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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 21, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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no good when two men pulled into the parking lot at the catholic charities last wednesday. >> i knew something was wrong. >> they ran up this hill threatening to shoot a teenage boy according to police. >> i saw more kids gather around. >> after school youth intervention counsellors followed their instincts. the teen jumped into the canal because he feared he would be shot. 20 high schoolers didn't disperse and didn't help. >> i grabbed the kid and pulled him over the fence. i put him on my shoulder. >> he says the teen victim was in coherent. perhaps in shock and his eyes rolled back. >> shaken, i looked at him and his face was swollen because of how cold the water was. >> reporter: the suspected bad guys were long gone. ingram and williams of catholic charities rushed the victim to the hospital in a work van. >> i started running and blowing horns. i was blowing through intersections. >> he got on the phone with 911.
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>> he said is the kid still breathing. he starts throwing up. he's doing something here. >> the victim suffered hypothermia. it was 19 degrees that day and police confirmed no shots were fired. still the boy and his mom didn't rush to speak to us about the incident due to ongoing initiation and retaliation gang. issues here in the city. ingram's response when asked about saving the young man's life u. >> i take it as being a parent. >> he wants youth to put down their phones and social media and put up some integrity and courage. >> this kid could have died. >> reporter: cydney long, nbc 10 news. all new at 6:00, a man held up at gunpoint early this morning says all he can think about now is he could be dead. instead he was able to run away, hide behind a car and shoot the man who had been holding a gun to his head. this is video of him talking to police after his near-death
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experience. kelly carries a gun because he's a security guard. >> he could have killed me if he wanted to. a split second decision he made that could have saved his life. right now at 6:00, the holiday travel rush starting tonight with just four days until christmas. a live look at 30th street station. septa is trying to get back on time. now to the planes. philadelphia international is not reporting any delays right now as the weather is dry.
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that could change this weekend. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking rain that could l impact your plans. but we'll begin with mitch blacher, who is live at the airport tonight. the travel rush there just get. ing started. >> reporter: it's smooth and steady all day here at philadelphia international. no major problems. but they are expecting in the next couple of days starting on saturday the busiest time all the way through december 28th. not a care in the world for those who have already reached their destination. but not for those about to take off. >> the lines aren't quite as bad. passengers are already facing tougher security screening this year. tsa is now requiring all electronic devices to be removed from carry on bags and individually scanned. but once you get through security, depending on where you're flying, the first alert weather team predicts some potential problems.
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the day after christmas we could see detroit from detroit to erie. the 27th a snowstorm takes over texas, meaning potential delays at dfw. chicago and st. louis, snow and ice could mean delays. by the 28th that storm covers the bottom half of the country. by the 29th, snow may fall in major hubs from dallas to baltimore, washington to philly. weather is one reason aaa predicts most of those traveling will be in their cars. more than 1 million people will drive more than 50 miles from home in the five county region. >> travelers definitely need to pack their patience. no matter how you are planning to get to your holiday destination. there will likely be increased traffic or congestion. >> reporter: now back at the airport, you can see the boards pretty much clear. but think about this. in the next week across the entire country, more than 107 million people will travel more
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than 50 miles from it their homes. >> let's hope the boards stay on time mitch blacher, thank you. let's continue our team coverage now with first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. no weather trouble for people leaving tonight or tomorrow. but saturday travelers could have some issues. >> we're talking about rain and not ice or snow. so i think most of the northeast is going to be even pretty decent shape on saturday. sunday should be dry across most of the northeast. we have seen a lot of years worse than this. this is one of the areas most likely to get some snow. but then they'd like to get it. this is up in the poconos and they are e skiing now and they are going to be able to be skiing very nicely next week with perfect conditions. now driving on the roads, they are dry tonight dry tomorrow, dry for dinner tomorrow night and we have some wet roads coming later friday night and
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saturday. right now, we have temperatures getting down near the freezing mark. we got up to 43 today. we have only dropped a few degrees in philadelphia. we have dropped quite a bit more in pottstown and millville. but most places are going to be leveling off. we have clouds moving in from the west. we also have the atmosphere overall warming. you can see more clouds coming from the west and that will put a lid on any sunshine tomorrow. as we go through the night tonight, the temperature not dropping a whole lot more. so tomorrow morning, be right around cold as it is now. we'll talk about when it's going to get really cold and when the snow is likely around here, coming up. no matter where you're headed for the holidays, take the nbc 10 app with you. you can use our travel maps and get the personalized forecast for whatever zip code you're in at the time. new at 6:00, police are
