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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 14, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> can you talk about where the shooter was. was he inside the school? wants of firecrackers. was the shooter inside the school? >> he was outside and inside at varying times. he certainly was inside. thank you. >> have their families been notified? have all the families been notified? >> scott israel, the broward county sheriff updating reporters. 14 people with varying degrees of injuries he said have been transported to hospitals. he added further confirmation that there are dead inside the school. he didn't offer any numbers. he says they are still clearing rooms. it's a sprawling campus there. the douglas high school and they are clearing, making sure there's no students who may be injured, who might be hiding or any other additional threats, and then they'll begin processing the scene itself. but multiple casualties. he calls this an horrific homicidal act. he offered specific instructions for parents who need to be
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reunited with their children. students at that school. let's quickly go to tom costello. tom? >> i would also add that the sheriff made a point of saying the suspect appears to be a former student, an 18-year-old, not a current student. he believes he's about 18 years old. there is some reporting from the miami herald suggesting that the suspect may be 19 and a former student. and that the suspect was early on identified as wearing a maroon shirt and the suspect then arrested a short distance away was in fact, wearing a maroon shirt. 14 transported and wounded. unknown number of fatalities. presumably, some of them are still inside the school. as the sheriff's department now goes through the process of very methodically clearing room by room before they can actually allow the investigation, the crime scene investigation to proceed. lester? >> tom costello, thank you. we will, of course, continue to follow this story closely from our vantage point here at the
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winter olympics. and we'll come back on the air as developments warrant. we'll have full details shortly on "nbc nightly news." for now, i'm lester holt. nbc news. nbc 10 breaking news. >> that breaking news if you've been watching our air, a shooting at a high school in south florida leaves at least 14 people injured. the local sheriff just reported there are fatalities. >> lauren mayk is live in the breaking news center. lauren, what can you tell us at this point? >> the sheriff there now says the shooter is in custody but this is still a very active scene. take a look. we have a live look at marjory stoneman douglas high school. dozens of law enforcement vehicles are still at the school along with heavily armed officers. and we just learned that multiple s.w.a.t. teams are
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inside clearing all the buildings there to make sure there aren't any other shooters. and we are getting a first look inside the school when the gunfire broke out. [ gunfire ] >> parkland, florida, is on the southern tip of the state between boca raton and ft. lauderdale in broward county. students ran from the school with their hands in the air to let officers on the scene there know that they are not armed. this school is very large. it holds more than 3,000 students. right now there's a triage center set up outside the school, although 14 people have been sent to local hospitals. we are also starting to see and hear from parents as they are reunited with their children. >> oh, what a joy. oh! i just hope all the other kids
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are okay. >> emotional moments for parents. in washington, president trump has been briefed on the shooting. he tweeted within the last hour and a half, my prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible florida shooting. no child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an american school. again, this is still a very active scene. police are going through each of the buildings to make sure everything is safe. for now, reporting live in the breaking news center, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> lauren, we want to take a live look at the coverage. this is from our center station in miami, florida. a chopper overhead that scene there. we're going to continue to monitor developments from this breaking story and, of course, we'll bring you any new information as soon as we get it from parkland, florida. right now at 5:00 -- an nbc 10 exclusive. an 11-year-old girl happenedcha and thrown into a jail cell
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after she said she was bullied on her bus. the mother says no one called her about her daughter's arrest. >> miguel martinez-vales joining us with more. >> i've been trying to talk to the darby borough police chief. i also tried to see if he was at the station. they told us he was not here. what the 11-year-old girl and mother told me is he was hand cuffed after a fight on the school bus, put inside the back of one of these police vans and told to grab onto the seat belt while she was brought to the station. >> the cops came and said that they were arresting me. >> after after-school bus fight ended like this. with police talking to rodriguez. >> they told me to put my hands behind my back. >> reporter: she said she was being bullied, defended herself and ended up in the back of a
