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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 22, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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>> we'll show you what you need to know before you head to the airport. >> miss america looses its partner over leaked e-mails. apple faces legal action after admitting it slows down older model iphones. right now at 11:00, planes, trains and automobiles. travel is shifting into high gear today. this weekend is expected to break travel records. we are already seeing lots of activity.
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randy is live this morning. how is the crowd? >> reporter: you know, they were much bigger this morning. we are seeing the tail end of the morning rush. no major delays. just two cancellations on the big board. today and the days after christmas will be the busiest earlier this morning. we are seeing lighter lines. come early if you can. just three days to go into philly international it's the most congested time of the year. the line outside tsa snaking down past the bathrooms this morning. once again the airport says the number one destination is florida. we found this family heading to key west. >> it's wafrm and beautiful. >> warm. >> warm and sunny. >> we are going to go see the
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beach and the sand and warmer temperatures we hope. >> have a great time. >> in total they expect 82,000 people to take to the skies, a sign that the economy is flying. >> the economy is strong and consumer confidence is fine. >> where ever your travels take you family and friends will hopefully be by your side. >> my son coming home from san francisco. ly get together with my mother and father and have a great christmas eve and maybe go to the eagles game on christmas day. >> one quick note, they are asking put your gifts inside of a gift back or leave them unwrapped because some of the agents may need to go through
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the luggage and open them if necessary. it was a tense morning at dallas love field. they had to evacuate the terminal. passengers posted pictures showing crowds outside of the pick up and drop off areas. operations at the airport are back to normal. aaa expects the highest year end travel volume ever. it is more than 3% jump over last year. 90% of those holiday travelers will go by car and they will have to shell out more for gas as well. the average price is about 16 crep cents a gallon higher than last year. they want to make trips
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easier. it will lift road and lane closures. construction crews will not be doing work between noon today and christmas night on monday. taking a live look at the art museum. it is still chilly out there, but milder temperatures are on the way. steve has the forecast for this first full day of winter. >> the grip will be releasing as warmer air works in from the south. one area that is already part e partaking, you can see the difference up to the north. around philadelphia about 42 or 43 degrees. the warmer air will get there last. we are looking at our neighbors
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to the south and west. that warm air will continue to sneak in here this afternoon. temperatures will stay steady through late other on tonight. we have a warm up on the way for tomorrow. temperatures approach 60 degree. with that we may also see periods of rain. it's not the only thing we are tracking. we had snow in the forecast. i'll be back with that in just a bit. >> all right. download the free nbc 10 app. get your holiday forecast. you can see the weather and get instandpoi instandpoi instant alerts septembnt to you phone. a woman hit at 24th street and washington avenue nigh around 6:30 this morning. a bliet cwhite car remained at
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scene but a black suv sped off. police are searching for that suv. time for a look at things with katy zachary. >> a lot of people hitting the roads. the you want to get up and out the door to your destination now is a good time to do it. i want ed to highlight this heading twahea heading towards philadelphia international airport. as you make your way southbound to the blue route and exiting to get to the airport is only a about a 15 minute drive. this was in the yellow. this is eastbound from the turnpike to the vine street expressway. for 76 the blue route is looking good. just a quick stretch of how things are changing.
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tomorrow and sunday on septa weekend schedule is operating. new jersey transit is operating on a weekend schedule and tomorrow holiday schedule and the last note here, new york extra trains starting at 1:00 p.m. to get you where you're going. . the doors will be open at kohl's staying open around the clock in the 6:00 p.m. christmas eve. toys 'r' us has kicked off a 63 hour shopping spree at 6:00 a.m. today and will stay open through 9:00 p.m. on sunday. tomorrow is expected to be one of the biggest shopping days of the year with about 126 million consumers expected to hit the
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stores. >> today is the final holiday shipping deadline. if you're using priority mail you need to get it in the mail today. it guarantees one or two day delivery. >> still need gift ideas for everyone on your list? tap the mobile app and search holiday gift guide. >> the miss america organization has lost its tv partner after leaked e-mails show the ceo ridiculed past winners for their intelligence, appear rap and sex lives. miss america ceo exchanged the e-mails with a writer for the
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atlantic city pageant. has kal has apologized and expected to respond to the controversy later today. miss america said the e-mails contained inappropriate language that is unbecoming at best and is not in any way indicative of the integrity of miss america or its representatives. miss america apologizes for this situation. the board of directors took the allegations very seriously, investigated them and considers the matter closed. four women are accusing the former chief connector of sexual assault. they release while they investigate t
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investigate the akization. -- accusation. he has not responded to the allegations. >> the philadelphia orchestra said we deflplore the behavior d recognize -- the seriousness demands a thourough investigation. a few hours ago they stuffed a bus with toys outside the septa north pole headquarters. they will spend the day delivering those gifts to charitable organizations. sep trk a organizations doe nayed all of the gifts. >> apple admits to slowing down older iphones. they said they did it to keep
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the older fophones from reasoni lo -- running longer. milder air on the way. why you may not want to wear that big chunky christmas sweater tomorrow.
