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tv   Today  NBC  February 6, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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hour you can count on that. >> all right, bill, thank you so much. thank you so much for being here. "today" show coming your way next. >> we'll see you this morning for local cut-ins. good morning. wall street's wild ride. markets around the world down sharply this morning, as investors brace for more turmoil, one day after the dow's nearly 1200-point plunge the largest one-day point drop ever. >> we moved almost the whole year in an afternoon. >> what does it all m for you? we're live at the stock exchange. breaking overnight, president trump attorneys are reportedly advising him against sitting down for an interview in the robert mueller investigation. this despite the president saying he was looking forward to it. his lawyers' concern -- he could be caught lying to investigators. could the showdown go all the way to the supreme court? man on a mission.
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elon musk set to launch the world's most powerful rocket into space today. >> i'm feeling really excited. this is the moment i've been waiting for for a long time. >> wait until you here what he put inside it and why this could be a key step in the race to mars. all that and new questions police have for robert wagner nearly 40 years after the death of natalie wood. >> we would love to hear his version of events. could the brutal flu epidemic stretch all the way to may. and lady doritos? is a quieter, cleaner snack for women in the works? today, tuesday, february 6th, 2018. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today." thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. i don't know a woman alive that doesn't like to tilt back that
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empty doritos bag to get the crumbs. >> a quieter doritos? maybe that's why the markets dropped yesterday. we're talking about fear and concern, stretching from wall street to main street, in the markets nose dive. all of the markets are down and we could be in for a roller rollercoaster ride today. we have two reports, starting with jo ling kent at the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: good morning to you. the markets and investors are bracing for a third-straight day of losses, as the global markets continue to plunge. yesterday, the dow closed as a record low. it was the biggest percentage drop since 2011. wall street is being forced to wonder if that long-anticipated correction is now around the corner. >> breaking news. market sell-off. >> reporter: this morning, many investors are nervously watching the market. >> this is one for the record books. the dow down 1175 points. >> reporter: following the
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biggest one-day point drop ever. >> we moved almost the whole year in an afternoon. >> reporter: the dow's drop was eye-develop eye-popping. but it was 4.6%. stomach-churning but not in the top-20 of all-time daily losses. now, some are worried about what comes next and how it may impact them financially. >> it's not something right now. but when you're trying to put money away. >> i'm going to head to the gym. i'll look next week and see how it goes. >> reporter: right now, experts say the economy is doing well. 200,000 jobs were added last month. unemployment is at a 17-year low. hourly wages are up nearly 3%. some on wall street worry that to keep inflation in check, the fed will raise interest rates again, meaning home mortgages and car loans will be more expensive. no one knows how fast jerome powell will raise rates makes many investors nervous. >> your taxes will go way down.
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>> reporter: president trump was in ohio touting the economy and his tax cuts. he has repeatedly taken credit when the stocks rally. >> you look at the stock market at an all-time high. >> reporter: economists urged patience. >> if you're a long-term investor investor you have to bet in the long-term. >> reporter: stocks have plunged in asia and europe overnight. we're bracing for another rocky day here at the new york stock exchange. so far this morning, president trump, who has always celebrated the rally in the markets throughout his complain and his presidency has not commented on this three-day drop. guys? >> jo thank you so much. let's bring in ali velshi who covers business for us. see the images of the stockbrokers looking stricken. what's going on here? >> this market, normally a
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market goes up goes down a little. we haven't gone down a little for a long time. when you see 8.5% and 2.5% today, all happening within a week the big numbers scare people. but a market is supposed to do that over time. this market has been doing that. when it corrects it comes this way. a lot of people say this is a good thing. it's an opportunity for a little bit of a breather. it's probably going to be lower today. right now, we're looking at a dow open 2.5% or 600 points. you'll see investors getting in at that point, saying the market is take the breather it was supposed to take. >> if you're mary smith and you're looking at these numbers and your retirement is there, your 401(k) give some advice. what should you do? >> you would be worried. it's not time for panic yet. this market will go lower than it is right now. at some point, it will turn around. this is because int rates are going up. people have other places to put the adve give peoplew 4 know how to log
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theou need to tdo makes a lot of sense because you don't know when to get back in. when markets go back up, take your winnings and put them aside. anybody who has cash may, in a little while, decide they want to get into this market as it settles and starts to go back up again. panic is not your friend in the stock market. >> a quick public service announcement. if you take credit for the upside you have to take credit for the downside. does the dow have anything to do with anyone in office? >> right now, this doesn't have anything to do with politics. in 2008 when markets started to go down it helped that the president and the fed chair were out there helping people feel more secure. this president only likes to talk about up markets. >> ali velshi, thank you very much. will president trump sit down for an interview with special counsel robert mueller? this morning, we may be one step closer to an answer. peter alexander is at the white house with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: hoda good morning
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to you. the president's lawyers say there are active discussions whether president trump will agree to an interview with robert mueller. but even though the president has said 100% he would be up for it his lawyers are now reportedly counseling him against it. president trump hasn't shied away from saying he would sit down with an interview with robert mueller. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: his lawyers are advising him to refuse a face-to-face meeting with the special counsel. four people familiar with the matter say the president's lawyers are concerned mr. trump, who has a history of making false and conflicting statements could be charged with lying to investigators. if the president takes his lawyer's advice it might be a legal showdown that could go all the way to the supreme court, if mueller decides to subpoena president trump to testify before a grand jury. the president's lawyers telling nbc news the discussions with
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the special counsel are understandably private. the president on the road in cincinnati touting his new tax law and mocking democrats for their stone-faced reaction during his state of the union, when he highlighted low unemployment numbers. >> they were like death and un-american. un-american. somebody said treasonous. yeah i guess. why not? can we call that treason? why not? >> reporter: this morning, the white house is reviewing the democratic rebuttal to that disputed republican memo that alleges the fbi and justice department abused their powers to spy on a former trump campaign adviser. the house intelligence committee voting to release the classified memo. >> we want to make sure that the white house does not redact our memo for political purposes. and that's a deep concern. >> reporter: adam schiff the committee's top democrat sparring with the president on twitter. mr. trump lashing out first,
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accuseing the california congressman of illegally leaking confidential information. warning, he must be stopped. schiff's dismissive reply -- instead of tweeting false smears the american people would appreciate if you turn off the tv and help solve the funding crisis protect the dreamers or anything else. despite several members of the president's own party, that the gop does not vindicate him in the russia inquiry, president trump claims otherwise. >> we caught them. it's so much fun. like the great sleuth. >> reporter: the president notably effusively praised the committee chair that spearheaded that memo, calling devonin nunes a great american hero. this morning, a white house official tells me it was tongue and check that the president was trying to make the point that there are positive things going on that all americans should celebrate, regardless of party. savannah and hoda?
