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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  December 31, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now on nbc 10 news today, frozen over. dangerous cold is gripping our region. what you need to know just ahead in the first alert neighborhood weather. layering up, that's what eagles fans will be doing to endure subfreezing temperatures at game time when the birds host the boys. two giant jackpots again. no one won the powerball. wouldn't that be nice to start 2018 as a multimillionaire many times over? we wish, right? good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this sunday. not the day to be outside. we are still in that first alert because of the dangerous cold temperatures, so we got the snow out of the way. the frigid temperatures are still gripping the region. meteorologist steve sosna is keeping track of it this morning in the first alert forecast.
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steve? >> if you're going outside to buy a lottery ticket or the eagles game today or out for festivities tonight, you need to take into account the cold. the entire viewing area. no one is escaping it now through tuesday. this is the second part of our first alert that we issued back on friday and this is for the dangerous cold. 20 below zero, feels like temperatures in the poconos. 15 below, feels like temperatures in the lehigh valley. 10 below in our suburbs and 5 to 10 below in philadelphia this morning. you see a vivid and crystal clear image. we have coal temperatures. a live look from the comcast center and here are the actual air temperatures at 6:00. it's 14 in trenton. it's 17 in dover. 16 in philadelphia and 11 in lancaster. this arctic blast is how it shapes up today. the all air temperature climbing to about 20 degrees around 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon but the
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feels like temperature, note that. never gets above 7 degrees today. so that's the temperature that you need to dress for. so coming up in a few minutes i'll talk about the brutal, bitter morning for the mummers day parade and also a third arctic blast next week. >> not looking forward to it. thanks for that, steve. let's take a live look at the blue cross river rink at penn's landing. you see that sheen on the ice, yeah, perfect for ice skating, i suppose, if you can endure the cold weather today. it's also a prime viewing spot for a pair of new year's eve fireworks shows this evening. if you are planning to go, dress in layers. can't say it enough. it will be one of the coldest new year's eves in years. from our eagles nest camera, today's regular season finale between the birds and cowboys will be a frigid one. fans head to go today's game will certainlying be bundled up because of the bitterly cold winds and those freezing stands.
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imagine sitting on those metal stands out there. no thanks. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live outside of the linc to give us a preview of the matchup. >> reporter: hey, the gates just opened here at the tailgate lot outside the wells fargo center. take a look. there are a lot more people than i thought there would be in the frigid cold. fans are coming for the final tailgate of the regular season before the final game of the regular season. we've been catching up with a few of them. they're looking forward to seeing how nick foles plays. it has been so cold the eagles had to hold their practice over at the linc instead of the nova care facility. the linc has a heated field. we do know nick foles will start this game. it's unlikely he'll play the whole thing. he's hoping to break a cold snap after a tough game last week. fans are just ready for anything mother nature throws at them. >> oh, man, we're layered up. i have feet warmers, hand warmers, i have a full body
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suit, facemask, everything prepared for the weather. >> reporter: how do you think the birds will play in the cold? >> oh, man, the cold is where it's at. we want the playoffs to come through south philly to see one of the dome teams bring them out to the cold. we've been here. we're going to do what we do. >> reporter: if you're coming to the game you'll want more than an eagles hoodie. if you're going into the stadium, dress in layers. keep every cinch of your skin covered and consider some hand warmers. the eagles already clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs. there are concerns about injuries. you can expect a lot of starters to sit after the first or second quarter. live at the linc, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. thanks for that, randy. the deep freeze will not stop the mummers parade. organizers and city officials voted to go ahead with the new year's day tradition. mummers musicians tell us they're a bit concerned about performing in subzero wind chills. visitors in town for new year's weekend are shivering as they take in the sights. most aren't letting the weather stop their plans.
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yesterday offered a chance. >> we were hoping for a nice white christmas. >> this is like spring. >> reporter: nobody should be complaining. >> no. >> by the way, the gentleman traveled from new hampshire to see the mummers. good thing they're still on. there was no outdoors practice yesterday. t they rehearsed indoors. can't blame them. you can get first alerts sent straight to your smartphone if you're going to be out and about on this new year's eve check the road conditions on the app before you leave home. ♪ if you are looking for ways to ring out 2017 today and to ring in 2018, there are plenty of events happening all across the region for families to enjoy. >> three, two, one!
