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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 31, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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continues. you still see officers on scene. i'm this fight outside lincoln high school had nothing to do with students. it was between adults. adults that were inside the high school and then ushered outside and that's when that fight happened and then shots. i just got my hands on some cell phone video from inside the school when it was on lockdown. sent to me from a parent. it shows what was going on at the time. police inside checking people's book bags to make sure there were no guns or any evidence inside at the time. but i did talk to a referee who was inside. there was a basketball game going on between auden reed and lincoln high. he was reffing a jv girls game and adults inside were getting into some sort of argument and they were ushered outside of the building and that's when that fight happened and shots fired and that 32-year-old man was shot. he was taken over to nazareth hospital and then rushed to temple where he is right now in
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extremely critical condition. here's what that refle to us. >> the a.d. from the school came running in telling everyone get down, hit the deck. we got everyone off the court. hid behind the barriers that were there trying to get out of the way. >> you hear him right there describing a chaotic scene. nobody inside the building was hurt whatsoever. the school was on lockdown for about an hour or so. police canvassed the inside. the hallways, the classrooms. we talked to a whole bunch of students, too. much more on this story tonight at 11:00. aaron, back erin, back to you. all new at 6:00, inside the largest security plan in super bowl history. you're looking live at the home for sunday's showdown. 73,000 fans will pack u.s. bank stadium for super bowl lii. a game you can only see here on
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nbc 10. the big game is now only four days away. remember, nbc 10 is your official eagles station. nbc 10's jacqueline london joins us live in minneapolis. you are right in the heart of the excitement. that's the place to be. >> it is. it is getting real and close. you cannot help but feel the excitement in the city. and another thing you'll notice, beefed up security. all new at 6:00, nbc 10's tim furlong spent the afternoon getting a firsthand look at the massive security operations. tim, this high-tech security plan was two years in the making. >> reporter: yeah, two years. this is amazing. you can see it working all this week. so fefstive and fun down here. law enforcement here. everyone feels really safe but the closer you get toward the stadium, the more restricted things get. they're protecting the stadium from every angle which is an
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enormous job. after two full years of super bowl planning, even the nfl's head of security says of minnesota -- >> this is one of the friendliest places on earth. >> reporter: right now it's all business in terms of security in and around u.s. bank stadium. it's right in downtown minneapolis. the area around the stadium now a maze of fences, no parking signs and national guard humvees. >> this is a minnesota event. we have 60 different police departments from around the state of minnesota that sent their officers here to help us with the super bowl. >> reporter: there are also 1700 federal agents on this assignment. they've run over 50 trainings with local authorities preparing them for a worst case scenario they hope will not happen. >> due to its size, its scope, it is and can be an attractive target. we don't have any credible or specific threat intel but we'll continue to actively monitor channels with our international partners. >> reporter: on gameday, fans won't be able to park anywhere
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near here n only ticket holders can use the light rail system heading toward the stadium. fans would go through security there and not have to do it again at the stadium. >> are we seriously welcoming the eagles fans? >> they put out a video teasing us eagles fans. but law enforcement will be very visible downtown protecting all of us as fans celebrate an eagles win. >> reporter: back live to super bowl live, an endless stream of concerts and people here checking them all out. the stadium opens at 1:00 p.m. local time sunday. they want fans there early despite the brutal cold that's expected. don't wear any battery powered clothing. a lot of people are wearing battery powered vests and clothing. it will set off the lines. federal agents will be at the
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airport monday morninging with tsa. on a normal day,000 people flying in and out of minneapolis. they'll have 69,000 to 79,000 out on monday after the game. it's a lot of people here trying to keep all of us nice and safe, jackie. >> so many people converging on this city, we know that it is necessary. tim furlong live at super bowl live. eagles fans are taking over minneapolis ready to see a super bowl victory. miguel martinez valle on the plane moments before the fans started heading my way. >> we're here on one of the many american airlines flights headed from philadelphia over to the super bowl. 16 extra flights. you can see a lot of eagles. eagles fans are ready to see their team hopefully win on sunday. that's what people i have been talking to today have been telling me. how do you think the eagles are going to do on sunday?
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>> they're going to win. >> you're feeling good about it? >> absolutely. >> there's been music. cheers. how exciting has getting this sendoff been? >> absolutely the best. goes. >> go birds. >> that's something i've been hearing a lot. you can see it's not just fans and people traveling on the plane. if we can just turn around, really quick. so you can see the cheerleaders made it on, too. they're sending off these loyal eagles fans with some cheers. go ahead. take it away. >> e-a-g-l-e-s! eagles! >> all right. and this is how the birds are going to fly all the way to the super bowl. so i will send it back to you guys. i'm miguel martinez valle, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, miguel. eagles fans, we hear you. thousands of the birds faithful have submitted their own versions of the eagles fight song. today we heard from some of the area's youngest fans.
