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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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denise nakano joins us life from bristolboro now. >> her father was on his way home from work. >> reporter: only a block away from his house just down the street. here is where the accident happened. police telling me two cars were street racing on route 13 in bristol when one of the cars hit the victim and stopped about a quarter mile away and then kept going. >> he was right there. he was so close to home. >> reporter: through tears, brittany williams describes learning that the victim of a hit-and-run was her own father. >> we actually drove by and didn't even know it was him. >> reporter: 52-year-old kevin williams was on his way home on his bicycle when the driver of a silver mercedes-benz amg similar to this one hit him last night before 8:00. his bike was found mangled on the road not far from a decorative license plate with an eagle that fell from the car. several witnesses told police the car was street racing a mitsubishi lancer before the crash. >> i don't understand how you
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would leave someone there. i don't know what the person was doing, what they were thinking. that you could just hit somebody like that and leave them. >> reporter: williams became a first-time grandfather last year and did hvac work for a company ten minutes from his home. >> he was on outgoing person. a really good personality. loved to be outdoors. >> reporter: the crash happened a block from where he and his wife raised three children. >> all of this just right before christmas. and it just -- i would just like the person to come forward and accept what they did. >> reporter: police are looking through surveillance video and they're also looking to talk to the driver of the mitsubishi lancer that was allegedly involved in the street race. reporting live in bristol. denise nakano, nbc10 news. an 8-year-old is dead tonight after this hit-and-run crash in northeast philadelphia. this is the scene of the wreck
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near whitaker avenue in crescentville. police found the driver. the two drivers involved in the crash are both in the hospital right now. both are expected to survive. investigators are still trying to find out how this all happened. developing now, scary moments this morning near a school in philadelphia. two men tried to abduct two children walking to school along devereaux avenue. they say the men tried to lure the children inside a green minivan around 8:30 this morning. when the kids ran away the men chased them. the children made it safely to carnell elementary school where school leaders called police. the men got away. to a developing story out of washington that will impact everyone's wallets. right now the president is celebrating the tax bill, getting approved by the house and senate. jim rosenfield is following the developments from the breaking news center. jim. >> the president is calling it the largest tax cut in american history as he and republican leaders celebrate their first
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legislative win since donald trump took office. >> we -- i hate to say this, but we essentially repealed obamacare because we got rid of the individual mandate which was terrible. and that was a primary source of funding of obamacare. you have heard it before. records all over the place. and that will continue. and then some because of what we did. >> the house which passed the bill yesterday, had to vote again today to fix technical issues with yesterday's bill. 12 republicans voted against the tax plan. not a single democratic congress member voted for it. the senate passed the bill just after midnight with a 51-48 vote. the entire senate voting along party lines as well. also, with not a single democrat supporting the bill. critics have called the plan nothing more than a giveaway to the rich. but the president repeatedly calling this the largest tax cut in american history that promises to bring trillions of
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dollars back into the u.s. economy. live in the breaking news center, jim rosenfield, nbc10 news. keith. thank you. repercussions from today's tax bill passage were felt on wall street. the dow, s&p 500 and nasdaq all finished in the red. all thee indexes took a slightly modest dip. experts say the lack of market surge could be because the plan's passage was essentially a foregone conclusion. a short time ago wells fargo said it plans to raise the hourly wage to $15 an hour. so what will the tax bill mean for you? nbc10's george spencer joins us live in the studio. it could be a break for parents. >> the hard work will come at tax time when you look at new child tax credits, or new maximum deductions. for most workers your regular paycheck deductions will be updated without lifting a finger. on the floor of the house today, the second time was the charm. this vote finalizing the trump
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administration's massive tax overhaul. in her malvern office meg ionen answered the day's most common question. do regular working people now need to change their paycheck deductions? >> the common answer is take a nice deep breath and there is nothing you have to do. >> she is the executive vice president of the payroll factory which serves about 400 clients from fast-food franchises to municipal governments and small companies. with the president's signature, the new law is sent to the irs, which translates legislative jargon into specific policy and tax tables. >> so you are still claiming on your w-3 married. >> she says the new tax tables are plugged into payroll software. it's the type of change payroll companies make on a smaller scale every few months. >> it's a big deal in your pocket book. as far as the back workings, we're working on a calculation
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of you made this much, we'll calculate it by this and the tax comes out the other end. >> for companies using reputable payroll processors she believes glitches and errors will be rare. she says the speed of implementation now mostly depends on the irs. >> in practical terms you may not see a change in your paycheck until february or march. >> if you are concerned about errors, it's easy to double-check the payroll deductions for yourself. once they are released you can find the new tax tables on the irs website and then compare them directly to what you see on your own pay stub. keith and erin. >> george spencer, thank you. new jersey homeowners will be hit hard by today's passage of the tax bill. governor-elect murphy said new jersey may seek to challenge in court the legality and constitutionality of the bill. murphy says it will cost residents, quote, many thousands of darollars.
