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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 28, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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i couldn't find one glove. >> some advice, load up on the layers. you'll need them for sure. you're looking live at the prom nad in cape may. it's even colder today than it was yesterday. check this it out. the cold cannot stop these skiers. a lot of them out there. maybe they are just getting used to it. heading to center city, a live look at the museum of art, the frigid winds are are just brew out there tonight. i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm keith jones. look on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. temperatures are hovering around 20 degrees right now. it feels like the single digits. we're covering every angle of this arctic air. rosemary connors will show how the frigid temperatures can be tough on the homeless. >> let's check in with meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. he's tracking the latest conditions. >> don't have any really news because we have an even colder
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blast that's coming up towards new year's eve. a lot of traffic out there. you have to go pretty far south to get out of the cold. it's 83 degrees in south florida in miami. how about that? 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, we'll be issuing another first alert for sunday into monday. we'll get into those details perhaps tomorrow. and then the winds will be diminishing tonight. so it won't be quite as brutal tomorrow morning as it was this morning. but it's pretty brutal and it's hanging around. look at these high temperatures compared to the average high of 42. by sunday a high of only 22. so no big improvement. 16 coatesville. reading at 17. 5 in the poconos.
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allentown feels like 4. wilmington, 4. lancaster, 5. so we're not doing very well here. you can see them staying pretty steady for the rest of the night. less brutal tomorrow. we'll talk about snow coming this weekend and even colder air early next week. people across our area are doing what they can to find refugee fr from the cold. the mall was a a popular place to have fun and stay warm. parents and caregivers, it was all about getting the kids inside. >> we did a couple other things luk the academy of natural science. we went bowling. >> so you were plan ining on staying indoors and riding this out? >> yes, all day today. >> can't blame her. whatever you end up doing, make sure you bundle up and try to stay as warm as possible.
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>> philadelphia firefighters battle the fire at this abandoned church in kensington overnight. look at the ice right there from the water used to fight the flames. 20 homeless people were in that church at the time. it was a gathering place for them to stay warm. that's the live with the story. >> reporter: absolutely a challenge to be exposed to the elements for more than a brief period of time. certainly a problem last night for firefighters who were battling that blaze. investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire. as for the homeless people who were inside, they were able to move to another part of that church, another part of the building while crews put out the flames. crews still had to brave the bitter cold once the sun came up following the overnight fire at the abandoned church on corn wall street in kensington. >> the building was vacant for
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awhile. it's been a shelter for homeless. >> firefighters made sure all 19 people seeking shelter inside got out safely. >> i pray for them every day. where they are going to eat and what are they going to wear. >> reporter: some neighbors know the plight in this unforgiving weather all too well. >> i've been homeless before. i thank god i'm not there anymore. i know how it is. i know seeking for shelter. >> reporter: while crews continue to secure the scene, she counted her blessings. >> it's terrible. i've been off i know they can get it back together. they can do it. >> reporter: we've compiled a list of resources if you or someone you know is homeless or
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see somebody in need of helps especially over these brutal nights, it's all on the nbc 10 app. i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news, back to you. >> thank you. to stay on top of the dangerous cold even when you're not on the air. just download the free nbc 10 app and wake up with nbc 10 news today at 4:00 a.m. to get the latest weather conditions for your morning commute. today's cold commute is longer than expected for some septa riders. service is suspended on the chestnut hill east line because of power problems. the people have had no choice but to shiver it out through the repairs. the temperatures are to blame for those power problems. new information tonight about a case involving a man who died in police custody. no criminal charges will be filed in the death. he was arrested by the new jersey state on a drug charge on the atlantic city expressway in march. he died while in custody. the autopsy showed a bag of
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drugs was blocking his airway. after an investigation, a grand jury declined to press charges. new details in a deadly shooting in new castle, delaware. the victim has been identified as 24-year-old antoine terry. he was shot and killed this morning at the arbor place townhouses. no arrests have been made. we are learning more tonight about the 15-year-old shot and killed outside a chester county dunkin' donuts last night. >> the deal that led to his death. the school district has identified the victim as 15-year-old jason ortiz cameron. his best friend said he was there last night. he and an older friend were planning on robbing some guys during a drug deal but things turned deadly. >> the district attorney says
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three or four guys pulled up in this car. they are encouraging anyone that n that car to come forward. thinking about prepaying your 2018 property taxes. you have a few days left to take advantage before that new law takes effect. >> people in new jersey aren't wasting any time. lauren mayk is live in cherry hill. you visited several past tax offices of people anxious to pay up. >> i just checked inside before they closed here. they tell me about 1500 people have prepaid here in cherry h l hill. this is not the only place that this is happening. one taxpayer told e me it's a no-brainer, especially in places taxes are higher. this is the last chance to get credit for everything before the rules change. lining up to pay up. >> you never saw so many people so eager to pay their taxes.