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>> peter alexander thanks. there's a lot more including our countdown to the winter olympics. our athletes are arriving in pyeongchang, with the first events getting under way in two short days from now. keir simmons is in a cold pyeongchang for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah. hey, hoda good morning. evening here in south korea, where we're days away from the opening ceremony. and all the talk is of the temperature. it is 20 degrees here right now. with the windchill, they say it is more like 10 degrees. but that is nothing. head up the mountain and it is cold. ♪ team usa, raising the flag on the 23rd winter olympics today. athletes including snowboarder and meddle hopeful, chloe kim, already getting in the olympic spirit. >> go team usa. >> reporter: dangerously cold expected for friday's opening ceremony.
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the venue has an open roof. team usa will have heated jackets. >> this is a step colder than we're normally used to skiing. we ski in conditions that are this cold of course. generally, it's a little warmer than this. >> reporter: with olympic skiers reaching high speeds the cold will be punishing. but not just competitors, too. the temperatures right now, 8 degrees. but this says it feels like 6 below. and just the u.s. winter flu is a concern here. another illness causing big problems an outbreak of norovirus has meant 1,200have been pulled from duty. the massive operation to protect the games being boosted by the south korean military. the threat from north korea reduced. some of its athletes will be participating here. in women's hockey north and south koreans will compete on a single unified team. warming relations at freezing games.
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>> this never happened before. so itopportunity. >> reporter: and this morning, advice from two team usa competitors from north dakota, used to the cold. >> gloves hats and use layers. lots of layers. >> reporter: lots of layers. one record they think may be set here is the coldest winter olympics in history, guys. but at least in a few days' time at least for a few days they think it will warm up just in time for you to arrive. >> i'm going to say, we're going to give you a big hug. we'll see you in a couple days. we'll have a lot more on the olympics of course throughout the morning. >> we certainly will. elon musk the founder of space-x and tesla, is set to launch the biggest rocket in the world today. it has 27 engines, that's a thrust equal to 18 747 jets. it could be a big step carrying people to the moon or even mars.
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tom cass tellostello is at the kennedy space center. a lot of people are excited about this one. >> including me. this is one of the coolest assignments of the day. this is an unmanned test mission. elon musk calls this rocket falcon heavy. it is the biggest rocket to take off from here since the apollo moon missions. the giant on the pad this morning in florida is set to lift off with the kind of explosive power not seen here in 45 years. the mission, break through earth's gravitational pull and head for a solar orbit, including mars. this reportededly $90 million mission, paid for by elon musk who admits he's a little giddy. how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling really excited. this is the moment i've been waiting for for a long time. >> reporter: it was from this very pad, 39a, that nasa's apollo and shuttle missions were
7:14 am
launched. but msays amid all of the engineering and tests, there's a decent chance his rocket can blow up today. >> i hope it goes right. i give it maybe, a half to two-thirds chance of working. >> reporter: that's it? >> yeah. actually i feel like two-thirds. but i think realistically half. >> reporter: falcon heavy is 29 feet call. it can generate an astonishing 5 million pounds of trust. carrying the equipment weight of a fully-loaded 737 aircraft. while previous rockets fell back into the ocean, space-x wants to all three are programmed to cy to earth platform in the ocean. if it goes well it could be used to launch satellites more cheaply. and perhaps, one day, a bigger version will lead a manned mission to the moon or even mars. >> i think it will mean that the united largest rocket on planet earth right now to take payloads up
7:15 am
into orbit. >> reporter: there is precious cargo aboard. elon musk's own roadster with a dummy behind the wheel. and a looped recording of david bowie's "space odyssey." ♪ ground control to maj ♪ >> i'm hopeful that humanity will have a base on the moon and a city on mars in our lifetimes. >> reporter: in our lifetimes? >> yes. yes. a city a village. depends on what you call a city. serious lunar base. that would be amazing. and the beginnings of a city on mars. >> reporter: today's mission is also all about the mantra go big or go home. that's what it's all about here. 1:30 p.m. is when the launch window opens up. the window looks really good today to take elon musk's car into a termpermanent orbit around the sun. >> a long way to go for a
7:16 am
parking space. mr. roker, what do yout? >> we have some snow to talk about. for a second day in another major pileup. this iowa. one person was killed. this was anywhere from 50 to 70 vehicles involved in this. as you look on the radar this, is what came through very quickly. it pushes on through, moves through chicago. through update new york.e another system coming in. and that one has million people at risk for some sort of winter weather advisory winter storm watch. especially vermont and northern new york between noon and 7:00 tomorrow we could look at conditions. they need the rain through the south. we've had some drought conditions. locally, four inches or more from texas, louisiana, into mississippi. m the way up into new england, anywhere from a tenth after on inch to a quarter of an inch of ice and snow tomorrow from iowa allay into western new upstate new york and parts of talking anywhere
7:17 am
from 6 to 12 inches of snow. we're going to be watching this. again, the snow line comes down fairly close to new york and boston. so we're going to be watching that closely, as well. (phone line ringing) lieutenant ray speaking. (woman) my name is cedricka. yartment buildingand you were the firs who was able to pull me up out of it. (lt. ray) oh my god. you kinda caught me off guard here. (cedricka) i could se like he is not giving up for me. (crying) he is and... i appreciate that. ♪ good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. i'm tracking very light snow in the lehigh valley and pocono mountains. we'll get sunshine and warm into valley. the rest of the area seeing clouds and sunshine. we'll break and 40s for delaware. up to 41 degrees in new jersey and 40 degrees.