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police van. >> her mother and grandmother were left frantically looking for her. >> i had no idea where my child was. nobody contacted me and let me know they arrested my child. >> reporter: mom told me the police took the police to the police station. according to rodriguez, they took her shoes off and locked her up. >> i was like i wasn't going to see my family again. >> she was traumatized. she was crying. at one point they had the handcuffs so tight in the cell her arms were red. >> i meat multiple calls to the darby borough chief. mom told us this is a copy of the citation they issued her 11-year-old. it charges her with disorderly conduct and says she caused a public inconvenience which could have been physically hazardous. >> who can look at this child and actually arrest her when she's, you know, 30 pounds
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soaking wet and these girls are way bigger than her. >> i kind of don't want to go back to school on the bus because i'm scared that it's going to happen again. >> reporter: also been trying to talk to the company in charge of the buses. they haven't answered our phone calls. the person who was in charge, we were told they were not available but i did talk to the mother. she said the person in charge called her and told her they're not sure why her daughter was arrested and offered her a shuttle to take her daughter to school so she won't have to take the bus. i'm miguel martinez-valle. to washington where president trump spoke out against domestic violence after days of controversy surrounding a former white house staff secretary. >> i am totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind. everyone knows that. and it almost wouldn't even have to be said. so now you hear it but you all know it. >> former trump aide rob porter
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left his post last week after his two ex-wives accused him of physical abuse during their marriages. until today, trump's only comments were last friday when he wished porter well in the future. the porn star who claims she had an affair with president trump says she is now free to tell her story. last night the president's attorney admitted he paid stormy daniels $130,000. but now daniels' manager says that violated a nondisclosure agreement. the alleged affair took place back in 2006. trump denies the allegations. a jersey shore father accused of killing his 4-month-old son faced a judge this afternoon for the first time. >> jose rojas told investigators the infant rolled off a bad at their home. ted greenberg spoke with the baby's mother and family member coming to the father's defense. >> i miss him a lot. he was amazing at such a young
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age. >> reporter: shelly is grieving and angry after losing her 4-month-old son allegedly at the hands of his own father, 35-year-old jose rojas. >> i'm hurt. and i just want justice for my son. that's all. >> reporter: maddox in court today with the twin brother as her now ex-boyfriend went before a judge by video on charges of aggravated manslaughter, assault and child endangerment. jacir was found with no pulse at the family's hamilton township home on january 29th. prosecutors say doctors later discovered the baby suffered so many hemorrhages in both eyes they were too numerous to count. consistent, experts say, with abusive head trauma. >> he's a wonderful father. >> reporter: wilda is the suspect's aunt and says he takes medicine for schizophrenia but believes there must be another explanation for the baby's injuries. she did not want her face shown on camera. >> yes, i want the world to know
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that it's not true. he will not severely beat no child. he has nine other children. he's never put his hands on. >> reporter: jacir died february 4th after nearly a week at children's hospital of philadelphia. authorities say rojas told police his son rolled off the bed, but doctors determined the injuries were too severe for that to have been the case. investigators and maddox say at the time, rojas was home alone with the twins and the couple's 1-year-old son. >> he took my baby away from me. >> reporter: the baby's mother tells me she was out of state because of a death in the family when all of this happened. rojas remains in jail awaiting a detention hearing tomorrow. in mays landing, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. elsewhere today, it's ash wednesday and the beginning ofuleo of lent for christians. people received their ashes there and another service is
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just getting under way right now. coming up next at 5:00 -- sued over a good deed. >> a man created signs and raised money to help an injured trooper. why one group is now suing him for tens of thousands of dollars. also live at the winter olympics. shaun white on success and scandal. plus, the hang-up that's delaying one of tonight's competitions. and philly fans rejoice. nbc 10 takes you behind the scenes to show you the memorabilia that will decorate the museum of sports. and breaking news out of florida. a school shooting there. at least 20 people are hurt, and the local sheriff says there are fatalities. and we just got new information about the shooter. our live coverage continues next at 5:00.