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president trump signed the gop tax bill into law. president trump told reporters that the quote numbers will speak. today the president is expected to sign the temporary spending bill that would avoid a government shutdown. this morning one of two cruise ships that carried passengers arrived back in port. royal caribbean serenade of the sees returned to florida. 12 people died on tuesday when their tour bus crashed on the way to see the mayan ruins. it shows driver negligence and excessive speed caused the crash. apple hit with a massive lawsuit days after it admitted it slows down older model iphones. we have the latest.
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today in california an iphone bomb shell. one man arguing apple purposely to drive down newer priceyer models. >> i think it's a well thought out plan to make sure that the consumers come back and buy the latest and greatest. >> earlier this week apple acknowledging it did reduce speeds in recrept phone updates. users started experimen experimh speed tests. apple declined to kmept on the complaint but says it was trying to improve a customer experience saying the reason was to prolong a phone's life. they say that kind of throttling
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means the phone might not respond like it used to. >> if you edit a lot of photos they will see their performance limited because the processor can want run as fast. >> a new battery costs $80, much cheaper than the new iphone. it requires bringing it into the floor and they say they have pushed out updates that were never asked for and reduced the speed and value of their phones. >> when you to saver and struggle to buy a piece of equipment and then you learn the folks that sold it to you is downgrading you on you, it's a trick. and hi there. happy friday to you. i'm steve sosna on a big travel day. we take a look at 30th street
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station. i have been seeing a lot of people walking in and out of here. if you're traveling today not a bad day for travel. this did you want look ideal but not production out of these colludes here. it's just cloudy skies. if you wore the heavier coat you may not want to do so this amp. temperatu -- afternoon. we'll head into the 50s this afternoon. tomorrow warmer temperatures, a showery day. cooler air will work in here on christmas over day. it will set the potential for snow early christmas morning. not a significant storm for us. just know it will be out there. cold next weekend. more potential for snow. i think that is much greater heading towards the end of next week. flight delays, not much going on here at philadelphia international. that's good news if you're heading out on an afternoon flight. we are at 42 degrees. we have the wind out of the
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south. it will help pump the milder air from south to north across the area for today. so northern new castle county you're still in the lower 40s. you can see the greens. that's milder temperatures. temperatures getting close to 50 here. you've feeling that difference in the air. we are clahanging the board up lot here. this is pumping in a warm system for us tomorrow. no threat of snow with this one. drizzle and showers breaking out overnight tonight. temperatures will not drop much. it is basically staying steady. it will be tomorrow where we get highs close to 60 degrees. 6:00 a.m. waking up to light rain and drizzle through many of the communities. also seeing rain through the afternoon and we'll continue to see waves of showers through saturday evening and we'll clear it out saturday night and then
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we'll dry things out for christmas eve day and south. if you're headed out shopping the best day to do it today. by the time we get into sunday a nice day. so we'll have updates throughout the day on the nbc 10 app and we'll be back at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 tonight. students at one high school are helping support our local men and women. it stantd for operation eternal gratitude. for more on how they are helping the troops we are joined by an officer of the club. tell us about the club. how does it start and what do you do? >> it started after the tragedy of 9/11 to support the families of the 9/11 tragedy. it transferred to support those
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fighting overseas. >> so you have been doing it for a while? >> it opened up in 2005. we brought it over to south. we have been sending about 3,000 pounds or more of items to soldiers overseas. >> so tell us about the packages that you septembent. what are you shipping over? >> various foods like beef jerky, hygiene products, so maybe baby wipes if they ask for it. we get donations from the students and their parents. >> why did you want to get involved? >> well, my friend told me about the club at first. her family has a great military influence. i saw what they to do for, their values. i thought it was really
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inspirational. i thought i could help out. >> and you're a navy veteran yourself. what does it mean to see yuoung people coming together and doing this? >> it is great. she will be graduating in june. there will be other people to take her spot. >> some of the things you're collecting are going to people that went to the school. >> yes. >> talk about this year too. you guys kind of broke a record, right? >> yes. >> tell me about that. >> so our record last year was just under 5,000 pounds.
