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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  December 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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deadly derailment. what we have learned about this training possible speed. before the crash. safety on the street. bike riders plead for change after a crash puts another young woman in the hospital. what's in your cabinet? why the medicine inside maybe taken off store shelves. right now at 11. was it going too fast? tonight new details emerge about the speed of an am track train just moments before it derailed and plunged to the ground below. i'm jim rosenfield. sources tell us the train was possibly going 80 miles per hour. through a 30 miles per hour zone. right now three deaths have been confirmed but the search continues at this hour. nbc10 keith jones is following
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all the new details. >> there's a news conference about to get under way. i'm keeping my eye on that. authorities say at least 100 people were injured on the train and on the highway. >> reporter: out of 14 train cars, 13 crashed. at least one of them dangling over traffic. drivers in disbelief. several of the train cars smashed a semi-truck. anthony escaped by climbing out a window sfwl it seemed going really fast and everything went dark. and tipped over. >> reporter: everything went black. new tonight. fire crews say they searched every train car and made dozens of rescues. >> using jaws of life. and saws to get into the crashed cars. >> reporter: the next goal, recover the trains black box to determine speed.
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and whether the brakes were applied. >> the curve was restricted to 30. and it looks like he failed to slow for the curve. >> reporter: officials are examining the tracks condition and whether anything was in the trains way. that track hadn't been upgraded with positive train control. a high-tech safety upgrade which slows down a train if necessary. it could have been prevented the derailment in philadelphia in 2015. that killed eight people. two years later, officials don't believe this is an act of terrorism. >> this news conference just got under way. ooip taking a look. trying to listen, in fact while i'm live. keep in mind that high speed train was on a run. like we watched the investigators will be out in all night. and far into the morning. right now state police out there
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in washington state. are offering their condolences to the victims. new at 11. one person is dead another is hurt after a crash earlier tonight in the jersey shore. officials tell us two people were walking near the corner new orleans after. when they were hit by car. the driver stayed at the scene and called 911. update on the deadly hit and run crash in delaware county. pennsylvania state police have found the car they believe was involved. ronald williams was hit early saturday morning after getting out of his car on an exit rampl. on i 95. the striking vehicle was found all the way in new castle county. so far tonight no arrests. also tonight. bike riders take a stand for safety. tomorrow morning they plan to protest on the streets of center city. follows a another accident that put a bike rider in the hospital. aaron is live where that accident happened.
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and where tomorrow's protest will take place. >> right now near 113th and pine. we had a chance to talking to the vigts family. her father tells many e she was traling down 13th over here. she was going to a doctors appointment. the truck was in the same lane. and tried to turn right and they claim she was hit. tonight the 24 year-old has a message from her hospital bed. >> i'm thinking my taur daughter is dead. >> reporter: it's hard for him to look at his daughter. she was remains in the hospital after going through surgery tonight. >> my brother came in and mentioned there were people on facebook willing to help me out with things like rent. >> reporter: the 24 yoerld gave us this message to say thank you to everyone who reached out. she was riding her bike down 13th street near pine friday morning. when she was hit by a delivery
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truck. >> little thijs like thngs like. which crazy. >> reporter: tleez fliers describing what happened. heavily traveled by cyclists. >> right next to the truck. he decided hfs going right. and went right over her. he thought he hit a curb. people flagged him down and he came back. >> reporter: a new weeks ago in the same neighborhood. 24 year-old lost her life. she was riding her bike to work in the morning and hit by a garbage truck. the city restriped lines but some aren't satisfied yet. >> you don't have to widen the road. just change the way they're laid out. put the cars in the middle. >> right here you looking at a flier. they're everywhere. this is written in first person: tonight i can tell you she's
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suffering from a broken foot and fractured pelvis. cracked ribs. wruz bruised lungs. it will take six to eight weeks to recover. the protest is scheduled here tomorrow morning at 8:00. >> we wish her a speedy recovery. if that's possible. to your first alert weather. plenty of people enjoyed mild temperatures out there tonight. in center city. and we could be in store for more of the same. tammie souza will show us how this winter warm up is fwoing to continue. >> it's going to be a lovely day again tomorrow. temperature wise. tonight we have partly cloudy skies. a pretty night. this is where we wound up today. 50 degrees. we'll see 50s tomorrow. that won't be the last of them this week. didn't pick up rain today. highist wind gust 16 miles per hour. around the region we're at 57 in philadelphia. 45 pittsburg. 49 in washington dc. some of the neighborhoods check
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out the temperature in coats ville. it's 45. 44 wilmington. mount holly 44. wide wood 45. with a 43 in allen town. very comfortable temperatures. tonight we drop down into the midand upper 30s across the area. 38 degrees the temperature when you wake up tomorrow morning. here we go across the board. into the 50s again tomorrow. for philadelphia. the suburbs shy of that in the lee high valley. we'll see the low to mid-50s. don't get too married to them. we have a huge cold snap on the way. i'll out line that. >> all right. the latest now tonight on a crash that killed two people in burling ton county, new jersey. the scene this afternoon. you see the car that went into a poll and turned on its side. police tell us both victims were in this car. the crash happened just feet away from an alternative
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learning center. 50 people there had to be evacuated because of road closure. sexual misconduct allegations against the pennsylvania lawmakers are having a ripple effect on a congressional race. today state senator said he's taking a stem back from his campaign. for a congressional seat. leech was a top candidate in the crowded democratic primary. he's accused of acting inappropriately towards female employees and campaign aids. he released this statement. which reads in part. we spoke to a long time friend of leech. who says she is shocked by the allegation. >> it's hard. he's dedicated his life to the people of pennsylvania to the district. and for them to turn on him like a rabid dog is crazy. >> governor is calling on leech to resign.