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philadelphia's please touch museum will hold its countdown to noon. the museum opens this morning at 10:00. kids can experience a real new year's eve celebration complete with a ball drop and confetti. before and after the museum will offer themed crafts and special story telling for the kids. a similar celebration it happening at the garden state discovery museum in cherry hill. doors open at 11:00 this morning. families can enjoy countdowns at noon and again at 3:00. kids arriving before noon in their pajamas will get in for free. many pajamas, right, a jacket on top of them, we hope. the first night celebration in haddonfield. free music and performances. the tradition includes fireworks at 9:00. you can pick up admission buttons at the information center or buy them online.
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down the shore ocean city's first night celebration will be jam packed with plenty of fun. families can enjoy food, rides, jugglers, magicians and chubby checker performing live. you can pick up admission buttons on as bury avenue. if you are going to be in the philadelphia region, in the city this evening on new year's eve, why don't you ring in 2018 with nbc 10. you can head down to penn's landing for the fireworks show or we will be broadcasting the new year's eve fireworks. you can watch them from the comfort of your home at 6:00 and at midnight here on nbc 10. we'll be streaming the fireworks live on the nbc 10 app. and if you need help getting around tonight's festivities, nbc 10's jessica boyington has what you need to know. planning to travel on new year's eve we have you covered. septa will be adding additional service. extra late night runs and adding
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trains on the broad street and market/frankfurt lines running all night long and into new year's morning. in addition to the septa extra service, patco will be offering free rides between 8:00 p.m. and until 4:00 a.m. new year's day. have a safe and happy new year's avenue. don't forget to bundle up. i'm traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> there was no jackpot winner in last night's powerball drawings. the grand prize will now rise to $440 million. the numbers last night were 28-36-41-51-58, and the powerball is 54. you should check your tickets to see if you won a smaller prize. the mega millions jackpot has also grown. this one to $343 million after nobody hit the grand prize in friday night's drawing. one ticket did sell and matched five numbers but not the mega ball number. 6:08 right now on this sunday. coming up, dangerous cold.
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we still have a first alert in effect for the subfreezing temperatures that will impact your new year's eve activity. just how cold it will feel coming up next in the first alert forecast. plus, a look back. we revis the some of the top store is of 2017 in a year in review in about 15 minutes.
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good sunday morning to you. 6:11 on this last day of 2017, new year's eve in progress. cold as ice. this is a good place to be, the blue cross river rink here. dress accordingly. you can get outside today. today's road conditions better than yesterday at this time. here's what to know about the cold. it's a brutal and bitter blast of it here lasting all the way through monday morning. the really tough stuff. now we will see cold temperatures through tuesday and wednesday. i do think dangerous conditions last now through monday morning.
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cover all skin -- layers, layers, layers. people, pets, and pipes in this weather. and being that we have another third round of the arctic blast coming late next week you really need to take those things into consideration. 18 in avalon. 17. 21 in cape may points. feels like temperatures, again, this is what you need to dress for this morning, feeling like single digit cold right now. 13 below in mt. pocono. 4 above in millville. 17 in the marina in atlantic city. here is how you plan the day. temperatures feeling like the single digits in philadelphia, the suburbs down through the lehigh valley, the jersey shore in delaware. buy a plane ticket to get out of the cold. coming up at 6:18 the ten-day forecast and walk you through brutal blast number three. all right, thanks for that, steve. ready to bloom. not here but out west, i suppose. volunteers are putting the final petals in place for an annual new year's day tradition. we'll take you to the rose
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parade preparations in california next. here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. ♪ ♪ start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea.
