. delta hoping to get back to a normal flight schedule this afternoon. we talked to travelers stuck here waiting. >> bizarre, the whole thing going out. they've been nice here. that's all you can ask for. >> reporter: if are you flying to atlanta or if you're connecting there from philadelphia, this airport here, phl, says you should keep checking with your airline for the status of your flight. the same goes if you're expecting someone coming from atlanta. there are delays, cancelations, and some of the travelers that we have been talking with, they
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have been stuck here overnight trying to find accommodations. one woman we talked with said she was not going to sleep on the floor of the airport. she found some friends. right here, you do see things starting to get back to normal. at least looking at the departures board here at atlanta. matt delucia, nbc10 news. the eagles beat the giants, and they locked up a first round bye for the playoffs. we'll take it. >> yes, they did. nick foles did the job yesterday taking over as quarterback for the injured carson wentz. he threw four touchdown passes to give them the win. here's head coach doug peterson on how foles did in his first start of the season. >> i thought he handled himself extremely well. a lot of poise. took shots today, it bounced up. and did a nice job. >> full confidence. i thought nick played great. made a lot of big plays for us. that was awesome to see. >> you'll hear from nick foles
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in our next half hour. eagles' fans sweated out the tough victory at xfinity live in south philadelphia. the faithful told us they are believers after seeing foles lead the team to comeback wins two weeks in a row. >> foles proved something tonight. i'm very excited about nick. close game like that, nick pulls it out -- all the way, nick. i believe in st. nick, baby. >> he's on point. i like it. i'm with him. let's got to the playoffs. >> he may be out of action, but eagles' quarterback carson wentz is taking a backseat to no one when it comes to supporting his team. before yesterday's game, carson wentz tweeted, "can't thank these guys enough. it's tough not being with my guys today, but i'll be back before we know it better than ever. so much confidence in my man nick to leeds lead the team. go and get it, bro. good luck to him and the rest of my brothers." before the playoffs, the birds
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back home a week from tonight, christmas night, to host the oakland raiders. then it's the regular season finale on new year's eve. and afternoon game at the linc against the dallas cowboys. 5 :07, police released video in south jersey showing three men who stormed a grocery store in camden at the elizabeth grocery on north street last thursday. at least one of the men had a weapon. investigators hope the video will generate a lead to help them crack the case. also new, police looking for a woman who stabbed aid man in the back in -- stabbed a man in the back on west philadelphia on hodges street. police found the victim inside and took him to the hospital. he's in stable condition. in the port richmond neighborhood, a victim ran for his life last night after a man pulled a gun and tried to rob him. he was hit with two bullets. investigators say the shooting happened on caster avenue. police raced him to the hospital. he's recovering and is expected
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to be okay. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. 5:08. a delay start in philadelphia. i'm tracking scattered sprinkles, light showers in neighborhoods this morning. they won't last. we will see clouds to start with. then clouds and sunshine during the day. 40s this afternoon. partly cloudy and dry this evening. won't get terribly cold if you're out and about this evening. right now, not terribly cold. this time of year, these numbers should be in the 20s. not even near that this morning for most neighborhoods. 30s, just shy of 40 in delaware. 38 in south jersey. a little bit cooler in the lehigh valley and the suburbs. in philadelphia, 40 right now at society hill. it's dropped to 35 in chestnut hill. and northeast philadelphia, temperatures starting off in the upper 30s this hour. we'll see sunshine break through
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the clouds. a warmup in the mid to upper 40s this afternoon. 46 at 2:00. we'll see more sunshine as the day goes on. cooler this evening, but not all that cold tonight. good thing it's not that cold. you see the light showers that are with us to start. showers will break. breaks of sunshine. 41 at 10:00. the hour-by-hour forecast shows a few scattered clouds at 1:00 this afternoon. 46 in wilmington. 30s for pottstown and allentown. the numbers will peak in the low 40s. at 4:00 today, you see clouds coming in dry. they'll help keep us milder overnight tonight. there is even bigger warmup for us tomorrow. in fact, some neighborhoods could be close to 60 degrees. that should take care of the rest of the snow that's on the ground. >> whoa! >> a look at that and how long it lasts when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thanks. tracy doesn't have to shovel. >> see, that's what i'm waiting for.