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he said state property taxes may also go up despite already being one of the highest in the country. more coming up on the tax plan on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt at 6:30. to the first alert temperatures. a big temperature drop it is. a live look along broad street from the kimmel center campus camera. traffic is building up there. what a difference a day makes, though. let's talk about what's in store for tonight and the first day of winter tomorrow. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologist tammie souza joins us with your most accurate forecast. >> i am shaking my head. the first day of winter is tomorrow, but doesn't it already feel like winter? we have three snow storms under our belt this month. we may be looking at three more before the end of next week. that's actually something that probably doesn't happen every day or every year. that is a rarity here in philadelphia. for you right now, lehigh valley, 40. 40 in the suburbs and 44 in philadelphia. 38 in delaware, 42 in south jersey and 41 at the shore.
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not as warm today as it was yesterday. nonetheless, we were seasonal, in the mid 40s across the area. new hope, 43. warrington, 41. north wailes, 38. unionville, 37. oxford coming in at 39. let's check out what's going on here in philadelphia. a comfortable temperature. 43 at graduate hospital. a little cooler for parkside, 39. manayunk, 43. society hill, 44. torresdale, 43. parkwood at 43. we drop into the upper 20s and low 30s tonight under clear skies. so the cloud cover that was out there is sort of scouring out and we'll end up being clear tonight. you will need the warmer jacket. it's not as mild as it was last night. dropping into the 30s. you will wake up somewhere in the upper 20s and low 30s in philadelphia tomorrow morning. in the pennsylvania suburbs, a little cooler. 27 with clear skies.
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lehigh valley, 25. so even cooler yet. looking for 29 in delaware. 28, new jersey and 30 along the jersey shore. when i come back we'll discuss this. rain versus snow for your christmas day forecast. guys, back over to you. >> i will be sticking around for that. thank you. new at 5:00. one of the top football stars in the country. he made a big splash on signing day too. penn state commit asheem young won't be getting out of jail soon after he was accused of robbing a wawa this summer. teammates packed the courtroom today. the judge said no to house arrest because of a lack of supervision at his house. young received 30 scholarships to play football. a look at the man with police in delaware county say robbed a bank in concord township. the suspect allegedly told workers he had an explosive in a
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weapon. he may have driven off in a silver pontiac two-door. this ski resort is opening to be back up and running this weekend after a malfunction with a ski lift. they say repairs were made to the faulty chair lift that broke down. several people were injured and had to be rescued. the resort's gm says state inspectors will give the final go ahead before they can reopen. the senate plans to vote on a bill text monnext month to protect immigrants from deportation. president trump scrapped the daca order giving congress until march to come up with a solution. there are 800,000 young immigrants in the united states illegally. hundreds of d.r.e.a.m.ers, as they are called, demonstrated in the halls of the u.s. capitol in washington, d.c., today. they blocked the tunnels that connect the three house buildings underground. they wore orange hats to draw
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attention and say they don't want congress to delay passing the d.r.e.a.m. act. next, amtrak off the rails. a safety feature that could have prevented this week's crash was almost ready. so why did the train service start anyway? credit card confusion. a local man took out a loan to pay his bills, but then he was on the hook owing even more money. he called nbc10 responds to solve his holiday crisis. staying silent. new revelations about team usa gymnastics and how medalist mckayla maroney was told not to talk following assault allegations.