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leech vowed to continue to do all he can to advance progressive issues in the state senate. hate crimes at the jersey shore. jews mark the seventh night of hanukkah. vandals damaged menorahs in one community there. all around were vandalized this morning. the city owned menorah was one of them. this is the fourth time in as many weeks. police believe the cases are all connected. and being handled as acts of hate. after months of bruising battles. congressional republicans find themselves poised for a legislative victory. house expected to vote tomorrow on a tax reform bill. the senate vote will happen soon after. the gop is confident it will pass after securing the votes of maine is that right. senate democrats will fight the bill which they say favors the rich over middle class. tonight we know what sparked black out at the worlds busiest
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airport. georgia power says a switch gear failed causing that fire in atlanta. yesterday. and the fire caused the power outage which led to the cancellation of 1,500 flights. delta said most of the te layed passengers have been rebooked. officials expect things tock back to normal tomorrow. pennsylvania governor is rejecting a bill that would have limited abortion to the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. governor vetoed the bill today. during the ceremony. the measure had been passed by the republican controlled legislature. planned parenthood said it would have been the nations most restrictive abortion law. the limit in pennsylvania remains at 24 weeks. the school district of philadelphia making its pitch to dozens of soon to be college graduates. representatives hosted this rekroutment fair in center city. for student teachers throughout the district. superintendent was joined by 30 principals at this event. eligible candidates could be
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placed in classrooms as early as next month. tonight more than 20 homeless cats and dogs are at the swrer see shore after being rescued in puerto rico. this is video of them arriving yesterday. they'll be ready for adoption next week after getting medication. from coffee to dessert today care. how nine new businesses are hoping to transform of philadelphia's struggling neighborhoods. >> why people in the region are getting more robo calls than the rest of the country. and what's being done to stop them. making marijuana legal. how a local leader is working to change the law nationwide. and what it means for people convicted of marijuana crime.
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new jersey senator push to legalize marijuana across the country got a boost. oregon senator became the first to cosponsor the bill. it would legalize marijuana at a federal level.
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exsponge marijuana use and possession crimes. and allow anyone serving time for the crimes to petition to be resentenced. the fda is taking a tougher stance in regulating home owe pathic drugs tonight. it's changing its stance after receiving hundreds of reports of side effects and ten deaths linked to. the proposal to public kmet comment for 90 days before the final. >> more spam phone calls and new jersey and delaware are getting hit the worst. they had the highest density of complaints on the do not call registry. pennsylvania ranked 25th. you might get some relief soon. the fcc has given phone companies more power to block row bow calls. experts suggest call blocking services through your phone carrier or a call blocking app. also never press a number if you receive a row bow call. that could lead to even more
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calls. >> also tonight. transforming a troubled neighborhood. nine new business owners set up shop on kensington avenue. denise nakano shows us. they are ready to take on the challenge. >> reporter: dreams do come true. as they have for the owners of the nine proposed businesses. winners of the store front challenge. >> i'm excited. to be a part of the revilelization. >> breathing new life into the avenue. in coffee roaster and retailer called cafe. >> we want to provide jobs. and donate a percentage of the proceeds to non-profit to help solve opportunity gap here. >> from art and sound studio to a day care and restaurant. this stretch will be transformed by the summer of 2018. >> reporter: the reimagined project will stretch from f. to k street. along a kor tor plagued by the
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opioid and heroin epidemic. winners get $10,000 and a year of free rent. >> to have the response. 30 applications and the nine winners. it was it went well as we could have imagined. >> they're all small businesses and aim to bring culture, art and flavor to a struggling neighborhood. >> all the good people are leaving. it's that simple. >> reporter: no one said it would be easy. these business owners know that. >> i think it's going to be a lot of hard work. that's not something we're very used to hard work. >> reporter: they're ready for the challenge and the new opportunity. some special visitors tonight for the students at the philadelphia wooden boat factory. eagles receiver and kicker took part in the near end showcase. the students showed off work fl the semester and also snuck in a few autographs for the trouble.