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and we'll see sunshine this afternoon. sune this afternoon. new jersey at the shore, sunshine 44 for the afternoon. have a great day. thank you. straight ahead new developments in the natalie wood investigation. why police are saying robert wagner's story about the night of her death does not add up. then an nbc news investigation on the winter olympics glamour event. we're talking figure skating and questions over how the sport is judged. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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>> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. 7:26 good morning, everyone, i'm ted greenberg. a chilly start to our tuesday. "first alert" meteorologist bill henley is here with your most accurate neighborhood forecast. good morning, bill. >> it's cold enough for snow. we're seeing some snow this morning. this is a live view from reading, this is light snow in the lehigh valley and pocono mountains and it's trying to reach into the suburbs. most of it is evaporating as it hits the ground but you might see a few flurries as it breaks out with sunshine. temperatures will be here and climbing but it's a cold surface morning. heading out this morning, prepare for cold temperatures across the board. and then it warms into the 40s with sunshine later today. >> thank you, "first alert" traffic reporter jessica boyington watched a troubled spot in julieta. >> yeah ted, at z street around
7:25 am
luzerne street. that's why we're seeing massive delays in both directions really heavy on the southbound side. northbound just slow but they are diverting around the intersection. take east avenue to get beyond the scene. and lowdowns on the vine and schuylkill. >> jess thank you. we'll get more details from philadelphia city officials about the eagles p champions. nbc10 will bring you the news conference live around 9:00 this morning. the parade route on thursday will take the super bowl champion eagles from the sport complex to the art museum. nbc10 your official eagles station will have live coverage. more of the "today" show coming your way next. have a great day.
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good morning, everybody. it's 7:30.
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it's tuesday morning. a pretty shot of the skyline in new york city. it's february 6th, 2018. >> we want to get a check of the headlines, including the stock market's wild ride. >> market one for the record books.e dow down 1175 points. >> markets around the world react to the worst one-day point drop ever on wall street. out g leaving. >> everybody thought the market was going to go up and up. days like this catch people off guard. will the president talk? president trump's lawyers are reportedly telling him not to grant an interview to special counsel robert mueller. their concern, he'll get caught lying. this sentence is to be served concurrent. >> final sentencing. former olympic doctor larry nassar receives prison after a month of emotional testimony from the0 vtims
7:29 am
abused. >> i feel almost a sense of closure. and this is all woman who won last month's $560 million powerball jackpot is suing state officials for the right to remain winnings. and remembering john mahoney. >> it's called marriage. >> tributes pouring in for the british-born actor who delighted audiences in his emmy-nominated role as frasier crane's father. also new details in the death of natalie wood as officials open up new information in their investigation 37 years later. blake mccoy has the latest. >> reporter: police say robert wagner is declining new interviews, as l.a. sheriff's investigators turn up the heat questioning his version of events but stopping short of calling him a this morning, renewed
7:30 am
robegner focus the drowning death of his wife natalie wood three decades ago. news conference since reopening the case in 2011. >> we toldnal investigators and we portrayed since then really don't add we found. re couple fighting on the splendor yacht that night, followed by silence. investigators are openly questioning wagner's version of events now more than ever. >> he figures, she must have went to townn her pajam a socks in the middle of the night. she's going to take the dinghy which she never drives probably doesn't know how to drive into town. >> reporter: the only other people onboard, actor christopher walken and captain dennis dennis dennis davern. >> i did lie on a report several years ago.mistakes by not t
7:31 am
the honest truth in a police report. >> reporter: he told "today," he believed wagner responsible for woods' death. >> i would say so yes. >> reporter: investigators focusing on wagner's behavior in the moments after her disappearance. >> can comes down to check on what happened and there's robert wagner in the salon of the boat. and natalie's gone. she's missing. >> when he suggests we should turnn no. no, no. >> reporter: wagner who turns 88week has long denied wr calling it a tragic ci is declining interviews >> we tried him. want to talk us. that we understandllenge here is y. so has the original investigator. they acknowledge this may be the solve the case before it goes cold forever. >> blake mccoy in los angeles. thank you. we're going to swing over to mr cooking? >> we have chilly temperatures to talk about. wewindchilled a advisories. it f 16 omaha, 13 below. 8 below in chicago. and we're looking at this big
7:32 am
area of high pressure upper-level high through the south. and that's going to keep temperatures through the southern superiorpear interior states. new orleans is 71. savannah 73 degrees. rr air stays banked up there, from bismarck to burlington. albuquerque to orlando, temperatures nice and mild. in the latter part of the week 9 in minneapolis on friday. 36 in boston on friday. nice and mild from vegas to atlant that's whaa.t' good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. i'm tracking very light snow in the lehigh valley and pocono mountains. it will disappear. we'll get sunshine and warm into the upper 30s in the lehigh valley. the rest of the area seeing clouds this morning. a little break for sunshine. and 40s this afternoon for delaware. up to 41 in new jersey. and 40 degrees for the cellars. philadelphia up to a cloudy start.
7:33 am
up to 41 degrees in new jersey and 40 degrees. and we'll see sunshine this afternoon. sunshine this afternoon. new jersey at the shore, sunshine, 44 for the afternoon. have a great day. hoda? >> al thanks a lot. we have a lot more ahead today. we're going to answer questions about this brutal flu season. and quentin tarantino breaking his silence about the uma thurman "kill bill" crash. and then, the bionic woman. lindsay wagner is leaping into studio 1a. an nbc news investigation connected to the winter how is figure skating judged? could possible bias and conf ll pets are created the samepet fo re always adding new brands like rachel ray nutrish! real food recipes, inspired by rachel ray's kitchen. so, our wide assortment including science diet, blue buffalo and pro
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we're back. 7:40. with a timely new installment of our series, "nbc news investigates." >> with the skating competition on thursday a sport that's seen its share of complaints over how it's judged. stephanie gosk is looking into all that. >> reporter: good morning. as you know figure skating is one of the most popular sports. it's also the one most plagued with scandal. at the center of it is a judging system that critics say is rife with nationalistic bias.
7:38 am
an nbc news investigation took a closer look at what's behind the scores for those triple axles. at the 2014 sochi skater fumbled a jump in her routine. this south korean skater seemed win. but society kovacoe she took the highest score. when she left the ice, she hugged one of the nine judges. one of two russian officials involved in her scoring. the south korean's filed a complaint, alleging the event was rigged. but the international skating union dismissed the complaint. and kim had to settle for silver. with the olympics in pyeongchang starting later this week critics worry that what they believe happenedsochi, may with be indicative of a bigger problem.