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the last piece of the amtrak train that derailed near portland monday was hauled away from the crash site. it's on its way to joint base lewis mccord. the ntsb will search for answers into what caused the deadly derailment. investigators confirm that a conductor in training was with the engineer at the time of the crash and the ntsb learned something tripped the train's brakes as it went into a 30-mile-an-hour curve at 80 miles per hour. >> it looks like the emergency brake was activated rather than
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being initiated by the engineer. >> despite calls for positive train control to be installed on the tracks, that won't happen until next spring. a date was set to hear criminal charges against branded bostian who was driving the amtrak train that derailed in port richmond in 2015 killing eight people. the train was traveling more than twice the speed limit. a judge dismissed criminal charges against bostian. the state attorney general is appealing the decision. arguments will be heard on february 6th. olympic gymnast mckayla maroney is suing usa gymnastics. she claims she was paid to keep quiet about sexual abuse she endured from team doctor larry nasser when she was a member of the usa national gymnastics team and the 2012 olympic team. maroney's law firm says the gold and silver medal winner was the only athlete who was asked for compelled to sign a non-disclosure agreement. the lawsuit names the u.s. olympic committee and michigan
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state university as co-defendants claiming they failed to properly investigate dr. larry nassar. a new ruling overseas to impact uber here in the u.s. a european union court ruled today that the ride-sharing service should be regulated like a taxi company. drivers now may need authorizations and licenses. u.s.-based uber argued it's a technology service, not a transport company because it is based on an app that connects drivers to riders. in the u.s. they're governed by state and city regulations. americans bought homes at its fastest pace in more than a decade. the last time home sales were this strong, december, 2006. there are fewer homes for sale, the lowest level ever tracked by realtors. the hottest areas in the country, northwest, midwest and the south. ho, ho, ho, merry christmas! >> santa, spreading cheer today.
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former eagles players stopped by to sign autographs. others spent time creating gingerbread cookies. starting tonight in less than an hour there will be a five-minute light show along boat house row. it starts at the top of every hour for the next five days. boathouse row will be christmas colors, red, green, silver and gold. >> that will be fun! >> mm-hmm! >> some people in the region could see snow flakes over christmas. >> let's talk to chief meteorologist tammie souza, tracking the rain, the snow. a fine line there too. >> such a fine line. it keeps wobbling one way or another. at this point, yes, somebody will likely see snow in the greater philadelphia area. it's just the timing and who it will be. so it will be right down to the wire. of course, we'll keep you updated every morning and night. outside, what a pretty night. i want to be in one of these buildings looking out across the city, all warm and cozy.