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we're staying on top of breaking news in parkland, florida, where we just learned at least 20 people are hurt after a shooting at a high school there. the superintendent at marjory stoneman douglas high school says there are, quote, numerous fatalities but investigators have not confirmed just how many people have died in that attack. police have taken one person into custody in the last ten minutes the broward county sheriff says that suspect is 18 years old, possibly a former student, but the sheriff said he definitely did not go to the school right now.
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was not a current student. we're getting new information by the minute. we'll pass along updates throughout this newscast on air and, of course, on the nbc 10 app. switching gears now. as if philly couldn't get louder and prouder about the city's teams, a new venue to celebrate sports could be coming to south philly. >> today organizers announced plans to open the museum of sports. it would be near pattison avenue and darrian streets. rosemary connor gives us a sneak peek of what would be on display. >> this is a city that lives and dies with its teams. >> reporter: from the fan favorites -- >> mike schmidt's 1980 home run crown, the babe ruth award. >> reporter: to the memorabilia with historical significance. >> that is not the emancipation proclamation but the emancipation proclamation for sports. and every young person in this city should see it. >> reporter: the museum of sports will feature philly
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greats and rivals. >> we have a tom brady super bowl li ring on display. we have -- [ laughter ] that was last year. he didn't win this one. the museum will cost about $8 million to possibly $10 million to outfit with plans to open some time in 2019. most of the exhibits will be rota rotate, giving fans a fresh look at relics. >> this is a football that was the kickoff football with the minnesota vikings and the eagles in the championship game. it was auctioned by the nfl saturday. we got it for the museum. so children will actually be able to touch this football. you see that? >> reporter: the timing couldn't be better with philly fandom at a fever pitch. >> ed rendell is tasked with raising the money. a challenge he can achieve in a place where sports reign
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supreme. >> doesn't matter your race, religion, your age, we can talk about our teams. >> reporter: especially when they're winning. i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. in tonight's coverage of the pyeongchang olympics, we'll head to the slopes for alpine and indoors for speed skating, skeleton and figure skating. >> the alpine has been postponed two times in three days. the reason? the wind. today the winds were so strong in the mountains of south korea, it forced evacuations at part of the olympic park today. workers disassembled tents, and fans were asked to seek shelter in nearby buildings. by noon, general admission to the park was no longer allowed. windy conditions have postponed several events. pennsylvania-based hershey's is offering a sweet deal during the olympic games. they are giving away free hershey's gold bars every time team usa wins a gold medal.
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after each win, hershey's posts a link online. the first 10,000 fans to respond receive a coupon. the contest runs through the closing ceremony. the nbc 10 app is your all access guide to the winter games. we asked the mathematicians at penn analytics group to tell us how fast and strong our local olympic athletes are. you can read their results on the nbc 10 app. to the weather now. nbc 10 first alert weather is tracking a soggy valentine's night. see the rain is making its return in just a few hours. bring your umbrella if you're headed out for valentine's dinner. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist tammie souza is decked out in her valentine's red. >> rain will be moving in between 8:00 and 9:00. if you have mid to late evening plans or still going to be out, grab the umbrella now before you head out. thesely scattered showers.
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so here's what you can expect. moving forward, we're going to see 60s with periods of rain the next couple of days. saturday, we could see some snow. believe it or not, a big winter storm system taking shape. we talked about it last night. it does look like part of the area is going to be in the track for accumulating snow. how much? too early to tell. presidents' day on sunday, could see rain late in the day and that evening. today our high, 52 in philadelphia. that's above the 44 where we should be this time of year. no rainfall yet. and our low was 35. highest wind gust 19 miles an hour. the neighborhood is at 48. 48 in delaware. 51 in south jersey. we head out to the shore where it's 50. and the suburbs at 50 degrees. let's take a look at what's going on in philadelphia right now. it's 51 at society hills. 50 in parkside. mt. erie, 50 degrees. just really comfortable out there. very pleasant. bustleton 53 and summerton 50 degrees. you may need to carry the umbrella.