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♪ fly eagles fly score a touchdown, 1, 2, 3 ♪ ♪ hit 'em low hit 'em high ♪ >> this was from st. eugene's. you can see lots of our fight songs posted on the nbc 10 app. search fight song. and nbc 10 is your official eagles station. don't miss live coverage every day this week from minneapolis. watch our special nbc 10 championship "we it." watch it every night at 7:00. and on super bowl sunday, you want it? we've got it. coverage starting at 10:00 a.m. to get you ready for super bowl lii. stay with nbc 10 after the super bowl as well. watch a brand-new episode of  "this is us" followed by nbc 10 news at 11:00 and the tonight show with jimmy fallon live from minneapolis. nbc 10 is so hyped up for sunday night. we need two channels to cover
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what we have in store for you. set your dvr for "this is us" here on nbc 10. then on our cozi channel, watch nbc 10 "this is philly" for nonstop coverage of super bowl lii, hopefully talking about a victory. for now back to you in the philadelphia studios from minneapolis. erin? >> jacqueline, thanks for that. another big story we're following here. a political powerhouse in philadelphia is not running for re-election. late this afternoon, congressman bob brady announced his retirement. deanna durante joining us live. you spoke to brady about why now is the time and what he plans to do next. >> reporter: he is talking about the political climate in washington. the redistricting of the districts and says right now it is time for him to begin to make his exit from washington to spend more time with his family. >> i'm proud of my record. i'm proud of what i've done.
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>> reporter: congressman brady says his will be big shoes to fill. >> i brought back 15.5 billion with a "b," billion dollars to the city of philadelphia and this region. with the jobs, the dredging. i passed 14 bills and 44 bills passed the house. 14 became law. right now as we speak, i wrote the me too act. >> reporter: brady says when the congressional districts will be redrawn, not sure where or what will be left of the place he's represented since 1988. the district runs from northeast philadelphia to delaware county along the delaware river. >> when we find out what the district will be, they'll meet and endorse a candidate. and that's the candidate the democratic party will support. >> reporter: he's not saying if party leaders have a favorite to replace him. brady emerged uned after an fbi probe into his bid for re-election in 2012. he'll not face any charges but says the investigation has nothing to do with this
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investigation. >> i know what i do. i did nothing wrong. >> reporter: his main focus will be family. >> today i'm just choosing, you know, family over service. >> reporter: brady says while he plans to be a more hands-on grandfather, he's going to remain at the helm of the philadelphia democratic committee. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. new jersey senator bob menendez is thanks his constituents for their support. federals will not retry him on spru corruption charges. he was accused of trading political influence for gifts and donations. a november trial ended with a hung jury. men denez tweeted this out. i want to thank the people of new jersey for standing by me. i also thank god for giving me strength during this difficult time. justice prevailed, and i look forward to continuing to serve the people of new jersey. lawmakers involved in a
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deadly train accident in west virginia have reached their destination tonight. the amtrak train they were on collided with a garbage truck in virginia. the driver of that truck was killed. another person in the truck was seriously injured. no members of congress or their staff were hurt. the lawmakers were heading to a retreat when the train crashed. green fever taking over st. joseph's prep. coming up at 6:00, the bet they made with their brother school up in boston. of course, the wednesday before the game. green eagles bow tie. it's worked so far. rain is on the way. i'll tell you when it's going to hit your neighborhood. plus, tracking the chance for snow later on. details in my first alert forecast.
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it's -- i don't know how to describe it. it's great. >> reporter: which is good because his school, st. joseph's prep, is bleeding green this week leading up to the super bowl. ♪ >> it's all optimistic. there's really no negative talk going on right now. we feel really, really, i guess, happy they're in the super bowl and a really good chance to win. >> reporter: they put their jerseys where their mouth is. >> we reached out to bc high. we have a friendly bet going on. we, of course, feel pretty confident we'll be the winners in the bet. >> reporter: boston college prep decided to play ball. if the eagles win sunday -- >> they'll be wearing eagles jerseys. they'll fly an eagles flag over their school. >> and the students will go old. >> if the patriots win, st. joe's has re-create the boston tea party. >> reporter: still st. joe's kids believe in their birds. >> i'm not really too worried. i know we'll come out with the win. >> reporter: which is why students like brady are more
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worried about how they'll celebrate an historic win. >> i figured out how to play trumpet with one arm. i'll figure out how to cheer with one arm, too. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> and there is yet another friendly wager on the game. this is what we're talking about. this time between philadelphia city council president daryl clark and his counterpart in boston. today in center city, clark told us boston city council will get cheesesteaks and goodies from the reading terminal market in the pats win. what's more likely? boston will be sending pastries to philly. we're keeping our eyes on the weather, too. it will be in the single digits in minneapolis for kickoff sunday and single digits here tomorrow. glenn, i'm not ready. >> and at night, if you get up early enough, below zero. jackie doesn't want to hear
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that. but multiple days below zero in minneapolis. the actual temperature, not the feels-like temperature. for us, pretty cold today. high of only 32 despite a lot of sunshine. pottstown didn't even hit 30. and it's 28 there now. the temperature is not dropping much tonight. leveling off. maybe even going up a little bit. a sign of things to come for tomorrow. the wind blowing out of the south now and a reason that we're going to be warming up. only 29 in summers point. 28 at mays landing. 27 egg harbor township. clouds moving in from the west. that's building up in the middle of the country and it's just going to ride this area of moisture all the way to us as we go into tomorrow. but not so much during the daytime hours. as we go through the night tonight, see the temperatures go up.