7:39 am
the skating lets the national federation federation choose the judges they send to the olympics. and allows the judges score the from their own countries. of the 164 judges that are eligible 20% have held or hold leadership positions in their country's skating commissions. they found that the numbers of scores showed significant bias. >> from the last year and a half there's a nationalistic bias. every line item on the score sheet, the same country judge will be a quarter of a point higher. >> do you think we can watch judging in real-time in pyeongchang and say, there's some bias there? >> i think, absolutely you will see the judges from the same country giving slightly higher marks to their -- competers from their country. >> reporter: he found that the nationalistic bias was pronounced among judges from
7:40 am
ukraine, russia south korea and the u.s. the other issue with judging -- our investigation found that among the 164 judges that may be headed to the olympics, 2 have been sanctioned in the past. an italian peeking scores. and a russian who was signaling ranking to another judge. the isu says it has never banned that's a maj says tim tni sport. >> if someone has been shown to cheat before whys isu accepting them?at's the level of integrity re skating's integrity aren't new. u.s. prosecutors charged a mobster for fixing a victory for pairs skaters in salt lake city. in response the international skating union overhauled its scoring system. but not everyone is convinced it has fixed the problems.
7:41 am
former professional skater chloe katz says the scandals cast a scandals over the sport. >> i think overhauling the ee step. i done. >> reporter: is there part of you in the buildup to olympic games that thinks i hope there's not another scandal? >> absolutely. we work our entire lives to this. we dedicate everything to our sport. we give up so much. you would hope that the judges are fair. >> reporter: in a statement to nbc news the international skating union says it has a robust system for monitoring judges and it will issue penalties for overmarking skaters. as for u.s. figure skaters, they say the president of their organization has recused himself from judging these olympics to avoid any conflict of interest. >> fascinating. all right, steph. stephanie gosk in pyeongchang. just ahead, it's the talker of the morning. >> crunch crunch. >> is it my turn?
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♪ oh. >> this is the best orange room ever. >> it's literally orange. doritos. what are the stories of the day, sheinelle? >> everybody is buzzing, here's the deal. pepsico's ceo sparked some controversy when discussing doritos. you watch a lot of the young guys eat the chips. they love the doritos and they lick their fingers with great glee. women would love to do the same. they don't like to crunch too loudly in public. and they don't lick their fingers generously. are there snacks for women that can be designed and packaged differently? we're looking at it and we're getting ready to launch a bunch of them soon.
7:47 am
with that, rumor of doritos for ladies went wiled. good news ladies we have a female doritos. and my generation marched so future generations can enjoy ladies doritos. we reached out to pepsico for comment and they said the reporting on a specific doritos product for female consumers is inaccurate. we have doritos for women, they're called doritos. they're enjoyed by millions of people every day. even though we won't see doritos for ladies pepsico said they're looking for new ways to delight consumers. do we need a cleaner way to eat doritos? >> no. we're coming out with quiche for men. >> i don't think so sheinelle. whbout you?e to keep it. they're doritos. that's what they are. coming up you'll never guess who or what stole the show at this year's oscar nominees
7:48 am
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♪ >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. 7:56 good morning, everyone. i'm ted greenberg. clouds will give way to sunshine for our tuesday. "first alert" meteorologist bill henley is here with your most accurate neighborhood forecast. bill? >> yeah i'm looking forward to sunshine this afternoon. the clouds this morning actually giving us a few snowflakes. doesn't look very snowy in lehigh valley and allentown. a little light snow for allentown. more likely snowflakes in the lehigh valley and pocono mountains. this is going to fall apart as it tries to move into the area. clouds are going to move out, too. we'll wind up with sunshine. a pretty good warmup we'll wind
7:53 am
up in the low 40s with much less wind than yesterday. snow back tomorrow morning. ted. >> "first alert" traffic reporter jessica boyington has her eyes on 295 in south jersey. >> we're watching that the black horse pike. side towards the freeway towards the philadelphia area. right now, just a crack into the center median of this on-ramp here. association the actual lanes are getting by on the southbound side. just a little slow. also watching 95 in the cameras at race street. northbound on the crash head above girard avenue. we're seeing slowdowns approaching as well. back to you. isn't just now, more philadelphia police about the champions on thursday. nbc10 will bring you the news conference from city hall live around 9:00 this morning. philadelphia schools and parochial closed will be closed parade. other schools, upper darby, oak
7:54 am
lirn and lyn collinswood schools. tap the nbc10 app. i'm ted greenberg. have a great tuesday.
7:55 am
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it is coming markets are down across the globe this morning record drop on wall street. >> we moved almost the whole year in an afternoon. >> so, where does it go from here? and what does it mean for you? the stock exchange. plus, we're only halfway there. it's already one of the most recent years and the worst may be yet to come. so what can you do to protect yourself and you our medical experts weigh in. and slow motion jumping superstar. to talk about her iconic role and what's
7:57 am
next for this bionic woman, today, tuesday, february 6th, 2018. ♪ >> it's my first time in america. and i'm here all the way from brazil to see the "today" show. >> i'm turning 40. and this is on my bucket list. hi mom. >> i watch the "today" show every morning. and i'm finally here to get a hug from hoda and savannah. ♪ >> hi. >> we're from northern new jersey. >> we're from rochester, new york. >> we love "today." >> we love you right back. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. we love when you join us. we're going to be outside hanging with the crowd a little bit. >> we'll be out there in a sec. >> we have a lot for you this half hour, starting with your news at 8:00. big investors and americans with modest retirement accounts are
7:58 am
watching wall street. markets took a bruising after monday's historic sell-off. jo ling kent joins us with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: hey, hoda. good morning the you. we're looking at dow futures right now. looks like the markets are going to open in the red by about 500 points. this could be the third-straight day of losses for the markets. and this comes after the biggest record point drop in dow hi seeing gains have been erased for 2018 so far. now, this is a global sell-off after a strong jobs report last week. we saw unemployment remain low. 200,000 jobs were added. that was some good news on main street now raising some new questions on wall street how the federal reserve may respond to this. there's a new fed chairmanpowell. he's expected to rnterespt we're due for rd itsks l to enter a correction territory. as for the president he's often celebrated a lot of the rallies throughout his campaign and his presidency. so far, we are seeing no comment from the president as we're
7:59 am