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it's a spectacular evening. all the way up to 50 degrees today. that was above where we should be at 43. no rain. highest wind gust was 23 miles an hour. here is what you need to know. we will be dry through friday. we could see a shower friday evening but we'll have good shopping weather between now and then. on saturday it will be mild. well into the 50s. i don't think we'll hit the 60s. i thought it yesterday but the rainy think will keep us too cool. it will be soggy saturday. sunday, last day of a mad frenzy of shopping. it will be dry and cooler. it will be good for travel as well. on christmas the cold air starts to settle in and it becomes frigid after that. several chances for snow. one of them could be on christmas morning. beyond that, next week we actually could see two substantial snow storms. so, for tomorrow, this is our temperature trend. we will be climbing up. up and down, up and down. tomorrow we make it near 40. friday near 50, into the low 50s
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on saturday. above average. as far as wind, it won't be a problem tomorrow. winter begins tomorrow morning at 11:28. looking at wind gusts between 10 and 15 miles an hour. and it will die down during the evening. we will have a fairly quiet tie tomorrow for the start of winter. there is nothing on the doppler radar. disturban disturbance to the south of us. watching off to the pacific northwest and the northern plains. this is our weather-maker for the weekend. here is where we are. we'll be dropping through the 40s into the 30s tonight. clear skies. you'll wake up to the upper 20s and low 30s across the entire area. tomorrow afternoon. upper 30s, low 40s. that's seasonal. that's the coolest day we'll see until we hit christmas day. by friday, waking up to 31 with clouds in place. we will make it into the low
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50s. and rain moves in friday night and throughout the day on saturday. look at this. we make it into the mid 50s perhaps on saturday but it will be a soaker. then we'll be looking a little bit off to the west. things are quiet on sunday but look at monday. here is comes. we have snow. the snow/rain line across the area and rain. it will really be dependent upon time and where the snow/rain line sets up as to who gets a little bit of snow on christmas day here in the philadelphia area. will it be the lehigh valley? it looks good there right now. not so good for philadelphia and south jersey. sunday cooler and 44. dry. go good for shopping and travel. monday could see a rain or snow shower. 20s at night and it gets downright frigid. your ten-day on 10. 42 tomorrow. winter starts tomorrow morning with plenty of sunshine. 50 on friday. rain comes in in the evening. rain on saturday.
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quite a bit of it. 56 there. a soaker. 44 and dry on christmas eve. still some clouds. christmas morning we could see a rain or snow shower. 36 early. we are falling through the 30s. we will be quite chilly. we go into tuesday, 31. wednesday we will be frigid and only 28. and two snow storms could affect us next week. next thursday and perhaps even a big one as we head into the new year's eve holiday weekend. those both bear watching. guys. >> we'll be doing that. thank you. they were brewing a little christmas joy today at dunkin' donuts in pennsauken. the restaurant donated $1,000 to food bank of south jersey. if you were lucky enough to be there along with swoop and the eagles cheerleaders you got a free cup of coffee. people are flocking to pennsylvania. the keystone state ranks as the fifth most populous state. pennsylvania passed illinois to crack the top five as more than
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18,000 people moved into the state. california, texas, florida and new york round out the top five. still ahead at 5:00, an election too close to call literally. >> also ahead at 5:00, a senior living facility went up in flames. tonight, for the first time, we are hearing from people who lost relatives in that fire. michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received.
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darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit an historic moment in center city today. hundreds of people who worked in the new comcast technology center signed the final beam before it was hoisted into place today. comcast chairman and ceo brian roberts was there to watch and
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said everyone involved felt a deep sense of pride. take a live look at the new building going up at 19th and arch. 1100-foot tall technology center, now the tallest building in philadelphia. it will open in 2018. comcast, by the way, is the parent company of nbc10. delta airlines wants compensation for its losses during a power outage at the atlanta airport earlier this week. the airline was forced to cancel more than 1500 flights. its ceo says the blackout cost them up to $50 million in lost revenue. the blackout was the result of a fire in the underground electrical facility. a political race in virginia proves that every vote does count. there was one vote between the two. the close vote went to court today and they granted an outstanding ballot for yancey.
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this is a tie. it's an important race. if the democratic candidate wins both parties will have an equal share in the state house of delegates. how do they settle it now? they either flip a coin, they draw straws or they pick a name out of a hat. the same exact way that we settled stuff in the school yard. you know what i mean? it's crazy. >> unbelievable. >> rock, paper scissors. that's coming up next. still ahead, from trash to treasure. a new plan to dump money into a camden waterfront. breaking their silence. tonight the emotional interview for the family of one of the four victims in this westchester inferno. the ocean getting brighter. new technology meant to keep you from danger. we are going to take you on the water to show you how it works. that's coming up all new at 6:00.