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wind shifts into the west. pulls that moisture in, and there's the rain. tomorrow evening, temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s. so that seems pretty clear cut. then as this system moves offshore and colder air comes in, it could briefly change over to wintry mix or maybe even some snow for the early portion of the friday morning rush. i think by 8:00, 9:00, it's all out of here and the cold winds come in. friday will be pretty cold. saturday even colder. saturday morning, temperatures in the teens, plus wind. it will feel close to zero in parts of our northern suburbs. that's the coldest part of the next week. and then there's a storm going to be developing on sunday. so some questions about the precipitation type but it's much more significant than you think. thursday night. but southerly winds coming in so that means part of the area will be getting rain. part of the area will be getting
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snow. at the same time. and this is sunday afternoon as you are getting ready to go to super bowl parties. there may be some travel issues lehigh valley. and some of the northern, western suburbs. but that warmer air coming in could keep it mostly rain from philly southward. it's a close call. it's several days a. so we'll have updates on that in the next couple of days and more cold air comes in for monday. so up and down, up and down. here is the forecast for tomorrow. most of this rain that you're seeing is for the evening hours. 47 for the high in fairmount, elwin, reading at 47 as well. not expecting rain during the day or evening in much of the jersey shore or in delaware. and over the weekend, it's cold friday. it's cold saturday. and it warms up just enough on sunday so that we get a bit of a mix in philly. but lehigh valley is more of a
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concern to me for traffic problems as we go into sunday evening. friday is groundhog day. could be some very early snow. very brief. the only place you can see the super bowl, right here. you may want to stay in your living room because it's not going to be a pretty day. then more seasonably cold weather next week. nothing too brutal. no big snowstorms ahead but notally nice and pleasant dry weather either. i'm danny pommells coming up, a lombardi trophy would turn the upside down but could it mean even more to the eagles head coach? john clark joins us with that, next.
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. >> danny pommells with you. the eagles holding their first practice of the week. a super bowl win on sunday would be a gift to philadelphia long overdue. but an extra special gift to their coach. here's john clark. >> reporter: 50 come before 52. it is doug pederson's 50th birthday four days before super bowl lii. and he said win would be icing on the cake. the eagles having more fun before their first official practice. this is the punter donnie jones singing a little kenny chesley with fletcher cox. this team is so loose but now they have gotten down to business. their first practice of the week at the university of minnesota. they are ready for intense practices. >> that's the exciting part. that's why we play this game because of the football aspect
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not because of all the stuff that surrounds it. >> you are back in the playbook asking questions about the game plan. >> reporter: brent celek said teams break down their huddle every day saying "family." if the eagles can win the super bowl, they'll be brothers for life. at the mall of america in minnesota, i'm john clark, nbc sports philadelphia. >> john, thanks. very difficult day for the entire philadelphia and nba basketball communities. former lasalle standout rasual butler and his wife were killed in a car accident early this morning. but lear lost control of his range rover around 2:00 a.m. in studio city and the car hit a wall and flipped over in california. officials believe the car was speeding before the accident that killed the 38-year-old and his wife. butler played at lasalle from '1998 to 2002. he was a member of the lasalle hall of athletes and was drafted
6:26 pm
by the heat in 2002. he played for seven different nba teams, most recently in ice cube's big three league. i'm danny pommells from nbc sports. back to you. >> difficult loss. tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. a huge eagles fan is heading to the bowl for free. it's thanks to one of the patriots biggest supporters. how he pulled off the ticket deal of a lifetime. new at 11:00.
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eighth and market streets. a bit of a warm-up tomorrow. >> really cold. high 32. tomorrow we'll get well into the 40s. and then rain comes in tomorrow night. then it gets cold again friday and into saturday. saturday morning it will be feeling like singleits. we warm up enough on sunday. so it could be mostly rain from philly southward and snow north and west. so that's an issue that we'll have to update.
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tammy will have more at 11:00. up next, "nbc nightly news." and then we're back on in just a half hour from now at 7:00. tonight, a deadly wreck on the tracks. an amtrak train packed with republican members of congress including house speaker paul ryan slams into a truck in its path. >> mass casualty incident, level one. train versus truck. >> lawmakers jumping in to help the injured. we have the latest from the scene. it's president trump versus his own fbi director, again. the fbi makes a rare public warning. grave concerns about the accuracy of that secret russia investigation memo. urging the white house not to release it. the cdc director resigns amid scandal. right as the agency is fighting this flu emergency exploding in 49 states. kids and migraines and the unusual way doctors are treating them. would you believe botox? >> i saw a night and da


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