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>> reporter: taxpayers hoping to safe money by prepay iing for nt year before the new tax bill caps the deduction for state and local taxes at $10,000. they are coming with checkbooks and questions. >> it's hard to know how it's going to play out. >> reporter: this tax collector is is sitting at someone else's desk to be closer to the flow of taxpayers and inquiries. >> how has it been in here? >> it's been crazy to say the least. >> reporter: after an order from the governor, this office and others around the state are allowing people to pay all their anticipated 2018 property taxes. but because they have only billed so far through part of the year, it may not all be deductible. the irs putting out guidance that say ises property not assessed is not deductible. >> whether it can be deducted, that's the question. we'll collect it all. >> reporter: are you going to be able to deduct the whole thing? >> he says if you're not using
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the all the ty minimum tax, it's worth to it to prepay. >> everybody's situation is different. >> so is everyone's budget. >> you don't have that money just sitting there. >> jacqueline hadn't saved for 2018 yet. >> i had to steal from peter to pay paul. so now i have to pay peter back. >> reporter: they are adding more hours tomorrow and saturday for all those people who still want to prepay. things are handled differently in pennsylvania though. some places like montgomery county you cannot prepay your 2018 property taxes. but in philadelphia, you can. they have actually billed for the whole year and you can do it online all the way up through the 31st. back to you. >> while you're here, the clock is ticking. what else should taxpayers do before the end of the year? >> reporter: one other thing that the accountant i spoke with mentioned is charitable deductions. people do that near the end of the year. think about whether you want to
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make next's deductions this year. you can do it on a credit card. maybe pay it off next year. but next year when the new tax law kicks in, you wouldn't be able to get those deductions. so want to do it early. >> lauren mayk live for us in cherry hill. >> a drexel university political science professor known for making controversial comments on social media is walking off the job. this follows what he calls months of harassment from right-wing media outlets. the associate professor notified the school that he will resign effective u december 31st. the school had placed him on leave after the threats began back in october. former miss america contestants who were the subject of embarrassing internal e e-mails will now get to choose who leads the organization. a group of former pageant winners and state directors will help create a search committee to choose new leaders for the
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organization. in the leaked e-mails published last week, pageant officials ridiculed the appearance, intellect as well as sex lives of contestants as well as winners. the uproar led to the resident i guess nation of the executive director, president, chairman and other keyboard members. someone is calling people telling they are they are behind on their electric bill and ask them to pay over the phone to keep the power on. police say do not pay them. police say you should contact the power company directly instead. we are closing the year with a strong stock market. >> but will this upward trend continue into. 2018? what you should know before making a big invest mement. also jumping into action, how the pennsylvania national guard is helping people to our west dig out of a record-setting snowfall. finding warmth, people who need assistance bundling up have
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a place to turn in the lehigh valley. we're with some grateful customers. a police shooting in philadelphia. we have uncovered new information in the investigation. what we learned about the suspect's final moments. this is lieutenant michael currently in bahrain. i want to wish my family and friends a happy holidays and new year. i miss you and love you. see you soon.