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new york police say they're taking new security steps to protect new year's eve partiers in times square. 2 million people are expected there this evening. they're ready to clear crowds if they detect any threats, stop bombers with lethal force and put detectives in hotels around times square. las vegas' massacre led to the new police changes. preparations are in full bloom for tomorrow's 129th rose parade in pasadena. yesterday thousands of volunteers put the finishing touches on decorating hundreds of floats in the new year's tradition. visitors lined up outside to watch the crews put those intricate floats together. each cost up to half a million
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dollars to make. ♪ it will be easier to ring in 2018 with a bang in pennsylvania, literally. a new law that relaxes rules on fireworks. people can buy and use the full line of fireworks that comply with requirements like roman candles and bottle rockets are fair game. under the old rules people in pennsylvania could only get novelty fireworks like sparklers. governor tom wolf signed the new law back in october. it carries a 12% tax that experts predict will bring in $9 million annually. the laws for fireworks are different state to state. new jersey nonexplosive and nonaerial fireworks are allowed like sparklers. roman candles, are banned in the garden state. in delaware all kinds are completely off limits.
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6:16 on your sunday morning. dress for the cold. that is the name of the game as we experience number two of this dangerous cold settling in through tuesday morning. we'll see a brief break in here wednesday. hard to believe mid-30s will feel nice but they will. thursday night through friday and into next saturday, that round will be just as bad if not worse than this current round. we may thaw things out middle of the month. travel weather today although watch out for the side and secondary streets. if they aren't cleared they are an icy mess. feels like temperatures this hour, 3 below in reading. 13 below in mt. pocono and 1 in philadelphia.
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upper 20s. the sunshine today. that stinging, biting breeze is back in the air. 8:00 this morning, 15 in philadelphia. feels like 1. down to the shore, 19. feels like 6. 11 north and west. feels like minus 3. we work you through lunch time. a lot of people inside. dress in layers. make sure you have adequate water, that you're hydrating, eating proper meals. in this kind of cold your body does not function well if not treated well. as we head into tonight, midnight, happy new year. 2018's here. no difference in 2018 in terms of a resolution of being any warmer for at least the first few days. as we head into 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning it is a brutal and cold start. again, a lot of people packed on broad street. you can do it, again, but make sure multiple layers, loose fitting and you are hydrating
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starting tomorrow. still feeling like the single digits. picture is quiet this morning. they're expecting the temperature to feel like 5 degrees. the suburbs, south jersey, jersey shore and delaware feels like temperatures between 'zo row 7 degrees. sunshine, this will be a struggle. actual air temperatures tonight dropped to about 7 degrees and a quick look at your ten-day forecast. we get that break on wednesday. but there's round number three friday and saturday.
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6:19. year in view. the ups, the downs, the big story from 2017 next.
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some might describe 2017 as a turbulent year that saw people pull together in order to pull through. jay gray takes a look back. >> reporter: it has been a year of change, challenges, conflict, and incredible loss. >> people were screaming and crying. >> reporter: 22 killed at a concert in manchester, england. 58 gunned down during a slaughter in las vegas. eight people run down by a self-proclaimed terrorist along a new york city bike path.