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sound asleep. more than 100 people in a senior facility rushed out in the cold as a massive fire quickly spread through the complex. tonight for the first time we are hearing from family members of one the victims who didn't make it. nbc10's cydney long joins us live from center city. >> what are they saying about the fire at the westchester home
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weeks ago? >> reporter: they consider it a nightmare. they want answers. teresa malloy had seven grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. had just moved in four weeks prior to the fire and was just making friends. >> she was very strong, smart and funny. she was a sweet lady. >> reporter: they can only hope in private no one else will ever die the way their mother did. they know she was trapped and likely terrified as the fire raged. they panicked in disbelief the next morning, unable to find her. >> it's nothing compared to the panic she must have felt in the middle of the night, dark, alone, by herself. >> reporter: officials know the fire started on an outdoor patio, but the exact cause is still not known. family's attorney says the
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placement of a trash can by a point of origin is telling. >> atf was looking at the possibility that somebody was sitting in this chair and somebody discarded something, maybe a cigarette, into this trash can. >> reporter: malloy's room was on the second floor overlooking the patio. surveillance video the night of the fire shows firemen scooping one woman in her bath robe. others wheeled out in the nick of time. one rert shows a fire sprinkler valve in the mechanical room in the off position. >> if it was off the night of the fire, that would give a complete explanation for why the sprinklers were not working. >> that's why we are here. we want answers. why was she not protected. what happened? was there a failure in a mechanical system. >> reporter: the law firm saying nothing appears to be criminal
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on the surface but it's premature to discuss possible litigation. they are in a fact-finding state, this as the atf with chester county officials plan to meet after christmas and compare notes to determine an exact cause. cydney long, nbc10 news. a look at stories making headlines county by county across the region today. camden county is moving forward with plans to redevelop the harrison avenue landfill into a water front park. the project includes transforming 62 acres of the landfill into a place people can fish, bike, and enjoy trails. that stretch of the water front has been closed to the public for 70 years. one university offering a massive gift for cooper medical school in camden. the board of trustees committed $50 million over ten years for medical research. in turn, coopers health care board vowed to build what they hope is one of the nation's top research programs. as if philadelphians didn't
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love wawa enough already, now the popular convenience store delivers! for the last three months they tested the new service in ardmore, bethlehem. northeast philadelphia and center city. turns out delivery is the most popular option for lunch and dinner or, of course, when college student are preparing for exams. >> definitely as the winter comes, we have bad weather, people don't want to necessarily leave their house. they want to figure out how they can get food. we are now able to do it very quickly. >> the company has partnered with grub hub to make the deliveries in the test markets. there are plans to expand the service in 2018. >> that's dangerous for me. all right. first alert weather is delivering us chilly temperatures as we get ready for the official start of winter. >> nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist tammie souza is tracking what's ahead for tomorrow and what's ahead for the holidays. >> we'll be all over the place with the weather. you may not want to leave your
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house at some point over the next seven to ten days. let's look around the neighborhoods. mount pocono. beautiful out there. skiers trying to head down the slopes. 30 degrees, feels like 20. allentown. in allentown a beautiful clear night. 40 degrees, feels like 34 degrees. wilmington, 38, feels like 32. let's end it right here in philadelphia where it is 44 and feels like 40. we have had a west wind. not as warm as yesterday. certainly this has been a pleasant day. the wide map here. 65 in denver. 42 in rapid city, 45 in omaha. we know there is warmth to the west that will make its way to our direction. the cool air, 19 in twin cities, 30 in chicago. that comes through tomorrow for the first day of winter. after that we start to warm back up for friday and saturday. 44 right now in philadelphia. 46 in d.c. 39 in pittsburgh. 40 in allentown.
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38 in wilmington. 32 in vineland. atlantic city, 41. tonight we head to 25 in allentown. 29 in philadelphia. 28 in dover. 27 in vineland and 27 in atlantic city under clear skies. then we are watching a whole lot of mess. rain, snow, another storm system. are you traveling? if you are, my colleague, meteorologist steve sosna, has you covered with the forecast. >> that's right, tammie souza. we have to be comfortable if we are headed to the airports because there may be some issues going on here over the next couple of days. this is the trouble-maker. it's across the west here dumping snow in areas that like the snow. in areas like the rockies and the cascades. but this storm system will eventually move on to the east and cause problems for the bigger cities. i will show you the progression here in just a second. but first, waking up tomorrow morning. airports like denver probably seeing delays. then the storm system pulls out and by tomorrow afternoon you start to see delays in chicago, in the twin cities.