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maybe a middle weight jacket for tonight. not terribly cold. temperature won't fall that much. the doppler radar, nothing moving into the area yet but she's showers moving quickly. nothing to stop the flow of all these storm systems. they've been zipping by us. that will be the case with this one. that rain will make its way into the area. then we focus out on the west. a huge storm system out there. two of them that will merge together bringing us that chance of snow on saturday. look at the temperatures. here comes the showery activity. it's going to come in between 8:00 and 10:00. we'll be in the 40s. we start to climb tomorrow. look at this. we make it into the mid-60s across much of the area. most of the day with clouds and maybe an isolated sprinkle. tomorrow evening the rain moves back in. temperatures hang around in the 60s through the first part of friday and then start to fall off as the cold front comes through. 37 by the time we reach the evening hours. we start saturday in the 20s. winds out of the north and the east. here comes the big system out west. you could start as rain because
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those easterly winds are keeping us warm. then it turns to snow across the area. places like southern delaware, maybe the jersey shore. but philadelphia, you could pick up some accumulating snow. it's out of here very quickly on sunday morning, and it looks like then we'll get the sunshine back and more rain on your monday. 65 tomorrow. 60 on friday with temperatures falling. 38 saturday. temperatures falling. that's when we see that snow clearing out sunday. monday a chance of rain and then back to the 60s by next tuesday. guys? we were just crying because we'd never gone through this experience. i really thought we were going to die. >> scare in the air. shaken passengers of a united flight that appeared to blow an engine speak out about their terrifying ride. that's next at 5:00. nbc 10's olympic medal count is brought to you locally by royal caribbean.
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a midair scare when an engine cover came off of a plane. passengers on the united airlines flight thought they were going to die. the plane was traveling from san francisco to honolulu yesterday when the cover ripped off falling hundreds of feet into the ocean. there was a loud bang, and then the plane started to shake. >> yeah, my mom was crying. i saw a bunch of other people crying around us. i think we were bracing for the worst, like what if this actually lands on the water. >> 353 passengers and 10 crew members were on that plane. no one was hurt.
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here at home today, one of the medical marijuana dispensaries set to open in pennsylvania gave the public a sneak peek at its operation. keystone shops held an open house for its dispensary in chester county. it's one of three state-approved dispensaries opening this week. they'll hold grand openings on saturday. the first one in our area opens friday in bethlehem. another on saturday in cellarsville. well-deserved praise for more than 80 of philadelphia's finest. the police officers were honored for their bravery during a ceremony at the fraternal order of police lodge in the northeast. all were recognized for remarkable responses in the line of duty during an arrest or in some other form of police service. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00 -- breaking details out of south florida. >> there are multiple fatalities and at least 20 wounded at a school shooting there. nbc 10's lauren mayk is getting new details about the shooting. we'll have a live report coming up. a lehigh valley man thought
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he was doing a good deed, but now he's facing a lawsuit of $50,000. we'll explain why coming up. five months after a massive hurricane knocked out the power in puerto rico, a huge team from our area is going down to get the lights back on. i'm tim furlong. the story is coming up.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> that breaking news is out of parkland, florida, in the southern part of the state. we now know at least 20 people are hurt after a shooting at a high school there. we're learning more about the suspected shooter. let's go back to nbc 10's lauren mayk. she joins us live in the breaking news center with an update. >> reporter: investigators believe the shooter is 18 years old and possibly a former student there. the superintendent at marjory stoneman douglas high school says there are numerous fatalities, but investigators have not confirmed just how many people died in the attack. gunfire erupted just after 3:00. more than 3,000 students are enrolled at this school, and many parents rushed to the scene there to check on their kids. >> i just picked up my cell phone and all i could hear was him yelling, there's a shooting at school, mom, there's a shooting at school happening right now. so i just told him, run, baby,