poised to enter -- open these markets in the red about 500 points down on the dow. guys? >> jo ling kent. thanks. president trump's lawyers are reportedly advising him against sitting down with special counsel robert mueller to answer questions in the russian investigation. according to "the new york times," his lawyers are worried that the president could face legal exposure he could be charged with lying to investigators if he were to make false statements or contradict himself. the president has said publicly he is willing to speak with mueller and do it under oath. officially his legal team says negotiations about an interview are ongoing and are sensitive. we're halfway through one of the worst flu seasons in years. we're facing weeks and weeks of the illness. dr. john torres is here with what you should do to protect your family and yourself and your friends. are we reading this right? we're halfway through. and it may get worse? >> you're reading it right. it may slow down in some parts
8:00 am
of the country. it's picking up in others. typically, it lasts around 16 weeks. it can go to 20 weeks. >> are they expecting it to longer side this time? >> they are expecting this one to be on the longer side because the "b" virus is moving in slower than they thought. they thought it would extend the season longer. >> we were talking that apparently you can get the flu twice, which blows our minds. is that possible? >> that surprises people the most. you can get it twice. there's four viruses circulating around. two are "a" two are "b." fw you get if you get the "a" virus, you're still susceptible to get the "b" virus. >> do i need to get the flu shot? >> if you haven't gotten the flu shot and you end up getting the "b." >> what's the point of getting the flu shot? and they say it's not as effective. i'll give you a chance to do
8:01 am
your pitch. >> my counter to them is even if you get the flu, the flu shot protects you against the biggest side effects, hospitalization and death. we found out that the flu increases your risk of heart attack and stroke two months later. you might get the flu, it protects you from other things. >> dr. torres i feel we'll be seeing a lot of you. thank you so much. we're up to date on the news so let'sog awpris wanted he to mom th w puppy. natalie's mom had trouble. >> that's right. mom got a new lierote oowt d did h two new puppies. when he saw how cute and adorabhe >> great minds. cuties. twice the love. speaking out, addressing the nd natalie catches up with kristi yamaguchi and find outre for you, natalie? and a lookhemen ke secrets queen who goes off grid for ten involved her husband, a he
8:02 am
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entrusting your heart to entresto is a heart failure medicine that helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. in the largest heart failure study ever entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital compared to a leading heart it can cause harm or death to don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't takeo.angioedema low blood pressure, kidney problems or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. welcome back. quentin tarantino is breaking his silence about headlinemaking allegations from actress uma thurman.
8:04 am
>> good morning. thurman accused harvey weinstein of sexual misconduct while describing a violent car crash she experienced on the set of a quentin tarantino movie. and the director is addressing it all. this morning, quentin tarantino is speaking about this car crash, involving uma thurman, on "kill bill 2." of the bigge et "e new york times" thatsted she drive the car, despite her objections. tarantino giving her this behind-the-scenes footage, that she says left her with a concussion damaged knees and d he said he road tested the car one way and drove it the opposite direction. and he insisted he was not in a rage and did not demand that she drive the vehicle. i didn't go barging into uma's trailer to scream at her to get in the car. none of us considered it a stunt. it was just driving. as a director you learn things. and sometimes you learn them through horrendous mistakes.
8:05 am
watching her fight for the wheel, remembering me hammering about how it was safe and she could do it it was heartbreaking. in an instagram post on mondaydantino showed courage by sharing the footage. adding he did so knowing full knowledge it can cause him personal harm. and i'm proud of him for doing the right thing. interview, tarantino addressed thurman's sexual harassment charges against weinstein. wished he had taken moremade weinstein apologize to her before filming "kill bill." and in a statement, weinstein says he acknowledges making ans at her 25 years ago. but her physically assaulted are einelle, a lot to catch up it's ing s g it rig sorry. i always wantethat. anyway we can pushin tis i country texas. dangerous ice develthat. rain wil south today. and tomorrow, heavier rain for ve t t northeast. an the ol drohtlo ew england the
8:06 am
no to be i quick changeover in new york and boston. ma or two. ou city anywhere from half a foot to a foot of snow. that's what's going on areun what' happen in ing. i am meteorologist billking some very light snow in the lnto the pocono mountains. it will disappear. we get sunshine warm into the upper 30s in the lehigh val eechlt the rest of the area seeing clouds. 40s this afternoon for delaware. up to 41 in new jersey. philadelphia, after a cloudy start, much less wind than yesterday. we'll see sunshine this afternoon. new jersey at the shore, sunshine takes us to 43 this afternoon. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. you get more of us us on "today" show radio, sirius/xm 108, home of the hoda show. "trending" time here. we're all parents here. and we have those moments when it's like i've become my mom.
8:07 am
people were sharing the phrases that their parents used on them. they can't wait to use on their children. i swear i will turn this car around. we know that one. i know this one. stop crying or i'll give you something to cry about. >> that's a little rough. >> i never liked that one. >> while you live under my roof, you live under my rules. have you found yourself saying -- you've had kids for a while. are there some things you say? >> so and so did it. if everybody is jumping off a bridge are you going to do it. are you trying to heat the outside? are you born in a barn? you have stock in tom edison? >> my m pretty is as pretty does. it's like not to have a dress on and be rude. claire had a dress on. and i said pretty is as pretty does. and she looked at me. and i'm like mirror mirror. >> my dad said smart is what smart does. you're not smart unless you show you are smart.
8:08 am
what about you? >> i do things my mom does. my mom gets obsessed trying to find something. she is looking for a white shirt. she will tear the whole house apart to find it. i was looking for a black turtleneck. i'm like where is it? i am unloading drawers. you end up doing exactly what your parents do. >> and you were wearing it. >> i know. that's usually what the thing is. >> there's a million things. my mom used to say, because i'm the mother. you know why? i have already said that to vale. she's into why this? i'm not your friend i'm your father. >> there's a million of them. >> those are good. first up the oscars. on monday a group of all-stars gathered at the oscars luncheon held for all of the nominees. everyone gathers on stage to take a group photo. you see here that kobe bryant one of the more surprising nominations of the year he got a coveted front row seat.
8:09 am
here's the group as a whole. perhaps all of the commotion in the upper right corner. zoom in there. upon closer look you see meryl streep and greta gerwig and other actors holding up a cut-out of actress varda. she had a cutout of her on stage. not a bad idea. up next a different kind of royalty. prince harry and meghan markle. while the two are busy planning their wedding. which date? >> may 19th. >> lifetime has decided who they will cast as the royal pair in an upcoming movie. theresa fitts henley is going to play meghan markle. >> wow. >> and murray frazier has been prince harry. "hear and meghan" is set to air this spring.