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if you are having a connecting flight there, that's an issue. and then the storm system moves to the east coast so that by the weekend, saturday, all your east coast airports are a problem. nice break on sunday. here is monday, the i-95 corridor will have issues. here are quick travel tips. if you are headed by car, you want to be sure your tires are properly inflated, at least have half a tank of gas especially if you are headed into the colder temperatures. air travel, check with your carrier ahead of the flight to make sure everything is running on time and check to see if you can change your flight. sometimes they help you with that. rail travel, usually not a problem with less than 6 inches of snow. but crowded in big storms. keep that in mind while traveling, guys. >> steve, thank you. pennsylvania state police want you to take a good look at two men suspected of credit card fraud. the pair, the police believe, drove these -- that vehicle on the right. they were captured on
5:37 pm
surveillance things and bought things at half a dozen stores with a stolen credit card. the credit card's rightful owner lives in berks county. the housing authority will redevelop a 13 story high-rise housing facility for seniors. the project will cost nearly $37 million and take about a year to finish. next at 5:00, new developments in the faulty air bags causing crashes. also ahead, why it's a bonus to be married. the new health information about the risk for single people. plus, nick foles to the rescue. he played well in his first game. hear from the eagles' qb as he gets ready for a christmas night showdown.
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actress meghan markle joins fiancé prince harry at the pre-christmas luncheon at buckingham palace. >> the couple plans to be married on may 19th. a new study says there may be a link to heart health and marriage. >> researchers at emory university followed more than 6,000 older adults being treated for coronary artery disease. unmarried patients were 24% more likely to die from any cause, and 52% more likely to die from a heart attack than their
5:41 pm
married peers. experts suggest the benefits of companionship are important for people with heart disease. >> i have to get on the ball, apparently. >> [ laughter ] >> new details about russian athletes competing in the olympics. also ahead, carson wentz returns to the eagles' facility this week. hear what nick foles had to say about week about carson. i am tracking the first day of winter, along with a chance of snow for your christmas. coming up all new at 6:00, the new jersey school bus driver charged with being drunk behind the wheel with 20 children on board this morning. how police discovered the trouble before anyone got hurt. really? really? really?
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really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. mii'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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nbc10 is the official station of the philadelphia eagles. eagles are home for the holidays. the birds don't have to leave the nest at least for the next four weeks. >> up first, christmas night game at the linc. the team went back to work to face the raiders. john clark joins us. nick foles talked too. he played well in oakland the last time he wore an eagles jersey posting, six, seven touchdowns? >> you remember that. it's good karma the last time nick foles faced the raiders, four years ago, matched the nfl
5:45 pm
record with seven touchdowns in a single game. good karma coming up against oakland. eagles can lock up home field throughout the playoffs with a win. nick was 14-4 as the eagles' starting quarterback under chip kelly. nick foles 2.0 won his first game back with the birds. matched carson wentz's four touchdowns from the week before. so nick foles, you are the quarterback the rest of the season. is this your team now? >> no. i get, like, oh, wait, like you're the guy. that's just how i am. like, i respect carson wentz. i love that guy. i work with him every day. i am giving him his respect. he is this franchise's quarterback. my job as the starting quarterback is to lead the guys on the field. i am have done that. i know what it entails. i know the responsibility. but this is carson wentz's team, and i respect him too much to make that statement. >> you heard that. that's pretty cool. coming up at 6:20 we will hear from some of the eagles' pro
5:46 pm