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>> so you're able to collect more and ship moreover there. >> absolutely. we have a sponsor which helped out for the troops. it is a nonprofit organization. they said don't worry about it. we'll pay for the shipping which makes us more strong. >> thanks for what you guys are doing every day. we appreciate that. for more on operation eternal gratitude tap on find it on 10. do you still need to buy a gift for a child? we'll show you the hot holiday toys coming up. >> be sure the holidays don't take a toll on your health. that's straight ahead. when we see a woman who comes to cancer treatment
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centers of america in philadelphia to have her breast cancer treated, she's coming for the expertise that we have, for the multimodal therapy where the specialists talk to each other and form a treatment plan together. we were looking for a cancer team that would help us decide the best course of action. amy met with our three specialties, radiation oncology and genetics-there are so many different options. rather than one treatment fitting all, it is a personalized approach to cancer therapy. we have so many tools available at cancer treatment centers of america. this is what attracted amy to our center all the way from new york. cancer is what they deal with every day. these were people who were experts in their field. and for us that was the best choice. learn more about our breast center at
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appointments available now.
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experts say one of the biggest pitfalls is over indulging in food and drink. pack healthy snacks like nuts, vegetables and fruits. when you sit down start with a small portion and drink plenty of water. it helps with the digestion system. randy is live. >> reporter: we saw lines extepe extending out past security. coming up next, the holiday travel season really kicks off. >> the work outth that will mak your feel like a warrior. that's ahead in our next half hour.
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philadelphia international airport will be packed today. local highways will see heavy volume as people head to their christmas destinations. randy has been talking to passengers all morning. not so bad behind you. >> reporter: it is pretty smooth. a decent amount of crowds. the weather is cooperating. just two cancellations on the big board. a let's take a look at the tsa security line. they estimate 700,000 people will pass through security. a quick word of advice. tsa says be careful if you're flying with gifts. keep them in a gift bag if possible. also the airport asking you to add a few minutes extra time.
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holiday flying tends to bring out a lot of people. a few families flying out to see their loved ones on the other side of the country. >> for christmas and everything we'll have all of this great food. we have food flying down with us. >> reporter: we should get another rush of passengers later in the amfternoon. the busiest time will be in the days following christmas. let's give you a live look at broad street in center city. much milder temperatures will move in. what's in store for our holiday weekend? that's what we want to know.
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steve is here with the answer. >> that's right. we vo have to answer that quest. today is not so bad. if you're out and about traveling the skiers and snowboarders showing off their stuff there. warmer air not good for them but it will be short lived. we are quiet on the radar network. it looks like the skies will not produce any kind of rain or snow. temperatures will not fall much. get a look at that. the next couple of days will be off to a warm start. you'll notice what happens on the second half of it. by saturday temperatures around 60. 48 in the lehigh valley. low to mid-60s. sunday we step down a notch. temperatures will be cooler.
