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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 26, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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chill in your most accurate weather forecast. >> not only the warmest day this week, but the warmest day for the rest of the year. because this cold is going to go into next week. and skiers like that sort of thing and can make snow every single night. a lot of traffic on the roads. not expecting too many traffic problems over the next week. it's just an issue of getting bundled up enough to withstand the drop. 61 degrees when we had the rain. 40 on monday. 33 nor the high so far today. 27 for the high tomorrow. that's just the temperature. 32 now. much of the northern and western suburb ises, 15 in mount poconos. warmest spot on the map is only 34. and the feels like temperatures
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are in the teens. allentown at 16. lancaster and reading at 17. but at least the wind is is not that strong. but take a look at what's going to happen through the night tonight. temperature only dropping e slowly to maybe some clouds moving in. but by morning, it will be feeling like it's about 14 in philadelphia. then colder in some of the suburbs. and not really going up much during the day tomorrow. a high of 2. this frigid air covers so much of the country it's going to take a long time to get rid of it. how cold and when, coming up. e download the nbc 10 app to get the forecast for your neighborhood right on your smart phone. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with police shooting a robbery suspect that led officers on a chase. >> the crime outside a neighborhood deli that started it all. steven fisher joining us live on
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that scene with that new video. right here at the corner of 49th and walnut is where the suspect ran into a parked car. no incidents. happened jst a few block wasp. that's where e we found the surveillance video of the suspect just moments before the that robbery. surveillance video shows two men walking into the store together. they have a minor altercation inside and then leave. police say that's when the suspect armed with a gun rob eb the person he was with. police found him shortly after which sparked a chase that ended here and crashed. >> police chases through a residential neighborhood, there's a the lot of kids around here. are a little worrisome. >> reporter: the suspect was reported to be armed and did not follow lis orders. >> the operator made movements
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to fight the orders. the officer did discharge his firearm striking the male one time in the chest. >> neighbors debated whether using lethal force on the suspect was the right approach. >> dp you go into your waistband, the police have to think you're going for something. i would have shot him too. crazy stuff can always. happen. it's a really sad situation. i don't. want to diminish that at all. all i'm say iing is that there e ways to take down a suspect who don't involve lethal force. >> reporter: i have been in touch with police and they asked if the gun was recovered at the scene. they are still searching, but they told me the same suspect used a gun to steal the car he was using earlier this morning. righting live, steven fisher, nbc 10 news. a pair of water main breaks gave drivers some headaches this
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morning. it was closed while crews made repairs there. the water ended up freezing on the road making for a slippery situation. and in the northeast, a shopping center lost water after a water main break there. at the intersection of home avenue. no homes were affected but the street was damaged and had to be closed while crews made repairs. >> this game is about to be tied. >> it's good! >> the eagles and fans are trying to make sense of the
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christmas night gift that was not exactly wrapped perfectly. it wasn't exactly pretty. >> they clinched homefield advantage with that underwhelming win against the raiders. some are worried about their shot at a super bowl run. >> i'm concern about our offensive inconsistency. the rest of the team has to step up. so far they have been inconsistent. >> a live look now at lincoln financial field. the ooelg ooeagles wrap up the season next sunday against the cowboys. john clark joins us now. >> there's clearly concern among the faithful. >> doug pederson has not said whether the starters will play, but expect to see nick foles and a few of the starters at least. the eagles offense was really bad against the raiders. 19 points is the fewest they have scored in a win this season. 6 came from the defense. the eagles' defense had 5
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turnovers. without that, they do not win this game. five turnovers in the final 20 minutes. . also a season low for the eagles. last week after the eagles hung on against the giants, doug pederson's message was we cant play this way and win in the playoffs. i asked what the message was after this game. >> it's the same one. last week defense was probably not at their best. this week offense wasn't at their best. it does take all three phases. we found a way in both games. and we just got to get back to that swagger, that tenacity on all sides, all phases. and we will. the guys will regroup and we'll get ready to play. >> get back to that swagger that they had. coming up at 5:45, we'll take you into the locker room to hear what doug pederson said in his
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speech to the players after the game. and nick foles talks about what he can do better next time he's out there. because nick said i did not play well. we want to see a little more. i hope he does play against the cowboys for a series or two to lead with confidence going into the playoffs. >> this is a good time to work out all those issues. >> there's a playoff game at home that's three weeks away. that's a lot of time off. >> this sunday against the cowboys, our power hour of coverage starts at 9:30 in the morning here ob nbc 10, the official station of the eagles. a 20-year-old man is facing charges after he crashed a stole b truck. this is video of the crash's aftermath. the driver jumped a curb, ran into this building on atlantic
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avenue. the building caught fire. the driver had to be pulled from the wreckage and taken to the hospital. he's expected to be okay. several people living in apartments on the second floor had had to be evacuated following the crash. the truck was reported stolen. the driver is facing reckless driving and drug charges. investigators are blaming an electrical problem for an early morning house fire that left two young girls with serious burns. the father of one of the girls tried to use an extinguisher, but e he wasn't able to. both were flaun to the burn center in allentown. several families lost their homes in this fire. it started christmas night. two homes were destroyed. three others damaged. a number of propane tanks exploded during that fire only helping to spread the flames. an elderly woman had to be taken to the hospital after slipping on ice.