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,000 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost
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will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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police just identified a man who officers shot and killed last night. >> authorities said he was not the person they were looking for when they originally stopped the car. george spencer has been tracking all the new information coming out today. >> police tell us he was sitting on the sidewalk when the officer fired a single deadly shot. tonight questions linger about the actions and the response of the officers. questions which will be investigated by the district attorney. last night car sirens sounded after a vehicle stop turned into a series of car crashes and then a deadly shooting by officers. >> i heard like a car screeching. >> reporter: this neighbor watched it all end around 9:00 last night outside his home. the road still littered by debris. police told us plain clothes officers stopped the man as he
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drove this 2013 hyundai because the car and license plates ma h matched what witnesses saw here at the scene of a murder on atlantic street in port richmond last thursday. >> lights are on, they conduct their vehicle investigation. and as we know right now, things take off from there. >> reporter: police say as the plain clothes officers approached, the driver sped off hitting one of the undercovers and slamming into parked cars. when the battered car came to a rest a block away, the man jumped out. >> cops are yelling freeze. he's saying he's hurt. but it appeared to him like he was reaching or something. so when they said freeze, you hear pop. >> after repeated commands by the officer to show his hands, he makes a movement and an officer fires one shot.
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>> reporter: the bullet struck the man in the head, but officials acknowledge today he did not have a gun either on him or in the car. he had no outstanding warrants and he was not connected to the atlantic street murder. the hyundai he was driving was registered in someone else's name. >> we should also note that the injured undercover officer will be fined. there was also a 27-year-old woman in the passenger seat who was not seriously injured. the district attorney's office leads the review of police-involved shooting cases just like this one. >> you may see and here a lot more fireworks because a change in law allows you to now get your hands on bigger fireworks. the law was changed in october making more fireworks available with an added 12% tax that helps fill a budget gap. the countdown is on. four more days until new year's eve. up to a million people will brave the cold in times square
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to see the ball drop. >> the police department beeves up security and this year is no different. how officers are prepare to protect everyone. >> there's concern the weather could put a damper on the fray. >> that's the south philly string band get spoog practice before monday. parade organizers met to discuss postponing the parade because of the frigid conditions expected. but they told us today any final decision would not happen until saturday. if you are staying inside this it year, ring in 2018 with nbc 10. don't miss the live show at 6:00 and midnight right here on nbc 10. you can also kavp the show on the nbc 10 app and we'll stream it live. a frigid night in store at
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the poconos. we have issued a first alert through tomorrow morning. you see a lot of skiers out there. they wanted the cold air. they've got it going to arctic air in allentown. if you can, try to stay inside tonight. >> it's colder up there than here. it really feels like the single digits. >> it has all day. we got as low as 2 below zero this morning at 9:00 a.m. in philadelphia for the feels like temperature. and every other place in pennsylvania was even colder than that. and it's going to be even colder than that. >> afraid that's where you were going. >> monday night might be worst of it. new year's eve is going to be it probably worse than last night and this morning. >> it's so dangerous to stay outside. so many people want to be outside, but you have to take
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precautions. >> you have to cover everything up. all the extremities. you get frostbite pretty quickly in conditions like that. you have to cover your ears as well. your feet, your fingers, everything. you can see temperature just going to go down, clouds are coming in. pretty uniform temperatures. washington township, a lot of places at 18 degrees. here's some clouds moving in from the west. that will level the temperatures off a little bit. this area of light snow is not going to get here. that area might. on saturday we have been predicting that for days. it looks like the timing is right for that. we have the clouds coming in.