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i shoveled a path. i'm saying there's white stuff hanging on the side -- you know. >> that's good news for you. a lot of other people. hopefully jessica boyington has some good news for us. i wait until spring. 78 and lehigh, still looking okay. empty for the most part. not seeing big delays. a few problems going on out on the roads this morning. even so early. in ft. washington, a crash from highland avenue, the onramp to route 309 southbound now is blocked. and watching croydon at bristol park. an accident with two cars. in franconia, allentown and bamberg, a crash. and the 42 freeway in jersey, you'll do fine. four minutes northbound from 55 to the walt whitman bridge. speeds still into the 60s. back to you. calls to resign. a pennsylvania state senator is in the hot seat this morning as nearly a dozen people accuse him
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of inappropriate sexual behavior toward co-workers. fight to save lives. firefighters standing up to lawmakers. the drug they want to legally carry with them. and procrastination, it pays. all new at 5:00 a.m., the last-minute money-saving deals for last-minute shoppers.
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5:14. governor tom wolf is calling for state senator delands leach to resign immediately following a "philadelphia enquirer" and "daily news" investigation. 11 people allege inappropriate behavior by the legislator toward co-workers. the report says he inappropriately touched female staffers and promoted an office culture that objectified women. governor wolf said this disturbing behavior is absolutely unacceptable. sheer part of -- here is part of his response, "it is true that sometimes i touch people when i
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talk to them. a clasped forearm or pat on the back. never anything inappropriate or sexual. i now know that some people subjectively find such touching unpleasant. that said, the two alleged incidents that were described to me by the "enquirer" did not happen. and i never in any way intentionally or unintentionally touched them inappropriately. it did not happen." nbc10 has not verified the accounts of what happened. leach has been in office for 15 years. katy? new this morning, senator chuck schumer is calling on the government to put new screening devices that detect suicide b b bombers into use across the nation sooner rather than later. the democrat wants the tsa to speed up testing of the technology. the devices look like small tv cameras on tripods. they scan for metallic and nonmetallic objects on a person's body, triggering an alarm if the vest is detected. the tsa tested the devices in
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los angeles, washington, and other cities. senator schumer is hoping new york is next and soon. the devices are not yet ready for a national rollout. firefighters in wilmington want to change a delaware state law so they can start carrying a lifesaving drug. the firefighters are trained to give narcan to people when they overdose on heroin. right now, the law says they cannot have the antidote on them. firefighters in philadelphia and other communities in the region are allowed to carry narcan. 5:16 now. let's get you to work with a check of the bridges. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is standing by with a look at that, and then some of the other routes in the area. yeah, starting on the bridges. the platte bridge to start. looking good so far. you see both directions, east, west, no big projects. i checked for scheduled openings or construction over the tacony palmyra, not seeing that now. the betsy ross bridge is clear. the ben is nice heading into philadelphia. we're watching a few things. one of them is a crash in ft.
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washington. there's a crash on highland avenue. the on ramp to 309 southbound is correct -- currently blocked through ft. washington. in croydon at bristol pike. i'll end with this a crash in franconia. allentown road around bamberry drive. >> thank you very much. about 5:15 now. first alert meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast for you and has a pretty good forecast. we're talking about mild temperatures and maybe a warmup. dare i say it? >> yeah. and i know he's looking in the future. way in the future. immediate. >> and positive. >> bill? >> we will see a decent warmup today. tomorrow, you'll be impressed with the temperatures. right now, clouds over philadelphia international, a live view. no sign of wet weather. you see sprinkles in northern delaware and into chester and delaware counties. you might see sprinkelse to
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start with this morning. then we will dry out. the good news is, the temperatures are above freezing. the sprinkles, just a little rain, philadelphia, delaware, suburbs in the 30s, south jersey at 37 degrees. 35 in the lehigh valley. the chillier neighborhoods, dry, 32. exton is 34. down to 34 for bedminster and warrington. through the 30s, warming to the 40s this afternoon. and the trend has us in the upper 50s tomorrow with sunshine. it's going to be a beautiful day tomorrow. then the chill is back for wednesday and thursday. another warmup heading into the weekend. come saturday, 58. saturday will be damp. rain will be coming down for much of the day. the temperatures will warm up, and it will only be rain, but the wind at the shore, 59 degrees. delaware, 60 in the afternoon. sunshine returns, a nice day on sunday. breaks of sunshine in philadelphia, 51. mostly cloudy for the suburbs