bowlers and why they don't plan to play in the game in florida. they'll be somewhere much colder, i think, is the hint here. >> that's right. thinking ahead. they're ambitious. >> we like that. >> we are ambitious. >> john clark live in south philadelphia. might be minnesota. say that. >> no plus five for the trip. >> exactly. carson wentz is among six eagles voted to the pro bowl. carson this morning tweeted this. humbling to say the least. grateful to be selected alongside my teammates. appreciate the love and support. fly eagles, fly. >> oh, yeah! after the christmas-night game against the raiders, a final regular season game is on new year's eve. against the dallas cowboys. a bye week before the playoff game at the linc. >> it will be cold. >> there may be flurries. let's go to chief meteorologist tammie souza. flurries. >> it's brilliant. they're preparing for what they
5:47 pm
might be facing should they be headed to the very cold place that we did not hear john clark wanting to name. it will be very cold on christmas. if you're going to the game, bring all your warm clothes and be prepared. it will feel like the teens with the windchill. today, 50 in philadelphia, 48 in wilmington. 51 in millville. should be 43 degrees this time of year. we are above that. 44 right now in philadelphia. 38 in mount pocono. 42 mount holly and 43 in wildwood. everybody is dropping under what is going to be clear skies tonight, but still we are fairly mild out there. l let's go for the next six hours. philadelphia, looking at the beautiful lights in allentown. dropping to 38 by 8:00. 35 by 11:00 under clear skies. winds turn north. so a cooler air mass is coming in for tomorrow, which is the first day of winter. official first day. we have already felt it. starts at 11:28 in the morning.
5:48 pm
dry through friday. great for shopping. no slip and slide on the ice. saturday, rain. periods of heavy rain. it will be soggy but mild. in the 50s. cooler air slides in sunday. dry to finish up your shopping and your travel. again, it will be cooler. and then the really cold air starts to come in on christmas. several chances for snow. maybe some light snow christmas morning. storms next week could coat us with a lot of snow. delaware, south jersey, lehigh valley, everything is quiet. storm system to the south, stays to the south. to the west, this big storm system coming through the pacific northwest, arching through the northern plains is what will affect us this weekend. so let's go hour by hour so you can make plans. we are going to draw through the 30s tonight. you will wake up in the upper 30s. thursday, only to the upper 30s and low 40s. tomorrow is the coldest day,
5:49 pm
there you go. start of winter. friday we start in the 30s. starting with cloud cover. make it into the 50s. here comes the chance of rain friday night and saturday. we make it to the mid 50s saturday. then we clear out for sunday. here it comes. the big storm system on the west coast. what will it do? not sure. look at this. we have a mixture across the area. we will have to watch closely. if you are going to the game, it will be cold. kickoff at 32. halftime at 29. 28 when the game ends at 11:30. windchills between 10 to 20 degrees. for tonight. 29 in philadelphia. lehigh valley, 25. we go to delaware. 28 degrees. tomorrow across the area, we will see the skies clear out. the first day of winter will be sunny and feel like winter. 42 in philadelphia. 40 in the suburbs and 43 for south jersey. your ten-day on 10. this is where it gets really cold. we'll see 42 tomorrow, 50 friday. 44 sunday, 36 on christmas.
5:50 pm
look at the 20s next week. two big snow storms possible. next thursday and next saturday. honda is a faulty takata air bag has been blamed for killing another person. this marks the 20th death now worldwide attributed to the air bags which can explode with so much force that snap nell hrapn scattered. this accident involved a 2004 honda civic. 34 million vehicles are under recall for 36 million defective air bags. russia is banned from the olympics, but the word "russia" will be on the olympic uniforms worn by athletes allowed to participate in the winter games. more than 200 athletes plan to compete in south korea as an olympic athlete from russia if they prove they are not doping. the sxexact colors of the russi flag cannot be used. as for the countdown to the winter games we are only 49 days
5:51 pm
away. the first night of the olympics, february 8th. i will be going to south korea for live coverage of our local athletes and behind-the-scenes coverage. i can't wait. >> that is going to be so much fun. >> amazing. up next, a local man needed help paying his bills, so he decided to take out a loan. the bills started to pile up, and he thought something was wrong so he called nbc10 responds. his story straight ahead. changing your ride. what you won't be able to use to take septa anymore. it's one of several brand-new stories we are working on for nbc10 news at 6:00.