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check out christmas. we are not stopping there with the cold. we have a deep freeze to talk about and a bigger storm late next week. i'll have that coming up. checking out our nbc 10 headlines now, police searching are for a gunman that shot four men in southwest philadelphia. we learned one of those victims has died. the gunman assaulted his childrens mother earlier yesterday. she contacted four family members who went with her to confront the man. a fight broke out and the man shot the four family members before taking off. >> this home has a gaping hole in it after a car crashed into it. you can see the christmas tree still in the living room. we found a contractor stabilizing the home earlier this morning. no one inside the home was hurt. >> back open after two water
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main breaks in two days. crews thatthad to close off roa restore service. many people are expecting holiday gift deliveries this month. you to be wary of thieves. look at this man stealing someone's package off of their front steps. he is walking past the home and notices a package and takes it and walks away. later trying to find this burglar that broke into a store. the man got into the furniture store through a window. he stole an ipad and a flat screen tv before taking off. >> we are down to the last weekend for holiday shopping. we visited the walmart in south
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philadelphia to find out the hottest toys right now. they tell us they are selling a lot of hover boards. my life dolls are also popular this year. they aren't just for girls. >> we even have a boy doll for the boys that want to play with a doll. it has clothes, accessorieacces toys, cars. >> she says barbie and the barbie dream house are on many must-have christmas. the intensity is high and payoff is even higher. a gym is inspiring people to push themselves to the limit to become spar tan warriors. >> reporter: warriors fall in place abdomnd get ready to pushr
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body to the limit. but first a moment of meditation before a workout explosion. >> go, go, go, go. up, up, up, up. >> reporter: offering a one of a kind spartan jourkt gworkout. that's me shortly after crossing the finish line. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> reporter: nearly an hour of nonstop movement, burpees, squat jumps and wind sprints. yes. that's me on the floor. over and out. >> you will be sore but it is a good sore.
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>> push it out. keep going. >> it literally prepares them for the race and any level of fitness. >> christine is in her 30s. >> don't stop, don't quit. sit a motivation for me to keep going. howard is in his 60s. >> it got my heart rate up. it covered a lot of aspects of fit ps. >> amy works out regularly. >> it was very motivational. it flew by. it wept nt by fast. >> everyone who started finished. no spartans left behind, a team concept from beginning to end.
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nbc 10 news. >> that's tough. want to see more? we are airing a spar tan race this sunday. it features fire jumps, rope climbs and barbed wire crawls. >> beloved animated characters come to life. familiar characters will skate their way in. some of the stars of disney on ice will join us live in the studio coming up. christmas forecast. behind me are areas that have snow on the ground. will another storm deliver us a white christmas? that's coming up on your ten day on 10.
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the founder of papa john's is stepping down as ceo. the decision comes after he criticized the nfl over the national anthem protest. papa john's is an nfl sponsor and advertiser. he also criticized roger goodell for failing to resolve the issue. he will remain chairman of the board and the company's biggest shareholder. >> today in japan a driverless bus hits the streets of tokyo. it navigated a predetermined
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route traveling at a top speed of 30 miles per hour. it is a possible solution for shuttling japan's growing elderly population. >> disney characters come together for disney on ice. joining us are two of the performers. thams for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> i understand this is a homecoming of sorts for you. >> it is. >> tells how you got involved with disney on ice. >> my husband grew up in philadelphia and i grew up in canada. i joined the show several years ago and now we have a home here in philadelphia. >> so both of you are part of what is called the cinderella portion of the show. tell us who you play and a little bit about it. >> i get to play the fairy god mother. >> you grant wishes. >> yes. i make dreams come true. >> and i portray one of the evil stepsister. i like to call it more comic
11:43 am
relief than evil. >> what can people expect? disney on ice is so iconic. >> yes. it is a dazzling special effects adventure. we start with beauty and the beast transitioned into si cinderella. we transition into tangled. then our second act features frozen chr frozen, which is one of everyone's favorites. then we have muana which has great reviews. >> how does it feel having all of the kids sipging along? >> it is an incredible experience when you're performing live and they are decked out and dancing and singing and watching you and trying to do the moves. they are having the best time. to see an sbir family right down
11:44 am
to little babies. everyone is into the magic of it all. there is something for everyone. there is a lot of athletic seats abdomen the beautiful story lights. >> and you guys are doing 22 thoughs. and if you exceed disney on ice it's something new. >> it has been reimagined. the new music is magical. the whole entity of it sweeps you away. >> we have an amazing cast from over ten different countries. you'll see a lot of amazing tricks. >> all right. thanks so much for being here. >> thank you so much.