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can't blame them. early season snow showers are turning out to be just what the doctor ordered for ski resorts. nbc10 at bear creek mountain resort. where there was plen i of action on the slopes. they opened for business saturday. this past weekend they nearly doubled their business compared to the same weekend last year. we have some rain in the forecast. and unusually warm temperatures arpd around. tammie souza is back with the neighborhood forecast. >> this warm weather is good if you want to get out and shop. and not worry about slipping and sliding on that ice. and snow. take advantage of it. it will look like this again eventually. it may come next week. let's start off. what's going on. 37 degrees right now. it feels like 29. the wind are out of the west at 13 miles per hour. breezy. let's go allen town. warmer there. working our way towards philadelphia. 43 feels like 29.
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beautiful night. and wilmington 44 degrees. and feels like 44. final stop philadelphia. 47 degrees and feels like 43. with a west southwest wind. that is bringing in all of the nice warm air. we hit 50 the high today. we'll hang onto the 50s for one more day. here's what to know. it's simple. warm, warm, warm week ahead. wet wet for the weekend ahead. and cold cold cold for next weekend. it doesn't get any simpler. there's nothing going on out there. as far as rain or snow. not in any of the neighborhoods. some high thin clouds drifting through. a disturbance making its wau through the great lakes. trying to kick rain showers in our direction. not having luck. it's dry out there. hour by hour we'll zoom in and take a look. you'll drop temperature wise into probably the midto upper 30s. across much of the area tonight. high thin clouds tomorrow in the
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afternoon. a little bit more cloud cover. across philadelphia we'll see sunshine. and we are going to look for temperatures that are going to be in the low 50s. it is going to be another very pleasant day. 4 where we should be. 44 is where we should be. wednesday we'll drop back down. we'll see a bit more cloud over-on wednesday. make it into the low 40s across the area. and on thursday that's going to be the coldest day this week. upper 30s and low 40s. that's the first day of winter. it seems appropriate. we make our way into the evening hours and clear thursday. another disturbance to the west and pick this up. it's a big travel week. here comes this next storm system. watch what happens. it brings us rain by friday. it brings rain in here on saturday. and then the whole thing ramps up with more rain through
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sunday. what about the white christmas. it maybe in danger. this is what it looks like the day after christmas. maybe we have a chance of snow showers and it is going to be incredibly cold by the time we get into the days after christmas. i'll have your ten day on ten coming up. >> all right. a night of glits and glamour in center city. style magazine hosting the annual holiday. they were all there. hundreds took part in the holiday party. which celebrated the city's fashion, and style scene. >> this certainly is one way to pass the time wfr your flight. the story behind this airport dance party. next.
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♪ ♪ (radio playing in background) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ waiting at the gate for your flight to arrive it can be tiresome. not for these little girls. they decided to have a dance off
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with an airport worker. video from inside the terminal in dallas. look below you see the worker copying the girls moves. perfect way to pass the time. for all parties involved. >> john clark did the fliers have all the rilgt moves? >> no. they fail to make history tonight. plus we have the sixers taking on the bulls without embiid. we'll show you what happened. we take you into the eagles locker room. is he considering resting some bird the last two games? that's next. my wish was a clubhouse,
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sixers in chicago tonight without their big fellow embiid. good news. after the game brown expects him
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to play tomorrow night back here in philly. in chicago. ben simmons huge night. over the shoulder pass. with the dunk. 19 points, 12 rebound nine azis. one short of another triple double. take look at the block. between the legs. sixers had a nine point lead over 5 minutes to go. the bulls score 23 points in the final five minutes or so. getting a bit of revenge. take a look. 40 seconds left. drains the three. game high 27 for him. sixers within two. ben a chance to tie it. can't get the job done. sixers lose 117-115. they are one and five without joel embiid. fliers riding that six game winning streak trying to become the second team in the league to lose ten straight then win 7 in a row. take a look. the other st. nick in the house. the l.a. kings.
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brian elliot he's in a giving mood. open here, beats elliot. 2-0 kings. fliers on the power play. the shot, the rebound bounces out to jake. fliers within one. this third in the league in points. the power play is ending. jumps right out of the penalty box. joins the rush and gets the goal. they lose 4-1. eagles try to clench home field throughout the play offs if they can beat the raiders christmas nights. and wouldn't have to leave the link until the super bowl. >> i didn't know we had the dominant swagger tonight. like we normally do. >> that is doug pederson spoech. after they clench the first round buy against the giants. there's a chance they get a gift sdp skp the vikings lose saturday. they would clench before playing the raiders.
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he wants to win. >> guys are still going to have to play. at the same time i'm going to be smart about the decision we make. muf moving forward and getting guys rest if possible. the guys that need it. >> no rest for. he partnered with the police department. and his teammates. they gave out holiday meals and toys to 140 local families. bringing some cheer during this holiday season. i'm john clark. we're right back. michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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it's going to be another wonderful warm day. 54. all of you at home. >> i was putting on my glasses trying to read it correctly. >> it's a mild week. pushing 60 saturday. it does get wet friday night and saturday sunday. we could see rain. rain changing to snow very late monday night on christmas. and frigid air comes in the day after christmas. looks like that's when we'll see the white christmas. a day late. >> near 60. wow. >> thanks for joining us. have a great night. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- anna kendrick -- rhett & link -- musical guest randy newman --


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