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president trump is predicting that democrats and republicans will agree on a new health care plan for the country. the president tweeted, based on the fact that the individual mandate has been terminated as part of our tax cut bill, which e repeals obamacare, the democrats and republicans will had e eventually come together and develop a great new health care plan. the president sent the tweet from his florida resort where his family is spending the week. republicans sought to e repeal from president obama the affordable care act but couldn't get the bill through the senate. new details on a deadly police standoff and shootout that played out over nine hours in one neighborhood. authorities now say he shot his mother 11 times inside a home last friday. 115 rounds were fired. dozens of those shots hit a vehicle that officers say probably saved lives.
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he killed himself. we also learned the father took his own life inside a home in allentown on christmas. firefighters had to battle the cold while also battling the flames. the fire broke out in a building that housed a a restaurant. nearly ten fire companies were called in to knock down the flames. no one was hurt. police in one community are report iing another deadly cras despite stepped up safety patrols. a hit-and-run driver killed a man while walking on christmas day. today police had the suspect in custody. it's the 14th deadly accident this year. earlier this month police announced officers would be deployed at intersections throughout the township because of all the crashes. in the meantime, a community in south philadelphia is calling for safer streets after the death of an elderly woman there. several people held sign this is morning at the intersection of washington avenue and 24th street. on friday two cars hit and killed an 83-year-old woman
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crossing the street here. both drivers stopped. community members. want the city to add video cameras to catch drivers running red lights. a post office is closed this afternoon after being damage d y fire. the post office was heavily damage by the fire. anyone with a po box can pick up mail at the post office in nearby palm. to a humbling statistic. a new estimate shows 50% of puerto rico is still without power this week. hurricane maria battered the u.s. territory three months ago and destroyed its electrical grid. puerto rico's governor promised to restore 95% of electricity by mid-december, but officials now say it likely won't be. until may that all of puerto rico is back online.
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part of a gambling expansion announced last month. but towns are given the option to ban as long as they were passed by resolution by the end of the year. delaware officials taking steps to take advantage of a possible expansion of sports gambling. the supreme court is expected to rule on a case to open up sports betting in all 50 states. officials are putting together a plan to offer wagering on sports within weeks of that decision the supreme court's ruling could come as early as june. new jersey is is pushing to legalize gambling. a long-awaited new attraction is finally spinning at the jersey shore. the $14 million observation wheel made its public debut today. it offers spectacular views from gand las. this is the third largest wheel on the east coast and will operate year round when the temperature outside is 40 degrees and above. coming up at 5:00, ted greenberg
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tells us why the wheel represents more than just a new ride. quan sa begins today. >> it was observed to celebrate african country. kids learned about the holiday. it honored different principles each day. others include collective economics, purpose and creativity. the lights along boat house row are growing glowing. they are glowing in the black, red and green colors and will remain through new year's day. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with the arctic blast. it's got its hold on pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. let's take a live look at center city from our camera. brutal cold. it's even worse for people
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working outside. lauren mayk explains. >> reporter: it's the wind they are trying to keep out. here plastic sheeting helped protect workers. >> i tried to do this for the guys. >> reporter: the trick works but if you're out as long as these guys, it's a good idea to bundle up. >> i have three socks. >> reporter: the cold sweeping the region today is setting in for the week. signaling time to make adjustments in what you grab before you head out the door. dexter johnson made sure his 2-year-old son had a hat and warm clothes, but didn't realize he would need the heavy stuff. >> this is a small jacket i have on. i'm going home to change. >> hats and coats today the sun was out, but so was the chilly weather. >> yo guys like the cold?