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>> disney on ice prevents dare to dream. it runs through january 1st. again, 2222 performances. for more go to and click on the nbc 10 mobile app. and tgif the holiday version. this is what we are tracking, two milder days. the first one coming this afternoon and second one coming for your saturday. second headline is a showery saturday. it will be raining on and off throughout the day, not the entire day but you want to have the umbrella with you. we get a brush of snow. waking up after 7:00 it is quiet and the sun comes out. we are tracking the bitter cold
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for most of next week for a potentially larger snow event that might give us a new year's. there is snow on the way. that system has a better chance. as you can see, dry roads, dry streets, good news for all of you last minute shoppers that are out here for today. tomorrow you get the milder day for most areas. the tradeoff will be an on and off rain. temperature is a huge rage. it is down in delaware and south jersey. your temperatures are 60 or better. you definitely need a jacket. sunday we dry everything out.
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by thursday middle to upper 30. you have to go through here. natural snow on the ground at these locations and all across low ca locations you would normally expect it. i do want to show you the wild ride we are on. we are at 60 for tomorrow with showers. christmas eve a good day. a touch of snow sunday night into monday. then there's your deep freeze and more potentially significant snowfall coming in here friday into saturday. we'll have more on that at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. you can get updates any time. >> recognizing african american
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entr entrepreneu entrepreneurs. we are joined by general any watson and the first vice president. welcome to you both? >> thank you for being here. >> tell us about the organization. >> the pennsylvania chapter was founded in 1983. it's an organization that's about advocacy for women and chi children. >> talk about what criteria you're looking for. >> first we are looking for african american women. it is in the try it should do a lot for your community.
11:49 am
they would take a look and. >> so the award is nayed the for here. p. >> whole, if you look at our hair. she was the first african american self-made millionaire. >> how is it helping to keep here alive every day if. >> well are president aare three women are trail blazing and who have tacking ownership. we feel that by providing this award we are recognizing her and
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remember her as well. >> and you have scholarships as well? >> yes. they are an opportunity for adult women looking to return to a college. we award three women. . >> the you're also doing an economic empowerment seminar. >> it is the search and yaur empowered by other women who are walking the walk you want to walk as a business owner. also, just making sure you have different things set up. social media is so key with trying to promote yourself. that is a complimentary piece. >> so people can expect a lot?
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>> yes. >> all in one. >> yes. >> there it is saturday, march 17th, 2018. for more information tap on the nbc 10 mobile app. we'll be right back.
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tfrm the birds shut down some of the league es best running backs this year and they are looking to do it once again on monday night. >> win the game, that's number one. you know, at the end of the day we have been doing that. we have been winning football games. i feel good about where we are at. we have to go in and clean up the little mistakes. we have to make the simple plays we are supposed to make and we'll be fine. >> we are hoping to get ready for the christmas night match up. start at 9:30 a.m. right here on nbc 10, the official station of the philadelphia eagles.
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if the stress of the holidays has you a little blue try belting it out with some of your friends. carrolling can improve social skills and a person's sense of belonging. >> the holiday trafvel rush is on. it estimated more than a million people from the philadelphia region will travel at least 50 miles to their holiday destination. philadelphia international airport advises people to check with their carrier. steve is here with one more check of your forecast. >> yeah. not feeling very christmas like here tomorrow. we'll get more in the way of christmas air coming here for early next week. let's take a look at if you want the potential for snow. there is a little bit out there
11:56 am
early in the morning. it quickly gets out of here. now, if you're disapointed by that and you want more snow there's a slight chance coming in here tuesday night into wednesday. that system not very impressive. keep your eye on thursday, that's next thursday, december 28th. watch it. wait for it. there we go. steady snow on friday, friday night and into saturday. a good chunk of our computer models show that. the real deal is later next week. 60 tomorrow, 44 on sunday, 38 for christmas day itself. 830 on christmas night. we'll be watching out for the storm coming up later next week into next weekend then happy new year. >> yes. we may have snow on the ground
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for the new year. thap tha thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. for steve and everyone here at nbc 10 have a great day.
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