6:23 am
more than 300 ambushed inside an egyptian mosque. >> what can you do? not much but pray and cry and hope. >> reporter: hope and hard work is what carries houston through historic flooding. millions left homeless by mother nature. wildfires in california, the dead last in the state's history. a 7.1 magnitude earthquake and mault am hurricanes, puerto rico, like so many places right now still struggling. >> this will not happen overnight. >> chaos. this is a fine-tuned machine. >> reporter: continues to rage in washington. >> i'm a historian. i have never seen anything like
6:24 am
this. >> reporter: dealing with an investigation by special counsel robert mueller the president fired james comey. former national security adviser michael flynn admitting he lied to the fbi while issues like north korea, health care, tax reform and immigration are often overshadowed by online slights and rants, partisan rancor and personal attacks from both sides of the aisle. >> currents of anger and resentment are underpinning our national conversation. >> reporter: that anger spilling over. divided protests, fights over confederate statues, marches turning violent and deadly in charlottesville. the lights of hollywood have never been brighter shining now on allegations of sexual misconduct, the media, and
6:25 am
congressmen caught up in the ugly glare from decades of abuse, giving voice to victims. many online using the #metoo on social media. athletes standing up by taking a knee. still, there have been signs of unity this year. congressman steve scalise on capitol hill. >> you have no idea how great it feels to be back here at work in the people's house. >> reporter: millions pausing together -- >> it's the most amazing thing i've ever seen. >> reporter: to watch the shadow of the moon in the eclipse. 2017 has been the whirlwind, some might even say a circus after 146 years the greatest show on earth, ringling brothers
6:26 am
barnum & baily lowered its curtains. as the curtain rises on a new year many hope it will bring with it a new sense of optimism and unity. jay gray, abc news. >> hope springs eternal, right? 6:26 on this sunday. brutal cold grips our region. not the best way to start 2018. not the best way to end the eagles regular season. you know what, the, the players, even randy gyllenhaal going to have to endure. how is it going, randy? >> reporter: fans don't seem to mind. they have their hoodies and lots of layers. the eagles tailgate parking lot already filling up. the game starts at 1:00. today we're talking with some of the fans about how they plan to manage this frigid weather. nbc 10's very own storm trooper randy gyllenhaal out there doing a good job facing these taxing wind chills.
6:27 am
13 below in mt. pocono. take a look at what's happening in camel back now. another brutal day but great conditions on the slopes.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, the deep freeze from an arctic blast that will help us ripping in 2018. frigid football. the big chill settles in for some sunday football. we're live with a preview. it is a g. the mummers will strut on new year's day. the crowds can look forward to warming tents along the route. everybody huddled into the tents just watching as some of the bands come up broad street. good morning. thanks for being with us. it's just about 6:30 on this
6:30 am
sunday morning. we are still in a first alert. meteorologist steve sosna is keeping track of the latest bitter blast. steve? good morning, rosemary. who knew the linc would be the new lambeau field of the east. feels like green bay weather with a feeling right now of 1 degree. that's how it feels to the exposed skin. what to do, up and make sure your fingertips are warm and you have a good hefty pair of socks and shoes on because those are the first that feel that tingle of frostbite. it's 15 in delaware. 12 in the suburbs. 13 in the lehigh valley. teens down to the morning shore. 14 in greenville. 16 in newark. 15 in glassgo.
6:31 am
any improvement, slight. with the wind factored in it feels like currently 12 degrees in louisville. 17 at the marina in atlantic city. 6 degrees in wildwood. for the day today, arctic blasts continue. while your car thermometer is all showing 18, 19 degrees, this is how it actually feels. 6 or 7 degrees at the warmest point here for today. temperatures are even colder. i'll show what you to expect, how to dress for it and the week ahead coming up at 6:38. >> we'll see you shortly. the bitter cold didn't help firefighters battling a number of blazes overnight. let's start in yeaddon, delaware county. officials tell us the fire was in an electrical box just outside the complex.
6:32 am
the building could be without power for days. a warming center at yeadon hall. now to philadelphia where a young child is in the hospital following a fire that broke out inside a home in kensington. a 5-year-old boy was found with second-degree burns on his hands. he's undergoing treatment at st. christopher's hospital. there's no word yet on exactly how the fired. staying in philadelphia, a man in the hospital after first responders had to rescue him from the house. this house fire happened here in overbrook where the crews battled the extremes, fire and ice. the victim suffered smoke inhalati inhalation.