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>> no. >> this group bundled at a lunch outing. william clark in a hat he got for christmas and mom didn't even have to insist he wear it. >> i would rather be warm than freezing. >>. >> including seattle. kids took advantage of the weather to do sol holiday sledding. less fun in montana with the snow made for dangerous roads. several vehicles slid on u streets and drivers wound up stranded. taking a live look at philadelphia museum of art, a very chilly day to be running up the rocky steps. do it quick to keep warm. >> it's going to be a challenge over the next couple days. >> it's just going to keep getting colder and colder over the next couple days and stay
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pretty cold right past new year's eve and new year's day. so what's out there is some of the warmest weather we're going to see in the next week or more. 32 degrees in philadelphia. and some places in the suburbs lehigh valley have not even gotten to 30 degrees today. temperatures in the 20s. thinking spring at 27. leonardsville at 24. flooetwood at 25. allentown at 25. this is supposed to be the warmest time of the day. walnut at 24. we're not going to see numbers this high during the day. even in the 20s in the lehigh valley. you see the arrows with winds coming from pittsburgh.
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18 degrees there now. 4 degrees in chicago. and look back up to the north and west. these are temperatures. not feels like temperatures. we're going to be hearing and seeing some pretty incredible numbers. it's going to be really dangerously cold in the middle of the country. some places feeling lying 5 in allentown and pottstown. so that's quite a bit colder than it feels now. 10 degrees colder at least.
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and tomorrow afternoon, it's 6 in julstown and allentown. then wednesday night and thursday morning, we're flirting with 0. and in the afternoon thursday, we're only talking about sing is l digits to the teens. this is a long lasting event is. it's going to go all the way into next week. not expecting any koind of pre. sipation. low temperatures at night here. in the small numbers. and they are very small numbers. some of them early next week in the single digits. could see some lake snow in the lehigh valley by late friday or friday night.
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and the rest of the area i think the snow will be holding off. it is possible that the system coming in from the west not during the day thursday and not so much friday but into saturday could be bringing some snow. this is not look like a coastal storm at this point. there are some models that don't even give it this much. but that's the significant threat over the next week is is during the day on saturday and then the bigger cold air is reenforced into next week. so sunday looks cold and it's going to stay that way. the eagles are going to be playing in weather just as cold in the middle of the day sunday is as they were laying last night. >> ring in the new year with nbc 10 on sunday.
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we broadcast the sugar house casino new year's eve fireworks. you can catch the show live at 6:00 p.m. and midnight right here on nbc 10. it is not only the tallest building in philadelphia but also one of the smartest. >> a sneak peek inside the brain of the new comcast technology center. how it's saving the city money and helping the environment. we have gone to bath and body for their big sale. 5% off. >> rush for returns. deals to cash in on after the holidays and before the end of the year. and swept off her feet, the proposal slip that this couple will never forget. >> got to see that one. here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. stocks finished the day down. we'll be right back.
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take a look at these flames devouring a mall outside dallas, texas thrks morni, this morning took two hours to knock that fire down. it will already destroyed the minimal and damaged several neighboring build. ings. not clear what started that fire. to a marriage proposal on the famous rockefeller center is ice rink which literally swept a woman off her feet. a tourist caught this proposal on camera christmas day. the husband goes down on one knee. it's so perfect. it kind of makes it cute. it really does. the crowd was cheering and she's fine. a little bit of laughter. the woman just laughed it off and got helped up and she said yes. >> very important to tell there. it will make it a little more
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memorable. >> completely. >> majoring in marijuana. it's not a party program at one university. the serious scientific study that could help these young students make major breakthroughs. and if you thought it was cold today, brace yourself for this week. how low temperatures are going to go in your neighborhood in your most accurate weather forecast. christmas is over, but holiday shopping is is still happening in full swing. big crowds at cherry hill mall are bracing themselves to wait in line for the holiday steals or just return unwanted gifts. it is packed there. lost and found in new jersey. a gift from santa never made it under the tree. the strategy one group used to track down the owner. that's next at 5:00. michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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bundled up, right now a deep freeze is settling across the entire region. you're going to need the hats and coats all week long. layer up. more of the same down the shore. a live look at avalon where there's hardly anybody on the beach. it's pretty but it's cold on the beach right there. this air isn't going anywhere any time soon. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the chill. it is cold and getting worse. >> we're going to long for days like today by the time we get to the middle of next week. clear skies in easton. one of the places in the lehigh valley that's going to be coldest into the next couple
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days. feels like below zero before the week is is out. the average high is is 42 for this time of year. we cooled off sunday. cooled off more on monday. today is so far up to 33. thursday we go down even from that. our high on thursday may not even be. 25. 32 in philadelphia. 26 in allentown. and we have just enough wind to make it feel like it's 20 in philadelphia. 16 in allentown. these feels like temperatures are going to be maybe close to 15 to 20 degrees below this. here's what it's going to feel like tomorrow. we get up feeling like 14 in philadelphia. and as the sun comes out and
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heat up, it doesn't feel any better. the wind is going to pick up a little. 3:00 the peak of the day, going to feel like 17. the lehigh valley, colder in the afternoon. as you can see here, there's practically no part of our area that's going to feel like 20 during the day tomorrow. then it gets colder. when we might see some snow, coming up. take a live look at camel back mountain. skiers and snowborders on the slopes. download the app for free. right now at 4:30, eager to unload those unwanted gifts. >> retailers welcome the post holiday rush today with shoppers ready for a new round of bargains.