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preventing temperatures from going into the single digits. tomorrow afternoon it's not going to be a whole lot warmer than today. tomorrow night the clouds increase again. the darker the blues, the heavier the snow. this is not a light blue. very low temperatures. it's a fluffy type, but the ground is extra cold. so it could stick on untreated s surfaces. then it's over with by dinner time on saturday. then we start getting bitter cold air reenforcement. anywhere between a coating and up to maybe 2 inches. lesser amounts in southern delaware. we could see a bit of a burst in ocean county at the system
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strengthens offshore. as we go through the weekend, there's the day with the snow and less cold on saturday. the wind picks up sunday and brings in another round of brutal arctic air. these are daytime highs. so that's as good as it's going to be. for the eagles game in the middle of the afternoon, good thing you're not having a night game. 7 degrees by the end of the game. you'll have to bundle up for that. by midnight we're talking about near or below zero in philadelphia. >> taking a toll. how one man's tactic for thawing frozen pipes backfired. the special reason why one group wants you to take out the sewing needle and yarn to benefit babies. >> i was just praying that the baby would be okay. >> the special delivery that couldn't wait.
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a supermarket in california turned into a makeshift maternity ward when a shopper made a special delivery. >> can you imagine this? this is surveillance video of a customer giving birth in the middle of a supermarket. she was in the store tuesdayen night when she went into labor. employees rushed to her side.
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the owner says they were trying to call 911, but they realized >> we ran this way. then i saw the baby coming out. it was a miracle. here with doctors or nobody. the instincts were there. >> after 25 minutes of baby boy was delivered. paramedics eventually arrived and cared for the baby and his mom. both are said to be doing well. a blessing. >> looking good there. l the eagles take on their division rivals the cowboys this sunday. >> with the playoffs in sight, how much should the starters play? quarterback nick foles weighs in on that. >> if you are in need of winter clothes and have the budget for it, there are places here in the lehigh valley that can help. where you can go to find free winter clothes to help stay warm this winter. >> coming up at 6:00, sorry for slowing down your phone. apple's new move to try to make it right after the company
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admitted it might have purposely made your iphone slower. we just moved in about four months ago,
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but the living room's pretty blank. we did a lot of research online. we just need to have a designer put it all together. mmm hmm. so, it's really nice when clients come in and have... done some of their own research. what do you think about these chairs and that table? working with a bassett designer was really easy. us being young professionals, we're so busy... there's no way we could've designed it ourselves. no. we love it!
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proof of how dangerous this bitter winter blast can be. a home on cliff avenue caught fire when the homeowner used a heater to thaw frozen water pipes. no one was hurt. here's a visual of how cold it is. a single leaf blowing along the
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surface of the river. nbc 10 along boat house row where we found the water has frozen over. thank you for staying with us. i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm keith jones. let's take a live look outside. temperatures barely got into the 20s today in philadelphia. we're looking at the teens tonight in the city and single digit temperatures in the suburbs. >> a live look at the ben franklin bridge. luckily it's dry out there. there are no slippery spots on the road, but that will likely change before new years. we have live coverage of the arctic blast. steven fisher spoke with people who are getting extra assistance in this the brutal weather. >> we begin with meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. a first alert is in effect for good. >> we continue to have the k combination of the very low temperatures and winds making it feel another colder. the wind not quite as strong as it was earlier, but still plenty strong enough to cause those feels like temperatures to be in the single digits.
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and the entire area is affected. this is through 8:00 a.m. remember it's going to be issuing another one for sunday and monday. we'll probably do that during the day tomorrow. want to give you a real heads up for that. and less wind tonight. . it's going to diminish tonight. the clouds coming in. that will prevent from getting even cold er than it would without those conditions. the average high this time of year is 42. today we got to up to 22. it's pitiful. and right now we're dropping in the teens. 20 in philadelphia. 16 in coatesville. 17 in allentown. in mount pocono. and the feels like temperatures still u in the single digits because the wind will be diminishing. and that's where our computer models is showing.