5:30 pm
run, run. >> at first i thought someone pulled the fire alarm and then i actually got scared like there's actually a shooter. and people are actually dying. >> the sheriff called the scene horrific. s.w.a.t. teams had been on the scene there clearing each room of the school to make sure that it's safe. we'll continue to follow developments in florida and bring you new information as it comes into the newsroom. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> of course, we'll keep everyone updated about this florida high school shooting on the air but also on the free nbc 10 app. you can download it for breaking news alerts on the go. now new at 5:00, a lehigh valley man has been slapped with a $50,000 lawsuit after raising money for an injured trooper. >> small non-profit from lucerne county says a hashtag used during the fund-raiser crossed the line. he explains how some simple signs created an uproar. >> reporter: after corporal kelly was shot, he decided he needed to do something about it
5:31 pm
so he found these signs. he raised $19,000 and gave it all to corporal kelly. but now he's being sued for it, perhaps proving no good deed goes unpunished. it's even written in attorney andrew bench's court paperwork. no good deed goes unpunished. >> he's a small business owner. they're alleging he owes them $50,000. it would bankrupt him. >> reporter: noah did not want to be interviewed today but his attorney says when corporal kelly was shot in november, it struck a cord with his client. >> he's a volunteer firefighter. when he heard trooper kelly had been shot, it was just a really personal thing for him. >> reporter: he owns a business called rapid wraps n signs and he made this sign that included the flag and psp strong to raise money for corporal kelly. now a group called psp group
5:32 pm
filed a suit against him saying it's an infringement of their trademark. >> they've aplayed for a trademark. the federal government has told them that you don't qualify. >> reporter: we reached out to the psp strong foundation. they said this was not a fight provoked or chosen by psp strong. it's a fight that must be undertaken to protect psp strong inc. and other also charitable organizations. steven fisher, nbc 10 news. turning to your weather. nbc 10 in wilmington, delaware, where temperatures reached 50 degrees today. that breeze made it feel chilly along the riverfront there. a live look in south philadelphia where the miami heat are taking on the 76ers tonight at 7:00. folks heading to the game could see some showers, though, on their way home. >> a live look at broad street from our kimmel center campus camera. it's going to be a busy night out there in center city as those folks head out for their romantic valentine's day
5:33 pm
dinners. hope you made your reservations. chief meteorologist tammie souza is joining us. >> people want to have those umbrellas handy? >> maybe a really snappy looking rain jacket if you'll be out later this evening. we have scattered showers coming through. one of the more remarkable things going on, look at this map of temperatures. you can really see a defining line. the 40s north where you see the blue and 50s south. the 50s are headed our way. the 60s are headed our way for tomorrow. 49 now in philadelphia. we did top out in the low 50s. 53 in roanoke. 52 in d.c. 46 in pittsburgh. these are wonderful, comfortable temperatures above where we should be this time of year. 46 in coatesville. 50 in vineland. allentown coming in at 48. doesn't matter where you are, what neighborhood you're in. doppler not showing any rain across the area but sunshine has given way to clouds, and we do have rain that's going to make its way into the area overnight
5:34 pm
tonight. this is going to be later this evening when we see showers. showers by about 11:00, and they'll be drying out. tomorrow morning you wake up at 49 in philadelphia. 47 in the suburbs. 44 in the lehigh valley. 49 in delaware. 48 in new jersey and 49 along the jersey shore. we'll talk 60s and snow when i come back in a few minutes. here's a look at some of the stories making headlines county by county across our region. firefighters responded to a freak accident in wilmington, delaware. a toddler fell six feet through a heating duct vent in a home on rodman street. he will be okay. it is not clear who was home with the toddler when he fell. staying in new castle county, a university of delaware student was tackled to the ground during a robbery this morning by two men holding a semiautomatic gun. it happened in the laird campus parking lot as the 21-year-old student was walking to his dorm. thomas mckeon hall. the masked men demanded his
5:35 pm