8:10 am
and there a dundeendeen theed aeared thatg sequel.s were tus a a tourism now, fans a make the sequel a 000 have signed petitionaing a dulm. evenis a and reality. a first. >> sometimes fans can make things happen. you have a click? >> "daly click" this is a good one. on her 1st birthday this toddler had a surprise in store for her whole family. >> blow it out. >> whoa. >> >> so everybody saw it. evit. she attack and slapped out that thing. she didn't want to make the shot. >> babies move fast. >> yeah.fine. everybody is okay. isn't that crazy? >> crazy. >> she has good reflexes. >> that's what people areabout. for today's edition of "where are they now" olympians, with the olympics beginning on
8:11 am
thursday, we're catching up with olympians of olympics past. >> natalie is in pyeongchang. >> it's been hard to believe it's been more than two decades since kristi yamaguchi competed at the winter albe winning a goa. she opened up here to me. showed me what her life is like today and told me who she has her eye on going into these games. it's been 26 years since kristi yamaguchi skated her way to olympic glory. 6:40 in your life was completely changed. >> i think that's one thing that makes skating so exciting becauseit's just intense a it's quick. one little slip can difference between placing or not placing. >> take me back to that gold medal-winning performance. did you know in that moment that
8:12 am
you had won? >> i did not know. i skated really well. but i had to wait if it was enough. so it was really like, pins and needles, just waiting there, you know through each skater that competed. >> reporter: those olympics prising up the 1994 instead, turning professional. >> i knew if i went back in lillehammer that the pressure would be immense. and it would literally be the only focus, would be to come home with the gold again. >> reporter: two of her teammates who would go on to compete in lillehammer, tonya harding and nancy kerrigan. what was your relationship like with tonya and nancy? >> we had a good relationship. at the olympics we were roommates. we were pretty close. >> reporter: the recent"i tonya" is harding's life and the attack on kerrigan in the weeks leading up to those games. >> what kind of person bashes in
8:13 am
their >> reporte ch>> i actually i wast week.hat did you think? >> it's a the great in it. you kno impres with hing. just a grain of salt knowing there's artistic license and whatnot. >> reporter: yamaguchi is figure skating competition in pyeongchang. she's become a friend and mentor to karen chen. the two women are same .)$ >> that first day, i was focu nd her dete ooh, i see a little bitrom where she grew u w t hetik hetican, a former professional hockey player with her daughters and the newest family member a rescue pup what's life like for two k and i love being a soccer mom, watching them pursue their ambitions. >> reporter: her youngest daughter's ambitions are on the ice, where she is training with her mom's partner. >> i try to stand back a little bit and skating mom. >> reporter: yamaguchi says her days are behind her. but her competitive spirit is
8:14 am
still alive and well. yamach won"dancing with the where is the mirrorball now?hought it would be dining room table. >> it's tucked away.nd had to make s was underneath the stanley cup.r owny case going. >> yes. >> reporter: yamaguchi spends her time giving back working with the children's literacy program she created 22 years ago, called the always dream foundation. >> access is one of the biggest challenges for low-income family ps familys. we're hopefully there to bridge ways she's shining her spotlight on a new generation. guys if you could love kristi anymore, she's down to earth as you see there. she hasn't changed in 26 years. >> no. she hasn't. she's just so chill. and at peace and cool. >> and happy. >> yeah. >> she is. >> you use the word lovely. >> she is. she really is. >> i should let you guys know that during the olympics she will be covering the figure
8:15 am
skating competition daily. you can check out her show "kristi and company." it will be on nbc's digital channel, the olympic ice show. and check out thursday night, the competition begins here. the team event on nbc primetime. of course we're all counting down to the opening ceremony here from pyeongchang, friday night on nbc. >> we'll be seeing you very very soon. coming up tomorrow some of the most unforgettable guys in olympic history. dylan tracked down the original jamaican bobsled team the inspiration for the movie "cool runnings." just this morning, dr. oz tests our heart health live. and speaking of heart, the bionic woman
8:16 am
8:17 am
good morning. i am katie zachary. a few minutes before 8:30.. the rest of us have to wait awhile. seeing snowflakes in the lehigh valley, those fall apart, clouds break for sunshine. that's when we get a warmup this afternoon. temperatures started to climb. delaware is 30 degrees. most of the area stuck in the 20s to start with. we warm into the 40s later today. let's check the roads with first alert traffic reporter. >> watching 95 on the southbound side. looks like it is clearing up.
8:18 am
crash near route 322. this southbound traffic is approaching that. moving toward delaware a little slow because of an accident. watching a disabled vehicle near the schuylkill. watching this accident on the southbound side. >> thanks. pennsylvania governor tom wolf delivers his budget address today. his office says it will protect services for the state's most vulnerable citizens. he says it provides funding for schools and makes investments in job growth. in about 30 minutes, more details from septa and other agencies for the parade of champions thursday. they'll layout plans later this morning. that will be live on nbc10 and on the nbc10 app. we have another live update in 25 minutes. back to the "today" show.