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hunting for two people swiping packages from doors. they are searching for a driver of a car who grabbed a gift. a flight paramedic is accused of indecent assault after he grope d a teen boy during a ride along program. he appeared before a chester county judge this morning. also in court the 17-year-old who said he fell asleep and woke up to the groping. he was using sexually explicit language during the assault. her looking into other complaints. >> you did a broadcast and since then we have received four calls from victims. >> mason was released after being arraigned. he worked at jefferson hospital as a flight paramedic. mason is no longer employed there. an update in the car crash that took the life of an
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8-year-old boy. police charged the driver responsible. michael finn is facing homicide by vehicle, involuntary manslaughter and other charges. witnesses say he t-boned a car last night. finn drove off but was later arrested. tonight a child is recovering from a raccoon attack. this happened last night on north 22nd street in north philadelphia. police tell nbc 10 the animal cut and scratched the girl on the face. the sounds of christmas, but of jackhammers greeting people today in the square. water departments were working to restore service after the second water main break in two days. today's break was just 12 feet away from yesterday's. part of 18th street is shut down, which is impacting businesses looking to cash in on the preholiday rush.
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>> it will be a few more hours before crews are finished. the main is scheduled to be completely replaced. to capitol hill the u.s. house is averting another government shutdown. just an a hour ago it passed a new resolution to fund the government through january 19th. the measure now moves to the senate. congress will return after the holidays. their main challenges include immigration, the budget, health care and national security. the final tax reform bill has officially been certified congress. republican members gathered for a ceremony celebrating the final step before sending the legislation to president trump. stay tuned for "nbc nightly news" right after this newscast. they will break down some of the pressing issues congress is kicking to next year. the talented children showing off their singing skills this afternoon. more than 500 young people
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attended the 6 nd annual archbishop christmas gala for children. the theme for this year's party, the little drummer boy. with christmas just a few days away the sixers got into the holiday spirit to surprise young fans today. they handed out gifts to a group of kids from the methodist home for children. they were given personalized jerseys and other gifts too. up next, philadelphia's most infamous drug den cleared out. but some say the fix created a new problem. until the nbc 10 investigators got involved. the turn around all new. also hot in the red zone. eagles quarterback nick foles with insight into the birds' success when they get close to the end zone. plus super bowl surprise, all new at 6:00.
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why every single student at one local high school is elated tonight.
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new at 6:00, the city of philadelphia expanding efforts to support the neighborhoods at the center of the heroin
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epidemic. it comes two weeks after we exposed residents concerns following the summer's cleanout of the con rail track. george spencer returned to check on the progress and see what's ahead. it still showed the cleaned up new look they got this past august. they are feeling the history is finally getting the attention it needs. >> there's been a change. you can see the's resources have all of a sudden it's a turn around. >> weeks ago they walked us through the same block insisting the well publicized clean out is the tracks had simply dumped the heroin problem on his doorstep.
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>> the initiative started at the hop. it will connect overdosed survivors with recovery specialists right in the er before they are discharged. the city is creating an overdose response unit dedicated to this neighborhood. the team will travel with medics on overdose calls and when patients refuse hospitalized, they will try to connect them with treatment and support. a new mobile van will visit the underpass encampments that house many drug users like this emerald city. workers will offer services and try to get people into treatment. the city says since the clean out, outreach teams have already engaged with 3,000 people.
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>> george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> you can watch the original investigation into trouble in kenzing on to now. just click on the investigators tab. it was a celebration of football champions in bucks county this afternoon. se celebration started outside archbishop wood high school and then made its way indoors. all in honor of the state football title. trey thomas there was for thor is where the entire school learned they will be getting a day off the day after the super bowl. hopefully they will be more to sell britt about that. turning to your neighborhood weather, and a winter warm up heading our way.