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creeping up a little bit torm. it won't be quite as bitter cold as today. we have some snow coming for part of the weekend. the by titter cold air sunday a into monday. it's the start of new years. get into the timing of all coming up. it's difficult to stay warm in these freezing temperatures. the lehigh valley, many are in need of winter clothes, especially those who moved here after the hurricane hit puerto rico. steven fisher is live in bethlehem with more on how people can get clothes for free. >> it's so cold out here. everybody needs a glove, hat and even a jacket. and yet think about all those people who moved into the lehigh valley area from puerto rico after that hurricane. now that winter is is here in this extreme temperatures, it's just one more challenge they face.
5:33 pm
sits a full of winter clothes. today she and her two children stopped in for the first time. >> it will always be first. >> she spent most of her time looking for warm clothing for her kids. the family just moved here from puerto rico and didn't come from hats or jackets. they were never needed now. >> it's a privilege to have been offered for her to come here and get clothing and coats for her and her kids. >> reporter: everything in this room is free. all of it donated to help anyone in. >> i came and grabbed a few things i could use. and it was just very helpful. >> she's no stranger to project keep warm. >> you don't have to feel ashamed or feel like somebody is judging you because that's not the case here. they are look out to make sure that you're warm. it's cold out there. >> reporter: out of money or just out of luck, it doesn't matter. all that matters here is getting what you need to keep warm. >> she has found it very
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difficult, but she's doing it so is this way she can actually have her children have the opportunity to become someone in the future. >> reporter: even we had to come inside to ditch the gloves and hat. we want to show you what's here. if there's anything you need or somebody you know it needs, you can come here to the church in bethlehem. they are open every monday and thursday from 10:00 to 1:30. sglz so many people are appreciative u of all that. remember as the temperature continues to drop, download the free nbc 10 app to track the realtime temperatures in your neighborhood. new developments in this month's historic senate election in alabama. a state board met and officially certified doug jones the winner of the december 12th election. jones becomes the first democrat to win a senate seat since 1992.
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with republicans hold iing a majority in the senate, his victory will have major consequences for president trump and his agenda. today's declaration came hours after roy moore filed a lawsuit trying to stop alabama from certifying his opponent as the winner. moore faced allegations of sexual misconduct throughout the campaign. his attorney claimed it should be a fraud investigation into the election. but this afternoon alabama election officials said they found no evidence of fraud. the gunman killed after a rampage in harrisburg had no known relationships with terrorist groups. that's it the word today from the district attorney. a police officer was injured several police cars damaged before police shot him friday night. family and friends say the gunman was depressed from being away from his family. a woman was found dead after a fire tore through her
5:36 pm
apartment complex. therp forced into the cold. the american red cross is helping them now. the fire is still under investigation. local health officials are warning everyone to their flu shots before it's too late. five people have died from flu-related symptoms. the division of health announced their second flu-related death of the season. there's been a spike in flu cases nationwide. they arrested fewer people between 314 people were arrested last year. they are letting you know they will be out in full force this weekend through new year's. good news for passenger who is take the rail line. service is back up and run inin
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after a bridge. incident earlier today. the dell air bridge got stuck in the open position just before 10:00 this morning. the shutdown lasted three hours. next at 5:00, changing the shopping landscape. >> the major change in shopping malls are expected to make in the new year. plus the heart pounding rescue caught on camera the moment officers pulled several teens from a burn. ing car.
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a swipt shopping malls to change in 2018. shopping malls across the country are expected to redevelop their properties to include things like bowl iing alleys, craft brewery, theaters and gyms. the mall already took the lead in these land changes. the stock market is soaring. the dow closed at a record high today. it's the 71st record close for the year. all three majors ended with gains. one strategist says expect more record highs in 2018. he says several key factors including the tax reform overhaul will continue to drive markets next year. taking a right turn, dramatic body cam footage from a
5:41 pm
police officer shows the moment two officers put their lives on the line to save people from a burning car. they pulled two teens out of the burning car. a third was able to crawl out. the teens are still on the hospital. the officers say they were just doing their job. where nasa's new billion dollar mission will take the space program. and should the eagles play their starters against dallas. what quarterback nick foles has to say about it, coming up in sports. we have a first alert for the cold. the painful temperatures are going to see them tonight. plus some snow over new year's weekend. too cold for the mummers. new at, how the forecast could be putting the famous mummers parade in jeopardy this new year's.