wallet and cell phone and took off in a gold or tan older model chrysler sedan. the student was not physically injured. in montgomery county, a high school wants to build a veterans memorial on its campus. the school district announced it's kicking off a fund-raiser to make that vision a reality. they need to raise $40,000. contributions would be tax deductible. they hope to start construction next january. new jersey senator cory booker is joining other democrats in snubbing corporate campaign donations. booker will no longer accept donations from political action committees with ties to for-profit corporations. recently bernie sanders, gillibrand and elizabeth warren said they'd do the same. all of those considered hopefuls to make presidential runs on the democratic side in 2020. if you are looking for a new job, dust off your resume during your spring cleaning. the home depot is hiring 1500 workers in philadelphia and 80,000 people nationwide. spring is the company's busyiest
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selling season so it's beefing up its workforce. to apply for one of those positions go to or tap the nbc 10 app. it is another action-packed night in pyeongchang, south korea. another gold medal awarded to america's count last night when snowboarder shaun white secured a gold in the halfpipe race. >> jinah kim is live from pyeongchang. >> hey there, jim and erin. this was shaun white's third olympic gold medal. four years ago in sochi, he was really upset because he barely missed the podium, placing fourth. he wanted redemption for that, and he got it. >> shaun white, for the gold! >> reporter: it was a make it or break it moment. shaun white was in silver position going into his final run in halfpipe. he went for it. >> the second 1440. >> reporter: at the bottom, an
5:37 pm
excruciating wait. then -- >> shaun white takes the gold! >> i'm sure you can tell by my reaction at the bottom of the pipe that this meant the world to me. and my family and my team. and doing it for usa again. >> reporter: during the news conference, white was asked about a 2016 sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former female drummer in his rock band. he said he wanted to talk about the olympics, not gossip. later on the "today" show -- >> i'm truly sorry that i chose the word gossip. it was a poor choice of words to describe such a sensitive subject in the world today. and, you know, i'm just truly sorry. >> reporter: on the ice, u.s. men's hockey lost its opening match with slovenia. the women who have won both of their games face arch rival canada today. husband and wife chris and alexa kne kneer knierim placed 15th and
5:38 pm
will skate again tonight. fierce winds postponed another day of alpine skiing. it's wreaking havoc on skiers and forced evacuations in olympic park. after two rescheduled races because of that wind, mikaela shiffrin may finally hit the slopes today in giant slalom. >> we've been waiting to see her. >> that wind is crazy. thank you. here at nbc 10, we can say we knew him back when. >> take a look at this video of shaun white at the 2006 winter games after winning his first olympic medal. >> i'm shaun white, gold medal winner. you're watching nbc 10. >> long hair and all, and he says he may not be finished with the olympics. he's considering competing in the 2020 summer games when skateboarding makes its debut. don't miss keith jones' live reporting from pyeongchang at 11:00 tonight right here on nbc 10. and remember, all of the olympic
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events are always streaming live in the free nbc 10 app. so you can watch them on the go any time. tap the app for a list of five things you want to watch tonight. the highs and lows of valentine's day. >> coming up, we'll show you how some people celebrated love and others celebrated a split with their ex. and the roots are always bringing a-list musicians to their annual picnic in philadelphia. but wait until you hear which celebrity is going to headline this year's event.
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two of a dozen guests expected to perform at this year's root picnic football in philadelphia. but the biggest name of all, comedian dave chappelle will wrap up the event at festival pier this afternoon. drummer for the roots qwest love started dropping hints. ticket goes on sale friday. facebook is getting into the speaker business. facebook will launch the aloha and fiona smart speakers by july. last august facebook was working on two separate speaker devices with apple siri-style voice assistants. we're going to be looking at valentine's day rain. well, valentine's evening rain. i'll tell you when this moves in and how long it's going to stick around. plus some snow for your weekend. and all new on nbc 10 news
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at 6:00 -- up for grabs from flat screens to fridges. the items about to be offered up feet away from the stadium complex in south philly. that's all new at 6:00. nbc 10's competition to watch is brought to you locally by the jeep presidents' day sales event.