8:19 am
8:20 am
this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
8:21 am
♪ good morning, everybody. it's 8:30. it is tuesday morning. it is the 6th of february. have we mentioned the olympics just two figure skating, one of the first wll get to see in primetime. we are fired up. >> we are fired up. >> let's enjoy this 30-degree warm weather. it will be cold out there. >> you're right. we have a nice crowd out here that braved the cold. i would like to know where charlie and emmyiyily are. where are you from? >> from the u.k. >> you were wondering by. and you saw some people in the cold. >> it's true. never have seen the "today" show. >> this is our plaza. we have concerts here beyonce and whatnot. behind you is where the christmas tree usually is. that's our window on the world
8:22 am
where people just wave. you can see us inside. >> this is al roker. >> this is our weather guy. >> we met. yeah. he's lovely. he's a good guy. >> what do you think so far? >> incredible. very incredible. very cool. >> doeir simmons? >> no. >> keir is one of our correspondents from london. maybe you saw him on the streets. thank you. enjoy your time here. >> all of the british people know each other. dr. oz is here. he's been putting us to the test all morning long. this is for american heart month. our results and the important tips that can help save your life just ahead. plus lindsay wagner jumped into action more than 40 years ago, as tv's iconic bionic woman. >> who could forget? >> a role that won her an emmy. this morning, she's here in studio 1a. and we are excited. >> love it. >> i used to try to jump a fence. and we're whipping up
8:23 am
pancakes, muffins and bacon for breakfast with a little healthy twist. what do you have megyn? >> vanessa williams huge star. she and her daughter share a gene for talent. but they share something else. and that they have an important warning about it for all women today. and imagine this -- southern belle homecoming queen goes off the grid for ten years. show she's coming clean, what she was doing, and how it involved a glock, her husband and paramilitary training today, when she tells the truth. >> that's not flip your home. also if you're feeling lucky today, and nbc at the olympics are partnering to give away v.i.p. olympic experience tickets to lake placid. you could win a round-trip ticket to the village. you get v.i.p. parties. you'll have fun with olympic legends. if you're into that, go to for details to find
8:24 am
out how to enter. >> that's fun. mr. roker, a check of the weather? >> a olympic check of the weather, in pyeongchang. this is close to the water, olympic park. you see it's warming up on the big day, opening ceremonies. 34 and sunny. you go up into the mountains, a little chillier with temperatures bottoming out around 10 degrees on sunday and stays chilly into next week. that's what's going on arod the coununtr good morning. i am meteorologist bill henley. i am tracking light snow in the lehigh valley into the pocono mountains. it will disappear. we get some sunshine, warm into the upper 30s in the lehigh valley. the rest of the area seeing clouds this morning. break for sunshine 40s this afternoon for delaware. up to 41 in new jersey 40 degrees for the suburbs. philadelphia after a cloudy start, much less wind than yesterday. we'll see sunshine this afternoon. new jersey at the shore, sunshine takes us to 43 this
8:25 am
afternoon. have a great day. >> our new friends from the u.k. and you're from brazil? >> yes. >> have you seen the "today" show before? >> yes. >> you know us. and you still came down. we appreciate that. thank you very much. oh savannah? this portion of "know your numbers" is brought to you by novartis. >> february is american heart month. good time to encourage family and friends to get baseline screenings. we want to lead by example. >> here to put us on a heart-healthy path is dr. mehmet oz. >> good morning. >> we got up a little early for you because you thought it would be a good idea if we tested some of our numbers. this is a time when everybody should be checking their stats, right? >> you got to know your numbers. >> there was a recent study that linked age to heart disease. we're obviously very young. you know just for everyone else. >> this is breaking news.
8:26 am
and it's pretty important. there's stem cells in our bone marrow, that leads to heart disease. we know people that look perfect that don't have risk factors and still have heart problems. it's not predictive always. but let's focus on the numbers that you can change. you go through the numbers, the most important one to focus on is your blood pressure. i checked your blood pressure. here's your goal. you want to keep your blood pressure 120/80 or below. >> that's the optimal. >> you're going to want to stay 140/90 which is hypertension. and the good news for both of you, because we did your studies this morning opinion you got up earlier. >> there's video proof that we took care of this. >> 120/80 for savannah. and 120/80 for hoda. >> 112/80 for savannah. and 120/80 over hoda. >> you're optimal. >> you're both optimal.
8:27 am
>> what if you're low? some people have low blood pressure. >> as long as you're not getting light-headed that doesn't matter. it is often better for people. theoretically, savannah wins. >> i do get light-headed but that's another story. >> what's the danger zone for high? how high does it need to be before you worry? >> even 130/80 starts to worry people. 140/90 when we start treating. it's like having a fire hydrant scraping off of your lining of the arteries. it sounds benign. it's a major problem that one in three americans, similar number for high blood pressure one in three americans, prediabetes or diabetes. you want your number to be under 100. >> your fasting blood sugar. if your blood sugar is over 125 it's diabetic. how about the middle zone? >> you took our sugars. >> savannah what's yours?
8:28 am
>> 111. >> uh-oh. that's not shocking. it's high right? >> yeah. you're supposed to be under 100. hoda yours was 110. here's the catch, though. did you -- be honest here. did you have anything to eat after midnight? if you did, it will throw the numbers. >> i had coffee with half and half. >> and i had coffee with coffeemate. >> that is what it is. >> that's what happened. >> you're kidding me? you got up and you cheated? >> coffee doesn't count. >> half and half and creamer counts. >> what if the numbers are high? >> you might as well had a kielbasa. i'm hoarse cheering for the eagles and this is making it worse. if the numbers are high you can make them better by taking care of yourself and your diet. if you're over 125, often times medication will help you.
8:29 am
it will jump-start you in the right direction. some folks have to take insulin. we want to avoid that. the goal being knowledgeable about your numbers, you can change them with your lifestyle. >> efvery time we do one of the weight loss stories, the minute they lost the weight they're no longer on the medications they needed. >> you lose weight, you fix the numbers. the third one is the cholesterol. you want your ldl to be under 100. you want your good hdl to be over 80. >> come on. >> you're both perfect. >> 92 and 84. >> okay. >> that's good. ldl under 100. >> look at you. >> 86/81. >> total cholesterol, don't get hung up on that. you want your height -- i didn't do you. my height i'm 72 inches.
8:30 am
divided in half, is 36 inches. >> that's what your waist should be? >> your height divided by two. >> i think we're all right. >> my waist is 34 it's less than 36 half my height. that's something you can do right now. this month is heart month. that number you should know. one last number for you. the texas two-step. one and two. this is for people who had cardiac arrest and did not recognitionreck recognize they have issues. you call 911 and number two, do cpr. we broke the record last year with texas two-step. almost 10,000 people. all across the country, learn your numbers. if you're not going to learn the numbers, at least know how to do cpr. >> sorry we had half and half. >> you can catch dr. oz on "the dr. oz show." the bionic woman, four decades later, we're catching up
8:31 am
8:32 am
8:33 am
we're back. 8:42. a select few are known by just one name. beyonce, madonna, hoda. but only the rarest are recognized by one sound effect. >> oh yes. lindsay wagner became an icon. she won annic woman in the '70s. she played jamie summers, girlfriend of the $6 million man. she was rebuilt faster and stronger with her bionic strength. she became a >> fast-forward she is still on the big screen. she is playing in a biblical drama called "sampson." she is the mother of that icon. you have to go down memory lane with us. we brought our bionic woman doll. this has been in hoda's closet since she was 10 years old.