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,000 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved
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is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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it's the big matchup against the cowboys. rest versus rust. how long should the starters play. >> nick foles spoke today. we are live from nbc sports philadelphia. will nick foles play? that's the big question. >> foles says he's preparing to start and play the whole game. and nothing has changed in his preparation for this week as they set for the cowboys sunday. they have the number one seed and homefield advantage already locked up. the way foles played against the raiders, you can't really blame him fors to get back out there and try again. he threw 163 yards on christmas in the win over the giants.
5:45 pm
he's looking forward to one more opportunity to sharpen his skills before the playoffs begin. >> having another preparation week and an opportunity to play games. especially here in front of our crowd. we're playing here. we're playing at the. we're playing in front of our fans. that's what we worked for as an organization all season. we get to play the cowboys, who i know has been a part of the rivalry. i'm proud to be a philadelphia eagle. i'm looking forward to playing this game against one of our rivals. >> that's right. it is the cowboys. it's good to beat the cowboys. he's going o to explain and how to fix the mistakes moves forward. >> they wrap up this sunday.
5:46 pm
january 4th at 10:00 a.m. you can only buy them online from ticket master. prices range from $80 to $185. there's a four ticket limit as well. the eagles will play against one of the wild card teams out of the saturday. or sunday january 14th. the bitter blast that's engulf. ing the east coast is causing extra concern in pennsylvania. the pennsylvania national guard is on the ground in erie assisting dozens of people who were distressed by the record 65-inch snowfall. they spent today digging snow away from the doors of a nursing home. they are also responding to rescue calls. >> guys are helping with accidents. working with emts getting people into the hospitals from
5:47 pm
accidents and thicks like that. >> no snow to speak of right now. the bone chilling temperatures continue to drop. these guys and gals are not complaining about this weather. it takes a lot of layers to spend any time on the slopes in these conditions. >> the coldest place in the u.s. today is mount washington, new hampshire, where there was a wind chill of negative 88. >> i was ready to complain. but negative 88 degrees. >> that place is just wild.
5:48 pm
not as wild as erie. now that the lakes are frozen, that will be the end of that. for us, the snow on the ground would have made this even colder. remember we're fortunate we got up this warm today. 21 degrees in philadelphia. 18 in pottstown. 19 in reading. 20 in allentown. these are high temperatures. we have clouds that are going to be moving in. that will help keep the temperature at a more reasonable level. 14 degrees in fleetwood. berks county, let's check out bucks and montgomery.
5:49 pm
this hour of the night, some clouds coming across. this area of snow is going to fall apart, but this system up in the northern rockies. that is going to be racing our way. clippers move fast anden don't have a lot of moisture with them. so they tend to have limited potential. that's what we have been telling you for days now. through the night tonight, the temperatures are not really changing a whole lot. they are down a bit, but the wind is down too. tomorrow afternoon it's not going to warm up a whole lot. we are going to see a fair amount of clouds and prevent the temperature from warming up. then friday night, here come the clouds again. here come some snow. it looks like there could be steady snow, not especially heavy. it's possible the system strength bs it gets offshore. so ocean county and atlantic city could see a little more snow than other parts of the area.
5:50 pm
but nobody is likely to get hit hard by that. perhaps a coating up to 2 inches. over the weekend, there's the saturday. it's cloudy all day. sunday and monday, brutally cold. are high temperatures frozen and new year's eve. frozen at 6:00 feeling like 4. midnight feeling like 1 below zero. so we have some brutal weather that'sing and we also have a changs of more snow coming toward the middle of next week. nasa has approved funding for a nearly billion dollar mission to fly a drone over saturn's largest moon. the drone would launch in the mid-2020s after arriving and hop from one spot to the next. astronomers consider them a prime conditioned for the search for extraterrestrial life. next at 5:00, do you monitor your steps.