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a live look at the river rink. temperatures start rising tomorrow and saturday. and then parts of the area could see a white christmas. a live look at allentown where christmas day snow is possible. let's go to e meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. snow? >> especially in that area where you were just showing up. allentown, lehigh valley, bucks county, berks county, the poconos. likely to see some snow. it may be pretty late christmas eve and pretty early christmas morning. but may just get to see some those areas. 32 in allentown right now. 28 in mount pocono. the temperaturen won't be dropping a whole lot beyond this tonight because the atmosphere is warming up from the west. it's still above the freezing mark in delaware.
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39 degrees and farther to the south, it's a little bit cooler in some areas. 31 in lincoln. 33 in mills bo ro. 32 in millton. those areas in southern delaware, easily get into the 60s on saturday. maybe well into the 60s in some spots. you can see the clouds coming across. that's some high clouds. harmless high clouds and more moisture to the west. do expect more cloud cover around during the day tomorrow. then eventually some of the rain is going to be move iing in. it will take until later tomorrow evening. most likely in the northern and western suburbs. then saturday is a pretty wet day. the least amount of rain in southern delaware and extreme south jersey. it won't be raining all day. but there will be rain just
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about everywhere. by saturday night, it's starting to move out and that sets us up for dry weather. we had rain on saturday. you clear out. you think that's the end of it. but not quite. 53 despite all the clouds. 52 in lang horn. not predicting any rain in any part of the area. robinsville at 51. long port at 50. newark, delaware, at 52 degrees. so here's that rain saturday. setting us up for dry weather. there's more moisture that's going to come in from the southwest. and the question is the timing. that would be pretty fun for a lot of the kids out there. we're going from warm and wet on saturday to cold and
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increasingly windy on sunday and monday. and that's the christmas planner. you can see temperatures are in the 30s all day. it's pretty wind and it's windy and cold tr the eagles too. joel embiid has missed the last few games. we'll get the latest, next.
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the sixers and raptors start a series tonight.
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they will face-off again saturday in toronto. joel embiid hasn't played because of tightness in his back. here's what they have to say about tonight. >> i guess the word that we're use iing is probable. and so we'll go through his warm-up and we'll figure out what that means. but the word is probable. >> probable, e questionable. the eagles head into the christmas game against the ra raiders with some issues on defense. birds opponents averaging 30 points, but he's not interested in numbers. he's focused on letters, specifically the letter w. >> win the game is number one. the end of the day, we have been winning football games. so i feel good. we have to clean up the mistakes.
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just the opportunities to make the simple plays we're supposed to make. we'll be fine. >> can't do a proper interview. last week nick foles scored a touchdown against the giants. since the seven touchdown performance against. the raiders. that was four years ago. all four touchdowns was in the red zone. >> it goes back to preparation and fine tune the details and putting extra time whether it's running a route, studying film or understanding that specific concept and based on the coverage we're seeing what we want. when it comes to game. time, you can make plays. >> college football, temple plays florida international tonight in st. petersburg. they won 3 of the last 4 games to be bowl eligible. they have gone bowling.
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that's it for sports. stay with us. we'll be right back. michael: i'm thankful that i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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last check of the weather in the poconos. you know it's not really cold up there in the poconos. people still enjoying it. it's going to be mild. >> just cold enough. they are going to get some warmer weather and rain on saturday. but after that for the rest of the year, they are in great shape. they have had some rough decembers. so good for them. now friday, we warm up a little. saturday we'll warm up a lot more. it's also kind of wet. cooldown on sunday. then there's that chance of the white christmas later sunday night and early monday morning. lehigh valley, poconos, maybe no down to some of the suburbs. and then next week it's cold. bitter cold with multiple chances for some snow late next week. >> a lot of kids looking forward
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to a white christmas. maybe in some areas. developing news tonight. holiday storms flaring up across the country right as the holiday rush begins. rain and snow to snarl travel for millions. al roker is here with the latest forecast. plus who is getting a white christmas. a singing rebuke at the u.n. as the world nearly unites agnst one of trump's major moves. a staggering look at the opioid crisis. americans are living shorter lives, and health officials say a growing epidemic is to blame. a neighborhood rocked by a deadly explosion, blowing apart a home. a tragic new alert as you turn on the heat this winter. the future of airport security. 3-d scanners that digitally unpack your bags. cutting edge technology to find hidden bombs. and a little boy


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