6:33 am
let's talk some birds. today eagles fans will brave the frigid weather to watch sunday football. this is a live look inside lincoln financial field that is heated. that's why you're not seeing the snow or ice out there. the stands will be chilly. the birds will attempt to set a franchise record for wins in a season. the crowds will be out there in full force. some fans are already there this hour, randy. >> reporter: we're counting at least 12 cars, rvs and buses. this will be a tailgate morning where people will hang out in their cars sipping a beer. the eagles had to move their practice into the linc instead of the nova care facility. the linc has a heated field, they have more warm amenlts. the nova care complex was frozen solid. nick foles will start this game. unclear exactly how long he'll
6:34 am
play. he's hoping to break a cold snap. >> a couple layers, got to build up as the day goes on. captain morgan flowing. got to celebrate new year's. >> reporter: i think you're going to need more than the beer blanket. the wind might be an issue if you have seats in the upper deck that will make things feel a lot colder. at the risk of some injuries you can expect the starters to not play the entire game. we're going to get you started at 9:30 this morning with "eagles gameday kickoff" followed by "eagles game plan" at 10:00. the official television station
6:35 am
of the philadelphia eagles. subzero temperatures will not stop the mummers parade. the show will go on. it must go on. ice is coating parts of the city. melted snow froze overnight. visitors thought they were prepared with the heavy jackets, the hoods. they weren't moving anywhere. >> i feel an icicle. >> we've been placing hot packs all over our bodies to keep us warm. >> the city added a temporary warming shelter in kensington. there will be warming tents along the parade route tomorrow. track the temperatures where you live with the free app. if you are going to be out and
6:36 am
about on this year's eve use the app to check before you leave home. septa will be adding service in philadelphia. regional rails will be doing late-night runs and extra trains on the broad street market/frankfurt lines. and for the second straight year patco is letting you ride for free on new year's eve. the free service is called a safe, responsible, alternative to driving. if you are going to be driving please do not drink. police are urging drivers and pedestrians to prak moderation if they do choose to drink this evening. don't forget tonight's fireworks along the dell riverfront, you can certainly head out there. you're going to sit in the comfort of your home, we'll be broa ndcasti year's eve fireworks here on nbc
6:37 am
10. you can watch the early show at 6:00 or the finale live at the stroke of midnight. new this morning police are investigating a shooting. a man shot five times on a philadelphia street is in the hospital in critical condition. this was the scene in strawberry mansion. the shooting happened around 4:00 this morning. police tell us a passerby found the victim lying in the street took him to the hospital. right now investigators do not have a suspect or a motive in the case. this morning investigators in south jersey say this home is the scene of a deadly mystery. a suspect under arrest is expected to be charged in deaths of two women here. they found two women dead inside. as soon as we get an update we'll pass it along. 6:37. coming up, changing times in california. guess what the sale of marijuana
6:38 am
for recreational use becomes tomorrow to start the new year. we have that story straight ahead. and next, frozen falls. look at this. incredible. it's like a winter wonder land. the brutal cold has caused thick ice to form at one of the most famous tourist spots in the country. doctor. doctor. i played a doctor on tv, but now i'm helping save lives for real. starting with my own. i'm partnering with cigna healthspring to remind everyone how important preventive care is for people my age. see anything, doctor? looks great, doctor. and with cigna healthspring medicare advantage, you get a team of doctors overseeing your health. most preventive services are covered. so go, know, and take control of your health.
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oh... use mine, doctor. cigna healthspring. together, all the way.
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but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it! i'm first alert meteorologist steve sosna. 6:40 on a sunday morning. it is snowing in the poconos. you can see it in the lights and with that these are actually lake effect snow streams coming from lake ontario up in upstate
6:41 am
new york streaming southward into the poconos. pretty cool stuff out there. we head over into lehigh and northampton counties. no matter where you go in the lehigh valley, it's cold. 13 in new london and chester county. over in montgomery county 12 degrees in blue bell. 14 degrees in new hope. here is a look at the radar. lake effect snow streams i was showing you and there's lake ontario up there. some of the snow flurries surviving from the great lakes stakes. the extent from areas of montana and north dakota down into texas
6:42 am
where the dallas/ft. worth area is preparing for snow and ice. so this is a wide, extensive grip of cold. here at the linc feels like temperatures of 6. it will be brutal at the game today. it's going to be brutal tomorrow. thanks for that, steve. the bitter, wintry weather has turned the area around niagara fall noose a frozen wonder land. the extreme cold isn't enough to freeze the rapids yet. the sidewalks, the walls, everything is completely frozen over. it's like a sheet of ice. now if this continues, people who live in the area predict the false could freeze by some time next month. 6:42 now on this sunday. could the sixers win without joel embiid in denver? that's coming up in your sunday morning sports. also ahead, talking the eagles.