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>> reporter: that's right. you can see it's pretty crowded here at the mall with people looking to take advantage of the 80% off sales. other people say they are searching out gifts and others that didn't make the cut. whether it's shoppers looking for deals or people looking for a refund or exchange, if the mall is busy, so the dunken do nuts. >> last we're we were busy. he work ed fast to keep. shoppers cool. shoppers like laura who took advantage of the deals while looking for a new year's eve outfit. while she doesn't have gifts to exchange this year, she's been before.
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>> braced himself for lines. he had to exchange a gift he bought his 4-year-old. >> he has a thousand cars already. so i'm going to take this back and exchange it for something more educational. >> he's not alone. the national retail federation estimate two-thirds of shoppers made a return last season. they are expecting similar numbers this time around. they are ready to treat the shoppers in between stores. 10% of gifts come back to the stores. and while they have a relaxed holiday exchange and return policy, check receipts and check online with the stores for those individual return policies. >> in philadelphia we found
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shoppers at the return section at this coles. people braved the temperatures to get a jump start on the post holiday deals. for more information on gift return policies and the discounts, tap the nbc 10 app. the kids opened gift. s, christmas came anden went and now it's time to say thank you in writing. today is national thank you note day. experts say writing and sending handwritten thank you notes goes a long way in teaching children gratitude and kindness. >> here's a look at the stories we're following for you county by county at 4:00. a code blue has been issued through january 27bd because of the bitterly cold weather, which means on call churches will activate emergency shelters and residents are urged to check on erldly neighbors.
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the two jumped the county, pulled out a gun and demanded pain pills. in atlantic county, cash is being divvied up by atlantic city officials. the money comes from an endowment fund that's $1.3 million in all. officials announced where it will be going. the recipients include pl playgrounds and the boys and girls club of atlantic city. in chester county, police are helping make the holidays brighter for five lucky people. they are pulling over five different drivers and pretending to give them tickets. but instead they were handing over $100. local businessman provided the money to give out over the holiday season. imagine what they are thinking. they have a camera in their face going what is this. >> i bet you it's one of the officers too. still ahead, how the end of
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one couple's major became a new chapter in their love story u. a major milestone for teen girls that could have a negative impact later in life. and congestion in the sky. nbc 10, what you can do to cut the stress from holiday travel.
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more high school students need to learn about the dangers of concussions. a survey showed most high school athletes knew about the possible effects of the at concussion but only a third knew concussions were brain injuries. coaches knew the most including when to remove a player from a game and the effects of repeated head injuries.
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past research has shown a link twaen early puberty and teen depression, but a new study of 8,000 women suggest these risks continue far longer. experts say doctors should be aware of early puberty. desperate to recover a collection of missing masterpieces. how a hot tip on a museum's massive mannen hupt could score you $10 million. you're going to have to keep the coat, gloves and hat handy if you need extra thick ones. i'm tracking the temperatures you can expect. plus new year's eve forecast. overdoing video games, the organization that just named addictive gaming as a mental disorder. that's new at 5:00. michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you.
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this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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a museum in boston is offering up millions of dollars to anyone who can help them find a troef of stolen masterpieces that police think were sold here in philadelphia. they were stolen in 1990 from the museum. it's considered the largest art heist in u.s. history. officials are offering a $10 million reward for information leading to the recovery of the art, which is worth about $500 million. millions of college students are home for break now and parents want to know how school is going. so imagine if your child says they decided to major in marijuana. medicinal plant chemistry is a real major at the university of northern michigan. students from around the country are enroll ed in the program. they are not allowed to handle marijuana, but they are involved in complex chemistry that deals with cannabis. and tonight on "nbc nightly news," i'll too take you inside the classroom to show you why this isn't a party program and
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why students think this research is important for the future. now to a heartwarming christmas proposal. >> the bride and groom to be were ready to tie the knot. they started spending more time together. they were reading a christmas poem. she's unaware that he's waiting with a ring ready to propose. >> it's been retweeted more than 200,000 times. >> i have goose bumps. that was awesome.