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♪ that music, oh, my goodness. today americans are expected to shell out $20 million on candy, cards, flowers and food to celebrate valentine's day. >> sounds like a bad movie. people lined up at the lochel's bakery to get their hands on cakes, cupcakes and cookies all themed especially for today. and love is in the air. boyd's flowers has 17 trucks on the road today delivering thousands ofros roses. it's a huge boom for business having valentine's day on wednesday. it means flowers aren't competing with restaurants and weekend getaways. while wednesdays are good for flower shops, today's weather didn't hurt either. no snow or ice to slow down or cancel those flower deliveries.
5:47 pm
♪ one in a million >> a day of dancing at the day center. frank and kathy were regulars there. they met four years ago there and now they are engaged. today the couple celebrated their love with the help of others who attend the center. talk about an anti-valentine's day celebration. >> hooters today is going to let you shred your ex's picture in exchange for free wings. no one was taking hooters up on its offer while we there were at the restaurant. it was quiet but invited to destroy your ex's picture in a shredder they have there and get ten free wings for your effort. the offer is good throughout our area. how nice. >> very romantic. let's turn to the weather, tammie. it's going to be nice out there, unless you're staying out real late. >> you bring the umbrella and
5:48 pm
maybe you have to snuggle closer und underthat umbrella. >> there's always a bright side. it's not so bright right now. clouds have moved in. beautiful sunshine earlier today. right now 49 degrees. made it up into the low 50s today. shot shabby at all. the windchill makes it feel like 45. you still need some sort of a jacket but not that giant puffy coat. let's go to wilmington where your 48 and you feel like 45 with southwest winds. cloudy skies everywhere. what's it going to be like? we're going to be looking at temperatures generally going to be, well, we were in the 50s earlier. that are generally going to be falling from the 50s. pretty much falling the other way. we'll be looking at showers starting up during the 7:00 hour and lingering through about midnight, 1:00 in the morning. so doppler radar not picking up any rain in the area yet but it is knocking on the door. the clouds are in place. this rapidly moving storm system
5:49 pm
making its way in our direction. if we put it futurecast and go hour by hour, this is what's going to happen. winds still coming out of the south. temperatures are going to be steady depending on where you live. that rain moving in. that's going to happen 7:00, 8:00 tonight just to the west of philadelphia and then across the entire area by about 10. we'll watch those rain showers continue. they'll be out of here by early tomorrow morning. you'll go to work, see southerly winds and watch the number in philadelphia. that's a 65. your eyes are not deceiving you. we are going to be looking at a lot of warmth being pumped into the area. maybe a sprinkle tomorrow. the rain does return tomorrow evening. we hang on to the 60s into our. once the rain moves out friday morning, we see those winds turning to the west to northwest and then the temperatures start to fall. by evening, in the 30s. look what happens. we start saturday. with some high, thin clouds but then the clouds move in. the winds turn to the east.