6:43 am
they're heading into their final game of the regular season against the cowboys. they'll have to deal with this wintry weather. extreme temperatures at the linc today. we'll hear from nick foles will the frigid weather all ahead.
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this was the scene overseas in manchester, england, where fire officials are looking for the cause of the fire in a high-rise apartment building. you can see flames engulfing several apartments on the ninth floor and blocks way people can see the smoke billowing from the building for. medics took one person to the hospital. now to a look ahead to with a wall street will be watching in the new year. cnbc's contessa brewer has a preview for us. >> counting the jobs, returning to value and buying it legally.
6:46 am
selling marijuana for recreational use becomes legal in california on new year's day. but finding pot shops with the proper license may not be easy. some big municipalities including los angeles won't have any right away. san franciscans will have to wait at least until the end of the week. and if that story made youry, mcdonald's may be able to help you out. the value menu returns thursday individual items cost $1, $2, or $3. $1 buys a cheeseburger or a soda. $3 gets you a whole happy meal. financial markets are closed on monday in honor of new year's day. and 2018 starts with a light week of earnings including agriculture giant monsanto. the state of the jobs market could drive markets on friday. the december employment report will show whether job growth remains strong and whether the unemployment rate is still at a
6:47 am
17-year low. i'm contessa brewer. get all your business news on cnbc. not snow nor ice could stop a rescue of a family dog. crews carefully inched their way to the hole on the ice where the dog fell through. at one point two of the firefighters had to get in and were submerged in the water. they were able to pull the dog out to safety. really dangerous work out there. certainly they were wearing the appropriate attire to make sure they were keeping their body heat in, i suppose, so to speak. meteorologist steve sosna, that's why that first alert is still in effect which is unusual because the first alert really only last as short time but this cold. >> this is an unusual circumstance.
6:48 am
that's why you have an unusual first alert to go with it because usually this time of year you don't get the cold that lasts all that long. this is an extended stretch of it and every bit will be dangerous. you can go outside. it's not like you're going to get frostbite within five seconds. if you're not prepared for it, if you're not taking breaks, that's when you run into trouble especially if you have any medical condition then you certainly have a heightened risk there of frostbite or hypothermia. round number two is here. we got into the upper 20s in the afternoon. the sun was out. it didn't feel so bad. this morning when you walk the door it had that stinging feel. on wednesday we get the nice little break. mid-30s will feel like the new 50 here on wednesday afternoon. then round number three comes in. you start to feel it on thursday and then by friday and saturday it's downright miserable around
6:49 am
here again with temperatures, highs in the teens both next friday and saturday. 20 degrees. the warmest feels like temperature feels like 7 degrees. tomorrow, 19. feeling like 5 below in the morning. maybe 5 above in the afternoon. 25 on. we start to recover here in the afternoon. wednesday is your day. 34 degrees. take a walk. 26 on thursday and then the bottom drops out again. taking a look at our neighborhoods this morning, philadelphia, 15 in manitok. 15 in fox chase. southie, you're 14. 15? pittman. 15 lumme ton. 15 mt. laurel. and right up to the north there, 15 in pemberton. 14 in hamilton square.
6:50 am
a beautiful sun rise. a few patchy clouds out there. otherwise no threat of snow at least in philadelphia today. a few snow flurries coming down from lake ontario. don't bed to be hit with one or two snow squalls up there. meanwhile cold not just for us. they say misery loves company. there's plenty of other miserable people out there, too, across the upper midwest down to texas. your feels like temperature, 1, 2, 34 degrees in philadelphia through much of the day. philadelphia suburbs. climbing up to about 4 this afternoon. right down in delaware and south jersey seeing it as well. the birds game will be bitter cold. a quick look at your ten-day forecast. round number two of cold is today and tomorrow. then that break on wednesday will keep the storm offshore and that brutal blast friday and saturday. we'll keep you updated throughout the week.