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>> goose bumps, let's talk about the first alert weather. a real tough transition. this is the jersey shore. this is a live look at the camera. i'm imagining the winds coming off the water there is. our problem is where our winds are coming from. like the north pole. or maybe even psiberia. it's quiet a weather pattern. and the middle of the country is in serious danger with the cold. if you have any plans, travel west of pittsburgh in the next week, you got to get ready for that. 32 degrees in philadelphia now. 18 mile an hour wind make it feel like it's in the teens. and we've got enoughen wind in
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the rest of the area to make temperatures feel even more miserable. let's see where we can find them right now. odessa at 33 degrees. 33 in dover. 35 in reading. 34 in georgetown. 36 at bethany beach. say u good-bye to the freezing temperatures. feels like 20 in philadelphia now. winds coming from the west. feels like 5 in pittsburgh. pittsburgh is coming this way. the chicago air is 11 below. this is the way it feels now. international falls in the united states in the middle of the afternoon feels like 31 below. and farther to the north in central canada it feels like 40
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to 50 below zero in the middle of the afternoon. so we're just getting a piece of this. by tonight, we're in the teens across most of the area. single digits. and trenton at 9. in the afternoon tomorrow, it's not feeling much better. feeling like 7 in doils town and allentown. the warm spots are going to be feeling pretty close to zero. in the afternoon on thursday, we warm up again. to single digits to the low teens. how about friday morning. there's a big improvement. single digits again. we also may see some snow. this is coming from the west. not all the computer models show
4:49 pm
it, but it does come in on saturday if we're going to kbet it. it does not look like a major storm at this point. over the weekend, we're going to be seeing some of that snow on saturday. look at the bitter cold on sunday. those are high temperatures. that means for the eagles game we're talking about low 20s. feels like temperatures not much above 10 degrees. in the middle of the afternoon sunday. >> that's going to be really cold. next at 4:00, the inside of a brain of one of the smartest buildings in philadelphia. how the new comcast technology center is learning your habits, predicting the weather and saving the environment. and gift return warning. don't let the returns turn into a hassle. ways to save time, all new at 5:00. michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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smart phones, tablets, smart homes, but what about smart o buildings? >> one is under construction. it's hard to miss. we're talking about the comcast technology center. the powers are the energy efficiency are out of this world. >> the adventures of superman. >> it thinks faster than a speeding bullet. more powerful than a locomotive. actually it is the tallest building. the comcast technology center. >> this is the most technologically advanced building right now.
4:54 pm
>> montgomery county engineer calls it a smart building much like your smart phone. its brain is the central plan that learns habits and even predicts the weather. >> this building has the ability to track its population, recognize the sun patterns and only create as much energy as it requires at any moment in time. >> reporter: saving money and the environment. here's how. let's talk about water. significantly more energy than air. water through this copper pipe carries as much energy as air through this 18 by 18 inch duct. water is pumped throughout the tower on every floor. >> part of the building is the flat panels are dropped the room. temperature and chill water passes through them. >> reporter: there's more. an invisible technology. >> that's the brilliance of it. you look through it and it's
4:55 pm
transparent. but there's some magic going on there. the architect is talking about the glass, which has a mike skoptic layer of silver for thermo protection. >> there's a gap in the middle of the two pieces of glass. it conduct heat. >> there are 14,000 individual panes of glass. >> the less has to take and at the same time shs the more visible light, the less lighting you need. >> state of the art glass wrapped around a smart building with a brain. how energy efficient is this building? take the comcast center behind me. it's 50% more energy efficient than that building and liberty one built in the 11980s is four times more efficient than that. >> it's by inspiring local
4:56 pm
workers. the next tallest skyscraper. >> we're following several new stories at 5:00. >> including a bright spot for the boardwalk. a long-awaited attraction starts spinning. we're taking you along for the ride. we have bitter cold temperatures. you're going to wrap uptight if you're headed outside. this nail-bite. ing cold weather is here for quite awhile. i'll track the forecast. if you have to be outside, it's time to bundle up. coming up, we'll show you how folks are dealing with the chill.
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arctic air, bitter cold temperatures take aim at the delaware valley and this time they are sticking around. gift returns. we are lived a shoppers. want to give them the boot. >> new at 5:00, a new attraction that's already getting rave reviews on the boardwalk. >> bitter cold temperatures didn't stop a few runners in the park.
5:00 pm
>> let's take a live look at the prom nad. a beautiful sky out there. temperatures in the 30s. blustery conditions at 30th street station at center city. grab your hat and coat. this cool weather will stay with us through the new year. our team coverage begins right now. lauren mayk talked to workers braving the elements outside on the 9 to 5. >> it's going to allow the temperature to drop fairly significantly over


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