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5:54 pm
welcome back. lester holt joins us from the nbc studios in new york. >> he has a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." hey, lester. >> hey, keith and erin. now that congress passed tax reform what happens now? when do you see the promised tax cuts? we'll tell you what you need to know. we'll tell you how police are taking on porch pirates this holiday. thieves making off with your packages. when we see you back here for "nbc nightly news." back to you now. >> a lot of packages being delivered this time of year. see you at 6:30. to nbc10 responds. the balance transfer that went bad. >> an attempt to save money left this man owing hundreds of dollars. he contacted harry hairston and
5:55 pm
nbc10 responds. >> our viewer says after he completed the process, one of the companies told him, they couldn't find his money. >> hello. >> michael says he called and called and called to find out what happened to interest-free money he borrow inn may from capital one. capital one said it sent the cash to american express to pay off his bill. >> june i realized it never made it to my american express account. >> reporter: he called both companies a total of more than 20 times between june and september. >> each phone call was 40, 45 minutes. >> reporter: he tells us he even wrote 11 letters to the credit card companies. but the answers remained the same. >> capital one said that they had sent the money. they talked to american express to find it. american express was saying they need further information like routing numbers. >> reporter: after four months,
5:56 pm
he contacted nbc10 responds. after we got involved, american express found his money. the company says it mistakenly went to a different bank. michael says american express told him a wrong digit entered during the transaction caused the problem. >> i was losing sleep over this. you did a phenomenal job. >> thank you so much. he says he is glad american express found his money and credited him the $1500. folks, we will take all this money and crunch it together. go to the recovery counter and look at this. it is a wonderful -- we are now at $901,819. so, folks, keep the calls coming. we are here for you. >> thank you so much. nbc10 news at 6:00 is next. here are jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. up first at 6:00, a child killed at an intersection that neighbors say is too dangerous.
5:57 pm
we talked to witnesses who rushed in to comfort the child while he was still alive. plus, what the driver said when he was caught. heavy lifting this winter to keep jersey shore waterways safe all year long. >> you don't want anybody to end up high and dry on some sand. >> i am ted greenberg. how the coast guard is using new technology to steer you away from danger.
5:58 pm
right now at 6:00. a child killed in a hit-and-run
5:59 pm
crash. we talked to devastated neighbors who rushed to try to help him. abduction danger. two men try to lure a group of kids outside a school. how they got away and the warning for parents now. tax triumph. president trump celebrating a major win. the changes it could mean for your paycheck soon. right now at 6:00 an 8-year-old boy killed, a family left devastated after a hit-and-run crash in a philadelphia neighborhood. police then chased down the driver. thank you for joining us. i am jacqueline london. >> i am jim rosenfield. all new at 6:00 we are hearing from a woman who heard the deadly collision and rushed out to comfort the boy while he was still alive. >> nbc10's drew smith joins us live in crescentville. drew, neighbors say the crash happened in a dangerous intersection. >> reporter: that's right. we are hearing that from pretty much everybody out here. two of the three cars that were involved have been towed away. if you look closely, there is
6:00 pm
actually a memorial on that tree. that's from another wreck a few months ago, also a deadly collision. neighbors are now very upset that an 8-year-old boy has been killed at what they call a very dangerous intersection. we have video from this crash scene. you can see all of the vehicles badly damaged. the worst on the front passenger said of the car where the 8-year-old was riding. that part of the car is pretty much caved in. investigators tell us another driver t-boned it and kept on driving. police chased him to the home depot on roosevelt boulevard. the driver claimed he was diabetic and was taken to the hospital. at the scene neighbors tried to tell the boy help was on the way but he couldn't speak, was only making noises and doctors pronounced him dead at the hospital a short time later. >> it's heartbreaking. i have a grandson, little kids. that's a family member. a kid is a kid. especially now, during


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