5:50 pm
here comes this giant storm system out of southern california. and look at this. we could end up with snow through the night and into early on sunday. rain perhaps for southern delaware and the jersey shore. it's out of here early mondsund morning but we've got to watch this closely. the track is not well defined and this could be an event where we have some accumulating snow. maybe you don't care because by monday, warm enough that we'll get rain moving back into the area. so your neighborhood for tomorrow, 65 in philadelphia. 62 in the burbs. 63 in south jersey. 56 on the jersey shore and 65 in delaware. your ten-day on 10. tomorrow, beautiful, 65. we will see the showers early in the morning and then again at night. 60 on friday but those temperatures will fall throughout the day with rain in the morning. we see this snow in your area, this is going to be saturday night, all night clearing out very early on sunday. temperatures fall there and that is worth watching. by monday, presidents' day
5:51 pm
holiday, 51 again and a chance of rain. we'll be back right after this. he wouldn'help me.itting us. i'm scared. it hurts. he told me not to tell. make the call. make the call ...before it's too late. suspect it? report it. make the call. 1-800-932-0313 paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> welcome back lester holt joining us from the winter olympic games in pyeongchang, south korea. >> he has a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." hey, lester. >> hi, obviously, we'll be
5:54 pm
leading with the events in florida, today. the shooting at a high school there. we're getting a little more information on the number of injured, the casualties. it's fluid right now as they continue to work the scene there. we've also learned a bit more about the alleged shooter, an apparent former student of that school. we'll bring you up to speed on all the breaking details on "nbc nightly news." for now, back to you. now to nbc 10 responds. a viewer says her attempt to take advantage of an online deal didn't go so well. >> the company backed out of its promise so she contacted harry hairston and nbc 10 responds. >> this penns grove woman tells us about two months she pleaded with the company for help before contacting us. stephanie went on samsung's website in august of 2017 to take advantage of a customer loyalty offer for her cell phone. >> they were going to offer a
5:55 pm
$425 credit. >> reporter: while ordering, she made a mistake. >> i did order a new 8 but it was the wrong color. >> reporter: she called samsung to cancel the order. >> i asked if i could return and receive another customer loyalty link to repurchase the correct phone. >> reporter: samsung told her yes and promised to send a new link once she returned the original order. about a week later, she received and returned the phone. she tells us that was at the end of august. she says a week later when the link didn't arrive, she started calling, documenting all nine calls made between september 7th and october 3rd. on october 6th, samsung sent this approval e-mail stating the new link was on its way. then she got bad news. >> after that was told, well, the promotion is over. >> reporter: that's when she contacted nbc 10 responds. we contacted samsung. the company didn't get back to us, but she tells us just two
5:56 pm
days after we got involved -- samsung honored its original promise. >> you guys did wonderfully. i'm very happy. i'm glad you're there for consumers such as myself. >> she got the $425 loyalty credit and an additional $100 for the inconvenience and the confusion. >> there you go. >> we take that money and add it to oury counter and we are at $918,062. money we've gotten back for you, our viewers. >> head to and fill out the form or give us a call. we will respond to you. ahead at 6:00 -- continuing coverage of our breaking news out of florida where there's been a deadly shooting at a high school there. also coming up -- >> weapons of war. how police in south jersey work with law enforcement as far away as west virginia to keep them from hitting the streets here. >> countless lives were saved as a result. >> next.
5:57 pm
and we are looking at some snow that could be moving in. not this system, but the one behind it. i'll outline it for your neighborhood right after the break. also love is in the air. the reason lovebirds are flocking to one local courthouse in particular today. that and more all new on nbc 10 at 6:00.
5:58 pm
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> nbc 10 news at 6:00 begins with this breaking news. a deadly shooting at a florida high school sends students rushing out into the streets. a suspect in custody at this hour. we're getting brand-new information about this shooting. nbc 10's lauren mayk is tracking this story from our breaking news center. >> we've just learned the identity of the shooter. that official identified him as nicolas cruz. we have already been told the suspect is 18 years old and possibly a former student. there is still a very active scene at the school tonight. 20 people are hurt. at least one is confirmed dead. but a school superintendent said there are numerous fatalities. video you can see here shows students running from the school with their hands over their heads after the shooting. cell phone video from inside the school gives us a look at what it was like as the gunfire was happening. [ gunfire ]
6:00 pm
>> oh, my god! >> it was around 2:30 this afternoon when authorities were called to marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. it's on the southern tip of the state between boca raton and ft. lauderdale. a suspect is in custody. a video shows police putting a person in the back of a police car outside the school as parents and students reunite outside the school. it's emotional as they recount what happened and try to come to grips with it. >> it sounded like fireworks. we had to walk all the way past our middle school and down one by one all the way to here. >> just terrifying. terrifying for the parents. terrifying for the kids. very emotional. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. teams are clearing every building in the school to ensure that no other threat remains. the fbi is also on its way to the scene as well. live in the breaking news center, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> disturbing video f


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