6:51 am
hey, i'm john clark. it is here, the eagles' final regular season game, and what a surprise. quarterback sydney jones will make his nfl debut today. he has been activated. take a look. this comes nine months after he ruptured his achilles. he has been practicing the last few weeks, and he is ready. an nfl source tells me this will not affect his contract. he will be a restricted free agent after his rookie deal. it is all good. the eagles practice at the linc on friday. it's going to be around real feel 15 degrees at game time today. nick foles did not play well in the freezing temperatures monday night. here's a hot take. it would be good to see him break out of his cold streak, wouldn't it? >> i think the big thing is just don't worry about it. just go play ball, stay in rhythm, get in the zone, get completions. i think the big thing in the cold weather is completions, but
6:52 am
that's really football. penn state is now 7-0 in fiesta bowls, the best undefeated record by any team in any bowl. let's go out to arizona facing washington. after penn state's first touchdown that is trace mcsorley. a big shove for his coach james franklin. james said his ribs were hurting. and they're pinned deep, no problem. saquon barkley. saturdays are for saquon. 92-yard touchdown. he says he is torn about leaving penn state for the nfl. penn state up a touchdown in the third. trace mcsorley, 12 for 12 on third down. hamilton there. penn state wins, 35-28. franklin gets doused and punched again. where are you where are you? trying to chase him down. these are college athletes. sixers in denver last night without joel embiid. remember, they were 1 and 7 without the big fellow. where was joel last night? already processing the scene in phoenix, getting ready for ton's game.
6:53 am
third quarter, t.j. mcconnell. hopefully nick foles does this today, long pass to robert covington. sixers go on a 25-4 run. fourth quarter, jerryd bayless gets hot. scores eight straight points to start the quarter and, guess what, the sixers beat the nuggets and the fourth quarter. they didn't blow this lead. they win 107-102. jay wright not happy as undefeated biggest deficit of the season. down 20 to butler. rick bronson very nervous watching his son. here comes his son. bronson here for the number one team in the country, cutting the lead to eight. matches his career high 31 points. okay, but, nova trying to force the turnover here. the ball goes right to the bulldogs' baldwin. butler shoots 60% and rick can't watch it. nova loses for the first time all season, 101-93. a lot of court storming out there. la salle was our only local college hoops winner. temple, st. joe's and drexel all lost. i'm john clark. stay tuned for "eagles gameday
6:54 am
final" tonight at 11:20 to 11:50 on nbc 10 hopefully detailing an eagles 14th team win which would be a record. thanks for watching, everybody.
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it was a concert to benefit hurricane victims in north philadelphia last night. the choir sung hymns to honor the kwanzaa principle of purpose. it turns out this frigid weather is just perfect for ice hockey the way it was meant to be played. nbc 10 was at the pond in cherry hill yesterday where the kids picked sides and laced up their skates for a scaled down version of the nhl's winter classic. looks like our photographers had a good time, too. 6:57 on this sunday. we are talking bone chilling cold. another bitter day ahead of us. the eagles have to play in this. the fans will be bundled up in the stands. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is outside the linc with preview. randy? >> reporter: the tailgate lot is filling up. the temperature is going down. imagine how much it will hurt to get tackled in this weather. we'll talk with the tailgaters
6:58 am
who have been here since 6:00 this morning. randy, you deserve a burger or some brats. warm up. your body needs the calories. starting off in the teens and lower 20s. let's look at cape may, new jersey, this morning you're looking at a gorgeous sun rise getting under way in the 7:00 hour. we'll talk about the frigid windchill, the eagles game and the mummers day parade.
6:59 am
7:00 am
right now on nbc 10 news today, a bitter cold new year's eve. it will feel like single digits this afternoon. even colder tonight. what to expect as you ring in 2018. a tough night for firefighters. crews battled flames and the bitter cold. rolling over, the powerball jackpot will continue to climb after no one hit all the numbers in last night's drawing. we still have a chance. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's 7:00 on this new year's eve. and as we ring in 2018, mother nature will not release her icy grip on the region. our first alert is still in


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