8:34 am
do you have fond memories of it? >> oh sure. fond and grueling when you're the sole star. they don't do that a lot. it's a lot of groups that are starring in a show. everything is on you. and we didn't have all the special effects that you can do things today. you know second units where they go out and they do the stuntwork and you do the acting part. we did everything. it was just tough. >> you were so ahead of your time. we're talking about how you would say things to the director and things like i don't want to be a guy in a skirt. i want to be who i am. that took courage, didn't it to stand up then and talk about those things? >> yeah. i guess i had some strong role models my mother and my grandmother. that was a blessing for me going into the business. for me i loved acting of course but i wanted to go into the business for communication. that was my passion, talking
8:35 am
about human potential. you know the types of things that i wanted to do i was blessed with success, so that i could do it. >> what do people say to you now? we all have fond memories of "the bionic woman." i can't believe i'm sitting across from you. what do young women say to you about the role model that you were and are? >> i hear amazing stories about how they thought the world was until the show. i had a woman tell me once that her father was very loving. and a nice dad. but when she wanted to go and have a secondary education, she wanted to be an engineer. he went we will put some money into college for you. but seriously, do you want to be a nurse or a hairdresser? and good bless all of the nurses and hairdressers she had a drive to be an engineer and wanted to do that. and i guess there was a lot of family arguments and whatnot.
8:36 am
she said, today, i work at nasa. because she was like what would jamie do? what would jamie say? >> now, you are playing sampson's mom. i think we have a clip. >> yes. >> let's play it. >> within go ahead's forgiveness is his power. and he's still with you. you must pursue his desire not your own. listen to him. >> pray for me. >> always. i always pray for my children. >> what a beautiful scene. you are getting emotional just watching it. you say this movie is about unconditional love and that speaks to you, doesn't it? >> absolutely. the film is -- it's easy for mothers to have unconditional love. but for sampson, who had special
8:37 am
powers from god, that was connected to a covenant i see this message in the film as a med for med meda jn metaphor for all of us. for him, as we all make so many mistakes and then feel we carry this feeling about ourselves, and doesn't allow the story to open up and be receptive to grace of god or the life force or whatever you call the higher power. when sampson finally looked at himself, took responsibility for his actions and realized he was
8:38 am
functioning out of pride, as well as impatience and the design for vengeance, this is how he participated in a lot of the problems that they had. and when he saw that and really went into his heart, his power came back. his power came back because he said i get it. i see it. bring it back. let me help my people. >> one of the most profound stories. >> and a beautiful project, too. lindsay, thank you for coming to see us. "sampson" hits theaters on february 16th. you can catch "the bionic woman" on our sister network, cozy tv. coming up next we're cooking up a special breakfast and twists in the ingredient grid. will hoda al and sheinelle be able to figure this one
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're back with "today food." and this morning, we have a delicious spread. pancake, bacon and muffins.
8:41 am
there's a twist, though. this is completely vaguen. the author of "sweet potato soul." good morning. we are using secret ingredients. our tasters are downstairs. i don't know if they had a chance to taste it. what do you think the secret ingredient is in the pancakes? >> i got it. >> i thought al would be good at this. he's a real chef there. >> hoda says apple sauce. >> and al says sweet potato. >> al is correct. >> sweet potato. >> there's our ingredient grid and sweet potatoes are right there. >> the first thing we're going to do is make a flax egg. we're going to mix water with the flaxseed. that's our egg replacement. you have flour and cinnamon
8:42 am
nutmeg baking powder and baking soda soda. and add some brown sugar. >> is this the sweet potato? >> this is just baked. out of the center. we're going to add some nondairy milk. we're going to add a little bit of vanilla and oil. >> can you use that fla egg for any dish? >> when you're doing muffins or anything like that. >> ok >> can i whisk over this? tely >> flour into the wet. >> does my batter cook up >> it doesn't cook up too y. i'm going to show you. i'm going to ladle it into the center. we're using vegan butter. it cooks up just the taste? >> it tastes great. it tastes like real butter and gives you the crispy edges.
8:43 am
what do you think, guys? >> the pancakes are heaven. >> delicious. >> flip it over. nice. >> the pancakes are great. you love it. wonderful. now, let's come over to this. >> what are we making here? >> that bacon. >> what do you think is the secret ingredient of the bacon? >> i think it's dried banana. >> it tastes like nothing.t al. >> not pig, he says. >> eggplant actually. the eggplant using a mandolin. it gives you nice skinny slices like this. and there's some already done. when it comes to bacon, eggplant eggplant coconut, what you want is the smoke and the sweet and the fat. we havehere. we're going to add some maple syrup, some liquid smoke, and some smoke paprika. >> you dip it in there and bake
8:44 am
it up? >> you drop it in there. you give it a toss. >> al i know bacon is bacon. what do you think of this? >> the pancake is fantastic. >> i like it. >> i would eat it. you can't tell me. >> right. >> it's a smoky eggplant. >> jenne, thank you so much. if you want to learn about her book and these vegan recipes, go to you can grab the recipe ss at we're back in a moment. thiss "today" on nbc. i
8:45 am
oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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guys we have a fun show at 10:00.lly on the street is here. hide thechildren. that's how we got him.
8:47 am
good morning. i am katie zachary. >> still pretty chilly outside. bill henley has the most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> cold enough for snow. tracking a few flurries and light snow not in philadelphia or the suburbs berks county and lehigh valley. we get sunshine breaking through the clouds this morning and this afternoon. temperatures haven't moved much. still in the 20s. 30 in philadelphia 30 in delaware. this afternoon, we get sunshine and upper 30s for lehigh valley 40s for just about everybody else. >> thanks, bill. let's check the roads with jessica boyington. watching 422. >> we have seen better days on 422. unfortunatelnd side 98 minute trip with normal traffic, probably 25 minutes by this time. without traffic, about 7 minutes.
8:48 am
this is what it is adding up to on the eastbound side. one lane getting by this accident off on the shoulder. speeds are now down into the single digits. >> thank you. here's a live look inside philadelphia city hall where we are about to find out more detailchampions for the philadelphia eagles. we will carry that live on nbc10 and the app. >> here's what we do know about the parade. thursday, they make their way from the sports complex and over to the art museum. they expect more than 2 million fans or more to show up. see you back in a few minutes for that live press conference. the latest on how the city plans to celebrate new champions. >> catch that also on and the nbc10 app. see you in a few minutes. have a great tuesday.
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[ applause ] good morning aempbnd welcome, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. we begin with an incredible story of forgiveness and faith. kent and his wife patric years and had two college-aged sons when an unspeakable tragedy struck
8:51 am
their family. it was kent's faith as he fought and continues to fight for the only family he has left. in december 2003 the whitaker family arrived home from a dinner out, only to have their lives shattered. >> 911. what's your emergency? >> i've been shot. we were walking in the house. my brother, and my
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