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and lehigh valley, and the low 50s for new jersey, the jersey shore, and delaware. that's the weekend. looking good into christmas eve. but there are changes ahead for the week. coming up, i'm take you through christmas and beyond when i'm not back with the ten day on ten. >> thanks. from errands to reconstructive surgery. >> she's hanging -- teeth hanging out of her face. a pool of blood. just everywhere. >> a woman is followed out of a store and attacked while her fiance was just helpless on the other end of the phone. purchasing the panthers. an nfl team is going up for sale as its owner is at the center of a workplace misconduct allegation. next, the celebrities hoping to swoop in. and are you a holiday hesitater? have no fear, retailers are making a promise to get your gift under the tree in time. michael: i'm thankful that
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new, the owner of the carolina panthers is putting the team up for sale after allegations of sexual misconduct. terry richardson announced his decision on line. he's waiting until after the current nfl season to sell the team. this comings amid allegations -- this comes amid allegations that he used a racial slur against an african-american employee and sexually harassed female workers. the pan therthers have started internal investigation and invited the nfl on get involved. rapper and music producer sean diddy combs posted on twitter, "there are no majority african-american nfl owners. let's make history." and two-time nba mvp steph curry tweeted, "i want in." 5:23. if you wait until the last minute to do shopping, retailers can still get your package to you before christmas. a number of online retailers say they can get a package to you by sunday. you have to order by tomorrow,
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though. walmart is offering free pickup in store up until 6:00 p.m. christmas eve. and if you happen to need a gift on christmas day, and if vai was here, i would say uh-huh, you can buy e-gift cards and print them on your computer. it's your turn to weigh in on last-minute shopping. how long is too long to wait, or do you just wait until christmas eve and say i'll get it done at the last minute, or are you an early buyer? can you still find good deals this late in the game? tweet us. our twitter handles on the screen. going green. in a few yours, a major car manufacturer wants an electric version of every one of its models. contessa brewer has this morning's cnbc business report. contessa? >> reporter: toyota says it plans to offer an electric version of all of its cars and suvs by 2025. the announcement after the a miker said it was talk --
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automaker said it was talking with panasonic to offer safe recharge animal bable batteries. clearly here's a manufacturer who's anticipating a lot of demand. >> right. now let's talk about the popular holiday shopping item that is almost impossible to find at this point. >> reporter: speaking of putting it off and waiting until the last minute, if you're scrambling for a last-minute tech gift to put under the tree, do not count on mipicking up ai pods. best buy and walmart and at&t reportedly are sold out of the wireless headphones until the new year. i checked on apple's website. the earliest you can order them for pickup or to be delivered is january 5th which, you know, misses the point. this is a repeat of what happened last year. apple didn't have enough supply to go around. analysts say this is maybe more
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likely a demand issue than the technical issues from last year. wall street will open sharply higher this morning after a positive week. the dow and nasdaq rose more than 1%. investors were betting the tax reform bill will pass in congress, we are looking at the future, now up in the triple digits. and markets, by the way, in europe and in asia all higher, as well. back to you. >> contessa brewer with cnbc. thanks. a power outage at the busiest airport cancels flights in philadelphia. we are watching the flight board to let you know which planes are taking off and which are going nowhere. a phone call, a suspicious man, a blood-curdling scream. a woman is followed and attacked on her way out of a store. her fiance describes the moments.
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angst at the airport. a massive power outage at the world's busiest airport. stalked, beaten, and robbed. what started as running errands ends in reconstructive surgery for a philadelphia woman. and eagles win. so what's next? the birds battle it out for another victory, and we are breaking down what it means for their playoff picture. super excited about that game yesterday. that win. >> yeah. welcome to "nbc10 news today." we're glad you're with us. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm katy zachry. 5:30 on the dot. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley. he has the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. what does it look like, bill? >> i'm tracking a few sprinkles in the area. this is a live view of broad street from the kimmel center. you see it is dry here. don't be surprised if you see a few raindrops. this line of light showers is moving in from the west. moving through lancaster, chester, delaware counti


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