5:51 pm
>> what day of the year logged the most steps for fit bit users. ringing in 2018. what nypd what they are doing differently to keep times square party goers safe on new year's eve. and coming up at 6:00, freezing for the fireworks. how crews are changing plans to avoid frostbite as they set up for the celebration. really? really? really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty.
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only three days left until we ring in the new year. 1 million people are expected to cram into times square to welcome 2018. >> right now the largest police force in the nation is working on plans to keep revelers safe. here's a report from new york. >> reporter: it's the sight we expect to see in times square. heavily armed officers and countless barricades. but just days before times square's biggest night of the year, the evidence of increased security is everywhere. >> i think they have it under control. they know what they are doing. >> and this year the nypd is doing more in light of recent terror attacks calling times square the safest place in the city that night. but getting in will be tough. that's on purpose. >> you'll see a stronger police presence out there that we have seen even in recent years. that's prudent given the terror events we have seen around the world as well as the three
5:55 pm
incidents here in new york over the last 15 months. >> most people see the security and get a sense of confidence. they have no doubt the welcoming of 2018 will go smoothly as it did at last year's party for 2017. >> i think it's fine. it's comparable to london. we feel quite safe walking around. >> reporter: revelers planning to wait for the ball to drop should know this year should be 12 access points at each entrance special bomb-sniffing dogs and heavy weapons teams. people will be scanned and no large bags or coolers will be permitted. >> do you have any reservations at all? >> no. >> you'll be here. >> yes, we'll be. here. >> i trust them. they are doing a good job. >> you think it will be safe, just too cold. >> it will be perfectly safe, but too cold for me. >> i pray it will be safe.
5:56 pm
that's my number one prayer. >> for your philadelphia new year's celebrations, we'll broadcast the fireworks live from the river rink. you can catch the show live at 6:00 p.m. and midnight right here on nbc 10 in the comfort of your warm home. we'll also be streaming on the nbc 10 app. 45 trillion steps can make for a long journey. that's what fitbit users to tally over the past year. releasing the global stats for 2017. 45 trillion steps can take you to pluto and back more than two times. new year's eve in 2016 was the most active day for fitbit users and got the most sleep on new year's day. if you like to knit or crochet, your services are needed. >> and your creations could make a real impact. the american heart association and the children's heart foundation are looking for
5:57 pm
volunteers to make tiny red hats for babies born in february. february is american heart mo h month. the project helps spread awareness about heart defects that affect about 40,000 babies each year. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> could the keep keep the mummers from strutting this new year's day? one grew will decide whether the parade will go on. >> you know it's going to be bitter cold. i'm tracking the cold and may have you wanting to stay home on new year's each and watch it on tv. you might see this weekend.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
a 15-year-old school student it killed outside a donut shop. too cold to strut, when the mummers will decide if they have to move their parade. right now at 6:00, brutal cold all around our area tonight. everyone is struggling to handle it. workers in mayfair and travelers in norristown needing salt. no one was enjoying the numbing. >> it's freezing. my face is cold. it's totally freezing out here. it's very cold out here. >> yes, it is. good evening, i'm jacqueline
6:00 pm
london. we have a first alert in effect from now through tomorrow morning's commute because of the dangerous cold blast. the brutal cold has the feels like temperatures around the single digits tonight. you're looking live at fwo of our cameras showing center city. it's even colder here is a live look at allentown where it's bone chilling for anyone outside. and right now septa is is trying to get back on track after the cold caused power problems for somes today. a live look at 30th street station. the power issues made some commutes longer than normal. we are bringing you live coverage of this dangerous cold tonight. rosemary connors is is live in east falls with how people are staying warm. let's begin with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we have more of this coming. maybe a bit of a break over the next couple days. it will be quite as brutal. but it's going to come back with a


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